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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Bob
BobS: oh oh, tis only I and thee, my good man
rich-c: been a while since you were in this early
BobS: and how art thou ???????
BobS: and thine wife???
BobS: naw not too long
rich-c: I bear well, sire, and thou?
BobS: me and mine be well also
rich-c: how's your weatehr doing - typical March?
BobS: weather SUCKS, with rain on Sat & Tues and todays winds and cold....and now it is snowing!
BobS: andn some fool said tonight on the radio that we are going into single figures tonight !!! OUCH
rich-c: snow yet - we are forecast for the cold and an excess of wind
rich-c: our temperature went down fro a high of 3 at noon to abour -5 at dinner and is falling
BobS: and that wind is strong!
BobS: yup, you getting the front too
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changed username to Judy
BobS: stay in for a few days if you wan
BobS: can
rich-c: even if we get to -10C that's still 14F
Judy: Hi, Rich
rich-c: hi Judy, computer working tonight?
BobS: just checked the NOAA weather site.....only 16 tonight but only 27 tomorrow
Judy: yes, so far
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BobS: freezing my butt
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm here
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah
BobS: guten tag Daniel
Judy: it is really too soon to tell
rich-c: salut, Daniel - bonsoir
Judy: Hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir mes amis, bonsoir
rich-c: you seem to be getting even more cold than us, Bob
BobS: and it stinks!!!!!!!
Judy: usually starts to bog down when I am not sending messages myself
BobS: tis supposed to be spring coming on; tonight it is snowing and blowing tis like January
Judy: it is nasty out there
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changed username to Dr. D.
Daniel Bienvenu: today, we got ... a mess... a tiny tiny flood in a room because it was raining and the snow melt and gives "extra water" everywhere
rich-c: yes, for sure that wind is ferocious
Judy: Hello, DR D
Dr. D.: Hi all, sorry that it has been a very long while.
rich-c: well, Dr.D. - it has been a while
Dr. D.: I am waiting for my laundry to finish.
rich-c: where are you?
Judy: and that is the only reason you are on?
Dr. D.: Hi Richard, I will be up your way by tomorrow evening, going to TO to visit Rin for the rest of our Spring Break here.
BobS: hey Rich !!!!! long time no see man
Dr. D.: No, I actually sat down and remembered it was Wednesday night at 9 PM.
Dr. D.: Hi Bob & Judy, and Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dr.D, long time no... talk.
rich-c: you're going to be in Torolnto for about ten days, then?
Judy: we are glad to hear from you
rich-c: driving or flying?
Dr. D.: No, I will be there until Monday.
Dr. D.: Driving.
Dr. D.: I actually was there last Thursday through this Monday, but had to return for a band concert that Diana and Gretchen were in, Monday night.
Judy: been busy
Dr. D.: Then I had 2 days of admin work at CWRU.
Dr. D.: I will have to do some work remotely, including writing an exam I have to give a week from today.
rich-c: still racking up teh commuter mileage
Dr. D.: Yes...since mid-August when I got the Jetta, I have put 12000 miles on it.
rich-c: it has been a while - I don't even recall hearing about teh new car
Dr. D.: Of course that included the long trip to Montreal for Rin's visa interview in September, plus a couple times around the Lake Erie to Windsor.
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know if some of you may know an arcade game called Space Harrier by SEGA in 1985-1986. This week, I had this game in mind, for no reason, but it makes me re-compose the music of the game. The result is not bad at all.
Dr. D.: It's new to me, a used 2006 Jetta 4-door 5-cylinder 6-speed, had 23K on it when purchased, now 34K.
rich-c: I don't recall any Space Harrier version for the Adam
Dr. D.: The 1999 Voyager finally gave up the ghost, front strut towers rusted out, engine starting to use oil, gas mileage falling.
Dr. D.: Jetta is a good car, Rin helped pick it out (remotely, using photos from dealer lot).
Dr. D.: So I hope that all of you are well!
rich-c: the Jetta si reputed to be a bit inclined to want servicing but to be a very economical and satisfying driver's car
Judy: We are and we hope you are also
Dr. D.: I have had only one cold this winter. Rin is the one who has been sick more than not this year.
rich-c: Rin still planning to join you at the end of May?
Dr. D.: Probably more like mid-June at this point, Richard, to miss Christina's college graduation in May.
Dr. D.: I think her contract ends 15 June.
Judy: we have been really healthy but Bob is testing that lately by working in the rain and the cold wind
rich-c: that should keep things tidy, then, and I assume get her nearer teh end of her apartment lease too
Dr. D.: Last night I woke up at 2:30 AM and it was 64 degrees F morning it was 42, and when I came home from work, 37.
Judy: Christina is graduating in May?
rich-c: by our standards you are in the tropics, rich
Dr. D.: Yes Judy, 1 down, 3 to go. Elanor is a freshman at CWRU this year, too.
rich-c: what is she taking, Rich?
Dr. D.: I keep trying to get Rin to throw stuff out...but she keeps buying more :-S
Dr. D.: Christina is B.A. archaeology. Elanor wanted to do mechanical engineering, but that is in a bit of flux after first-term grades.
Daniel Bienvenu: Space Harrier was a phenomena at the arcade, and I suddently wanted to give it a try... for Coleco systems
Judy: oh, is making me feel old not remembering that it was that long ago
rich-c: wanted more in math and physics than she had?
rich-c: are you thinking of doing a port of it, Daniel?
BobS: cool Daniel, go for it !!!!!!
Dr. D.: Yes Richard.
rich-c: how light is she - close, or really soft?
Dr. D.: Programming and chemistry were not good to her; she will have to repeat programming. She is in calculus and physics now, we shall see.
Judy: ..
Dr. D.: Elanor is up against a lot of people who are a lot brigher than she is, especially in the sciences.
Judy: that is hard
Dr. D.: I believe that she and her high school guidance counselors were being optimistic...IMHO her SAT scores have predicted her performance very well :-(
rich-c: still, given the current times, I'd expect enrollment might be dropping
Dr. D.: Not at all. Applications for the Fall 2009 entering class are more than last year.
Dr. D.: We will likely get another 1100+ freshman class if they are not careful...
rich-c: that si not going to be to her advantage
Dr. D.: This year we graduated over 150 Biology majors alone, out of total class of 1200.
rich-c: but then, if she really does not have what it takes tehre, no point in her enduring years of frustration
Dr. D.: We are the biggest major on campus...and we have only faculty/facilities for about 60 majors per year. We have been scrambling to cover it all.
Judy: ..
Dr. D.: Absolutely, Richard. She is taking some elective classes in other areas as backups. I am not forcing her to be an engineer...I would have steered her away from it myself.
Dr. D.: There are still too many engineering faculty there who have no use for women students.
rich-c: Biology is one of CWRU's particular areas of strength, isn't it?
Dr. D.: I think so, but remember, I work there :-)
rich-c: how close is teh CWRU connection to teh Cleveland Clinic
Dr. D.: Gotta run for a bit, time to put wash into the dryer.
rich-c: OK we'll wait for teh return
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm actually working on a rom file to test the music on the real system... to check how it sounds like.
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to be quiet during the next minutes
rich-c: Oh, we're busy gossiping away anyway, Daniel
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changed username to Me, Myself & Guy
rich-c: so it sounds like Cleveland is escaping the weather pattern Grand Rapids and Toronto are in - that's odd
Daniel Bienvenu: how many Guys ?
Me, Myself & Guy: Just me
Daniel Bienvenu: that's not clear
rich-c: I think we only have one in Montreal
Me, Myself & Guy: Dan: You don't look further than the obvious Dan...
rich-c: if you want to know which, ask your question in French
Me, Myself & Guy: I'll answer in english.
Me, Myself & Guy: :)
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rich-c: yes but if you uderstand it, you aren't the Chicago Guy
Me, Myself & Guy: Sorry, "E"nglish.... in french, English is anglais (no captial a)
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!
rich-c: speaking of who - welcome, other Guy!
Judy: ..
Dr. D.: Meesa back
Me, Myself & Guy: Hi American Guy.
rich-c: crowd is building up
Dr. D.: Judy, none of your typing is coming through, just 2 dots ..
Judy: Hi, Guy and Guy\
Guy B.: Hey Guy F. How's everyone?
Dr. D.: Hi to the brace of Guys
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, GuyF, I'm testing the Space Harrier music I did for Coleco.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi GuyB
BobS: she is getting stopped somwhere as far as streaming conversaiont goes
Me, Myself & Guy: Yes, the music is nice, now you need a game to go with it.
Judy: when I don't have anything to say but want the chat to continue I do ..
Dr. D.: Me, I am bemoaning the tanking value of the loonie relative to the is eating into Erin's savings
Dr. D.: I see, Judy.
Guy B.: Where's Erin Dr. D?
Dr. D.: But she promises no more delays, so June it will be.
rich-c: yes, and it appears it isn't going to end soon, although there's no justification for it
Dr. D.: She is doing dishes and cleaning house in preparation for my arrival tomorrow afternoon.
BobS: so why is the loonie dropping compared tothe dollar?????
Me, Myself & Guy: Dr. D: It's called market fluctuations, it'll bounce back, I'd be more worried about the economy as a whole.
Guy B.: Brb
Dr. D.: It was 76.5 cents US yesterday
BobS: and the WHOLE economy here inthe states stinks!!!!!!
rich-c: yes, and our financial system is not in trouble, and housing is solid if slow
Dr. D.: Yeah, welcome to Ohio and Michigan, home of 15% unemployment.
Me, Myself & Guy: Here too Bob, we're seeing the effects ripple down all the way into our respective jobs.
Dr. D.: I think our toxic junk will do you guys in too, Richard, it will just take awhile longer
rich-c: our auto manufacturing is way down of course, as is most manufacturing, but so is everyone else's
Me, Myself & Guy: We never had it as good as the Americans, if we fall, it's not from very high. :)
Dr. D.: Well, we outsourced it all.
Judy: nothing is getting any better here
Dr. D.: I prefer long-term sustainability.
Me, Myself & Guy: I prefere living within my means.
rich-c: no, our banks have no significant exposure there - at present they're the most solid in the world
Dr. D.: But that eats into short term profits, and everything a corporation, gotta let the shareholders rape it all.
Dr. D.: But if they sit on their pile of loot, Richard, then the economy will stagnate underneath them.
rich-c: oh, our banks are still lending to qualified borrowers
Dr. D.: I just wish that the bailout to the banks got the same kind of scrutiny that the proposed bailout of the auto sector and of the average person is getting.
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Dr. D.: I can't believe that the million-dollar management that got us into this is worth its $$$.
Me, Myself & Guy: It's sad to see reports on certain cities become ghost towns because no one around can find a job... real sad.
Judy: we all wish that Dr D
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: well of course we have no bank bailouts here and no mass foreclosures
Judy: hi, Pamela
Dr. D.: I think the average bum on the street could gamble the market as successfully as the average CEO.
Dr. D.: Hi Pam.
rich-c: hello, daughter
Pamela: greetings, everyone
Pamela: sorry I'm late
Me, Myself & Guy: Market is insane these past few months, impossible to predict!
Pamela: Hi, Rich - nice to see you : )
Dr. D.: Tried to talk Rin into coming but she is in cleanup mode for my visit.
Judy: but they get paid much better
Dr. D.: Yeah it has been awhile Pam.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam, sorry but I'm working on a project (I will be quiet for a moment)
Dr. D.: For what, I could tank the economy for just a few $100K per year, who needs millions?
rich-c: the market is easy to predict - it is going down
Dr. D.: BTW Pam, tell Russell to watch my DVD!
Dr. D.: hehe
Pamela: I did, the other day
Dr. D.: It is a good show, I promise.
Pamela: I don't know how successful I was
Pamela: but I did warn him you wanted it back
Judy: Pam, talked to the hotel about the jacuzzi room today, $119
Dr. D.: It is so well done, it looks like a lost silent film.
Dr. D.: :-) @ Pam
Pamela: that's not bad, Judy
Judy: let us know if you want one, they go fast in June they say for weddings
rich-c: sounds pricey to me but I've never priced Jacuzzi rooms
Pamela: Rich, feel free to take it whenever you want
Dr. D.: Well, mid-June is the limit :-S
Pamela: I'll take that under advisement : )
rich-c: Pam, did you get me coffee?
Pamela: I did, Dad
Dr. D.: Do I have to trade cherry 7up to speed it up?
Pamela: it was on the list : )
Pamela: no, we're okay there for now Rich
rich-c: good, don't forget it next time you come - any plans?
Pamela: I don't know yet Dad - it depends on many things
Pamela: are you out?
Dr. D.: Ms. Rin says hello
rich-c: now and won't be for a week or more yet
rich-c: we say hello right back to Ms. Rin
Pamela: well, that gives me a bit of breathing room
Judy: tell her hello from us
rich-c: oh, if I get stuck I can always get a small one
Pamela: Rich, tell Rin she wins our bet - I checked Wikipedia (she'll know what I'm talking about)
rich-c: just that I find the big ones more convenient
Dr. D.: I mailed her the news, Pam
Pamela: thank you
Dr. D.: I have conveyed everyones greetings to the Rin
Dr. D.: everyone's
Dr. D.: typing too fast
Pamela: I had the pleasure of her company earlier
Dr. D.: She said that she left part of her spleen on your hardwood floor, hope it wasn't too much of a mess to clean up
rich-c: it will be so much more convenient when you are both working from the same computer
Pamela: LOL - no, no tribble atall
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Dr. D.: Well, it would be different computers, but at least in the same room/city/country
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi ya.\
Pamela: Hi dale
Dr. D.: Hello Da
Dr. D.: le
rich-c: ah, Dale - wondered if you were coming
Guy B.: HI Dale
Dale: I was at a scout meeting.
BobS: hi Dale
rich-c: I thought that was Neil's specialty
Dale: So it is.
Dale: But my son is a Beaver so that makes both Jill and I into leaders.
rich-c: or is Jeffrey getting to that age?
Judy: Hi, Dale
Pamela: Guy, how are you doing?
Dr. D.: haha I remember that from the girls in Scouts Dale...if they were in, Joan was a leader, and I had to help
Dale: He started when he turned 5 and he's 7 now.
rich-c: my goodness how time flies
Dr. D.: Yeah, Gretchen will be 13 next month.
BobS: it does doesn't it???????
Pamela: OMG, really Rich?
Dr. D.: Yes, she is in grade 7
BobS: he was just a li'l baby at ADAMCON 14
Judy: they do grow up fast don't they
Dale: So he was.
Pamela: I'm leaving home!!!!
rich-c: I'm more fussed about Elanor - does she have a backup plan?
Judy: why?
Dale: And yet that was many years ago now :-D
Pamela: Russell just came home and told me there are picture in picture controls on our remote
Pamela: he can watch two football games at once : (
BobS: LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!
rich-c: but it's whether they are in the tv that matters
Judy: isn't that wonderful
Dr. D.: Re: Elanor, not a concrete one, as in "guaranteed to have a job when she graduates" plan.
rich-c: actually he can't since they run in sequence
Dr. D.: But then Christina doesn't have that, either, and she is finishing her archaeology degree with high honors.
rich-c: head to tail, not head to head, so to speak
Judy: does anyone these days
BobS: and just what would Christina do ???? go digging and such?
BobS: or work in a museum??
rich-c: even when you have a plan it doesn't necessarily work out - especially these days
Dr. D.: Well, plan 1.0 was to go to grad school and then do field work in the middle east.
Judy: no, I found that out first hand
rich-c: Dale, do you still; have Adam printer ribbons for sale?
Dr. D.: But given that the region is still a mess, it is not such a good idea.
Judy: does she have a back up plan?
Dale: They are quite stale.
Guy B.: Ok back
Dale: I don't sell them anymore.
Dr. D.: And her school would position her better to do work on Amerindian sites, which she says she really isn't so interested in.
rich-c: no, it is regrettably highly hazardous to the health
rich-c: aren't tehy amenable to salvage?
Dr. D.: So, she is looking at a lateral move to get a job doing museum work, artifact conservation, etc., in the Washington D.C. area (where there is a high density of museums).
Dale: ls
Dale: That could be good.
Dr. D.: And her (IMHO) serious love interest (graduated a year ahead of her) is already gainfully employed in the area (he is from Baltimore).
rich-c: I'm surprised at Christine - it's tough but there have been some real cahllenges in North America of late
Dr. D.: She is 22 years old and entitled to find her own long as (and as I have told her several times) she realizes that there are 3 other sisters behind her that I have to give the same chances to.
Dr. D.: I can't explain it, Richard.
rich-c: amor omnia vincit - Baltimore it shall be
Dr. D.: I've met the guy a few times, seems to have a level head, is a hard worker, no obvious vices.
Pamela: aren't you glad I found mine at home, Dad?
Dr. D.: He's visited here, she's visited there, his family likes her, etc.
Pamela: your babies aren't babies anymore, Rich
Dr. D.: I would prefer not to be a grampa for a few more years yet though
Dr. D.: I think Joan has a less fatalistic attitude about them growing up than I do, Pam.
Dr. D.: I think she may be more inclined to be disappointed if they don't follow a certain path.
rich-c: it happens, Rich - time passes and teh generations move on
Dr. D.: Everyone is a bent arrow...nobody goes straight to their initial target.
rich-c: not necessaryily true, Rioch, but definitely more often than not
Judy: grandkids are the best, Dr D
Pamela: that's a good description, Rich
Judy: in the right order is best though
Me, Myself & Guy: Can't wait to have grandkids!
Dr. D.: I submit, Richard, that someone at age 40something who is doing exactly what he said he would at age 18 has not really lived much of a life.
Pamela: you're not finished having kids yet, Guy
Dr. D.: None of my kids is grown up enough to have any kids of their own, not speaking of biological capacities of course.
rich-c: I'd argue that he may eb extremely self-satisfied - it is always pleasing to hit one's targets
BobS: you got a long time to anticipate Guy
Dr. D.: I think he probably aimed too low, not necessarily out of intent, but due to ignorance. The world is a bigger place than I could perceive when I went to CWRU at age 17.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back
rich-c: yes, and it works quite differently, and the only thing permanent is change
Dr. D.: I am doing many things that I always wanted to do, but they are not packaged as a G.P. or general surgeon (the latter specialty now being extinct).
Me, Myself & Guy: Daniel: I'm front
Dr. D.: Time to get laundry again
Pamela: that's my agenda for tomorrow, hopefully
rich-c: think we have a wise g
Pamela: ya think???
rich-c: Guy in teh crowd, Daniel?
rich-c: tomorrow Frances has a medical appointment but other than that no agenda
Dale: Daniel is very quiet at the moment.
Dale: I don't think he's talked since I joined.
rich-c: except more and more we're getting to need our afternoon naps
Me, Myself & Guy: Damniel, why aren't you talking?
rich-c: oh, Daniel has been working on the side, and reporting at intervals
BobS: he is working on the music from Harrier Jet or somthing from the 1980's
Dale: I think he's there now.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm uploading a video to show the result of the music so far
Me, Myself & Guy: a video to show the result of music? why not just upload an mp3 file? :)
rich-c: uploading it where? YouTube?
Daniel Bienvenu: because I did a fake ColecoVision presents screen that looks like if it was an original game.
Me, Myself & Guy: ahh, let us know when u've sent it
rich-c: yes, I thought the last one was pretty neat
Judy: does Frances have to go for a normal check-up or a problem?
rich-c: just a routine thing, Judy
Judy: that is good
rich-c: us old folks need a lot of chacking up on, after all
Me, Myself & Guy: hey, if it keeps you healthy and happy, it's all good!
Judy: yes, my parents are doing the same thing
rich-c: well of course with our medical system there is much more emphasis on prevention
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Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back again... it's uploading gradually
changed username to Ron
BobS: and the best part of prevention is the feeling of the patient him/her self
Ron: allo
Judy: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Ron!
Pamela: hey Ron
rich-c: hello Ron - is Susan there?
BobS: Ron !!!! greetings
Judy: hi, Ron
Ron: yes
Pamela: Hi Susan!
Ron: in the other room that is
Dale: Hi Ron.
Ron: hi all!
Ron: Susan says Hi!
rich-c: pass on our greetings to her too
Judy: Hi, back
Ron: We're flu-bound still
Ron: Hi Judy!
rich-c: Still? man, you got a real does
Judy: did you not have a flu shot?
Ron: yes I did. But my Doc said it would not help..... had it last fall
Ron: this is my favourite kind....goes right to the bronchials
rich-c: why, did they guess wrong on the variety this year?
Ron: again Rich, yes
Judy: is still supposed to help in not getting the flu so bad
Ron: However, unfortunately for all concerned, I shall live, and Susan is likewise determined
BobS: well we would expect NO LESS
Ron: indeed
rich-c: I shall do my best to avoid qany exposure, which seems teh most effective strategy
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I will use graphics mode 1, and 6 charset and switch from one to the other by updating regulary the video register... this way I can make a floor with the same 8 chars and dont' worry about their aspect to put things over it for the game.
Ron: fortunately there are no clients in this week, so we can take it easy
Dr. D.: back again
Pamela: all clean Rich?
Dr. D.: Hello Ron...and I can wish you congrats on your marriage at last!
Dr. D.: Have to go in 8 minutes for the rest of it.
Ron: Hi Dr. D. and thank you so much good sir!
Me, Myself & Guy: how you going to do 3D Dan with a Coleco?
Pamela: Bob, have you decided on an outing yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: jungling with "what is in front of the other" probably.
rich-c: playing with sprites then Daniel?
Dr. D.: I tried E-mailing you several times, Ron, but all the E-mails kept bouncing.
BobS: no.......any ideas?
Daniel Bienvenu: I will use sprites only for the player. all the rest should be characters
Dr. D.: Then finally you posted something that wasn't from
Dr. D.: and I figured out that your E-mail had changed.
BobS: threw out the nude beach thing a couple weeks ago......................................
Ron: changed email address back in the fall Dr. D.. I'm now at <>
Pamela: probably a good call : )
Judy: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's the first time I see the word nude in this chatroom!
rich-c: what's uniserve? a local ISP?
Dr. D.: Ah, but is it the first time someone has been in the chatroom nude, Daniel? That is the interesting question...
Pamela: what are the options?
BobS: don't get used to it Daniel
Ron: I wish.... it's a Vancouver based "idiot bunch" who spent the past few years buying out all local Islsnd ISP's
Ron: they think they know what they're doing
Dr. D.: Isn't that what the "I" stands for in ISP, "island"?
Ron: only game in in the boondocks
BobS: maybe ve keep it a DEEP and DARK secret fer a while yet
rich-c: the Frank Lloyd Wright house, Meijer ggardens, Ford Presidential Library
Dr. D.: hehe Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: still uploading the video... it's taking a long time
Ron: Island Service Provider.... yeah right
Ron: NOT
Me, Myself & Guy: Dan: As I am typing this, I am nude... there you go, 2nd time you've seen nude in a chat within 60 mins (PS: I am fully clothed, it was just for the example)
rich-c: why, did Shaw bail?
Ron: too much information
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope youtube will not over compress too much and gives a very bad rendering this time.
BobS: had me worried there Guy
Judy: that sounds cold, Guy
Dr. D.: Depends on who else is there <bait>
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, it's too cold... so I don't think it's true , Guy
BobS: just Sandra
BobS: AND the kids
Guy B.: Don't fool us there
Ron: we got an X-rated log in the making eh?
Me, Myself & Guy: X-rays!
Judy: we better be carefull
Dr. D.: X-actly, Ron
rich-c: interesting thought, low probability
Pamela: I think we've got a ways to go : )
Me, Myself & Guy: white horses rolling around in mud... there you go, a dirty chat
Dr. D.: Reminds me of the first time I tried to interpret a disassembly listing of EOS...what awful code...pretty X-rated I guess :-)
Ron: Just to update you all, we had more snow here on the Island over the past weekend
Ron: Nanaimo is still white
Pamela: good heavens Ron!
Dr. D.: Ours came in several inches of liquid form, Ron.
Me, Myself & Guy: no snow here at all, not even in the streets,wohoo
Ron: I am coming to believe that global warming is a myth
Dr. D.: Only the odd snowbank still with a vestige of grey gravel-snow.
Daniel Bienvenu: great call, talking about weather... here there still about 3 feet of snow, but the rain is "helping"
Pamela: Rich took it home with him on Monday : )
Ron: temps hovering right around freezing
rich-c: we still have much-melted piles of ice that once were snowbanks
Ron: most -unIslandlike
Dale: The new name for global warming is climate change.
Ron: exactly Dale
Dale: climate change means that there are more severe weathers systems more often.
Dale: Or that's the idea.
Me, Myself & Guy: it was 10 degrees C today in Montreal, seriously, it felt warm.
Ron: Yeah, we're getting colder out here so you guys can get warmer
Dale: Yup last week's high was the warmest since 1973.
Me, Myself & Guy: I am going cycling Sunday, another 10 C day.
rich-c: I regret to inform you, Guy, that will change - drastically and soon
Dale: But people forget how odd weather happen every once in a while.
Me, Myself & Guy: Rich: It will get cold for the next 2 days, but, like I said.... Sunday, 10 C, woohoo.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm planning to go to the CCJVQ meeting at the end of March... and each day I find new things I can bring for sale.
Ron: Well, I did make some inane comment before Christmas about not feeling festive without snow
Me, Myself & Guy: Where do you find them Dan?
rich-c: yes, we have a friendly forecast too, which I will believe when I see it
Ron: And the Good Lord said....... ok
Daniel Bienvenu: Meanwhile... well... looking for a job and making projects.
Pamela: what were you thinking
Pamela: Ron?
Ron: won't be doing that again
Ron: I know
Judy: we have had rain the last few days but today it turned cold and has been snowing off and on all day
Daniel Bienvenu: I find out some games for Commodore and things like that in boxes
Daniel Bienvenu: still uploading the video... it doesn't make sense
Ron: Susan isn't about to let me hear the end of that one
Me, Myself & Guy: If I can say something Dan, if you can't find anything in your field, don't hesitate to go into a parallel. i stayed too long unemployed becausE i was looking for the exact job that I wanted, when meanwhile I was wasting my time not doing anything.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's just a 5 minutes video
Judy: we have been under flood warnings
Pamela: for once you're not going to be travelling in rain or snow tomorrow, Rich
Dale: Guy, I'll be buying my train ticket this week, then I'll email you my travel plans for the 28/29th.
Daniel Bienvenu: Don't worry, I'm already in a most "enlarge spectrum" search.
Me, Myself & Guy: Dale: Excellent, I told Sandra that you will be coming over and she is quite happy to have you as a guest!
Daniel Bienvenu: errr.... well, something like that. :)
Dale: Wonderful.
Me, Myself & Guy: Daniel: I had to work as a security guard before I got the job where I am at today... it was just for the meantime, but , it helped, when you don't work, you end up in a vicious rut.
Pamela: too true, Guy
Pamela: Dale, how is Neil? He's been awfully quiet recently
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm learning new programming languages each two months actually... it never ends... and I do this to satisfy the jobs specifications I saw from time to time.
Judy: ..
Dale: He's still working away on his PhD.
Ron: Linguistics Dale?
Dale: His advisor would like it if he would work faster.
Dale: But he has to work at his own speed I guess.
Dale: Lingustics.
Ron: can you get a PhD in linguistics?
Dale: I cannot.
Dale: But Neil hopes to.
Daniel Bienvenu: Not ready yet... but the video is uploaded...
Ron: me neither. Don't speak so good much
Dale: That is what he is studying at UOttawa.
rich-c: it''s a very challenging discipline, but expanding a lot lately
Dr. D.: back from the laundry room, wash is all done and folded and put away
Ron: Ah the redoubtable old U of zero
Judy: good for you Dr D
Dr. D.: The knowledge content may be zero, but the tuition isn't! :-)
Dale: Well he is not an expert in a specific language, but instead he hopes to be an expert in language variation and change.
Ron: AKA U of O
Dr. D.: I am a good househusband, Judy
BobS: and they smell FRESH abd OZONY"
Dr. D.: TIDEy and BOUNCEy actually
Ron: LOL
Judy: taking care of oneself is a good thing
Ron: I've long since lost any ability I had in that area Judy
Dr. D.: I tell Rin, whatever my other faults are, at least you will be clean and fed with me
Ron: but I do help with the dishes and folding of the laundry
Pamela: the man needed a wife : )
Judy: a name dropper
Dale: Well ideally you would finish that PhD program in 4 or 5 years. His scholarship ran out last year.
Dr. D.: yow Dale
Dale: But they still have on-campus jobs for him at the moment.
Dr. D.: At CWRU you get 5 years from the time you pass your qualifying exam, 7 years total max.
Ron: hopefully Dale that will continue
Dr. D.: After that, you start having to pay exhorbitantly and get lots of petition paperwork to fill out and have to argue your case before the Dean of Graduate Studies
Ron: the older you get, the longer it takes to learn
Judy: the ability will return quickly if you need it to survive
rich-c: yes, from the sound of things when he's joined us, he is gaining a very good mastery of the field
Pamela: I'm looking forward to being cooked for at some point, Rich
Ron: inverse exponential workings of brain cells
Dale: He has to do two major papers before his thesis.
Dr. D.: The time limit is to prevent perpetual students as well as slave labor from advisors who can't give up the free help
rich-c: and when you get older still, the harder it gets to remember
Judy: Bob can do all those things
Ron: remember what??
Judy: and does cook just not wash windows
Dale: And he is still trying to narrow his study enough to please his advisor.
Dr. D.: He should start using his thesis committee as advocates...after all, all of them must sign off on it at the end.
Daniel Bienvenu: Youtube is slow tonight...
Ron: In a PhD program you're supposed to add something new to the existing envelope of knowledge right?
Dr. D.: I had to use my committee to prevent abuses from my advisor.
Dale: He would like to do a study of Northern Manitoba First Nations peoples, and how English affects their native tongue and vice versa.
Dr. D.: They told him he was out of line
rich-c: not only that, you're back to square one if someone else3 publisheds on the same thing first
Dr. D.: But how well does Neil know any of the FN languages?
Dale: It is an area that needs study, but it is also pretty remote.
Dr. D.: At some point, you do what the committee tells you to do just to finish, and then you can follow your own star.
Ron: ah I see
Dr. D.: At some point, finishing is more important than what is finished.
rich-c: yes, and isn't their language complicated by the Siouxan migration after Little Big Horn?
Dr. D.: You have to be proactive about it; nobody else will look out for you...
BobS: kids....I am fgalling asleep here......see you all next week
Pamela: gnite Bob
BobS: nite and be good !!!!
Dr. D.: I mean, if you show no signs of leaving, they will keep you around as long as it is convenient for them.
Ron: Night Bob..... rest well
BobS left chat session
Judy: ..
rich-c: right Bob - take it easy - night now
Dr. D.: Okay Bob, good night.
Dr. D.: I ought to go soon as well, have to be up at 6 AM to take the girls to school, then a drive to Toronto...
Ron: busy day Dr. D from the sounds of it
Dr. D.: Yes.
Pamela: but at least you'll have good weather for a change, Rich
rich-c: right, so make sure you drive carefully, Rich - goodnight then
Ron: I intend to rest my bronchial tubes
Judy: poor Bob he is really tired
Dr. D.: I was telling the gang earlier, since I got my VW Jetta in mid-August, I have put 12K miles on it.
Pamela: !!!
Judy: worked in the cold wind today
Dr. D.: @ Roin
Dr. D.: Ron
Ron: well get out there and DRIVE man!!
Dr. D.: haha
rich-c: he works a long hard day in tough conditions, Judy - I'm surprised he survives
Dr. D.: Jetta is a good car
Judy: and then had to go to Cadets with Ryan tonight
Ron: yes, we were looking at them
Pamela: are you pleased with your choice, Rich?
Dr. D.: Yes.
Judy: Sat it rained all day, he came home sooo wet
Pamela: good : )
Dr. D.: It was used, Ron, a 2006 with 23K miles
Dr. D.: And even better, Rin likes it.
Ron: oh now that's a deal
Dr. D.: I made her help pick it out.
Dr. D.: Got it for $4K down and $300 per month for 60 months.
Pamela: you're lucky you didn't end up with a Smart Car
Dr. D.: They tried to sell push 6 and 7 years and I said no way
Ron: we're after something that will get 40-50 mpg and still hold two large dog crates
rich-c: I haven't the slightest idea if that's a good deal or not
Dr. D.: That is a good deal. Total cost was about $18.5K. A new Jetta like it is over $30K
Ron: sounds fantastic Dr. D
Dr. D.: Gets 33 MPG straight highway, about 20 MPG in town.
rich-c: take a look at the Ford Escape Hybrid when it come out, Ron
Dr. D.: It's Cleveland, Ron, everyone is broke and they wanted to move it.
Ron: Susan has currently a 2005 Ford Focus. It would be more than adequate, but Ford stopped producing them in 2006
Dr. D.: And the online search of the VIN showed it had one owner, it was a leased car that was completely maintained.
Dr. D.: So no wrecker etc.
rich-c: you used Carfax?
Dr. D.: Jetta has lots of cargo space, back seat folds flat to make a huge trunk.
Dr. D.: Yes Richard.
Dr. D.: It was free through the dealership.
Pamela: I hope the Escape Hybrid with be within our range when we're ready for our next vehicle
Dr. D.: And even a full spare tire!
Dr. D.: That does not intrude on the flat floor of the trunk.
Dr. D.: All in all, I am very happy with it.
Ron: good
rich-c: it's going to be pricey, Pam - you'd better save plenty
Guy B.: Well folks. going to take Annie out soon. See you all next week
Dr. D.: Only downside, the bucket seats are really hard...had to buy some seat pads.
rich-c: nite Guy
Pamela: gnite Guy
Ron: Yeah, me too. I shall be off. See y'all next week good people
Pamela: gnite Ron
Judy: going to call it a night, so night all until next week
Dr. D.: One thing about both minivans we had (89 Caravan, 99 Voyager), the seats were super comfy, you could sit on them 12 hours driving and it never hurt.
Ron: be well all
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: nite Judy, will let you know about the room asap
rich-c: g';nite Ron - take care
Judy left chat session
Dr. D.: All right, good night from me too
Ron left chat session
Pamela: see you tomorrow Rich
Pamela: drive safe
rich-c: see you then, Judy
Dr. D.: I will Pam.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela: I must say that's a little disconcerting sometimes
Pamela: talking to Rich in Cleveland tonite
rich-c: well, the witching hour hit with a vengeance tonight
Pamela: knowing I'll see him tomorrow face-to-face
rich-c: should be used to it by now
Pamela: you'd think wouldn't you
Pamela: still . . .
Pamela: anyway Papa, as soon as I can make my plans for the weekend I'll let you know what's going on
rich-c: OK, not that we are going anywhere anyway
rich-c: although your mother has some indefinite plans for the ROM in the not too distant future
Dale: The ROM sent me a flyer
Pamela: I'd love to go back - we didn't do that exhibit justice
Dale: I hear there is some great stuff happening over March Break.
Pamela: warn her though that next week is March break - the place will be packed
rich-c: they are reallyh pushing - I got a third-party survey that they had commissioned today
rich-c: all anonymous, a public opinion thing
Pamela: weird
rich-c: I think she has that figured out, Pam
Dale: Well, I have a family membership this year, so it was in their newsletter.
Pamela: well I know if you don't have school-age kids it's hard to keep track
rich-c: well they are on a big promotion drive - anyway of course I can't go there
rich-c: but I gather you two got a big kick out of it
Pamela: it was good, but tiring
Pamela: as I said, I don't think we did it justice
Dale: What exhibit was that Pam?
Pamela: and we didn't see anything else, including the new gem / minerology exhibit
Pamela: The Nature of Diamonds, Dale
Dale: I did about half of the diamonds and then I wanted to stop for lunch. After lunch we went to see the rock collection. It is quite amazing.
Daniel Bienvenu: The video is uploaded and working :)
Dale: I'm sure that they had some Adamite there somewhere.
Pamela: well done Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: ColecoVision Space Harrier... there :
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: it took us about 4 hours to do the diamond exhibit Dale
rich-c: putting that url on the Adam list, Daniel?
Pamela: anyway, I'm off to bed
rich-c: ok daughter, good night, sleep tight
Pamela: good night, Daddy
Dale: Goodnight then.
Pamela: Dale, Daniel - good night and see you next week
Dale: Maybe I'll sign off the chat now too.
Dale: Bye Pam.
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: OK Dale, catch you next week - take care
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight!
Daniel Bienvenu: and the link is posted to the mailing list (I hope)
Dale: Bye Daniel and rick.
Dale: rich-c.
rich-c: which I guess means it's time for me to bail out too - goodnight Dale, bonsoir Daniel
Dale: I got the message from the mailing list.
Dale: So it should be fine Daniel.
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Dale: poof!
Dale left chat session
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