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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: greetings, Robrto
BobS: hi Richard
rich-c: we're terh early birds tonight
BobS: hows things in Toronto ?
BobS: yup
BobS: had a 71* day yesterday and about 55 today !!!!
BobS: headed your way
rich-c: nice adn warm, for a change - it hit 15C today - call that 59F
BobS: butnow going to get cold again....but spring is coming soon I hope
rich-c: yes, high 8 low -1 tomorrow C
BobS: BUT that is better than we have had since fall almost
rich-c: hardly any snow left at all - just tiny ice mounds in shaded spots
BobS: flowers gonna start poppin out and robins back as well as other birds
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changed username to LucMiron
LucMiron: Boo!
BobS: hi Luc
rich-c: oh, the migrant robins are already passing through here - just the first few so far though
rich-c: bonsoir, Luc - comment ca va?
LucMiron: Très bien merci. :)
LucMiron: I was hurrying to come here to meet Daniel, but I see he hasn't arrived yet. :)
rich-c: still cold down your way or are your seeing spring too?
rich-c: no, Daniel is regular but not predictable, so to speak
LucMiron: It's starting to smell like Spring. But I can't smell anything right now because I ave a rotten cold. :P
LucMiron: ave=have
rich-c: oh dear - spring colds are definitely not wanted
rich-c: dont worry Luc, our keyboards can't spell very well either
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changed username to QuebecCity
rich-c: sound like Daniel is here for you, Luc
BobS: hey Daniel
BobS: welcome mon
LucMiron: Yellow Mr Quebec!
QuebecCity changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: unless he's signed up anotehr buddy from La Belle Province!
Daniel Bienvenu: I wonder how you did know it was me.
LucMiron: Probabilities.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I tried to contact Dale to join us tonight.
BobS: good guess????
rich-c: tu es le seul personne dans ce groupe qui demeure a Quebec
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: but you got GuyB instead - welcome, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah, the only one from Quebec city... at least ont the only one in the country.
BobS: HI GuyB
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy!
rich-c: I think once or twice you have had gamers from Quebec City visiting here, Daniel
LucMiron: Hi Guy.
LucMiron: Flies fly by...
Daniel Bienvenu: I try to figure out who are the two others from Quebec. I thinkk I know one, the other one is not from Quebec.
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah... it was too quiet just now
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to break that magic of silence
BobS: well then Daniel, you have to find them!
rich-c: one-time come and go visitors don't get remembered
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sorry, I can't remember either
rich-c: more important, what project has you going now - now that you've done ther music?
Daniel Bienvenu: My brain got a problem with this kind of information ... I only take note of names of people I meet at least twice.
rich-c: wait till you get old, Daniel - you'll have trouble remembering that guy in the mirror 8-)
LucMiron: So Steve Bégin has never been here?
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changed username to Guy F.
Daniel Bienvenu: ho, the musics I've done so far... well, I don't know exactly for Smooth Criminal, but I want to make my own ghostbuster game, not a copy of the ghostbuster game that I know exists on many systems.
Guy B.: Hi Guy F
LucMiron: Hi Guy!
Daniel Bienvenu: this chat still doesn't accept the accents
Guy F.: Hello everyone
rich-c: bonsir, l'autre Guy
Guy F.: hi rich
rich-c: I suspect it does, Daniel, in teh right fonts
Guy F.: dan: do you know if dale is still coming to montreal this saturday? I haven't heard from him.
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy F. are you manage to take a decision about boxed-in?
Guy F.: Daniel: Was I supposed to take a decision about something?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale said last time that he will let you know about the train tickets... and that's all.
Guy F.: I haven't heard from him yet.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, boxed-in was announced to be part of Minigames cartridge number 2.
Guy F.: Dan: It was? I better get my act straight then. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: take a look here :
Guy F.: ok
LucMiron: BTW, Daniel, I must say I'm very impressed with the work you've done with your CV tunes (Smooth Criminal, GhostBusters, etc.)
LucMiron: I can only hope I'll be able to approach your mastery. :)
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Daniel Bienvenu: We have 3 choices : A - release a Minigames cartrige 2 during the Adamcon, but not necessary what it was supposed to be, B - delay the release date to maybe the end of the year or next year to give you time to complete boxed-in, C - no minigames cartridge 2,
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Judy: Hello, All!!!
Guy F.: B!!!
LucMiron: Hi Judy. :)
rich-c: hi Judy, got yourself some decent weather for a change
Daniel Bienvenu: And do you prefer late this year or next year?
rich-c: in this market how much will it matter, Daniel?
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Guy F.: Hmm, good question...
changed username to BobS
Judy: yes, we have yesterday was 71 degrees and sunny
BobS: back jack !!!!
rich-c: got booted, or did teh battery run out?
Judy: today was 56 and mostly sunny, it was nice just not as nice as yesterday
Guy F.: rich: Daniel takes his programming very seriously... he is to programming, what a nymphomaniac is to sexual activity. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not about the market, but about the way. If it's late this year, it's almost only announce through the internet. But next year, it can be a release at the adamcon where it may be in Montreal or Quebec or any other place where the next Adamcon will be.
rich-c: today was our shopping day - no gloves and no rubbers
Guy F.: programmaniac... hey, I just coined a new term.
Daniel Bienvenu: and I suppose this new term can be only apply to me?
Guy F.: no, I'm sure there's others like you. :)
rich-c: I think that spring weather is going to your head
Daniel Bienvenu: will you mean you are not one?
Guy F.: I feel bad for Natasha Richardson.
rich-c: I hear there's a whole colony of them in Redmond, WA., Daniel
LucMiron: @Guy F.: frosterg at the server of yahoo dot com?
Daniel Bienvenu: Don't forget that you did a demo rom file for the Adamcon with bouncing letters
rich-c: is she the one who crashed at Mt. Tremblant?
Guy F.: Yes Luc
Guy F.: Yeah, she's the one who crashed at Mt. Tremblant
Judy: could be easy to get used to this weather
Daniel Bienvenu: Redmond, WA.... SilliconValley?
Guy F.: the improtance of wearing a helmet is an understatement now... even when programming! ;)
rich-c: no, Microsoft - Silican Valley is south in California
rich-c: and when experienced first aid crews say go to the hospital for a checkup - GO
LucMiron: @Guy F.: Check your e-mail. I just sent you something. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: I guess Luc send a picture to Guy about the box art of Gulkave
rich-c: what is the latest word on her condition?
Guy F.: I have a feeling it might be that, hehe.
Guy F.: Rich: She's dead.
rich-c: merde
Daniel Bienvenu: So you did finish it, with the logo, letters and everything that was missing?
Daniel Bienvenu: she's dead?
LucMiron: @Daniel: Not quite. I still have the metal spheres to do at the bottom of the image, plus the logo, and a few other things.
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LucMiron: I was going to work on it next Saturday, but I'll be going to see two movies with my roommate, Watchmen and Knowing
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: duaghter
Pamela: hi folks
LucMiron: Hi Pam.
Guy B.: HI Pam
BobS: hi Pam
rich-c: whoops! hello daughter
rich-c: need to read the entry before hitting return
Pamela: it's okay Dad I got the gist : )
Guy F.: Luc: What about the game itself? What's the progress onthat?
rich-c: how are the Drushels doing?
Pamela: good, Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: My friends did watch this Watchmen movie... 50%, doesn't pass the test for them. One did like the effects, one not, one did like the movie, one not... and both think this movie doesn't deserve the ticket price.
Pamela: Rich went home at some ungodly hour Monday morning
LucMiron: It seems Eduardo is stuck in a rush period at his job. It's strange, it happens every spring... He's not answering my messages right now. Last I haerd, the Gulkave port was 80% complete.
rich-c: thought he was going to stay a bit longer - oh well
Guy F.: Luc: Yeah, it's the alst 20% that's a bit harder. :)
Pamela: well he was here last weekend, arrived Thursday, went home Monday, came back
Daniel Bienvenu: I was pretty sure, GuyF did manage to make almost all the conversion already, just needed a bug fix.
Pamela: Thursday and went home Monday morning
LucMiron: Well, Eduardo's not complaining about the difficulty so far. It's mostly a problem of free time.
Pamela: lotta driving
rich-c: ah, I had it reversed, arrive Thurds, home Monday
Guy F.: Well, I hope he succeeds!
rich-c: did you get my email about the telescope?
Pamela: yes
Judy: hi,Pam
LucMiron: Yeah, he told me he wanted to have this done by the end of March. Not sure if he's going to make his own deadline, but there's still time, I guess. :)
Pamela: Hi Judy
LucMiron: Another problem I have is the Gulkave manual...
Daniel Bienvenu: forget about the end of march, specially if you say there is a rush at his job.
Pamela: but I didn't even pass it on - Russell doesn't have enough time for the one he has
Guy F.: A dobsonian telescope?
Pamela: and we certainly don't have room for another unfortunately
Pamela: dobsonian?
Guy F.: a casgrain type?
rich-c: I think it was an eight inch refractor, being given away free
LucMiron: I have the original SG-1000 japanese manual right here, and I want to have it translated, so that the english CV manual can be as faithful as possible to the original.
Pamela: you need James for that, Luc
rich-c: you'll have to make a deal with james - or maybe Dale can help
Guy F.: Nice! I started building a dobsonian telescope a few years ago but never got it done.... I'd love to get into astronomy one of these days.
rich-c: Dale speaks some Japanese, don't know if he rads it
Guy F.: Use the Babelfish application! (hehe)
Daniel Bienvenu: I can understand a word or two in jaapnese, but not reading them.
LucMiron: I'm in contact with Dan Ogrodnik, who is currently in contact with a friend, who himself has a couple of japanese friends who can help at his university in Winnipeg. We'll see how that goes...
Guy F.: why not just put an add on craigslist looking for native japanese speakers in montreal?
LucMiron: James, eh? He's in Japan right now, isn't he?
Pamela: Guy, what's a dobsonian telescope?
Pamela: yes Luc
rich-c: yes, he's sometimes on here, though, and does visit Canada from time to time
Pamela: when he remembers to pop in, it's usually late
rich-c: has his own URL, decarlo,net
LucMiron: Guy F: I'm not a craiglister. :P
rich-c: then take a look at
LucMiron: @rich: Are you talking to me?
rich-c: you and Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: If I remember well, Jillian speak some words of japanese too.
Guy F.: A Dobsonian telescope is an alt-azimuth mounted newtonian telescope design popularized by the amateur astronomer John Dobson starting in the 1960s.
Daniel Bienvenu: that's a good copy-paste of wikipedia
rich-c: in fact, if you have a freecycle group in your area, that might work too
Pamela: are there pictures?
Guy F.:
Daniel Bienvenu: and that's the link
Pamela: LOL
LucMiron: Just had a look at James owns an hotel? :)
Pamela: you two are a great team : )
rich-c: dunno - maybe his folks do and he uses their address - james @ or something
Guy F.: Daniel:
Judy: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: I will check it out, just to be sure
Daniel Bienvenu: "use of computers that interferes with daily life"... I'm guilty
Guy F.: Regular work intereferes with my daily life
Pamela: no, James owns and operates an ESL school
Daniel Bienvenu: but it's my hobby, my passion and my carrer
rich-c: should be "daily life sometimes interferes with use of computerws" ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: what about a monthly life or a yearly life?
rich-c: james does, but what does his family do, in Ottawa?
Daniel Bienvenu: (trying to make a joke here)
rich-c: or maybe it's or something; I am not sure
Daniel Bienvenu: another fly?
Guy F.: I'm outta here, got to go, good night to everyone, if Dale pops up, tell him to give me a shout and let me know if he's coming to montreal.
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Pamela: g'nite, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: sure
rich-c: night Guy, will do
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Guy
Pamela: hi to Sandra!
rich-c: he's long gone
LucMiron: @Guy: I believe I'll be at L"enjeux!
Pamela: holy cow that was fast
LucMiron: Oops. Missed him.
Pamela: watching the Lowes garden centre commercial
Guy B.: He's fast
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, L'enjeux, Sherbrook Street in Montreal, Canada... March 28, 2009. everybody got it?
Pamela: marvelling that no one thinks that millions of flowers marching down the street is weird
Pamela: or the fact that they're being followed by creeping bags of potting soil
rich-c: it's a little early in the saeson for that - but what would a bunch of Yanks know?
Daniel Bienvenu: ..
rich-c: they've been selling flowers back home in Carolina since February
Pamela: was going to say, depends on where in the States you are
rich-c: yeah, that isn't a commercial that would fit in Buffalo right now - or, say, Montana
Pamela: everyone is very quiet tonite
rich-c: there is some worry here that this mild weather will make big environmental trouble here
BobS: eatin and watchin
BobS: enviro trouble??????
rich-c: seems teh bugs may come out early and not be around to feed the birds when they arrive
Judy: eatting circus peanuts, can't do anything while eatting them
rich-c: and the mice have no foliage in which to hide from teh racoons, with both species up and stirring
BobS: just gonna have to buy more seeds
Pamela: to feed the squirrels?
rich-c: yes, tehre will be bulbs come up too soon, get nipped, and don't reproduce
rich-c: today we had the squirrels lining up to raid the feeder
Pamela: I'll bet
Judy: they sure are a lot of work
Pamela: was nice out there today - I actually sat outside for a while at lunch
Pamela: haven't been able to do that since October
rich-c: some day on your way home from work, Pam, there's a printer ink store sort of catty-corner from you
Pamela: home or work?
Judy: I went for a walk yesterday was beautiful
rich-c: might be worth checking them out if the quality is tolerable despite the prices
Pamela: unless they sell toner I'm out of luck
rich-c: sorry, I think it's on the southeast corner of Adelaide and University
Pamela: we have a laser printer
Pamela: that's north of me Dad
rich-c: yes, but I still have an inkjet but can't get down there
rich-c: also most who sell ink sell toner
Pamela: one of the nice things about a laser printer is the ink doesn't dry out
rich-c: sorry, you're at Wellington, is it?
Pamela: good for ones who don't use our printer very often
Pamela: yes, Wellington - NW corner
LucMiron: @Daniel: So are you going to call your local bank soon about the 25$ bank transfer?
Pamela: how far north is Adelaide?
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Daniel Bienvenu: who's there?
changed username to james
Daniel Bienvenu: James
Pamela: speak of the devil - Hi James
james: good morning
james: i overslept
Pamela: were your ears burning?
LucMiron: Well if it isn't James!
Daniel Bienvenu: he's the devil?
james: was out with the boys last night
Pamela: celebrating St. Patrick's Day?
Daniel Bienvenu: ears bruning?
rich-c: hello james
Daniel Bienvenu: what?
james: they don't really celebrate that here but it's as good an excuse as any ;)
Judy: hi, James
BobS: JAMES how are ya?
Guy B.: Hi James
james: hi bob, not too bad
james: did everyone get my email about that little scam artist?
LucMiron: Scam artist?
BobS: no, but I got one from Daniel about it and he explained
rich-c: yes, james, we did - Bob responded
Daniel Bienvenu: When is the ... ha-na-mi... ?
james: hanami should be in a few weeks
rich-c: that the carp festival?
james: it's the viewing of the cherry blossoms
Pamela: what scam artist- what did I miss?
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changed username to <undefined>
james: they're not in bloom yet though. a few more weeks i think
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rich-c: wonder who chickened out?
Daniel Bienvenu: japan... well, it's almost the time when girls offer chocolate to their lovers...
james: dan,that's valentine's day :) it's on the same day as in the west
Daniel Bienvenu: like I said, almost time
rich-c: really? got your flight booked yet then?
james: then on march 14th, called "white day", the men are supposed to reciprocate
LucMiron: So James, people tell me you're good with Japanese? :)
james: @luc, i speak some ;)
LucMiron: Do you read some? ;)
rich-c: if not, he knows some kids who are ; - )
james: @luc, sure
Daniel Bienvenu: Luc is having problem readin a video game manual only in japanese
LucMiron: Well, I've got an ongoing project which requires a little bit of translation...
james: luc, if you scan the manual and email it to me, i'll take a look at it for you
james: anyway, to anyone here that may not have gotten the mail or heard, do NOT trust mike mallory
Daniel Bienvenu: Japanese... I'm trying to learn some words... still can't make phrases.
Pamela: what;s the story, James?
Daniel Bienvenu: And I certainly can't read it
james: @pam, a couple months ago, he came on to the chat, was chatting with him, dale and a few others
LucMiron: You can already see it here:
james: and he wanted an MI contoller board to work on a project to make a flash ram based disk drive for the adam
james: so i told him for the cost of shipping, i would send him mine
james: it came to about $17.50, so idiot that i am, i figured somone who was trying to be in the adam community would be fairly trustworthy
james: so i went ahead and sent it to him in good faith, after we agreed on this
Pamela: and he stiffed you I gather
james: two months later, no sign of the cheque, after repeated emails to him
james: yup
james: not a huge amount of money, thankfully, but the principle. he's not trustworthy. so be warned
Daniel Bienvenu: it was when exactly, james?
Pamela: and no sign of your controller board either, of course
BobS: I think.......that I bought a disk drive from the same guy a few years ago.......working........NOT!!!! and no response after complainaing
james: i sent it out on feb 2nd, via ems and checked on line to confirm that he received it
BobS: we don't need those types sponging off us
Judy: ..
rich-c: I'll deal with him happily - cash in advance (third part), and goods subjec t to inspection
Daniel Bienvenu: so, Bob and James got problems with this guy... we certainly have to take this seriously.
james: honestly, i really don't think we should help him out at all
Pamela: good advice, I'd say
rich-c: well, don't sell him any cartridges until you have a bank draft or postal money order in hand
james: and i'd add "and it's cleared"
Pamela: also good advice
james: i don't think he'll be coming around any more
Pamela: Dad, do you want me to go to the toner store?
LucMiron: I wouldn't have any dealings with this guy at all, personally...
rich-c: bank drafts and postal money orders always clear
rich-c: not right now, Pam, his prices are suspiciously low - but it could be worth checking out
Daniel Bienvenu: what about paypal?
james: i don't trust paypal either
rich-c: all of my colour ink cartridges have run dry
james: you can cancel a paypal transfer and stiff the seller sometimes
LucMiron: ... or get hostile chargebacks...
james: anyone here live near richardson, texas? ;)
rich-c: as teh poet says, "ah, take the cash adn let the credit go..."
rich-c: I'm afraid that's a rather long drive for me - Jean, maybe?
james: anyway, whatever. i have his address and phone number
Pamela: she can run him over with the walker : )
BobS: I have had lots of inquiries about stuff; and when I say I willnot accept Paypal; the deal falls apart. Buyers don't trust me because they don't know me,,,,,,,but I don't trust Paypal either
BobS: because of past problems
james: paypal is horrible
rich-c: I refuse to use them
james: and this is exactly why i insisted on a cheque, because he asked me if i accepted paypal
james: i had to repeatedly tell him no
Pamela: some people just won't take no for an answer
LucMiron: Horrible? Definately not. If I didn't have a Paypal account, I wouldn't be making half the sales I'm making right now. Seriously, 99% of Opcode Games customers pay with Paypal.
BobS: I trust them to give someone else my payment; but don't trust them to give me someone else's cash
Judy: buying using paypal works great just not the other way around sometimes
rich-c: I agree, Judy - besides, they won't let me run a US dollar account
BobS: AND, Luc, MOST if not 99% of people are honest, but that 1 % always seems to find us at some time or other
rich-c: yes, hate to admit how often I have been ripped off
Daniel Bienvenu: some people like to cheat... abuse of the system.
LucMiron: Yeah, I know, but I'm not willing to put the blame on Paypal for that. Cheque and money order scams exist as well.
Pamela: really Dad?
Judy: you really wonder why people have to be that way
rich-c: really, but that was long ago and far away - I did smarten up eventually
LucMiron: So James, did you catch the URL I gave you earlier?
Pamela: I'm thinking the best way to avoid that is money order
rich-c: well, postal money orders are rarely a problem, as long as they are shown as International
james: @luc, i saw it but forgot to open it
james: sec
BobS: there are fake ones of those out there too Pam
Judy: ..
BobS: I say.....10 business days after receipt in order to allow the payment ot clear, then ship
Pamela: yup
rich-c: few, Bob - I suspect the sentence for counterfeiting them is too heavy for scammers
Daniel Bienvenu: because some people don't understand that if we win as a community, we all win. they only think of themself and their own benifit and enjoymeny, like we are obstacles or potential victims for their stupid plans.
Pamela: Listen to me, like i'm an expert or something
Judy: well, aren't you?
rich-c: internationally, personal chequest take forever to clear - local to Canada are very fast
Pamela: only at learning from other's experiences, Judy : )
james: @luc, that japanese is very easy
Daniel Bienvenu: @ Luc and James : somehow, give the link by email or something, you can also use "Send Private Message" button to not put your personal info in the chat.
Judy: at least you learn, some don't
rich-c: I believe teh personal messages do show in the log, though
Pamela: I like to think so Judy
Judy: spent the afternoon putting my snowbabies away, so winter is officially over
LucMiron: @Daniel: Aren't private chats also archived? I think Dale mentioned that last summer...
BobS: even the personal messages DO show up in the chat log when viewed later
rich-c: just prevent breaking teh thread for the rest, if it matters
LucMiron: Well, James, if it's that easy, perhaps you could spare an hour to translate at least some of it for me...? :)
Pamela: I don't know whether to commiserate or celebrate, Judy : )
rich-c: don't know why, but my beer is tasting remarkably good tonight
rich-c: send him a scan, Luc
LucMiron: @rich: Already done.
james: @luc, i'll try to take a look at it. do you need all of it? are you porting this game? some of the instructions i think wouldn't be relevant to the ported game
rich-c: make it real easy for him, james, and translate it into French
LucMiron: @James: I know. What I really need is the info about the background story of the game, and also some miscellaneous stuff on certani pages that appear somewhat important.
Daniel Bienvenu: ka = this is a question... nani = what?... icura? = how much?... suki? (or tsuki?) = like? (ho ha yo) sounds almost like the "Ohio" = good morning, konnichiwa = hello, sayonara = goodbye, etc... but don't ask me to read them in japanese , I can't and that's some of the words I did learn, this and the numbers up to 99.
LucMiron: If you could just start by translating the blurb on the back of the box, that would be a great start. :)
james: ok luc
Daniel Bienvenu: arigato = thank you... almost forget this one almost everybody know already
Pamela: and we have "Mr. Roboto" to thank for that : )
LucMiron: @James: After that blurb is translated, perhaps we can discuss on which pages to focus the rest of the translation. Just by looking, I can easely spot pages that are useless for the ColecoVision version.
Judy: ..
james: ok
LucMiron: @James: So how do you want to do this? e-mail?
Daniel Bienvenu: if you want a beer... you have to say "beeru", because japanese have no sound for just r, but have one for ru.
james: @luc, co-ordinating by email would be easiest
LucMiron: All I know of japanese is "Ro-Ku-Ma-N" :P
james: and i'll be honest with you up front, i'm sometimes slow to reply, because i do have a lot on the go
LucMiron: @james: Okay then, let's concentrate on the box blurb and forget about the rest for now.
LucMiron: I will be starting work on the english CV manual of the game when Eduardo finishes the CV port. While I'm beta-testing the game, I'll work on the manual at the same time.
Daniel Bienvenu: beside that, how boxxle is going?
LucMiron: @James: You can contact me at darzilot at the server of hotmail.
LucMiron: @Daniel: Haven't really touched Boxxle, sorry. :/
rich-c: that was my error, not your mom's
james: ok luc
Daniel Bienvenu: ???
Pamela: brb, gonna check something on FB
james: so how's the weather over there these days?
LucMiron: But I must say the few notes you did for my Boxxle project have sparked my interest in continuing Boxxle, right after I'm done withe the Gulkave box art. :)
rich-c: a too early spring now in Toronto, james
Daniel Bienvenu: it's still sumaii here... but not below zero celcius
james: sumaii?
james: oh. samui
Daniel Bienvenu: I knew I still need practice
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, samui
Daniel Bienvenu: cold
james: ;) sumai means "place of residence"
Daniel Bienvenu: rrr...
Daniel Bienvenu: no, the other word
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway
LucMiron: @James: Could you please send me a greeting e-mail at the address I gave you? Just so I know your e-mail address?
Pamela: okay, just checked
Pamela: darned enter key!
james: @luc, envoye deja
Daniel Bienvenu: I did take a note here... eigo ga hanasemasu ka? which supposed to mean "do you speak english"
james: i'm going to have to go
Judy: I am calling it a night, night all until next week
Guy B.: Bye James
james: school finishes early today and case is home
Guy B.: Bye Judy
james: see everyone next week, hopefully
LucMiron: Bye James!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye james
Daniel Bienvenu: sayonara
LucMiron: Message received,. BTW!
Judy left chat session
Pamela: night James, night Judy
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I wonder what is *poof* in japanese
rich-c: night, james
LucMiron: poof? Is that a japanese word...? ;P
rich-c: night, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: I know that it's pouf in french, but japanese
LucMiron: Okay, I need to go to bed too.
rich-c: bonsoir, Luc
LucMiron: See ya all later!
Guy B.: Bye Luc
Daniel Bienvenu: on se reparle plus tard alors pour l'argent
BobS: time for me to go also gang................
Daniel Bienvenu: I also have to leave
LucMiron: Vas-tu appeller a ta Caisse Pop? Je peux appeller la mienne demain...
rich-c: figures, Bob - sleep tight
Pamela: bye Luc
BobS: nite all POOF !!!!!
BobS left chat session
Pamela: nite Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Je vais m'y rendre sur place, des fois c'est plus surprennant de me voir en personne que de m'entendre au téléphone, je les sens plus disposé à répondre à mes attentes quand je suis devant eux. Je en sais pas pourquoi
Pamela: boy, I'm slow
Daniel Bienvenu: (accents)
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm slow either
Daniel Bienvenu: sometimes slower is the good way
LucMiron: Ouais, c'est vrai, c'est toujours mieux d'y aller en personne.
Daniel Bienvenu: but they are really really fast... I can't even type some words sometimes and then I saw many poofs on the screen
Guy B.: Well folks, going to take Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
Daniel Bienvenu: like an exploding chat sound effect without the sounds.
LucMiron: Time for me to say pouf. :)
Pamela: gnite Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: Bye Luc
LucMiron: *pouf!*
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Pam
LucMiron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dale, even if you are not there
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Neil
Guy B.: Poof
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Sandra
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Jillian
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Jeffrey
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dr.D
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Erin
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Ron
rich-c: night, GuyB and Luc
Daniel Bienvenu: bye bye
Pamela: don't forget Russell
Daniel Bienvenu: ... what bye bye means exactly... if you think about it, it means you say bye to bye...
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Russell
Pamela: goodnite, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Fred
Daniel Bienvenu: bye James
Daniel Bienvenu: bye GuyF and GuyB
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Bobs
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Murray
Daniel Bienvenu: it's hard to remember every single name when it's been a long time
rich-c: you have quite a catalogue, Daniel!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye me
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Pamela: you know that's quite a list
rich-c: well, guess we might as qell pack it in too
Pamela: guess so
Pamela: I know we'll be over your way on Saturday Dad
Pamela: I'll bring you your coffee then
rich-c: anyway that ink shop was advertising on kijiji and it showed teh location near you
rich-c: I tried to check it right now but couldn't find it
rich-c: maybe by Saturday I'll have found it
rich-c: anyway, see you then, meanwhile night night, sleep tight
Pamela: well if I have to I can make a trip at lunch
rich-c: better wait till you know where you're going
Pamela: well, yeah : )
Pamela: gnite Daddy
rich-c: mapquest maps are notoriously vague - bet its a small space in a big building
rich-c: so sleep on it - night!
Pamela: kerpoof!
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