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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
changed username to unhuman
changed username to rich-c
unhuman: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi
unhuman: Spotted your notice on FB - thought this might be intersting
unhuman: unhuman = howieu
unhuman: if you couldn't figure IT UOT :)
rich-c: salut, Damiel, comment ca va?
unhuman: it out
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Howieu, no I didn't figure it out
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Rich, ca va bien, toi?
rich-c: je me porte assez bien, merci
Daniel Bienvenu: good
rich-c: got a new toy this evening
Daniel Bienvenu: a new toy?
Daniel Bienvenu: it still early for tonight chat, more people will join later
rich-c: a propos, welcome, unhuman - and friend of Daniel is a friend of ours
rich-c: yes, I am using a new browser - SWWareIron
Daniel Bienvenu: We never meet in person, but we had some common interrest, like programming
unhuman: I am working on a CV game
unhuman: much of my luck has been b/c of Daniels efforts
rich-c: these days, many of my best friends are cursor cronies I've never met
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Bob, Daniel has brought us one of his buddies
BobS: as unhuman??????
unhuman: y - howie
BobS: got to think more of yourself than THAT
unhuman: I confused Daniel too - I'm diff fake names
BobS: Hi Howie
Daniel Bienvenu: SWWareIron... ok I see it here... it's somehow based on Google Chrome
rich-c: nice shot, Daniel, you have it right
rich-c: Google is getting very strong negative feedback on Chrome because of privacy issues
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changed username to howie
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm getting facebook replies. I guess is howie again. :)
howie: Closing browser tab killed this :(
rich-c: so by teh way is Mozilla with Firefox 3
howie: yep, was me
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Bob! How things are going for this ummer?
Daniel Bienvenu: summer
howie: FB helps me sorta spot stuff I would never otherwise see. I think I'm the only fan of the "new" FB
rich-c: so SWWare in Germany built a fast browser using the Google engine but leaving out all teh privacy invasions
BobS: we are READY for all you crazy conventioneers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
rich-c: anyway I am using it now and it seems very good - thin but fast
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it need time to learn a new interface, and it's true for sny software and also web sites like facebook
rich-c: Bob, we will likely want to come in Sun. June 21 and leave morning of Wed. July 1
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't replied to the invitation for this summer because I don't think I can pay for the transport... I'm doing a bit effort to make a new game and hope to sell enough to pay for the transport, but otherwise, it will be without me this year.
rich-c: do you want to book teh whole time for us so Adamcon gets credit for the extra room-days?
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi guy
Guy B.: Brb
Daniel Bienvenu: later guy
rich-c: wonder if Annie's having a crisis, or if he has to turn over a record?
BobS: wecan book the days for you richard......and they will give you convention pricing and hold the room for you - you pay when you get here
rich-c: yes, we'll be providing that with our credit card anyway so they can have it when they want if they have a secure online interface
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changed username to Dale
rich-c: hello Dale
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Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale
Dale: Hi all.
changed username to JUDY
Daniel Bienvenu: When you are ready, send me the template file by email.
rich-c: hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: talking to you, dale
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy
rich-c: your caps key is stuck, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: caps lock power! woohoo!
Dale: I looked and looked and couldn't find it.
JUDY: no was just on, forgot to turn it off
Dale: I know the link you gave me is on AtariAge somewhere.
Dale: Jillian must have it somewhere though.
Daniel Bienvenu: so it's a single label template then
rich-c: that's teh trouble with having two or more computers in the house
rich-c: you never know which one the information is on
howie: hi all
howie: again
howie: sorta runnin back & forth
JUDY: hi, Howie
Dale: Yes, a single label template.
Daniel Bienvenu: rich, you should add a hundreds of back ups in cd-rom, dvd-rom, usb memory keys, external hard drive, etc.
Guy B.: HI Dale, Judy
JUDY: hi, Guy
rich-c: back with us, are you, Guy?
rich-c: has everyone gone to sleep or did I fall off?
howie: I am partially distracted. I bet others are too :)
Daniel Bienvenu: still there
Dale: Hello Guy.
Daniel Bienvenu: but looking to atariage about the label
BobS: we here mon
rich-c: when I want something seems it's always on the other computer from the one I am using
howie: So - everyone here CV programming? Or - what's everyone's interests? I Know Daniel + Dale
rich-c: actually, we are an Adam group - which is, of course, and expansion of the Colecovision
BobS: no Howie,we are users,not programmers........other than Dale
BobS: GuyB has dabbled in some programming
howie: Yep, I'm familiar with Adam... Never had one, but friend did.
rich-c: would it surprise you to know Dale's Adam cionnection is longer and closer than his CV connection?
BobS: myself and programming are ondifferent train tracks
JUDY: ..
howie: that's fine. just sorta tryin to know what people are doing
howie: I used my computer long after anyone else did when I had a TI-99
howie: which is why I'm drawn to CV now - the hardware
Dale: It would suprise me.
rich-c: sometimes that might not pay ;-)
rich-c: oh, know anyone who'd like a TI-99/4A? I have a spare
howie: I have 2
Daniel Bienvenu: I did tried the ti99/4a yet. I did bought one, more than 5 years ago now
Dale: I rented ColecoVisions at our video store in 1982.
Daniel Bienvenu: tried is a big word
Daniel Bienvenu: pluged it and unpluged it
howie: Yeah, what I have isn't plugged. My CV isn't plugged. All emulation for me
howie: until I'm ready... :)
howie: I did buy some kit to make CV have RCA outputs... So it'll be easier today
Daniel Bienvenu: someone did modify my colecovision for the rca cables. works pretty well
rich-c: since the Adam has the outputs there to start with, it's easir
rich-c: and of course the memory and tape drives mean it can handle bigger games
howie: Yeah, it'll be fun when I get to it. I love soldering (even tho I'm not very good)
rich-c: well, think of the Adam as a CV with vastly expanded capabilities, and you'll be on the right track
howie: Yep, I know what adam is :)
howie: kind of impressive, really
rich-c: ok, you sounded uncertain and brought out my missionary instincts ;-)
howie: people still using this stuff
howie: People still use TI's too
rich-c: I work on the theory if it ain't bust don't fix it - I have a 1973 car in the garage too
howie: yep :) What kind?
rich-c: Mercury Meteor Trailer Special
Daniel Bienvenu: can't find the label template... I'm still searching
Guy B.: Back
howie: found this -
howie: can't find "trailer special"
rich-c: essentially, the 4-door sedan with factory specified option package that made it like an F-150 with a sedan body
howie: like ford version of el camino?
rich-c: when you bought teh option package you got a special "Trailer Special" decal in the left rear window
rich-c: over the years, most of the people here tonioght have seen it
howie: usually google sees everything, but not this
rich-c: no, on the road it is visually teh regular sedan - underneath it's a lot tougher
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: HI Pam
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: hi there
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam
Pamela: sorry i'm quiet - still eating
rich-c: late night again?
JUDY: ..
Pamela: just busy in the kitchen
rich-c: I'm just busy trying to stay awake - it ain't easy
Dale: I'm going to visit Daniel and Guy F this weekend.
Dale: It should be good.
Pamela: cool Dale
Dale: But for now, I'm having a sick day.
Pamela: by train?
rich-c: does Guy know? he was fussed last week that he hadn't heard
Dale: The spring always ramps up my alergies and this year is no exception.
Dale: By train.
Dale: Should be a good trip.
Pamela: nice
JUDY: hi, Pam
Dale: He thought I was coming last weekend.
Pamela: is the rain helping?
rich-c: don't they have computer plugs and internet on the trains now?
Dale: Which would be why he was anxious.
Dale: But I set him straight eventually.
Dale: Yes they do.
rich-c: well you were going for teh game show, weren't you?
Dale: But it works best in certain seats, at least the last time I to a trip on the train.
Dale: We'll see how it goes.
Dale: A video game club meeting actually.
JUDY: Bob lost it, he is asleep
rich-c: you'll be getting off in Dorval, not going right in, right?
Dale: I'm meeting Guy at his place first.
Dale: So I'm going downtown.
rich-c: I totally sympathize; my sleep was quite disturbed last night and I'm pooped
Dale: Then hopping on the subway for a 12 stop trip.
Dale: Why would I want to go to Dorval?
rich-c: I thought Guy was out by Dorval?
rich-c: oh hell, he moved, didn't he
JUDY: he hurt is knee yesterday and didn't sleep well last night so is not supprising that he is asleep
JUDY: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: well, if he's asleep. goodnight Bob.
rich-c: I got a new CPAP mask and was trying it out - adjustment problems kept waking me
JUDY: he may be back later if he wakes up
Pamela: another new mask?
rich-c: you're supposed to get them every six months, by preference
rich-c: I've been doing it every year, but this new one allows buying a new seal separately
Daniel Bienvenu: I will not stay online during all night. I have a label to draw and some coding to do. Saturday is coming really quickly.
rich-c: right, and you want your stuff ready and neat for Montreal
Daniel Bienvenu: at least most of the stuff ready
BobS: back
Daniel Bienvenu: he's back!
rich-c: aha, returned to us, have you?
Daniel Bienvenu: welcome back
rich-c: what have you done to your knee? banged it or wrenched it?
JUDY: he isn't sure, thinks just turned it wrong
Pamela: Judy, were you two in New Orleans or Missouri when you were away?
BobS: yup somebody HOLLERED at at me
BobS: wrenched it i guessw
JUDY: last year in New orleans
BobS: don't know what I did to it
rich-c: Bob, at your age you can't suddenly turn around without paying for it
JUDY: why?
BobS: that is about it
JUDY: don't rub it in, Rich
Pamela: was watching Little People Big World last night - they were in Biloxi helping on a HFH project
rich-c: it's all sympathy, Judy - I've been in that state for many years now
Pamela: wondered if it was the same one you folks were down there for
JUDY: that is exatly where we were, in that same building
JUDY: I watched it also
Pamela: really?
Pamela: did either of you get on camera?
BobS: called Yankee stadium and run by the Salvatgion Army
BobS: Salvation
BobS: no, we were there in Feb......little people were ther during the summer
JUDY: no, we were there in Feb and they were there in the summer
Pamela: oh, but not at the same time I gather
Pamela: okay
JUDY: guess we agreed on that, Pam
Pamela: LOL
JUDY: when they signed the wall I was looking because we did that too
rich-c: is it customery on those projects to sign your work as you finish it?
JUDY: was kind of fun to watch
JUDY: did show you that it hasn't changed much down there since the storm
rich-c: it's always so much more interesting when you know what is going on
JUDY: not the work but in the building where you can stay and eat
howie: alright folks - off to bed - gotta get up at 4am. Have a good one and thanks.
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rich-c: night howie, do come again
JUDY: we didn't sleep there but some of our group did
JUDY: night Howie
Pamela: you had the RV, right?
Pamela: night, Howie
Daniel Bienvenu: I really have to leave now if I want to make some progress before going to sleep.
BobS: nite Howie
Daniel Bienvenu: nite howie
Daniel Bienvenu: nite me
JUDY: yes and stayed in a campground right across the street from the ocean
rich-c: yes, you're on a deadline, aren't you
Daniel Bienvenu: nit all
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight all
rich-c: want to make enough to pay the fare to Grand Rapids
BobS: nite Daniel
Dale: Later Daniel.
Dale: I should go to.
Daniel Bienvenu: This will determine if I go or not to Grand Rapids
Dale: I have a morning meeting for a change tomorrow.
JUDY: night Dale
Dale: So I will have to be awake in the morning.
rich-c: you too Dale/ so be it - enjoy the weekend
BobS: nite Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! and I hope you will like eating some "poutine"
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
BobS: not so much maybe
Dale: bye
Dale: poof
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Pamela: nite Dale
Pamela: bye Daniel
Pamela: I'm slow tonite
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Guy B.: Everyone's disappearing
rich-c: yes, crowd sure thinned down in a hurry - if James or Ron show up they'll wonder where we are
Pamela: it's been a long day I get the feeling
rich-c: well, we got our shopping done which is our major project
Pamela: anyway Judy, I'm glad I remembered to ask : )
Guy B.: I think so too. My company, Rotary International wants to make a contribution to a charity in memory of my mom. My sister and I are going to talk about it this weekend
JUDY: yes, glad you did nice to share memories
BobS: when you can take the extra time like we did in Biloxi, you get to know and recognize the place
BobS: so when it pops up again, things are familiar
rich-c: that's why we have always liked travelling by RV - gives you that leisure
BobS: exactly richard
JUDY: we saw so much down there and after a while you just couldn't look at any more of the damage
JUDY: it was just so sad to see
rich-c: unfortunately our RVing days are past, at least with teh trailer
JUDY: that is too bad, Rich
JUDY: I do love the time we can spend in the motorhome
rich-c: maybe if we find a Class B we can cope with we can look at it - say a used Chinook
BobS: go for it richard
JUDY: that would be easier you don't have much set up time
BobS: you need to just drive and stop, no unpacking, unhitching, etc
rich-c: trouble is, Frances is dubious about used ones
JUDY: just park and plug
BobS: low mileage ones all over
rich-c: that's the point, though I would have problems with the hoses
BobS: for the price of used, you can afford to fix it
BobS: and sitll not pay out the price of new
rich-c: pulling on stuff or heavy lifting is not on once your back has been broken
Guy B.: Just read an article in Sunday's Sun-Times that the RV industry are laying off people. No one is buying any RV's due to recession
rich-c: the issue is getting stranded on teh road, Bob
Pamela: dubious mechanically you mean Dad?
JUDY: we really have not have very little major repair problems
rich-c: remember I'll be seeing my 80th Christmas this year - I'm becoming frail elderly
BobS: join the Good Sam Club or equivilent and just call for help
rich-c: yes, cosmetics won't bother us, Pam
JUDY: have a cell phone when you travel
BobS: and I betcha you could stop at a lot of rv parks and/or dealers and they would empty for a fee
rich-c: we've been Good Sam since 1976 and used the ERS for decades
rich-c: and that's what we bought out cell phone for, Judy, otherwise it is never used
Pamela: it's why I got mine originally too
rich-c: in fact I don't think I have recharged it this year - it doesn't need it
Pamela: of course, I broke down the night I bought it . . .
Pamela: (minor detail)
rich-c: we have a very cheap monthly fee but expensive minutes
JUDY: so, was a good thing you had it
Pamela: I hadn't activated it yet : )
JUDY: we just buy minutes
Pamela: I ended up knocking on someone's door to use the phone after all
rich-c: I would end up with hours of expired minutes I'd paid for but never used
JUDY: with ours they don't expire if you get more before the expiration date
JUDY: so I kind of bank them until we go away
rich-c: it still would not be an economic deal for us, we just don't use the phone any more
JUDY: it costs me 10 dollars every 4 months
rich-c: now that she's on Facebook we hardly even use it to talk to Pamela
Pamela: and I'll bet Rogers is really impressed with you
Pamela: that's because Pamela needs to get her act together in the evenings : )
rich-c: considering my original purchase was from Cantel, at least I'm a loyal customer!
Pamela: yes, my first phone was a Cantel Amigo
rich-c: but our monthly maintenance fee is rather more than yours, Judy
Pamela: I'm on phone number five by now, I think
rich-c: our original was an old plug-in brick, finally got a new one few years back
JUDY: ..
Pamela: you know, Kimberly actually sold her bag phone to someone about three years ago for $25
BobS: first one we had was like the military ones.........1993 Motorola
rich-c: how is the used RV market down your way, Bob?
BobS: have not the slightest idea, Richard
JUDY: mine is rather cheep
BobS: haven't been looking, but have not heard that it is in the proverbial toilet
rich-c: oh, I gave ours away to a guy who needed one of that type and couldn't buy it anywhere
rich-c: I know Monaco and Fleetwood are in Chapter ii, and Winnebago sales are down 81%
JUDY: we gave our first one to the guy that we get minutes from it was one of the only old ones that he didn't have
Pamela: I may still have our original analogue phone
rich-c: which is suggestive but doesn't tell you what's in the used market
BobS: interesting
Pamela: does he collect, Judy?
BobS: I get Motorhome magazine, but they have not hinted at hard times
rich-c: and teh nice ones based on the Dodge Sprinter are still new and high priced
Pamela: are you still getting Trailer Life, Dad?
rich-c: yes, we are - and Highways
Pamela: any ads in there?
rich-c: but they are surprisingly uninformative - don't want to offend the advertisers
rich-c: not enough to give you any real feel - and we have dollar exchange and regulations to worry ablut
rich-c: not to mention sales taxes if we bring one across the border
JUDY: ..
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changed username to Guy F.
Pamela: Judy, does your minutes guy collect old phones?
Guy F.: Everyone still here?
Guy B.: HI Guy F'
Pamela: Hi, Guy
rich-c: well, Guy - Bienvenue (though Daniel has left)
Pamela: Dale bailed early
Guy F.: Oh that's not too bad, I'll be seeing these 2 in a few days. :)
BobS: hi guy
Pamela: yes, so we heard
JUDY: ..
rich-c: so how are things with the family?
Guy F.: Hi Bob, Guy, Rich, Pam, Judy
BobS: yes Pamela he does
Pamela: hmm
Guy F.: Good, how's the health Rich?
Pamela: be right back
JUDY: yea, he does, sorry wasn't getting any chat coming thru
JUDY: hi, Guy F
rich-c: hey, actually improving a little - though I did push things a bit far t'other day
rich-c: actually walked all teh way to the plaza and back, and it was a bit far
Guy F.: Hahaha, well us men have a tendency to do that no matter what!
Guy F.: The important thing is not to let things deteriorate, because then you'll be stuck on a chair, like my mother is now, she can barely walk.
rich-c: you are so right Guy - even the wisdom of old age can't beat that (Pamela winces)
rich-c: well I ws pretty chair-bound for a couple of days after, but they were rainy and cold anyway
rich-c: I have ambitions of getting out and being foolish again on Friday, weather permitting
Guy F.: Hehehe, as long it's safe to do so, go for it! :)
rich-c: and if it isn't that unsafe, go for it, too - typical male response
Guy F.: I was at work till 9:30 PM tonight. We have an outbreak of a really nasty virus called the Confik (aka Confiker) virus. Anyone heard of it yet?
Pamela: I heard rumours today
Pamela: damn, just broke another nail
rich-c: that's a computer virus?
JUDY: me too, Pam
Guy F.: Yeah, a Windows virus, extremely nasty. I won't specify where I work, since the logs are kept in archive, but most of you know anyways... At work, every single computer is afflicted with that virus. We are talking about corporate servers.
JUDY: was just fixing it
Pamela: I thought I still had our old analogue phones Judy, and I may still, but couldn't find them where I thought they were
rich-c: hoo boy, you have some serious problems
Guy F.: Not just us, it's a worldwide thing.
Pamela: if I do, will bring them along
Guy F.: April 1st, keep your ears open.
rich-c: the name seems to ring a bell - an allusion to it maybe in Windows Secrets, gal who does the Updates reviews
Guy B.: Or if you have Ubuntu. Use that instead of Windows on April 1st
Pamela: how does it work Guy?
Guy F.: Could be, in any case, it's the worse virus that ever hit the streets. It was an engineered virus written by a person/people that know the insides of Windows extremely well.
rich-c: I believe Microsoft are planning a patch a.s.a.p but what does that do if you're already infected
JUDY: by the way my crocuses are flowering
Guy F.: Well, the patch can remove it, but the thing is it spreads through shared drives, so once you disinfect it, it'll reappear if you're still connected via network. Easy to pull the plug, but in an environment that is running 24/7, not that easy.
Pamela: yes, Mom's are out too Judy
Pamela: how do you get infected?
JUDY: and the tulips are coming up
Guy F.: Well, you get infected through a USB key that is inserted into your PC that is infected. That's how we got infected at work. Another way is through shared network drives. The virus will attemps to gain access to all the computers connected to that shared drive by guessing weak passwords (if there is one).
rich-c: well, we aren't networked, just single machines here - can it beat Avira/AVG8/Spybot/WinPatrol/AdAware?
Guy F.: Well, make sure you have a good anti-virus installed that will detect it, so far there are millions of PCs infected.
rich-c: and oh yes, Windows Defender or Zone Alarm?
Guy F.: That's a Firewall, also good to have since the virus will try to access a whole bunch of sites on April 1st.
Guy F.: Those can be blocked, a list is available online.
rich-c: well, that was my standard list above avira on one computer, AVG8 on the other
Pamela: and in the meantime, don't open any attachments?
Guy F.: Hmm, if you have the latest updates and an anti-virus, I doubt you'd have to worry about much.
rich-c: did I mention my O/S is fully updated, too?
Guy F.: OK, then NO need to worry.
Guy F.: It uses an exploit in Windows that was updated October of last year.
rich-c: trust me, Guy, I have the toughest defences paranoia can devise ;-)
JUDY: ..
Guy F.: Excellent! Wish we had that at work too.
rich-c: if you don't a few of your IP types need firing while the company is still there
Guy F.: We still have Windows XP SP2 with no updates on MOST of our PCs, and Windows 2003 with no updates.
Guy F.: There is no IT dept. that's the problem...
Guy F.: It's being built.
Pamela: how do you keep your computers running without an IT dept?
rich-c: we're on SP3 fully updated, no server in use of course
Guy F.: We were delivered a system a few months ago, a VERY large system, and from one day to the next we had to take care of it with no ressources.
rich-c: I think Pamela has been listening when I have told her what defences she needs and where to get them
Guy F.: Think ---> video surveillance of public areas with over 300 servers, 2000+ cameras, a new network connecting all of that, etc...
rich-c: I would expect to see several bigwigs in the boardroom, hanging by their - thumbs
Pamela: Guy, you haven't changed jobs in the last couple years, have you?
Guy F.: Yes, a few months ago, I am in engineering now.
Pamela: but same employer?
rich-c: not if teh employer has the reseources he just listed
Guy F.: no, different people, mostly engineers.
Guy F.: same employer, different division.
rich-c: yes, but teh company name on teh paycheck is teh same, isn't it?
Pamela: okay, that's what I thought
Pamela: and they don't have an IT dept. That's just bizarre.
JUDY: my swim instructor tried to do me in this morning so I am calling it a night, so night all until next week
Pamela: good night Judy
rich-c: OK Judy, get your rest, and see you next week
Guy F.: Yep, same here, waking up at 5:00 AM tomorrow.... good night all, was a pleasure to unload a bit of the stressful day I had on you guys. :)
JUDY left chat session
Pamela: anytime Guy : )
Guy F.: g'night Judy
Guy B.: Nite Jyd
rich-c: hang in there, Guy - a la prochaine
Guy F.: will send pictures of Dale eating poutine by next week!
rich-c: we'll be eagerly awaiting them ;-}
Guy F.: :)
Pamela: gnite Guy
Guy F. left chat session
Guy B.: Well, I'm chatting with a friend and will be taking Annie out soon. So, I'll see you all next week
rich-c: till next week, Guy
BobS: time to call it a night then Cleeclan
Pamela: gnite Guy
BobS: nite Guy
rich-c: right, Roberto - till next week
Pamela: there's an echo in here : )
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: and I will crawl up the steps to my nighttime dwelling also
Pamela: night, Bob
BobS: be well you tow ANDFrances
BobS left chat session
rich-c: yes, they're early tnight
rich-c: you bet, Bob - take care
Pamela: everyone is tired, I was just telling Russell
Pamela: and then there were two
Pamela: anything I need to know Dad?
rich-c: anyway, you heard teh virus talk - are you fully protected on your computers, Pam?
Pamela: yes, anti virus and firewall
rich-c: OK - which ones are you using?
Pamela: AVG and Comodo I believe
rich-c: I haven't tried Comodo - what do you think of it?
Pamela: and we don't open anything from anyone that we don't recognize
Pamela: seems to do the job
rich-c: oh, if you have AVG8 and allow it to look at your email, you can open what you please
Pamela: why would I want to open that stuff anyway? It's all spam
rich-c: I would recommend you add Win Patrol, though - it covers additional turf in a different way
rich-c: it is of course free
Pamela: I'll take it under advisement : )
rich-c: and you should also add (free) Spybot Search and Destroy
rich-c: if you can't find or get them let me know and I'll send them to you
Pamela: okay
rich-c: by teh way, have you ever tried teh "Login" block at Tamco?
Pamela: no - have you?
rich-c: yes, set teh password up with John or use teh one you have, and it lets you use your mailbox as webmail
rich-c: you can among other things delete crap without even ever downloading it
rich-c: just check on the webmail box
Pamela: cool
rich-c: believe it - I find it quite handy
Pamela: would come in handy if you're away without your computer
rich-c: anyway I'll let you go explore it - have fun and take care
Pamela: talk to you soon Daddy
Pamela: goodnight
Pamela: hugs to Mom
rich-c: goodnight now
rich-c: cheers to Russell
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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changed username to robbie
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