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Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob
BobS: Hi Daniel
BobS: how are you?
BobS: and your weather?
Daniel Bienvenu: Fine
BobS: kinda blowing and cold here
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it was raining outside tonight
BobS: had some cold rain here today also
Daniel Bienvenu: I may have enough founds to get to the adamcon finally
BobS: must be you are getting our last night rain
Daniel Bienvenu: funds, sorry
BobS: cool !!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, it's cool
BobS: that would be GREAT !!!
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a question... Can I pay you partially with my paypal account?<
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changed username to rich-c
BobS: hmmmmmmm good question
rich-c: hey, teh gang's alll here!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir rich
BobS: I have paypal, but use it to pay others.........don't know if I can get paid
BobS: hey Richard
rich-c: salut, Daniel - and hi, Roberto
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm getting some money by selling cartridges as you may know
BobS: you said that last week, and that is great
BobS: wo how's Richar and Frances?????
rich-c: the question is, can he sell enough cartridges in time?
Daniel Bienvenu: and, for most of the carts I'm selling, I'm getting the money to my paypal account.
Daniel Bienvenu: That's why I'm asking the paypal question
BobS: I wqill have to look
rich-c: both feeling very tired, for no evident reason - we're a little old for spring fever
rich-c: I think our tendency to go to bed around 1 a.m. contributes to it
rich-c: Daniel, I am using that Iron browser again
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: it works with the latest update of Java RE
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale
rich-c: hello Dale, you're early again
Dale: I got Jeffrey to bed at a better time tonight.
rich-c: that does help
rich-c: I spent an hour or so sleeping this afternoon and I am still yawning
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not actually at home, and I'm working on my reccent graphic tool utility. If I can somehow support the data files made with ICVGM, I will be very happy.
Dale: It's a challenge really. His ideal bedtime is maybe 8, but we aren't completely home from Beavers until after 8 usually, and it takes him a bit to unwind from beavers before he can sleep.
rich-c: that's meaningless to me but I expect Dale will be very supportive
Dale: ICVGM sprite tables import/export?
Dale: That'd be awesome.
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Dale: How are you tonight Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: hi guyb
rich-c: good evening, Guy B - how's Chicago?
BobS: HI Dale, guy
Dale: Well I got to meet Luc in person on the weekend.
rich-c: still the Windy City or have you passed it all on to us now?
Guy B.: Little cold. Yesterday, Annie got soaked in the rain. A sudden downpour came down while we were walking
rich-c: hey, that's neat, Dale - how was your trip otehrwise?
Daniel Bienvenu: don't forget me, Dale
Dale: He actually not only showed up at the CCJVQ meeting but also came back to Guy F's place after/
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF did publish some pics in his facebook
Dale: I finally got to meet Daniel at the CCJVQ meeting too.
rich-c: had the all gaming gang on hand then, more or less - great
Dale: I have up upload my pics still.
Dale: Daniel sold 3 of the minigame carts that brought with me.
Dale: I don't think I could have done that well.
rich-c: I'll look over Frances' shoulder then, tell her to check your pages
Dale: But then Daniel thought that was quite a lot too.
Dale: One person even had to go to a bank machine to get more money for Daniel.
rich-c: so there still is some demand out there - that's reassuring
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changed username to Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
rich-c: hi Judy, welcome aboard
Guy B.: Brb
rich-c: the men all seem to be going to sleep
Judy: Hi, Daniel, Guy, Rich, and Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Judy!
rich-c: how are things in Grand Rapids this day?
Judy: Bob is awake so far
Judy: not the greatest, was cold and windy and it even rainned and snowed on Bob today
rich-c: snow we have escaped, but we had a rainy morning
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope he's awake... otherwise I did ask my paypal question to a ghost or a clone.
Dale: Hi Judy.
Judy: didn't rain or snow at the house though
rich-c: yesterday had sun, but teh wind was so icy I couldn't complete my exercise walk
Daniel Bienvenu: it's cold here... and now it's raining
Dale: Daniel, do you plan to draw the one eyed Wolly Mammoth for the Space Harrier title screen.
Dale: You're not outside then, I hope Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, I do plan drawing the cyclop-mammoth, but maybe not the trees in the background.
Daniel Bienvenu: I want to keep the title screen clean.
Dale: That's probably fine.
Dale: But the Mammoth is important I think.
Daniel Bienvenu: More details we add in the title screen, less it compress.
BobS: appears taht I can accept paypal without incurring big charges.......will work on the idea
rich-c: Daniel, do you still use teh old "crunch" algoritm on Coleco graphics?
Judy: I walked on the treadmill this morning was better than walking outside
Daniel Bienvenu: rich, I'm also planning to use new compression algorithm, depending of the final result.
rich-c: Bob, if you are having exchange difficulties, sometimes I can help
Daniel Bienvenu: As soon as I find back my passport, and because I'm assuming that Dale still ok with the plan we sorta elaborate during the weekend, that means I will be able to go to the convention this summer
Dale: I'm still working on a dictionary based algorithm that can do repeated patterns better.
rich-c: writing your own compression algorithm as well? that's ambitious
Dale: But yeah, the classic crunch with RLE is a winner more often than not.
Dale: I gave Daniel directions on how to take the bus to Montreal, then walk to Whitby, then carpool with me to AdamCon.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, RLE is great to save space when data is repeating, when it's pattern repeating or not repeating at all, that's a problem
Judy: that is great Daniel
BobS: but he will HAVE to find his passport
rich-c: when you're only working with eight bits tehre are limits to how ambitious you can get
Judy: how far is the walk?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to dig a little bit, but I'm sure it's a valid one... only have it since the last 2 summers
Dale: I had a GIF viewer working on the Adam in 1993 I guess.
Dale: And it uses an advanced dictionary compression.
rich-c: Whitby to Montreal? about 300 m iles
BobS: and Daniel is gonna walk taht, eh?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale is kidding... I'm probably try to take a bus.
Dale: Well either walk or take the train from Montreal to Whitby/Oshawa train station.
rich-c: and these days hitchhiking is a pretty risky deal
Judy: no lie
Judy: we did talk to Jean and she is coming for sure
rich-c: so Daniel will ride shotgun with you then, Dale?
Dale: We figured it out, and if he took the bus to Montreal, then he could walk to Kentwood MI in just 9 days 10 hours.
Dale: But factoring in breaks like sleeping and eating it would be more like 30 days...
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
Dale: So Guy F suggested that he just walk to Whitby.
Dale: To make the trip shorter.
Pamela: greetings, everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: For graphics compression, I will also try my own idea of compression algorithm as well, based on a tiny fixed dictionnary of 16 bytes at the begginnning of the data and compressed in the data as nibbles instead of bytes. But I have to use RLE as well, otherwise the result is equal or taking more space than the actual RLE compression
Dale: Then we discussed buses and trains to Whitby.
Pamela: what's this about walking to Whitby?
Judy: that could be do able
BobS: hi Pam
Judy: Hi, Pam
BobS: Daniel is walking from Montreal to Whitby as penance for convention
rich-c: I'd expect any Montreal/Toronto bus to offer a stop in Whitby
Pamela: ah
Judy: the return trip would probably take longer
Dale: Guy F and I were trying to convince Daniel that he should come to AdamCon even if he can't pay to fly to Kentwood, MI.
Judy: he would be tired
rich-c: yes, his feet would be sore
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Guy and Dale did a brainstorming about how I can go to the adamcon this year. And they find out that the cheapest way is walking, but I'm not sure my feet can handle that well
Dale: The Oshawa bus station has busses to and from Montreal several times per day I believe.
Pamela: bicycle!
Dale: And that's about 10 min drive from my house.
rich-c: I wish we could offer a lift, but our time schedule doesn't work
Daniel Bienvenu: BUS seems a good idea. Not expensive compard to other solutions
BobS: yes a good idea
rich-c: I do gatehr that buses are teh cheap way - all you need now is a buddy heading to Toronto
Judy: we do hope you can work it out but walking seems out
rich-c: if you could hitch that sort of lift, you'd be in
Pamela: I wish I could offer some bright ideas
Daniel Bienvenu: So, we can consider that I'm traveling to a town in Ontario by bus, then, from there, traveling by car with someone... and do the same to go back home.
Pamela: perhaps with more thought
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Daniel Bienvenu: I will have to take more days to travel I guess
Dale: I expect he'll take a bus to my neighbourhood, and then we'll drive from there most likely.
changed username to Adamite
Daniel Bienvenu: probably sleep in Ontario twice
rich-c: we have a new arrival - welcome
Dale: Hi there.
Judy: sounds like a plan to me
Adamite: Actually, I used Adamite a few months ago, new name, same old person.
Daniel Bienvenu: is it a trivia question?
Judy: hello, Adamite
Pamela: hey there
Dale: Last time we learned that Adamite is a zinc arsenate hydroxide mineral, Zn2AsO4OH/
Dale: It says so on Wikipedia.
Adamite: exactly Dale, hehe. :)
rich-c: right - we've been having a few new visitors lately, but I remember you
Dale: So I hear I should upload my pictures to Facebook.
Adamite: So, any guesses? First one wins a bag of chips.
rich-c: potato or poker?
Dale: So I can keep up with the Joneses.
Daniel Bienvenu: chips? what kind?
Pamela: or the Fosters : )
Adamite: Pamela, you win the chips!
BobS: I like sour cream and onions
Dale: I got some MSP430F2012 chips today from DigiKey.
Dale: Those are nice.
Pamela: all dressed, please : )
Adamite: Yeah, I want to make a mega cart with the chip you showed me!!! Sounds pretty feasible.
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: a mega cart ? what project do you have to use a mega cart format?
Adamite: Dan: You didn't listen to Dale and I talk?
Dale: The idea Daniel is to put a microcontroller in a cartridge.
Pamela: he didn't know there'd be a test afterwards : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I did understand that part
Dale: Then use it to populate the data bus of the cartridge with simulated cartridge data.
Adamite: Dance Dance Revolution for the Coleco!
Dale: That way we could have a virtual mega cart.
Daniel Bienvenu: Sounds fun, will you make a demonstration at the adamcon next year?
Dale: I found a 60 Mhz microcontroller that was about the right size and had 42k of RAM, that I thought would be suitable.
Dale: Then you could have it load up the cart image into RAM, and it would wait for the address bus to request something and push the right data to the data bus.
Dale: It all needs to happen in 265 ns.
Adamite: 1/265ns=?
Dale: But at 65 MHz that gives the microcontroller about 20 instructions to make it happen.
Daniel Bienvenu: is it slow or fast? I still get confused with speed in electronic terms
Dale: That seems doable to me.
Adamite: 1 / 256 x 10 - 9
Dale: 1/2265ns = about 3.77 MHz which is the Adam/CV clock speed.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think we lost 75% of the audiance
Adamite: .... or 3/4 of the audience.
Dale: my typing is messy, but if I typed it right, I think my math would be right too.
Daniel Bienvenu: any song you wanna see in this project?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, "seeing a song" is not accurate
rich-c: we may not understand it all, but we're watching
Daniel Bienvenu: but for this type of game...
BobS: you did not lose us!!!!! new idea + ADAM or CV = good for our community
Dale: A song for DDR? I'm not sure.
Adamite: Dance Dance Colecovision
Daniel Bienvenu: Any people here did see a video or try a dance dance revolution game?
BobS: no
Adamite: I think Rich did once, no?
Adamite: Personally, I haven't either.
Pamela: you mean see a video of DDR, Daniel?
Adamite: they're available on youtube.
Daniel Bienvenu: welll, yes... at least have an idea of the kind of game is it
Adamite: I wonder what the market would be for such a thing. Probably close to 0.
Pamela: yes
Pamela: I don't know Guy, it might pull in the younger female audience which is pretty scarce right now
Adamite: So, yeah, we scouted possible locations for an Adamcon in Montreal last week-end.
Dale: Well there is a DDR-like game for the C64 called Shred64.
Daniel Bienvenu: If I can continue it, I may have Smooth Criminal for it
rich-c: that's an area where I am lost
Dale: And they made a hardware adaptor for it too.
Dale: Richard, it is a rhythm game where you have to do certain patterns of buttons in time to the music.
Dale: If you play it with the dance mat, you could call what you're doing dancing.
rich-c: at this point, I don't think it would be my kind of thing
Dale: So that is the essence of Dance Dance Revolution.
Pamela: it's like Simon with your feet
rich-c: my brain doesn't work in that mode any more
Dale: Maybe not, or maybe with the right song it would build muscle tone.
Dale: But anyway that's the basic idea.
Dale: Some people do use it for exercise.
Daniel Bienvenu: if you look at this keyword DDR, you may find a bunch of videos
Dale: Most people do it for fun.
rich-c: my big challenge is to see if I can make it all teh way to the plaza on foot
Pamela: I've seen video of it and must admit it looks like fun
Daniel Bienvenu: But I've heard that the do competitions of this game... professionals are fast on their feet and very accurate.
rich-c: it sounds vaguely like the original Amiga before Commodore bought it
Adamite: I'm off for a bit, will be back in 15-20 mins or so.... hope people stick around!
rich-c: we plan to, Guy
Judy: we should be
rich-c: got a question for our techies
rich-c: my monitor offers various frequencies from 56 to 85 hz for teh resolution I'm using
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm thinking that maybe to extend the playability, we should figure out a way to put additional music in the project. Maybe supporting the Adam tapes and disks for Adam users... but what about the Colecovision owners
rich-c: which should I choose and why?
Daniel Bienvenu: Higher refresh freq help the image to look fine, but "burn out" more faster the monitor.
Dale: usually any number above about 70 gives the most solid image, and thus the least eye strain
Daniel Bienvenu: So, try them and if you are confortable with one, keep it
Dale: Eye strain can lead to headaches in some people.
rich-c: and you're not necessarily aware of it, or the connection
Dale: I've almost never had CRT monitors burn out.
Dale: I'm not sure about LCD ones.
rich-c: I've had them break otherwise but not burn out
rich-c: they are so big and heavy and awkward
Daniel Bienvenu: well, for the big monitors with tubes, more higher is the freq, more faster you lose in birthness
Daniel Bienvenu: brithness
Pamela: brightness
rich-c: but they produce so much higher quality a picture than an LCD
Dale: For colecovision owners you'd have to make a megacart, like the kind used for the Pacman Collection.
Daniel Bienvenu: still difficult to type fast and accurate at the same time
Pamela: it's okay we got the idea
Pamela: remember, the backspace key is your friend : )
Daniel Bienvenu: but backspace key is useless when enter (or return) is pressed
rich-c: so is teh spellcheck even more, but it doesn't live here
Judy: no one talking or is my computer not working again
Daniel Bienvenu: no working again
rich-c: it's down Judy, we are seeing you
rich-c: (Bob, tell her)
Daniel Bienvenu: it's already 22h... I'm going back a little on my graphic tool development, be right back
BobS: opk daniel
rich-c: oh, keep an eye on us, Daniel
Judy: I am not here though
Judy: there it went
rich-c: ok, I think I see the intention there
Pamela: your computer really doesn't like the chat, Judy
rich-c: time for me to go fetch my beer
Guy B.: Ok back. I've obtained a very little used Adam and I plan to bring this up to the con.
BobS: I think so...........she getrs lost and then pops back in.....tried different browsers, etc, no luck
Pamela: where did you get it Guy?
Judy: no, it doesn't, Pam
Guy B.: My old neighbor
Judy: and then it will work just fine for a while
Adamite: Nice, lots of adams left floating in the wild. I should get myself one, one of these days,
Guy B.: It does have some software in addition to what came with then system
Pamela: you don't have one, Guy?
Adamite: no, I had one, but it was one of those rare "first" prototyping units, so I decided to give it to Dale in order for him to keep it. Surely a piece that belongs in the Adam history. It had wire wrap posts on the motherboard.
Guy B.: I have four. Two are in storage at my brother in-laws. I have one standalone and an Expansion 3. I thought of doing a raffle for this one
rich-c: that sound prototypical, alll right
Pamela: I'm sure Dad could find you one if you wanted : )
Adamite: I'm sure, I hear he has a large Adam inventory at home! :)
Adamite: I bought a boxed Colecovision this week-end from Daniel.
rich-c: yes, sales have been slow lately
Pamela: your hearing isn't suffering
Adamite: sales are bound to be slow due to our economy...
rich-c: well, I suppose tht's one contributing factor
Adamite: I had brought lots of nice pieces at the meeting last week-end and didn't sell a thing.
rich-c: I'd als welcome a market for some TI 99/4a s
Judy: ..
Adamite: Those were nice systems... back in the days.
Pamela: oh, I should change my calendar
Pamela: brb
Adamite: ok
rich-c: but they don't appear to have survived even at the level of the Adam
Adamite: not much of a fan base for them I suppose.
rich-c: there was once upon a time, but no more it seems
Adamite: I had a BBSing friend with a TI-99/4A and was always amazed at the things he could do with his add-ons.
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changed username to Meeka
Meeka: hello
Adamite: Hey Meeka!
Judy: hi, Meeka
Pamela: Hi Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
rich-c: yes, the local TRSD-80 club had some techies like that too
Pamela: that's better, now it's April in here
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir meeka
rich-c: hello, Meeka, glad you came by
Daniel Bienvenu: brb
Meeka: just got done paying bills and remembered it was chat night
Adamite: Ahh paying bills, have to remember to do that.
Judy: Meeka, did you get my message tonight
Meeka: mom-got you message, will call and chat tomorrow
rich-c: feels better already, does it, Pamela?
Judy: sounds good should be home most of the day
Meeka: k
BobS: got to have the tshirt emblem tomorrow too Meeka
Meeka: k
Pamela: well if you're trying to figure out a date, it helps to have the right month showing on the calendar
Judy: dad will be home tomorrow
rich-c: you're working on a long time line, Bob
Adamite: Daniel: According to your experience, should I write box-in in character graphics or use sprites? The code is getting bloated with detection for boxes and box movement.
BobS: last minute jobs suck
rich-c: you are so right - trhey leave everyone uncomfortable
Dale: Guy, I though you were planning to use characters.
Judy: he likes to have things under control in advance
Dale: The 4 sprites on a line is a bit of a deterant to using sprites.
rich-c: a view that, as you know, we very much endorse
Pamela: yes, the t-shirts were something I struggled with last year
Adamite: Yes, I am using character, but as usual looking to write the most efficient code.
Pamela: mainly because I couldn't find anyone with photoshop
Adamite: Sprites JUST for the moving characters, not the boxes.
Dale: Right
Pamela: then along came Rich and it was all good
Judy: we will be working with the same guy that did them in the past
rich-c: that should ease matters, Judy
Meeka: lol, doug is busy crabbing at microsoft. It is blocking pop-ups comming from their own official site
Pamela: can you get 3X tshirts Judy?
Pamela: that's funny Meeka
Judy: we first thougt that he was out of business but he just moved the business to his home
rich-c: well, the pop-up blocker is third-party, isn't it?
Dale: There is one built into IE as well now.
Meeka: dony know rich - not my thing
Judy: should but may be an additional charge
rich-c: that's new in IE8, right, Dale? so still in beta?
Pamela: that's okay. Pretty sure a 2X won't fit me, and definitely won't fit Russell
Judy: Meeka, did he have trouble with that virus today?
Meeka: what virus????
Adamite: Coficker virus
rich-c: good question, Judy - far as I've heard is seems to be a big fizzle
Adamite: Conficker, sorry.
Judy: the April 1 fools day virus, was supposed to be bad today
Meeka: guess not if i dont know what it is :-P
Adamite: the day isn't over. :)
Judy: were talking about it on the news today
Dale: Some one has a Coleco disk drive on ebay right now.
Pamela: or it's someone's very bad
Pamela: April Fool
Dale: Item number: 370178718431
rich-c: true, but teh anti-virus crowd have it pretty well nailed
BobS: but they don't say it works
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: Try this link from Microsoft web site
Judy: you do know about April Fools day don't you
Daniel Bienvenu: there is a scanner to detect a bunch of malware including some Conficker
Adamite: the best way to find out if you have the virus is in windows xp security center, it turns off the automatic updates.
Daniel Bienvenu: We know about 4 variations of Conficker worm
Dale: Guy F spent the weekned cleaning Conflicker off of servers at his work.
Judy: quess it was not a fuzzle to some
Dale: When he wasn't with us.
rich-c: yes, there are Confickers A, B, B++ and C
Adamite: I've seen D and E variants actually too at work.
Adamite: I think it's the same worm that is polymorphic.
Pamela: wow, you got it bad
Daniel Bienvenu: E variant? I didn't know there was a 5th one.
Meeka: doug says that it has actually been around for almost two months and it was speculated to do "something" today, but says he hasnt heard that it actually has
Adamite: no, the code is dormant, it's asking "what should I do?", but so far, no malicious code has been sent.
Adamite: methinks the author is scared.
rich-c: the net certainly wasn't slow, no dos effect
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I did check here and there is no trace of conficker so far
Adamite: well dos would probably happen on certain specific sites.
Adamite: but I doubt is one of the targeted sites. :)
rich-c: yes, those attacks seem to be aimed, but they can also slow the net
Daniel Bienvenu: based on Neil's email, a Kaspersky expert said it's follish to concentrate only on the april fool day, and I agree.
Daniel Bienvenu: there are certainly other days when there will be some actions
Adamite: yes, exactly, it could happenon april 1st, but any other day is just as good.
Judy: they said that some could not get on the net because of it
rich-c: I gather the infections are mostly in the Third World, where they don't have IT departments
rich-c: (present company excepted, of course)
Adamite: In any case, I did 21.5 hrs of overtime last week, and 14 hours this week... pays off a few much needed bills that I needed to pay. :) So all in all, I would say thank you to the author!
Adamite: Rich: Montreal is a thirld world country then, we have no IT dept at my work. It is being built as we speak because of the virus. It was being run by engineers, and as smart as they are, they are not IT people.
rich-c: yes, a little extra change in your jeans can mellow your views significantly
Pamela: holy cow, that's a lot of OT, Guy
Pamela: that's an entire extra work week
Adamite: Their logic was: "Well, we are running a closed network with no outside connection, so we do not need any security or protection".
rich-c: I had guessed something of your opinions on the subject, Guy - and very much sympathize
Judy: ..
Adamite: Yes, and I did it while Dale and Daniel were here. I timed myself perfectly to coincide the end of my shift with Dale's arrival, and then start my next shift with Dale and Daniels departure. Worked out well.
Meeka: well, i am off to settle in and watch last night's shows before bed
Pamela: Planning!
Meeka: ttyl
Adamite: ttfn
Pamela: nite Meeka
Adamite: (ta ta for now)
rich-c: nite Meeka - glad to have you by
Daniel Bienvenu: Goodnight Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Meeka left chat session
Dale: Night Meeka.
Judy: night Pam
Judy: sorry, Pam should have said Meeka
rich-c: Dale - question: your origina Windows disc is damaged, you have it and teh licence - can someone else make you a copy of theirs?
Daniel Bienvenu: I will have to leave too... I still have to work on the graphic editor, sorry but I will talk to you all next week.
Dale: That is allowed in Canada as fair use.
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Adamite: bye dam
Adamite: ddan
BobS: nite Daniel
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
rich-c: OK, Daniel, sounds like a goood effort so bonne chance et bonsoir!
Daniel Bienvenu: take care
Daniel Bienvenu: byebye!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: we had teh question on Freecycle this week - woman had her XP disc scratched - I told her it was OK
Dale: You can also "resurface" the disc often
Judy: ..
Pamela: what did you do with your XP spare Dad?
Dale: There are several places that offer the service.
rich-c: if I copied my disc, would her key work on it? my gues is it's an algorithm
rich-c: haven't heard of those, Dale
rich-c: actually, Pam, she works down by you, King and Bay
BobS: vgonna go kids, can't keep my eyes open
Pamela: gnite bob
BobS: see ya nbext weej
Pamela: it's getting late
BobS left chat session
rich-c: I'm keeping my spare, Pam, because the laptop only has a useless recovery disc
Guy B.: Nite Bob
rich-c: know that feeling, Bobn - goodnight and sleep tight
Judy: ..
Judy: I think I will sign off also, so night all
Pamela: goodnight Judy
rich-c: right Judy - till next week
Guy B.: Nite Judy
Judy left chat session
Pamela: we're dropping like flies
rich-c: seems like all us old folks are getting dozy today
Pamela: I had a short snooze on purpose
Pamela: it's amazing what 15 minutes will do
rich-c: so did I, not on purpose
rich-c: GuyF, are you still with us?
Pamela: well I spent some time on dinner tonite, did some experimenting
rich-c: what did you try?
Adamite: yes, I am
rich-c: just wondering - you're quiet
Pamela: was aiming for souvlaki-ish
Pamela: did not too badly
Adamite: programming at the same time
rich-c: good on you - eggplant can be tricky
Pamela: no, no eggplant (ick!)
rich-c: it's basic to Mediterranean cuisine - need to learn to live with it
Pamela: I can live without it
rich-c: you can, but sooner or later you miss a lot
Pamela: I repeat, ick : )
rich-c: I think you inherit that from your mother
Pamela: quite possibly
rich-c: but she has found ways to sort of submerge it in her cooking and uses it regularly
Pamela: we do share taste in quite a few veggies
rich-c: I'm unfond of any but have learned to endure most
Pamela: c'mon - you like parsnips, don't you?
rich-c: at intervals, yes, for variety
rich-c: and it took quite a battle to get your mother to serve beets - now she even cooks the greens
Pamela: I prefer them pickled
Pamela: the beets not the greens
rich-c: yes, they are pretty neat that way too
Pamela: again, it's the spices that make them
Pamela: apparently I'm fond of cloves
rich-c: that's often the case - a little ginger can liven up carrots very effectively
Pamela: I'm not so big on ginger
Pamela: it's always tasted soapy to me
rich-c: oddly enough, I'm getting my clove taste these days mostly from beer - which doesn't use them
Pamela: that is odd
rich-c: there is a variety of hops they use in Belguim and Quebec, makes a very nice beer
rich-c: they just started selling Trois Pistoles in Ontario - I had some last chat time
Adamite: havent had a beer in AGES!!!
Pamela: tastes of cloves?
Pamela: are you not a regular beer drinker Guy?
rich-c: yes, the beers made with Sazs hopes have a clove taste
rich-c: I hae one beer a week, during chat - tonight was a Coffee Porter
Adamite: No, not at all Pamela.
Adamite: Moreso in the summer, but I don't buy beer very often.
Dale: I used to buy beer more
Pamela: you certainly seemed to be enjoying your taste testing in Ottawa : )
rich-c: pity, since you do have some very fine beers in Quebec
Adamite: I usually have a dillema in the grocery store... Diapers or a case of 24. I usually choose diapers. :)
Dale: But lately it takes too long to work through a 6 pack.
Pamela: not fond of having Talia go bareback?
rich-c: well, I get through one in six weeks, which satisfies me
rich-c: mind you I am treating it something like a food adventure
Adamite: they wear the same size of diapers now, so I don't have to stock 2 different sizes.
Pamela: well that will change again in a couple of months
Adamite: The younger one will be a much bigger girl than the eldest, that's for sure.
Pamela: she's in the same size diapers as Tamara??
Pamela: good heavens
Adamite: Yes, Size 5.
Adamite: She's a big girl!!!
Adamite: She can even hold up her own against Tamara now...
rich-c: it's been a while since I had to deal with diaper sizes - for kids, anyway
Pamela: is that Talia sitting on your lap in your Facebook pics?
Adamite: Yes, that's her! :)
Pamela: you never did, Dad - such a thing didn't exist when I was in diapers
rich-c: I'll have to look over Frances' shouldder
Pamela: I thought so, Guy
Adamite: back then it was a piece of cloth with bobby pins probably. :)
rich-c: no, disposables were coming it - but they wre godaqwful pricey
Pamela: you know, Mom still has the cloth diapers she used
Guy B.: Well folks, going to take Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
Pamela: apparently they make incredibly good cleaning cloths
Adamite: I remember in the 80s when the disposable craze was at it's highest, tons of tv commercials about diapers.
Pamela: g'nite Guy
rich-c: I wouldn't doubt it - there's always a need for an absorbent cloth
Adamite: so I can wash my car with diapers? cool!
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Adamite: bye Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, till next week it is - see you
Pamela: I'm assuming that they were 100% cotton
rich-c: Pamela dates to a little before that
Adamite: I know, if I remember TV commercials back then, she must have been a teenager in the 80s.
rich-c: I reckon you're right, Pam, but you'll have to ask your mother to be sure
Pamela: yes, I was 15 in 1980
Adamite: I was 8 in 1980.
Pamela: baby
Pamela: : )
Adamite: all relative
Adamite: Hey, I still remembe Elvis's death!
Adamite: I was 5 I think.
Pamela: we were in a campground in NJ when we heard, I believe
rich-c: I still remember King George V
Adamite: Hahaha...
Adamite: That's way back there Rich.
rich-c: the Prime Minister was R.B. Bennett
Adamite: I wish I was born to see the US launch to the moon. ie: the space rac
Pamela: I vaguely remember round one of ST:OS and the moon landing
rich-c: and the U.S. president was Herbert Hoover
Adamite: earliest president I remember is Reagan
Adamite: who was before that?
rich-c: you'd better, daughter - we kept you up to an ungodly hour so you could see it
Pamela: yes Daddy : )
Adamite: I still remember watching TV on a black and white tube set TV...
rich-c: Roosevelt (x4), Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon (I think), Ford?
Adamite: I never knew what the glowing plugs within the set were up until later.
Pamela: Don't forget Carter
Adamite: gary carter?
rich-c: he was later
Pamela: Jimmy Carter
Pamela: after Ford, before Reagan
Adamite: ah yes, Gary Carter was the Expos catcher!
rich-c: the Gerald Ford Museum and Library is in Grand Rapids
rich-c: yes, I remember teh Expos, too - from Day One
Pamela: yes, it's one place we hope to visit while we're there
Pamela: hubby is home
Adamite: one of my early memories was goingto watch an expos game with my dad
Pamela: we used to go to hockey games
rich-c: I saw a baseball game in Yankee Stadium when Joe DiMaggio was playing. (he was 0 for 4 that day)
Pamela: I thought you didn't like baseball, Dad
Adamite: nice memories
rich-c: Yes, it wasn't easy but I did get a couple of tickets
Pamela: or is that just current baseball
rich-c: just don't have time for it, Pam
Adamite: I was a big fan in the 80s of baseball, but never got back into it, ever.
rich-c: my interest is in motor racing
Adamite: right now my interest is in raising my daughters and paying the bills on time!!!
rich-c: in fact, I hear you may get your Grand Prix back in 2011
Adamite: yes, we might get it, but do we want it? dunno
rich-c: your hoteliers and restauranteurs sure weant it
Adamite: yes, good for the economy, that's true
Adamite: I never partake in the Grand Prix. I hate crowds.
rich-c: one runour has this year5s Abu Dhabi race being cancelled because teh track wasn't ready, and teh race moved here
Adamite: yeah, that's what I heard
rich-c: they overlook the fact that the race is in November
Adamite: november in mtl? good luck. :)
rich-c: be fascinating to see t4eh first Grand Prix run on Bridgestone Blizzaks!
Pamela: great - do GP cars come with snow tires?
Adamite: hahahaha
Pamela: no, no - they must be Michelins!
rich-c: in Abu Dhabi snow is something they have heard of but never seen
rich-c: Formula One runs on Bridgestones, by contract
Adamite: Can you believe places like that exist? While we suffer for 6 months per year! Rich, when I reach your age, I doubt I will be in Montreal. My bones are getting tired of the cold and snow.
rich-c: by that time, with global warming, Montreal will be nicely tropical
Adamite: I hope so. :)
rich-c: you'' be so overloaded with refugees from the hot places you wont like it at all
Adamite: Florida is what I'm thinking of, in 23-24 yrs, for my retirement. Go there during the winter, come back in the spring.
Pamela: another snowbird from
Pamela: Quebec
Adamite: Yep!
rich-c: Florida won't be tehre, ocean levels will be too high
Adamite: That's the plan, but life always throws curve balls.
Pamela: darned enter key
rich-c: the highest point in the whole state is only 140 feet over sea level
Adamite: really? holy
Adamite: no mountains?
Adamite: everglades?
Pamela: no hills! : )
rich-c: and by teh times teh new fiercer hurricanes get finished with it...
rich-c: they are running out of fesh water now, too
Adamite: we have plenty of that here, thank heavens.
Adamite: blue gold
Pamela: well gentlemen, I think it's time I departed
rich-c: yes, conserve it and don't pollute it
Adamite: exactly.
Adamite: I'm off too, it's getting lte
rich-c: so it is, Pam - night now
Adamite: ttfn
Pamela: goodnite, Guy
Adamite: gnight pam
Adamite: and rich and dale
Pamela: G'nite Daddy
rich-c: right, Guy - rest soundly and sleep tight
Pamela: talk to you soon DAd
Adamite: thx
Adamite left chat session
Pamela: gnite DAle
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: time for me to go, too
rich-c: night, Dale - stay in touch
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Dale left chat session
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