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Daniel Bienvenu: ???
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Daniel Bienvenu: nobody?
Daniel Bienvenu: here?
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Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
rich-c: bonsoir a toi, Daniel
rich-c: comment ca va chez toi?
Daniel Bienvenu: Am I too earlier?
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi Daniel!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Dale
rich-c: my clock reads 21.05 - that's just on time
Dale: Hi rich-c.
rich-c: hi Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: I did manage a waving hand, but it's not good enough for me, so I will work on it a little bit more
rich-c: Daniel, there's an announced hour, but a little early makes no difference
rich-c: except tehre may not be anyone else here yet
Dale: Keep at then I guess.
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Daniel Bienvenu: the graphic tool I've made is helping a little bit
changed username to BobS
rich-c: still plotting more game enhancements, are you two?
Dale: That's good.
BobS: AH HAn caught ya'll
Dale: Can you flip between frames?
Daniel Bienvenu: at least to place sprites on screen, but not quite easy to animate
Dale: Bob, tag, you're it!
BobS: me non wanna play no more
rich-c: hey, Bobby-come-lately, where you been? ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I can flip between frames, if each frame is a different sprites attributes table.
BobS: just looked at the clock and said "OH my GOSH, tis after 9pm!!"
Daniel Bienvenu: my graphic tool supports many attributes tables
Dale: more than one?
Dale: Really?
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob, I've forgot to ask you what is the mail I should use to pay you with paypal
Dale: I was called away when you offered me the last build and I haven't gotten back to it yet.
rich-c: you seem to be doing some pretty advanced programming there, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: The following link gives you the same version I did submit to the yahoo group...
Daniel Bienvenu:
BobS: jslopsema AT
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: I will try first a test by sending you $25.
rich-c: prudent idea, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose you prefer us money
BobS: yes sir
BobS: otherwise they may charge conversion and short my end
Daniel Bienvenu: 25$US is actual 31$CND ... wow
rich-c: yes, coloured money upsets Aericans no end ;-)
BobS: si senor
Dale: It's looking really nice.
rich-c: not only that, Daniel, the bank will charge a service charge for the conversion
Dale: I am behind for sure.
BobS: when did the CA dollar go down again?????
BobS: was actually above the US dollar for awhile
rich-c: when things fell apart very early this year - it's been hovering around $0.80 US of late
Dale: The Canadian dollar shot way up when crude oil was over $100, and came back down when it came back to more traditional values.
BobS: ah
rich-c: it doesn't really follow any rational pattern
Daniel Bienvenu: The last time I went in US, it was when it did cost 145$CND for $100US.
rich-c: I justy keep a separate bank account and charge card in U.S. dollars
rich-c: that way I don't pay exchange and temporary fluctuations don't matter
Daniel Bienvenu: don't be surprised if you see my hotmail address for the paypal paiement
BobS: ok
Daniel Bienvenu: more I think about the sprites offset for the x coordinate when the flag is set in the color byte, more I think it's -32 pixels, not -16 pixels, which makes sense considering that we may want to move away to the left a big (magnify) sprite.
BobS: got it in good shape Daniel, and appears no misc charges to deal with
rich-c: no, it's Daniel will see teh miscellaneous charges, not you
Daniel Bienvenu: fine! like I said in my message with the $25 test, I will pay you, but not now...
BobS: as long as it comes from a PayPal balance, there is apparently no charge
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm waiting for a paiement to be able to pay you
BobS: great Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: someone bought a youtube cartridge
rich-c: I'm assuming that Daniel's balance is in Canadian dollars, though
BobS: if someone pays with a credit card theu paypal, there IS a 5% charge to me, that I knoiw from researching it last week
BobS: mine showed us in us dollars, and prolly Daniel's will show up in ca dollars......yes
rich-c: by the way, there is anotehr phishing spoof of paypal making the rounds
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I have part in cnd, part in us, and part in Euro actually... it depends the nature of the paiements I'm getting and if I keep them as is or convert them in canadian dollars
BobS: swell
BobS: might be bestr way out to convert to payment currency when you need to use them Daniel
rich-c: anyway paypal says forward them all spoofs please - helps them nail down wandering URLs
Daniel Bienvenu: it's what paypal does actually, like now it converts canadian money I had into us money
BobS: old adage is best Richard..........don't trust phone calls or emails TO you, only give any info if YOU made the call or email
rich-c: fortunately I am pretty good at spotting frauds, and I have malware pretty well stopped with 4 - 5 lines of defence
Daniel Bienvenu: the last spam that I did saw in my mailbox was "official viagra" with a copyright logo... no thanks!
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changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Judy
rich-c: hello Judy, welcome aboard
Judy: Hi, Daniel, Dale, and Rich
rich-c: how's your weather there today?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think we lost him
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam?
Judy: was nice, warmer than it has been and sunny
Pamela: wow, it's quiet
rich-c: hello daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam!
Pamela: hi everyone
Judy: worked out in the yard for a while today
Judy: Hi, Pam
rich-c: well Dale seems to have fallen off
Dale: Ahhhh!
Daniel Bienvenu: well, yes it's quiet because we talked about nothing really, except paypal, cnd vs us money and spams.
Dale: Who put that giant pit there?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know
BobS: Hi Pam
Dale: Hi Pam.
Pamela: did you fall in Dale : )
Dale: I sure did.
Daniel Bienvenu: How did you get out of it?
Dale: It just went whoosh! as I fell.
Dale: Luckily I brought a rope ladder.
rich-c: I gather Daniel is having fun with his sound effects
Daniel Bienvenu: and does this rope ladder is builtin your psp?
rich-c: I don't suppose this game looks much like Pitfall...
BobS: knida like Dragons' Lair, eh?
Dale: Can you tie the other end of my rope ladder to that tree Daniel?
Dale: Then I can climb up.
Daniel Bienvenu: done
Dale: Thanks.
Dale: Now I can climb back up.
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope I did it well... hehehe!
Dale: Ahhh!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: at least you are not here, with all the snow
Dale: Wait!
Pamela: Daniel, your knot better be tight
Dale: False alarm.
Dale: There. Back at the top.
Dale: Thanks Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did two knots
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe one more
rich-c: this is a two-player game?
Dale: If so, you're the one droping holes on the ground.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, it's the rope ladder journey 3d adventure 4000.... hehehe!
rich-c: anyway Judy, what weather are we looking at tomorrow?
BobS: AWESOME !!!!!!
rich-c: really nice?
BobS: start just below freezing, then into low 50's F by days end with sunshine
BobS: about 12 o 13 for you
Pamela: woohoo
Judy: it is supposed to get warmer with less wind tomorrow
rich-c: we had similar to that here - morning snow then sun til we wre up to 4C, about 40F
Pamela: it's the wind that's making it so chilly
Judy: it has been here too until today and better tomorrow
rich-c: it wasn't nearly as bad today as yesterday
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a long way to get out of the hole... where is Dale again?
Judy: we missed all the snow
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Judy: went south and east of us
rich-c: I've made it over to the plaza twice now in the last few weeks and I'm hoping to try again tomorrow
changed username to I'm Alright
BobS: OK 10.6-10.7* C
rich-c: that Dale returning or Guy?
Judy: you have been out walking have you?
rich-c: I try to walk every day I can stand teh weather
Judy: yesterday was sooo cold so I went to the pool to exercise
rich-c: but getting down to the plaza is a long way and quite a challenge
I'm Alright: Well, I think someone guessed me
Pamela: M. Foster?
I'm Alright changed username to Guy B
Daniel Bienvenu: Where is he?
rich-c: looks like he fell off
Daniel Bienvenu: another hole?
rich-c: or was bounced off, for his sins 8-)
Guy B: Sorry I'm late folks. My car is getting repaired.
rich-c: what happened to teh car, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope he do also have a rope to climb up
BobS: car broke. no worky, got to fix, bring lots money
Guy B: Coming out of my parking space. I got hit by another car
Guy B: An SUV mind you
Pamela: ouch! you okay?
rich-c: that means he pays then?
BobS: sure as heck should
Guy B: I'm fine. The car has damage by the right rear wheel well. But, I was able to drive it. The other driver took off before I could do anything
rich-c: can get dicey; fault lines aren't always clear - how bad was the damage?
Guy B: So I have a rental car for a few days
Guy B: About $1500
rich-c: hit and run? you get his plate number?
Guy B: Couldn't Rich
rich-c: get a description to teh cops on your cellphone? if tehy know to look for a damaged car in a certain place, it helps
Guy B: I know it would. But there wasn't much I could do
BobS: type of damage sometimes will dictate that it was not the drivers fault, but another car hitting yo
Judy: what a bummer, Guy
rich-c: well, if they know to look for say a Jeep Cherokee, brown, with right front damage...
Guy B: Other than that. I'm Ok and the most I'll pay is my deductable
Daniel Bienvenu: can I say "bastard" here to the person who did that to Guy B? or it's not a nice word I should not use it?
rich-c: well, he didn't hang around and claim you backed into him, so running is a sort of admission of guilt
rich-c: you're allowed, Daniel - it fits and we are all thinking it
Pamela: I would use stronger words than that but it takes too long to type : )
rich-c: anyway, hit adn run your insurance company pretty well has to assume you are not at fault, I guess
rich-c: so they should swallow teh loss and not penalize you
rich-c: maybe figure it's an uninsured motorist so no collection possible anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: based on the economic situation, I'm sure they will try to not pay.
rich-c: depends on the company - but I hope you're not with AIG, Guy?
Pamela: that's what UM / UIM coverage is for
rich-c: yes, but some companies are very shirty about settling
Dale: It simplified the games that insurers in Ontario play when they went to "no fault" insurance.
Dale: Less stuff done in court, and more about just getting it fixed.
rich-c: to some extent but many are no nicer than the law demands - if you sue them
Guy B: It's Farmers
rich-c: don't know them but at least it isn't Allstate
rich-c: my insurance is a group policy offered through the Retired Teachers of Ontario
rich-c: their prices aren't teh best but they are pretty decent
Pamela: I'm still with the carrier I started with in 1993
BobS: Farmers is a good company
Dale: I've changed a couple of times. I currently use a broker who shops around for various insurers.
rich-c: way back when, I started off with Allstate but got cured of that in a hurry
rich-c: then I was with Norwich Union but the pulled out or sold out or something
Judy: that is what Mandy does for us, she is our insurance agent, and she finds us the best deal
rich-c: well, we have our home and other insurance with Unifund (the RTO underwriter)too so get a discount package
Judy: ..
Pamela: hey Dad, can I borrow the Kool-a Tron this weekend?
rich-c: when we have had claims we have always had matters settled easily and very much to our satisfaction
rich-c: have to ask your mother, but likely
rich-c: your mom says it's OK
Pamela: cool
Pamela: will have to come over Friday to pick it up
rich-c: you-all off to teh trailer for Easter Weekend?
Pamela: after I do my laundry
Pamela: no, I'm heading to Windsor on
Pamela: Saturday morning
rich-c: OK - some special occasion?
Pamela: it's Easter weekend Dad
rich-c: yes, but Cynthia's up north now
BobS: ya sure
rich-c: so you will be visiting with the kids?
Pamela: she and Gordon are coming down Friday, picking Erin up and heading out to Windsor
Pamela: I'm going Saturday morning and Rich is coming in from Cleveland at the same time
rich-c: aha, the plot now becomes clear
Pamela: we have a lunch date at the Michigan Road House for Michburgers
BobS: in Windsor?????
Pamela: yup
Judy: ok!!!!
Pamela: on Malden Road - actually in LaSalle
Judy: what is a michigan roadhouse doing in Windsor
rich-c: what is a Michigan Road House doing in Windsor?
Pamela: part of greater Windsor
Pamela: I dunno - I can ask : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a question for you all... do you think I have a change to bring the AdamCon to the province of Quebec for next year?
rich-c: did you know the Outback chain is closing all their Ontario shops?
Pamela: why not Daniel
Pamela: what? why?
BobS: Outback in GR is doing good
rich-c: I certainly hope so, Daniel - I would very much like to have it in Quebec City
rich-c: guess teh competition here is too tough
rich-c: as you know, Daniel, I have family in Ste. Foy
rich-c: Quebec City is so different I am sure our Americans would love it
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rich-c: how about it, Bob and Judy? how owuld you like a Quebec Adamcon?
Pamela: wonder who that was
BobS: how far is Quebec City from Grand Rapids?????
BobS: sounds great, if I can get that much time off
rich-c: maybe 150 miles beyond Ottawa
BobS: ok, GR to Ottawa?
Pamela: six hours from GR to Toronto
Pamela: six hours from
rich-c: shoot - you didn't make it to Hull, did you?
Pamela: Toronto to Ottawa
rich-c: they could take US interstates all teh way to south of Montreal
Pamela: probably a two day trip
Judy: is a loooong drive
BobS: 850 miles
rich-c: yes, get Dale to put them up teh first nioght - he'd be just past half way
rich-c: hey Dale, you listening?
BobS: depending on gas price.......stay in the us as long as possible
Dale: Just roll out the carpet.
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Dale: We'll have a barrel of fun.
changed username to Guy F.
Pamela: BTW in case I forgot to tell you, our passports came last Wednesday
Guy F.: Hullo.
Pamela: Hey Guy
rich-c: ah, Mr. Foster - we were just discussing a Quebec Adamcon
Daniel Bienvenu: est-ce bien lui?
Guy F.: Dan: Salut vieille branche.
Daniel Bienvenu: oui, c'est lui?
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to ask it twice
Guy F.: A Quebec adamcon would be cool! We could visit the old manufacturing plants on St-Ambroise street where they built the ColecoVision and Adam!
BobS: hey GuyF
Judy: that is good, Pam
Dale: Google maps says 13 hours 40 min by car.
Judy: Hi, Guy F
Pamela: yes, I'm pleased - one more thing off the list and it's not last minute
Guy F.: I would be willing to help out Daniel organizing it and help him with the logistics.
BobS: that's a good 2 day drive time
Dale: But walking it says 11 days 22 hours.
Guy F.: Daniel likes to walk real long distances apparently.
rich-c: we're thinking more of Quebec City - much more colourful for the Americans
Daniel Bienvenu: and we decide that it may be more convenient to make it one near where Guy F is living also.
Dale: I would be also willing to help.
Pamela: all I need to do now is renew my drivers licence and my health card, get my drive clean done and renew my sticker
Pamela: all before June 26th
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Guy F.: Quebec city is excellent!
changed username to Ron
Ron: Evening all
BobS: hi ron
Dale: Hi ya Ron.
Judy: ..
Pamela: Hey Ron
Ron: y'all well??
Daniel Bienvenu: Quebec city is excellent is some points, but to travel, I think Montreal is more cloer and easier for many people
Judy: hi, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: closer
Ron: Hi Judy, Pam
Pamela: we all are, thanks
Ron: Dale
rich-c: hey, Ron! how are you?
Guy F.: Daniel: Yes, that's true Daniel, Quebec city adds an extra 300 KMs to everyone's trip.
Ron: sitting up and taking nourishment, thanks
Pamela: oh dear
Pamela: that doesn't sound good
Pamela: get the flu?
Daniel Bienvenu: the flu?
Dale: gastro
Ron: No, I'm fine. (acronym for "fouled up, insecure, neurotic, and emotional)
Guy F.: If we held it in Montreal though there would be record attendance at the conference... that's a fact.
Ron: Cold is gone - for the moment at least
Pamela: hark, the hubby arrives
rich-c: put it this way - I've seen Montreal, I've seen Quebec, and I'd rather my friends saw Quebec first
rich-c: but I'm willing to listen to arguments
Guy F.: no arguments from me
Guy F.: it's your opinion, can't argue with that.
Ron: debating the relative merits of Montreal vs Quebec city?
rich-c: how about Chambly, if we could arrange a brewery tour?
Guy F.: Chambly is real nice, I go there in the summer biking...
rich-c: yes Ron, Montreal is more accessible, Quebec is more - je ne sais quoi...
Guy F.: I'm in Montreal every single day, so a change of Montreal would be nice. :)
Judy: we haven't been to either
rich-c: remember teh nominal city may not be an exact location
Ron: Think I'll buy les Canadiens and move them to Courtenay
Guy F.: But be forewarned that you will pay much more in Quebec that you will in Montreal and/or around Montreal... lots of deals to be made in Montreal, in Quebec city, I dunno, if you want to stay next to the main attractions it will cost you an arm.
rich-c: yeah, they're fading, even the Leafs can beat them
Ron: are we talking a 'con? 21 or 22?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, there is at least 2 more arguments for Montreal. one is that Guy F did find a place for a future adamcon, near where he is living
rich-c: we are. Ron
BobS: would love to visit either place.........cost is a factor though
Guy F.: The Montreal Old Port, The Biodome, The Olympic Stadium, China Town, The Insectarium, The Montreal Metro, The Gay Village... all interesting attractions that Quebec doesn't have by the way.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, if cost is a factor and distance is a cost, then, Montreal is the best choice.
rich-c: Montreal would likely be considerably cheaper and easier to get to
BobS: cost is always a factor Daniel
Ron: agreed (re cost)
Daniel Bienvenu: and I agree too
Guy F.: Montreal is more accessible, and you can get good deals for places 15 mins away from the downtown core, 10 minutes away from the airport.
Guy F.: You want to see Quebec city? Go to "Old Montreal", looks very similar. :)
rich-c: anyway I hope you two (Daniel and Guy, maybe Luc, or Dale) will talk it over and see if a plan emerges
Judy: come up with a plan at convention this year
Guy F.: It would have to be Daniel, he is the only one able to attend the next Adamcon and take the banner.
rich-c: is that topiary down in Old Montreal permanent now?
Judy: and we will give the banner up
Guy F.: topiary? whazzat?
Daniel Bienvenu: The plan is really simple, I'm getting the banner and Guy is dealing with the place for the adamcon next year.
Ron: If it's this year you're talking about I would be unable - as previously stated - so I shall abstain from the vote
rich-c: the gardens with all teh plants cut into artistic shapes
Judy: that does sound like a plan
Guy F.: Oh, the botanical garden!!! a must see in Montreal
rich-c: this year is Grand Rapids, we're talking next year at the earliest
Ron: ok gotcha
rich-c: yes, I don't know the French word for it
Judy: yes, we have things started here
Ron: I have not yet completely sold Susan on the concept
Ron: 'tis difficult
Guy F.: I can take care of the logistics of the rooms and conference room, also deal with the restaurants, but everything else Daniel is taking care of such as the money, dealing with participants inquiries, etc...
BobS: sell her onthe idea it is a vacation!!!!!
Guy F.: Also, I can take care of the side attractions, it would be my pleasure to do so!
Judy: keep working on her we would love to meet her
BobS: tha is what it is
Ron: she hates computers and anything I have to do with computers
BobS: remember Jean's daughter Melonie?
Guy F.: Bob: You hosting Adamcon this year, eh?
Daniel Bienvenu: We can try something funny like leaving a space for the passing banner picture to later add Guy F in it with photoshop or another software.
rich-c: just get us up to Unibroue, at Chambly... ; - )
Ron: however....... we shall see
Judy: yes, we are, Guy
BobS: she was also wary and wondered why Jean wanted to come; took Jean to pacify her; loved it and can't wait to come back this year
Pamela: Ron, tell her that the main reason I'm involved is not because of the computers but because of the people
BobS: yes GuyF
Judy: we have the afgan already and it is wonderful
Guy F.: Judy: Ah, excellent!!! I wish I could make it, but my wife is due Jun. 6th and can hardly see myself leaving her with 2 children + a newborn!
Pamela: it's a great excuse to spend four days visiting with your friends
Ron: ya got that right Guy!
rich-c: yes, some things take priority, Guy
Pamela: and if I learn something along the way, so much the better
Judy: that would be grounds for divorce, Guy
rich-c: has Susan ever been to Montreal?
Guy F.: Judy: She actually wants to take the whole family there, but I don't think she realizes that it'll be total suicide! Just going to a restaurant now with the 2 kids is nearly impossible.
rich-c: well, there would be help available, but maternity imposes some pretty humungous demands
Daniel Bienvenu: but GuyF, I don't think I should be in charge of the money for the next adamcon, because money seems to not like me, and I don't have a credit card.
Ron: No Rich. She's travelled Europe extensively and lived in the UK for 5 years or so. But never eastern Canada
Judy: there would be lots of people to help with the kids
Pamela: the adult to child ratio would be excellent, Guy
rich-c: well drag her along! she needs to see Montreal, it's too significant not to
Guy F.: I have till when to decide? :)
BobS: end of June
Guy F.: I know Sandra really loves those Adamcons!!! She's always exciting about the thought of going to one of them.
rich-c: how long would it take you to drive to Grand Rapids, Guy - pit stops included?
Ron: she keeps pointing out that we can both get to the UK for much cheaper than we can get to eastern Canada, and she's quite right on that
Pamela: there's always someone around to ride herd on the kids, Guy
Ron: however, I shall press on
rich-c: she is indeed - but she's seen the UK
Guy F.: let's check out the distance Rich. Now that I have a more roadworthy car with DVD entertainment, I can drive longer.
Judy: but we are not in the UK, Ron
Pamela: try this, Ron: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come and see us! We're friendly and we've had all our shots : )
Ron: tee hee
Guy F.: Estimated time is 12 hours
rich-c: yeah, do it while I'm still around - I'm running short of time
Pamela: we would welcome her with open arms (and kidnap her to go shopping first thing)
Judy: we can be very intertaining and not all of us are computer nerds
Ron: well..... give me a year
rich-c: work on it, Ron
Judy: is she a shopper?
Ron: No Judy, definately not. She's more like me on that.....go to the store for something specific, get in-buy it-get out
rich-c: how about history and culture?
Ron: And she's way better with money than I ever was, so I pretty much have to listen
Ron: that will be the key Rich
BobS: :-)
Guy F.: A penny saved is a penny earned. I heard that somewhere. Still don't get the concept. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: I will have to leave the chat session, it's time to sleep here. I will talk to you all next week, I hope.
BobS: have a good week Daniel
Guy F.: Sleep? But you're just starting to have fun here!
rich-c: Montreal has somwe of teh richest history in Canada, and much of it is preserved in teh Old Cioty
Pamela: goodnite daniel
Judy: night Daniel
Ron: Night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I know, but I'm not alone here, and they want to sleep
Guy F.: Montreal has some AWESOME history... you woudln't have enough in a few days.
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight
Ron: sleeping is for those on Eastern Standard T
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Ron: time
Guy F.: Also has a nice 6 flags amusement park named La Ronde... Visit the Expo 67 site (Man and his world) on an artificially made island.
Ron: and as you said, the Big Owe
Guy F.: The Grand Prix race track.
BobS: so it is settled then......Ron, talk Susan into ADAMCON time in Montreal by fibbing to her
Pamela: not anymore Ron, they paid it off last year : )
Ron: amazing!
Daniel Bienvenu: and for those who like trying minigames, there is a web site with tiny 4k games made in Java. Some of them have sounds.
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: have fun!
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight!
Guy F.: thanks Dan, you sleep tight, ok?
rich-c: I don't think Susan would care much for LaRonde - but I believe one of teh Bronfman daughters has created a landmark architectural museum there
Daniel Bienvenu: what about cosmodome? it's near you guyF, no?
Guy F.: There's also the fireworks competion in the summer, the jazz festival, just for laugh festival
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Ron: Just to put things in perspective, I married a Brit. We should still be flying the Union Jack
Guy F.: yes, the cosmodome is close to me, that's true, but with limited time, I'd bring them elsewhere
Ron: that will be enough on that
Judy: we won't be able to stay for a month, Guy
rich-c: Montreal has some prize museum, a couple of first-rate universities, lots of deep and preserved history
Guy F.: well, if you can see 3 or 4 of these places, you'll have a nice impression of the touristic aspect of Montreal which is always nice to see.
Guy F.: Rich, you forgot to mention all the beautiful women we are renowned for having!!!
rich-c: if you're going to sell something, Guy, you offer what teh customer wants to buy
Guy F.: beautiful women sells a lot of stuff!!! (ie: cars, perfume, clothing, etc...) :) :)
rich-c: us old folks don't go much for teh contemporary stuff - but you are drowning in senior attractions
Ron: Mount Royal - I love it up there
rich-c: not to older women, Guy, which is our problem here. Besides Toronto has more and prettier lately.
Guy F.: Haven't seen the women in Toronto, but Americans always tell us that our women are the pretiest they've ever seen! :) haha
rich-c: that's teh ones who haven't been to Toronto :-)
Pamela: anyway Ron, we have a year to convince Susan
Guy F.: Probably Rich! :)
rich-c: I have noticed it seems to vary from year to year, GuyF - not sure why
Guy F.: I think you guys beat us in amount of snow this year, could it be?
Ron: well Pam, it might just boil down to me telling her that I'm going, - a longstanding thing that I do.
Ron: but I'd rather not go there
rich-c: could, we came close to a new alltime record, till it cut off abruptly in March
Pamela: just remember Ron: Happy wife, happy life
Guy F.: and re-started a few days ago I heard!
Pamela: yes we've had snow for three days straight
Judy: have to say goodnight, it is that time again
Guy F.: yeah, an unhappy woman can make a man's life miserable I hear. :)
Pamela: not much, but definite flakes
rich-c: yes, we have wakened up to snow cover today and yesterday, but it melted away
Guy F.: same here, this morning was a shocker to see my tulips buried in snow.
Ron: yes, Pam and that is first and foremost - We have different perspectives on a number of things, but I we can talk, and I do so enjoy her company
rich-c: goodnight then, Judy and Bob!
Pamela: so it falls to us women ( we women?) to convince her we would love to have her with us
Pamela: goodnight Judy, Nite Bob!
BobS: nite kids
Ron: Nite Judy - Bob..... be well both
BobS left chat session
Guy F.: she doesn't have to attend the conferences, she can take time out to explore the city or have some quiet time. when my wife goes to the adamcon she doesn't attend the conferences. she's not a techie.
Pamela: by the way Ron, do you have pics of the wedding available?
rich-c: you can tell her Frances won't touch an Adam but enjoys the 'cons
Judy left chat session
Guy F.: the con is more about meeting up with really nice people and sharing a special 3-4 days together. The adam is just an excuse. :)
Ron: yes Pam. I'll get some of those put up somewhere where y'all can see them
rich-c: haste teh day, Ron! We are all so curious
Ron: I know that Guy
rich-c: the problem is to convey it convincingly - a try it, you'll like it
Ron: :)
Guy F.: well, talk to her about the other activities, restaurants, sigh-seeing, etc....
rich-c: yes, we'll expect you to have some first rate restaurants lined up
Pamela: heck, all you have to do is show her the archives and all the times we've said we'd love to meet her
Guy B: Well folks, will be taking Annie out soon. I'll see you all next week
rich-c: nite GUy
Pamela: we'll be gentle - I promise
Pamela: gnite Guy
Ron: Night Mr. B say hi to Annie
Guy F.: say hi to Annie! I'm off to sleep as well... g'nigth all, happy easter to everyone!!!
Dale: Ah 11:00
rich-c: nite GuyF
Dale: Maybe I should find a nice warm bed too.
Dale: Goodnight all.
Pamela: gnite Guy
Guy B: Poof
Ron: I shall go too..... let y'all get the shuteye you deserve
Guy B left chat session
Ron: G'nite all
Pamela: gnite Dale
rich-c: nite Dale and Ron, sleep tight
Pamela: gnite Ron
Ron left chat session
Pamela: well, everyone went poof in a hurry
rich-c: I think Guy and Ron forget to log out - ratehr Guy and Dale
Pamela: Dad, I'll have to touch base to arrange for the cooler
rich-c: Pam, what Canadian history book did you use in high school?
Pamela: you're asking me? I haven't a clue
Pamela: why do you ask?
rich-c: could it have been Canada: a story of challenge?
Pamela: I doubt it
Pamela: that sounds too exciting
rich-c: oh - one of our [professors died this week - Maurice Careless - wrote that and other books
rich-c: he was 90 so he did pretty well
Pamela: our?
rich-c: your mother nad I had classes with him
Pamela: oh, U of
Pamela: T
Pamela: ok
Pamela: don't think he wrote any of my textbooks
rich-c: had only one arm, from a bicycle accident in hios youth
rich-c: also won the GG Award for his biography Brown of the Globe (George Brown)
Pamela: wow
rich-c: also lost anotehr of our Varsity core group'Marg Welch died March 13th
Pamela: anyway Papa, I must go too, as I have an early meeting tomorrow and must get some sleep so I don't fall asleep in the meeting - all four hours of it
Pamela: that name rings a bell
Dale left chat session
rich-c: sleep well then, and see you Friday
Pamela: I will call to arrange
rich-c: OK - night night
Pamela: gnite Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela left chat session
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