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Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob!
Daniel Bienvenu: bad news, I didn't get the money yet. I will pay you next time
BobS: Daniel!!!! how are you?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine! and you?
BobS: no problem on payment, got lots of time
BobS: got sore feet
Daniel Bienvenu: you will be ok for the adamcon?
Daniel Bienvenu: ;-)
BobS: having foot problems......arthritis in feet, knees, and back......
BobS: permanent condition
Daniel Bienvenu: permanent? no way!
BobS: so just got somenew shoes
BobS: got springs in the heels and thick foam rubber under the toes
Daniel Bienvenu: orthesis?
BobS: arthritis
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BobS: kinda like rust on your car
changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: I mean orthopedic shoes?
BobS: hey Richard
rich-c: evening, gentlemen
BobS: yes Daniel, they are orthopedic type shoes
BobS: but really classy ones
rich-c: now what are you two talking about?
BobS: have foot problems......arthritis in feet, knees, and back...
BobS: getting shots in the knee, got some really bouncy shoes
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BobS: got springs in the heels and thick foam rubber under the toes
rich-c: oddly enough, those I don't have, per se
changed username to ,F yuG
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy!
BobS: HI Fug!!!!!
rich-c: salut, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: tu as l'estomac a l'envers?
,F yuG: !sgniteerg
BobS: so Judy says I am like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh
BobS: I bounce
BobS: you are backwards tonight, eh?
rich-c: are these work shoes or regular?
Daniel Bienvenu: ?av aC
BobS: tennis type shoes for the moment, because they di not have work bootrs in stock
,F yuG: Dan: iuO
,F yuG: Dan: Whazzup?
BobS: the SKY
,F yuG: Hi everyone
BobS: hallo
rich-c: what's on the ultimate agenda? Red Wings?
Daniel Bienvenu: what's up? ... well, trying to manage making progress with tools and games
,F yuG: The Habs made the playoffs!!! barely.
rich-c: barely will do - we'd settle for that
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changed username to Dale
,F yuG: Dan: Awesome, happy to see that you are still working hard at what you do. Man, if I was working as diligently at my work as you do, I'd get promoted every 2 weeks!
rich-c: hi Dale
Dale: Hi all.
,F yuG: Did the MAPLE LAUGHS make it to the playoffs?
Dale: Guy, is that so?
BobS: hi dale
rich-c: I think you're right, Guy
rich-c: you gotta be kidding, Guy
,F yuG: I dunno, anything Maple Leafs I block away from my mind.
rich-c: if I want to impress people how really, really old I am, I tell them I can remember when the Leafs won the Stanley Cup
,F yuG: ... or tell them your emember when the NHL only had 4 teams, that'll really screw them up!
rich-c: actually, it was six minimum in my lifetime
,F yuG: Yeah, I remember hearng about 6 teams, in the early 1900s.
,F yuG: But that's your father's or grandfather's days... not yours.
rich-c: later than that, the NHL wasn't formed until the 20s iirc
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale
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changed username to Guy B
,F yuG: Hello Guy B
Daniel Bienvenu: hello GuyB
rich-c: hello, Otehr Guy
,F yuG: Hahaha, beat you Dan.
BobS: HIu Guy
Guy B: Greetings!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: :-P
,F yuG: hehe
rich-c: we are discussing when the NHL was formed - my guess is in the 20s
BobS: I have not the slightest idea
,F yuG: NHL was formed in 1917 in Montreal
rich-c: well if your browser supports it, open a tab and check Wikipedia
,F yuG: ... and yay, I was right, started with 4 teams!
BobS: 1917 in Montreal with 4 teams
Daniel Bienvenu: 100 years of the hockey team Canadiens... so it's before 1917, no?
rich-c: Toronto St. Pats, Ottawa Millionaires, Montreal ?, who else?
,F yuG: Before that, it was the NHA, and most likely the habs were playing in that association too.
Guy B: Guess you guys both heard both our Chicago Blackhawks and the Bulls are in the playoffs
rich-c: Leaf and Raptors himers are trying to ignore you
rich-c: homers
Guy B: Cubs are in second place
,F yuG: Canadiens, Wanderers, Senators and Toronto Arenas
rich-c: but the Blue Jays are leading the American League
,F yuG: Smells like the Stanley Cup in Montreal!
rich-c: guess our sequence was Arenas, St-Pats, Leafs then
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,F yuG: Boston Bruins and Montreal Maroons eneter the league shortly after. 2 Montreal teams? Wow.
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
,F yuG: Hello Judy
Judy: hi, everyone
rich-c: Canadians came before ther Maroons? that I didn't know
Judy: Are you a little confused tonight, Guy Fz/
,F yuG: Detroit's first hockey team in the NHL was.... anyone?
,F yuG: Judy: Nah, trying to confuse people.
Guy B: HI Judy
BobS: not so much??????????
,F yuG: Bobs: lol
Judy: I see
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy
rich-c: long ago that it hasn't survived as a nickname
,F yuG: Detroit Cougars
rich-c: no wonder
,F yuG: I like Red Wings better, although Red Birds would be a close second. :)
rich-c: wonder4 wehre the Red Wings name came from?
Dale: Hi Judy.
,F yuG: Who knows, good trivia question.
rich-c: maybe I should overlay Firefox or IE over my browser and get my own crib sheet
Judy: How is everyone tonight?
,F yuG: Just press Control-N for a new window and have fun with Wikipedia!
rich-c: hey, I made it to the plaza again, and hope to repeat tomorrow
BobS: The roots of the Red Wings go all the way back to the old Western Hockey League, where the Victoria (British Columbia) Cougars were members until their roster was sold to a group from Detroit on September 25, 1926. The Detroit group had been awarded an NHL franchise on May 15, 1926.
Guy B: Ok gang. My sister is here, so I may come back in a while. We're going over our eulogies for my mom's memorial tomorrow
BobS: The team began to play as the Detroit Cougars in the fall of 1926 while playing its home games in Windsor, Ontario
BobS: ok Guy
rich-c: right, Guy - first things first. Maybe see you later
,F yuG: Take care Guy B. hope to see you around later.
rich-c: will Firefox open a new window over a Java window like the chat?
Guy B: Ok, gang I'm back. But, I have a tax return to do. I'll be back
,F yuG: Yes, I'm using Firefox now and that's what I'm doing.
rich-c: OK, I'm using Iron and still learning it
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF : Did you get your flash memory chip?
BobS: iron ????????
rich-c: from
,F yuG: Dan: No, probably in the upcoming weeks/month
BobS: and it is a web browser?
rich-c: yes, Chrome without teh snoopy shiny bits - fast and pretty private
,F yuG: IRON???
,F yuG: Rich just got a new nickname... Iron Man!
rich-c: uses teh Chrome engine but omits teh privacy intrusive modules
,F yuG: Iron it is then... I'll have to try it out.
,F yuG: Chrome sounds flashier though than Iron.
,F yuG: Chrome Man! Ahhhhh, much better!
rich-c: well, they have deropped support for Firefox 2 and 3 is snoopy as Chrome
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam!
,F yuG: Pam!!!
Pamela: bonsoir!
rich-c: hi daughter, we saw you got home on Facebook
BobS: guten tag, Pamela
Pamela: guten tag, Bob
Pamela: Hi Dad
Pamela: any other languages out there?
BobS: home???? you ran away??????
,F yuG: Yeah, many, how many can you stand to listen to?
Pamela: only temporarily, Bob
Judy: ..
,F yuG: Yeah, Pam was on my milk carton, wasn't she on yours Bob?
Judy: hi, Pam
Pamela: Hi Judy and Dale and Guy
rich-c: I thibnk she's a year or two old for thaat, Guy
BobS: yeh, right Fug
BobS: folks over 30 get put on juice cartons
Pamela: boy, my computer is slow tonite
BobS: notmikl cartons
BobS: probably cold
Pamela: home from Windsor or home tonite, Dad?
,F yuG: Folks over 30 get put on a crummy website that nobody looks at.
rich-c: mine was slow earlier but it seems OK now
Judy: ..
,F yuG: Your computer needs some IRON Pamela! Muahaha. Ok, sorry...
rich-c: YouTube, Guy?
Pamela: got that right, Guy
Pamela: probably wouldn't hurt me any, either
rich-c: yes, Iron is much faster - less overhead
,F yuG: It's an inside joke... Iron is the web browser your dad is using, and well, we never heard of it, so found the name amusing. :)
Pamela: ah
Pamela: so happy easter everyone
rich-c: it's Chrome without the bright shiny baubles
,F yuG: Thanks... chocolates are half price everywhere. Yay!
Pamela: how was everyone's weekend?
Daniel Bienvenu: Tu as un compte youtube GuyF?
rich-c: not bad, but teh wind ws a killer for walking
,F yuG: Dan: Yes my friend, I'm even a subscrier to your youtube coleco videos, yet, never got acknowledged in your youtube cartridge. :(
Pamela: yeah, was a bit breezy at times
Pamela: we got sent home with cookies and chocolate
Pamela: must get the cookie recipe
rich-c: anyway, my USB floppy died so I went after a new one on kijiji
Daniel Bienvenu: I did check twice for all the names, so I guess you are no more a subscriber to my channel, or something goes wrong
,F yuG: argh, chocolate chip cookies, now I've got that on my mind!!!
Pamela: sorry : )
,F yuG: Dan: Try.. Xerxef as a name
Daniel Bienvenu: tell me your youtube user account to let me check this out
rich-c: it's OK, Guy, soon I'll get my beer and change teh subject
,F yuG: ARGH, Cookies, Beer, you people are just trying to kill me, or perhaps make me go to bed early. :)
rich-c: well beer and cookies don't mix, so pick which to obsess over
,F yuG: Well, I just had a bowl of ice-cream, so I'm OK. :)
Pamela: that reminded me, my boss sent me home with chocolate
,F yuG: Nice boss!
rich-c: unfortunately, I can't eat stuff like that, goes straight to my waist
Pamela: we had a bake sale at the office today and one item left over so she sent it home with me - practically forced it on me : )
BobS: and you kicked and screamed NO all the way, right?
,F yuG: a bake sale? sounds like fun! haven't had one in ummm, 24 yrs. :)
Pamela: absolutely : )
Daniel Bienvenu: this username is in the youtube cartridge, guy
,F yuG: it is Dan?
Judy: nice boss, Pam
Pamela: I like her
,F yuG: ... but I didn't see it.
Pamela: plan to keep her
,F yuG: is this the same job you've been at for a few years now Pam?
rich-c: I do hope it's mutual
Daniel Bienvenu: you are in the list, yes
Pamela: one of our guys in the Aviation department is riding in the cross -country Sears National Ride for Kids with Cancer
Pamela: it was a fundraiser
,F yuG: Oh OK, sorry Dan, I will stop b*tch*n at you then. Thanks.
Pamela: yes, Guy
,F yuG: Can I still nag you though, Dan?
Judy: sounds like a good cause
Daniel Bienvenu: you did subscrib and you are in the cartridge, and on the label too.
Pamela: just passed my 2nd anniversary on Friday
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm going to do a FRIEND request, and you should accept it if you want to see the private video
,F yuG: Pam: Congrats, wow, how time flies!!! I'm at 3.5 years at my job, feels like yesterday.
Pamela: same here, Guy
,F yuG: ... Whooo, a PRIVATE video? Not sure I'm ready to see you in that kind of light Dan.
Pamela: I remember how much angst it caused me when I was trying to decide whether to make the move
Pamela: makes me laugh now - I'm sooo much better off where I am
,F yuG: Yeah, change is never an easy thing. I'm having a hard time adapting in my new position and keep on wondering if I should go back to my old job.
rich-c: so far looks like you made the right call
rich-c: the automotive trade is not doing well these days
Pamela: I'd say so Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: don't be shy... Dale is already a friend, and probably did get the news about the video
Pamela: actually the used car trade is doing well
Judy: ..
,F yuG: ok, hold on, will log on to my youtube acco
Daniel Bienvenu: anybody else is having a youtube acconut?
Pamela: however, circumstances being what they were, I was better off to make the move
rich-c: well things are not as bad here generally as they are in the U.S.
Pamela: I suspect I would have been looking for a job within six months anyway strictly from boredom
rich-c: that'sd a call only you can make
,F yuG: ok Dan, I accepted you as a friend. Now what? I can I get to see that PRIVATE video of yours?
Daniel Bienvenu: I had to add you in the list. there, it's done!
Pamela: there were days when I was caught up by 11:00 am and spent the remainder looking for things to do
Pamela: not a good sign
rich-c: no, boredom is not a job assety
Pamela: one thing I am never now is bored!
rich-c: harried, frazzled, harassed, but never bored!
Pamela: exactly
Judy: that makes for a very long day
Pamela: it certainly did Judy
,F yuG: Dan: Mechant gros projet, wow, j'en parlerais pas plus ici.
Judy: ..
Pamela: in the seven months or so that I was in that job, I got the desk cleaned out and the backlog filed, the filing cabinets all straightened out and organized, and the old files shifted to storage
rich-c: it's ok Guy, you can talk at least till we get bored
,F yuG: hey, any job where you come with chocolate is a good job.
rich-c: or are you worried about people looking at teh transcript?
Pamela: someone is always bringing in goodies!
,F yuG: Rich: It's Dan's secret project, he probably wants to keep it secret. :)
rich-c: so be it - commercial secrets don't stay secret long if talked of publicly
Pamela: sometimes it's baked goods or chocolate, sometimes it's stuff like leftover crab dip
,F yuG: Dan is planning a game where there is a main character that eats dots inside a maze. There are 4 ghosts that can kill him, but if he eats a pill he can eat the ghosts... oh hold on, that was written 35 years ago as Pac-Man... hmmm.
rich-c: yeah, it did sound somehow familiar 8-)
Pamela: and lord help us when one of our brokers goes home to Poland to visit family
Pamela: last time he came back with chocolates filled with pistachio marzipan
rich-c: yes, Poles tend to have missionary instrincts where their national delicacies are concerned
,F yuG: you are fortunate to have a job that you are passionate about Pam, not many people do.
Pamela: I've had my share of crappy jobs, Guy
,F yuG: as we all have had Pam. :)
Pamela: M & D would be happy to fill your ears with all my complaints from my time at the Bay
,F yuG: let's do a crappy job countdown...
Pamela: Harveys
,F yuG: what's the crappiest job you've had?
Pamela: The Bay
,F yuG: I was working in a shoe store at 15 on St-Laurent street. My job? Working behind, in the warehouse find shoes that match each other, to form a pair. There were TONS of shoes all over the warehouse that were misplaced.
rich-c: Harveys lasted teh shrotest time
,F yuG: I worked at The Bay too... was a good job.
,F yuG: Worked in the credit dept.
Pamela: were you full time?
,F yuG: I was part-time... 20+ hrs a week.
Pamela: I was full time sales floor
,F yuG: yeah, different job altogether.
Pamela: oh, yeah
,F yuG: I worked for the Sears catalogue, receiving telephone orders... :)
,F yuG: Like a few years ago, perhaps 5 or 6... that's when I hit rock bottom and had to get back up. :)
rich-c: wasn;t it hard learning to fake an Urdu accent?
,F yuG: No, it comes naturally for me... :)
rich-c: so if you need anotehr job in transportation, you're qualified to drive a taxi?
,F yuG: Had a slew of telemarketing jobs that lasted from 1 day to 2 weeks tops.... back in my school days.
Pamela: I considered telemarketing poison
,F yuG: I would never drive a taxi... too dangerous.
rich-c: but they really increased your vocabulary
Pamela: ask anyone who knows me - they'll tell you I love to talk on the phone
Pamela: but telemarketing? No way. I'd rather scrub toilets.
,F yuG: Yeah, but calling someone who's in the middle of eating to sell them something and calling ur friend, are 2 different things!
,F yuG: Yeah, I'd rather scrub toilets too.
Pamela: so I went the other route and became a professional receptionist
Pamela: it was never the interaction with customers that bothered me, either in person or on the phone - it was how ineptly the places were run
,F yuG: nice job, not a very easy one though. I see the receptionist at my wife's doctor every 6 months, and every time she looks like she's losing it more and more.
Pamela: I like people (well, most people)
Daniel Bienvenu: I need to reboot... well, talk to you next week I guess.
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy, Dale, if you have time, leave a comment about the private video. bye!
Pamela: but I have no patience with people who have no manners
,F yuG: leaving chat to reboot? that's a lame excuse Dan! Try again...
Pamela: nite Daniel
,F yuG: g'nite Dan! ;)
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
,F yuG: My wife works as a telephone o perator and she can attest that a lot of peopel don't have manners.
,F yuG: when they don't have manners, she puts them on hold.... a few minutes does wonder to their manners. :)
rich-c: telephone operators still exist?
Pamela: I actually learned the switchboard at the Bay and spent some time relieving for breaks
Pamela: its how I got the the experience I needed to move to office work when I left the Bay
,F yuG: she takes telephone orders... peopel call to place orders with her.
rich-c: most places don't have live people on the phone
Pamela: and I'm one of the few people who can make an announcement over a P.A. system and be understood : )
Judy: night Daniel
,F yuG: Goodmorning Wal-Mart shoppers....
rich-c: the really nasty ones like Bell use voice recognition that doesn't recognize voices
,F yuG: only recognizes Urdu
Pamela: don't forget Swahili!
rich-c: no, but Hindi is popular, or Chinese
,F yuG: Hindi, Chinese, Spanish... we've covered 3/4 of the world population.
rich-c: true dat
,F yuG: :)
Pamela: I could cope in Spanish if I had to
Pamela: i think
rich-c: and maybe even wrestle down a simple phrase in Portuguese?
BobS: i wish i could
BobS: no way
,F yuG: just say it in spanish, they'll probaly understand it
Pamela: I suspect Portuguese is beyond me now - no practice
Pamela: it's been a long time since I've had to listen to the Eirases chattering
,F yuG: Portuguese and Italian I hear are closely related
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rich-c: yes, they are Romance languages like French and Spanish
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Problem solve.
rich-c: Daniel, get your reboot done?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes
Pamela: they all have the same root, you'd think it would be easy to get them all, but French and Spanish are definitely easier than Italian and Portuguese
Pamela: Guy, do you speak Hebrew?
,F yuG: Hahaha, I'm listening to Elton John, and as Daniel pops back into chat I hear Elton singing: "God it looks like Daniel...."
rich-c: I did find when I was fresher in Latin and French that I could tell what a Spanish newspaper was talking about
Pamela: LOL
,F yuG: Pamela: Yes, certainly.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I know that japanese is sometimes easy, like the months of the year... it's month 1, month 2, month 3, etc.
,F yuG: Not very romantic, haha...
Pamela: conversationally, or just the formal stuff?
,F yuG: Honey, it is Month 6, it is time for Position 31
rich-c: Dale is I believe our only Japanese speaker here
rich-c: since james isn't with us tonight
Pamela: snicker
,F yuG: :)
Pamela: who do you speak Hebrew to?
,F yuG: My brother, he only speaks hebrew, so I'm stuck breaking my jaw every few months.
Pamela: only Hebrew? Is he in Israel?
,F yuG: yes, born and raised and has always lived there.
Pamela: really! Were you born there too?
,F yuG: no, I was born and raised in Montreal.
,F yuG: We have quite a few years seperating us.
rich-c: what did you do to deserve that?
,F yuG: I like Montreal. :)
Pamela: interesting. Are your parents still here?
,F yuG: yes, both in Montreal.
Pamela: any other sibs?
Judy: ..
,F yuG: nope, I was basically raised as an only child... I consider myself an only child... sort of like you! :)
rich-c: you must have a real age gap
Pamela: I like being an only
,F yuG: Yeah, like 14 yrs apart. He's well into his early 50s.
rich-c: that is a very big gap
Pamela: that's the gap between Erin and I - 14 years
,F yuG: Being an only child was fun... but I miss not having otehr siblings.
Pamela: but that's cousins
Judy: ..
Pamela: I had the advantage when I was younger of being the best friend of a girl with 10 siblings
rich-c: sure you know whqt you're missing? ; - )
Pamela: I had the best of both worlds
rich-c: I assume you know that family is on Facebook now, Pam
,F yuG: Always wanted a big family... with uncles and aunts and cousins, etc...
Pamela: so when I wanted lots of people, we hung out at her place
Pamela: and when she wanted peace and quiet, we hung out at mine
Pamela: yes, I was the one who pointed Mom to them, Dad
,F yuG: 10 siblings? Poor parents.
Pamela: oh, they loved it
rich-c: OK, I pay little attention to Facebook so I wasn't sure
Pamela: did Mom show you the picture of Maureen, Dad?
Judy: sometimes having siblings isn't all its cracked up to be
rich-c: no, she was so deep into it I didn't even get to look over her shoulder
rich-c: not that one can see that much on the laptop anyway
Pamela: interestingly, all my close friends since then have been onlys, or the next best thing
,F yuG: Judy: Yah, I see it with my mother, 4 sisters, 3 brothers. She is close with 1 or 2 sisters, but that's it. The brother's, it's like they don't even know each other.
Judy: had two sisters, not close to either
,F yuG: I certainly hope my daughters will grow up to be close to one another and help each other during hardships and enjoy the good times with each other.
rich-c: some do, some don't. people are very unpredictable
Pamela: but Russell is one of ten cousins most of whom are close
Judy: yea, you do hope that your children get along
Pamela: so I got the big family from him
Pamela: whoops, we lost Guy
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Guy
changed username to Guy take 2
Daniel Bienvenu: welcome back guy
Pamela: what happened?
Guy take 2: had to reboot.
rich-c: that was quick
Daniel Bienvenu: quicker than me actually
Guy take 2: Yeah, I have a Mac, we do things better. :)
Guy take 2: ... just kidding, didn't have to re-boot, I closed my Browser window by accident.
Guy take 2: dumb operator error (me)
rich-c: one of these days I'm going to come on from my Ubuntu drive
Pamela: I hope your girls are close too Guy
Guy take 2: Pamela: Now, they fight and are jealous of one another
Pamela: actually, I should include the new one in that too
Pamela: they'll grow out of that
Guy take 2: If I dare spend more time or give something to one then the other one starts going into a fit. Sometimes, I am forced to take both in my arms, and they are getting heavy!
Guy take 2: The young one is quickly catching up in height and weight to the eldest. :)
rich-c: the female of teh species is like that (ducks)
Pamela: you better duck!
Guy take 2: hehe, right on Rich! couldn't have said it better.
Guy take 2: (double ducks)
Guy take 2: ouch, I think I got Pams foot on my face....
Judy: what are their ages now, Guy?
Guy take 2: 2.5 and 1.5
Pamela: having just come from the Mills . . .
Pamela: brb, phone just rang
rich-c: to teh point where tehy get years not months
Guy take 2: might be a telemarketer!!
rich-c: and you measure how tall not how long
Daniel Bienvenu: It's time now. I have to close the chat session and go sleep.
Guy take 2: what for Dan?
BobS: sleep is overrated Daniel
Guy take 2: exactly.
Daniel Bienvenu: to be in good shape tomorrow
rich-c: we are pretty well immune to telemarketers - I'm on teh government and industry do not call lists
Judy: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Guy take 2: I heard that this list was sold to telemarketers and the are tagetting people on that list.
rich-c: take care, Daniel, et bonsoir - dormez bien
Guy take 2: beubye Dan fait de beau reves.
Judy: we are on the do not call list also and it did help some
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week... with I hope a good news
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Guy take 2: I was getting a slew of calls after I registered on-line with Sears Canada.
Guy take 2: It wouldn't stop.
Guy take 2: Sears I know for a fact sells your name and info.
Judy: but you still get a certain number of calls that you still don't want
rich-c: they have to buy teh list to know who not to call - if they get caught breaching it, the fine is humungous
rich-c: I tend to be VERY nasty with callers now
Judy: the charge card companies that want to change you for lower interest rate, they are the ones I can do without
Guy take 2: Man, I get calls from 866 numbers and when I answer, there is no one at the other end. it's called cold-calling, they have automated dialers and they just want to register when you answer the phone to hit you with other calls at the same time.
rich-c: use an answering machine, it frustrates them
Judy: didn't know that they do that
Guy take 2: I do better. My ringer is off all the time and the answering machine is on. Listen to my messages once every few days. If it's important, people will send me an email.
rich-c: or just leave the phone off teh hook if there's no answer, until you get a phone company hooter
rich-c: well. an answering machine lets you monitor the call anyway
Guy take 2: I wish they could invent a device that ONLY allows specific numbers to make my phone ring. I have a maximum of 20 numbers that can possibly call me. All the others, I want them to go to the answering machine... I have looked for sucha device, but cannot find one.
Pamela: well, I missed Daniel. Oh well.
rich-c: but most ADD programs hang up if tehy get an answering machine
Judy: that wouldn't work for me, would need to check more often than that
Pamela: time to invent one, Guy
Guy take 2: with caller ID, program the numbers you want to allow to ring... sounds easy to create! I would pay up to $100 for such a thing.
Pamela: I'm on the do not call list with both cell and home phones, and our calls have dropped to about one a month
Guy take 2: (I'd be able to block the mother in law, muahahahaha)
Pamela: I don't think that would make the wife very happy, Guy
Pamela: remember what I told Ron: Happy wife, happy life
rich-c: I have never had any phone spam on my cell - but then I never turn it on eitehr
Guy take 2: what makes me happy, makes her happy, and vice versa. :)
Judy: don't say that to loud, Guy
Pamela: meaning, she doesn't want to talk to her mom either? : )
rich-c: Pamela just hates talking to her mother
Pamela: not true! I love talking to Mom and to you
rich-c: why, they barely talk more than 90 minutes at a time ; - )
Pamela: it's about how long it takes to wear her out : )
rich-c: thank heaven we moved to DSL long ago!
rich-c: yes, I'm sure you could go on much longer 8-)
Pamela: heck, you see what happens when I come over - we never shut up
Judy: takes that long to get to the important stuff
rich-c: yeah, you may have something there, Judy ; - )
Pamela: our schedules don't mesh very well, unfortunately, so I don't get to talk to you all as often as I would like to
Dale: I'm not really awake, so I'm going to have to say goodnight.
Pamela: gnite Dale
rich-c: OK Dale, do take care, see you next week
Judy: night Dale
Dale left chat session
Guy B: Well folks. I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: anway what I was going to say before the phone rang, was that having just come from the Mills, I can tell you that boys fight and are jealous of one another just as much as girls
rich-c: actually, Pam, you need to chec k your Tamco account more often
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
rich-c: have you found out yet how to treat it as webmail?
Pamela: wow, that was quick
rich-c: sure was
Pamela: just haven't gotten set up yet Dad
Pamela: why do I need to check Tamco more often? You haven't send anything in at least a week, maybe more
rich-c: no setup needed - just click on login on teh interface, webmail on the next screen
rich-c: pick your dialest, enter your account name and code, and you're in bhusiness
Pamela: dialest?
rich-c: well, I don't send it when you don't check it - I'd like to but why bother
Pamela: we do check it - at least twice a week
rich-c: I do keep seeing this neat stuff on Freecycle but by teh time you get to it, it's gone
Pamela: we don't need more stuff, Dad : )
Judy: going to call it a night, talk next week
Pamela: we're trying to get rid of it, remember?
Pamela: goodnight Judy
rich-c: OK Judy, sweet dreams, sleep tight
BobS: think I will log off also gang
Judy left chat session
Pamela: g'nite, Bob
BobS: nite!
rich-c: OK Roberto, till next week then
BobS left chat session
rich-c: besides, Freecycle is a good way to get rid os stuff too
Pamela: too much work - I'd rather just take it to Goodwill
Pamela: anyway Papa, I have some stuff to discuss with Russell so I should go too
rich-c: Freecycle will take stuff Goodwill doesn't know how to handle
rich-c: or of course tehre's kijiji or craigslist if you need to raise a buck
Pamela: tell you what, if I come across things that would suit them, you can post them for me
rich-c: OK daughter, go deal with yoru family matters - talk to you in due course
rich-c: night now, sleep tight
Pamela: okay, hopefully in the next couple days
Pamela: night Daddy
Pamela: sleep well
Pamela: gnite Guy
Pamela: Kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: that was quicdk, Guy, wasn't it?
rich-c: any old how, guess we might as well call it a night
rich-c: so colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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