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rich-c: test
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changed username to Daniel
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Daniel: I was sure I will be the last one tonight
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel: bonsoir Rich
changed username to EdSnow
Daniel: EdSnow?
rich-c: hello Ed, you have not been here for a long time
Daniel: I think it's the first time we meet
EdSnow: Sorry. I am learning to use your system. Yes, I am new to this chat.
rich-c: yes, it's actually deceptively easy, Ed
EdSnow: I have ordered an old-new in-the-box Adam and am getting back in the 8 bit community after two decades.
rich-c: you came in through teh Adamcon home page rather than directly, I assume, Ed
EdSnow: Yep. I was surfing and remembering the fun that computers were in the pre-Windows days and happened across the website.
rich-c: well, we are few but we are stubborn - we're still here
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EdSnow: Stubborn would describe me, also.
changed username to Guy B
changed username to BobS
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rich-c: by the way, you'll never guess what Daniel is doing here
Guy B: Greetings!
Daniel: bonsoir Bob, GuyB
Daniel: ??
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EdSnow confirmed ban
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Guy B confirmed ban
EdSnow: It was the tape drive that I remember best.
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rich-c: hello, Guy and Bon
changed username to Roberto
Guy B: brb
Roberto changed username to BobS
EdSnow: Hi to all. Don't know any of you. I might be at the AdamCon, thou.
BobS: whew, got back in one piece
BobS: hi Ed
EdSnow: Hey, Bob!
rich-c: anyway, Ed, Daniel is one of a group who program and produce new Colecovision game cartridgtes
BobS: package with ADAM went out in the mail today headed your way. checked it all out last night and even typed you a letter onthe ADAM
BobS: gang......Ed is about 3 days or so away from rejoining the ADAM ranks!!!
EdSnow: Great! I am not big on games but I programmed for a living at one time.
rich-c: ah, you're teh one who sent Ed the Adam, Bob?
BobS: ya mon
BobS: checked out a boxed one, had to clean one controller and put in a new ribbon is all
rich-c: with any luck we will have two or three game programmers at the 'con - could be fun
EdSnow: Next paycheck I will order a second tape drive and some data packs. You got them?
BobS: ya
BobS: lost s of both
BobS: lots
EdSnow: Good. Like I said, it was the tape drive that got me interested again. Since I do it for fun, the speed doesn't bother me.
EdSnow: I fondly remember the whurrrrrrrr
rich-c: we are mostl;y impatient types so we run floppy drives, but they are hard to come by
Daniel: do you remember littlemissgamer asked questions about coleco adam last year?
BobS: actually
BobS: but my memory is not so good
rich-c: just dropped in for a short while one night, Daniel?
Daniel: yes
rich-c: you have heard from her since?
Daniel: she said she will do a review about coleco adam
Daniel: well, I did saw the review<
BobS: ah yes, methinks I am starting to remember her
rich-c: really? where was it printed?
BobS: and you saw the review........and
Daniel: it's a video review on youtube
EdSnow: Got to check that out.
Daniel: I don't know if there is a part 2
rich-c: if there isn't maybe there will be
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Daniel: hello Dale
Dale: Welcome EdSnow.
Guy B: HI Dale
EdSnow: Hi Dale.
rich-c: evening, Dale - we have a returning prodigal
Dale: I've been doing this: and so I'm late tonight.
rich-c: that one of those programming challenges, Dale?
BobS: am checking ot l'il miss I remember her
EdSnow: Anyone got any info about the Adam ROM chips dropping bits after a 10 year period? True? Any problem?
rich-c: at a very wild guess, Ed, the first place I would look is on the bottom of the motherboard for corrosion
EdSnow: I read a web document from an AdamCon speech about the chips themselves losing or changing bits.
BobS: ah, Dr D's AC07 speech
EdSnow: Sounds right, Bob.
BobS: mostly a least from my experience
rich-c: you got those things memorized, Bob?
EdSnow: Great news, Bob.
BobS: have had a Z80 chip go bad....a video chip go bad, but not the unreplaceable one DDr D talked off
rich-c: I couldn't remember that even back when I could remember things
BobS: well ya
EdSnow: My wife says my chips are losing bits.
BobS: Richard you HAVE to remember Dr D's speech........about the group of warriers who saved a bottle of wine to celebrate and finally it got down to one why celebrate
Dale: That bit rot is still mostly theoretical for me.
BobS: the group was in tears and all choked up
EdSnow: I will use the Adam to help me remember anniversary and birthdays.
rich-c: well, that part I remember, though I'm not a priome candidate for the wine
BobS: or maybe it was because we were leaving the next day.........
Dale: Most chips that do go bad go bad with-in the first 90 days in my experience.
rich-c: and I suspect it isn't the chips that go bad but the connections
BobS: interesting point richard
EdSnow: I have to go back to packing. Friday the movers take me from Ohio to where Bob shipped the Adam. Check you out next week. Thanks, Bob for the fast service!
BobS: should go back and revive the ADAM's I cannabalized, eh?
rich-c: it's been a long time since I have been inside an Adam, though
BobS: nitre Ed
EdSnow left chat session
BobS: you didn't tell me you were molving to WV
rich-c: see you, Ed - have a good trip
Daniel: he's fast
BobS: si senor
BobS: liek Speedy Gonzales, the fastst mouse in all of Mexico
BobS: like
Daniel: question : what is your favorite game based on logic and puzzle more than fast action ?
rich-c: Video Hustler poses some planning challenges
Daniel: do not talk at the same time... I can't follow the discussion
rich-c: well, no one has commented on my reply yet, Daniel ; - )
rich-c: but don't worry, Pamela should be getting home now and be on in about ten minutes
BobS: don't relly play to many games daniel;
Daniel: beside billard (pool game), any other game, like othello, chess, etc.
rich-c: they don't do well on the Adam, Daniel
BobS: me and the grandkids like Spyhunter, Carnival, River Raid
rich-c: otherwise, I tend to play Free Cell on Windows
Daniel: really? the chess game on the adam is not good?
BobS: Zaxxon
Daniel: I like Free Cell
BobS: Duck Rogers
Daniel: Duck?
rich-c: let's say it does suffer from some eight-bit limitations
BobS: couldn't remember Buck Rogers.....or called it the Flying Eggs game
rich-c: Frances is the Adam world's ranking champion on Tetris (Addictus)
Daniel: it's true that the flying saucers look like flying eggs
rich-c: flom a Chinese lestaulant?
Daniel: I think I did saw Addictus from one of the image disks at a.n.n. web site
rich-c: Frances is also good at Carnival and a few others
rich-c: I used to play a lot of HardHat Mack
Daniel: purple fried flying eggs
Daniel: I didn't play Hard Hat Mack, except once on the commodore 64.
rich-c: it's half the Best of Broderbund pair, I think
BobS: Antartic Adventure is good
rich-c: I have maybe 75 - 80% of teh game cartridges but rarely try them
BobS: thats a LOT
Daniel: I calculated about 140 colecovision titles in cartridge, if you don't consider the new games.
Daniel: I have about 80 cartridges
BobS: more than I got
Daniel: I don't have the fisher price games with the word "logic" in it
Guy B: Back
rich-c: hji Guy
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changed username to Judy
Guy B: HI Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
Daniel: do guy b. has a favorite puzzle/logic game, whatever if it's on windows or coleco?
Judy: Good evening all
Daniel: bonsoir judy
rich-c: might try asking Judy - she's great on Adam Bomb
Judy: is everyone good?
Judy: what is the question?
rich-c: no, but we're having fun ; - )
BobS: Linking Logic Daniel
Daniel: yes, linking logic is one of these games I don't have in my collection
Guy B: We had an Earth Day event at work. Got a free CFL light bulb and my department is being reorganized, so I will have a new job title which I'll know next week
Judy: ..
Daniel: Judy, do you like to play a game that need to think first, a puzzle/logic game? if yes, which one do you prefer?
rich-c: for some reason two of our cfl bulbs have blown in the last week - that does not happen often
Daniel: the other fisher price game with the word logic is "logic levels", and I don't have it either
Judy: ..
Guy B: If you turn them on and off a lot that could be the reason
Judy: yes, I like to figure things out
rich-c: or if you leave them on a lot all day every day that explains it too
Judy: rather than a speed kind of thing
rich-c: one that blew is in the kitchen - need I say more?
Guy B: That would do it Rich
rich-c: doesn't Troll's Tale fit that descritiion?
Daniel: troll's tale... it's an adventure game, no?
rich-c: I think so - CP/M - I think I even have it
BobS: isn't Trolls Tale only the opening screen?
rich-c: I seem to recall more, Bob, though I may be confused with another
Guy B: Trolls Tale, isn't that one of the games Coleco released to the PD?
BobS: Flying Buffalo Software...........
Daniel: You are talking about Tunnels and Trolls
Daniel: not the same thing
rich-c: speaking of which, do we have a generally recognized Adam archivist?
Guy B: I have to check and see what I have
BobS: ok you are right Daniel
BobS: no
BobS: YOU richard
BobS: trolls tale is a text game the???????
BobS: then
rich-c: no, and to the extent I am, I do not want to be
rich-c: I am running short of space and flexibility - I can no longer fetch and carry easily
BobS: where is Trenton??????? have a canadian group from there working with me this week
BobS: can't find it ont he map
BobS: ne of Troront
BobS: toronto
rich-c: it's out along the 401 east of Toronto, Bob - head of the peninsula where Prince Edward County sticks into the lake
rich-c: roughly 100 miles or 160 KM from Toronto, maybe a hair less
Dale: Thought it was nearer Peterborough than the lake.
rich-c: not sure Dale, but I think when you take the Trenton exit you end up going south towards the lake
Judy: ..
rich-c: but I could be confusing it with something else there
BobS: found it
Judy: ..
BobS: is just south of the 401 near the lake
BobS: where the penisula head sticks out
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changed username to Pamela finally
Guy B: Hi Pam
Judy: Hi, Pam
Pamela finally: I'm here for a good time, not a long time
BobS: oh
Daniel: bonsoir Pam
Judy: sounds like a plan
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela finally: hi everyone
Pamela finally: holy cow, there was a lot of stuff on my computer table
rich-c: tough time in traffic, Pam?
Pamela finally: naw, that was the easy part, Papa
Dale: "Tunnels and Trolls" was only the title screen "Trolls Tale" is fully playable.
Dale: Sorry, answering lag. :-P
Daniel: I have a question to people using facebook : will you pay to use it? it's a question I've seen in a blog after a rumor that facebook may ask to pay to use it because of the drop in incomes.
rich-c: sometimes takes a while to find them, Dale
Pamela finally: no, I wouldn't Daniel
Dale: Trolls Tale is an illustrated text adventure.
Pamela finally: actually, I suppose it would depend on how much they were asking
Pamela finally: what about you?
BobS: I would not either Daniel ..... and I don't evenuse it anyway
Daniel: and my previous question, but now it's your turn to answer, Pam : do you like playing a game based on logic or puzzle? If so, which one do you prefer?
Pamela finally: mom and I were discussing facebook earlier
rich-c: I suspect Frances would drop it like a hot potato
Pamela finally: it's often the easiest way to keep track of what's happening in people's lives and to a certain extent, it's a barometer of how you're feelilng
Pamela finally: if you're having a crappy day, everyone will know : )
Judy: do you want everyone to know that you are having a crappy day?
Pamela finally: on the other hand, it's the fastest way to spread good news too
Pamela finally: sometimes : )
Daniel: a personal "public" diary... that's what facebook is, and a photo album, and many other things.
Daniel: I still have problems with the new version
Pamela finally: that's a good description Daniel - very apt
Dale: The think that makes facebook useful is that everyone joins even if they don't want to pay.
Daniel: take time to find the button to write a new article
Dale: So if you make it a pay only service, it becomes less useful.
Pamela finally: true Dale
Daniel: there was a tactic in past used by a web site, the page is filled with ads only if you want the free service.
rich-c: my suspicion is that the survival of facebook depends on its remaining a free service
rich-c: is the website still around, Daniel?
Daniel: I don't know
Dale: well that's how hotmail is. I pay for hotmail because all of the ads annoy me.
rich-c: I just use gmail instead
BobS: Netzero kids
rich-c: not sure we have netzero here
BobS: I use their email service jsut for emails I don't really want to get
Pamela finally: I do like having a g-mail account because i can access it from anywhere
Pamela finally: and for that reason too Bob
Daniel: netzero? if it's the dialup internet service for free if you accept ads on your desktop, well it's not available anymore here.
rich-c: well that's true of any webmail service - even Tamco which has webmail for users
BobS: tis dialup
Pamela finally: if I want to access my Tamco webmail I'm going to have to change my password
rich-c: oh! an archoelogical find!
Pamela finally: regularly, that is
rich-c: as in, if you use strange computers, Pam?
Pamela finally changed username to Pamela
Daniel: everybody still there?
BobS: ya
Pamela: no, as in my Tamco password is ridiculously difficult to remember
BobS: well change it
Daniel: I was sure something was going on in the side where we have the list of our nicknames
Pamela: that was just me changing my name, Daniel
rich-c: whoops! time for my beer
Pamela: it's the same P
Pamela: W that John assigned us as new users all these years ago
Pamela: darned enter key
BobS: typing fingers disfuntional?????
Pamela: phat phingers as one of my coworkers says : )
rich-c: and by the standards of the time it was a hard PW to break
Pamela: anyway, I'd either have to go back to carrying my daytimer to reference it or write it down somewhere else and I don't want to do that
rich-c: anyway Bob, are you expecting an errand to Tenton or something>?
BobS: nope, got achurch group volunteering with Habitat this week from Trenton
rich-c: ah, that's it - sure you'll find they are good folk
BobS: darn border morons detained them for 3 .5 hrs, fingerprinted them and gave them "parole" slips that they need to turn in when they cross back into canada
rich-c: and almost certainly speak Emglish
BobS: great folk
BobS: si senor
Daniel: it's already 22h30 here... we can talk next week... and I hope to be able to finally get teh money from that guy to pay my part for the adamcon.
BobS: actually a school group froma church school
rich-c: gee, they're getting soft at the border - didn't even ship them off to jail
Dale: Have a good night Daniel.
BobS: nite Daniel
Judy: ..
BobS: bunch of a....holes
rich-c: night Daniel, a la prochaine
Pamela: <blink>
BobS: "we have met the enemy,.........and it is us"
Daniel: meanwhile, if you think of a game based on puzzle or logic, like a maze, or tetris, or whatever, that you may like to play if the game exist for the coleco system, let me know. bye!
Pamela: boy, you must be angry Bob, I don't think I've ever heard you say that before
Pamela: night Daniel
Daniel: bonne nuit tout le monde!
BobS: i am, and embarrassed also for the jerks at the border
rich-c: what church are they with, Bob?
Judy: night Daniel
BobS: a catholic church in Trenton
BobS: don't knolw which
Daniel: seems like extremist christian church... don't want to see that here.
Judy: no, he says that a lot
Daniel: bye
rich-c: can't imagine why the border goons would be down on them, they would not have many black members
Daniel left chat session
BobS: the borders jerks didn't know what to do witha volunteer group coming to "work"
Pamela: not here though Judy
Pamela: that was their mistake - mentioning work
rich-c: and of course they never heard of Habitat - maybe they should use Jimmy Carter as a reference
BobS: we talkeda bout it at lunch and the "work?\" word was prolly the big problem
Pamela: we are coming to "visit friends" -
BobS: that is what we decided.........vacation, visit friends, wedding, ANYTHING but work
Judy: yes, you will be visiting friends
rich-c: lucky it isn't passport time yet, though it will be at the end of June
rich-c: better make sure if any of your folks volunteer elsewhere
BobS: oh, I thought it was already..........
rich-c: they know that Americans need a passport to enter the United States
BobS: they did discuss whether to get them........although if it is a school student group, only a teacher has to have a passport......or so they said
rich-c: we have had opurs for a couple of years now, and Pam just got hers
BobS: ya'll better ALL get one for convention
Pamela: yes, that's why we got them Bob
rich-c: I think the deadline is June 30, by which time we will have crossed and be in the U.S.
Pamela: nope, June 1st
rich-c: and Canada is much less paranoid at the border
Pamela: so we all will need to have one before we come
rich-c: oh, June 1st? not that it matters to us, anyway
Judy: which ever the date is you will need the passport and it does make it easier to go thru
rich-c: even that isn't necessarily so; with Frances and I they look at the place of birth and wonder why our passports are Canadian
Judy: we have been using it for a couple ot years and think that it makes it go faster where ever we traveled
rich-c: yes, seems the document is more secure than it appears to be
Pamela: it would have been nice to have them for Chicago - not so much for me, because I have a drivers licence, but for Russell
Pamela: as it was we had to scramble to get him some photo ID
rich-c: yes, he has his problems with ID, just like your mother
Pamela: well you know, if you don't drive in this country, you don't exist as far as ID goes
rich-c: go to the grog shop and get one of their cards
Pamela: he now has a photo health card
Judy: you would have that problem here also with no drivers licence
Dale: Goodnight everyone.
Pamela: which finally came something like a week before we were to fly out
rich-c: I need one, mine is delaminating, but they aren't giving them to seniors
Judy: night Dale
rich-c: night Dale
Pamela: night Dale
Pamela: your health card, Dad?
Dale left chat session
rich-c: yes
Pamela: you still have the old red and white one?
rich-c: I do
Pamela: hold on to it - they don't expire
Pamela: the new ones do with your DL
Pamela: the only reason I changed over was because of the name change after marriage
rich-c: they send old folks to teh back of teh line, they are that slow issuing them they figure we'll die before they get it out anyway
Pamela: that's one of the things I need to do between now and the end of June - renew my health card
Pamela: as well as my DL and my vehicle sticker
rich-c: where do you renew it?
Pamela: oh, and drive clean
Pamela: the health card? there's a MOH office at the Clarica center at Islington and Bloor
Pamela: there's one at Eglinto and Yonge too, I believe
Pamela: I suspect that the MOH website will tell you where it can be done
rich-c: maybe I'll just bug our MMP's office - they are good even if he isn't
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changed username to Guy B
Pamela: what happened, Guy?
rich-c: I was asking about historic plates for the Mercury and they were very good at getting the information
Guy B: Must gotten disconnected
Pamela: (boy, Russell's dinner smells good)
Pamela: that's on the MOT website
rich-c: yes, but you've had dinner already
Guy B: Cubs lost tonight 3-0
Pamela: I must say, our provincial websites are really good at providing information
Judy: what is he eatting
BobS: you got plates on the Mercury?????
BobS: and don't drive it?
Pamela: leftover pork roast, rice and wax beans
rich-c: try looking that up, Pam - I guarantee you you will not find the information
Judy: healthy meal
rich-c: and you definitely will not find out how to treat a YOM plate already on the car
Pamela: I try to make sure we get at least one healthy meal a day : )
Pamela: the Meteor hasn't been driven in about five years Bob
rich-c: the Mercury has not moved in over two years, Bob - since before I broke my back
Pamela: YOM?
rich-c: year of manufacture
BobS: where do you keep them?
rich-c: in the garage - teh van is in the driveway
Pamela: what are YOM plates? How do they differ from HV plates?
rich-c: local custom, if you don't have a second car the garage is for teh lawnmover, snowblower, summer furniture, e3tc
Pamela: you'd better believe, if I had a garage, I'd use it
Pamela: there's a reason I like parking underground
rich-c: if you can find a private seller who has clean plates from the year your car was manufactured
rich-c: you may buy them and register them to your historic vehicle and put them on
Pamela: you already have YOM plates on the Meteor
Pamela: do you not?:
rich-c: so any pair of 1973 plates in good repair could be registered to the Mercury
rich-c: yes, teh original plates have never been off the car
rich-c: and I don't want to remove them for historic plates
Pamela: I think HV plates would look weird on it anyway
rich-c: in effect, yes I can do what I want but teh procedure is murky
Pamela: when you think HV you think like 1932
Judy: I am saying good night I am beat
rich-c: OK Judy, glad you came by - night!
BobS: time for me to say goodnight too
Pamela: goodnight Judy
Pamela: you too Bob
rich-c: ditto for you, Roberto
Pamela: I will not be far behind you
BobS: nite Guy
BobS: and Pam and richard, and Frances
Judy: see you next week
BobS: till nextr we meet
rich-c: you bet
BobS: 7 days hence
Judy left chat session
BobS left chat session
rich-c: guess that's it then, daughter - seems the chat's folding up
Pamela: and stealing away into the night
rich-c: guess we need to too
Pamela: guess so
Guy B: Well folks, I shall see you all next week
Pamela: we shall pursue this further I'm sure
rich-c: night, Guy
Pamela: goodnight Guy
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
rich-c: anyway I shall also go - goodnight now
Pamela: I'm off too - goodnight Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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