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BobS: ALLO guys
BobS: happy and well?????
rich-c: good evening et bonsoir, gentlemen
rich-c: usual snarly self here, Bob - and you?
BobS: good, tired but good
BobS: awaiting a rainy day tomorrow they tell me
rich-c: yes, you're on anotehr project these days - how are your Canadian helpers doing?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir<
rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: you-all there?
BobS: yup
BobS: at leawst I am
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Daniel Bienvenu: I'm here
changed username to Guy B
rich-c: and we even have another now
Guy B: Greetings!
BobS: hi guy
rich-c: evening Guy
BobS: raining yet in Chicagoland?
rich-c: raining in Chicago yet?
Guy B: No, but it will tomorrow
rich-c: yes, we have it forecast for early vening tomorrow I think
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm a little bit worried about the flu... You guys are more closer than me to a possible flu propagation
rich-c: I wouldn't fuss myself too much about it, Daniel - I dont think there are even any cases in Quebec yet
BobS: mostly the flu is not so severe other than in Mexico
Guy B: Well, I'll have to find a new home for my website. Although it isn't official yet. Yahoo is going to close Geocities
BobS: CLOSE!!!!!
rich-c: we now have four in Metro Toronto but that's diagnostics, not necessarily significantly sick
Daniel Bienvenu: well, we are somehow surrounded by it... except north.
Guy B: Yep. just found out about it today from the FreeDos website
BobS: the authorities are taking this flu seriously though, I must say
rich-c: well yes Daniel, in the sense that it's in several places on the continent
Daniel Bienvenu: if geocities is closing then it will be the end of my coleco web site
rich-c: the authorities have to - it's potentially deadly to tens of millions
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: but what can happen and what does happen will likely be far apart
Guy B: Yep, we have to find a new home Daniel
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Daniel Bienvenu: the link is a map about flu (general, not a specific one) in us
Guy B: HI Dale
rich-c: hello Date - Daniel and Guy need now homes for their websites
BobS: hi Dale
rich-c: don't worry and don't let it panic you, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I have a second home for my web site... at I didn't used it yet
Dale: Really?
rich-c: the likeliest event is that nothing is going to happen
Guy B: Yahoo is closing Geocities later this year. Don't know the date yet
Dale: going out of business?
Dale: geocities is going offline?
Dale: I see.
Daniel Bienvenu: earlier they did close the yahoo breifcase where I did store a bunch of files during the first years.
Guy B: They are not taking any new users
Dale: Well, I'm sure I can set Daniel with something if he ever needs to move.
Dale: can serve new domain names.
rich-c: you mean Google isn't going to sweep in and grab them all?
Daniel Bienvenu: almost 10 years at the same url, quite a challenge because most of the time it was my links section that I updated because of the other programmers closing and opening web sites.
rich-c: I know the feeling - I am still with my first ISP
Guy B: Fat chance that they won't
rich-c: let us trust in the Google Master Plan for World Domination
Guy B: Brb
rich-c: (guess I can expect the black helicopter by any minute now) ; - )
BobS: I have not stuck with any mainline isp
BobS: except for Netzero, where I keep about 6 mailboxes to use if I really don't want to give out my true email address
rich-c: well ISs are all about service - I sent Pam and Harvie and others to Tamco and they are all still there
BobS: but he must be small enough for you to know him, yes?
BobS: had a local phone company here i was on for a long time, but then had no access when out of Grand Rapids
Daniel Bienvenu: this year is warmer than the last one... we may see even more people having problems to breath outside.
rich-c: oh, I keep webmail addresses at, canada,com, and
rich-c: yes, John runs Tamco from Orillia but teh servers are in norhern Toronto
Daniel Bienvenu: and I still don't get the money from this guy, but he's planning to pay me in the next 8 days... so I may be able to pay you Bob because the dealdine May 15 to get a t-shirt
BobS: got one @ Juno and yahoo.mail also
BobS: ok Daniel
rich-c: yes, there are times when you don't want to give out yolur direct address
rich-c: I can tell you that gmail sure seem to have a really effective spam filter
BobS: I run everything thru mailwasher
BobS: then I can see the title without actually downloading anything
BobS: and the repeat spam gets marked for deletion right away
rich-c: so do I but it's getting ineffective - I just have the old 1.33 freebie version
rich-c: I can also treeat Tamco as webmail and delete from my mailbox without downloading
rich-c: I can also tell the server to blacklist anything I mark for deletion
BobS: i bit the bullet and paid for the fancy version with multiple mailbox checks
Guy B: Back
rich-c: that's one option but I haven't really felt the need
rich-c: of course Thunderbird has a Baysein filter program built in so I can train that too if it becomes an issue
BobS: most of the crap that comes in is true spam with a bogus sending address anyway
rich-c: yes, it's sent from a zombie servefr of some sort, so bouncing it is of little value
rich-c: though I suppose the computer owner might wonder why he was getting returns of emails he never sent
rich-c: and he might be kind of upset if he read some of the mail sent out in his name
BobS: exacrtly
Dale: The Internal Revenue Agency has my tax refund ready, according to a recent spam
Dale: But in Canada it called the CCRA or something. Oh well.
BobS: I had it some years back when my defunct, closed for a year AT&T email was sending emails out.....and no less than ADAM group people
BobS: AND Dale, you are very rich by some shady scheme from NIgeria
BobS: and some widow needs your help collectin her dead jusbands secret frotuen
BobS: husbands
BobS: fortune
BobS: wack, delete, blacklist
Daniel Bienvenu: did I miss something?
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BobS: now,IF I ever get an email to improve my finger dexterityh, I AM GOING FOR IT
changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi, everyone
Guy B: HI Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Judy<
rich-c: use teh filters in Mailwasher, Bob - if you can get them to work
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BobS: have tried, but too dumb
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pamela
rich-c: there's this Adam program I have, Bob, teach you how to type - very reasonable price
Pamela: bonsoir Daniel
rich-c: hi daughter, solve your shopping question?
Pamela: nah, didn't have time
Guy B: HI Pam
Pamela: hello, Guy : )
Judy: g..
BobS: hi Pam
Guy B: Daniel and I will have to find new homes for our websites. Yahoo is closing Geocities later this year. Don't know the date when that will occur
Judy: we have that program, Rich
rich-c: guess you'll just have to see what the stores offer, then - maybe Future Shop will stock it
Pamela: after doing some dishes, making and eating dinner, doing more dishes, checking Facebook and Gmail, uploading some pics for Lindsay and making ice, I didn't have a lot of leftover time
Judy: Hi, Pam
Pamela: Hello Judy
Pamela: Hi Bob
Pamela: oh, and spending 20 minutes on the phone with Bell and standing in line at the post office for half an hour
rich-c: ditto, Pam, and I don't even have an excuse
Pamela: I've been a busy girl tonite
BobS: ya think?
Judy: does sound like it, Pam
BobS: VERY busy
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know for you GuyB, but I did find out a missing file in my geocities web site, one used by my sound bank applet, maybe it was erased because the signature was suspect to their antivirus even if it was a text file compressed in gzip format<
rich-c: did your passport come, then?
BobS: and we just been sitting here napping and watchin tv and typeing
BobS: we are just plain middle aged, tired and lazy
Pamela: ages ago, Dad - on the 1st, IIRC
Judy: speak for yourself
Pamela: LOL, Judy
rich-c: oh, I thought that might have been the P.O. mission
Judy: I have not been napping
BobS: I did
Pamela: no, I was sending stuff on to Cynthia in Wasaga
BobS: lliked it too
Judy: he was napping while I was fixing supper
rich-c: don't be too sanguine, Judy - your time is coming
rich-c: Frances and I can tell you all about afternoon naps
Pamela: boy, quite a change from yesterday
Pamela: was humid like crazy last night
Judy: don't like to take to many naps than have more trouble sleeping at night
Pamela: tonite, it was 17% humidity in here when I got home
rich-c: well, we didn't have to fill teh birdbath yesterday ; - )
Judy: and I have enough trouble with that
Pamela: I was damp from head to toe when i got to work yesterday
Pamela: the heavens opened just as I got onto the GO platform
Pamela: and it was so windy I was afraid to open my umbrella
BobS: that was oour tuesday am weather, with another round coming in tomorrow
Judy: no, we didn;'t have to fill the bird bath and probably won't have to tomorrow either
rich-c: that squall line was really something - open your brolly and you'd be playing Mary Poppins
Pamela: so I stood there for about four minutes while it poured before I finally got smart and went to stand behind the shelter
Pamela: out of the wind and the rain blew right by me
Pamela: I don't know how you'd know that Dad, seeing as it was about 7:50 am
rich-c: that's a fully open platform for the GO train, isn't it?
Pamela: yes
Judy: was really something Sat got about 3 inches of rain
Pamela: there are shelters and a waiting room, but it's mostly open
Pamela: interestingly Judy, we were just pulling into the subway station when it started to rain. By the time we got off the train and upstairs, it was raining with gusto and blowing horizontally
Pamela: however, where we were in the west end, I didn't see anything like the descriptions we heard later on
Judy: we had thunder and lightning was quite a night
Pamela: such as 115 km/hr wind gusts, hail and thunderstorms
Pamela: FYI, 115 km/r = 70 mph
BobS: yiles!!!!
Judy: no hail here but the temp did do a drop
Pamela: yes, went from low 80's to mid 60's here too
Pamela: I'm not a huge fan of driving in the rain but it wasn't raining hard enough to concern me
Pamela: apparently other places weren't so lucky
Pamela: I meant to ask you, Papa, did you two have any storm damage or a power failure?
BobS: 70mph and horizontal rain should turn you off
rich-c: no, no damage and no outage, the UPS didn't even squeak
Pamela: good
rich-c: surprises me - since Toronto took over teh Hydro has gone all to hell
Judy: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: Do you know that the activity of picking sticks in a yard can be quite fun when ported to the colecovision game system?
Pamela: might have something to do with the awful weather we've had recently
Pamela: maybe because you get points for sticks in a game, Daniel : )
rich-c: yes, there's as game based on that sort of idea, Daniel - forget the name
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: I did this one in approx a day
Daniel Bienvenu: and people like it
rich-c: anyway, Pam, we have been having a lot of outages even on quite fine days, for no apparent reason
Judy: we did see the first hummingbird Sunday
Pamela: ooh, hummingbird!
rich-c: that's neat, Judy - will you still have some when we come by in June?
Pamela: we haven't been up to the trailer yet so haven't had a chance to look
rich-c: we have male redwings at teh moment - man, are they bright!
Pamela: that reminds me, must look for trilliums this weekend
Judy: ..
Judy: yes, we have them all summer and into the fall
Pamela: Judy, refresh me please
Judy: the finches are a beautiful yellow again
rich-c: we see them occasionally in summer, but not often
Pamela: you said that the jacuzzi rooms at the hotel were $119.99 a nite?
(BobS hands a diet coke to Pamela.)
BobS: plus about 14% taxes
rich-c: had a yellow-bellied ssapsucker stopped in our apple tree a few days ago
rich-c: for some reason we have a couple of goldfinches but their colouration is very dull
Judy: never seen one of them
Pamela: so what's the difference in cost between the regular convention rooms and the jacuzzi rooms?
BobS: adds about $40 approx a night to bill IF i remember the rate we got for reg room
Pamela: if they're dull they're probably female, Dad
Judy: is it more of a green, Rich
rich-c: they look very much like a large hairy woodpecker but the red patch and face markings differ
rich-c: fine, but where is teh male, then? though they don't get mating colours till much later
(A dog howls in the distance)
Pamela: you don't always see the males with the females
(goes to fetch his beer)
Pamela: who is playing with the actions? : )
BobS: we do
BobS: got a nuthatch, woodpeckers, chicadees, gold finches, hawks and LOTS of stupid sparrows
rich-c: I highlighted my name; why wasn't it picked up in the beer action?
Dale: I have to drop off early.
BobS: say HI to Jillian and Jeffery
Pamela: sparrows are stupid by nature, Bob
BobS: and bye also
rich-c: yes, we have the same, Bob, plus pigeons, mourning doves and juncos
Pamela: goodnight Dale
BobS: oh yes, forgot those
BobS: AND a tufted titmouse
rich-c: nite Dale, see you next week
rich-c: those haven't made it here yet - we have cardinals, robins and grackles though
Dale left chat session
BobS: sparrows are not really stupid, they figured out how to hang upside down to get the suet cake
Pamela: I'll have a list next week after the weekend
rich-c: not to m,ention the world's fattest squirrels
Judy: night Dale
Pamela: tee hee
Pamela: well if you'd quit feeding the squirrels it would help, Dad : )
Pamela: she says, tongue in cheek
rich-c: maybe they aren't the English "sparrows" which are really finches
BobS: Judy got me a feeder that shuts with weight, so the squirrel MUST have tried it, but now leaves it alone
rich-c: we've had a number of real sparrows - whitethroat, song, chipping, American Tree
rich-c: oh yes, starlings and house finches
Judy: we have figured out the different sparrows, are so many types
BobS: darned starlings.
BobS: like to mob at the feeders
Judy: we also have the house finches
BobS: had to change feeders to get them to find greener pastures
rich-c: the distinctions are sometimes very subtle and hard to spot - especially with aging eyes
Pamela: yes, Mom has commented that she has to refill the bird bath after the starlings have been there too
rich-c: but they are never interested in the feeder - don't like sunflower seeds I guess
BobS: LOVE suet
BobS: that is why I had to make a cedar upside down feeder
rich-c: oh, the staqrlings were by yesterday adn by teh time they finished the water was muddy enough for a hippopotamus
Judy: starlings will eat sunflower seeds
rich-c: not around here they won't - and we aren't going to tell them ; - )
Judy: they go in your bird bath?
rich-c: they hold pool parties and orgies - they can empty it in ten minutes, and it's big
Judy: the only trouble I am having in the bird bath is worms
rich-c: sheesh! don't your robins get into it?
Pamela: thirsty worms
Judy: they may be leaving them in it
Judy: and the worms go in the pond also
rich-c: you mean, if they don't like the flavour, they dump them there?
Judy: dumb ones they just die
Judy: maybe or they like clean ones
Pamela: let me just say, ewwww!
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changed username to <undefined>
<undefined>: g'day
Judy: isn't very pleasant that is for sure
rich-c: I'm not sure what our robins are living on because worms seem in short supply
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir who?
<undefined> left chat session
Judy: we have plenty would you like some
Daniel Bienvenu: who was that?
Daniel Bienvenu: james?
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rich-c: you scared him away, Daniel ; - )
changed username to Guy F.
BobS: a ghoist
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy F?
Pamela: I was gonna say, I'll bet it was Guy
Guy F.: You called?
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Judy: hi, GuyF
BobS: a stealthy type guy
rich-c: aha - the Other Guy figured out how to enter his name ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: are you the one trying to log in a few seconds ago?
Guy F.: hi.hi.hi.hi and a big hi to you too Judy!
Guy F.: Dan: No, that was <Undefined>, never saw him before either.
rich-c: how are things down Montreal way tonight, Guy?
Guy F.: ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: how did you know it was undefined?
Guy B: Oh, it's Guy F
Pamela: how's Sandra, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: I see... you are playing
Guy F.: Rich: Good, just got back from the east end. Went to buy a nice Class II receiver hitch for my minivan.
Guy F.: Pamela: Tired, edgy... I stay out of her way these days.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a kind of joke
Pamela: good call : )
Guy F.: Dan: Ah yes... I forgot to laugh, sorry! :D
Daniel Bienvenu: nice to see you... you did miss Dale
rich-c: that's strong but not weight equalizing, right? max abour 1,500 kg?
Guy F.: I could have missed this whole chat! Forgot we were Wednesday!
rich-c: for shame!
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale is planning to participate a 3 days weekend homebrew game programming contest.
Guy F.: Weight carrying load of 3800 lbs max.
Guy F.: 380 on the tongue.
Guy F.: Dan: Sounds like fun!
Guy B: I've narrowed down a couple of free sites to host the webpages, but not going to decide right now
rich-c: wow, that would actually handle my trailer - at least in theory
Guy F.: yep, up a steep hill is another story. :)
rich-c: Guy and Daniel both need new sites - Geocities is closing
Guy F.: I got an overkill hitch just in case... I'm building an 8 ft x 4 ft trailer in the next few weeks for general usage around the house, doubt it'll go higher than 1000-1500 pounds.
rich-c: that's why I switched my V-6 engine for a V-8 in my Safari
Guy F.: Yep, a V-8 will tow nicely, a V-6, depends on the weight I guess.
rich-c: I won't say you can never have too much hitch, but I've never seen an obvious too much
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a place to put my files actually... I just didn't move the site yet
Guy F.: I wanted a 2" receiver. Can't stand those flimsy 1 1/4" or whatever it is receivers.
Judy: better to be over than under
rich-c: yes, the Safari is rated for 5000 lbs. with trailer package
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm juggling with the idea to take this opportunity to update the site with all teh new stuff I'm doing since hte last update in 2007
Guy F.: Rich: Wow, that's a hell of a lot! With the package, the Dodge Caravan I own can do 3200 max I think.
Pamela: good idea if you can pull it off, Daniel
rich-c: works quite well too in Florida (highest point in state: 140 feet over MSL)
Guy F.: I'd like to eventually get a small camper. Maybe a teardrop camper, but with the expanding family, those are slowly becoming non-options.
rich-c: my old Mercury has a 5000 lb. tow rating too - and a 400 CID V-8
Guy F.: I'd get a V8 van if I were to do any serious towing, Chevy Express or Econoline
rich-c: ours is a nominal 18 ft., actual 18" 9", box 14", rest frame
Guy F.: sleeps how many?
Guy F.: 4? 6?
rich-c: nominal six, real world two, though we crammed Pam in on occasion
Pamela: no, never into that one Dad
Guy F.: real world two? haha... far from the 6 figure.
Pamela: into the Rambler, yes
rich-c: well, the double bed is really one adult or two kids
Guy F.: depends how cramped you want to be.... westfalias can sleep 4 and that's tiny compared to a camper 19 foot long.
rich-c: the two bunks are better used for storage though will take three small kids
rich-c: and teh dinette converts to take one (that's the second dinette)
rich-c: remember teh near 19 feet is front of hitch to back of rear bumper - living space is five feet less
Guy F.: still seems pretty big and comfortable!
rich-c: it did us two for trips up to seven weeks all over the continent
Pamela: only if you're not crammed into it for weeks at a time
rich-c: the Mercury has about 170,000 trailer towing miles (not kn) on it
rich-c: and we were comfy on a seven week, over 10,000 mile circuit (but Pam wasn't along)
Guy F.: ... when I retire, if there is still gas available, that's what I'd love to do... travel across Canada and the US.
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changed username to Roberto
Roberto requested to ban BobS
Judy requested to ban BobS
Guy F. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Roberto confirmed ban
Guy F. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Roberto: back
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B confirmed ban
Guy B confirmed ban
Pamela: side
Roberto: side
Guy F.: ways
Roberto: underneath
Daniel Bienvenu: above?
Guy F.: below
Daniel Bienvenu: what is the game?
Pamela: I dunno, but I think we won : )
Guy F.: dunno, making it up as we go along
Judy: you people are sick
Roberto: I got turned inside out
Roberto: and then got thrown on the trash pile like some old shoe
Roberto: but I perservered and came back
Guy F.: as long as you enjoyed it, that's what counts
rich-c: we have been through nine provinces and 44 states - our advice is, do it soon
Judy: not so much
rich-c: ask Pamela - kids love travelling when they are young
Roberto: already getting decrepid here Richard
rich-c: don't ask about teenagers
Guy F.: Rich: Lacking the funds. Ironically, I have space for a 20 footer in my carport, it would fit beautifully, but I need to win the lottery.
Guy F.: My neighbor bought an awesome one a few weeks ago, brand spanking new, 30 feet I think. Takes up almost 4 parking spots.
Judy: do you play?
Guy F.: Judy: Nope! :)
rich-c: wanna make an offer on my 1982? cover teh new refrigeratior and my gas to Montreal, and we're talking ; - )
Guy F.: thinking of selling it???
Judy: hard to win than, we don't either
rich-c: have no choice, I'm too frail to use it any more
rich-c: can't even lift the battery in
Guy F.: My wife won $300+ a few months ago, came in handy.
Guy F.: Well, if you are going to sell it, sell it soon, because it's RV and camper season!!! Otherwise you might sell it for less in the fall/winter.
Judy: but, how much did you spend to win?
Guy F.: Judy: Her sister bought her a lottery ticket as a gift. :)
rich-c: no, I can afford to wait till I get my proice, which will be small anyway
Judy: that is a good way to win
Guy F.: what's the ballpark figure that you are asking for? I have no clue how much these things are worth....
rich-c: Guy, you are talking about a quarter-century old lightweight trailer - I'd like settle for a kilobuck but could get more
Guy F.: kilobuck = $1000. Hey, I can afford that! ;)
rich-c: the only reason for that is that the refrigerator is effectively brand new - used for one trip
Guy F.: Yeah, I've heard that replacing things such as refrigerators, A/C and other accessories can be expensive.
rich-c: so fine, stick it in your pocket and come fetch it 8 - )
Judy: bought in Michigan
Guy F.: Sounds real tempting!!!
rich-c: yep, on the way home from Guy B's Adamcon, from Bob's dealer
Guy F.: Bob also has an RV?
Judy: yes, we have a motorhome
rich-c: has had one for years - it's almost an archeological artifact
Pamela: a class C, correct?
Judy: yes
Pamela: its little : )
rich-c: how old is it now, Judy?
Roberto: 1989 Chvy 22' class c
Pamela: well, relatively
rich-c: on ly 20 years old? barely broken in
Judy: much smaller than some
rich-c: you used it for that trip to Biloxi this winter, didn't you?
Judy: kept inside most of the time, is really babied
Judy: last year,yes
Guy F.: we should hold an adamcon in an rv park!
Roberto: some years the motorhome doesn't see any rain, just clean water for a bug off wash job
Judy: went to florida this year
Roberto: actually Florida in Mov 2008
Judy: we did do that a couple of years
Guy F.: Awesome, thanks! I know Sandra has always been talking about getting one of those.
rich-c: we have come close with Adamcons 3 and 6
Judy: the Adamcon wasn't in the rv park but we were
Guy F.: Yeah, if I had an RV I'd do that... cheaper than a hotel. :)
rich-c: yes, but you miss the evening sopcializing
Judy: one year we parked in the hotel parking lot
Pamela: the nice thing about an RV is you don't have to pack and unpack all the time
Pamela: your closet comes with you
Roberto: si senorita
Judy: and food
rich-c: we have actually used teh trailer to go then stayed at the hotel with the trailer in the lot in front
Guy F.: I hear Wal-Marts allow RVs overnight for free in most states.
Judy: have done that a lot, Guy
Guy F.: Awesome! Discovering a side of you guys I didn't know of... imagine that? After all these years.
rich-c: it isn't advisable, it's safer and more convenient to stay in an RV park
rich-c: just buy the Trailer Life Directory and you're in like a dirty shiort
Judy: we travel all over using the WalMarts
Pamela: works as long as you're self-contained
Guy F.: Stayign in RV parks can be as expensive as motels I hear.
Judy: much cheaper in the WalMart and is always more where ever we stop
rich-c: well, you're self-contained, our trailer has, shall we say, limited self-containment?
Guy F.: By the way Rich, I'm drinking a Boreal "Doree", honey ale. One of the best tasting beers I've had in a long time.
rich-c: they haven't got Boreal up here yet, not even in teh LCBO. I'm settling for a Trois Pistoles from Chambly
Guy B: Well folks, going to take Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
Roberto: nite GuyB
Pamela: goodnight Guy
Judy: night GuyB
rich-c: OK Guy, you and Annie take care
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
Guy F.: Always wanted an Airstream, those things are so beatiful.
Roberto: but take some major bucks
Pamela: there's a whole Airstream culture
Guy F.: I can imagine.... it's a cult following I hear, like the original VW campers.
rich-c: ever looked to see what an Airstream weighs?
Pamela: that's a good question - what does it weigh?
Guy F.: Probably 2-3 times a comparable sized trailer.
rich-c: let's say those full-house Suburbans used to pull them were likely overloaded
Roberto: oops
Pamela: are they stainless or aluminum?
Guy F.: I'd say stainless, but not sure... Rich?
rich-c: oh, Wally Byam intended them to be lightweight, but demand for so many luxuries was so high...
Judy: it is that time again, so night all until next week
Guy F.: goodnight Judy, nice talking to you.
Pamela: yes it's getting to be that time
Pamela: goodnight Judy
Roberto: aluminum I think
rich-c: I believ e they're highly polished aluminum with a special coating it costs a year's income tax to replace
Judy left chat session
Pamela: night Bob
rich-c: night Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit! je pars aussi
Guy F.: dropping like flies
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight! I've to go too
Pamela: gnite Daniel
rich-c: bien, Daniel, a la prochaine
Roberto: I will leaave also gang
Daniel Bienvenu: it's over 23h already
Guy F.: same here, but Rich, stay in touch if you have a chance!!!
Roberto: so BYE bye
Roberto: see ya's next week
rich-c: night then Robert
Guy F.: a la semaine prochaine, until next week!!!
Roberto left chat session
Pamela: goodnight Guy
Guy F.: goodnight Pam, nice to hear from you too!
rich-c: keep an eye on your mailbox - never know what might turn up
Guy F.: Thanks Rich! ;)
Guy F. left chat session
rich-c: looks like we've hit the witching hour
Pamela: well Papa, it's about that time I think
rich-c: OK then, nighty-night, daughter
Pamela: gnite, daddy
Pamela: will keep you posted
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: and if anyone's left - colour me gone!
rich-c left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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