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rich-c: hi, Roberto
BobS: hey Richard
rich-c: any idea who our undefined is?
BobS: nope
rich-c: did he just never advance to the main page, or was that printed before I came in?
BobS: don't know, when I came in, there were 2 were one
rich-c: in short, do we have a lurker or aborted entry?
BobS: thinking aborfted entry
rich-c: well, if there were two in the chat page, that's a lurker; if just in the user page, that's a miss
BobS: have not the slightest idea mon
rich-c: well illumination will come in the fullness of time - or not
BobS: si senor
rich-c: hows things over your way?
BobS: warm weather about 72 or so then rain inthe evening
rich-c: sounds famuiliar - as I caem in to the computer after dinner teh rain just started
BobS: rain tomorrow
BobS: at least it rains at night and not while I have to work
rich-c: we'll take it - we're just at that point in teh spring where a bit of rain is very useful
BobS: holy stuff.....we are over 3" above normal !!!!!
BobS: we don't need NO MORE
rich-c: but no, it's no fun when it rains on your workplace
BobS: we got rained off last Thrusday, that was enough, worked tilll about 11am all wet and nasty
rich-c: haven't looked at our local statistics but it doesn't seem like we're getting doused
rich-c: I have been able to get out for my exercise walk each day, though we have had the odd cold wind
BobS: that is a good thing
BobS: you need to exercise
rich-c: yes, it really is an imperative, though it doesn't seem to be doing me that much good
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changed username to Guy F.
rich-c: though sometimes not getting any worse can be a good outcome too
rich-c: salut, Guy!
Guy F.: I think that Dan caught the Swine Flu... he's not going to be chatting with us tonight.
Guy F.: Hi all!
rich-c: how would Daniel get it? he hasn't been to Mexico and there have been no cases I've seen in Quebec
Guy F.: Actually, just heard of 10 cases in Quebec, some new ones today.
rich-c: around Quebec City?
Guy F.: Hmm, I think more like Montreal.
rich-c: I can see him being sick with something, but not with that
BobS: that would be abummer
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rich-c: well, it would also be against pretty astronmical odds
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi ya..
rich-c: hello Dale
Dale: Just checking in.
Dale: I probably won't stay too long tonight.
BobS: hi Dale
Dale: I'm beat.
Dale: For some reason today was a long but not so productive day.
Guy F.: Yes, same here, have a few things to do research on the web... popped in to say hi and to lurk.
BobS: QUESTION.....Dale, you have the pal info for the ide card, right?
rich-c: yes, having kids will do that to you
Dale: I'm not sure how that happens.
BobS: and is you do, can you burn or know of someone to burn the pal?
Dale: The IDE card?
Dale: I have no idea.
BobS: yes
BobS: mi ide card
Dale: I've certainly never made one.
Dale: I think Scott Gordon has it
BobS: got 2 cards that the removeable pal chip is bad
Dale: I don't know who else would though.
Dale: I have a pal programmer, but I've never programmed a pal before.
Dale: At least not since University anyway.
Dale: Then I used a GAL in a video capture design.
rich-c: that was a certain while ago, wasn't it?
rich-c: you're quiet tonight, Guy
BobS: lost the undefined person too
rich-c: anyway, I have a question which maybe one of you can answer about "downgrading" Vista to XP
BobS: ha ha
BobS: you got Vista
BobS: ????
rich-c: well, sort of - that was teh original installation but not what is on the computer I bought
BobS: so it WAS Vista? and reloaded with XP when yougot it?
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rich-c: yes, that's right, so I don't know if it's kosher or pirate
changed username to james
rich-c: good morning, james
BobS: ahso
james: g'day folks. been a very long time
james: how is everyone?
BobS: HI JAMES, long time no see
james: i have been exceptionally busy, even by my standards
rich-c: still on the right side of teh grass
james: for now, yeah
james: and for the time being, definitely the preferred state
rich-c: so what have you been up to, james?
james: well for the last couple of weeks, mostly repainting
james: just finished yesterday
rich-c: getting ready for teh grand expansion?
james: no expansions planned for awhile. i've got quite enough on my plate already with two schools
james: and a high school gig i do in the mornings on fridays
rich-c: the second one then is fully up and running?
james: has been for awhile, but from this april i took over
james: so march was spent reconfiguring schedules since i finally had a downturn here that allowed that
Dale: So is it working smoothly yet james?
james: i have to say it's worked out well but it'll be at least another year yet before i recoup my startup costs out there, 2 1/2 years running now
Dale: That's not so bad though.
james: yeah, all i have to do now is show up for my classes out there and the rest should take care of itself ;)
rich-c: at least the downturn gave you breathing space, so it's not all bad
james: i'm hoping by this time next year i'll have broken even out there
james: so for now, between the two schools i was able to keep my income up
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james: how are you guys doing?
changed username to Guy B
Guy B: Greetings from stormy Chicago
Dale: As far as I recall Richard, most machines were preloaded with Vista with a license that validly allowed you to downgrade to XP if that's what you wanted to do.
rich-c: in these parlous times, that's no little triumph - Japan has been taking a beating
rich-c: hi Second Guy
Dale: A sort of run-what-you-like license.
rich-c: my problem is that I bought this second-hand
rich-c: and I'm not sure the licence in Canada is the same as in the US
Dale: Well even if you bought it new, it usually doesn't come with install media these days.
Dale: The US license isn't available in French. :-)
rich-c: so I have been told - don't know how you can tell if it's legit then, though
james: i'm in the very envious position of being able to say that i'm actually doing better than last year
Dale: Well a US licensed version of Windows is still valid, but how much does Microsoft required to support you, from Canada? Not at all I guess.
Dale: That makes it gray market for sure.
rich-c: when you're in business these days that is a rare statement to be able to make
Dale: The sticker on the bottom of the laptop tells you.
Guy B: Brb
Dale: If it has a hologram with the license key, then most likely it is valid.
james: so for now i'm just concentrating on banking and saving, taking advantage of the yen while it's strong
rich-c: it has a genuine Windows Vista sticker on the bottom, no problem there
Dale: That is the criteria that the SPA (Software Publishers Association) uses to decide.
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rich-c: yep, all teh good stuff for Vista
changed username to Pamela
Dale: So that is as good at it gets.
Guy B: Hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: hi everyone
Pamela: I am as usual, late
Pamela: story of my life : )
rich-c: I'm assuming the XP Pro on there now is OEM and valid too, but no sticker
Pamela: special hi to James
Pamela: FYI Guy F., 2-3 hours of sleep is a good nap
Dale: I don't feel special any more :-(
james: hi pam
Pamela: special hi to you too Dale
(Dale hands a diet coke to Pamela.)
Guy F.: Pamela: I've lived off of 2-3 hrs of sleep for weeks...
Guy F.: It's not easy, but do-able.
Guy F.: I do 5-6 hrs now and am fine.
Pamela: that ain't living - that's embarrasing myself at work
Pamela: that's two good naps, Guy : )
Guy F.: No, it's not living, but when you don't have a choice, you end up surviving. What you need are 2-3 screaming babies and you'll end up sleeping 2-3 hrs per night. :)
Pamela: you'll note here - no babies
rich-c: yes, that's definitely a contributing factor, Guy
Guy F.: Hell starts all over again in... about 3-4 weeks.
Guy F.: Thank god for the basement. Muahaha,.
BobS: and WHO is to blame for all this Guy? ;-)
Guy F.: Mother nature, who else?!
BobS: takes at least two to make fire
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changed username to Judy
Pamela: hi Judy
Guy F.: I was told it's supposed to be a rewarding job.
rich-c: hello Judy, welcome in
Judy: Hi, Everyone
Guy B: HI Judy
Pamela: you're the one who said he wanted five, Guy!
Guy F.: BRB, need something sweet (ie: cookies, ice cream or whatever I can find)
Judy: am a little late tonight
Guy F.: I think 3 will do for a while.
Pamela: that's okay, I didn't beat you by much
james: i'm afraid i have a bunch of things i was neglecting while i was doing outside stuff for the last few weeks
james: so i should go and get caught up
Pamela: must go get my soda out of the freezer before it becomes . . .
james: it was good to see everyone again, been a long time for sure
Pamela: a pop-sicle
Pamela: aw James
Judy: was talking to Sherri stopped to pick up stuff for garage sale this week-end
rich-c: well, do come by a bit more often, james!
james: hoping to :)
Pamela: set an alarm to remind you
Pamela: I have discovered the alarm feature on my cell phone
james: *poof*
Pamela: very handy
Judy: bye James
Pamela: night James
james left chat session
Judy: missed him
rich-c: not really, Judy, but it was close
Judy: was the day for the girls saw all three of them today
rich-c: how did that come about?
Judy: each of them stopped, Meeka was here this afternoon wanted to go to Sams, Mandy picked up Ryan and stayed for supper and Sherri tonight
rich-c: that must have kept you hopping
Judy: was a good day, like to see them
rich-c: yes, you always feel you have to keep an eye on the kids
BobS: tis true
rich-c: have we got Guy back yet?
Guy F.: Where'd Guy B. go?
rich-c: ah you are here, Guy - anyway he's on the bottom of the list
Guy B: Well, I'm here for the moment
BobS: GuyB likes to multitask
Guy B: Yep
Guy F.: It's a common Guy trait.
rich-c: going to tell you - Sleemans seem to be starting a new premium series
Guy F.: really?
Guy B: Anyway, I'm writing to my friend Marsha. Be right back
rich-c: yes, I missed the Bock, but got a dozen of the Porter
rich-c: I will try the first tonight
rich-c: anyway, who bought Sleeman? InBev or Molsons?
Pamela: not sure
Pamela: I want to say the latter
Guy F.: All out of beer. Grumble.
rich-c: I know it was one of the biggies but I'm unsure which
Dale: Well I think I'm going to have to turn in now.
Dale: Good night all.
rich-c: that will never do, Guy - off to the depanneur, quick
Judy: bought Bob beer today he has been out for awhile
BobS: be good Dale, and goodnite
Pamela: gnite Dale
rich-c: night Dale, see you next week
Judy: night DAle
Dale left chat session
Judy: has everyone been staying healthy
rich-c: Guy, do Unibroue have a product c alled Terrible? Likely real ale, about 10.5%?
Pamela: so far so good
Judy: or has the flu hit in Canada, also?
rich-c: oh its here but only a few cases and we are well prepared
Guy F.: Hmm, not sure about Terrible. Sounds pretty high in alcohol content for a beer!
Judy: better than me came down with it last Thursday
rich-c: well, Unibroues real ales tend to run high
Pamela: you got the H1N1???
Judy: no, but something just like it
Pamela: phew!
rich-c: you've got a dose of it, Judy? How did that happen?
Guy F.: H1N2?
Pamela: wonder how Daniel is doing
rich-c: doesn't matter, some strains matter, some are just a nuisance
Pamela: feeling better now, Judy?
rich-c: hold on Guy, going to get the beer now
BobS: we seem to have the nuisance strain here in GR
Judy: having a hard time getting back at the normal, sure did me in
Pamela: these things really seem to suck the life out of you
Pamela: hark
Judy: working at it, when I get tired get a head ache
Pamela: I hear a hubby
Judy: no lie
Judy: say hi to hubby
Pamela: hubby says hi
rich-c: say hello for me too
BobS: and I
rich-c: Guy, first reading: a bit heavy on hops and light on malt flavour
Pamela: Russell says "give my regards to the gang"
rich-c: Mill St. Brewery Coffee Porter is better
Judy: that is a type of beer?
rich-c: yes, Judy - traditional English, used to be favoured by porters who carried loads around London
Judy: I seee
rich-c: the two dark beers are stout and porter - heavy, strong or stronger, lots of flavour, often almost mocha hint
Judy: sounds to strong for me
rich-c: the popular stout is Guiness, which is light, but I find it lacks body and is bitter
BobS: Chocolate beer??????????
rich-c: the one I have now is 5.5% alcohol, a shade over the standard range
BobS: Chocolate strong beer!!!!
Pamela: wasn't one of the beers offered at the GR brewery a chocolate beer?
BobS: don't recall
rich-c: a good well made stout, Bob, you'' swear you find a hint of chocolater in the taste
BobS: you can check it out next month Pam
Judy: different
BobS: restaurant is still there
Pamela: I'll leave that to the beer drinkers, Bob
BobS: and doing well
BobS: oh, ok
rich-c: and also possibly a hint of coffe, though neither is really there (normally)
Pamela: but Russell will appreciate it
rich-c: there is an English brewery makes Double Chocolate Stout which has real chocolate in it
rich-c: and I've mentioned my Mill St. Coffee Porter which is spiked with coffee
Guy B: Ok Back
rich-c: oddly enough, I rarely drink beer with a meal, I prefer wine
Judy: welcome back, GuyB
Pamela: Bob, couple questions for you
rich-c: hope you have some nice restaurants with good wine lists over there, Bob
Guy B: I've started a new job, but with the same company. Our dept had a reorganization last week.
Pamela: how much will two extra nights at the hotel run us?
Pamela: new job???
rich-c: what do they have you doing now?
Guy B: Data Relations Assistant. Some of the things I'm doing now, plus some new ones
rich-c: some sort of spreadsheet relationship analysis?
Pamela: is this a promotion Guy?
Pamela: hello?
rich-c: and Bob, what do you think would be our chances of getting a toaster in our room?
Pamela: there we go
Guy B: Nope. More of custemer service, running semi annual reports. But all of data entry is going to our Pune India office. No, it's not a promotion
BobS: ok PAM, can get that arranges for you, I don't have the info in front of me
Pamela: can you give me ballpark?
BobS: but it is approx $82
BobS: per night
Pamela: ok
Judy: as long as it isn't a demotion, Guy
Guy B: But, I did have a good review. So there was plus on my old job
Pamela: and you're still employed
BobS: has a micro in the room and a refrig........if you bring a toaster, the circuit should handle it by unplugging the micro
Guy B: The new job is keeping me busy
Judy: that is a huge plus
rich-c: but we'd have to bring our own - expect we can manage that
Guy B: Plus, we have a new database system coming in three weeks and I start classes this Friday and all of next week
BobS: or ya could buy one here
rich-c: we prefer not to go out for breakfast, just appear fresh, clean and fully organized - at the crack of noon
Judy: they do have breakfast for you every morning
rich-c: ours got a little cranky this morning - might be a good option
BobS: oh a late riser
Judy: you can do that
BobS: think breakfast is till about 10am
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: oh,this is part of the room charge anyway?
rich-c: Pamela, you're twins
Pamela: got knocked off
BobS: ya I suppose, tis free warm continental breakfast
Pamela: hmm, better fix that
BobS: PAM HAD TWINS???????
Pamela: not so much
Pamela: Bob
rich-c: actually away from the convention I just may avoid it
Pamela changed username to Pamela twin one
rich-c: it all tends to settle around my waistline
Guy B: Ok, now we need to rid of the other
Pamela twin one: what's the difference
Pamela twin one: sorry, had to know which was the evil twin
rich-c: we know which one to ignore
Pamela twin one requested to ban Pamela
Guy B confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy F. confirmed ban
Pamela twin one: there
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B: Ok, now you can return
Pamela twin one changed username to Pamela
Pamela: weird, I just suddenly got dumped
Pamela: did anyone else?
rich-c: so did you make it back OK?
Guy F.: .
Guy B: Checking the Cubs, they are leading 6-1
rich-c: gather they aren't playing the Blue Jays...
Judy: no, didn't have any problems
Pamela: started to say, what's the difference, Dad - toast at the buffet or toast in your room?
BobS: room toast is warmer
rich-c: fewer additional temptations in the room
Pamela: I know, confusing everyone - I mean I was dumped before the whole twin thing, hence the problem
Pamela: ah
rich-c: you know I can resist anything but temptation
Pamela: I want scientific proof of that, Bob : )
Judy: then you have to have a lot of extra stufff to go with the toaster
Judy: can't be proven
rich-c: just a loaf of bread and a pot of jam
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: there will be milk with the room coffee
Judy: and knife and plate or something to put it on
rich-c: well, yes, that too
Judy: probably powdered cream
rich-c: but don't forget were coming in a truck
BobS: AND you got a refrig
rich-c: and if the room has a fridge, we can even get a pint of 2% to keep there
Pamela: did we ever get the screen out of the truck Dad?
rich-c: basically all Frances will want is her orange juice at first - toast will come rather later
Pamela: I'm liking the idea of frig and micro in the room
rich-c: what screen?
Pamela: the one we took to St. Catherines last year
BobS: will a micro do toast???????
Pamela: no
BobS: the question of the century
BobS: well it was a thought
Pamela: what you end up with is a very fragrant hockey puck
Judy: yea, you will get that, Pam
rich-c: I'm sure we must have, Pam - haven't seen it recently
Pamela: just wondered : )
Judy: not a good one
rich-c: actually I believed you helped me in with it
Pamela: makes sense
BobS: memory goes to heck after 35
Judy: or so
rich-c: actually shoul;d be in sight here in the office but I can't see it - for what that proves, which ain't much
rich-c: wonder where I did put it?
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: you think memory goes after 35, Bob, you should try it after 70
Guy B: Not again am
Guy B: Pam
Pamela: bloody heck, dumped again
rich-c: you're hitting the daddy key
BobS: I think I will just try that Richard
Pamela: I'm not hitting anything
BobS: you must be living wrong
Pamela: lost all my history
rich-c: uh, sorry, what were we talking about ; -)
Pamela: lol
BobS: the missing screen'
Pamela: guess i should dump my twin again
Pamela: but who is who?
rich-c: in fact, short term memory does let you down very badly once you pass a certain age
Pamela: and why is no one else getting dumped?
BobS: leave the two of you here
BobS: or change your name and see what happens
Pamela: think so?
Pamela: it's only another few minutes
Pamela: I can stand it if you can
Judy: that is why you need to come in different name
Pamela: I thought we'd all been dumped
rich-c: I don't think we'll have a problem, Judy
Pamela: that's why I came back as me
rich-c: just from curiosity, are you full up to date on Java?
Judy: we don't mind two of you
Pamela: afaik
rich-c: that can be one source of problems and they keep updating it far too often
Pamela: oh my last update was some time ago
rich-c: which browser are you using, Pam?
Pamela: IE
rich-c: IE7?
Pamela: think so
Judy: my computer is working good tonight
BobS: well that is the problem, ie 7 is not so much good, methinks
Pamela: yes, much better than usual, Judy
rich-c: noticed you qweren't having to wake it up, Judy
Pamela: never had a problem before Bob
BobS: me neither.....but Iuse IE6.02
BobS: Judy is on 7 and tonight is good
rich-c: that's even a more dangerous securty risk than 7 or 8, Bob
Judy: and I am not even using one of the other programs, go figure
BobS: don't visit porn sites, filter the mail, keep nose wiped .......... and safe as can be
rich-c: you should try IE7Pro, Judy - it adds some nice features to IE7
Judy: shouldn't have said anything than it may go bad
Pamela: yes, dont' say that too loud
Judy: like knock on wood
Guy B: I'm using Firefox and only use IE 6 for my webmail at work or if some reason if some websites only work with IE
rich-c: you get it from (wait for it)
rich-c: you have to keep IE for when you go on a Microsoft site
rich-c: but I'm using Firefox 2.0 tonight and experimenting with Iron with another to come
Pamela: are you on the desktop or laptop Dad?
rich-c: Firefox have 3.5 in beta with improvement in their privacy modules
rich-c: desktop at the moment, your mother is on the laptop
rich-c: have another browser downloaded but not installed but I think it's just another IE clone
Pamela: did everyone go quiet or am I dumped again?
Pamela: quiet
rich-c: at the moment a good safe browser is hard to come by
Judy: we just don't have anything to say
rich-c: the security outfits are telling you not to allow Microsoft to download IE8 on to you
Guy B: Firefox is now up to version 3.0.10
BobS: why not????
rich-c: yes but it has big privacy issues Guy - they actually dumped it on me, I deleted it and got 2.0
rich-c: depends on which guru you read, Bob - some say [privacy issues, others say too many bugs
Guy B: Cubs win 6-3
Guy B: What privacy issues Rich?
rich-c: generally the feeling seems to be that Microsoft came up with another loser
BobS: ahso
Judy: I am going to call it a night, so night all until next week
Pamela: woohoo, Guy
Pamela: gnite Judy
BobS: they have to come up with a "new and improved" product to keep making money.........whther it works or not
rich-c: they keep track of every website you visit, your downloads, what passeword you use, everything
Pamela: feel better
rich-c: convenient if you like autocomplete and having websites come up quick, and rmember your passwords
BobS: but, but, it is for our own good no ??????
Guy B: Nite Judy
rich-c: but what is someone malicious gets hold of your computer?
Pamela: thank you Big Brother
Judy left chat session
rich-c: you want a record of every bank and stuff you've visited, and your password, accessible to anyone who looks?
rich-c: nite Judy
Guy B: I had no problems with Firefox 3 and since there no more updates to Firefox 2, you will need to upgrade
rich-c: I didn't say it wasn't enormously convenient, Bob - but convenience can have a high price
rich-c: you have big privacy problems with 3.0, Guy, that's why I have uninstalled it twice
Pamela: I think I had better follow Judy's lead
rich-c: there is a 3.5 in beta now that helps resolve the issues
rich-c: right daughter - sleep tight
Pamela: goodnight everyone
BobS: gonna go back to horse and buggy, and no phone
BobS: nite Pam
Guy B: You could upgrade now and then it should automatically download and install
Pamela: night Daddy
rich-c: that is exactly what I do not want - and why I use Iron, not Chrome
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
BobS: wel kids, time for me to go to bed also
rich-c: I do not want the whole world looking over my shoulder
BobS: will see ya's next week
Guy F. left chat session
rich-c: right Bob, it is that time - night now
BobS: be good and HAVE FUN
Guy B: Well, guess I'll head off too. Will see you all next week
rich-c: see you, Guy
BobS left chat session
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
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