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Dale: Hi Daniel!
changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Dale, Rich
Dale: I haven't seen you in ages.
Daniel Bienvenu: I was unavailable, sort of.
rich-c: salut, Daniel, Dale
Dale: I decided you must have started walking to AdamCon.
Daniel Bienvenu: ???
Daniel Bienvenu: I will take the bus<
rich-c: he's teasing you, Daniel
Dale: :-D
Dale: Just kidding.
Daniel Bienvenu: but I have a problem
rich-c: what's her name?
Daniel Bienvenu: not that kind of problem
rich-c: theree are other kinds?
Dale: You go a full time job.
Daniel Bienvenu: About Adamcon
Dale: So now you don't have the time off?
Daniel Bienvenu: still no job yet... it's crazy
Dale: Tell us, or we'll keep guessing.
Dale: :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: but , about Adamcon... even if I pay for me to be there, I have no roommate to share a room
Dale: I'm going alone at the moment.
Dale: Jill and Jeffrey aren't going to be free it seems.
Daniel Bienvenu: alone?
Dale: And Neil can't come.
rich-c: maybe Bob can work something out - teh difference is about $120, isn't it?
Dale: Well, I mean
Dale: I'm car pooling with you.
rich-c: putting you two togetehr is a bad idesa - you will never get any sleep
rich-c: may set a record for Adam game produxctrivity, though
Dale: But I don't specifically need a room to myself at this point.
Daniel Bienvenu: I was sure to meet again Jillian and Jeffrey... well, I will certainly see them when I will go to Whiteby.
Dale: You will.
Dale: "Given the 6 week quarantine, it's not worth it to bring the chickens across the border." says Jillian.
Daniel Bienvenu: so far, I did send $100us dollars to Bob... I will be able to pay the rest next week... that is a problem I think.
rich-c: I mailed the payment for Frances and I yesterday
Daniel Bienvenu: I did pay Bob with Paypal.
Daniel Bienvenu: but only $100 so far
rich-c: worried about the t-shirt? Frances doesn't want one so maybe it can be passed on
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, you know that I don't have a driver license. So you will be the only one to drive the car.
rich-c: just as long as you have your passport, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: passport, no problem. I have one since summer 2007.
rich-c: anyway if an old couple like us can do it in one day, Dale should have no problem
rich-c: Frances does not drive either
Dale: That's okay Daniel, the car as cruise control, so it can drive itself sometimes.
Dale: ;-)
rich-c: and may need to because it can almost lull you to sleep
rich-c: but cruise control does do really neat things for your gas mileage
rich-c: I could possibly get all teh way to Grand Rapids on teh one tank of gas
Daniel Bienvenu: how much do you think it will cost for the gas?
Dale: I don't think I can claim that. But it does help keep my lead foot in check.
rich-c: the gas will be much cheaper in the U.S. - it is way up already here, 96.3 a litre today
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changed username to BobS
BobS: HI guys
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Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Bob
BobS: si senor
changed username to Judy
BobS: tis I
Daniel Bienvenu: @Bob: +$75 by paypal today...
rich-c: greetings, Judy
Dale: Well it is 626km from here to there.
Judy: Hi, Daniel, Dale and Rich
Dale: So about 1250km there and back again.
BobS: yup got it
Daniel Bienvenu: what are the meals not included in the package deal?
rich-c: you got my email, Bob? Letter's in the mail
Dale: So that'd be like 3 tanks full of gas
BobS: got the messag Richard
Dale: So about $120 or something for gas roughly?
rich-c: I sent it after I mailed the letter
Dale: Hi Judy.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, $120 ... cnd or us?
Dale: Hi BobS.
Dale: Cdn
BobS: meals.........does not include evening meals except for Sunday; so not Thur, Fri & Sat suppers
BobS: ok Richard
Dale: The gas in the US is usually cheaper, so we might do better than that actually.
BobS: right now is $2.40 and headed up
BobS: the XXXXX are going to try for $3 this summer I suspect
BobS: Hi Dale
rich-c: we are already overt that - in U.S. gallons, about $3.50 now, less adjustment for exchange
BobS: inqauiring minds need to know and Jullian and Jeffery coming???????? and any idea about Neil ?????
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Dale: Neil can't make it happen.
changed username to Guy B
BobS: oil companies are sure helping the public beat the recession, yes?????? NOT
rich-c: hello gUY
Guy B: Greetings!!!
BobS: hey Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir GuyB
BobS: too bad neil can't make it.............................
Dale: I was just talking with Daniel about maybe sharing a room.
Judy: ..
rich-c: yeah, I have to fill my tank every two months - that can hurt
Dale: I plan to send you $200 before the end of the month.
BobS: not whenyou fill it once every 2 months
Judy: hi, Guy
Dale: And I'll have to pay the rest in June.
BobS: ok, so probably just you coming Dale????
Dale: That's how it looks at the moment.
BobS: ok, bummer, but ok I guess
Dale: How many do you expect at this AdamCon?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to fill up the formular... I didn't do it before because I wasn't sure to make it.
Dale: Find someone new to come? That always makes the 'Con a memorable event.
BobS: was hoping for around the 20 mark
rich-c: Dr, D, and Erin are dubious, ditto Ron
BobS: got to get ahold of Dr D and Erin
BobS: ron won't be coming
Dale: I'm still hopeful that I'll get to meet Geoff Oltmans some day.
Dale: I've known him since the GEnie Adam Roundtable days I guess.
rich-c: I believe they are in teh process of mopving Erin over to leveland now
BobS: I have talked to Ron and it won't happen this year
rich-c: yes, Geoff need to stop being a man of mystery
BobS: I know, Geoff has been involved off and on, but has never come to convention
Dale: Neil, as a phd student doesn't have income over the summer.
BobS: I also would like to meet him
rich-c: Joe Blenkle really should too, but he says there's no way he can swing it
Dale: And next year he isn't guranteed a university job. Usually his professor can find him something, but it is uncertain.
BobS: another name involved with ADAM and kind of dedicated, but doesn't come
Dale: So it's time for student loans maybe.
rich-c: with all the stimulus money coming on, some should go Neil's way
Daniel Bienvenu: If I have to ship something by mail for the Adamcon, to not bring it with me when crossing the border, I will have to ship it to the hotel to myself I think.
BobS: Joe is one of the first to email me if the ANN disk is not online by about the 3rd of the month
rich-c: glad his spirit remains so bright but teh body would be so welcome
Dale: Daniel, usually they don't give me any trouble when I drive stuff over the border as long as I'm planning to bring it all home again.
BobS: OR if you send it early daniel, you can send it here to the my house and we can bring it to convention, we are only a mile fromt he hhotel
Judy: ..
rich-c: just make sure you mail it, Daniel, do not send it by anyone like UPS
BobS: correct, long as you don't have anything you are going to sell (or don't tell them), you can just take it with you acrsoo the border
Judy: we are so close we can walk there
BobS: OR ride our bikes
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B: HI Pam
rich-c: hello daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam
Pamela: evening all
rich-c: Bob, how are we set up for the extra days, beyond the convention?
Judy: ..
Judy: hi, Pam
Pamela: hello
BobS: you tell me, I tell them, and you are reserved.....................BUT ya gotta tell us how many before and after
rich-c: OK, we relay through you - will you get back when they want the deposit?
BobS: yup
BobS: probably won't require a deposit, but will ask
Judy: sooner rather than later
rich-c: looks like we will want to arrive the Sunday before and go home July 1st
BobS: ok
Dale: Any hints of either Herman or George?
rich-c: we're hjoping Sunday and Dominion Day traffic will be light
Judy: Rich, so you want Sunday the 21st and leaving on July 1
BobS: have heard nothing from Herman or George
rich-c: arrive Sunday teh 21st, depart July 1st - check
Judy: ..
Dale: Well, George has said before that he has to book days off many months in advance, so we don't set the date far enough in advance these days I guess.
BobS: Herman emailed last fall saying "JEES, almost in my own backyard," but when I emailed back COME, COME I got no reply
BobS: date was set a while back
rich-c: that's what, ten days, with four paid for for the convention?
Pamela: what, Feb wasn't early enough?
Dale: I think they pick days in early December Pamela.
BobS: yup
Dale: But I'm not exactly an authority on that one.
Judy: ..
rich-c: and you will likely have to remind them it has to be a handicap friendly room
Pamela: wow, I couldn't do that
BobS: AND richard, you want a handicapped room, yes?????
BobS: ok, go it
rich-c: no options, Bob, pretty well need one
BobS: OK
Dale: It is also all done by seniority from what I understand. So if too many people book off that are above you, you're out of luck.
BobS: and Pam, you and Russell coming early and late?
rich-c: get the assist bars and stuff in place and I can get around very well indeed
Pamela: right now we're looking at arriving on the 23rd and checking out on the Monday
Pamela: need to confirm that with Russell, as I'm not sure what days he's booked and when he has to work
BobS: ok will tentatively book you in for those 2 nights
BobS: as in put on hold for now
Pamela: we would like one king bed or two of anything smaller, smoking room
rich-c: and I am a non-smoker, with my lung trouble it is not an option
Judy: you haven't quit smoking, yet?
BobS: got it Richard
BobS: and pam
Pamela: nope
Judy: with the rising prices of the buts
Pamela: in order of priority Bob that would be the king bed and then the smoking room
BobS: but YOU area a queen ?!?!?!?!?!?
Pamela: of compromise : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be the only one who speak french at the adamcon I guess
rich-c: and of course we need two beds
BobS: Richard does, Pam does
Pamela: un petit peu
rich-c: no, we are not fluent; sort of sesqi-lingual you might say
rich-c: remember it is more than fifty years since my most recent French lesson
Pamela: j'ai a besoin de practique
rich-c: j'essai tout ce que je peux, mais c'est assez pauvre
Dale: Well if things change and Jeffrey goes, he will speak French to you.
Dale: :-D
Pamela: d'accord
BobS: whew!!!! Pam, you are IN LUCK !!! they have smoking rooms
BobS: BUT only for us cigs
Pamela: it's not a huge deal Bob, I can smoke outside
Pamela: did last year, no prob
Judy: ..
rich-c: I can read French with a fair degree of success
Pamela: ick I wouldn't smoke US cigarettes
Judy: they are trying to make Michigan a no smoking state
BobS: I can 'say' FRENCH, does tha count?
rich-c: well, no, because teh word is francais
Pamela: Dale, does that mean Jeffrey isn't coming?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, here we say "peanut" instead of "arachide", and many other english words as well. so, you already know many words I do understand and use here.
Dale: It doesn't look like Jillian or Jeffrey are coming at this point.
Pamela: oh?
Judy: ..
Guy B: Cubs leading 5-2 into the bottom of the 4th
rich-c: well, your English comprehension is very good, Dan iel, far better than you ralize
Pamela: and far better than our french : )
rich-c: oh, how are teh Jays doing? they beat New York last night
Judy: no lie
BobS: I can't even say french correctly...................... ;-(
rich-c: try "fron-say", it's fairly close
BobS: ok
Judy: I took French in school but lost all of what I learned
Pamela: I'm disappointed Dale, was looking forward to seeing Jillian and Jeffrey
rich-c: the story of our lives, Judy
BobS: I can speak spanish also you know.........goto McDonalds.......dos numero uno and get fed!!!!! :-)
Judy: for sure, Rich
Pamela: however it's a bit ridiculous to travel 700 km to see someone who lives 50 kms away
Daniel Bienvenu: I think francais can be prononced that way for you : french without "ench" + answer without "swer" + said without "d".
Dale: Well, if I can make it happen Pam, I will. But sometimes you can only do what you can do.
Pamela: coordination issues, Dale?
Pamela: and Daniel, does that mean you think you will be coming?
rich-c: yes indeed Daniel, but you know les anglais - on parle francais comme une vache espagnole
Dale: My money is tight this year so I have to be careful about what I spend for now.
Dale: Daniel is committed.
BobS: he is COMING
Pamela: woohoo!
Guy B: Alright
BobS: heck, we ALL should be an institution, maybe
BobS: but ya'll gonna have FUN
Dale: We are all committed to ANN Bob.
Judy: ..
rich-c: well, we had that figured out years ago, Bob
Pamela: have you decided on an outing yet Bob?
Dale: Nude beach.
Dale: Remember?
Pamela: (notice I'm ignoring the commitment issue )
BobS: oh shoot, you guessed it Dale
rich-c: but on Freecycle today, someone wanted a Commodore computer - and someone else was offering a Commodore monitor
Pamela: ah yes, forgot about that
(A dog howls in the distance)
BobS: Pam, it's a SECRET
(The lights sudddenly go out)
rich-c: yes, but we have to plan what we are going to do on our early days
(goes to fetch his beer)
Pamela: gee, dark in here
(Guy B hands a diet coke to Pamela.)
Pamela: thank you
rich-c: Frances has designs of descents on all local fabric shops
Pamela: by the way Bob, is the hotel still Pepsi?
BobS: I odn't know
BobS: if they are, the stores are close and you can get Coke
Judy: there are some of them here
rich-c: and there will be a fridge in your room
BobS: fridge AND micro
Pamela: I suspect a case of Diet Coke will make it's way into our room for himself
Judy: don't know what type of pop but that can be checked
BobS: just bring it thru the front door
rich-c: and still enough waistline damage that I'll need new clothes to get home
Pamela: well shopping is definitely on the agenda
rich-c: given up on cherry 7-up, Pam?
Guy B: And probably Diet Rite for me
Pamela: no, we get our supply from Rich now
rich-c: right - btw, when are they moving?
Pamela: it seems to have become a staple Christmas gift : )
BobS: Erin have any job prospects in the states???????
Pamela: the week of the convention : (
Judy: ..
Pamela: she has been talking to someone with some connections and a lot of knowledge at the university
rich-c: oh, merde
Pamela: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I will be at the Adamcon this year... except if they close the borders at the last minute.
Pamela: it's going to be a busy couple of weeks
Daniel Bienvenu: when is the adamcon again?
BobS: DANIEL !!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: BOB ?
Pamela: I'm upset to see her go, but pleased that they will finally be able to start their life together
BobS: thurs night hotel June 25th and leave on Mon morning June 29th
Pamela: I've loved having her here and I'll miss her terribly
Judy: just don't tell them you are working here, Daniel
rich-c: but you don't need a cat sitter any more
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not working here either
Daniel Bienvenu: job hunting
Judy: did you lose your job?
rich-c: don't suggest you are job hunting in the U.S., you will not get in
Daniel Bienvenu: In june, one year without a job.
Judy: no need there are no jobs in the US
rich-c: tell them you're a freelance programmer, specializing in games
BobS: all of you canadians are coming here on vacation !!!!!!!!to see friends in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pamela: yup
rich-c: you got it, Bob - even us Americans
Judy: just visiting friends that is the easies way thru the border
Daniel Bienvenu: of course it's for a vacation, I don't feel working when I'm with you guys
rich-c: when they look at my passport and Fran's, they always say "oh, you're Americans"
Daniel Bienvenu: in both directions?
BobS: you have a US passport, or Canadian ??????
rich-c: Canadian, Bob, that's our nationality
rich-c: but we could have US passports, I believe
BobS: onthe way back, Daniel, you say "going back home from visiting friends"
Pamela: which reminds me, I'd better start a packing list and put our passports at the top
Pamela: Daniel, you have a passport?
rich-c: going back all they want to know is if we have anything to declare
Dale: He does.
Judy: good idea, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a passport since 2007, never used it yet
Dale: Is it expired Daniel?
Dale: I think mine is still good.
Pamela: wow, that's planning ahead
Dale: It was last I checked.
Pamela: they're good for five years Dale
rich-c: no, they're good for five years, Dale - remember?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think a passport now it's for 5 years
Dale: US ones are good for 10. It isn't fair.
BobS: ours are for ten years
Judy: ..
BobS: better check it Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: so, my passport still ok in theory
rich-c: we know and we're envious - we need a new government
Judy: depends on how much you pay for one
Guy B: Just found out we are under a Tornado Watch till 11:00 PM there are heavy thunderstorms coming
Dale: Yup, I'm good until 2011.
Pamela: good thing, we'll need it if we go to visit the Drushels
BobS: nothing here yet Guy, but supposed to hit us shortly also
Judy: yes, Guy most of the bad weather is supposed to be south of us
Guy B: It's raining at Wrigley, so there is a delay there, but nothing here yet
rich-c: that big line of storms hasn't hit you yet, Guy? the first showers have started here
rich-c: the satellite photos show all of us due for a soaking tonihgt
Guy B: Game is back on
Pamela: I just hope Russell doesn't get too wet on the way home
Guy B: Looks like the storms will be here within the hour
rich-c: the way it was raining earlier, getting wet would take real effort
Judy: they were supposed to start raining between 9and 10 here but hasn't started yet
Pamela: oh charming, thunderstorms in the morning
Guy B: It's been a wet spring here. We are above normal in precipation since January
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you migrate your web site elsewhere Guyb?
Guy B: Not yet.
Judy: at least it wasn't this morning than they would cancel my swimming class
rich-c: just so we don't get any more hailstorms - it just shredded all our flowering trees
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm thinking of doing a new template instead of just copy-paste
Pamela: it wasn't the first round of hail that bothered me, it was the second
Judy: did you already have hail this year,Rich?
Judy: that is what is predicted here tonight
rich-c: we had a nasty one on teh weekend, Judy - tore apart the magnolias and tulips, shredded teh trees
BobS: so far we have been hail free
Judy: that is the pits
Pamela: did the storm wake Mom up, Dad? I was suprised she was up to take pictures
rich-c: it wasn't long, just the passage of a squall line, but it ruined our prettiest time of year
Judy: my hostas look so nice that I hate to see hail now
rich-c: actually she woke up just a little before the storm - but it got her out of bed in a hurry
Pamela: I'll bet
Pamela: woke Russell too
rich-c: we are often very slow to get up after we wake up
BobS: I need to sleep thru tonight
rich-c: today was tiring - both Frances and I needed afternoon naps
Daniel Bienvenu: Maybe some of you may like this video, it's a music made with the noise of different computer equipments like a scanner.
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: it was nuts at work today and I lost an hour to a meeting
Pamela: very frustrating
Daniel Bienvenu: And this is a video of someone talking about Coleco Adam computer.
Daniel Bienvenu:
Judy: Bob tried to take a nap but the phone rang and that was the end of that
Pamela: I was pooped when I got home
rich-c: don't know why but all we did was our shopping and we were pooped
Judy: that is how I feel tonight, my instructor tried to do us in this morning
Judy: ..
rich-c: Bob, are there any restaurants in teh hotel area that specialize in salads?
BobS: just salads?
Judy: you want just a salad bar?
rich-c: well, a menu heavy on salads, or a big salad bar - the point is keep the calories down
rich-c: Ponderosa used to offer a steak, salad bar on the side, way back when
rich-c: but Outback is notorious for Blooming Onion and eight billion calories :-(
Pamela: you don't have to have one, Dad
Judy: the grocery store has a great salad bar and do a quite a business
rich-c: you know I can resist anything but temptation
rich-c: regrettably, there is a severe limit to my won't power
BobS: Ponderosa is gone
BobS: you can get a chef salad as a meal in most any restaurant
rich-c: I guess with a microwave in teh room, something light plus a dab of salad becomes quite feasible
Pamela: springboard from the hotel webpage Dad - that will tell you what restaurants are around and you can look at the restaurant webpages for menus
Pamela: guess I'm going to have to give you microwave lessons
rich-c: do not mention iceberg lettuce in Frances" hearing or you will get a sadly bent ear
Judy: ..
BobS: but I like it
rich-c: I took a brief peek last night, Pam - it was not at all promising
Pamela: I'm with Mom - iceburg lettuce has no food value whatsoever
rich-c: you may, Bob, but she does not. Vehemently.
BobS: THAT is the point Pam, no food value, no calories, but filling
rich-c: yess, but we like our calorie-free green stuff tasty as well
Pamela: well my attitude is, if I have to eat lettuce I should at least be getting some vitamins from it
Daniel Bienvenu: it's almost 11:00 already. Well, I will fill up the formular for the adamcon because now the probabilities for me to be at the adamcon this year is good enough
rich-c: right, Daniel, we're counting on you
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week, and I hope I can send you the money as soon as next week... I wonder if it will be soon enough to get a t-shirt.
BobS: you will get it Daniel
rich-c: Bob, Frances doesn't want a t-shirt - pass her entitlement on to Daniel, OK?
BobS: be good and see you next Wed
Judy: I really like a spinach salad
Pamela: nite Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir Daniel
Guy B: Nite Daniel
Pamela: I'm with you Judy but I have yet to convince Russell that spinach is food
rich-c: oh yes, spinach salad, or a Cobb salad, can be very nice
Judy: night Daniel
BobS: nite Daniel
BobS: waht is Cobb salad?????
rich-c: in fact Dole are selling prepackaged salads here that are quite fancy (memo - bring own plates)
Judy: Bob is not sure that that is what he wants to eat also
rich-c: sort of spinach and otehr greens with bits of bacon, cheese, egg and other good stuff
rich-c: of course what you actually get depends on how the restaurant interprets the term - ideas vary
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight all, bonne nuit tout le monde!
BobS: Olive Garden for salads ?????????????
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Judy: last week when I was at the grocery store a man bought a salad off the salad bar, cost was 36 dollars
Guy B: Raining here now
Pamela: How much?????
Judy: hope he wasn't eatting it all at one time
rich-c: Olive Garden had foled up and gone away here - don't know what your survivor is like now
Pamela: was fine last year in Buffalo, Dad
Judy: we have a Olive Garden
Guy B: We have Olive Garden here too
Dale: I'm going to say farewell to you all too.
Judy: very close to the hotel
Pamela: goodnight Dale
Judy: night Dale
Dale: I actually planned to be asleep before now. <grin>
Guy B: Night Dale
rich-c: they just couldn't make a go of it in Canada - bad management, maybe
rich-c: night, Dale
Dale left chat session
Pamela: expanding too fast, I suspect
Judy: they are very busy here
Pamela: there seemed to be one on every corner for a while there
rich-c: a lot of American places can't cope with our minimum wage laws
Judy: we have one at this end of town and there is one SW end of town
rich-c: maybe we will look in to one - it's been a long time
Pamela: Olive Garden, TGI Fridays, Denny's and IHOP
Pamela: we're good
Guy B: We had a Chili's opened up here in North Riverside last year
rich-c: Dennys and IHOP are forget it for us
Judy: but most of our restorants don't have salad bars anymore
rich-c: what is Chili's good for?
Pamela: mexican, I believe
rich-c: or Ruby uesday's for that matter?
Judy: not sure, haven't been to one
Pamela: that's high-end steak
Guy B: They have chicken, burgers, ribs, salads
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changed username to LucMiron
Guy B: Ruby Tuesday is the only place that I know that still has a salad bar
rich-c: bonsoir, luc
Judy: yes, great Mexican was there Monday night
Pamela: hi Luc
LucMiron: Hello people. :)
BobS: hi Luc
LucMiron: Just dropped by before going to bed.
Judy: hi, Luc
BobS: late my man
rich-c: tu es en retard - Daniiel est parti
BobS: how are you?
BobS: you just missed Dale
BobS: and Daniel
LucMiron: I know. I've been meaning to come by for weeks now, but it always managed to skip my mind on Wednesday evenings.
Judy: yes, I am ready to turn off the computer and go to bed, so night all
LucMiron: Bye Judy.
Pamela: nite Judy
Pamela: I won't be far behind
Pamela: I'm exhausted
rich-c: well you remain welcome any time you can remember to make it - we are discussing the convention
Judy left chat session
rich-c: night Judy
LucMiron: I didn't come by expecting to see anyone in particular tonight. Just wanted to say hello to whoever was here.
Guy B: Well folks, guess I'm going to go as well. See you all next week
Pamela: gnite Guy - who won?
BobS: nnite Guy
Guy B: Cubs still winning 6-3\
rich-c: we are always glad to hear from you, even if our crowd has thinned out a bit
LucMiron: The Gatineau convention, I gather?
BobS: just looked at weather service and the storms are going north of us
Pamela: yay
Pamela: no, Grand Rapids Michigan this year Luc
rich-c: no, the Adamcon convention, in Grand Rapids, MI
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
LucMiron: Oh, right. I thought you were talking about the CCJVQ meeting.
rich-c: they are having one in Gatineau? When?
BobS: well kids, I am off the get some shuteye also
Pamela: nite Bob
BobS: so be good and I will talk to you next week
Pamela: will have our form to you soon
BobS: ok Pam
rich-c: right Bob, it may be raining on the job tomorrow
BobS: nope, rain all gone by morning
BobS: nite!!!!!
LucMiron: Um, I know the main one will be in August (8th or 15th). Can't recall the other one, but I think it's in June or July...
rich-c: OK, keep us posted on our rooms
BobS left chat session
Pamela: June 25 - 29th Luc
rich-c: you really have a lot - we only manage one Adamcon a year
LucMiron: Well, time to go to bed. T'was nice to see you guys. :)
Pamela: do come back soon Luc
rich-c: good of you to drop in - see you again soon
rich-c: a la prochaine
LucMiron: I'm moving back with my mother next week-end.
Pamela: oh my
Pamela: is that good?
LucMiron: Yeah, she's lonely, so she's glad to have me back.
Pamela: don't you have a family?
rich-c: lonely old folks need support, and kin are best
LucMiron: But I won't have any internet access from home for a while, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to drop by here next week.
Pamela: well, do your best
LucMiron: Yep. Okay, later!
rich-c: these days ISPs can get you online real quick
LucMiron: Indeed. Bye!
Pamela: well Papa
LucMiron left chat session
Pamela: time for bed I think
rich-c: looks as f we're pretty timed out too
rich-c: I can go with that - goodnight to you
Pamela: night too - will call soon
Pamela: nighty nite Daddy
rich-c: OK - colour me gone
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c left chat session
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