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rich-c: test
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changed username to Guy B
Guy B: Greetings Rich
rich-c: well, Guy, you are early tonight
rich-c: how are things in the Windy City?
Guy B: Warm and windy at the moment
rich-c: you can live with a little of that, I reckon
Guy B: Better than the frigid cold we had a few months ago
rich-c: amen to that - today is absolutely gorgeous here
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu<
Daniel Bienvenu< changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: salut, Daniel - ca marche?
Guy B: We had the sun a good full 2 days. I think we are getting some rain tomorrow then it will cool off
Guy B: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Rich<
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Daniel Bienvenu: good evening Guy
changed username to BobS
Guy B: HI Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Bob
rich-c: just so it's clear in Indianapolis for the race Sunday
BobS: hi guyys
rich-c: hi Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine (sort of)
Daniel Bienvenu: I've lost the link of the formular to fill up for the adamcon.
BobS: sort of????????
rich-c: shaken off that cold you had, then, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: after the bad cold (or flu?) I can't stop caughing occasionnaly, something I've never did before
rich-c: what did teh doctor say about it, Daniel?
Guy B: I had classes in our new database system, NetForum. I have a completed certificate that I passed phase 1 of the five courses I took and passed the knowledge check
rich-c: that should be quite useful to you, Guy, even more so when you complete it
BobS: like going to school again eh?
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't see a doctor... I prefer to give my system a chance to get rid of the problem naturally
rich-c: that can be dangerous Daniel - it is hard to make the call, though
rich-c: those things can turn so nasty on you so fast
Guy B: It will. The conversion begins tomorrow at the end of the day
rich-c: that's quick - given teh minimal training to date, that sounds like a gamble
BobS: and you only have conquered part 1 of 5 ? and they are switching over tomorrow..........seems a little soon
Guy B: The database conversion will begin, so we cannot do anything on Friday other than just viewing the records under the current system. It will Go Live on the 26th
rich-c: by which time you will have completed your training?
Guy B: Training is done
Guy B: It was all last week and Monday
rich-c: well what about the other four phases? what are they?
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
Guy B: It will come in gradually. We expect the whole thing done around 2011
Guy B: Hi Meeka
BobS: hi meeka
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rich-c: so you will be learning on the job for teh next two-plus years? yikes!
changed username to Judy
Guy B: HI Judy
rich-c: hello judy
Judy: Hi, everyone
rich-c: we're getting quite a sudden crop of Slopsemas ; - )
Meeka: hi mom
Judy: even Meeka
Guy B: Right now, when Phase 1 is running. We will have all data entry through there. Some other tasks we will continue to use the current database system we have now
Meeka: ya I remembered tonight :=P
Judy: good for you
Guy B: Mostly with the magazine subscriptions, non-members and some officers
BobS: so this new program is compatable and shares with the old system?
rich-c: so it's not to be a complete conversion for quite a while
Judy: wasn't it a beautiful day today?
Meeka: yes it was very nice
rich-c: don't knosw about for you, but here it was sublimely gorgeous
Meeka: tomorrow should be the same from what I here
rich-c: arualy our nicest day yet this year
Judy: we still have the doors open
Daniel Bienvenu: am I getting a free t-shirt or it's $12 like the formular si
rich-c: arguably
Daniel Bienvenu: said
Daniel Bienvenu: %
Daniel Bienvenu: ?
rich-c: did you get our registration, Bob?
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob?
Judy: yes, we did Rich
Guy B: In a way, it's sharing the same database. However, what we update on the new system goes directly there. If we update on the old program, then the new one won't see it
rich-c: OK, if Daniel is late give Fraqnces" t-shirt to him - she doesn't want one
BobS: you get a FREE one Daniel,
BobS: YES Richard got your registration also
Daniel Bienvenu: I had to ask to fill up the formular
Daniel Bienvenu: correctly
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm ready to give it to you
rich-c: did you get us booked for the extra time too, Bob?
Daniel Bienvenu: Should I send my registration to Jslopsema email?
Judy: ..
Judy: ..
rich-c: are we not getting through to you, Judy?
Judy: that will work Daniel
Judy: yes we did get you booked for the extra day, Rich
rich-c: that's days plural, Judy - teh Sunday before and leaving July 1st
Daniel Bienvenu: it's done... I did send my registration to you
Judy: yes that is what we got, we went in to the hotel Friday and took care of it
Daniel Bienvenu: It's official, I will be at the Adamcon 21, this summer.
rich-c: that's terrific - do they want us to phone in a deposit?
Judy: Bob is talking to Meeka on the phone
rich-c: oh, that's where they've got to
Judy: that is great Daniel
Judy: no, Rich they didn't say anything about needing a deposit
rich-c: by the way, if any of you like a bit of background music, try
rich-c: OK, we may do it anyway, but tehre will be no urgency
Daniel Bienvenu: a web radio? do you have any suggestion of a music or channel?
rich-c: at any rate, they have streams of all types of music and very few commercials
Judy: you can if you want but we do even have conformation numbers for your days
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: great Judy, could you email them to us?
rich-c: Daniel, it depends on what you like - once you get on their website they give you a big choice
rich-c: I'm on teh Big Bands stream, sometimes also the Broadway show tunes
rich-c: but they have a fair bit of something for everyone, many dozens of choices
Judy: yes, we will
rich-c: if you like classical, is good but does have ads
BobS: Clee - #307838
BobS: make that Clee - #307839
rich-c: got it copied, I think
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changed username to Pamela
BobS: DEFINE yoruself!!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam
Pamela: hello
Guy B: Hi Pam
Judy: hi, Pam
Pamela: I'm feeling sort of undefined : )
BobS: we have your extra days reserved at the hotel
Pamela: thank you
BobS: so you have that confirmed lso??????
rich-c: hello daughter
BobS: also
Judy: why do you feel undefined?
Pamela: no food
Pamela: sorta fuzzy around the edges : )
Pamela: gotta go get my dinner
Pamela: have what confirmed, Bob?
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Pam, I did finally pay Bob and Judy to be at the Adamcon this summer
Pamela: you got me beat Daniel
Judy: ..
rich-c: get your hotel confirmation number, Pam - Bob has it
Pamela: oh
Pamela: did you e-mail it Bob?
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Pamela: or do I have to find pen and paper?
changed username to Roberto
Judy: Bob died needs to come back in
Roberto requested to ban BobS
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Roberto changed username to BobS
rich-c: Bob, charge teh damn battery before chat!
BobS: oh well I didn't miss anything did I
BobS: ???????????????????????????????????????
rich-c: we'll never tell
Guy B confirmed ban
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Guy B: Bob got whacked
rich-c: we all gossiped about you
Pamela: no I just wondered if you e-mailed the confirmation or whether I need to find pen and paper
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Guy B: HI Dale
Pamela: Hi Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dale
Dale: Daniel says that the chat is tonight.
Pamela: there's a rumour : )
rich-c: hey Dale, where di you pop from?
Dale: But surely it can't be Wednesday already?
Daniel Bienvenu: Victoria day did confuse you, maybe
Judy: hi, Dale
Dale: Jeffrey's on a terrible schedule where he stays up late and then wakes up late.
rich-c: I'd say look at teh log, but it's a bit behind the times...
Dale: I really have to cure him of that.
Pamela: good idea
Judy: hard to get him to school on time that way
rich-c: (do you get the idea that Frances is a bit unhappy about that and bending my ear?)
Dale: Well Beavers is over for the year, so my weekly routine is thrown off a bit.
Pamela: wow, already?
Dale: I keep thinking that it would be good to update it
Pamela: tempus is fugiting
Dale: I'd like to automate it again, but every time I catch it up it requires some manual steps that my scripts can't do.
Dale: I have to fix that somehow.
BobS: hi Dale
rich-c: Frances will be glad to hear that, Dasle
(Guy B hands a diet coke to Pamela.)
Dale: Maybe if I can do it a couple of weeks in a row, I'll figure out how to get it automated again.
rich-c: that would be neat, especially with Adamcon coming up
Pamela: I have to go and get my dinner - brb
Judy: yes, go eat
BobS: and THEN be happy Pam
rich-c: she runs a pretty hectic schedule after work
BobS: work is sucha FOUR LETTER WORD
BobS: gets inthe way of a LTO of things
Pamela: ah, salad
rich-c: yes, I gave it up years ago and life is much easier to cope with now
BobS: spinach? lettuce? macaroni?
Pamela: lettuce
Pamela: i think
Judy: ..
rich-c: where did you get it?
Pamela: R won't eat spinach
Pamela: superstore
Pamela: it says spring greens
Pamela: sorry, mixed greens
rich-c: ever looked at the Dole prepacks of salad greens? pricey but there's variety
Pamela: that's the problem - pricey
rich-c: even have some with goodies and special dressings in the package
Pamela: because we had Erin and Rich up for dinner on Saturday, and were going to the trailer for lunch on Sunday I got the big container
Pamela: but it's too much
Pamela: we didn't end up having salad on
Pamela: Saturday
rich-c: well, you've got to eat anyway, so maybe a little extra for nicer stuff is worth it
Pamela: and we didn't eat a quarter of it on Sunday
Pamela: so now we have a lot of salad eating to do before it goes bad
Pamela: by the way, Rich plays a mean game of Trivial Pursuit
rich-c: yes, it doesn't last that long, for sure
Pamela: I should have eaten earlier
rich-c: is there a Canadian version of that?
Pamela: no, it's mixed - but aimed at the US market
rich-c: yes, although it's actually a Canadian product
Pamela: but i got some of the tougher US questions anyway
Pamela: yes the inventors were canadian
Dale: There is a Canadian edition of Trivial Pursuit.
Pamela: oh? didn't know that
Daniel Bienvenu: is there a question about Guy Laliberte?
rich-c: maybe we should take a copy to Adamcon and see how our American members cope
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Pamela: I have the original Baby Boomer edition and a set of Genus cards
changed username to Mighty Adamite
BobS: heck, I can't even win a US Trivial Pursuit
Pamela: I had Genus II cards but can't find them
Judy: good for you
Mighty Adamite: hello everyone
rich-c: now have we the Mighty Mitchell or a Montreal ringer?
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy Laliberte = Cirque du Soleil
Daniel Bienvenu: (just a hint)
Mighty Adamite: think east
Judy: we have played with our small group
Pamela: must be the sick Guy
rich-c: that would be fair - teh Ciorque has more American engagements than Canadian
Judy: they are not easy questions
Mighty Adamite: yep, feeling a bit better....
Mighty Adamite: not 100% though
Pamela: so who breathed on you, Talia or Tamara?
Pamela: and did Sandra get it?
Mighty Adamite: Well, they both give me sloppy kisses in the morning, so who the hell knows!
Pamela: even odds then : )
Mighty Adamite: Yes, Sandra was sick, but not as sick as me.
Mighty Adamite: Talia wasn't sick, only Tamara was. :)
Pamela: poor girl, not being able to take anything for it must be horrible
rich-c: whoops! Foster's here, gotta go get my beer...
Mighty Adamite: Exactly, but in a few days, hopefully she will go into labor.
Mighty Adamite: Hahah, Rich.
Pamela: how is she feeling?
Mighty Adamite: She is feeling like it can be any day now
Pamela: aside from 15 months pregnant?
Mighty Adamite: 4 yrs pregnant!!!
Pamela: of course, that's what I meant : )
Mighty Adamite: We're all exhausted, I think we will wait a long time for another. :)
Pamela: famous last words
Pamela: can I quote you on that?
Mighty Adamite: As much as we love kids, we love our sanity too.
Pamela: what does the doc say?
Mighty Adamite: About?
Pamela: when
Mighty Adamite: Ah... very soon, baby dropped, and is ready to come out
Mighty Adamite: she has a visit tomorrow
Pamela: due June 6th, right?
Mighty Adamite: yes, but it's usually earlier with Sandrsa
rich-c: historic day - D-Day
rich-c: tell her to arrange that - easy to remember
Pamela: so at 37.5 weeks she could go anytime
Mighty Adamite: The later, the better. For once I will be able to celebrate a birthday OUTSIDE. We are all born in October, November and December.
Pamela: now we start watching the feed for baby news
rich-c: having been born in August I celebrate inside too - outside is too damn hot!
Mighty Adamite: Yes, August is at the PEAK of heat...
Mighty Adamite: June is a good time. Not too warm, not too cold.
Pamela: tell that to Mother Nature - we're supposed to hit 33 tomorrow
rich-c: ask Pam about that - think St Jean Baptiste day
Mighty Adamite: I know, that's crazy!!! (re: 33)
Pamela: tell me
Judy: June can be hot also
rich-c: I'll take it, at least for one day
rich-c: I have an awful lot of thawing out to do
Pamela: moreso recently Judy
Mighty Adamite: We had a BBQ at our place with 30 guests, and we were all stuck inside on Sunday. It was too cold outside. :(
Pamela: I don't remember June being that hot when I was younger
rich-c: it's all global warming, Pam
Pamela: we had a frost warning on Sunday night Guy - I know how you feel
Judy: was warm today about 80 degrees
Pamela: I do remember that at Kimberly's rehearsal, it was 32 degrees
Pamela: I was so hot, thought I was going to pass out in the church
Pamela: luckily, the heat wave broke before the wedding
rich-c: yes, we were 25 or above, so at least 77 - of course Toronto is a heat island so it's always hotter
Pamela: my little weather network dohickey says it's 23 right now
rich-c: yes, her wedding day was as gorgeous as she deserved
Pamela: yes, those of the wedding party got more than a little sunburned doing pictures : )
Pamela: the bride wore bright pink!
Pamela: skin that is
rich-c: oh Pam before I forget
Judy: ..
Pamela: I felt sorry for the guys, all done up in shirts ties and tux jackets
rich-c: next time you're up at teh superstore, I could stand another jar of instant
Pamela: at least the girls were sleeveless
Pamela: okay Dad, I'll put it on my shopping list
rich-c: I forget what I wore but I suspect it included a wool sports jacket
Pamela: right now as a matter of fact, so I don't forget
rich-c: appreciate it, Pam
Judy: ..
Pamela: done
rich-c: by the way, I now have the new computer checked out
Pamela: I think you wore a suit Dad, but can't be sure
Pamela: would have to check the pics
Pamela: brb, gonna get 2nd course of dinner
rich-c: if so it was likely the last time I wore a suit - Kimberly should be complimented
Judy: ..
Judy: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: before saying goodnight, I have to say thanks to Rich for the link for the radio streaming... the web site said it's a beta version, but it working fine.
BobS: going Daniel ?
rich-c: yes, I'm listening to it now, Daniel - pity they don't have a French stream
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm a little bit tired... but I can stay a few more mnutes
BobS: you got to get BETTER and get rid of your sickness
rich-c: maybe I can find you one for next week
Pamela: not true
Judy: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I feel fine... just caughing sometimes... no fever, no headache.
Pamela: my wedding was the last time you wore a suit
rich-c: we can't get Pandora in Canada, that's US only
rich-c: you're right, Pam
rich-c: anyway I found out about my new computer
Pamela: you must get better Daniel
Dale: I used pandora before they figured out how to block Canadian IP addresses.
Pamela: no ickies at the con
BobS: what did you find out on your coputer Richard?
Pamela: yes, so what about the computer?
Mighty Adamite left chat session
rich-c: the copy of XP Pro on it is a very clever counterfeit
Pamela: oh?
BobS: and HOW did you find that out?????
Guy B: Yeah?
rich-c: it took Microsoft a full week to figure that out, too
BobS: ahso
rich-c: I asked Microsoft
BobS: and this was a store bought version??????
Pamela: did you suspect?
BobS: the one you talkd about all this time with Microsoft
rich-c: it was second-hand, and I knew teh possibility, but teh original Vista on it was genuine
rich-c: I admit to being somewhat surprised, becasue everything else on it is legal
rich-c: I'm even wil to consider the possibliity teh dealer made a mistake
rich-c: it's a nice computer, fast chip, 3 gig rRAM, 160 gig disc, very up to date
rich-c: the moral aspects don't bother me - Microsoft got their cut from the original Vista installation
rich-c: I tend to view an overwrite with XP as the replacement of a defective product
Pamela: so will you uninstall it and use your valid copy instead?
rich-c: maybe I will, maybe I wont, can't see it matters a great deal
Judy: ..
Pamela: it does if you want updates
Judy: ..
rich-c: no, real or fake, Microsoft sends updates to any Windows it can locate
BobS: so jsut HOW did you find out that it was a counterfeit copy?
rich-c: I got some software that read teh serial key, read it, and asked about it
rich-c: it was a genuine Microsoft key but not one used on XP Pro installations
BobS: ah, so the program recognized it was not quite correct
rich-c: in fact, it had been activated by Microsoft on that key
Daniel Bienvenu: did someone here try Windows 7 beta?
Daniel Bienvenu: can someone here answer my question : will they integrate blu-ray ready media center in Windows 7?
rich-c: no - I'm hearing very mixed messages from those who have done so
Pamela: interesting
rich-c: some say Microsoft have at least redeemed themselves, others say it's worse than Vista
Judy: they have to have a reason to make a new one
rich-c: my guess, Daniel, is that now that that fight has been settled, they will
Judy: so if it isn''t working right than that is the reason
rich-c: ye$, Judy, that i$ $o
rich-c: Vista has for most people been a major disaster
Pamela: great, now I have to worry about blu-ray vs. dvd in addition to everything else
Pamela: anyone know how to cure a sticking laptop key?
rich-c: anyway I likely already have the last Microsoft operating system I will ever buy
rich-c: keyboard cleaner - I believe it exists, in a spray can
Pamela: as in, pressurized air in a can?
Pamela: any other ideas?
rich-c: yes, but not air, some electronics-friendly solvent
Daniel Bienvenu: don't forget to worry about the 3d cinema and tv in a near future. it's based on high contrast plasma and lcd monitor or tv works and the technology blu-ray is perfect to store that much information for that.
rich-c: take it into the shower with you - or no, that doesn't work with laptops
Daniel Bienvenu: in korea, they aleardy have "3d ready" 42" tvset
rich-c: my tv is a 19" crt and it is more than satisfactory for all our needs
rich-c: I actually watched a movie on our DVD player a couple of weeks ago
Pamela: heavens
Judy: ..
rich-c: it was one Pamela loaned me about two years ago, finally got around to it
rich-c: next thing we know Russell will even get around to taking a look at it
Pamela: don't hold your breath
rich-c: especially with football season coming up in six weeks
Pamela: two years, Dad
Judy: well, what is important?
Judy: football
rich-c: Frances and I spend a great deal of time on our computers
Pamela: that depends on your point of view : )
rich-c: it seems to be evolving towards a laptop for each of us, and a common desktop
Pamela: that's our goal, too eventually
Judy: laptops are nice to have
rich-c: I watch all top league open wheel motor races, and Canadian football
rich-c: yes, well you and Bob each have your own, and so do Doug and Meeka, right?
Guy B: Cubs lost again
Pamela: oh dear
rich-c: how come? they weren't playing Toronto
Guy B: By the Cardinals. 2-1
Guy B: That's next month mRich
rich-c: well, they were here lasty week, and got swept
BobS: right
BobS: got multiple laptops
rich-c: for some reason teh Blue Jays have lost teh talent for losing lately - must have forgotten they're in Toronto
Pamela: sshhh, don't say that too loud
rich-c: oh, the bubble wil burst soon, just enjoy it while you can
rich-c: Dale, I can install XP Home over XP Pro in "repair" mode, no problem, right?
Dale: I've never tried XP Home.
Dale: I don't see why not though.
rich-c: I have the Upgrade version of XP Home, it's made to go over 98 or earlier, but will do the other too I think
rich-c: my impression is that that XP Pro can be installed over Vista, which should be similar
Pamela: Bob, did you say you were going to e-mail me the confirmation info for the hotel?
Pamela: or do I need pen and paper?
BobS: Vilneff - #307840 and you are booked in Tues & Wed nights
BobS: correct?????
Pamela: yes
rich-c: are you going to stay after too Pam?
BobS: done then ma'am
Pamela: no Dad
Pamela: Russell has to work on the 1st
Pamela: means we need to run for home on the Monday
BobS: need your registration fees though soon; hotel doesn't need anything until you come
rich-c: well, that puts a cork in that
Pamela: working on that Bob
BobS: okj
BobS: okey dokey
rich-c: got your ticket for 6/49 tonight, Pam?
Pamela: I dunno
Pamela: Russell says yes
rich-c: it's 49 million, I hope so
Daniel Bienvenu: time for me to say "goodnight", and I'm happy to be able to participate to the adamcon again
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Pamela: work on feeling better soon
rich-c: we are looking forward to having you tehre, Daniel
Pamela: it was his turn
rich-c: meanwhile, bonsoir; a la prochaine
Guy B: Well folks, time to take Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
Judy: we are glad also, Daniel and good night
Pamela: I have a shared ticket at work but that would only be 3 million or so each
Pamela: goodnight Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope to do a presentation before the adamcon, not like last time where I did a presentation quickly during the night
BobS: nite Daniel
BobS: nite Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Judy: night Guy
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
rich-c: OK Guy, see you next week - good luck with the nw job program
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you again next week (I hope)
BobS: and goodnight MRS CALABASH, whever you are !!!!!!!!
Pamela: g'nite John Boy
rich-c: nite Roberto
Judy: time for me also, so goodnight
rich-c: ditto Judy
Pamela: Nite Bob and Judy
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
Judy left chat session
Pamela: it's time I went poof too - stuff to discuss with the hubby
rich-c: looks like the witching hour has struck
Pamela: as always
Pamela: Dad, we're at the trailer this weekend
rich-c: ok Pam, talk with you anon - trailer this weekend?
Pamela: hopefully tomorrow night Dad, if I get my laundry done in a reasonable time
rich-c: OK, enjoy - it's Monaco and Indy so you know whre I'll be!
Pamela: glued to the TV I'm sure
rich-c: how d'ja guess? ; - )
Pamela: just a hunch : )
Dale: Time for me to take off, eh.
Dale: Good night.
Pamela: night DAle
Pamela: hi to Jillian
rich-c: I guess, Dale - see you next week?
Dale: I will
rich-c: nite then
Dale: Good night.
Pamela: gnite
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
rich-c: nite Pam, enjoy teh trailer
Pamela: thanks
Dale left chat session
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
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