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rich-c: hi Bob
BobS: hey Richard
BobS: how's your weather
rich-c: before I forget - Pam will be a bit late tonight
BobS: today we had HIGH humidity, then rain then sun and MAN DID IT GET HOT
rich-c: but she has questions she needs to ask
BobS: and NASTY
BobS: OK
rich-c: Russell has a toothache and it's raining, so she has gone to fetch him
BobS: oh oh
rich-c: even with a light wind, teh temperatrue was low here
rich-c: it is supposed to warm up tomorrow
BobS: yo gonna get the yuckys tomorrow then
rich-c: well, we have only had the car air conditioning on for two trips this year
rich-c: and have only had the house air on once, and that briefly
BobS: haven't had the hosue air on
BobS: but used the car air a few times after it sets in the sun and heats up
rich-c: got to remember you're outside on a hot, sweaty job
BobS: no lie
rich-c: me, I'm still trying to keep warm
BobS: :-)
rich-c: I consider 75 to still be sweater weather - I do not have a fast metabolism
BobS: depends on the humidity
rich-c: here of late the main factor has been the wind, which has been strong and cold
BobS: right,here too
BobS: seems awfully windy all the time lately
rich-c: I ended up wearing my polar fleece windbreaker a couple of days
BobS: especially when we want to sit on the deck and watch the birds and the pond
BobS: after a nasty hot and humid day today, we tried to eat on the deck and just about then the cool wind started blowing again and we came inside
rich-c: we are currently experiencing a shortage of pigeons
rich-c: a lot of feathers on the ground under teh feeder were suggestive
BobS: well then, when yo come, we can catch a few and you can take them homewith you
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changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi, Richard
rich-c: oh, as long as we can keep teh local hawk happy, our supply is adequate
rich-c: hi Judy
rich-c: I am sure we will see more than enough hot humid daysw as the season progresses
rich-c: we don't need an early start
BobS: our stinking hawks like the goldfinches
Judy: ..
Judy: and black capped chickidees
rich-c: I'm sure ours does too, but I've never seen signs of a successful pursuit
BobS: wsh they would take on the morning doves
Judy: I did he was feasting on a chickidee on the deck
rich-c: you must have smaller hawks than we do
BobS: AND the chipmunks
Judy: left feathers and such all on the deck not a pretty sight
rich-c: we don't have chipmunks in our neighbourhood, and the rabbits are scarce
rich-c: on the other hand, if you'd like us to bring along a few raccoons...
Judy: I think it was a red tail hawk
rich-c: red tails are pretty big - I'd rather expect them to go for bigger game
Judy: no thanks we can live without that
Judy: don't know but that is what the feathers looked like that he left
Judy: I have taken out two chipmunks so far this year
BobS: and NEED to get the third
rich-c: we've had a redtail even sitting on our back fence at one point, but not lately
Judy: we have had one sitting on the deck railing and one on the arch
rich-c: we would not mind having a couple of chipmunks to keep us amused
rich-c: I actually saw a vulture passing over our neighbourhood a day or two ago
rich-c: I've never seen one in the city proper, ever
Judy: they are taking sunflower seeds and digging holes and putting them in
rich-c: I do often see a hawk on local patrol, though
rich-c: so you have quite a volunteer crop of sunflowers?
Judy: and they dig holes under the pond not what we want
rich-c: ah, that would not be an issue here
Judy: that is what I am pulling out all the time
rich-c: we have an oversupply of squirrels
BobS: not too many squirrels since we stopped them from eating at the feeders
rich-c: though perhaps the hawk will take care of that
rich-c: we make it very difficult for them to get anything from the feeders
rich-c: but they just settle from the spillage the birds drop
BobS: we had a few early this spring, but then they couldn't get tot he feeders and they kinda left
rich-c: oh, we're more likely have two squabbling over spillage rights
rich-c: some even manage to get on to the feeder, but spillage is more concern than what they can get out
rich-c: the tree across the street has five active squirrel nests in it
Judy: where is everyone tonight
rich-c: so does the tree in the neighbour's yard next door
Judy: ..
BobS: nowonder you got squirrels
rich-c: I was wondering the same thing, Judy
BobS: the aliens took them??????
rich-c: I was telling Bob earlier Pam will be late but hopes he'll wait for her arrival
BobS: how late she goona be????
rich-c: she hopes to make it on not too far after 10 p.m.
BobS: we are alivehere till eleven
Judy: we put in a fence this year and I don't think they like it
Judy: can't get in and out easy
BobS: I should think so,,,,that is the bewitching hour for a young lady
rich-c: our squirrels use out chain-link as a private highway - they love it
rich-c: but I don't know where Dale or Daniel might be
Judy: ..
rich-c: wonder if they are on a private chat elsewhere?
rich-c: but neither of our Guys are here
rich-c: though didn't Guy say they expected their new baby could arrive early, any day now?
BobS: they all forgot??????
BobS: yes he did
BobS: any day now
rich-c: I don't know, Guy Bona is certainly very regular
BobS: but lots of times late
rich-c: yes, though he has been very early (for him) last several weeks
rich-c: I miss the presence of Dr. D.
BobS: and so do we.
BobS: is he pulling out of ADAMland?
rich-c: I wonder if he is going to continue as our official archivist
BobS: seems kinda strange that they are moving on the very weekend we have convention
rich-c: well, there are gov ernming factors, including when Erin's contract ends
rich-c: and I gather that money is a bit tight
BobS: so what else is new
BobS: money is always tight
rich-c: well, yes, but with the divorce and the two households, I think they are stretched
rich-c: and I believe that Rich is paying for the girls' educations
rich-c: anyway, I have a drawer full of old Adam supplier catalogues of no further use to me, but histpric value
rich-c: it's getting time to pass stuff on
BobS: that is what they are, historic value
rich-c: exactly - and remember that my life expectancy is down to single digits right now
rich-c: something needs to be done before Frances and Pamela are stuck with them
BobS: but look positive my man
BobS: well take thema long and I will introduce themto my collecitn of old catalogs
rich-c: I'm very positive, Bob - I'll also see my 80th Christmas this year
BobS: cool
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rich-c: but if you would care to take custody, I'd like to see them in caring hands
changed username to Guy B
rich-c: well, GuyB finally makes it - hi Guy
BobS: care for a set of Niad newsletters?
rich-c: nope - gacve my collection to Rich
BobS: probably could recycle one set of them that is not quite complete
Judy: ..
BobS: rain coming our way Guy?
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: historically with ephemera even a single issue can be important
BobS: he is NOT talking
Judy: maybe he is checking his email
rich-c: it is such a pity that Joe Blenkle has never taken part in the Adam mainstream
BobS: right, becasue he is very interested inthe ADAM
BobS: even has a website
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rich-c: he seems interested but has never come to chat, or a convention, or dome more than post questions on the mailing list
Judy: ..
BobS: and is still actively pursuing ADAM software
BobS: awhile back he was playing with PRboot from Walter Software
changed username to Annie
Annie requested to ban Guy B
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS: and I sent him a better versin than he bought fromFowler
Annie changed username to Guy B
BobS: Annie........da dog? ???????
rich-c: I see Guy is getting a little help with his typing ; - )
BobS: oops Guy back
Judy: are you having trouble coming in, Guy?
rich-c: I'd be happy to sell my whole Adam software stock at my cost
Guy B: No, I crashed while ejecting a CD-RW. The other one crashed too while I was trying to delete it. Now, I'm reformatting it, so I can move some files to it
Judy: ..
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Guy B: Brb
Daniel Bienvenu: I know... I'm a little bit late tonight
BobS: si senor
rich-c: ah, Daniel - salut!
BobS: you are LATE Daniel
BobS: but thas OK
Judy: hi, Daniel
rich-c: we have been worrying about you
rich-c: oh, Daniel, how are you likeing theradio?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I was checking my messages and surfing a little bit, then I saw the date in the calendar... oops!
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not actually listening to the radio, rich
rich-c: why, shame on you, Daniel ; - )
rich-c: I meant that website I mentioned to you last week, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I remember the link, rich. I have it in my bookmarks
rich-c: in fact, I have it playing in the background now
rich-c: I like their Big Band Music and On Broadway streams - which shows my age!
Daniel Bienvenu: in 4 days it will be the last day of the month... it's a deadline for a contest, so I didn't have my mind focus for the chat session tonight
rich-c: this is a game writing contest, Daniel?
Judy: what kind of contest, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: the contest is about writing a new puzzle or logic game... or at least appears to be new. I did not finish the graphics yet.
rich-c: what sort of challenge are you putting up then, Daniel?
Judy: ..
rich-c: while I think of it - will the Adam emulator and accessories run in an NTFS system?
BobS: only hting I don't think it will run on is Daoug says
rich-c: well, I know it will run in XP on FAT32 but don't know about the other
Daniel Bienvenu: Well the contest is open to many game platforms, specially the vintage ones including ColecoVision. The prizes are interrestings... and I did change my mind a couple of times, that's why I'm still in the graphics part of the project.
rich-c: I want to put it on my new laptop
rich-c: but have you decided now what the game will be about?
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changed username to <undefined>
<undefined> changed username to Dale
rich-c: hello Dale
Dale: I totally forgot that it's Wednesday.
BobS: hi Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: I've decided about the game concept
Daniel Bienvenu: I did forgot too about the date
BobS: i know that one bounced
rich-c: so what is the concept, Daniel?
Judy: ..
Judy: hi, Dale
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter, made it safely I see
BobS: hi Pam
Pamela: stoopid @#$%^ computer
rich-c: what's the matter?
Pamela: hi everyone
BobS: ALL computers are stupid
Pamela: its running really slow
Judy: hi, Pam
Pamela: and IE didn't want to work
Pamela: I had to reboot
BobS: maybe......who knows
Pamela: and I've had a heck of a day already
rich-c: you been surfing without an antivirus? or has Russell?
Pamela: no
Pamela: firewall up and antivirus on
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, (if I can make it in time) the game concept I'm thinking is a blocks game, sliding with gravity... there are tons of them already, but I think my idea is original, it's about having someone or something inside the grid you need to move around to collect items, and to free a way you have to make some blocks disappear.
rich-c: is it fully updated?
Pamela: afaik
Pamela: anyway . . .
Pamela: sorry I'm late
Pamela: things got away from me tonite
Daniel Bienvenu: talking about update... I had a vista update service pack 2 to install today.
Pamela: Bob, question for you
Pamela: we're lacking but three weeks till d-day
rich-c: if your computer stays sulky, Pam, bring it over on the weekend and I will look at it
Pamela: do you want me to mail the $ for the con, or just give it to you when we arrive?
Pamela: sounds like fun, Daniel
BobS: long as you are for sure coming, you can bring it with I guess
Judy: ..
Pamela: we are for sure coming
Pamela: looking forward to it
BobS: or Paypal works also, if you dont' want to have the cash in hand traveling
rich-c: the way our dollar is going, the later you buy the US cash the better
BobS: is it coming up?????
Pamela: mmm, that's a thought
Judy: we are too
Pamela: I was thinking a money order
rich-c: I didn't know you had a PayPal account, Bob
Pamela: but that would entail you having to find time to go to the bank
BobS: withyou? that would be safer tahn cash
Pamela: maybe I'd better mail it
Daniel Bienvenu: Based on the news here, yes... the canadian dollars is going up.
Pamela: what is the dollar at, Dad?
BobS: what is the exchange rate now?
rich-c: yes, we were almost up to 90 cents yesterday
Judy: ..
Pamela: oh really? good
BobS: tha is up some
rich-c: so a US dollar costs about $1.13 wholesale
Dale: BobS, I am working on 3 ideas for presenting at the convention
rich-c: Canada is stronger financially than almost anywhere else - which isn't saying much these days
Pamela: Dad can you get US cash from your US dollar account at a better exchange rate?
BobS: cool, we can work them in
Dale: The first is how to make a PS2 controller interface with the ColecoVision joystick port.
BobS: ok
rich-c: well Pam the whole point of the account is to not be worried by exchange rates - the money is there
Daniel Bienvenu: ps2 controller to play a coleco game... that's interresting
Dale: The second is about how to do fully animated graphics in a game in C (with my Space Harrier demo as a sample)
BobS: ok sounds good
Daniel Bienvenu: I like Space Harrier!
Dale: And Daniel suggested that I talk about how to write a game for several different kinds of consoles.
BobS: can bring soldering iron and wire cutters
BobS: ok
Dale: Do you have a specific theme for AC21?
Pamela: well we;re going to need US cash and I wondered if you could get it at a better rate
rich-c: that needs a phone call to explain, Pam - what rate did we buy the cash at? I don't know
rich-c: did we buy it at a better rate, or are we taking a loss on it now? I can't tell
Pamela: can you pull cash from that account?
rich-c: yes, that's how I send our money to Bob
BobS: "Coleco ADAM ........ TO INFINITY AND BEYOND in the 21st century"
Daniel Bienvenu: Is it a science fiction theme?
BobS: we are science fictionDaniel
BobS: how can you figure a 20+ year old computer still operating and reinventing itself
Pamela: must be the magic smoke
BobS: we are still learning new things ADAM is capable of doing
BobS: right??????
Daniel Bienvenu: in that case, somehow, I will expect a speech or presentation about what the coleco adam users in the past was thinking about the future of science fiction we are today and compare.
BobS: oh no, Pam you CAN'T let the smoke out.........very bad
BobS: you are appointed Daniel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
rich-c: after all, Pam, you've seen my Adam Smoke Detector
Guy B: Back
Daniel Bienvenu: appointed?
Pamela: yes - magic smoke out = non-operational computer
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changed username to LucMiron
LucMiron: Hello!
Dale: Daniel is giving a keynote speech?
BobS: si senorita
Pamela: hi Luc
Dale: Excellent
rich-c: ah, Luc - salut
BobS: good day Luc
Dale: Hi Luc.
BobS: he just offered, did he not?????? ;-)
Guy B: I'm waitng to find out about Jeanene. She's went to the ER complaining of shortness of breath and a racing heart.
Judy: Hi, Luc
Guy B: HI Luc
Pamela: oh dear
Daniel Bienvenu: I was thinking of doing a speech about the sound generator and show how I can write music for my projects.
BobS: not a good thing Guy
Pamela: when was this Guy?
LucMiron: keynote speech? At what event?
Guy B: And right on her birthday
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Luc
BobS: wounds good daniel
Judy: that is bad, Guy
rich-c: has she any history of atrial fibrillation? any of any sort of heart trouble?
Guy B: Sometime this afternoon. My sister called me when I got home from work. So Annie will be going to my sister's for the remainder of the week
BobS: atrial fibrillation sucks........
Guy B: No, this is a first
rich-c: can you give us any further clues? Bob knows a lot more about heart problems than he wants to, and so do I
LucMiron: @Daniel: A quel événement veux-tu présenter ton 'speech'?
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Luc, on parle du Adamcon qui aura lieu a partir du 25 juin
BobS: HEART PROBLEMS,,,,,,,,I thought you said fart problems !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
LucMiron: A Grand Rapids?
rich-c: he's talking at the Adamcon, Luc
Daniel Bienvenu: oui, j'ai prevu de m'y rendre avec Dale
BobS: AND yo could too Luc
LucMiron: Say, can people sell stuff at Adamcon?
Dale: They can
Dale: At times I've sold lots of stuff.
rich-c: if they can find a buyer - but such are scarce
Dale: But more recently I usually just sell a couple of things.
Daniel Bienvenu: I've seen people seeling stuff at the adamcon before... never bought them actually
LucMiron: I'm actually thinking of selling my Adam stuff. Mostly because I've decided to concentrate on the ColecoVision.
Pamela: there just aren't a lot of us to begin with
Pamela: which reminds me, Bob, how many are we this time?
BobS: sure they can sell, we will set up a special time
Judy: ...
rich-c: if I were to guess Luc, i'd suspect the Adam will outlast the CV, physically
LucMiron: In any case, I would be interested in tagging along on June 25th. Will Guy Foster be going?
Pamela: no,
Pamela: Guy's not coming - Sandra is due to give birth any day now
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy Foster will not be part of the Adamcon this year
BobS: so far we are about 16 I think
LucMiron: @Pamela: Oh! I forgot about that! :P
LucMiron: Well, anyhow, that would be the perfect time for me to give you your 150 transparent CV casings.
rich-c: this won't be one of our bigger ones - too many people have other demands
LucMiron: (I was talking to Daniel)
Judy: ..
BobS: yes wil be one of the smaller ones
Pamela: i'm up to fourteen - who am i missing?
BobS: no Mitch, no Dr D & rin
rich-c: the Fosters have a new baby, the Drushels are moving, Ron's new wife is unenthusiastic
Daniel Bienvenu: However, next year, the Adamcon annual meeting will be done in Canada again, and I want to bring it where you are, Luc and guyF
LucMiron: In Laval? That would be interesting... :)
rich-c: yes, I keep pushing for Quebec City but everyone says Montreal works better
Pamela: Dale, are you bringing Jillian and Jeffrey?
LucMiron: @Dale: Did you make any progress on 'Attack of the Whale Assassins'?
BobS: probably correct @ 14
BobS: no Jill & Jeffery
BobS: at this time Dale said
Daniel Bienvenu: For the transparent casings, I will think of another solution.... 150 casings will take too much space in Dale's car, I think
Pamela: : (
Judy: ..
Pamela: I'm including Murray, Jean and Melanie in that count
Pamela: am I right?
LucMiron: @Daniel: The boxes are rather small, I don't think they will pose much of a problem in any car...
BobS: so we fit bettter inthe restaurant
rich-c: Murray bringing his mother?
Pamela: but didn't include Mama McCullough
BobS: prolly real close
rich-c: no hope for Herman or George?
BobS: I thought he sent it to the list, no ?????????
Pamela: OMG!
Daniel Bienvenu: no, I didn't know
Pamela: me either
rich-c: Oh dear, what a pity - not a surprise, but even so she is missed
Pamela: I"m so sorry to hear that
Daniel Bienvenu: I remember seeing her at the adamcon.
Pamela: any idea how old she was?
LucMiron: My condolences...
Daniel Bienvenu: I did see Murray's mother at the Adamcon... I'm sure I did saw her.
Pamela: yes you did Daniel
rich-c: yes, I'm sure you did, Daniel - she joined us at meals
Pamela: last year, and in Gatineau too
BobS: murray's mail is: c.murray.mccullough at .........send him a condolence
Daniel Bienvenu: last year was niagara
Judy: she was only at one adamcon, right?
Pamela: I'm pretty sure she came to quite a few Judy
Pamela: she was at Whitby
rich-c: no, she has actually been at a fair number, but stayed out of sight
Daniel Bienvenu: So, I did probably see her 3 times, then
BobS: only one I remember was last year, unless she cam to Ottawa
BobS: she was really in the background, eh?
Guy B: Blackhawks are eliminated.
Judy: she was a very little lady
rich-c: oh yes, kept pretty much to her room, did not join in our activities, just some meals
rich-c: well, it was a good run, Guy
LucMiron: Gotta go now. I have a big day tomorrow.
LucMiron: Bye people!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Luc.
BobS: bye Luc
rich-c: OK Luc, glad you dropped in
Pamela: Russell says good - maybe hockey will be over by the convention : )
Judy: bye Luc
Guy B: Bye Luc
BobS: stop in again
Daniel Bienvenu: on se reparle demain peut-etre
Pamela: night Luc - think about coming!
Daniel Bienvenu: ice should melt ... it's summer time soon
BobS: got a room for ya......need to know by June2nd
LucMiron: @Daniel: Oh, I almost forgot: Is your deal with AtariAge to publish a new run of Jewel Panic set in stone?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, they asked for it first, gooddealgames want it too. I guess you want it too?
Judy: ..
rich-c: Bob, if Daniel and Luc set up an exhibit, do you think you could stir up some local publicity?
LucMiron: Well, perhaps, but not for Opcode Games. We can discuss it later...
Daniel Bienvenu: later
LucMiron: Bye!
LucMiron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye luc
rich-c: bomsoir, Luc
rich-c: Dale, question: is the Adam Emulator usable on an NTFS partition?
BobS: could put it on Craigslist...........gets lots of llokers
rich-c: yes, or kijiji - find gamers who would like to see a scheduled demo
Daniel Bienvenu: rich, my answer to you adam emulator question is, yes. however, adamem compiled for dos will not run under reccent windows... except if you try it under dosbox<
Dale: Works okay for me on an NTFS partiton
Dale: But there is the whole DOS in Vista issue.
Dale: That may or may not be a show stopper.
Dale: Daniel has a program called dosbox that might be a workaround though, if it comes to that.
rich-c: OK, one more obstacle out of teh way - Daniel, it runs under XP on my old laptop
Daniel Bienvenu: xp is the best, keep it
Dale: Or you could try the SDL version of AdamEm that Geoff Oltmans published a while back.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to give it a second try... I keep forgeting to try it
rich-c: I have no intention of going to Vista or 7
rich-c: but my new laptop has been backgraded with XP Pro from a Vista originals
rich-c: the XP Pro is counterfeit so I will be replacing it with XP Home
rich-c: SDL?
rich-c: but I will retain the NTFS file system, I think I'd like larger partitions and file sizes
Dale: They are nice for sure.
rich-c: yes, with Microsoft bloat, the FAT sizes get cramped
rich-c: but with a 160 gig drive, this one should last teh rest of my life
rich-c: anyway Dale, what's SDL?
Dale: I just upgraded from 80 GB to 160, because I was tired of it being full all of the time.
Dale: SDL is short for Simple Direct Layer.
Pamela: you can imagine how we're puddling along with only 40
Daniel Bienvenu: SDL is a libary of functions... an attempt for a standardization
Judy: ..
rich-c: I undersand that. Dale, though my use is considerably less intense than yours
Dale: It is a library that makes sound, input (joysticks, keyboard, mouse, etc), and video (full screen or windowed) portable between different operating systems
Pamela: and once upon a time I wondered how we would fill 10 gig
Dale: And is perfect for an emulator.
BobS: just posted the convention on Craigslist
rich-c: I don't think I'm geeky enough to mess with SDL just yet
Daniel Bienvenu: eay to fill up 10 gig... I did fill up my 500gig last year, because I did every single tv recording I did with my computer last year.
rich-c: is it just a simple download and install and you don't need to know anything?
BobS: Dale you have to bring the SDL version of ADAMEM along with you to convention.......Doug's request
Dale: You wouldn't really have to use SDL directly Richard, just run a program that includes SDL with it.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did save all the tv programs in an external hard drive
Daniel Bienvenu: one day I will watch them I think
rich-c: well if you bring it to the convention, we hope to have both laptiops there
rich-c: and by then I should have the new one functioning
rich-c: yes, when you can get a terabyte drive for just over $100, it's tempting!
rich-c: I don't record tv but have a 150 gig external for bckups
Judy: ..
Judy: I am going to call it a night, so night all
Dale: You have more than a day's worth of programs saved up, I think Daniel.
rich-c: understood Zjudy, take care, see you next week
Pamela: gnite Judy
Judy: will do, Rich
Dale: Douglas Adams says that a VCR (or PVR) is a labour saving device: it watches TV for you, so you don't have to.
Judy left chat session
Guy B: Well folks, got to get going will see you all next week
rich-c: there are days I'd find that funny, Dale
BobS: and when she leaves, I have to go too..........kinda henpecked aren't I ???????
Pamela: a not bad description, Dale
Dale: Goodnight Bob.
rich-c: Guy, keep us informed on Jeanene
Guy B: I will
rich-c: and give her our best
Pamela: goodnight Bob
BobS: actually tis my decision too a long day tomorrow
Pamela: I'll be hot on your heels
rich-c: night then Bob, till next week
BobS: so night all. see you next week
Pamela: thanks Bob
BobS left chat session
Pamela: gnight Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it's my time too... bonne nuit!
Pamela: give our best to Jeanene
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Dale: I think I'll go start some laundry.
Pamela: Dad, do we have any idea how old Mrs. McCullough was?
rich-c: right, Dale, talk to you next week - take care
Pamela: oh, the joys of having laundry in the house
Pamela: colour me jealous
rich-c: no, Pam, I don't think anyone does
rich-c: I think she was a little older than your mother or I
Dale left chat session
rich-c: I think Daniel and Guy didn't bother to exit
Pamela: I'll have to see if I can find a death notice
rich-c: anyway, if your computer stays cranky, consider bringing it over the weekend
rich-c: I don't think there is any racinf so I should be clear
Pamela: much to be done in the next weeks so I don't know if I can
Pamela: we'll see how things go
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm closing now
Pamela: FYI, moving date for Erin is June 22nd
rich-c: if you come, don't forget my coffee ; - )
Pamela: bonsoir Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
Guy B: Ok, Jeanene just called. Her oxygen was low and it caused her heart to race. I'll find out more tomorrow. Over and out
Pamela: it's on the list : )
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Pamela: thanks for the update Guy
Guy B: Poof
Pamela: keep us posted
Guy B left chat session
rich-c: thanks Guy - still not good but could be much worse
Pamela: sorry Daddy, I'm getting distracted
rich-c: sounds like you need some shuteye
Pamela: and more hours in my day
Pamela: I'm outta here for now
Pamela: will call when I get two minutes to spare
rich-c: unfortunately, those are hard to come by
Pamela: I've noticed : )
rich-c: OK, sleep tight - night now
Pamela: you too - gnite Daddy
rich-c: nite
Pamela: kerpoof
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