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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Bob
BobS: hi richard
rich-c: how's life over your way tonight?
BobS: what's new?
BobS: we are alright, weather is nce
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changed username to Meeka
BobS: kind of chilly, but not wet and partly sunny
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hello Meeka
rich-c: we're about teh same, Bob
BobS: have tocome in the hosue after supper but can enjoy the birds, etc on the deck
BobS: hi Meeka
rich-c: we were expecting much worse for our shopping day
rich-c: yes, we had a pine siskin drop by for a nibble this afternoon
rich-c: haven't seen all that many migrants so far, just a few
BobS: cool
BobS: had a couple of cedar waxwings stop by last night at supper time
rich-c: yes, a little extra activity is always welcome
BobS: Judy was to say the least.....excited
Meeka: cool
rich-c: don't blame her - since we lost all our rowan trees, they have vanished from here
BobS: Meeka; Tshirts are good, Jim was going to run them today along with the banner
BobS: what is a rowan tree?
Meeka: thats good to hear
rich-c: real name of the "mountain ash", actually more commonly used but not around here
BobS: ah, heard of mountain ash
BobS: think we have thema round here
rich-c: it's the relatively lacy tree with leaves that turn rusty red in the fall and big clusters of red berries
rich-c: in the fall, robins get ec static over them
BobS: did you get my plea on the adamlist for those who are coming to convention?
rich-c: they eat berries that have started to ferment and get drunk
BobS: want to know if it went thru
BobS: ANd they poop all over your cars
rich-c: when did you send it?
Meeka: i didnt, but then agian I havent gotten adam mail in centuries LOL
BobS: either last night or Mon night, don't remenber
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BobS: and THAT it the problem Meeka,the maillist is eratic at best
rich-c: OK, do not recall seeing it - but then you know we're coming
changed username to Judy
BobS: right
rich-c: hi Judy
Meeka: hi mom
BobS: have to inform hotel tomorrow on number of rooms
Judy: hi, Rich and Meeka
rich-c: hoo boy - maybe you'd better check individually with the others
BobS: gonna go with what I have
BobS: don't know of anyone else who might come, and I don't think the hotel is too busy anyway
rich-c: well, the majority I think are pretty certain anyway - and where you have cash it's real clear!
rich-c: pity the Adam list is not working, if there are any waverers you might pick them up
Judy: we wish more were coming but you have to go with what you have
rich-c: well, it seems there are special conditions this year that cut out a lot of regulars - it happens
Judy: meeka we had the antiques all put away on Sat
Judy: isn't that impressive
Meeka: bummer, no leftover to store then huh :-P
Meeka: yes it is
rich-c: I know I was touch and go for my attendance last year and the year before
Judy: you can go down a shop, though
Meeka: lol, gotta have dad help me finish my shelves first, then I will prob do that
Judy: yes, Rich glad your health has improved
Judy: what do they need?
rich-c: yes, I at least have some mobility now, and I am working on it
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BobS: how's Frances and her back doing?
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: I try to go out and make a ciruit of the park with my walker every day
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Meeka: I gottat bring over the brackets so we can cut them down to the right size
rich-c: hello Guy
Judy: hi, Guy
BobS: guten tag guy B
Meeka: hi guy
Judy: well bring them over
Guy B.: Vacation for the con is finalized
rich-c: her back will give her a hard time for the rest of her life, but she is holding up
BobS: I would hope so man
Judy: wonderful, Guy
BobS: take some pills
BobS: and then take some more
rich-c: you mean us? we already takeso many pills we rattle when we walk
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changed username to Pamela
BobS: ya, I know the feeling........seems like I don't need breakfast anymore
rich-c: hi daughter, did you fall asleep again?
Pamela: well good evening all
Meeka: hi pam
BobS: hi Pam
Judy: we know the feeling, rich
Pamela: nope, got a buncha stuff done
Judy: hi, Pam
Pamela: Meeka, hi!
Guy B.: HI Pam
Meeka: i made it this week :-)
Pamela: greetings to the entire
Pamela: slopsema clan (I give up)
Pamela: Hi,
Pamela: Guy!
rich-c: I got teh table and records posted, so check your gmail account regularly
Pamela: Durned enter key
Pamela: okay papa - now what was that password again?
Pamela: never mind, just kidding
rich-c: I know - I had to look up my Yahoo password to post
Pamela: and how is everyone?
BobS: super good.....we think
BobS: tired as always, had to nap tonight a little
Pamela: you're not sure?
Judy: good, even worked in the yard for a while today
BobS: work is SUCH a four letter word around here
BobS: and complained it pooped her out
Guy B.: Brb
rich-c: Frances is busy setting up the garden to suit herself, too - she has a neat kneeling stool
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Judy: but sat for a little while and knitted and feel a little rested
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm here
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Meeka: hello
Pamela: Russell and I have often remarked that if we ever get a house, we're going to set up a garden for his Mom and and a garden for mine, and set them loose
Judy: so do I, Rich but I am still working on spreding mulch
Pamela: hi dan
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich, Meeka, judy, GuyB, Pam, Bob and myself
Judy: hi, Daniel
BobS: hi daniel
rich-c: well she is busy zapping dandeliions - we are not supposed to use pesticides
BobS: what do yo zap them with?
Pamela: well until such time as we discover the dandelion's natural predator, . . .
Daniel Bienvenu: What is the temperature these days at Grand Rapids?
rich-c: on the other hand with her back digging is not an option
BobS: running around 70 fahrenheit
Pamela: perfect
Pamela: can you keep that up for another three weeks?
rich-c: we had a rabbit on our front lawn day before yesterday
Meeka: naw, will prob get a bit warmer
Judy: the problem is my garden is a work in progress and I keep changing my mind
Pamela: define a bit : )
Daniel Bienvenu: C = 5 * (F - 32) / 9
BobS: forecast is for next 2 weeks to stay about that
BobS: should warm up alittle above that though
Pamela: suits me just fine
BobS: this is kinda cool
rich-c: very elegant, Daniel, but most folks estimate it roughly anyway, or memorize equivalents
Judy: we are still trying to get rid of a chipmunk
Meeka: this one is smart?
Pamela: don't get rid of chippies! Chippies cute!
rich-c: send him to us - the other neighbourhoods have chyipmunks but we don't 8-(
BobS: darn thing won't drown, decon won't get him.....and weed killer is not keeping him out
Daniel Bienvenu: the only equivalent I remember is -40F is -40C, and -32F is 0C
Pamela: we'll bring him home : )
Daniel Bienvenu: so when it's 70F, I have to calculate
BobS: chippies digholes around pond
rich-c: wonder if I could smuggle him in, going home...
Judy: we got 2 or 3 but there is still 1 more
Pamela: too bad you can't convince the bunny to eat the dandelions, Dad
Pamela: only if he doesn't wiggle : )
rich-c: it's about 21, Daniel
Judy: and bury seed all over
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, I find out the result 21.1C by apply the formula
BobS: 21.1 degrees Celsius
Judy: I would gladly give him to you
Pamela: they like tasting fingers and toes
rich-c: for .1 degree I won't argue
Pamela: but prefer peanuts
Daniel Bienvenu: did I miss something in the previous 30 minutes?
Daniel Bienvenu: did luc or dale or dr.d shows up?
BobS: we should trap him, freeze him, give him to you, then you could take him home, thaw him out and PRESTO........yoru very own chippie
BobS: not yet Daniel
Pamela: ?!?!?!?!?
Meeka: lol
Judy: ..
Pamela: no Chipsicles please!
Judy: good one,.Pam
BobS: was a great idea though, yes?
Pamela: no!
Pamela: interesting, they don't bother the garden at the trailer
rich-c: Pam, where is Dr. D., in Cleveland now?
Pamela: yes Dad
Pamela: he won't be up here again until the weekend before the move
Guy B.: Back
rich-c: they get so much spillage from your feeder they can't take any more, Pam
Pamela: where'd you go Guy?
Judy: welcome back
Pamela: how's Jeannette, by the way?
Guy B.: Finish reading the mail and had to reboot one of the desktops as I turned on the printer late and had a printout held up
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a bunch of papers about electronics and hacks to be apply on coleco adam (I think). I'm thinking of throwing these papers in the recycle bin if no one is interrested to have them. These papers seems to be also copies of coleco adam journals (sort of) and I have not the patience or the equipement to make them electronic files or store them for archive or future usage. Do someone may want this ton of papers?
Pamela: Dr. D might, Daniel - send him an e-mail
rich-c: Daniel, I have the same problem
BobS: hacks of the ADAM ............................. food for nightime checking out?
rich-c: once Eirn gets moved to Cleveland and they get settled, Dr. D. should be inteerested
BobS: hack of what?
BobS: games, software,
Pamela: once Erin moves to Cleveland, Dr. D collecting ADAM stuff may become a thing of the past : )
BobS: she a prude also? like others we know
BobS: ?
rich-c: I certainly hope not - I don't think you want to inherit the job
Pamela: no, but she may want to actually use that second bedroom for something besides ADAM storage : )
BobS: why?
Pamela: there's only so much space in an apt. as I can attest to
BobS: they can line the walls of BOTH bedrooms with stuff, then it does not negate using the bedroom for the intended purpose
BobS: simple, eh?
rich-c: bet Joe Blenkle would love to have them but can't pay the shipping
Pamela: insulation!
Daniel Bienvenu: if I find a way to bring part with me at the adamcon?
Pamela: btw Dad, Erin has a couple of other pieces of furniture that she's not taking
Pamela: I'll ask her about listing those on Freecycle too
Judy: ..
Pamela: just how much of this stuff is there Daniel?
rich-c: right, let's see how the table goes - check at about 10 and see if there's anything yet
Pamela: although I suspect they could be curbside finds for someone too
rich-c: depends on how good they are - good stuff is best given to someone known to be deserving
rich-c: curbside often gets pawed over and vandalised and is no use to anyone
Pamela: in truth, I'm not sure how we're going to get them out
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's about 16 feet^3 of papers
Meeka: lol, well they went IN somehow Pam
rich-c: you got them in, you can get them out
Pamela: I know, but I'll be darned if I know how!
Pamela: actually in the case of the big club chair, I think Ally inherited it from the previous tenant, and left if for Erin
rich-c: let the chosen recipient figure it out
rich-c: a buddy or two and a two-four can accomplish almost anything
Pamela: I'm taking her dresser I think
Pamela: if i can make enough room in the back for it
Judy: maybe then she can leave it for the next tenant, comes with the apartment
rich-c: well, I've posted the LPs so they won't be a problem
Pamela: yes, that option has been discussed, Judy : )
Pamela: otherwise known as someone else's problem : )
rich-c: but if you post the dresser it will go overnight
Pamela: no I want the dresser
rich-c: don't know how chairs go, I see very few offered
Pamela: its bigger and much nicer than my Sears fibreboard jobbie
Pamela: so I'll take it and put the Sears one in the back room
rich-c: sounds like a plan
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changed username to Daniel 2
rich-c: fall off, Daniel?
Pamela: it should do double duty very nicely - storage for stuff and room for guests
Daniel 2: no....
Guy B.: We have dupaS?
Daniel Bienvenu: .. I don't think so
Daniel 2: I did refresh the wrong page
rich-c: Guy2 I can figure out, but Daniel2?
Daniel Bienvenu: so I was thinking I was out
Daniel 2 left chat session
BobS: you gotta quit that thinkin' stuff could get HURT
rich-c: well, your clone has gone away
BobS: ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't bring all at teh adamcon, but knowing that someone will take the papers, I will bring some with me.
BobS: OR they can be stripped of the good stuff and then recycled
rich-c: yes, but I suspect Daniel doesn't have the exprience to make the call so has to lelt you see them all
Daniel Bienvenu: If i take a few pictures with my camera. to which one I should send the jpeg files to give me the answer what to keep and what I can throw out.
rich-c: you don't have a scanner, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: doesn't work
Daniel Bienvenu: and will take too much time
Daniel Bienvenu: to fix the driver problem first
rich-c: might Luc or someone have one that does, that you could borrow?
Judy: ..
Pamela: Bob, I have a job for you once we arrive
Meeka: lol
rich-c: what kind of scanner is it, Daniel?
BobS: I am retired............................
Pamela: the hinge on our computer is going - can you fix it?
Pamela: just a little job : )
BobS: got a new one?
Pamela: no - can you help me find one?
BobS: not here
Meeka: ebay for it pam
Pamela: urg
Pamela: really?
BobS: what is it?
Pamela: Toshiba Satellite
Meeka: thats where we have found a few of ours
rich-c: have you asked Toshiba about it, Pam? They're in Markham I think
BobS: what 4200 or 4600......or???
Pamela: I dunno - where do I find that?
Daniel Bienvenu: Off Topic : Test your browser accuracy with this web page
Daniel Bienvenu: my firefox scores 71/100
rich-c: what does teh site test, Daniel?
Meeka: the stickers on the unit
BobS: look below the screen above the keyboard and read the name and number
Daniel Bienvenu: testing w3c, html rendering
Pamela: just says Toshiba, and Satellite separately - no model
Meeka: look on bottom
BobS: says TOSHIBA on the lid under the screen.........and then above the keyboard on the main cpu unit it should have the name & #
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changed username to Ron
rich-c: far as I know no browser renders html properly
Daniel Bienvenu: also testing css, that format web pages.
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ron: Hi
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Ron<
Judy: hi, Ron
BobS: evening Ron
Ron: Howzit?
Pamela: Hi Ron!
Meeka: hi ron
Pamela: better with wine : )
BobS: zit is good
rich-c: hey Ron!
Ron: I'll driznk to that
rich-c: long time no see
BobS: you better not be.......
Ron: naw!
Pamela: no, that's me
Ron: Heard from Murray last night. He wanted to know if I was going to the con
Ron: did you guys know his Mom passed away?
Meeka: nope
Judy: is the new bride keeping you busy?
Ron: sec, I'll get some detail
BobS: I told ya's guys and gals
Pamela: yes Bob just told us last week
Judy: yes, we did
Pamela: is he coming?
Judy: yes, he is
Ron: apparently it was last month. He doesn't say much else about it
Ron: I believe he is Pam
BobS: no, he didn't elaborate, jsut informed me that she had died
BobS: murray is coming
rich-c: Bob needs to know for the hotel
Ron: Yep, he says he is
Pamela: okay Bob the sticker on the bottom says its a 2450
Ron: Bob could you put me down for 2 XXL t-shirts, or is it too late?
rich-c: good, it will be good for him and good for us
BobS: I can do that my man....... actually I can get all the T's we want for no extra setup charges
Judy: ..
Ron: Good, what's the price (plus postage)?
Pamela: oh curses - we need t's too - two 3XL
BobS: ok pam which hinge si bad?????
rich-c: he'd rather set you up with a hotel room
Pamela: I think it's the right one but not positive
Pamela: it's just gotten really loose
Ron: Me Rich?
Pamela: made an ominous cracking noise just now when I lifted it
BobS: you THINK !!!!!!!
BobS: you gotta know
Pamela: it's hard to tell!
rich-c: we're awfully sorry you can't make it this year, Ron
Pamela: wishful thinking, Ron
rich-c: and we would love to meet your wife
Meeka: doug says normally they get tight before they snap and break
Meeka: if they are loose, they just wont hold the screen up
Ron: I know Rich, but it's just not in the cards this year.
rich-c: I fuss because I don't know how many Adamcons I have left
Ron: Have done nothing about the Mighty Mitchell award. Wanna let that go?
BobS: YIKES!!!! Ebay has some hinges listed @ $70 US for each hinge
Pamela: well they're slowly losing the battle with gravity
Pamela: ouch!
Meeka: nope, dads got it all set
BobS: we HAVE it covered, Mighty One
Ron: ah you're a good bunch y'all are there in Grand Rapids
Pamela: do I have a snowball's chance this year Bob?
Ron: Shall send some bux for the T shirts..... how much?
Meeka: sure Pam
BobS: don't know yet, just emailed shirt guy and told him to make sure he makes them......
Judy: everyone has a chance
rich-c: Jean and Melissa are still for-sure, right?
Pamela: Melanie, Dad
Ron: brb
BobS: will have to get the $$$ and then figure shipping to ya in CA would it be bette to let Pam take them and then ship across CA to you??????
rich-c: sorry, Melanie, right
BobS: they are comin!!!!!!
Judy: yes, paid in full just waiting for their arrival
Pamela: that would be okay with me Bob
Meeka: doug says thats there is no toshiba satalite 2450 on toshibas offical sure that is the model number pam
Judy: yes, Melanie is correct
BobS: <pam> do I have asnowballs chance this year???? for the Mighty Mitchell award, you area SHOE IN Pam
Pamela: it's old does that help?
Meeka: hahahaha not really
BobS: Meeka........ebay shows .................... Toshiba Satellite A20 A25 2450 2455 LCD Hinge
rich-c: that sounds credible, Bob
Pamela: can I quote you on that Bob?
Pamela: man, I really need to get my ducks in a row
BobS: would it be a better way to get Ron's shirts to him than to ship from the states.....thinking of border bs and gst, pst, and al other st's
rich-c: Pam, check and see what Toshiba Canada quotes
BobS: yes you CAN pam
Pamela: Hey Dad, I just got a bite - but you'll never guess what for
Meeka: whats the number on the bottom should read as a "four digit number-S then three more digits"
rich-c: the 45s?
Pamela: yep
Pamela: uh, hang on Meeka
rich-c: they have a collector popularity, Pam, that is growing
Ron: back.
Ron: Yeah Bob, that would probably be best
rich-c: anyway Pam I posted that at 9 just before I came on - quick enough action for you?
Meeka: wb ron
Ron: I will pay on demand
Ron: That way Pam can send all three
BobS: ;-)
Judy: ..
Ron: I can send a deposit
rich-c: stall as long as possible, Ron, our dollar is on the rise ; - )
BobS: all THREE?????
Ron: well she said she had one for me from last year.
BobS: I think I can trust ya Ron.....can I ????
BobS: ah
Ron: Good as AIG Bob
Ron: or GM
BobS: yo were there last year........
Ron: NOT
BobS: good then
BobS: had me worried with this AIG and GM deal
Ron: was meant for effect
Ron: Dates of the Con again? Memory fades
Pamela: Meeka, try PS245C-075DYP
BobS: June 25-29
Ron: good. Will at least make the chat
Ron: and if you guys have some kind of video feed going, that would be good
BobS: chat night on Sat......June 27th @ 9EST
Meeka: will see what we can do about that Ron
rich-c: OK - I have a new portable with a webcam so maybe we can scare teh hell out of your wife
Ron: Have webcam pointed at my ugly mug
Ron: exactly Rich
Pamela: no webcams for me, thank you very much
Pamela: stills are bad enough
rich-c: she has seen mine in action adn chickened out
Ron: Susan feels exactly the same. But maybe I can trick her into putting in an appearance
Pamela: Daniel, have you heard anything from Guy? Sandra was due yesterday
Judy: ..
Meeka: ok, its a canadian only model thats why he was not seeing it
Pamela: well, la di da
Pamela: aren't I fancy
Meeka: guess so
BobS: question is......what hinges fit
rich-c: guess you'll just have to deal with
Meeka: he looking still
Pamela: well I guess I'll try them first
Pamela: dunno if I'll have much success
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry, I was not at my desk
Pamela: and when the heck am I gonna get to Markham??
Daniel Bienvenu: No, I had no ews from GuyF or Sandra
Meeka: ebay is still a posiblilty
rich-c: well, either tehy will have them or they wont, and either the price will be tolerable or it wont
BobS: the price form Toshiba will not be tolerant
BobS: fer sure
rich-c: some folks aren't hungry enough yet?
Pamela: wonder if Geek Squad could help?
Judy: ..
BobS: just had a sinfully frosted 3 legged donut
Pamela: must be a fairly common problem
rich-c: you got $350 to spare, I'm sure they could, or at least try
Meeka: yes it is
BobS: you might pay for a new laptop[ with what the niges would cost
Meeka: thats what happens with pot metal
Ron: mmmmm
Pamela: I was just thinking that Ron : )
rich-c: I have heard about the Geek Squad, but it adds up to don't go near them
Ron: I gained 5 lbs just thinking about it
Meeka: doug has busted hinges on several of his'
Meeka: dad is too
Pamela: that's how I knew they could be fixed : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I forgot... I didn't finish to program my puzzle-logic video game in time for the contest. In fact, I didn't program something playable, so I decided to just not participate this time.
Pamela: tell Doug a huge thank you for doing the research
Judy: I had an apple fritter, was good
Meeka: prob always has been finding cheep replacements
Pamela: that's too bad Daniel
Pamela: is it a particular weakness on the Toshiba?
rich-c: that's a pity, Daniel - you are usually so successful at that
Pamela: stop it Judy, I'm drooling
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I did too much logic-puzzle games already. I should make something different<
rich-c: Bob,could you ask Doug the exact part number Pam needs?
Ron: you guys!
Meeka: the last time we had to get some we ended up finding an auction with almost everything stripped out. Just had the frame left
rich-c: it's OK Ron, now that I am getting my daily walk, my weight is holding
Ron: ah good man
Meeka: we had b-day cake for snack :-P
Daniel Bienvenu: My old toshiba satelite laptop will need a battery... but the computer still work with the power supply.
Pamela: I'm having visions of dollar bills with little wings on them . . .
rich-c: despite my weekly beer on chat night :-)
Ron: Yesterday I was out for my 5 mile bike ride, and got stopped by a motorcyclist who told me there was a huge black bear just around the corner
BobS: Meeka, has Doug found the part Pam needs yet?
Pamela: nice of him : )
Ron: fortunately for me, I got home without ever seeing the beastie
BobS: yikes
Judy: who's birthday?
Ron: When you live in the boondocks, ya gotta watch that
Ron: They're here
Meeka: daniels was on the 30th
rich-c: yes, riding right into the arms of a hungry bear would not be a fun event
Daniel Bienvenu: daniels who?
Pamela: to paraphrase "do not mess in the affairs of bears, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup"
BobS: happy b day Daniel Schofield
Judy: tell him Happy Birthday a few days lated
Daniel Bienvenu: So, there are other Daniels
Ron: Was trying to figure out how I would handle it, like... put my bike in between the bear and me, and yell a lot
BobS: Daniel........that is also Meeka's brother's name
Ron: exactly Pam
Pamela: or get the duck out of dodge : )
Ron: yup
Ron: had my camera with me, was going to offer to take his picture
Ron: Susan thought that was a dumb idea
rich-c: I am told outrunning a bear is less than a slam-dunk
Ron: much less Rich
Ron: even on a bike
rich-c: and black bears can climb trees - grizzlies just shake 'em till you drop out
Ron: yup. You definately don't want to climb trees
Meeka: Left one is P000368300 right one is P000368310. Or just search by model number of the laptop
Pamela: what, a picture of his insides????
BobS: write it down Pam
Ron: would have been that Pam.
Pamela: got it
Pamela: a thousand thank yous to Doug
Meeka: you can try a authorized repare center and see if they will just sell you the hinge
Pamela: big sloppy kiss in his future : )
Meeka: doug said it will be no big deal for him to replace it
Pamela: cool
Meeka: he has tore lots of them apart
Pamela: um could we rephrase that? LOL
rich-c: we just need to find the hinge
rich-c: try posts on craigslist and kijiji, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: 20 minutes left before 11h.
Meeka: CCSI 416-502-3090 this is a toshiba parts distributer in Toronto that according to a web page he found you can get the hinges from them
Judy: ..
Pamela: wow
rich-c: Yes, teh evening has gone quickly, Daniel - I haven't even finished my beer yet
BobS: PAM .....Ebay seller partsstoreoutlet has hinges listed for $14ca + $8.50 shipping; they are in US
Meeka: the post he found that in was from sept 2008 staiting they got some for about 25.00 per side
BobS: how much for them Meeka
Ron: Go on a binge. Replace the hinge
Ron: sorry
Pamela: yum, ate my forgotten Aero Bar. Take that, donuts
BobS: question answered then Meeka......APM find the hinges and bring em along
rich-c: that price is only about 8 months old, likely still good - and can avoid shipping
BobS: comes out about the same Richard, but thenyo have them in hand
rich-c: quite - wonder if they can be talked into a seniors discount?
Pamela: okay, I'll have to add those to the to-do list
Pamela: the place is going to be plastered in post-its
Pamela: guess I'll find out Dad
rich-c: we can get you a free program that does post-its on your computer, Pam
Ron: was gonna say
Pamela: doesn't help if I can't carry the computer with me
rich-c: I suspect I may have to chase it for you, Pam - their hours won't fit yours
Pamela: and since I can't close it . . . : )
Pamela: I may have to take a day anyway
Pamela: dad
Pamela: lots of other day time stuff to do too
rich-c: get a quote on their doing it - might be tolerable
Pamela: what are new laptop prices like down there
Pamela: Bob?
Meeka: lol rich, its no biggie for doug to do it, just needs the parts
Pamela: yes, I'll take free labour if I can get it
Pamela: plus, big smoochies in it for Doug : )
rich-c: paying a little might beat lugging a busted laptop along
Pamela: (who is currently going "ewwwwww!")
Daniel Bienvenu: Are you all coming to the Adamcon this summer?
Pamela: oui, monsieur
Ron: Not me Daniel (whine and cry)
rich-c: Frances and I certainly are - we'll be there early and stay after
Meeka: yes, wil be a delightfull 15minute drive to get there this year LOL
Ron: I will have to live vicariously through you guys
Meeka: unlike the overnight dash like last year
Pamela: beats last year's all nighter, Meeka : )
Judy: ..
Pamela: I can't believe you guys pulled that off
rich-c: never mind, next year, Montreal
Pamela: and then stayed up all day
Pamela: Daniel you have your passport?
Meeka: doug was the only one who didnt sleep
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I have my passport since 2007
Pamela: (I think I asked you that last week)
Meeka: i still dont know how he pulled that one off
Pamela: good, don't forget it
BobS: Daniel, don't forget it!!!!!! :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't use it yet
Judy: no, lie, was an awful night
BobS: ah yo gonna break it in by colming to convention
Pamela: ours too
rich-c: good, you'll get a chance ot break it in
Pamela: Ron, did you find more details on Mama McCullough?
rich-c: well you don't tell them you are going to a convention - just visiting friends
Ron: which of course is the truth
BobS: amen
Judy: makes me tired just thinking about it
Pamela: nah, that's just 'cause it's 10:50
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a question, to know on which basis I should start my presentation at the adamcon. it's about sound generator, frequencie, length,
Ron: this is the third you guys have done, no?
Daniel Bienvenu: etc..
Ron: ya did 9
rich-c: absolutely - and never burden a government official with unnecessary information - he will not cope well
BobS: yes Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: Do some of you know to read music notes?
Ron: and and 14?
Pamela: I do Daniel
Ron: I'm guessing
BobS: not counting the away ones we wer involved in
Ron: well yeah, you did 10 too
Ron: pretty much
BobS: I can read music Daniel.....don't know what it means.....but
BobS: and 16
Ron: right
Pamela: but only treble and bass clef
rich-c: I once knew but forgot long ago, unfoprtunately
Daniel Bienvenu: do you know the graphic notations only or also the letters CDEFGAB?
BobS: lost me Daniel
Pamela: both
Ron: don't forget the sharps and flats
Judy: not very musically literate
Pamela: I can bring sheet music if you like
BobS: they have those too??????
Pamela: would be for treble clef
Daniel Bienvenu: so, I guess PAM can complete this : C D E C, C D E C, E F G, E F G, G A G F E C, G A G F E C, _ _ _, _ _ _ ?
Pamela: CAC, CAC
Daniel Bienvenu: I prefer D G C, or C G C.
Pamela: okay
rich-c: ..and that brings us back to doh?
Ron: Frere Jacques
Pamela: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron, you win a car! You're right!
Ron: Now transpose that to b flat minor
BobS: WHY didn't ya just say that !!!!!
Pamela: I could, given enough time
Pamela: it's been a while
Ron: and insert augmented 7ths every 4 notes
Pamela: now you're just being smart
Judy: ..
Pamela: Mr. Midi
Ron: I'm very rusty
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok, now I have a better Idea of what you know about music notation.
Judy: lost me
BobS: heck, I am still on the freeway looking for the exit
Pamela: had my violin out a while ago
Pamela: had to count notes
rich-c: I'm still looking for the freeway ; - (
Pamela: very scary for someone who used to play
Pamela: Pachelbel Canon
Judy: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: I will have to start my speech with more basic knowledge before talking about how we can generate these notes with coleco.
rich-c: time for a little exercise to scrape offr teh rust, Pam
Pamela: a lot of exercise
Daniel Bienvenu: I will try to make it painless.
rich-c: don't fuss it, Daniel, if some of us don't catch it, it won't matter
Ron: a 12 byte transfer to the sound chip. one eight, one 4
BobS: ok
rich-c: remember we are not going to be programmming anywway
Ron: but don't forget to turn the note off, or it will play forever
Pamela: I'm wondering if my electric keyboard would be in order
Ron: I am sorry I'm going to miss that
Pamela: (actually Erin's, but who's counting)
Pamela: I suppose I should ask her if she wants it back
Meeka: thats ok Pam, possession is 9/10ths of the law right?
Judy: the clock just struck 11 so night all
Meeka: night mom
Ron: Night Judy
Pamela: night Judy
Ron: be well
Daniel Bienvenu: it's time. Well, goonight! talk to you next week.
rich-c: nite Judy
Guy B.: Well folks, will be taking out soon. Will see you all next week
Ron: I must away too. Being called
Pamela: the problem is Meeka, that in three weeks, its going to be a lot harder for her to take possession
Judy left chat session
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
Pamela: gnite Guy
BobS: nite Daniel
Meeka: and the exodis begins
Ron: hopefully I'll get in a little more often than I have be
rich-c: c u Guy
Ron: been
Ron: lately
BobS: I hope so Ron, we miss ya
Daniel Bienvenu: my presentation is not about programming, but about the sound generator. of course the idea is to eventually use this knowledge to apply it to a coleco project... but it will take another time
Pamela: hope so Ron we miss you
Ron: awww
Meeka: only a problem for her, not you thoguh :-P
rich-c: our best to Susan, Ron - come back soon
Ron: will do
Ron: G'nite all
BobS: so I need to hit the sack also, 6am morning is SO four letter
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Ron: poooof
Pamela: night Bob
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Ron left chat session
BobS: nite
Guy B.: poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: that was quick
BobS left chat session
Pamela: witching hour
rich-c: Pam, you remember your mother still has her keyboard?
Pamela: Meeka, tell Doug thanks a million
Pamela: I'll put the info to good use
Pamela: yes Dad
Meeka: ok pam
Pamela: but she won't let me have it for extended periods : (
rich-c: just in case teh info comes in handy
rich-c: well, matbe she would reconsidr at some point if asked
Meeka: alright i better be off also
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: we'll see if Erin is willing to part with hers permanently first
rich-c: goodnight Meeka, see you next week we hope
Pamela: nite Meeka
Pamela: eek!
Pamela: that was a quick poof
rich-c: anyway Pam, want to check your account and see if you have any more nibbles?
Pamela: two more - just popped up
Pamela: one on the records, one for the table
Pamela: problem solved in two hours : )
Pamela: pretty good
rich-c: you see what I mean, especially with the Friday deadline for the table?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: daughter, you are going to be inundated - but at least you were warned
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Pamela: any suggestions as to how I should choose?
rich-c: anyhow, getting on to our bedtime too
changed username to Harvie
Pamela: Hi Harvie
rich-c: I have to see Dr. Webster tomorrow
Pamela: another two minutes you'd have missed us
rich-c: well hello Harvie, didn't see you arrive
Pamela: lung doc, Dad?
rich-c: yes, he's retiring and I need a recommendation for a successor
Harvie: Hello, Thought I would stick my nose in and say Howdy
Pamela: ah
Pamela: well Howdy
rich-c: there are four good ones in teh department, but which?
Pamela: convention coming up Harvie
Pamela: June 25 - 29 in Grand Rapids
rich-c: long time no see, Harive,
Pamela: so how are ya?
Pamela: anyway Dad, I'll call you tomorrow to discuss further
Harvie: Ouch! Poor timing for me. Had hoped to be able to attend but not sure that is possible
rich-c: Pam, I got that information Meeka was passing on on part numbers, if you lose your copy
Pamela: I got it Dad but hang on to it just in case
rich-c: OK Pam
Pamela: it would be great if you could Harvie
rich-c: well, if you can get to Grand Rapids, you would certainly be extra welcome
Pamela: however, if you can't at least try to make the chat
Pamela: Saturday 27th at 9:00 pm
rich-c: we are going to be low on participants this year, for various reasons
Pamela: okay, I'm headed for bed
Pamela: Dad, talk to you tomorrow
rich-c: OK Pam, sleep tight
Pamela: Harvie, next week, 9:00 pm, okay?
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
Pamela: nite, Harvie
Harvie: Gotcha
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: yes, we were going pretty strong tonight, as it worked out
Harvie: Bed is probably a good choice for me too
rich-c: actually spent significant time working on a hinge for Pam's laptop
Harvie: How many were on?
rich-c: yes, you're still a working guy, aren't you?
Harvie: Reluctantly
rich-c: three slopsemass, two clees, daniel, guyB
rich-c: Dale or Luc never turned up - Ron did though
rich-c: know what you mean, Harvie - I'm all in favour of retirement
Harvie: How is Ronald doing?
rich-c: hie new wife won't let him come to the 'con; he's disappointed
Harvie: If I could afford it I would be retired
rich-c: yes, I worked my time and know what you mean
rich-c: but now, I'll be seeing my 8-th Christmas this year, so I figure I'm allowed to loaf a little
rich-c: 80th
Harvie: Trouble is my pension plan is run by OLG
rich-c: sorry - Ontario ? ?
Harvie: Lottery and Gaming
rich-c: I don't think that's very good ; - )
rich-c: I cursed it mightily for years, but now I'm awfully glad to be with Ontario Teachers.
Harvie: Well Rich, I am up early in the AM so I better say Goodnight
rich-c: OK Harv, glad you did stop by anyway - take care
Harvie left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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