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Meeka: hello
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LucMiron: Hi.
changed username to Go Cubs
Meeka: how are u tonight
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changed username to BobS
Meeka: hi dad
BobS: hi kids !!!!!
LucMiron: Pretty busy, actually. Got some packages to prepare for tomorrow...
Go Cubs: Greetings!!! Cubs 1-0
BobS changed username to ADAMCON Bob
LucMiron: Greetings!!! Luc doesn't care.
LucMiron: Just kidding. ;)
Go Cubs: Not a baseball fan
LucMiron: Not a fan of any sport, actually, but again, I was just kidding.
ADAMCON Bob: si senor
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changed username to Judy
Meeka: sounds good Dad
Go Cubs: Hi Judy
Meeka: hi mom
Judy: Hi, Meeka, Guy, Luc
ADAMCON Bob: where's the Richard??????
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Meeka: not sure
changed username to rich-c
Judy: Hi, Richard
Meeka: i was all alone when i got here :-P
rich-c: I was plotting eBay auction strategy
Judy: well, good for you we just came in were sitting out on the deck and watching the birds
rich-c: anyway hello everybody
Judy: saw a rose breasted grosbeak
rich-c: bob needs to look at the email exchange
ADAMCON Bob: ah ha...a stratagist
Meeka: cool
rich-c: rose-breasted grosbeaks are neat - we hardly ever see thwm
Judy: haven't seen one of them in a long time
Judy: us either
Meeka: i saw a pretty yellow bird sunday
Judy: what kind?
rich-c: the femails are so nondescript it's hard to recognize them
Meeka: closest i can find in the book is the femal oriel, but only saw it breifly so not sure
Judy: that is what the bird book says like a sparrow or a house finch
LucMiron: So did anyone see those Adam prototype expansion modules on eBay?
rich-c: yes, the male orioles are easy to spot - but again teh females are much less distinctive
Judy: that would be cool
Judy: then get the oranges out that is what they like
rich-c: yes Luc, have you read teh exchanges on teh mailing list? Geoff and Rich are in favour of getting them
rich-c: but they don't have much idea of what they are or what they're good for
Judy: we have never seen an oriole here
ADAMCON Bob: don't get the mailing list again
Meeka: we dont get the mail from the list....Dale keeps promisimng to fix it
rich-c: well, this just turned up - that's why I was late
rich-c: in fact geoff's posting today was teh first for a very l,ong time
Judy: Meeka what time are you planning on coming tomorrow?
rich-c: we have had an oriole in our pear tree once or twice over the years, but very rarely
Meeka: 9:30-10:00 ??
Judy: ..
Judy: sounds good
rich-c: by the way judy, if a purple finch sneaks in among the house finches, you likely won't spot him
Judy: no, they are close to the same
Go Cubs: Hey Rich, you're usually the first one here.
rich-c: anyway Luc, I have suggested that teh Adam community should have those pieces
ADAMCON Bob: how many of those test modules would yo like ???????? looks like a homemade ATARI adapter with some stuff ripped out........looks kinda fake to me
rich-c: we also must see we don't bid against each other to get them - there will be enough outsiderss anyway
LucMiron: How would you define the "Adam community"? :)
rich-c: pretty well anyone who has ever been on this chat, for starters
rich-c: whoever gets custody can share the information and circullate them for experimentation
rich-c: I think anyone who has been to an Adamcon or wants to go to one would qualify, Luc
Judy: looks a little crude to me
rich-c: if we want to form a pool and everyone chip in a bit to make sure we have enough to win, I'm up for that
LucMiron: Too much trouble, if you ask me...
rich-c: electronics types call a prototype a "breadboard" for a reason, Judy
rich-c: depends on how badly you and GuyF and Daniel might want to examine and use it, Luc
LucMiron: Y'know, they should have kept that shape for the casing, instead of what we got...
ADAMCON Bob: I seriously doubt that it is anything we can use, a crudely made "breadboard" but usingan Atair adapter(?); and how the heck will we fingure out what it is and how to sue it?
Judy: ..
Meeka: anybody have the item number for it so I can see it too
rich-c: Dr. D. and geoff are busy trying to figure that out, so we will need their opinion to decide our strategy
ADAMCON Bob: item # 380130289581
rich-c: sorry, meeka, Frances is on the email computer
rich-c: anyway, we have six days before we have to figure out who is willing to commit what and why
rich-c: I'd prefer that Bob take on the role of designated bidder, but maybe geoff might be better?
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changed username to LucMiron
rich-c: welcome back, Luc
LucMiron: Oops, exited without realizing it. :)
rich-c: sometimes it is rather too easy to do ;-(
Judy: ..
LucMiron: Yeah, I just closed the window from which Spaniel was spawned, and it shut down everything.
rich-c: yes, you're better leaving it up and opening anything else in another tab
rich-c: sometimes I use IE over Firefox to do a Google search or such when we are chatting
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changed username to Ron
Go Cubs: HI Ron
rich-c: hey, Ron - welcome again
Ron: Evening all
rich-c: how's life on teh wet coast?
Ron: Howz everyone?
ADAMCON Bob: hi Ron
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Judy: hi, Ron
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Ron: May the ?May the ?May the Cubs be with you Guy
Go Cubs: Hi Daniel
rich-c: dunno why, but my hip joints and back really hurt today
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir
Go Cubs: They are winning
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Who is winning?
Ron: Hey!
Go Cubs: Cubs
Ron: Hi Daniel. Ťa va bien?
Daniel Bienvenu: Ca va bien, merci!
rich-c changed username to OK Blue Jays
Ron: I see my circonflex ne fonction pas
OK Blue Jays: c'est dommage, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: try ç :)
Daniel Bienvenu: joking
Judy: we are good, Ron how about you?
Meeka: hi Ron
Ron: Doin' well thanks Judy
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Did Luc is online too?
OK Blue Jays: oui, Daniel, il est ici
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Luc
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: only a few days before the adamcon
Daniel Bienvenu: hello ron
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Judy
Meeka: hello
Ron: Hi
Daniel Bienvenu: and hello sport fans nicknames
OK Blue Jays: oh, two weeks to go yet - though we are going down the Sunday before
Daniel Bienvenu: interresting emails
(Ron sneezes.)
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Ron: pardon
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam!
OK Blue Jays: yes, we need to get together and do something about them
Go Cubs: Well, I don't feel alone now
OK Blue Jays: greetings, daughter
Go Cubs: Hi Pam
Pamela: hi there
LucMiron: Well look who's here! Hi Dan!
Ron: The night I was at Wrigley Field, the Cubs won
Judy: hi, Pamela
Meeka: hi Pam
Pamela: i see its baseball night
Judy: how are you tonight?
Daniel Bienvenu: ho I see now.... bonsoir rich-c alias ok blue jays
Pamela: still eating
Go Cubs: The Twins are coming into Wrigley this weekend
Pamela: and wired
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir luc
OK Blue Jays: thouight it was time anotehr team was heard from
Ron: Think that ball park is cool
LucMiron: Hey Daniel, did I tell you that I exchanged e-mails with Steve Begin recently?
Judy: do you get home so late, that you are eatting supper now?
Daniel Bienvenu: no you didn't told me
OK Blue Jays: given teh lake breeze I'd expect it to be downright chilly!
Judy: wired why?
Pamela: no but i had calls and visitors
Ron: I guess I'm supposed to be a Seattle Mariners fan
Pamela: Riverdance last night
LucMiron: Well, Steve thanked me for the custom Penguin Land box I sent him... Over a year and a half ago!
OK Blue Jays: oh if you're fussed, I got your hinges Monday afternoon
Ron: Oh wow!
Ron: Riverdance!
Judy: was it good?
Daniel Bienvenu: that may be a good sign, luc
Pamela: thanks Dad
Pamela: AWESOME!
LucMiron: Better than a 'good sign', he's going to let me publish 100 new copies of Penguin Land!
Pamela: Wish fulfillment on stage
Ron: What would one pay for a ticket there?
OK Blue Jays: I think we have a tape of it - have to give it a look sometime
Judy: that is good
Daniel Bienvenu: only penguin land?
LucMiron: I'll be working with J-F (retroillucid on the AtariAge forums) to make it happen.
Pamela: $89.00 for basically front row centre
Ron: actually, that's not bad
Pamela: no, it's incredibly good
Ron: would be over $100 in Vancouver
LucMiron: Well, if Penguin Land goes well, Steve will probably let us publish a run of Lode Runner carts too.
Pamela: OMG, it was incredible
LucMiron: Steve is also interested in letting us publish Wizard Siege, if he ever finishes it.
Pamela: I want to go back and see it again
Pamela: unfortunately, not enough time or $$ to go back
LucMiron: I will be using sky-blue cartrdige casings for Penguin Land, and green casings for Lode Runner.
Ron: We were thinking of going to see Il Divo recently; they were in Vancouver and Victoria. But the prices were outa sight $150. plus
OK Blue Jays: hey, anyone heard from Guy Foster? Is he a parent again, yet?
Judy: is it in town for long, Pam?
LucMiron: @rish: Haven't heard anything from him.
Pamela: June 5th to 21st Judy - and it's the farewell tour
OK Blue Jays: anything on his Facebook site? our women might know
Ron: Does Michael Flatley own the production now?
Pamela: from here they go home to Ireland for the grand finale
Pamela: no, he's had nothing to do with it since 1996 Ron
Judy: I see
Ron: oh really?
Ron: We've got a DVD and a VHS tape here of it (different shows), and he was still involved. Guess that must have been a while ago
Pamela: thats when he started Lord of the Dance
Ron: ok
OK Blue Jays: so how is Susan doing, Ron?
Pamela: there was a lot of controversy at the time - he was apparently a super-arrogant son of a b and no one could work with him
Pamela: his leading lady, Jean
Pamela: Butler, hated his guts
Ron: Very well thanks. We went to our church men's club breakfast this morning. Last meeting of the year, so we took the wives to breakfast
Judy: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: well, what you are saying confirm that Steve did progress with his projects, he did stop everything all these year, and returning to his projects may have unpredictable results. so, I will not bet on a wizard siege cartridge, but I'm happy that he did consider to let a publisher do a couple of cartridges.
OK Blue Jays: didnt know you were a church activist, Ron
Ron: Susan is active. Since last fall I have been going - more with questions than answers - but I go
Daniel Bienvenu: somehow, this break may indicate a return or a end, depending on what will happen now
Daniel Bienvenu: it's like opening pandora's box
OK Blue Jays: though it's not my thing, I do hope he carries on, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope to see him back on his projects
OK Blue Jays: every little spark of activity in the Colecovision-Adam community helps
Ron: I really must rescue my Adam from the workshop. It's been in a box since last fall
Pamela: I checked Guy F's profile just before heading here and nothing yet
Judy: my text stopped coming thru again
Daniel Bienvenu: but he did always act in a strange way
Judy: there it came
Meeka: poor mom
LucMiron: Well, I'll just be happy if Penguin Land and Lode Runner get released in more copies.
Ron: I see ya Judy
Pamela: I thought Sandra was supposed to be induced yesterday
OK Blue Jays: well, maybe he has more pressing things to do than post on Facebook
Pamela: no, he made another post about something else about an hour ago so I know it's not that
Ron: do you guys use the 'social
Ron: web sites?
Daniel Bienvenu: if you want to publish also lode runner, you will have to give him back the fire of the passion, that may two results... a boost or a burn.
Ron: Think I'm really behind the times
Ron: Twitter, Facebook, etc
Ron: ??
Pamela: just facebook along with Daniel, Dale, Jillian, Guy F
Pamela: oh, and Neil
OK Blue Jays: I have my carnuts website, don't know if that counts as social or not
Pamela: Bob, is Neil coming?
Go Cubs: Game is tied 1-1
Pamela: really! Did he say why?
Judy: yes, I am here but if I do just .. you know that things are not coming thru again
Ron: Oh.... speaking of the 'con.....
Meeka: yes ron??
OK Blue Jays: maybe your ISP is doing some monkeying about or something, judy
Ron: I might not be able to make the Saturday night chat. We're having about 18 people for a barbecue that night, had forgotten all about the date.
Meeka: lol, but then dad would have the same problem Rich
LucMiron: @Daniel: In Lode Runner's case, if he can just give me the ROM, we'll use it as-is.
Daniel Bienvenu: I ahve the rom
Daniel Bienvenu: I have the penguin land rom too
Judy: Neil has no money, he is in school
Ron: Will have to look in somewhere in there, but it probably won't be Saturday evening
Pamela: none of us have any money : )
OK Blue Jays: ah, this is something that happens on Judy's computer but not on Bob"s?
Pamela: well darn, Ron
LucMiron: We're looking into adding the CollectorVision logo on Penguin Land's title screen...
Ron: I know. We set it up about a month ago
Pamela: Guy, who are the cubs playing?
Judy: just give us a time, Ron and we will be on
Meeka: correct Rich
Ron: good
OK Blue Jays: then I guess Doug will have a challenge on his hands - bet he can find it
Judy: yes it only happens on my computer and no one knows why
Daniel Bienvenu: @luc : for that you will have to pray. because if steve doesn't feel to be ready to go back into coding, adding a splash screen will mean to hack the rom and patch it.
Meeka: Doug has tried a little bit
Meeka: he would have to take home to do better testing, but then mom wouldnt have
Judy: and what he thought was the problem is not
Ron: one of those pesky faults that only surfaces on a Wed night
OK Blue Jays: so it's still answer pending, Meeka - never mind, we have faith in him
Judy: I could give it to him if that is what he needs
Judy: that is about it, Ron
OK Blue Jays: Bob, will you be doing any internet broadcasting from the 'Con - webcam or whatever?
Meeka: Doug blames it on the spaniel chat applet for now cuz thats the only thing affected
LucMiron: @Daniel: Well, it was Steve himself who offered to add the CollectorVision logo, so... :)
Daniel Bienvenu: it doesn't mean you will have a rom this year with the logo
OK Blue Jays: is your version of Java up to date? that was a problem at one point
Daniel Bienvenu: I still didn't change bejeweled into jewel panic
Ron: Anybody heard from Dr. D. or Erin lately?
OK Blue Jays: have you found the title you choose makes a difference, Daniel?
Meeka: that detail isnt worked out yet Rich
Pamela: was with Erin tonite
OK Blue Jays: Dr. D. posted today that he is still not unpacked
Judy: we don't know, Rich
Ron: Good. Assume all is well
Pamela: had her "surprise" farewell party at work today
Daniel Bienvenu: based on the numerous emails lately in the mailing list, Dr.D is checking the new pictures of the strange coleco thing
Ron: So she's finally going to be allowed to cross the border?
Pamela: came home with flowers and lots of goodies
Meeka: brb, need a drink
Pamela: oh yes, the move is on June 22nd
Ron: good stuff
Judy: when is she done with work?
OK Blue Jays: yes, she goes for good on the 21st
Pamela: 16th is her last day
OK Blue Jays: great idea, Meeka - I'll go get one too. brb
Pamela: she is packing like crazy
Ron: e-mail me one
Ron: that's always fun
(goes to fetch his beer)
Pamela: its gonna be bizarre
Pamela: when we get home, she'll be gone
Ron created action P/the real dog
Pamela: I will miss her like crazy
(A German Shepherd barks in the distance)
Meeka: back
Daniel Bienvenu: I did see some changes in gooddealgames web site. the list of coleco homebrew games are reorganized to include thos previously released under atariage web site.
Pamela: I've loved having her here in T.O. for the last five years
(Go Cubs hands a diet coke to Pamela.)
(Pamela smiles)
Pamela: actually a drink sounds good
Pamela: brb
OK Blue Jays: Rich-c hoists a glass of Sleeman's Fine Porter to Meera - cheers!
Ron: My consumption of Diet Coke is now a thing of the past
Ron: was causing too many digestive problems
Daniel Bienvenu: still no jeepers creepers cartridges... even if Joe did say they will release a new batch.
OK Blue Jays: really? what are you drinking now?
Ron: water - cold - shaken, not stirred
Judy: at least you have email and computer that you can talk to her, is not the same as face to face but better than nothing
OK Blue Jays: I have always found that to be very good stuff, in fact it's my standard default beverage
Ron: we're on a well here, and it's really really good
Pamela: ahhh, sparkling lemonade
Pamela: this is all Jillian's fault
OK Blue Jays: nice pure aquifer down from teh mountain?
Pamela: that's true Judy
Pamela: and its not like she's moving to California
Ron: yup - three gallons a minute
Daniel Bienvenu: About Steve, I hope he will be back like at the time he did release lode runner and penguin land. I really hope to see him back in the coleco scene, finishing the games he wanted and be proud instead of feeling guilty of copyrights infragement.
Pamela: Cleveland is not that far away (as Rich has proved)
Ron: adequate for our needs, but I do have to make sure I don't leave the tap on like I used to when I was a city boy
OK Blue Jays: it would be a lot closer if Obama smartened up and thinned the border a bit
Judy: had to get Bob another phone he is talking to Doug on it and dumb thing was beeping
Pamela: well it would still be 600 kms Dad
OK Blue Jays: I don't think my long showers would fit that lifestyle, Ron
Ron: exactly Rich. Have been told to shorten such activity. And being a good and dutiful husband, I obey
OK Blue Jays: yes, but that bump on the way can slow you down unduly
Pamela: what bump? the guys at the border never look at us
Judy: he doesn't do anything to make things easy, Rich
Pamela: of course, having said that, they will now take undue interest in us on the way to GR - you wait and see
OK Blue Jays: the Canadian ones never look at us, but the American ones seem to think I'm Osama bin Laden
OK Blue Jays: talk about paranoid!
Judy: good for you, Ron
Ron: :)
Pamela: that would kill me, Ron
LucMiron: @Daniel: Good Deal Games was supposed to release a new run of Jeepers Creepers? I didn't know that...
Pamela: I love my long hot showers
OK Blue Jays: you'd think after the embarrassment with Bush and Clinton he'd smarten up
Pamela: (to my detriment most mornings )
Daniel Bienvenu: joe (Atariage
Daniel Bienvenu: )<
Daniel Bienvenu: did wanted Jeepers Creepers
Ron: Not much of a sacrifice really
Daniel Bienvenu: but it looks like atariage decided to let gooddealgames dealing with the coleco homebrew games
OK Blue Jays: speak for yourself, young feller!
Daniel Bienvenu:
Ron: <grin>
Pamela: although I must say, judicious application of CLR from time to time shortens things immensely
Judy: we pay tooo much for our water so can't take long showers
Ron: your water is metered Judy?
Pamela: I am my father's daughter, apparently
Ron: looks like it Pam
Pamela: btw Dad, many thanks for getting the hinges. Much appreciated.
Judy: we have city water and pay double what Grand Rapids does because we live in Kentwood
Pamela: double???
Ron: ewww!
Pamela: holy cow
Judy: and buy from Grand Rapids
OK Blue Jays: OK, you want to come fetch them or shall I just take them to GR?
Daniel Bienvenu: you can see the Atariage logo on many of these coleco homebrew games in the gooddealgames web site... and at the same time you can see no updated data at atariage web site
Pamela: just bring them to GR
Pamela: after all, that's where my repair guru is : )
Daniel Bienvenu: so I guess there is potentially only one publisher instead of two.... concerning them.
OK Blue Jays: the thought had occurred to me
Pamela: just please, don't forget them
Judy: yes, and he knows you are coming to have it fixed
Pamela: he's my hero : )
OK Blue Jays: that thought had also occurredd to me - I'll warn your mother
Pamela: put them on the list, or pack them in your computer case now
Pamela: that way they're already packed
OK Blue Jays: sonds simple, Pam, but isn't a lsam dunk, trust me
Judy: put them in the suit case right away
Meeka: (LOL...I should charge a doughnut fee for this)
OK Blue Jays: but the will be packed in ample fullness of time
Judy: for what?
Pamela: I probably have enough American $$ for a donut : )
Meeka: no no no
Ron: <grin> .... the ample fullness of time
Ron: I love it!
Meeka: tim hortons blueberry fritters
Ron: In other words, when I ruddy well get around to it
Pamela: ahhh
Meeka: oops, thats my fav...doug would say apple
OK Blue Jays: yes, there is much to be said for retirement - I recommend it to any young man
Pamela: hard to find in GR?
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Ron: was gonna say Meeka. Apple is better
changed username to Dale/AC21
Judy: oh, that does sound good, why did you have to bring that up, Meeka
Pamela: Hi Dale
Meeka: all we have is krispy kreme
Dale/AC21: I missed AdamCon already?
Go Cubs: Hi Dale
Dale/AC21: Hi.
Ron: Hey Dale!
Pamela: no Timmys????
OK Blue Jays: hey Dale, you finally made it
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale? you did remember this time!
Dale/AC21: no me
OK Blue Jays: have you been reading the mailing list tonight?
Pamela: no iced capp for a whole week? I'll wither away!
Dale/AC21: I needed a little help from my friends.
Judy: no, so if you bring them bring one for me too
Meeka: they were yummy....that was our midnight snack on our wild cross country dash last year
Judy: yes we did
Dale/AC21 changed username to Dale
Judy: hi, Dale
Ron: in other news........
Dale: I Luc.
Ron: We have booked an Alaskan cruise for the end of August
Dale: Hi Luc.
Meeka: that sounds fun Ron
Ron: one week from Vancouvert
Ron: Vancouver
Pamela: oh, from what I've heard you'll love it Ron
Go Cubs: (Dog decides to snooze)
Ron: I think so
Judy: sounds good, Ron
Ron: never been
OK Blue Jays: sounds like a good one, Ron - I've heard good stuff about them
Pamela: right, two apple and one blueberry fritter
Pamela: what about Bob?
Judy: on a cruise or to Alaska?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a request... that only the hosts of the adamcon annual meeting this year can handle. I have a mission for you and it's to tell me what is the biggest touristic thing to see at Grand Rapids and if someone can find a nice souvenir at a cheap price of that (not something overpriced at a souvenirs store)
Ron: both Judy
LucMiron: Hi Dale.
Judy: blueberry for me, apple for Bob
Meeka: mom and I want the blueberry, the boys can have the apple
Ron: We get off for side trips in Skagway, Ketchican and Juneau
Daniel Bienvenu: @luc : after years, it's a second nature to use this chat interface.
Judy: we love cruising
OK Blue Jays: would you prefer teh Meijer Sculpture Garden, the Gerald Ford Library, or the house designed by Fran k Lloyd Wright?
Judy: we are going in January
Ron: yeah, you guys get away from Florida eh?
Meeka: yes we do
LucMiron: Yeah, but the problem is that when I try to look at the line upward, each time someone talks, the windows drags me down to the bottom, and I lose the part I was reading.
Pamela: right, I'll make a note : )
Meeka: cool, I drooling already LOL
Pamela: sorry Luc, it's a lot easier when we're quiet : )
Ron: prices are quite reasonable right now, about 1/2 of the usual
Daniel Bienvenu: I think if you click inside the textbox, the automatic scrolling do not apply... but I'm not 100% sure
moved to room Meeting Place
OK Blue Jays: Daniel, did you see the answer to your question?
changed username to BobS
Go Cubs: Bob's back
BobS: hi Dale
BobS: got lsot I did
Judy: will have to think about that, Daniel
BobS: lost
Dale: unless you drag the bar back down to the bottom again.
Ron: ok guys, Sue wants to go get a movie. So I shall away
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: be well all
BobS: nite Ron
changed username to james
Judy: yes, we leave from Florida
Pamela: nite Ron
Go Cubs: Bye Ron
Pamela: until next week : )
OK Blue Jays: take care ron, come back soon
Dale: Goodnight Ron.
Ron: NN
james: hi ron, bye ron!
Daniel Bienvenu: I prefer to let you select what is THE souvenir from Grand Rapids I should have.
LucMiron: Bye Ron.
Pamela: Hi James
james: hi pam
Ron: Hi James, bye James
Go Cubs: Hi James
LucMiron: Maybe a bottle of water from the rapids themselves? :P
Pamela: how's life on the other side of the world?
Ron left chat session
LucMiron: Hi James. :)
james: busy as usual
james: hi luc
BobS: YO James
OK Blue Jays: depends on what interestes you most, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hi james
james: hey bob, dan
Dale: Hi james.
OK Blue Jays: hey james! didn't see you slip in
Daniel Bienvenu: I did find back something in my files about a possible coleco project to learn japanese symbols
james: just got here
Pamela: one thing I must remember to do is pop my head into Star Truck Rental on . . . oh heck, is it E. 36th?
Judy: night Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: so James, I did think of you today
Meeka: whys that Pam
OK Blue Jays: why, Pam?
Daniel Bienvenu: because of this scaned picture I did find back
Judy: hi, James
LucMiron: Look, Daniel, concerning your homebrews, if it doesn't work out with AtariAge or Good Deal Games, there's always CollectorVision. We'll get it done if the other's can't.. :)
james: this can't be good
Pamela: I talk to the manager there all the time because one of my clients rents vehicles from them and he's always calling me for certificates of insurance
Meeka: lol
Pamela: I want to go pull his tail in person
OK Blue Jays: that hadn't occurred to me - could be fascinating
Pamela: hark, the husband cometh
james: is that the imperial death march i hear in the background, pam?
OK Blue Jays: say hello to Russell for me
Daniel Bienvenu: @luc : concerning joe, I have to talk with him tonight if possible.
Pamela: LOL, James
Daniel Bienvenu: did I say Joe? I mean albert
OK Blue Jays: so what's with you, james? summer vacation?
Daniel Bienvenu: My mistake
james: i wish
Go Cubs changed username to Guy B
OK Blue Jays: you go right throough the year?
Guy B: Cubs lost 2-1
james: typically, yeah
Meeka: well, I am off
Pamela: who were they playing, Guy?
Meeka: see ya next weeek
OK Blue Jays: maybe you need to start cheering for the White Sox, Guy
Pamela: off to where, Meeka?
Meeka left chat session
james: but i've all but come to a decision that i won't be doing this in a few more years
Guy B: Houston Astros
OK Blue Jays: nite Meeka
Pamela: nite Meeka
Pamela: two weeks tonite - wow
Guy B: Fat chance
OK Blue Jays: yes, we'll be online from our hotel rooms in GR
Pamela: tempus is fugiting!
Pamela: getting tired of the rat race James?
OK Blue Jays: maybe I'll turn on my webcam and terrify everybody
Guy B: I have one dog by my side and she's looking forward to spending 4 days with Jeanene. By the way, Jeanene came home last weekend.
Pamela: phew, Guy, I was afraid they were playing the Jays : )
james: tired of teaching and dealing with other people's kids
Pamela: how is she, Guy?
OK Blue Jays: right, I don't think you even ever told us what her problem was, Guy
Pamela: I understand that, James
james: and since i only see them once a week, progress is slow. i'd like to find work where i get more.. tangible results
james: but yeah, 10 years of this is more than enough and by the time i've finished it'll be 13
Pamela: so, does that mean going into the Japanese school system, or coming home and doing it here?
james: time to make plans to move on and do something different
Guy B: She's on oxygen and she had a sleep study done this week. Otherwise, she's doing better. She's going for some more tests to see what's going on
OK Blue Jays: so what will be the next step, james?
james: i'm self-employed out of my own little school house here and a place i rent about 1/2 hr from here
james: i also visit a high school about an hour from here but i've had way more than enough of that and will not be renewing my contract in march
OK Blue Jays: do they think sleep apnea might be a problem for her, Guy?
james: next step.. not sure, but i've been banking and saving
james: like mad
OK Blue Jays: do you even know where it will be - Japan or Canada?
Pamela: back to Canada, or stay in Japan?
Pamela: (like I said, I am my fathers daughter)
james: both options are being considered
OK Blue Jays: I gather Jeanene has been having breathing problems then, Guy
Judy: ..
Pamela: where does Miyuki stand on it?
james: she'd be quite happy to move back to canada
Pamela: aren't her parents getting on in years though?
james: and we may end up doing that for at least awhile to bolster the kids' english a bit
OK Blue Jays: that makes quite a difference then, james
james: early 60s. still quite capable of fending for themselves
Guy B: It's been off and on for sometime Rich
Pamela: what about your parents?
james: they're similarly aged
james: my mother is a bit younger
OK Blue Jays: so Guy, they still don't know what'sd at the root of the problem?
Pamela: but again, still healthy and able to fend for themselves
OK Blue Jays changed username to rich-c
Pamela: long may it remain that way
rich-c: Guy, if you need a voice of expereience, I have sleep apnea and use a CP machine - you can see it in GR
Guy B: Exactly. This is the second time in 6 months she had low oxygen level. So, she will also have another stress test as well
Guy B: She has one Rich
james: and nothing against my in-laws, but for the sake of our collective sanity we need to get out
rich-c: I also have COPD - I see my respirologist every six months
Judy: ..
Judy: I think I am stuck again
Pamela: nope, just quiet
rich-c: Guy, does Jeanene know about she can save a mint on cpap supplies
Guy B: I don't know, but I'll mention it to her
james: anyway, enough about me. how have you been, pam?
Pamela: are you leaving Annie with Jeanene during the con?
rich-c: make sure you do, because they have saved me hundreds of dollars
Pamela: good James, crazy busy at work
Pamela: and I went to see Riverdance last night so I'm still high from that
Guy B: Yes I am. Annie will spend time with her and she has some other dogs she plays with
rich-c: also the is a sleep apnea forum (support group) on the web - very useful
Pamela: trying to get ready for the convention
Pamela: and spending as much time as I can with Erin before she moves to
Daniel Bienvenu: I was away
Pamela: Cleveland
Guy B: I'm going to start on my presentation for the uitilities shortly
Pamela: at the end of the month
rich-c: Dale, have you looked at the mailing list this evening?
Guy B: I'm planning to retire another desktop as I think it's at it's end. It's the Dell I got from work several years ago. I ended up reinstalling Win98, since Yahoo wanted to upgrade messenger and t got corrupted
Judy: yes, Guy get it ready
Dale: I have not Richard.
rich-c: your main issue I suspect Guy will be having the wrong screen size
Guy B: At least I can use the hard drives as external storage via USB for the others and I'm exploring getting another license for WinXP
Pamela: I'm feeling like the end of the world is coming on July 1st
rich-c: may I ask you to please do so, Dale? Your opinion is greatly needed
Judy: it is what you do with it when it is retired that counts
Guy B: I have a 15" monitor on that Dell
rich-c: not great for a 1024 x 768 screen, then
Guy B: It's on 800 x 600
rich-c: that seems to be a fading standard, much to the resentment of folks who can't afford a new computer every week
Judy: you will make it Pam
LucMiron: I have to go now. Good night!
BobS: nite Luc
Guy B: Night Luc
Pamela: goodnight Luc
Judy: night Luc
rich-c: bonsoir, Luc! glad you could come by
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Luc
BobS: we gonna leave this humble abode also
Guy B: Dell is selling an Ispiron 531 I believe with Windows XP Home for $249
Pamela: gnite Bob
LucMiron: *Pooof!*
LucMiron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: wow, an extra 'o'
rich-c: so soon, Bob? so be it - take care
Pamela: I have the fritter order written down : )
BobS: so without further ado.......I bid ya'll a fond and mushy farewell
Judy: yea before we turn into pumpkins
james: i should get going too, lots to get done before 4.00 today
Guy B: Night Bob
james: and it's already lunchtime
Pamela: that's not till midnite Judy - you're safe : )
BobS: got to shower and ge tup @ 6am tomorros
Guy B: Bye James
Pamela: goodnight Judy
Judy: good work, Pam
Judy: night all
james: *poof*
rich-c: night then Judy, and james
james left chat session
Guy B: Bye Judy
Pamela: nite James
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: you are too fast james... bye!
BobS left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye judy
rich-c: wow, that thinned teh ranks quickly
Daniel Bienvenu: who is next?
Pamela: actually, probably me
Pamela: I should go and converse with my hubby
Pamela: good crowd tonite
rich-c: I want to check and see if Dale has had time to read the mailing list
Pamela: Dad, I'll try and check in tomorrow or Friday night
rich-c: and if he has you may want to know his opinion too
rich-c: OK, you know our plans, or lack of them
Guy B: Well Rich, after reinstalling Win98. It got me thinking that it maybe time to retire the Dell desktop. So, I'm going to start backing my documents to another drive
Pamela: Dale, Daniel, Guy - goodnight
Pamela: goodnight, Daddy
Guy B: Nite Pam
rich-c: well, Guy, it works for you or it doesn't. If it does, keep it; if not, toss it.
rich-c: do you have a Freecycle chapter in Chicago?
rich-c: night, daughter
Guy B: And there are no more software upgrades for Win98, but there are for WnXP and up
Pamela: adios! Kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Dale: An interesting discussion on a system test unit
rich-c: true but lots of the freebie software still works on 98, or you can convert to Linux
Guy B: I think I'm going to have it recycled. The front panel is busted and I'm holding it with packing tape
Dale: So although Dr D would be interested in it, it doesn't really appeal to me that much.
Daniel Bienvenu: I still think it's to test video games and prototype softwares.
Guy B: I have Xubuntu and FreeDOS on it, but I have both on the other desktops
Dale: It looks to me like it is designed to do the QA step to test the Adam subsystems.
rich-c: I think it would be worth some effort to keep it within the Adam community - your feelings
Dale: A prototype expansion module wouldn't have all of those serial numbers on it.
Guy B: And it's slow compared to my faster systems
rich-c: your call, Guy - if it's busted that changes the scene
Daniel Bienvenu: I certainly cannot help you about this auction
rich-c: all you can do, Guy, is say if you wish it were available for you to examine
Guy B: Well I'll weigh my options in the next few days
Dale: RL Morgan positively identified it as a final test on the Adam, and it would have output diagnostic waveforms.
Guy B: Anyway, I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week
rich-c: OK Guy, talk to you next week - and get Jeanine on those websites I mentioned
Dale: It would be, as Geoff summarized not useful, but interesting for a collector I guess.
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
rich-c: do post your judgment, Dale, the others will find it most useful
Daniel Bienvenu: so it's to test what? a hardware or software part of the adam?
rich-c: Dale, you feel it's sort of an analogue to the Final TEst cartridge?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to go... but I want the precision about this when it's confirmed
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
rich-c: btw, Dale, if the seller is a self-proclaimed Adam enthusiasty in the Amsterdam area, I may have encountered him previously
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: only 2 weeks before the adamcon meeting... and I still have to work on my presentation.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm stressed now
Daniel Bienvenu: what it will be in two weeks
rich-c: bonne chance! just make it a good one!
Daniel Bienvenu: it has to be a GOOD ONE? now I have a very big stress.
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight!
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
rich-c: if so, Dale, he's a blowhard whose veracity I found highly questionable, shall we say
rich-c: I would aslo have significant doubts about his accuracy
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Dale: sure, I could do that Richard.
rich-c: anyway, I do hjope you will post your opinion soon
Dale: sure.
rich-c: meanwhile, Jill and Jeff likely deserve your attention
Dale: It is quite pleasing that there is an eprom in it that says "Tape Sim"
Dale: I must admit.
rich-c: so I think I'll drift away now
rich-c: good night to you
Dale: g'night
Dale left chat session
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