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rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: you seen the story of our eBay bid?
Meeka: nope, i havent been getting any list emails for a long time....Dale keeps saying he will fix one of these days
rich-c: no comment, I understand where you're at
rich-c: but geoff oltmans called our attention to an Adam item on eBay - your fatehr can explain it
Meeka: most of what I need to know I catch on chat anyways
rich-c: yes, and I'll be surprised if there isn't much chat here tonight
Meeka: whys that?
rich-c: the upshot was a strange piece of Adam equipment geoff and Dr.D. wanted to examine
rich-c: finally got taken by a bid of $711.64 - leaving us all gaping
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rich-c: we got together and figured with $180 to spend we could nail it easy - boy were we wrong
changed username to ADAMCON 21
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: I guess this is BOB
rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: and I assume that's Roberto
ADAMCON 21: HA!!!!! someone(s) wanted it worser
ADAMCON 21: $711.00
rich-c: right - I find it absolutely unbelievable
ADAMCON 21: I am thinking about scrapping my Atari modules and selling them as test modules
Meeka: hello
ADAMCON 21: can put some computer connections on them and sell them
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Rich, Meeka!
ADAMCON 21: hi dear
rich-c: I be intesnely curious to know what went on in the mind of the winning bidder
ADAMCON 21: crazyness
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rich-c: yes, I am not at all sure it would be healthy to know - pretty scary in fact
changed username to Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dale!
rich-c: hello Dale - you saw we got our noses wiped?
Dale: Hi ya.
ADAMCON 21: i Dale
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changed username to <undefined>
<undefined>: HI
rich-c: Dale, Meeka missed all our fun, says you still haven't got her on the mailing list
Dale: Happy Birthday Daniel.
ADAMCON 21: I didn't get the bag of amil today with all the sad details either
Daniel Bienvenu: It's official... I take the bus at June 24 in the morning... so I will be at Whitby probably around 17h40.
ADAMCON 21: although I have just been getting the daily summaries this past week
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Dale!
ADAMCON 21: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: your birthday, Daniel - many happy returns
Daniel Bienvenu: it's tomorrow!... but it's already June 18 somewhere on the Earth... Time paradox!
rich-c: what's tyhe Quebecois usage - joyeuse fete?
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changed username to Guy B
Guy B: Greetings All!
rich-c: hello GuyB
Dale: She has to do it herself, doesn't she?
Dale: What is your email address Meeka?
Guy B: Brb
Daniel Bienvenu: well, the right words should be "anniversaire" for "anniversary"... becaus they prefer to keep "fete" for special days like Canada's day July 1st is "fete du Canada".
rich-c: yeah, that was quite an exchange - I think the weight of messages is bending teh frame of my hard disc ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: hi GuyB
rich-c: so joyeux anniversaire, then?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, Rich! without a mistake!
rich-c: well, my French is awfully rusty - but then you know that
Daniel Bienvenu: but you can say "bonne fete"... we usually use it, even if it's not the right formula.
Meeka: is our shared account Dale
rich-c: long as the usage is proper and meaningful, Daniel, that's what counts
rich-c: sorry we couldn't buy you and Rich and geoff that gadget!
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a question to the organisators of Adamcon 21. Did someone take time to check for a Grand Rapids souvenir for me? Tell me how much it did cost and I will send you money by paypal.
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Daniel Bienvenu: I have a question : Why this town is named "Grand Rapids" ?
rich-c: Will you take a suggestion from me about that, Daniel?
Dale: I filled in the form, I think you're in. You should have a welcome message now.
Meeka: for the river runing through the s=center of town
rich-c: I think you'll get something more satisfactory if you wait till you get there and shop for yourself
ADAMCON 21: we are ON IT Daniel.....and you have money left here for your arrival to use
rich-c: remember our women will be doing a lot of shopping so transport will be available
changed username to james
Guy B: Hi James
Daniel Bienvenu: The only free time I will have during the Adamcon will after the group activity... and I don't know what it is.
rich-c: good morning, james
Daniel Bienvenu: hi James!
james: morning / evening all
Dale: That should be fine.
rich-c: the stores there close late, Daniel, and teh sessions and stuff wind up early
rich-c: you will have lots of time to wander
ADAMCON 21: close late??????? we are OPEN ALL NIGHT
ADAMCON 21: :-)
rich-c: oh, up here our smaller shops tend to take the night off
ADAMCON 21: we'll get ya somthin Daniel
ADAMCON 21: just kiddin ya guys and gals
rich-c: so james, did you follow our bidding adventures?
james: indeed the flurry of messages did make it's way across my console
james: *its
Meeka: brb, gotta wander to kitchen for a drink
rich-c: beers on teh top shelf right, Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: it took me time too to check all the messages... at least, I didn't have to read mines.
rich-c: yes, geoff and joe were going a mile a minute there
Daniel Bienvenu: When is my presentation time in the schedule?
Dale: Ah, I see David Hill is thinking of popping in on AdamCon. That'd be fun.
Guy B: Back
rich-c: really? hey, he's on the mailing list, isn't he? wonder what he thought of last night?
Daniel Bienvenu: If he brings cartridges, I will probably want one... and talk with him of course.
Dale: There is nothing particularly unusual about that assention of bids, and I'm not really suprised that a collector would pay a huge amount for such a unique iitem.
Guy B: Anyone know who won that thing on Ebay?
Daniel Bienvenu: no, <not a clue
james: i think he did in fact voice his opinion on the subject, rich
Dale: David Hill posted that he bid $525.
Guy B: Guess it's mystery then
Dale: But he came in 4th, he figures.
rich-c: I didn't see that - and Dave bid $525? our Dave?
james: yeah and mentioned an interesting cartridge project called "fireman"
Guy B: But who in the world would pay over $700 for this?
Dale: And I think that Joe Blinkle posted that he'd seen that bidder buy other hardware.
rich-c: yes, joe did mention that
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
Meeka: back
Daniel Bienvenu: This kind of exagerated price auction is not rare, and it's pissing me off.
Pamela: mmmhimmm
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam!
ADAMCON 21: Daniel, I have you for Friday morning
james: he mentioned knowing that $160 wouldn't be enough, put in a sniper bid for $256.64 (bit of geek humour there) knowing in his gut it would fetch over $500
Dale: Wait, I read the message wrong. He bid $256.64, but thought it would go way over $500, I guess.
Guy B: Hi Pam
Pamela: sorry, last mouthful of pasta
Pamela: hi
Daniel Bienvenu: Friday morning... that's the second day of the Adamcon?
rich-c: depends on how you count - first day of sessions
Daniel Bienvenu: first day of meetings
Dale: Are you typing with your mouth full again Pam?
Pamela: uh huh
Guy B: I'm outling my presentation, so I can work on it over the weekend
ADAMCON 21: is technically the second day of convention IF you count Thurs night handshakes, hugs, kisses, slap to the side ofthe head, etc
Pamela: (Note to self, remove garlic butter from keys)
(Guy B hands a diet coke to Pamela.)
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't work on my presentation right now... I have my focus on a well going project I've just started a few days ago.
(Pamela smiles)
rich-c: she doesn't need a Diet Coke, she needs a napkin!
(Guy B smiles)
Pamela: that too Papa
Daniel Bienvenu: so, we have the welcome words and then it's me already?
rich-c: you want to get it over with fast, Daniel? or give everyone lots of time to think about it?
Pamela: yes Dan
Daniel Bienvenu: it's fine... I will use my June 23 at maximum then<
Pamela: eh Daniel, bonne anniversaire demain
Daniel Bienvenu: Is there a schedule postd somewhere? I did miss it.
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Pam!
james: i'm afraid i can't stay on long today
Daniel Bienvenu: Based on James time it's already my birthday.
james: but i did want to touch base
rich-c: busy scene around the school?
Pamela: nice you made it James
james: some things to prep for today
Pamela: sorry, I'm sorta distracted here
rich-c: anyway good to have you aboard, james
james: need to grab breakfast too
Pamela: food is good
Pamela: she says, having just finished dinner
james: so take care all. if time permits a break, i may come back in a little while
Pamela: night James
rich-c: hope you can, james
james: *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale : If you think you will not use all your allowed time for your presentations, let me know soon.
james left chat session
Pamela: so Daniel will be older tomorrow,
Guy B: Night James
Pamela: Doug will be older on Friday, and I'll be older next week
Dale: Saturday i will probably have extra time free Daniel.
Pamela: lotta June babies 'round here
Meeka: saturday pam
Daniel Bienvenu: In fact, an anniversary means : you are starting your "year+1" year!
Pamela: oh right, the 20th - sorry
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm 33.999
Daniel Bienvenu: tomorrow... 34.0001 already starting my 35th year
rich-c: so my 79th birthday will be my 80th anniversary in that counting?
Pamela: so whose is the 19th? I know someone is
Pamela: we had three in a row last year
Daniel Bienvenu: is it someone on facebook ?
Pamela: c'est possible
Pamela: mmm, c'est probable now that I think about it
rich-c: speaking of which, anything from GuyF?
Pamela: a high school chum is exactly one week older
Pamela: it's a boy
Pamela: but, we knew that
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rich-c: any further details?
Pamela: the when, the how, the how long, name, weight, height etc not yet posted
Daniel Bienvenu: And for those who want to see what is the Coleco project I'm working on these days. I've made a list of videos about the progress day after day of it.
Daniel Bienvenu:
left chat session
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Meeka: hi dear :-)
changed username to DougS
Daniel Bienvenu: Doug?
Pamela: hi Doug
DougS: hi all
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Doug!
rich-c: yep, that it is
ADAMCON 21: TAKE THEM TO CONVENTION Daniel.......we can look at them some night after supper
ADAMCON 21: hey doug
Pamela: hey Dad, guess where Erin is
Dale: Bob, will there be Internet in the presentation room?
rich-c: uh, up with you?
Pamela: nope - Argos pre-season game
ADAMCON 21: there is supposed to be wireless throughout the hotel and conference room
rich-c: how did that come about? is Rich here now?
Pamela: nope
Pamela: an invite from a work friend
rich-c: tickets from someone at work?
Pamela: who has a friend on the team
rich-c: hope she enjoys it
Pamela: she did the last one, so I expect so
Pamela: last thing on her profile tonite: Note to self, remember foam finger
rich-c: wonder which American chaqnnel carries the games
Pamela: probably not
rich-c: oh Doug, I have the hinges for Pamela's laptop and will bring them with me Sunday
Pamela: woohoo!
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam?
Daniel Bienvenu: gone?
Pamela: Doug you made getting those soooo easy - thank you
DougS: glad i could help
rich-c: if teh van will carry them - they're huge, you could build a bridge with them
Daniel Bienvenu: no... I was sure someone did left the chat
ADAMCON 21: don't he deserve a big hug???????
Pamela: can't be that huge, they have to fit in the laptop : )
rich-c: james left a minute ago
ADAMCON 21: sure you got the right ones?
Pamela: oh he knows there's a big sloppy kiss in it for him already - I warned him thru Meeka : )
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changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Judy
Judy: Hi, All
rich-c: hi Judy, you're late this evening
Judy: better late than never
Pamela: Hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: So, whos' birthday in June except me?
Meeka: hi mom
Pamela: Doug on Saturday and me next Friday
Judy: Doug
Pamela: oh, Dale, when is Neil's?
Daniel Bienvenu: next Friday? really?
Pamela: oui
Judy: went to a baseball game tonight
Dale: Neil and Jill's are both in July.
Meeka: did ya get wet
Pamela: hmm, who am I thinking of
rich-c: not next Friday, Friday week at Adamcon, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope you will like my presentation friday then.
Pamela: I'm sure there's someone on the 19th
Judy: no it started to rain on the way home
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Daniel Bienvenu: So, all of you will be at the Adamcon 21?
Pamela: yes Dad - not this Friday, next Friday - the 26th
changed username to Dr. D.
Judy: couldn't believe they didn't cancel
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D ? Nice to see you again!
Pamela: hope so, Daniel
Pamela: RICH!!
rich-c: hello Rich
Pamela: Hi
Meeka: h rich
Dr. D.: Hello
Dale: Hi there Dr D.
Dr. D.: not sure how long my battery will hold out
Dr. D.: Hi to all
Pamela: plug it in
Dr. D.: back from Gretchen's softball game
rich-c: kinda run down from last night?
Daniel Bienvenu: your battery?
Judy: hi, dr d
Dr. D.: Laptop battery, Daniel
Pamela: did they win?
Guy B: Hi Dr. D
Dale: I always thought that Dr D was a wind up toy. Now we learn that he is battery based.
Judy: they don't keep score at Michaels age
Pamela: oh no, he runs on perpetual motion : )
Dr. D.: I was not up late Richard, I left it all to Joe and Geoff.
Dr. D.: It ended up being a scrimmage because the umps didn't show!
Judy: that was good, Dale
rich-c: they certainly had no shotrage of excitement
Pamela: sometimes they're more fun, Rich
Dr. D.: Gretchen is in the 10-13 league, the last community one. She played on the 7th grade team at her middle school this year.
Daniel Bienvenu: I you think you will be out soon because of the batteries, take the following link to check it out later. I think you will like them. It's me making a very cool new Coleco project. I decided to video tape the steps.
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: you know, rich, you can go back to teh website and get teh complete bidding history on that item?
Dr. D.: I looked at it before writing my analysis, Richard.
Dale: I want to watch day seven Daniel.\
Dr. D.: Not sure how long they keep past auctions around though.
Dale: Is that video up yet?
Dr. D.: Hi ADAMcon 21...sorry no Rich-n-Rin show this year :-(
Daniel Bienvenu: Day 7? ... Only Day 4 is out.
Dr. D.: Movers are coming for her stuff Monday. Delivery date, still uncertain.
Dale: I'll have to wait I guess then Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't knwo what will be in the Day 7 video
Dr. D.: But she has to physically be in the US before they will send the truck over, so looks like I will be there Monday night and we will leave Tuesday morning, cat and all.
Dale: I watch to the end of day 4 this morning, and nearly got Jeffrey to school late...
Dale: :-)
Dr. D.: We are hoping for a Wednesday delivery, but Rin has not heard back from the movers with the final arrangements.
Pamela: looks like we're going to have good weather for travelling, Rich
Dr. D.: Looks like rain all this week for Toronto.
Pamela: till Sunday
rich-c: does she have to be handy to teh border when the movers are crossing?
Dr. D.: It rained here today, overcast and rumbly this evening.
Dr. D.: No, she does not have to physically accompany the gpods.
Daniel Bienvenu: I will probably upload a Day 5 video tomorrow. I'm working on the project at this moment.
Dr. D.: But she has to be in the US for good before they are delivered, otherwise the duty-free aspect of it goes out the window.
rich-c: yes, the band of showers came by here later in teh day - soaker our peonies 8-(
Dr. D.: And the move is already going to cost at least $3050.
Dr. D.: Won't get an exact quote until they weigh the loaded truck.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a question about your labels, Dale.
Dr. D.: So they then have to notify me of the exact amount, so I can get a bank draft in the exact amount, ready to pay the driver C.O.D.
rich-c: and don't even think about teh games they will try to play with that loophole
Dale: The ones that we did for the minigame collection?
Daniel Bienvenu: but first, I want to know if there is a way to make transparent labels... I think it's vinyl labels, not paper of course.
Dr. D.: I already asked if they are going to charge us storage if they decide it isn't convenient to actually deliver until, say, July 4th, which was the upper limit they gave Rin.
Dale: Yes, transparent labels should be possible.
Dr. D.: But we have all the serial numbers for everything (did that in November when we thought we would have to declare all the duty-free stuff then).
Dale: At custom printing they use Mylar, and that comes in clear.
Judy: Meeka, are you coming tomorrow or Friday?
Daniel Bienvenu: With the transparent casings frmo Luc, I think of using transparent labels as well... that ghost game will be cool in that kind of cartrdige I think.
Dale: True.
Meeka: i hadnt decided yet :-P
Dr. D.: Say Bob (I presume you are ADAMCON 21)
ADAMCON 21: si senor
Dr. D.: I understand completely if so, but is it too late to order an AC21 T-shirt, assuming there will be any?
ADAMCON 21: can do Dr d
Judy: Rich, do you know about what time you are planning on coming in town?
Daniel Bienvenu: So, it's possible... transparent labels... I wonder what color can be put on a transparent label. I've heard that printing services doesn't normally print with the color white
Dr. D.: I would like an XL...have to ask Rin if she wants one (if so, it would be a L).
ADAMCON 21: may have extra's OR can get same at cost with no extra setup fees, just add, shipping
Dale: If you want to do a test when you are in town, we can do that.
Dr. D.: hehe as long as it isn't $711 I will be happy
rich-c: which Rich, Judy?
Dale: Black will show up the best on the clear labels, but solid red or blue or green should show up okay.
Dr. D.: You, Richard, 'cause I can't come this year :-(
Pamela: you Dad
Dale: Where there is white, you'll be able to see through it.
Judy: you, Rich C
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be in town around 17h45, June 24. And June 25 we take the road to go to the Adamcon. I don't think we will have time for anything
Dr. D.: BTW, in cleaning and consolidating to make room for Rin, I found the stack of never-worn ADAMcon IV and ADAMcon XIII T-shirts.
rich-c: we plan to make teh drive on this Sunday, June 21st, likely to arrive quite late
Daniel Bienvenu: I think $711 will be a running gag soon
Dale: Well email me a file by the end of Monday, and I'll try to make a test one before you arrive then.
Pamela: I think it already is : )
ADAMCON 21: you right Daniel
Dr. D.: I believe the IVs are all M, and all but one of the XIIIs is a XXL.
ADAMCON 21: it is the $7 11 part ............ like the 7/11 store
rich-c: I'm about teh only medium around, but I already have one
Dr. D.: Would make a great YouTube video, just take your Expansion Module #1, put a phony "ADAM Final System Test" label on it, and take it up to the counter at a real 7-11.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, I suppose I have to make a transparent PNG and let you convert it if needed.
Dr. D.: With a price tag of $711.xx (whatever the cents were).
Pamela: cute Rich
ADAMCON 21: Dale , we did and got a kids large Judy says
Pamela: Bob, how's the AC20 banner holding up?
Meeka: its lying flat on its back :-P
Pamela: good
Judy: it held up fine, Pam
Dale: Thanks Bob.
ADAMCON 21: GREAT MY DEAR........but man ya got to see the AC 21 banner !!!! Jim the tshirt man and Judy/Meeka outdid theirselves
Pamela: I have the dowel and string already on my packing list : )
Meeka: and the tickets too Pam
Pamela: remembered to add the MI map to my list tonite too
Judy: see Meeka dad does notice those kind of things
ADAMCON 21: OH, PAMELA !!!!!!!! PLEASE pack the tickets I brought you last year, so we can use more off the roll
Meeka: I guess so
Pamela: I don't have the tickets
ADAMCON 21: whays do wid them
ADAMCON 21: what did ya do with em?
Pamela: I thought you kept them!
ADAMCON 21: nope
Judy: what time are you planning on arriving, Pam?
ADAMCON 21: I left them in your capable hands
ADAMCON 21: uh...maybe NOT so capable??????
Pamela: you brought them originally, I thought you kept them
rich-c: Bob, you looking for any historic banners?
Pamela: Judy, our ETA will be mid afternoon on Tuesday
ADAMCON 21: the darn hotel got them ??????????????????????
Judy: we will have to look around for the tickets
ADAMCON 21: ETA......special aren't we?????
Pamela: I'll look but I'm pretty sure I don't have them
ADAMCON 21: tha is what we thought
Pamela: darn tootin, Bob
Judy: you could give us a call and maybe we can meet up, do you have our phone number
Dr. D.: okay back
Pamela: looking
Dr. D.: and before I forget, Gretchen's team lost, 15-12.
ADAMCON 21: bummer
ADAMCON 21: somebody got to lose
Dr. D.: Mostly walks on both sides.
rich-c: better repeat it here, Judy
ADAMCON 21: local calls FREE......... 949-9461
Dr. D.: Gretchen played first base one inning and pitched the last inning.
Pamela: yup, in my daytimer (which is also on the packing list)
rich-c: you folks don't use area codes? how 20th century!
ADAMCON 21: ain't it though?
Judy: not if calling local
ADAMCON 21: heck we are like 3/4 mile from the hotel
rich-c: unfortunately I'm on teh desktop instead of the laptop so I'll have to recopy it
Dr. D.: Hey, we still have businesses that report their phone number as GArfield-1-2323.
Judy: we could walk there
ADAMCON 21: you can't memorize it?
Pamela: I woke up on Sunday morning with my mind awhirl
Pamela: since himself was still asleep, I put myself to work on the packing list
ADAMCON 21: around here we used Cherry, Glendale, Myrtle,
Pamela: hudson and walnut are the only ones I remember
ADAMCON 21: I still rtemember my grandparents # Ch5-6978
ADAMCON 21: wonder who would answer if I called
ADAMCON 21: NOT gram and gramps
rich-c: our first in Toronto was MOhawk, then RAndolph changed to WAlnut-!; Frances was a HUdson
Pamela: Hu8-6395
Judy: OK
Pamela: grammy and grampy's number
Judy: my grams was a cherry
Judy: but don't remember the rest
Pamela: if we play our cards right it could be Wednesday before we have to fend for ourselves for dinner
rich-c: yes, our first apartment was RU-1-3711
ADAMCON 21: what's RU ????
Pamela: russell
Pamela: believe it or not
Pamela: darn V key is sticking
rich-c: you can figure Pamela would remember that
ADAMCON 21: you are not eating on Tues night? ?????
Pamela: well if we join you for dinner on Tuesday and Graeme and Sabrina feed us Monday . . .
Judy: I am watching the boys Tuesday
rich-c: oh, no doubt the old folks will be taking them out one night
rich-c: we may need a guide for the brewpub or something
Pamela: yes that will be the expensive meal : )
Pamela: did mom tell you about my b-day money, Dad?
Dr. D.: Grandparents D. had a party line, but it was always 264-1332. To make a LD call, you had to dial 0 and tell the operator what your own number was; then she woujld let you direct-dial the actual number.
ADAMCON 21: COOL, they llived in the sticks, eh ?
Dr. D.: And Grandma D. said that their first phone number, when she was a teenager, was just 6.
Pamela: Six? That's it?
Dr. D.: This would have been early 1920s.
Pamela: wow
Dr. D.: Very rural Ohio.
rich-c: IIRC when Frances' parents first got their cottage it had a party line and a crank to run an operator bell
Pamela: 705-533-2047
Pamela: remember that one too
Judy: did Doug do something the other night with the dish, Meeka?
rich-c: hate to admit it, but I still cant remember your cellphione number, Pam
Pamela: it's okay Dad, I have to think about it too
rich-c: and neither can your mother
DougS: why it work better?
Dr. D.: I have a cheat-sheet in my wallet with those kinds of numbers. Actually, Pam, yours is on the list.
Judy: I can't even remember my own cell number, Rich
ADAMCON 21: I can't remember what day it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Pamela: can you remember home? that's the important one
ADAMCON 21: YES, we don't seem to be having any trouble with the channels since the flip over
Pamela: good Rich, I'm glad
Judy: yes, we are not having any trouble with it
rich-c: for our generation, yes, for yours not so much, Pam
ADAMCON 21: ok since you p;pulled the stray hairs off the back of it
Dr. D.: I had to buy a new indoor antenna, as the amplified Radio Shack one I had could only get about 2 stations, very weakly.
Pamela: are you going to cable, Rich?
rich-c: oh right, you folks are all switched over to digital, aren't you?
Judy: yes, what a joke
Dr. D.: After some research, I ordered a Winegard SS-3000, it came yesterday, and it has worked perfectly.
Meeka: well, he got the new one running so we will have to get together to swap it out
Dr. D.: Unfortunately, nobody seems to be able to get the local CBS affiliate post-switchover.
Dr. D.: Interestingly, I can get 3 stations from DETROIT.
rich-c: we are on satellite anyway so when our switch comes, it won't matter
Dr. D.: One is CBS, so I have all the networks covered.
Pamela: and we've gone to digital cable
Dr. D.: No satellite or cable for me, too much $$$ and I never watch TV.
Dr. D.: It would not pay.
rich-c: that is pretty long range, Rich
Dr. D.: I was astounded.
Dr. D.: I get their CBS, PBS, and an independent.
Dr. D.: Can't remember the channels offhand.
rich-c: how about Toledo? it's closer
Dr. D.: That's what I was thinking, but nope, did not pick up any Toledos on the auto-scan.
Pamela: we get the Buffalo feed here
Dr. D.: Of course, if I had a list of what DTV channels all the analog stations moved to, I could play with the antenna position and input a channel manually.
Dr. D.: No Youngstown or Akron, either. But Detroit, boom.
Pamela: is there such a list aailable?
Pamela: darn V key
rich-c: is it highly directional or can you get places like Dayton or Akron?
Meeka: it is fairly directional rich
Dr. D.: There are lists, but they are current only through February. Some stations that were both analog and digital moved their digital channel when they shut off the analog.
Dr. D.: Sometimes the TV station website will tell you, but mostly they don't.
Pamela: wonder why?
Dr. D.: BTW I stayed home last Friday and recorded the final 2 hours of analog on various channels. I got Channel 8's final shutdown and fade to black.
Meeka: well gang, i got a little one begging to go out, so I gonna get off for the night.
Pamela: night Meeka
rich-c: 20 years on, you can sell the tape on eBay for $711.64
Meeka: I wil call you in the mornign mom about sams
Pamela: see you Tuesday or Wednesday
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: OK Meeka, see you next week
Dr. D.: Channel 25 (PBS) kept a "nightlight" info screen on until midnight. A friend recorded it going off the air: they played "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down", with Porky Pig's "Th-th-that's all, folks!", then shutdown.
Judy: why?
Dr. D.: Channel 3 has kept an infomercial rotating in English and Spanish about DTV; it will shut down tomorrow.
Pamela: I always said PBS had a sense of humour
Dr. D.: Because it is appropos, Judy.
Dr. D.: If it had been my TV station, I would have done something even more elaborate:
Dr. D.: I would go to the channel's title card, with announcer doing the end-of-day sign-off like they used to, before
Dr. D.: everyone broadcast 24/7.
rich-c: sort of like selling your old house to a developer and moving into the new McMansion
Dr. D.: Then play the national anthem, then cut to the Indian Head test pattern with the tone, for about 30 seconds...then pull the plug, snow.
Pamela: cool
Dr. D.: Maybe someone somewhere did that.
Dr. D.: I remember test patterns in the morning, they would come on at 5:30 AM and then programming would start at 6 AM.
Pamela: I hope so
Dr. D.: They would go off the air sometime around 2 AM (after the midnight movie).
rich-c: that was back when people watched television
Judy: ..
Judy: ..
Dr. D.: There is nothing on TV that I want to make time for anymore, Richard.
rich-c: oh, I am disappointed that I won't see the British Grand Prix on Sunday
Dr. D.: Beginning in 1992, the networks started cancelling anything that I remotely liked. I am no longer the target demographic, so why continue to stare at the tube and be irritated when it's not intended for me?
rich-c: and that I won't see teh CFL opening game on Dominion Day
Dr. D.: Infomercials, or reality shows, or "adult" dramas. Bleh.
Pamela: you can watch the game on TSN Dad
rich-c: of course if there's no F1 or CFL, our tv stays off - and Frances watches nothing
Pamela: sorry,
rich-c: no I can't, I'll be driving the car home
Dr. D.: Does anyone carry the race on radio, Richard?
Pamela: except when people blow things up - then you watch
rich-c: not to my knowledge, Rich - but I am not a radio listened either
Dr. D.: Something amusing I heard while I was marvelling at getting the Detroit PBS station:
rich-c: well yes Pam, but I can do without any repeats of 9/11
Pamela: too true
Dr. D.: They were in the News Hour, doing a spot on Canadian health care, compared to US.
Dr. D.: They interviewed some lady prof at a Canadian university.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I will leave the chat session tonight... next week, I will be at Dale's house, and a little bit tired because of the bus.
Daniel Bienvenu: take care everyone!
Dr. D.: She said (almost direct quote), "Canadians are proud of their 3 Hs: Healthcare, Hockey, and Tim Hortons."
Daniel Bienvenu: see you at the Adamcon
ADAMCON 21: nite Daniel
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Pamela: Happy Birthday1
Guy B: Nite Daniel
ADAMCON 21: GO TIM !!!!!!!
Judy: night Daniel and see you next week, travel safe
Dale: I'm off too.
Daniel Bienvenu: And yes, I have my passport and I checked twice... it's valid up to the year 2012
rich-c: see you in Grand Rapids, Daniel - and I do hope to make chat Wednesday night
ADAMCON 21: had darn good goodies last year @ 4am
Dale: See you laterl
Dr. D.: Then she added, for the benefit of the US audience, "That's like your Krispy Kreme doughnut shop."
Pamela: LOL, Rich
Dr. D.: Your birthday Daniel? Happy Birthday.
Judy: night Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: it's technically tomorrow morning!
Pamela: see you next week
rich-c: alors, bonne anniversaire!
Dr. D.: Well, somewhere in the world, it is tomorrow already.
Judy: happy birthday tomorrow, Daniel
Pamela: safe trip
Dale left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: question : did you plan a nice cake for Pam's birthday next friday ?
DougS left chat session
Pamela: we need a community birthday cake
Judy: we do have a Krispy Kreme really close
rich-c: depends on where we have dinner - come along and see
Dr. D.: How many times have you been 39, Pam?
Pamela: will be 5 Rich
ADAMCON 21: Pammie gonna be 39 next week Friday??????
Pamela: with five years experience : )
Dr. D.: Tempus is fugitting for us all, as my Dad says.
Daniel Bienvenu: I like dark chocolate... but not the one without any sugar. And I like vanilla.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Pamela: it's not me I fuss over
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: we'll make a note, Daniel. Avec creme glace to match
Pamela: it's the fact that my husband will be 49 that gets me
Pamela: Rich, you're 47 this year, right?
Dr. D.: On 3 November, yes.
Dr. D.: And Rin will be 30.
Pamela: I knew the date, just not what year
Pamela: I just do the math from Erin : )
Dr. D.: haha
rich-c: by the way, I know it's premature, but has Erin any job leads in Cleveland?
Dr. D.: Nothing specific, no.
Pamela: I gather she's made some great contacts at the University though
Dr. D.: Frankly, I don't know how she would work if she got one right away -- remember, she still cannot drive a car, needs to learn and get her license.
rich-c: really? Erin can't drive? Pam, you need words with her brothers about this
Pamela: Hey Dad, i tried
Dr. D.: I can get to CWRU on foot or by bus, but the likelihood of her getting a job near easy transit in Cleveland is quite remote.
Dr. D.: Here a bus is considered to run frequently if it comes twice or 3 times an hour.
Dr. D.: Most side routes are lucky to have it once an hour.
Pamela: every 20 minutes is not bad
rich-c: yes, and "easy" transit has a pretty tight definition on a blizzrdy February evening
Pamela: our route out here is only every half hour
Dr. D.: Maple Leafs seem to run past you every 10 minutes.
Pamela: unless you're waiting for one Rich : )
Dr. D.: haha
rich-c: but if you're driving behind one, they're stacked at two mi ute intervals
Dr. D.: I also have child shuttle duties during the school year, dodging around Joan's work schedule. So there is that complication as well.
Dr. D.: I will be happy if she gets her license by September.
rich-c: Bob, query - does our hotel offer in-room safes in all rooms?
Dr. D.: There are some contacts at CWRU, but she might have to start a lot lower than what she has right now...not sure how stiff her neck is.
Judy: we don't know about that Rich
Dr. D.: But I would bet pretty stiff.
Pamela: a foot in the door is a foot in the door
Dr. D.: I haven't heard of a safe in a room...I have heard of one safe for the hotel...
Dr. D.: I agree, but I am the old guy talking...
rich-c: I think Rin has learned a pretty fair bit about flexibility in that last few years
Dr. D.: Well I am at her mercy until 9 AM Monday morning, when the movers come for her stuff.
rich-c: they are getting more common - thought I saw something on the website - I'll double-check
Dr. D.: Maybe there is a hole behind one of the starving-artist paintings in the room?
rich-c: no, folks want places for their cameras and cellphone and netbooks and stuff these days
Dr. D.: Ah.
rich-c: so a safe in every room is becoming more standard, like internet
Pamela: when do you arrive, Rich?
Dr. D.: Hmm, not sure your traditional hotel is equipped that way.
Dr. D.: Depends, Pam.
Pamela: on the movers?
Dr. D.: Ideally, sometime later Monday. I have to get the word from the movers as to the exact cost of the move, so I can go to the bank to get a bank check for the exact amount -- the movers want paid C.O.D.
rich-c: well, for how long has your standard hotel offered free in-roon wireless internet?
Dr. D.: Once I get the check, then I can go to Toronto. As stated earlier, she must be back in the US before the movers will try to bring her stuff in.
ADAMCON 21: 2-3yrs ???????
Pamela: so in other words, we're going to cross somewhere in the middle
Dr. D.: They will call us to confirm that she is here.
Dr. D.: I would hope to be there by Monday night, and leave for home Tuesday morning.
rich-c: cross-border tag is just such fun
Pamela: which means we're not going to see you : (
Pamela: we're leaving for GR on Monday morning
Dr. D.: There has been some discussion about whether she will turn in all the keys etc. when we leave, or plan to come back one more time if we need to clean stuff out.
rich-c: but you're stopping in Windsor, right?
Dr. D.: I told her that she ought to plan to vacate for good.
Dr. D.: Once she gets here, I don't want her to leave the country until after her stuff is delivered.
Dr. D.: Sorry that we will miss you :-(
Guy B: Well folks, going to get going. Will see you all next week
rich-c: a prudent plan I suspect, Rich
Pamela: goodnight, Guy
Pamela: see you Thursday!
rich-c: see you, Guy
Judy: well better say good night it is that time again
Dr. D.: So that means, any furniture she wants to junk, she is going to have to deal with it getting out to the curb.
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
Dr. D.: Okay all, night night.
rich-c: night, Judy
Pamela: gnite Judy - we'll call when we arrive
rich-c: will also do so, if it isn't too late
Dr. D.: Good night Richard.
Pamela: well that sucks, Rich
rich-c: night, Rich - you and Rin take care, see you online next chat - from Grand Rapids
Dr. D.: Okay, travel safely.
Judy: that will work, bye
Judy left chat session
ADAMCON 21: and so. I also bid you adios
Dr. D.: Nite Bob
Pamela: Rich, we'll help Erin with any furniture moving
ADAMCON 21: talk to ya next week convention eve
Pamela: nite Bob
Pamela: we won't leave her to fend for herself
ADAMCON 21 left chat session
rich-c: right, Bob, see you next week, try to call once we get in if teh time is reasonable
Dr. D.: She has made it very clear to me that she wants to fend for herself.
Pamela: well she isn't moving furniture on her own
Dr. D.: job is to wait for the call from the movers with the price (and to have both bedrooms and the living room vacant to receive her stuff).
rich-c: at which point you get the cheque and hightail it for teh border, right?
Dr. D.: I think I will have sorted out my boxed ADAM and other stuff by Friday. Some of it has not been touched since ADAMcon XIII, except to move the boxes around.
Dr. D.: Yes Richard.
Pamela: wow, sounds like our back room
Pamela: isn't that what back rooms are for? : )
Dr. D.: And if there is going to be a long delay between her arrival here and her stuff's arrival, she needs to pack enough stuff.
rich-c: moving is such fun - it's why Frances and I will leave this place feet first and not otherwise
Dr. D.: haha well some of my mess came from you :-)
rich-c: but I've got lots more...
Pamela: the Clees - always happy to share the wealth : )
Dr. D.: But it's getting a good home. I have decided to move the newsletters to my campus office, I have much more bookshelf space there and the climate control is good.
rich-c: good - I'll strt getting all teh supplier catalogues together
Dr. D.: Some of the girls' stuff had gotten mixed in the boxes while they were in the basement. So I have been finding interesting things from 10-15 years ago.
Pamela: are we gonna have a place to sleep when we come to visit?
rich-c: or should I offer them on eBay and make enough to retire on?
Dr. D.: Yes, the 2nd bedroom will be a real bedroom. We'll put the red couch in there for guests.
Dr. D.: Otherwise it will be in the living room as a couch.
Dr. D.: Since the bed will be shipped when I get there, I will be bringing the air mattresses I have been using here.
Dr. D.: I doubt much of what I have would draw a large eBay sum, Richard.
rich-c: oh Pam, have you got a taker for the Deilcraft table yet?
Pamela: long story Dad
rich-c: but it's rare, almost unique by now :-)
Dr. D.: But the furniture I know she is junking is: the stuffed chair, the dining room table and chairs (one had collapsed under me this summer already),
Pamela: the wall unit and the coffee table
Dr. D.: the dresser, and the entertainment unit.
rich-c: well, we can try offering them on Freecycle
Dr. D.: I think she was planning to keep the glass-topped table, but the other thing that her printer is on now is going.
Pamela: the dresser is coming to me, along with the table and chairs
Dr. D.: The chairs are very unsturdy, all dried out.
rich-c: but repairable, surely?
Dr. D.: The dresser lacks knobs and half its Contac-paper veneer has peeled off (or been peeled off by the cat).
Pamela: it's still usable for storage
Dr. D.: The one that broke when I sat on it this summer, Richard, was all dried out and brittle. I am sure that the New Yankee Workshop could restore it, but for ordinary use it is probably not worth it.
rich-c: yes, I have a couple of old dressers downstairs I use for storage, as you know, Pam
Pamela: well we need one for the back room
Dr. D.: The furniture that I knew about coming here was the microwave cart (but not the microwave), the glass-topped table, and the bed.
rich-c: in the Freecycle group, Rich, there are a lot of folks who have learned to fix stuff for themselves
Dr. D.: The night table in the bedroom is yours IIRC, Pam.
rich-c: because they don't have the money to get anything otehrwise
Dr. D.: I am completely sympathetic to those aims.
Dr. D.: But for the quality that most of the furniture in question is, the shipping cost will exceed the replacement cost of just buying something like it here, new.
rich-c: just got ris of a bunch of phono records for Pam that way
Pamela: yes that worked quite well
Pamela: anyway, I think it's time for bed
rich-c: well, anything worth having will move quickly, it seems
rich-c: even had someone unloaded a Pentium I laptop!
Dr. D.: If we were moving in-country with a U-Haul, we would probably take it all, as not having anything better...but the long move cross-border limits what we can afford to bring.
Dr. D.: Okay, bedtime for me too...until Rin calls upon her return from the Argos game.
Dr. D.: Which I presume is over by now...
Pamela: I think so . . . but don't quote me
rich-c: yes, they tend to start fairly early, so it should be
rich-c: typically they run about three hours
Dr. D.: Well, good night, all, hope next time I write to have Rin here.
rich-c: but pre-season, who knows? they can be pretty slack
Dr. D.: Or chat rather.
Pamela: nite Rich - hugs to you
Dr. D.: hugs
rich-c: yes, well look forqward to it
rich-c: take care, Rich
Dr. D.: I have been looking forward to this for a long long time...
Dr. D.: You too
rich-c: for sure
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela: well the timing sucks
rich-c: so daughter, anything before we fold it in?
rich-c: yes, it sure does
Pamela: nothing that can't be conveyed in a phone call
rich-c: OK, we'll wait for that, remember we leave Sunday morning (so to speak)
Pamela: so I'll call you and fill you in
Pamela: any idea what time you're aiming to leave?
rich-c: right - we'll be waiting for it
rich-c: when your mother gets up and gets herself together, and we load the van
Pamela: so, like 3:00?? : )
Pamela: sorry, couldn't resist
rich-c: you said it, I didn't ; - )
Pamela: okay Papa, will try to call tomorrow or
Pamela: Friday
Pamela: night Daddy
rich-c: OK, hear from you then
rich-c: night, Pam
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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