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coleconut: Hello
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changed username to Dale/AC21
Dale/AC21: Hi ya
coleconut: Are you meeting at the hotel?
Dale/AC21: We are.
coleconut: Just landed in Gr Rapids 2 minutes ago
coleconut: R u in meeting room or hotel room?
Dale/AC21: We are both in the meeting room.
coleconut: I'll scoot over then, OK?
coleconut left chat session
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changed username to ADAMCON 21-Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir!
ADAMCON 21-Bob: alright guys, we are in the same room
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings All!!!
Dale/AC21: Hi there.
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changed username to Murray
Murray: Hi all
Dale/AC21: gggg
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Murray: And hi everyone around the table
changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
Guy B.: HI Daniel and Dale
Guy B.: ANd Murray
rich-c: hello yourself, Murray
rich-c: and ditto to the rest of you
rich-c: no one not in the hotel?
Murray: rich, hope you enjoyed the afternoon
rich-c: oh, Frances and \i, with Daniel later, did just fine
rich-c: but then I believe Frances is down there, isn't she?
Daniel Bienvenu: Frances is not in the conference room
rich-c: must have got intercepted by Pamela or someone on the way, then
rich-c: but we should have ron and james and Dr. D. and some otehrs on - where is everyone?
Guy B.: HI Rich
rich-c: hello Guy
ADAMCON 21-Bob changed username to AC 21-Bob
rich-c: whassamatter, Bob - you forget to send out a reminder?
AC 21-Bob: richard, Daviud Hill is here in the conference room
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich, there is a visitor here
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changed username to Murray
rich-c: who would that be?
rich-c: be right down
Murray: Murray is back on...
Daniel Bienvenu: because (almost) everybody in the chat is in the conference room, this chat room is very quiet and the conference room is not quiet at all
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Oh there's Pam
Pamela: where is everyone?
Murray left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: talking for real instead of typing
Pamela: LOL
Dale/AC21: I usually post an invitation a little earlier so people who can plan their day.
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Dale/AC21: Chat server is resetting.
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
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Guy B.: Well, I see we don't have everyone present!
rich-c: gone fpr a beer - brb
rich-c left chat session
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
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Daniel Bienvenu: works for me
changed username to Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dale
Dale: Back
Daniel Bienvenu: me too
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changed username to Judy
Judy: hello Dale and Daniel
Dale: Hi Judy.
Judy: this is really sad we can talk in person
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Dale: Well Dr D threatened to come by.
changed username to AC21-BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam (in advance)
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: I'm here now
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Pam!
AC21-BobS: hi Daniel
AC21-BobS: got the demo cart working in CV mode?
AC21-BobS: AND in ADAMEM disk mode?
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Present!
Pamela: Hi Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: The democart wroks in adamem and pressing the right keys to run the cartridge rom file.
Daniel Bienvenu: but the rom file doesn't work under Colecovision emulation, whatever if the emulator
Daniel Bienvenu: so it's really a cartridge for the coleco adam computer
Daniel Bienvenu: We talk a lot outside the chatroom... it's difficult to follow the discussion.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm currently trying to take a video capture of the Adam Demo Cart running under Adamem<
Daniel Bienvenu: ... and trying to convert the little videos I did today
Daniel Bienvenu: with my camera
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I'm talking to myself
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changed username to Guy F.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Guy Foster
Guy F.: Almost forgot about you guys...
Guy B.: Hi Guy F.
Guy F.: How's the Adamcon coming along?
AC21-BobS: GREAT !!!!!
Guy B.: Going great here.
Pamela: bonsoir, Guy!
Daniel Bienvenu: We got a visitor here... someone who was at the adamcon 1 and 2
AC21-BobS: Birthday party, fun day at the garden club
Daniel Bienvenu: welll, he's still here
AC21-BobS: and David Hill from long ago is here
Guy F.: I'm also looking at Dale typing on the Stikcam link.
Daniel Bienvenu: stikcam?
Guy F.: stickam
Daniel Bienvenu: So, you can see behind Dale?
Guy F.: Yes
Guy F.: he just waved
Guy F.: There's a nice painting behind him
Daniel Bienvenu: Do you see the guy with the blue adamcon t-shirt?
Guy F.: nope
Guy F.: brb gotta go brush my daughter's teeth
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
Guy F.: ok, back, was already done
Guy F.: So Dan, you're going to flash for us on Stickam or what?
Daniel Bienvenu: trying to
Guy F.: haha,good
Guy F.: he's a big boy now
Guy F.: (Jeffrey)
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changed username to Jill & the cats
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Jill
Jill & the cats: I made it in!
Guy B.: Hi Jil;l
Pamela: Woohoo, hi Jillian!
Guy B.: Jill
AC21-BobS: hi Jillian
Jill & the cats: Hi all.
Dale: Welcome Jillian.
Dale: I wonder what happened to Neil.
Pamela: hey Jillian we all miss you
Jill & the cats: Everyone having fun?
AC21-BobS: of course
Pamela: send him a text msg, Dale : )
Jill & the cats: that's a good ting.
AC21-BobS: HAVE TO !! it is an ADAM convention
Jill & the cats: lol.
Pamela: so what you doing Jillian?
Jill & the cats: Watching a movie I've seen before.
Jill & the cats: Chowing down on BK.
Pamela: oh, tough life for you : )
Jill & the cats: It's very difficult to lead this life.
Pamela: I can imagine
Pamela: trying desperately to decide what you're going to do with all that free time : )
Jill & the cats: I've had to have two naps today just to keep up.
Pamela: oh you poor thing!
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changed username to Murray
Jill & the cats: Sigh. Yes. (Insert back of hand to forehead, drama queen style)
Guy B.: What's the movie you're watching?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir (again) Pam
Pamela: get out the martyr kit!
Jill & the cats: It's called "Fat like me"
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changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Judy
Judy: I am back
Guy B.: Noooo Jill. That's not you
Pamela: here's Judy back
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Pamela: I sent a message to Erin and Rich, we'll see if they turn up
Judy: how is the cats, not giving you too much trouble?
Murray: Hi Jill How are you?
Jill & the cats: It's a made for TV society changing message movie.
Jill & the cats: Hi Murray. I'm good.
Pamela: wasn't it a documentary?
Jill & the cats: The cats wander over top of me now and then.
Guy B.: Well, we do miss you here.
Jill & the cats: Other than that they pretty much ignore me.
Guy F. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF is gone?
Pamela: well, you're in their space, what do you expect? : )
Jill & the cats: it was about a pair of teens making a documentary
Pamela: I think he dropped off, Daniel
Guy B.: Annie my dog, decides to lie down next to me when I watch TV
Jill & the cats: lol I am. their space like my bed.
Guy B.: At least Annie, doesn't hog the bed. When I get up, she takes my spot
Jill & the cats: Miss marble likes to sleep ontop of me when ever she can.
Pamela: our guys never hogged the bed - they just took it over
Jill & the cats: lol.
Guy B.: Seems our pets like our warm spots, so that's where they will lie down at
Pamela: and we thought it was affection : )
Jill & the cats: Can't say I blame them.
Pamela: y'all know - if you want the best seat in the house, move the cat!
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changed username to Neil
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Neil
Neil: HI
Jill & the cats: Greetings.
Dale: Hi Neil.
Guy B.: I have to that to Annie all the time. Even when I'm cooking dinner
Guy B.: Hi Neil
Neil: I'm just about to make some dinner...
Pamela: Neil! Welcome.
Neil: but then I realized I never showed up for the chat.
Jill & the cats: hahaha.
Neil: So I probably need to do both at once.
Guy B.: Well, do your cooking then chat with us
Neil: How are things going?
Pamela: dinner at 10:07? you're as bad as I am
Jill & the cats: dinner is a good thing.
Neil: Yeah, so I'm here, but not necessarily paying close attention.
Daniel Bienvenu: Neil, there is someone here with us
Daniel Bienvenu: Named David, from the Adamcon 1 and 2
Pamela: just don't burn dinner
Guy B.: David Sands, do you remember him?
Neil: Of course I remember Dave Sands.
Guy B.: He's here with us\
Neil: Great!
Daniel Bienvenu: his Adamcon 1 t-shirt looks like brand new!
Guy B.: That it does
Dale: Dave Hill from MTAG is here.
Neil: Okay, good.
Guy B.: Wrong one.
Daniel Bienvenu: he is talking with Rich Clee a lot since he got here tonight
Dale: For the first time since AdamCon 2.
Neil: Anyway, I know Dave Hill too.
Guy B.: How's everything going with you Neil?
Neil: Going great.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I'm fine... still working on the videos I did with my camera today
Neil: So, how many are there?
Judy: gota go am print a pattern for Jean
Daniel Bienvenu: 14-15
Guy B.: Has it been hot by you there?
Judy: bye for now
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Judy
Judy left chat session
Guy B.: Bye Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Frances is nt in the conference room and we are 14 here
Neil: Very good.
Neil: And I saw your video.
moved to room Meeting Place
Jill & the cats: Judy left? Missed that.
changed username to Murray
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir (again) murray
Guy B.: He's Baaaaack
Neil: Very nice, and good to see Jean.
Pamela: she's still here, just gone to print something for Jean
Jill & the cats: Someone is setting off fireworks here.
Murray: And to you Daniel
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: et voila, Murray
Jill & the cats: Crazy people
changed username to Judy
Pamela: hey, I resemble that remark
Neil: There were fireworks here last night. I heard them at least.
Judy: they changed their minds and don't need the pattern
Neil: Some people are a little late for Jean-Baptiste Day.
Guy B.: Won't have any fireworks by me next Saturday. My village cancelled them due to the budget problems
Neil: Too bad :(
Pamela: really
Daniel Bienvenu: David is saying that I'm a genius and generous of my knowledge! :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: *shy*
Guy B.: Yeah, I know. We have the best one's around the area.
Neil: You're very knowledgeable.
Jill & the cats: You are, Daniel.
Guy B.: That makes three of us
Murray: I agree. Daniel has mastered Adam programming
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm too shy now... another one and I will cry
Neil: Well, I'm sure there will be good fireworks on Parliament Hill in Ottawa for CAnada Day July 1.
Jill & the cats: oh yeah. there always are.
Neil: But no Snwbirds this year.
Jill & the cats created action S/away
(Jill & the cats wandered away for a few minutes.)
Pamela: no, the snowbirds are back in operation
Neil: Well, I heard they were grounded, but yeah, it's okay.
Pamela: afaik, they were cleared to fly again.
Neil: I just checked their website and the flypast is listed.
Guy B.: It's good that Daniel is creating some new games for the Adam. It's what causing the resurgence again.
Neil: Okay, I'm off to get some food, so I'm sort of lurking, but not at the computer
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Neil
Pamela: go eat Neil it's way too late already
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Guy B
Daniel Bienvenu: *almost too shy now*
Pamela: LOL
Guy B.: Ok, Neil. Glad you dropped by.
Pamela: stepping out for a minute - brb
Murray: Glad you dropped by
(A German Shepherd barks in the distance)
Guy B.: That's my dog. But, she's part shepherd
Judy: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: Welcome to the fantasy zone... Get ready! (quote from Space Harrier game Dale did show today)
Daniel Bienvenu: just don't know what to say in the chat
Daniel Bienvenu: and we lost Murray...
Daniel Bienvenu: no, he did get up now
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Murray!
Murray: Hello Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: (you was sleeping, that,s why)
Murray: Yes, I nodded off!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: we lost Bob now!
Judy: he is just getting something to drink
Daniel Bienvenu: (I know)
Murray: The weather - it looks bad <crossed fingers it stays away>
Daniel Bienvenu: but if it's only a rain in the night and then a sun in the morning, that's not bad at all
Murray: I agree Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: now, almost no one is on the chat really
Daniel Bienvenu: talking for real instead
Murray: The story going around is about a dead mouse!!!
Pamela: who's sleeping?
Judy: and a bird
Judy: we brought them to the hotel
Murray: What is a titmouse?
Judy: a bird
Daniel Bienvenu: 3 hours left to convert videos I've done so far with my camera. I have to convert them to be able to use them with Microsoft Movie Maker.
Judy: Meeka has a picture of one from her backyard
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope it will work on the first try
Murray: Thanks for the info Judy.
Judy: you are very welcome
Murray: Bob explained what they were???
Neil: I've got food in the oven, so I'm kind of bak for a bit.
Neil: back*
Murray: Hi Neil How is the weather there?
Neil: Clear right now.
Neil: Cooled down a bit from earlier.
Neil: 40% change of showers Sunday afternoon, 80% of rain Sunday night.
Neil: Probably not what you wanted to hear.
Jill & the cats: I'm back.
Murray: It sounds like the same as here.
Neil: chance* not "change"
Murray: Hi Jill
Neil: I'm sure we're getting the same weather, just recycled slightly after you're done with it.
Daniel Bienvenu: take care Neil... I'm going to leave the chat... I sure would like to see you at the next Adamcon if it's possible for you. bye for now everybody, I'm leaving the chat!
Murray: Bye Daniel.
Neil: Okay, Daniel
Neil: I'm hoping to maybe get to the next Con.
Murray: I think I'll leave also. Been a tiring day but a nice one. Night all.
Neil: Do we know where the next Adamcon will be, or is that a secret?
Pamela: night Murray
Neil: Good night Murray.
Murray left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm taking the Adamcon in the province of Quebec, Neil... that's pretty sure
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
Neil: Okay, I'm looking forward to Quebec.
Neil: Sounds good to me.
Pamela: time to practice my French
Neil: Oui, bien sūr!
Pamela: last time I was in Quebec (not counting Gatineau) I was still taking French in school and could actually speak the language
Neil: Hmm, this chat doesnčt like accents.
Pamela: there are accents?
Dale: No
Pamela: that's what I thought
Dale: For some reason French accents get garbled.
Daniel Bienvenu: (bye, I'm off the chat now)
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Neil: I typed a "u" with the circumflex.
Neil: It came out as a "?"
Pamela: weird
AC21-BobS: gJeffery is pu7plling on my leg Jill
Pamela: bob is telling on Jeffrey!
Jill & the cats: hmmmm. Not even sure what to say about that.
Jill & the cats: Play nicely?
Jill & the cats left chat session
Judy: gdnhh..
Dale: Bedtime surely comes eventually.
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changed username to <undefined>
<undefined>: posting
Dale: posting what?
<undefined> changed username to Pamela
Pamela requested to ban Pamela
Dale confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
AC21-BobS confirmed ban
Neil: So, Jeffrey is there?
Neil: I thought he was lacking a passport.
Guy B.: Well folks, time to turn in. Will see you all tomorrow, for others next week
Neil: Okay, good night Guy.
Dale: We told the passport office that we wanted his passport, and they couriered it to us right away.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: They felt that it was very important that he gets it right away.
AC21-BobS: gonna hit the sack here too
AC21-BobS: nite all
AC21-BobS left chat session
Neil: I see, Dale, okay good.
Dale: It turns out you don't need a passport if you're under 18 for the next while.
Dale: But since he had it, they accepted it okay.
Neil: Right.
Dale: In fact, they asked only where we were going, and nothing else at the border.
Dale: A very brief interview.
Neil: They were actually letting people through with a warning for a few weeks.
Neil: I don't know if that still applies.
Dale: They said on the web site that those rules are in effect for an undecided period of time.
Dale: You know those border people don't like changing the rules if they can help it.
Neil: Yeah, so who knows when.
Neil: They just make their own rules, really.
Neil: They have a lot of space for individual discretion.
Neil: Good night.
Neil left chat session
Dale: good night.
Dale left chat session
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changed username to ADAMCON Bob
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