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Meeka: Hi dad
ADAMCON Bob: hi meeka
ADAMCON Bob: Jean called asnd is going to 'try' to get on
ADAMCON Bob: maybe have to email here the link a minute
Meeka: thats good
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ADAMCON Bob: Jean is that you??????
Meeka: Hi there :-)
its good to be hoe BUT I miss you all!
Meeka: we miss u too
I have told Melanie how to get on
Meeka: good
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changed username to DougS
Melanie, is that YOU?
Meeka: no, that was Doug
DougS changed username to Doug
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changed username to Judy
changed username to Melanie
Judy: Hi, everyone
Meeka: Jean, you need to change your name so we know it is you
Doug: hello, hello
ADAMCON Bob: HI Melanie
Meeka: Melanie :-)
It was Midnight before we got home...Chicago, Houston and then El Paso...what trip!
Judy: Even Melanie, welcome
Melanie: Hi Everyone!
ADAMCON Bob: you you are Where???????
Meeka: Click on edit, then on change user name
ADAMCON Bob: and youj are where,Melanie?
Melanie: I'm back home in NM.
Judy: and Jean this is great
ADAMCON Bob: JEAN< welcome
Melanie: Mom and I sure had a great time at the convention
Judy: we did too, Melanie
ADAMCON Bob: we are GLAD you came and we had a great time with you also
Meeka: well you certanily were here at the right time
Melanie: Yes, the weather was wonderful.
We try harder!
Judy: it was not today, cold and rainy
Meeka: I heard that today was a record busting day weather wise today
Judy: for the last two days
Jean: I guess I had better conform or get kicked out
Melanie: Was rainy in El Paso---it floods there with any significant rainfall
Judy: coldest ever for the 1st of June
Meeka: lol, we wont kick you out Jean
Judy: na, we don't kick out our friends
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Melanie: Yeah Mom, we can't have you getting kicked out.
Judy: Doug got on tonight
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
ou just talk about them
ADAMCON Bob: we had dinner last night with Richard and Frances..........and a chat at our house after dinner
Meeka: ya, he heard that Melanie and Jean were on
ADAMCON Bob: they were headed home today and may or may not check in tonight - ----depending on what time they hit home
Jean: How was his health?
ADAMCON Bob: hodwy Daniel
Meeka: hi Rich
Judy: they can get him
Meeka: Hi daniel
rich-c: almost as feisty as you, Jean - hi!
Doug: they already posted on the adam list that they were home.
Melanie: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Melanie
Judy: hi, Daniel
ADAMCON Bob: Richard says he is not improving, BUT he is not getting any worse either
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Meeka
rich-c: and hello to you too, Melanie
Judy: how was the trip home,Daniel?
Melanie: Hi Rich
ADAMCON Bob: Richard, ya got home ok ??????
Daniel Bienvenu: long
Judy: hi, Rich, you made good time going home?
rich-c: in about seven hours flat despite stopping at every rest area on the route!
Melanie: speeder!
ADAMCON Bob: Daniel, did you hook up with Luc in Montreal ???????
rich-c: I only went fast enough to avoid getting run over by teh trucks!
Melanie: you're right about the trucks...they'll run you down
Daniel Bienvenu: I did meet Luc at Montreal... he did gave me transparent plastic casings to make transparent coleco games
Meeka: it took us a whole 5 hours to get home. We were so tired we had to have a 4 and a half hour layover at mom's LOL
ADAMCON Bob: so you did good, Daniel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Daniel Bienvenu: it took two days for me to get back home
ADAMCON Bob: oh oh. why???????
Daniel Bienvenu: one day to go to Dale's house
Doug: the power back on for you Daniel?
rich-c: geez, Melanie, you beat us by two hours!
Daniel Bienvenu: one day to return to Quebec city
rich-c: Mapquest gives a bogey of 6 hrs. 55 min. door to door - we hit it about baqng on
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at home... electricity was back when I was at Burger King this afternoon
rich-c: now f
Melanie: any word from Pam
rich-c: now Frances is trying to browbeat her computer into accepting the fac t it's not on a wireless connection any more
Daniel Bienvenu: I did send a message at adamcon mailing list... and it pops up into my spam box for a unknow reason<
rich-c: Frances was talking to her about half an hour ago
Jean: I have tried reaching Dla for a verification of his address, I have jeffery's hat ready to go.
Daniel Bienvenu: she's talking to the computer... sometimes a computer listen
Doug: so how is the weather in El Paso, Jean?
Daniel Bienvenu: In Quebec, the weather is clouds, clouds, more clouds, and rain, then clouds again.
rich-c: I'm not sure she's hit it hardd enough yet, Daniel ;-)
Hot and muggy. Swamp cooler not doing too well
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings All!!
Melanie: Mom mailed Murray's hat yesterday...she's fast!
rich-c: hello Guy - how's life in ChiTown?
Melanie: Hi Guy!
Judy: maybe he will come on tonight, Jean
Judy: Hi, Guy
Guy B.: Cool at the moment, but a warmup is coming
rich-c: enjoy teh relief while you can
Melanie: mom, I have jeffery's email address somewhere...i"ll look for it.
Judy: you are a super knitter
Guy B.: I got bombarded at work today and I still have tomorrow to catch up. Then I'm off until Monday
Thank you Judy
rich-c: it was a holiday here, of course, so our shopping hjas to be tomorrow
Judy: you are very welcome
Melanie: that's right, happy canada day!
rich-c: thnaks, Melanie. Does it surprise you that this old mossback still calls it Dominion Day?
Guy B.: Brb
Melanie: yes, mom is quite the knitter/crocheter. maybe someday we'll meet in NM so i can show off all my treasures.
rich-c: I'll bet you have a true classic collection!
Judy: ..
Jean: what does Brb mean?
Melanie: indeed! when my son moved out he tried to make off with a few things so i had to nail him!
rich-c: be right back
Judy: be right back
rich-c: as in, I'm going to the fridge for a beer ;-)
Judy: a Michigan one
rich-c: not sure Judy, though I brought three four-packs home with me
rich-c: we'll see how your craft brewers stack up against our craft brewers
ADAMCON Bob: yo go over your booze limit Richard?
rich-c: though from what I've seen, the Quebecois can knock teh spots off both of us!
rich-c: no, three bottles of wine and a dozen beer left me well under
Melanie: wow sounds like you all had a party!
rich-c: no, but teh Grand Rapids Berewery restaurant has nice food and a short but decent wine list
ADAMCON Bob: AND Richard found Rosso's fine wine and beder emporium
ADAMCON Bob: beer
ADAMCON Bob: Melanie,
Judy: ..
rich-c: yes, the beer clerk and I turned out to be mucho sympatico
ADAMCON Bob: Richard needed some extra meds for the trip home to Toronto
ADAMCON Bob changed username to Bob
Judy: How is the leg, Rich?
rich-c: no, just teh ones the hospital prescribed, nothing more
rich-c: though Russos has a fine selection of morale resgtoratives...
rich-c: oddly enough, the original area shows improvement, but there's been a spread up the lower leg
Melanie: good thing you jumped on that so quickly and got abx started. keeping it elevated?
rich-c: resting yesterday helped it so I have great hopes for the next few days
Judy: you better keep a close eye on it and if it doesn't show signs of improvement soon go back to the doctor
rich-c: oh, the hospital send teh info to my doctor and told me to call him tomorrow
rich-c: oddly, the last couple of days, I could sleep about six hours then I woke up with my back killing me
Judy: that is good
Judy: that doesn't sound good
rich-c: last night I tried extra pillows under my shoulders and back and slept very well
rich-c: anyway tonight I sleep as long as I please on my own special mattress so I reckon things will improve
Meeka: that usually helps
Melanie: nothing like sleeping in your own bed
Judy: ..
rich-c: yes, Frances doesn't drive so seven hours behind the wheel can be strenuous for us old folk
Melanie: i'll tell you what, our adam seniors are seniors in age only. all of you are sharp, interesting and involved. i hope i'll be the same.
Bob: when you get to be a true senior??????? or NOW ???
Meeka: lol
Judy: me too, Melanie
rich-c: given teh genes you got, Melanie, you'll still be looking forward when you hit triple figures
Bob: you got lots of years before you can lay claim to that
Melanie: i better start trying now to reach the bar they've set!
Melanie: thanks great grandmother lived to be 102!
rich-c: hey, there you go - and you have the current medical advances to give you an extra start
Jean: and your mother is not too far behind
Melanie: mom, you're just a kid
ha ha
rich-c: we seem to be short a surprising number of people tonight
Meeka: they are probably still recovering
Melanie: did the wick's make it home ok?
Bob: Pam......Dale......and maybe Guy and Dr D
Judy: yes, Meeka, Daniel is home
Bob: Daniel, did you leave Dale and Jeffery in good health?????
Daniel Bienvenu: yes
rich-c: Dave, maybe, but where are Ron and Dr. D. and Luc and GuyF and james, to start with?
Daniel Bienvenu: I've also leave to them about 10 timbits
Jean: what do you think about SOMEONE setting up a list: e-mails, addresses birhtdays,
Bob: This weekend we hope to get to Meijer Garden and get you the souvenir Daniel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melanie: what's a timbit
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm working on part 2 of adamcon21 sunday
Bob: must be french
Melanie: i like the list idea
rich-c: We searched the gift shop yesterday and didn't see anything that really shouted "Grand Rapids"
Bob: COOL write a report and I can make it part of the August ADAM News Network disk
rich-c: they had some absolutely lovely stuff but not place-specific
Melanie: we didn't find any gift shop items either
Melanie: except for the $6500 glass piece
Daniel Bienvenu: one of "tim horton" specialities... it's not a donut... it's like what should be the center of a donut... like baby donuts
Bob: Grand Rapids is boring, what can we say?
Daniel Bienvenu: tiny balls... of donuts
Melanie: baby donuts...sounds yummy!
rich-c: the are - Timbits are what used to be called donut holes
rich-c: trust me, they are villainously addictive!
Melanie: wouldn't call GR boring...28th street alone is worth the visit!
Daniel Bienvenu: Anyway, yes, I did leave Dale's house in time for my bus... and they was fine
Judy: how many of them did you buy, Melanie
Melanie: just a couple. i'm on a budget
rich-c: and you didn't get to see teh downtown architecture - old but functional and decorative
rich-c: built by people who were proud of their businesses and wanted them to reflect the fact
Judy: there just are not many true great GR sourvenirs
Judy: good answer
rich-c: unless you can find a miniature of "La Grand Vitesse" or something
Bob: huh?
rich-c: does the City Hall have a gift shop, maybe in the visitors bureau?
Bob: don't think so
Melanie: email me at with your email address and birthday if you'd like to be part of the list. don't need year just month/day.
rich-c: the big Calder sculpture in frony of City Hasll, Bob
Meeka: you should have all of ours already right Melanie
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rich-c: no, not all of us were born in June, it just seems that way!
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam
Bob: PAM....about time girl
rich-c: speaking of whom - hio, daughter
Pamela: hi all
Pamela: sorry I'm late
Pamela: life keeps getting in the way
Melanie: yep, i have the slopsema's info somewhere in my stack.
Judy: hi, Pam
Judy: how was the trip home?
Melanie: hi pam
Pamela: hi, Melanie
Pamela: !
Pamela: didn't get a chance to say goodbye : (
Pamela: so, consider yourself hugged
Meeka: h Pam
Pamela: hi Judy, hi Meeka
Pamela: Judy the trip home was not bad, the worst of it was the variable rain
Daniel Bienvenu: first time I did publish a hd video...
Judy: you missed each other
Daniel Bienvenu: ... no bad finally
Pamela: I know, we heard Melanie toot her horn as we were getting ready to bring down the luggage
Judy: I see
Judy: the weather didn't get any better today that is for sure
Pamela: didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Guy either
Melanie: hugs to you..sorry we missed you
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I will have two big hugs next year
rich-c: wasn't bad for us, Judy, barring one short deluge in Ontario
Pamela: or Daniel : )
Pamela: I guess we just didn'
Judy: or more Daniel
Pamela: t get up quite early enough
Melanie: yes, Daniel, at least 2 big hugs
Pamela: we did all our packing Sunday night so it was quite late when we went to bed
Judy: the old saying you snooze you lose
Pamela: : (
rich-c: does that mean I can't fall asleep at my keyboard now?
Pamela: no Daddy
Judy: didn't take long to pack, got it done while Bob was in the shower
Meeka: guess so rich
Pamela: sounds like your trip was about the same as ours, Dad
Judy: if you really need to Rich
rich-c: yes, picking Dominion Day for teh trip was very effective
Meeka: I had all but the bathroom packed while Doug showered too
Pamela: we had to figure out how to pack it all, then organize it and do it
Melanie: do the slopsema men take long showers or are you and judy just fast packerS?
rich-c: at Customs, we rolled right through without even a car ahead of us to wait for
Pamela: plus the stuff for the trip through customs
Judy: fast packers
Judy: that worked well, Rich
Meeka: lol, didnt have that much to pack
Pamela: plus you were only packing three days worth of stuff - we were packing eight
Judy: and what you bought
Pamela: just left that in the bags - easier to keep it all together that way, just in case customs wanted to see any of it
Melanie: meeka that hair stuff was great. i ran right out and bought some
Meeka: lol, Pam, I brought enough for about 6 days heheheh
rich-c: I even kidded a bit with the inspector - he was all there by his lonesome while the lineup of US-bound trucvks was several miles long
Meeka: ya, I like it too
Meeka: leaves your hair nice and soft too
Pamela: I'm pretty sure I could have gone another three or four days Meeka : )
Pamela: I always over pack
rich-c: don't we all? all you need is to be caught out by one forgotten item
Pamela: I'm getting bombarded on all sides here
Judy: aren't you glad you weren't going the other way
Pamela: oh, very very
Pamela: the line was long on Monday too
rich-c: believe it, Judy, believe it
Pamela: from the bedroom the smell of the varnish they used on Erin's floors
Pamela: from the living room, fireworks galore
Bob: fireworks???????
Bob: ah Canada Day
rich-c: it's Dominion Day, Bob
Judy: sounds like a good view
Pamela: we have the usual backyard enthusiasts
Judy: but maybe not a good smell
Pamela: but i'm not a big fan unless they're out of sound range
Judy: can you hear them also
Pamela: oh yes, they're quite close
Pamela: those backyard enthusiasts that is
Pamela: the big ones from farther away will just be getting started
rich-c: we have been hearing firecrackers since we got home, but nothing larger
Judy: it will start here this week-end
Pamela: we'll hear the really really big ones as echoes but that's it
Guy B.: Ok Back. Got through watching Daniel's video
Melanie: it's already started here
Pamela: I would prefer not to be able to hear these - I hate being startled
Meeka: wb guy
rich-c: that took a while - is it that good, Guy?
Melanie: where is Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: here
Melanie: sorry meant to ask where your video is
Daniel Bienvenu: oh... just a second
Pamela: anyway - Melanie, how was your trip home, when was your flight etc?
Daniel Bienvenu: My latest video is here :
Guy B.: It was, plus some e-mails to catch up on
Daniel Bienvenu: there is a button at the bottom of the video player "HD" if you want the HD version
Melanie: mom and i were delayed out of detroit but made our connection in chicago by the skin of our teeth! mom was fine but i was getting a little antsy and tired.
Melanie: thanks daniel. will watch it.
Pamela: should i ask when you arrived in EP?
Meeka: of course she was Melanie, she had you to do the worring for her
Judy: she had her knitting what did you have to do, Melanie?
rich-c: time to go see how that brew my buddy at Russo's recommended tastes - brb
Melanie: we arrived a little after 11pm ep time and in bed by little after midnight. slept like a baby.
Pamela: wow, thats good
Pamela: Daniel, did you get to see Luc in Montreal?
Daniel Bienvenu: And in this video... there is Bob's message to everyone who can help ... about gal chips?
Pamela: and Guy, did you say you got home at noon? How long did it take you?
Melanie: i didn't have anything to keep my hands busy. finished my book. better start cross stitching again!
Pamela: that is the worst, not having something to keep you occupied.
Pamela: that's one of the reasons I like my DS
Pamela: makes the time fly
Guy B.: Made it back just after 12 noon and on one tank of gas. Car got 34 MPG. which is a new record by the way for me
Pamela: wow, that's good
Melanie: what is a ds?
Pamela: I think we did it on about 3/4 of a tank of gas. Hard to tell, since we stopped to fill in Sarnia
Daniel Bienvenu: nintendo ds... a portable game system
Pamela: and that is awesome mileage for me
Pamela: Nintendo DS - portable gaming system, Melanie
Daniel Bienvenu: (I was faster)
Meeka: i prefer my psp to the ds
Pamela: you might have seen Daniel with his too
Melanie: i'm not up to speed on the technology stuff
Judy: ..
Pamela: the DS is a little smaller and is compatible with Game boy advanced cartridges too
rich-c: count your blessings, Melanie
Guy B.: Annie was so happy to see me that she was giving me a lot of kisses
Meeka: thats ok, you hang around long enough and it will rub off on you melanie
Pamela: so you really expand your available programs
Daniel Bienvenu: In fact, there is now the DSi which is the same except they add two webcams, more memory, built-in web browser ... and no retro compatibility support to play gameboy advance games. I still don't know why two webcams on this
Pamela: I'll bet Guy
Guy B.: I did give her a walk and she was really happy about that
Judy: gas here went down to 2.56 a gal
Pamela: wow, it went UP to just over a buck a litre around here : (
rich-c: great - just afer we left - it's around a buck a litre here
Guy B.: Price just went down 5 cents here
Daniel Bienvenu: I can use my Nintendo DS as a Clock, a Calendar, and something to wake me up in the morning...
Pamela: glad I filled when I did
Guy B.: It's now 2.79
Daniel Bienvenu: ... and as a portable game system of course
Pamela: I have 5/8 of a tank left which should get me to and from the trailer this weekend no sweat
Melanie: sounds like i need to get one
Pamela: it has an alarm, Daniel?
Pamela: I didn't know that
Pamela: must read my info again : )
Pamela: back in a minute, should replenish my fluid levels
Daniel Bienvenu: I did use my DS as an alarm clock at least once during a previous Adamcon.
Melanie: signing off. my dog is demanding her evening walk before it gets dark. goodbye all.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Guy B.: Bye Melanie
Meeka: night Melanie
rich-c: night Melanie - hope you make it next week
Melanie left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: hope to see you online more often
Daniel Bienvenu: too late
Doug left chat session
Pamela: nite Melanie
Judy: we are watching AdamCon day three
Pamela: was someone taping?
Judy: missed saying goodbye to Melanie
Judy: Daniel
elanie travels a lot for the veteran hospitals...she goes over their things for the month and checks them out,,then she travels to that hospital and shhows them their mistake, she enjoys this very much
rich-c: Ron madde an allusion to a webcast, Pam
Pamela: Jean, is that you?
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob said : "there gotta be someone somewhere that can burns ud some gals... cheaply than nothing... for the price of a gal.", I'm not sure I did understand everything, but we can hear you well Bob in my video.
Bob: yes Daniel just posted it and it is a video of sunday................
Bob: tis her Pamela
Yes, I nhav ebeen doing a few other things as I am sitting down
Bob: ya done GOOD Daniel
Pamela: I didn't realize : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have to make part 2... sunday was a very busy day with my camera
rich-c: yes, we need to get our need and opportunity out to the whole commun ity as effectively as we can
I need a new camera..any suggestiosb?
Judy: brb have to make Bob a lunch for tomorrow
Daniel Bienvenu: I did saw Dale's video... most of them taken by Jeffrey... some are too funny, spoecially his expression when pointing the camera to himself
rich-c: go with what appeals to you now; it will be obsolete tomorrow anyway
Pamela: anything you HAVE to have Jean?
rich-c: I bought mine because it had a viewfinder and image stabilization
I always want the best and easiest to handle
rich-c: it's a features game now, Jean - consider how my reasons might apply to you
Meeka: try them out in the store and see what "feels" right
rich-c: Frances found teh Canon was better for her; it also has a viewfinder
Meeka: my current one is an olympus
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changed username to jean
Daniel Bienvenu: Jean
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Pamela: finding a knowledgeable salesperson helps too
rich-c: but Daniel will tell you to get a Pentax or Nikon SLR, but they are pricey
jean: somehow I got stiffed. Jean
Pamela: Mine's Fuji and I'm really pleased with it
Meeka: I prefer if they use normal batteries also as they are easier/cheaper
Meeka: than the speciality batteries
rich-c: regular batteries will bankrupt you on serious shooting - rechargables are a must
Daniel Bienvenu: my current camera is a Lumix with a 1G memory... which is not enough for videos, but the quality is quite good.
jean: Hi Daniel, sorry I am not accustomed to this BUT I'll get better
rich-c: who makes Lumix, Daniel?
Pamela: I got mine just before we left for Gatineau and was really impressed with it right out of the gate
Daniel Bienvenu: Panasonic - Lunix ... they was cheap with a good zoom and stabilizer
Pamela: I do agree with Dad however - rechargeable batteries are a must
Daniel Bienvenu: *Lumix
rich-c: and Jean, you do need a good photo editing program
rich-c: digital photography is totally different from film photography
rich-c: but good editing programs are plentiful and free
Meeka: you just need to take good pic, then there is no need to edit :-P
Judy: I am back
Meeka: wb
rich-c: yes, but tehre's no way to get a good pic with phone poles in the way - without editing
Judy: we are now watching Meijer Garden
jean: Well I had better do my chores and get ready to call it a day. I have enjoyed talking to you all
jean left chat session
Meeka: night Jean
Pamela: gnite Jean
Pamela: see you next week!
rich-c: unfortunately the Adam list won't allow photo attachments - otherwise you'd see a show!
rich-c: night Jean
Meeka: I think I am gonna run too
rich-c: right, you've been a busy girl, Meeka
Meeka: see ya next weeek
rich-c: look forward to it - nite
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: nite meeka
Guy B.: Nite Meeka
Judy: great work, Daniel
Pamela: wow everyone is poofing in a hurry tonite
Bob: night Jean
Judy: night Jean hope to talk at you next week
Pamela: Bob, Judy - thanks again for an amazing convention
rich-c: I think we're all pretty tired, Pam
Bob: we are happy that you all enjoyed it
Pamela: that's for sure Dad
Judy: you are very welcome and we were so glad you came
Bob: we are small, but we try harder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Pamela: : )
rich-c: you two are developing a real professional touch
Guy B.: You guys did a great job.
Judy: you have to give Doug and Meeka some of the credit
Pamela: by all means
Judy: thank you thank you
rich-c: yes, they can really take it up a step, can't they?
Pamela: I really didn't want to come home
Pamela: and tomorrow, it's back to reality
Pamela: : (
Judy: just come back
rich-c: for me, go shopping, see the doctor
Pamela: we want to, believe me
Judy: Bob has been back to really for two days
Pamela: well it's been a busy two days for us
Pamela: we had the leftovers from Erin's move to deal with, and Russell had to work today
rich-c: we just got to unwind and clean up some loose ends
Judy: I also need to go to the grocery store and if it isn't rainning the grass needs cutting
Pamela: I had to switch parking spots and move all my crap out of the old one
Bob: you get rid of all here leavings?
rich-c: Grand Rapids can be very interesting
Pamela: I still haven't unpacked or done laundry
Judy: I got those things done probably before you got home, Pam
Pamela: not yet Bob - we're still sorting through what needs to stay so it can go to Cleveland at a later date and what's going to Goodwill, and what's staying with us
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Judy: that is one good thing about not having to travel to the convention
rich-c: I can claim to be patrtially unpacked - i.e. my must haves for sleeping
changed username to Guy Fusster
Guy B.: Can't believe that a lot has changed since the last time you and Judy had the last con
Pamela: unpacking shouldn't be too bad - my suitcase has the dirty laundry in it : )
rich-c: hey, Guy - we missed you
Pamela: open and dump into hamper : )
Daniel Bienvenu: Hey.. guy F
Guy B.: Hey Guy F
Pamela: M. Foster!
Guy Fusster: hi all.... I see the adamcon was a great success!
Guy Fusster: glad everyone made it back in one piece
Guy B.: It was indeed
Pamela: however I still have to hang up the clean stuff
rich-c: you better believe it - pity you couldn't have been there
Pamela: we missed you Guy
Bob: hey GuyF
rich-c: you do know you are doing the next one, don't you?
Guy Fusster: no, too much happening here... unfortunately, but I hear that next year it will be in Quebec, so the chances of me being there, are very good!
Daniel Bienvenu: how is your new son?
Pamela: we volunteered you : )
Judy: yes, guy the city is changing
Judy: hi GuyF
Guy Fusster: Yes, I told Dan that I will be able to help him out, it will be a pleasure, amongst the 2 of us, we should be able to pull it off.
rich-c: yes, what's teh story on the new addition to the family
Guy Fusster: My son is great, very quiet boy, thankfully.
Pamela: we are all here to help if you need it Guy
rich-c: remember Dale is committed to giving you teh benefit of his experience, too
Guy Fusster: I will be practicing touristic sightseeing of Montreal in a few weeks. My brother is coming with his 2 sons... so it'll be good for the adamcon.
Guy Fusster: Ihave yet to see a picture of Dan accepting the banner. :)
rich-c: pity they don't have those old open streetcars with teh stadium seating any more
Guy Fusster: Rich: The mayor is talking about bringing them back... tramways in Montreal.
Pamela: it will be interesting Guy - I haven't been to Montreal since I was a teenager
Guy Fusster: But we do have "Bixis" this year in Montreal! New phenomena.
Pamela: Guy, what is the baby's name?
Guy Fusster: Pamela: Samuel
Pamela: and when was he actually born?
Daniel Bienvenu: Daniel say hello to Samuel, 3 weeks old
rich-c: good choice. don't know why, but it works.
Guy Fusster: June 8th, 7:00 PM approx.
Judy: is Jean still on?
Daniel Bienvenu: another one in June...
rich-c: no, she had to sign off
Pamela: don't think so Judy
Judy: I still have an undefined on
Pamela: so Sandra went into labour before they induced her : )
Pamela: that happens a lot
Pamela: me too Judy but I think that's from when she dropped off and came back
Guy Fusster: Yes, she was supposed to be induced the next day. :) She woke me up at 4:30 AM telling me: "I think it will be today". I was a nervous wreck, we dropped off the kids to the kindergaten and I rushed through morning traffic to go to the hospital.
Judy: oh, I see
Guy Fusster: 15 hours later, we had our son.
Pamela: and how is she feeling?
Judy: congradulations, GuyF
Guy Fusster: Surprisingly, she is feeling great, even with 3 kid in the house.
Daniel Bienvenu: congratulations to the mother too
Pamela: good to hear
Guy Fusster: actually 4 kids, including me
Pamela: congratulations to you both - mazel tov
Guy Fusster: but she knew what she was getting into when marrying me
Guy B.: Wow, congrats Guy
Pamela: LOL
Judy: you better not be a kid she needs the help
Judy: of a father
Guy Fusster: Thanks... 3 kids in 3 years. We're tired. Actually, Sandra is tired, I'll let her rest now.
rich-c: don't worry Judy, Guy knows that job very well
Pamela: at least you know you'll have lots of sitters for next year's convention
Judy: that's good
Guy Fusster: Judy: I know, it's not easy... with one kid I was still "free". With 3... I'm still free, but have to time my free time when they sleep. :)
Pamela: your brother will be here for two months, Guy?
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Dale: Hi all.
Guy Fusster: he will be here for 3 weeks, next month.
Pamela: Hi Dale!
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Dale
Guy Fusster: hi Dale
Dale: Just back from fireworks.
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: "long time no see"
Pamela: was just wondering where you were
Judy: hi, Dale
Pamela: ahhhh
Guy Fusster: oh yeah, happy confederation day
Guy B.: No fireworks for my town this year
rich-c: hello Dale - we were just telling Guy about his new job hosting Adamcon 22
Dale: Excellent.
Guy Fusster: The first Adamcon where the host had no clue he was hosting... should be fun.
Bob: hi Dale
Judy: Dale, Jean wanted to comfirm your address for Jefferys hat, so you may want to email or call her
Pamela: as in Oak Park, or Chicago, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: If someone have a suggestion about the theme for adamcon 22, which will be also the year 2010, go ahead
Guy B.: By me Pam. Chicago is still having theirs and so is Oak Park. Berwyn canceled too
Pamela: budget constraints?
Guy Fusster: Dan: Space Oddysey!!! And in Laval, there's the Cosmodome, an awesome Space Science Center to visit.
Guy Fusster: Dan: 2010 Space Odyssey! Ever see the movie?
Dale: Daniel has even played the ColecoVision videogame.
Pamela: ten to freakin 11 and they're still setting off fireworks - grrr
Guy Fusster: There you go, the theme is set then... good idea Dan!
Daniel Bienvenu: I did see the movie, with Jupiter becoming a sun because of tons of 9x4x1 black rectangle shapes.
Daniel Bienvenu: or they was 16x9x4 ?
Daniel Bienvenu: no, it was 9x4x1
Guy Fusster: Actually, 2010 was Space Odyssey 2. Space Odyssey was 2001
Pamela: (crosseyed) how do I smudge my glasses while they're on my face????
Daniel Bienvenu: strange movie...
Guy Fusster: ghosts Pamela... they do the smudging
Judy: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: so, the theme next year is space...
Pamela: ah, that explains it!
Daniel Bienvenu: something
Pamela: I need to get out my road atlas and study Montreal
Guy Fusster: 2010: The Adam Odyssey... we can go and visit the location of the old Coleco factories.
Pamela: get a feel for the layout
Dale: So I need to come up space to store all of the Adam software?
Dale: That'll be a challenge.
rich-c: see if there is anyone at L CS wbo even remembers SmartLogo
Dale: What's there now Guy?
Guy Fusster: Good idea, anyone have the exact address? I can do a quick search... is it St-Ambroise street?
Daniel Bienvenu: hmmm... the movie was : "2010: The Year We Make Contact"
rich-c: sorry, LCSI
Bob: gotta go here guys and gals
Judy: getting late so I am going to bed, night all
Bob: nighttime tired
Guy Fusster: later Bob
Dale: Definately not "space odyssey 2"
Pamela: night Judy - miss you
Daniel Bienvenu: somehow, adamcon will make contact with some of my friends of ccjvq club.
Bob: glad all are home safe and sound.....see you next Wed
Guy Fusster:
Bob left chat session
Guy Fusster: On Wikipedia it is referred as Odyssey Two
Dale: But close enough for horse shoes, darts or nuclear war.
rich-c: OK, Bob and Judy, guess we're off till next week - sleep tight
Judy left chat session
Pamela: night Bob
Guy B.: Nite Bob and Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: wow... not had time to say bye to Bob
Pamela: yes everyone is leaving in a hurry tonite
rich-c: yes, they vanished fast
Daniel Bienvenu: I see... the novel was titled space odyssey 2
Pamela: I'm afraid I'll have to join their ranks
Pamela: must go and find something decent to wear to work tomorrow
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to be taking out soon. So I'll see you all next week
Daniel Bienvenu: odyssey 2 is also a computer
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: OK Guy and amela - goodnight
Dale: And the original script title was odyssey 2, but the promotional title was the year we make contact.
Daniel Bienvenu: Wow, everybody is leaving now
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: well, many of us had a hard week, Daniel - I think you noticed ;-)
Pamela: Guy, Dale, Daniel - goodnight
Dale: g'night pam.
Pamela: gnite, Daddy - glad you're home safe
rich-c: thnks, Pam
Pamela: kerpoof
Daniel Bienvenu: you will make contact with people speaking usually french... like if there was an invasion of many people like me speaking somehow good enligh.
Pamela left chat session
Dale: As long as we don't just meet them on the sidewalk, they will be more than welcome to join us.
Daniel Bienvenu: first time I'm saying that i'm speaking a good english... I'm making progress I guess
rich-c: I am going to leave you three to plot Acon 22 - I'm sure you'll have it done for next week
Dale: The sidewalk people are fine, but it isn't as fulfilling.
rich-c: so until then I bid you all adieu - bonsoir tout le monde. A la prochiane.
Dale: Set your travel plans for montreal for next week for sure Richard.
Dale: :-)
Guy Fusster: bonsoir Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: a la prochaine, rich
rich-c: consider teh van gassed up already - night now
Dale: Goodnight Richard.
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I still don't know who is undefined
Guy Fusster: me too, I'm gonzo
Dale: Later Guy.
Daniel Bienvenu: so far, we need to find a hotel and dates before the end of the year
Guy Fusster: too late, us poor working people that wake up at 5:00 AM, it's rough,.
Dale: That would be good.
Dale: We'll have to pressure Guy later.
Guy Fusster: it's kind of hard to reserve a hotel 1 year in advance
Daniel Bienvenu: we have time for details... but first, find hotel and dates
Dale: Actually it totally isn't Guy.
Guy Fusster: and get a good deal
Dale: I couldn't specualate on when the best time is to get a good deal.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sure it's possible, and you have the chance to be in the right place, Guy
Guy Fusster: Give me dates
Dale: But we need it by the end of the year either way.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm too far to visit
Guy Fusster: I'll inquire
Daniel Bienvenu: Some prefer June, other prefer july
Daniel Bienvenu: We can manage to get everybody
Dale: We plan to book approximately 10 rooms (8-15 rooms seems to be the range recently)
Guy Fusster: Dan, you have to reach a concensus with the people interested in going to Montreal
Dale: Thursday to Monday.
Guy Fusster: Conference room will be booked also Thurday-Monday ?
Daniel Bienvenu: For example, Dale and Jillian will be at Montreal next year... specially if it's in July. However, Pam who also want to be at the Adamcon in Montreal prefer June instead of July
Dale: Well Thursday evening is the reception. That doesn't have to be in the meeting room
Dale: And we don't need it during the day on Thursday.
Dale: And on Monday we all check out, so we don't need the meeting room after midnight on Sunday really.
Guy Fusster: So from Friday morning till let's say Monday morning.
Daniel Bienvenu: talking about nights it's 4 nights
Dale: Yes. Exactly where the reception is depends on what facilities the hotel has
Guy Fusster: Yes, but not everyone stays 4 nights, right?
Dale: This year it worked best to book the meeting room from 6pm Thursday until 8am Monday morning.
Daniel Bienvenu: some stay more, some stay less... depends
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich and Frances did stay an entire week
Guy Fusster: I assume that in Montreal, we will need a big conference room because LOTS of people will be joining us, not necessaraly stay at the hotel, but attend the lectures.
Dale: Of the 17 people at AdamCon this year, I'd say 11 stayed 4 nights, and 2 didn't stay any nights, and the rest stayed longer.
Guy Fusster: the ones that stayed longer, did they stay at the same hotel all the time?
Daniel Bienvenu: Lots of people... it depends again because they are afraid that it will be programming and boring stuff
Dale: Yes they did.
Guy Fusster: Well Dan, I'm sure your loyal following of CCJVQ will be there... at least 4-5 guys
Dale: I think that a room for 15 to 20 with some extra chairs is likely to be enough.
Dale: Maybe a room for more than 30 would be too big.
Daniel Bienvenu: The Coleco fans will certainly be there... specially if I take this opportunity to reveal my special project at that time
Dale: But Guy ,will they be there for a day, or for the whole weekend?
Guy Fusster: Most likely the whole weekend, but not sleeping there, since they liv ein Montreal
Guy Fusster: we might get lots of visitors during the day in the conference room
Daniel Bienvenu: We can charge a few dollars to the sporadic visitors, to pay for the conference room
Guy Fusster: Maybe offer some sort of package for people not wanting to stay at the hotel, but assist the conference and go eat with us.
Dale: You might. It depends heavily on the topics scheduled, and whether an English language conference appeals to them.
Guy Fusster: Like $40 per day or something like that. Conference + lunch + supper or something like that.
Dale: I know it took some convincing before Daniel was willing to come.
Daniel Bienvenu: and Bob did reminds me that at the end of Adamcon 21
Guy Fusster: they will come for Daniel. he has quite the following.
Guy Fusster: luc miron will be there, i'm sure
Dale: For sure, Guy. I did that when I had a lot of visitors from Toronto. Most only picked one day to come though.
Dale: It would be great for Luc to come.
Daniel Bienvenu: just need to say to Luc that, like David just did with Fireman, he can talk about a game and sell copies.
Guy Fusster: I saw him last weekend, he dropped in with a copy of PacMan collection for the Colecovision. Didn't try it yet, but been wanting to... maybe tomorrow
Guy Fusster: they're still backordered... he's sellign them like hotcakes
Dale: Yes, AdamCon is a great place to launch new products, or for Luc, just demonstrate all of his great current projects.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm pretty sure Luc will come up with a subject to talk at the Adamcon in Montreal if the dates are ok for him too
Guy Fusster: make sure to ask luc about the dates daniel. You are in charge to make everyone happy, date-wise.
Guy Fusster: I will try to find us a good deal will nice facilities at the hotel and reserve a spot when I have those dats.
Daniel Bienvenu: I will post a message to the admcon list first ... like a survey
Guy Fusster: *dates
Guy Fusster: Will take pictures of the facilities and send them to you guys for approval.
Daniel Bienvenu: who may come to Montreal next year and which dates they prefer
Guy Fusster: yes
Dale: That'd be good.
Guy Fusster: what about t-shirts? do you get them printed profesionally?
Dale: Usually.
Guy Fusster: ok, that's better
Guy Fusster: you still have your contacts Dale for t-shirt printing? :)
Dale: I've had them printed professionally, made them myself, had them silkscreened, and had them embroidered on different years.
Dale: So it just depends.
Dale: Yes, I do.
Guy Fusster: good :)
Guy Fusster: allright, i'm off to sleep, gotta get my 5 hours of sleep
Guy Fusster: get us those dates Dan!
Dale: Goodnight Guy.
Guy Fusster: goodnight all
Dale: I'm going to check on Jeffrey.
Dale: Bye for now.
Dale left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: that was fast
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: et undefined
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm writing the mail about the survey
Daniel Bienvenu: done
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnite
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