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Meeka: hello
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: allo
Meeka: hello
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changed username to rich-c
Meeka: hi Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Rich
rich-c: Hey - salut Daniel et Jean-Francois, hi Meeka
rich-c: Daniel, how's the tooth situation?
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rich-c: Jean-Francois, il nous donne grand plaisir que vous avez decide at nous joindre
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello<
Daniel Bienvenu: tien tien... Jeff
rich-c: Daniel, did you get dropped again?
Daniel Bienvenu: Meeka
Meeka: yes..
Daniel Bienvenu: Me?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm online now... it's 21h
Daniel Bienvenu: didn't get dropped
rich-c: oh, saw an undefined appear then disappear with n o new names
Meeka: there you go seeing things agian Rich :-P
rich-c: comes in the package with old age, Meeka
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changed username to Guy F.
rich-c: of course it will take you a fair few years to find that out
Meeka: hi Guy
Guy F.: Hey all
Guy F.: Hi Dan. How's the tooth?
Daniel Bienvenu: ca a degele... et la ca fait un mal de chien
rich-c: bonsoir, Guy - how's the family doing?
Meeka: lol, hope so, but I already have bad eyesite
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Guy F.: All is good Rich, how's everything with you?
changed username to BobS
Meeka: hi dad
BobS: howdy folks
Guy F.: Dan: Learn to enjoy pain. It's part of life, the older you get the more you will have to deal with it. :)
BobS: big crowd EARLY tonight, eh?
rich-c: pretty fair, Guy, thank you
rich-c: hi Bob
BobS: Welcome J-F
BobS: hows the leg Richard
Daniel Bienvenu: chaque carie que j'ai eu ne faisait pas si mal apres reparation... la c'est atroce
Guy F.: C'est qui ca JF?
Guy F.: Dan: Dude, it's touching the root, thus a root canal...
Guy F.: Of course it's going to hurt.
rich-c: Dniel, didn't the dentist give you a good pain pill - Tylenol3, or something?
rich-c: Bob, the leg is much improved, but enough to go that my doctor said to renew the antibiotic
Daniel Bienvenu: Jean-Francois Dupuis, alias le gars derriere quelques projets coleco... dont il y a longtemps un hack de Mouse Trap... et qui est l'un de ceux qui a acheté le module "Final Adam Test Something".
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Daniel Bienvenu: que personne ne connait d'aillers
changed username to Judy
Meeka: at least it is getting better Rich
Judy: Hi, everyone
Meeka: good thing you caught it early it sounds like
rich-c: hi Judy, how are your goldfinces doing?
BobS: and it IS getting better then Rich ?
Judy: eatting us out of house and home
Meeka: lol, mine too the pigs
Judy: sounds like you are getting better
rich-c: oh yes, the rash is much reduced, but the edema is of course much tougher
Judy: what did your doctor have to say?
rich-c: not too much, had no quibbles with what Blodgett did, pretty much "carry on"
Judy: ..
Judy: that is good
rich-c: problem is, I need compression on the leg, but it causes too much pain
Judy: at least they agree
Daniel Bienvenu: my tooth didn't hurt really before... but now, first visit to the dentist and now it hurts like hell... wow, the pain incredible, I don't know if I can tolerate that tonight.
Judy: is that one of those times when you say no pain no gain
rich-c: oh, I would have expected that, Melanie gave me a pretty good idea of what to expect
Judy: what is the matter with your tooth, Daniel?
Meeka: root canal
Judy: oh, not a good thing!!!
rich-c: no Judy, if Daniel has a root abcess, then he isnt in pain, he's in agony
Judy: I have a dentist appointment tomorrow
BobS: I take it that Daniel NEEDS a root canal, but has NOT had it yet ??????
rich-c: and he need a codeine based pain killer - Tylenol3 or Demerol or something similar
Judy: and they gave him nothing
Daniel Bienvenu: the abcess is gone... I had one before the adamcon... now the treatment just began... I have two other visits for the same tooth.
Judy: not cool
rich-c: the abcess is gone and there is still heavy pain? that is very strange
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't had much pain before, rich
Judy: I just need them cleaned again
Daniel Bienvenu: now it's pain
Judy: what did he do today then?
Daniel Bienvenu: I was somehow fine before, just an abcess growing making my tooth sensitive... but now, it's terrible
rich-c: Daniel, you need to go down to the hospital and get a proper pain treatment
rich-c: you either have an abcess or some sort of infection
rich-c: either way you need intervention
Daniel Bienvenu: the dentist drill to make the holes inside the tooth... in one case it was painful.
Judy: that doesn't really seem right that now it is so painful
rich-c: do you have a decent hospital in St.Foy or do you have to go across the river?
Judy: sounds like he drilled into the nerve
Judy: when do you go back ?
Daniel Bienvenu: not tomorrow
Daniel Bienvenu: not next week
rich-c: no, he would have killed the nerve in order to clear things for the root canal
Daniel Bienvenu: in two weeks
Judy: you better not wait that long
rich-c: Daniel, in two weeks you could be dead - infections are not things to be played with
rich-c: and in this day and age you should not suffer pointless pain
Daniel Bienvenu: first time I have this intervention, I don't know what is normal or not.
rich-c: these days extreme pain is not normal, it is a sign of something badly wrong
Judy: do you have an emergency number to call and ask some questions?
rich-c: did your dentist give you an emergency after-hours phone number?
Daniel Bienvenu: i have no such thing as an emergency after-hours phone number for the dentist
Guy F.: go to the emergency then, at a hospital
rich-c: then do you have a hospital with an emergency deopartment in Ste. Foy?
Judy: call the dentist number and it may give you another number to call
rich-c: yes, you should try that first, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: calling the dentist will join the answering machine, that's all.
Judy: I think that is where I would start
rich-c: the answering machine may still give referrals
Guy F.: take a tylenol, see how you feel.
Judy: have you called after hours Daniel
rich-c: Guy, if things are as he describes, a Tylenol will not touch it
Guy F.: people have different thresholds of pain
Guy F.: what seems like unbearable pain to one, might seem like something mundane to another....
rich-c: of course, Guy, I have had much expereince in that department
Guy F.: me too, especially with teeth.
Guy F.: teeth can be the worst of pains
Guy F.: but if he had an intervention done on that tooth today. I think it is normal for it to hurt.
rich-c: remember I go back to the day when dentistry routinely involved pain levels you would not comprehend today
Daniel Bienvenu: I did call the dentist... not there... of course<
rich-c: and I have had an abcessed tooth
Judy: ..
rich-c: soreness is one thing - sdustained severe pain is something entirely different
Guy F.: I had half of my face swollen during a week-end when I was in my 20s from an infected tooth that needed a root canal. I couldn't eat or drink. Pain was unbearable. I wanted that tooth gone. I know not to take teeth pain lightly anymore.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a permanent felling of something drilling deeply in my tooth
Guy F.: Your root is still there, he didn't touch it, that's the pain you are feeling.
Daniel Bienvenu: I was almost fine before... I was able to eat, drink and everything... now it hurts
rich-c: and that I think is more than just the anesthetic coming out
rich-c: is the pain asorene3ss or a sharp up and dolwn pain, Daniel?
Guy F.: if you are worried, go to the emergency, if not, wait it out till tomorrow morning and call your dentist asap in the morning.
Daniel Bienvenu: with the pain I have now, I dno't trust the dentist who did tell me it does help people with terrible pain.
Daniel Bienvenu: the dentist did know I didn't had much pain, in fact almost no pain at all
rich-c: if the dentist told you to suffer the pain, you need a new dentist
Judy: ..
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changed username to coleconut
coleconut: better late than never
rich-c: hey, we've got another new visitor - welcome
Meeka: hello
Guy F.: Gotta go, get well Daniel... hope it works out for you. Bye all.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
Guy F. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Bye guy!
rich-c: night Guy, thanks
coleconut: bonsoir mes amis
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Daniel Bienvenu: that was fast
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam
Meeka: Hi Pam
Judy: night GuyF
Pamela: bonsoir Daniel
Judy: hi, Pam
rich-c: bonsoir, coleconut . Comment tu t'appele?
Pamela: Hi everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: just miss GuyF, Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: timing!
coleconut: Davide Colline
Pamela: hi dad
Daniel Bienvenu: rich, you did meet him during the adamcon 2 and adamcon21
rich-c: the seldom seen Mr. Hill! - hi!
coleconut: And at 5 years of MTAG :-)
Pamela: hi Dave
Judy: hi, David
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't know this one
coleconut: HI Pam, Judy
rich-c: yes you do Daniel, it's David Hill
Pamela: I am as usual still eating dinner
Pamela: lost track of time : (
Pamela: and J-F, welcome!
coleconut: JF, ca va?
BobS: you gotta start eating earlier LPam
rich-c: we are trying to figure out how urgent it is for Daniel to go to Emergency
Daniel Bienvenu: JF seems to not talk right now
rich-c: non, il est tres silent
coleconut: Il dorm
Judy: what is for dinner?
rich-c: peut-etre tu as raison
Daniel Bienvenu: il dort peut-etre
Pamela: salad, rice and pork chops
coleconut: I made curry chicken, yum
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Pamela: oh that does sound good Dave
Judy: sounds good
changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: helllo GuyB
Pamela: greetings Mr. Bona!
coleconut: Oui, dort. Il faut visiter Montreal encore pour pratiquer
Meeka: hi guy
Judy: hi, Guy
Pamela: your French is really good Dave
rich-c: well, one Guy goes out, another Guy comes in - welcome Mr. Bona
Pamela: brb, gonna go get the main course
Guy B.: Greetings!!! My new Freedom processor is going to be replaced by a new one tomorrow. Microphones may have gone bad
rich-c: that's a real disappointment, Guy
Judy: yes, a Guy for a Guy
rich-c: btw - has anybody seen any local strawberries? they seem awfully late
coleconut: So is summer
Judy: I had one on my strawberry plant
Meeka: everythin g around here is blooming 2-3 weeks later than normal
rich-c: a trenchant observation, sir! but our tomatoes are setting fruit now
Judy: I now have two tomatoes
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't finish my video about my musc
rich-c: iirc, we usually have strawberries ~June 20
Daniel Bienvenu: *my music presentation
Pamela: none so far Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: I was expecting to make it during the week-end, but finally I had something else to do.
rich-c: yes, you had a production order or something, didn't you?
Daniel Bienvenu: I must not waste too much time with this video because I have to continue my game
coleconut: Your videos are excellent, I always look fwd to them
rich-c: yes, I even looked at a couple from the convention
coleconut: I tried to make a Youtube but it was crap, I blamed my software....
rich-c: if I were to try I would blame my hardware, since I have none
coleconut: There are a LOT of classic gaming videos on youtube, some interesting
Pamela: ah, much better
Pamela: tummy much happier
coleconut: Some are just "Uhhh, here is my Donkey Kong cartridge and this one is Qbert, ummm
rich-c: I think J-F may have designs in that line - got that impression from his website
Pamela: Dad re: strawberries the only local ones I've seen were at Strawberry Creek Farm on the weekend
rich-c: is that the one up by the trailer?
Pamela: speaking of which, Dave, have you been up to 404 / Woodbine?
coleconut: For...?
Daniel Bienvenu: but dave (or david), what kind of video did you wanted to do and with what kind of software?
Pamela: awesome locally grown fruits and vegetables
Pamela: sorry that should be Davis Drive / Woodbine
coleconut: No, havent been.
Daniel Bienvenu: ho I see... you asked me what is the software I do use for my videos.
Pamela: Strawberry Creek farm, they grow the best strawberries we've had in a very long time and carry locally grown produce from around Southern Ontario
Pamela: they're only open from the beginning of strawberry season until just after Thanksgiving
coleconut: Daniel - my idea was to do presentations like at ADAMCon about interesting stuff, generate some interest in Coleco related items
rich-c: so Davis Driv e and Woodbine, eh? Maybe we should go check the trailer and just happen in on the way
rich-c: yes, I'll bet most don't even know that an Adam mouse exists
Daniel Bienvenu: You can start with Movie Maker, using only pictures to start.
coleconut: Rich, do you have a house trailer?
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Pamela: just east of Woodbine on the south side of Davis Drive, Dad - you can see the red building and green / white striped roof from the exit on the 404
coleconut: I probably started too big, tried to integrate some video I shot with Powerpoint, also with still pictures, it didnt flow for me.
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rich-c: yes, we have an 18" 1982 Taurus Lite
BobS: Jean that you????
coleconut: I bought a trailer too, its on Pigeon River at Omemee if you know that area of the Kawarthas
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changed username to Hodar
Hodar requested to ban Guy B.
rich-c confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: ???
coleconut confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Hodar changed username to Guy B
rich-c: no, our travels covered 9 provinces and 44states, but that part we missed
Guy B: Ok back]
Pamela: what happened, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: Guyb is hodard?
rich-c: fell off, did you, Guy?
BobS: got thrown out for spittin on the floor Rich
coleconut: Peanut shells only allowed on the floor, right?
Pamela: we're just up the street from you on Hwy 48 Dave
coleconut: Cool, I am at Yonge and Wellington
Pamela: we share a trailer with my mother and sister-in-law in Baldwin
Daniel Bienvenu: who is undefined?<
coleconut: Wellington in Aurora of course, not downtown
Pamela: now that we have a bbq again, we should try an ADAM bbq - you and Samantha, Mom and Dad, Dale and Jillian
BobS: right David
Guy B: I'm oin Win98 on the Athlon. I'm going to start uninstalling the software I have on here and use the drive as a data drive and put another drive in it's place
coleconut: Lets call it Burgertime...
Guy B: Brb
Pamela: Jean, is that you behind the undefined?
rich-c: <groan>
Daniel Bienvenu: the prototype Mattel version?
Pamela: oh no, our guests generally get steak : )
coleconut: Speaking of which I downloaded that rom, it doesnt look 100% finished, the sound is a little off...
rich-c: as I recall, that was the cause of much debate and agonizing about ten years ago
coleconut: Steak? Sounds like Fortune Builder
coleconut: Or is that just an Illlusions?
coleconut: Ok I'll stop now
Pamela: not ours : )
rich-c: wasn't Chris Braymen having great problems getting the Adam sound system to behave properly?
Daniel Bienvenu: ho... a centipede and a ladybug...
Judy: ..
rich-c: tough if you're on the front line - treat 'em to a river raid
coleconut: That's it Rich!
Pamela: see what you started, Dave?
coleconut: What's a BBQ without bugs?
rich-c: can't let you young folks get away with too much, you know ; - )
coleconut: Havent been called a young fold since....cant remember
Daniel Bienvenu: with the new moon explorations after 2010, it will be a new era of space fury
Meeka: old people arent much better,,,,they tend to be stuborn :-)
rich-c: there are pitfalls in that plan though
coleconut: This has become a Frenzy
rich-c: oh, one of our carnuts was celebrating his 60th today - wished the young feller many happy returns
Pamela: gee you noticed Meeka?
Pamela: I come by my stubborn honestly : )
Meeka: rather ovious i would think
rich-c: more a sort of carnival, Dave
BobS: i got none today
Judy: ..
rich-c: left it on the job, Bob?
Pamela: how's your weather been since we departed, Bob?
Meeka: up and down pam
Daniel Bienvenu: (up and down is also a game title)
rich-c: good - can I go get my beer now, maybe from the root ber tapper?
Daniel Bienvenu: victory
Meeka: was 52 last night and 80 dirring day today
coleconut: Now sega here, this talk of Burgertime has me wanting to Slither down the Rocky road and go to Popeye's for an assorted Sub(roc)
Pamela: it was chilly enough for jackets at mid-day here yesterday
Pamela: (I can't compete without a cheat sheet!)
Judy: was really cold for a few days and the last couple of days has been better
Judy: the end of the week is supposed to go back up to 90
coleconut: Ahh, Schtroumph! Gezuhnteit! (sp?)
rich-c: yes, we have a big race heree Sunday and it looks as if it could be pretty nice
rich-c: actually they say the heat will pass through Friday and Saturday
rich-c: and it's Gesundheit, I believe, Dave - means God send health or some such
rich-c: I see our undefined has departed
coleconut: Speaking of health, its nice to be home this week, that travel takes its toll
coleconut: Hardest part for me is having a good diet, in some hotel surrounded by Burger Kings and Taco Bells
rich-c: that it does - my back and the hotel bed were not totally sympatico
Judy: \..
rich-c: yes, keeping your eating in line is really tough
coleconut: Candy and pop machine down the hall...
rich-c: I think I set some sort of record for fruit consumption
coleconut: Love fruit, try and eat it every day.
rich-c: never touch candy, or pop, or anything outside eating hours
coleconut: What's the best fruit?
rich-c: I'll eat anything except grapefruit, which I love but is contra'd by my meds
Pamela: I don't think there's such a thing as one best fruit
Pamela: sorry, got a phone call
Pamela: that was the lady about the table Dad
coleconut: If I had to settle for one fruit, it might be pineapple
Pamela: looks like we're finally going to connect
Guy B: Ok back
rich-c: I usually have an apple or banana, dried figs, and some sort of orange for lunch
coleconut: Dried figs are great! I bought some fresh figs and other than frequent trips down the hall, thoroughly enjoyed them]
rich-c: good show Pam, I guess you'll be glad to see it gone
rich-c: my digestive system is very well adapted - it's lack of fruit that makes it sulk
Pamela: not so much glad to see it gone as glad to get my dining room back
BobS: got some tasteless cherries from out west
Pamela: but pleased that it will go to a good home
BobS: need the homegrown ones from Traverse City
Pamela: can't you get local cherries Bob?
rich-c: yes, you still have a lot of other stuff to dispose of, don't you?
BobS: should soon Pam
rich-c: yes, I think they are in in Ontario
Pamela: I'm still trying to get the remainder of Erin's stuff organized
Pamela: and find a home for the extras
rich-c: when you need to put it on Freecycle, let me know
Pamela: and we're still trying to get the back room cleaned out
Pamela: there are days when dynamite looks mighty good
coleconut: Last trip to Niagara, bought some cherry juice concentrate from a local grower. Really nice, not sweet.
rich-c: seem to recall trying that stuff, Dave, and found it pretty nifty
coleconut: Little jug was $20 but you use a dollop per jug of water and it lasts forever
Pamela: between all that and the laundry trying to take over its getting pretty crowded in here
rich-c: meanwhile, I finally bit the bullet and kicked Kaspersky off the new laptop
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rich-c: soon as I did, no problem partitioning it just to my taste
changed username to Dale
Dale: Is it all over?
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: far from it Dale
Meeka: hi Dale
Pamela: hi
Dale: Hi J-F.
coleconut: Hey Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: not yet Dale... you wanted to log in when it's over?
Judy: Hi, Dale
rich-c: hello Dale
rich-c: no we're still trying to figure out whether Daniel should go to Emergency
Guy B: HI Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF was there.... J-F seems to not talk at all, prefer to read
Dale: And will they help him.
coleconut: LOL, oui attends un moment et nous sortons
Pamela: LOL
Pamela: Dave your french is really good - are you fully bilingual?
Daniel Bienvenu: "le plongeur a la recherche de ... quelque chose ... oui"
coleconut: No I have a dictionary on my lap.
rich-c: what's the French word for "smartass?"
Judy: ..
Pamela: LOL
Daniel Bienvenu: you did translate somehow your fullname in french earlier
coleconut: Who was it at the 'Con asking what French for ocean was?
rich-c: he's far better at Freench than I am, but I did spot a spelling mistake
Daniel Bienvenu: they wanted to know "la mer" in english... it was "the sea"
rich-c: there is a French word "oc'ean" but I'm not sure of the exact meaning
coleconut: Pas merde?
Pamela: non : )
coleconut: LOL, J'aime les fruits de merde LOL
rich-c: , that's what I say when I forget the word
Pamela: let me just say, ewwww!
Daniel Bienvenu: the only work ocean I know is ocean with an accent which is ocean in french
coleconut: Merde, quelle bel poisson!!
coleconut: quel
rich-c: and then, what's the Quebecois term for "kinky"?
Daniel Bienvenu: presque... "quel beau poisson" ... because "bel" is used if the next word start with a vowel.
Meeka: Melanie says hi...she just texted me that she wont make chat tonight
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changed username to Guy B
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to M La Montagne
Guy B: We crashed
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Meeka
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B: Now what did Dale do??
moved to room Meeting Place
M La Montagne: I thought it was me\
changed username to Dale
changed username to Pamela
Dale: No.
Pamela: there we go
Dale: Something was up, so I reset the chat server.
Guy B: Arrgghhh
Meeka: lol, thought it was me for a sec
Pamela: I feel so dumped . . .
Dale: :-D
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
M La Montagne: Had a client on the phone today for an hour, woulda liked to have reset her chat server
Daniel Bienvenu: Who like montains?
Dale: haha.
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: oh sounds like you had a day like some of my brokers Dave
M La Montagne: Une grande Colline
changed username to rich-c1
Pamela: glad you heard from Melanie, Meeka and that she didn't forget
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Tall Hill!
changed username to Judy
M La Montagne: We do software development and everyone has their own idea on how it should work
Daniel Bienvenu: ;-)
rich-c1: aha, I'm back
Pamela: yup Dad
M La Montagne: Why doesnt it work this way? Umm because it doesnt
Dale: Sorry, I had to reset it
Meeka: nope, she just got tied up
Judy: don't know what happened we both got dumped
Dale: The big crowds here seem to make it more touchy.
Pamela: Dale dumped us
Meeka: everyone did mm
rich-c1: had to switch to the othert computer
Meeka: dale reset server
rich-c1: thought that only happened to people named Slopsema
Dale: I didn't get to ask J-F my burning question.
Judy: had to mop up the kitchen Bob was getting the coffee ready for the morning and the water was just running out the bottom
Daniel Bienvenu: Sometimes the EVOLUTION of a chat session may surprise... like a MOUSE TRAP.
Judy: we had a flood on the counter
Meeka: wrecked another coffee maker mom ?
Judy: was talking to a friend and doing the chat at the same time
Dale: I was working on porting Jump Gunnar Jump to the PSP, and I am trying to decide if it should scroll the screens, flip the screens or do like pepper 2, where it flips the screens with a scroll effect.
Pamela: I have a spare two-cup from Erin if you need it : )
Judy: we are rather hard on them
rich-c1: where has Bob got to?
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changed username to BobS
Judy: he is coming back in
Judy: we were in the kitchen
Pamela: sheesh Judy, we're still using the one we got when we first moved in together!
Pamela: however, I must admit it doesn't get daily use
BobS: BUT does it program for coffee at demand when you get up in the morning???
Pamela: nope
BobS: see???
Pamela: it's strictly on / off and warm
BobS: we gots to have our java
Meeka: ours is like brand new
Pamela: neither of us are coffee drinkers
Meeka: been used only a handfull of times in 13 years :-P
Judy: that is the problem
rich-c1: gee, just like mine - though of course I have to get the stove to intervene
Pamela: you're like us Meeka - only use it for guests
Judy: we go thru coffee makers every few months
BobS: when flavored creamers came out, we doubled our coffee input
BobS: NEED INPUT !!!!!
Pamela: just how much coffee are you making???
BobS: just enough to keep us on top of the ground and not under it pam
BobS: 6-7 cups a day
rich-c1: use a drrip pot, Judy - they last for decades
Judy: 6 or 7 cups a day
rich-c1: though the electric kettles seem to be dying fast now they are made in China
BobS: need it to be programmable for early morning risers to get quickly
BobS: that is the trouble with the coffee makers.....made in china
Pamela: we got a t-fal Dad and love it
BobS: or maybe the trouble is that the manufacturers want to make even more money ...... make light on the parts AND with chinese labor
rich-c1: not sure what our kettle of the week is at the moment - but we will doubtless need a new one soon
Daniel Bienvenu: what is the difference between 6 and 7 cups of coffee? except the obvious answer 1?
Pamela: maybe you should try one of the one-cup-at-a-time coffee makers, Bob
BobS: that is it Daniel
BobS: nope Pam can't make it fast enough and then you spend all you rtime making little cups of coffee
Judy: then you would have to wait everytime you want a cup, no thanks
Judy: quess we agree on that
BobS: make enough coffee so you don't run out Daniel.....easier to thorw out 1 cup than be short a half cup
Pamela: no, I mean the ones that use the K-cups - I think they're made by Kreuger
BobS: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
rich-c1: just use a drip pot and leave it sitting on the stove - by the second day it's about right ;-)
Pamela: pop in the k-cup hit the button and voila, coffee in under a minute
Judy: what is the cost of something like that
Pamela: yes Dad, strong enough to dissolve spoons and remove rust
BobS: when I stumble downstairs @ 6am, I want it NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! not a minute from now
Judy: not my kind of coffee, Rich
Meeka: he gotta have the smell going before he gets there
Pamela: that's not coffee Judy
Judy: needs to be fresh
rich-c1: right, daughter - that's how coffee out to be - ask \bob
Pamela: its a controlled chemical substance
Judy: it is mud
BobS: day old coffee is like day old fish
Daniel Bienvenu: you are not supposed to cook the coffee, rich
Pamela: i repeat, ewwwww
Pamela: LOL
Pamela: Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Pamela
M La Montagne: Group hug
rich-c1: aw, you kidsare just getting soft in these modern times
Judy: good one, Daniel
Pamela: maybe that's the problem Daniel - he never learned to cook!
BobS: grandpa used to make a pot in the am, then heat on the stove for lunch, then heat for afternoon pretty strong, it did
rich-c1: this new laptop can't spell nearly as well as the desktop for some reason
Judy: he just put in more sugarand cream
Pamela: and people wonder why I don't drink coffee : )
Judy: I think it is the imput, Rich
BobS: PUTS HAIR ON YOUR CHEST GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
Pamela: garbage in, garbage out? : )
BobS: probablyt made in China Rich.....and can't spell
rich-c1: shhh, Bob - girls don't want hair on the chesst
BobS: OR you are getting the chinese translation
Meeka: oh great,,,just what need,,,,more places to have to shave :-P
M La Montagne: LOL
Pamela: I don't need more hair on my chest Bob - Mother Nature is taking care of that for me
Judy: that is what I have been telling him for years
BobS: oh well...................
Judy: more imformation than we need Pam
BobS: wax 'em
Pamela: ow!
rich-c1: sooner or later he'll get the message, Judy
M La Montagne: All the hair that used to grow on my head now comes out my ears
Daniel Bienvenu: err... how did we get to this discussion?
Meeka: it is bob's fault
BobS: not me
BobS: was rich's fault about his computer spelling
BobS: the ear hair you can just shave off !
Judy: the ears are bad
BobS: we wanted to distract you from your problem Daniel
BobS: did it work????
Daniel Bienvenu: it works
Judy: did it work
rich-c1: good place for an electric - likely the only good place
Pamela: laughter - the best medicine
Guy B: Well folks, going to take Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
BobS: si senorita
Pamela: night Guy
Judy: night Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: but I'm worrying about the young audiance who may read these lines in the log later
rich-c1: see you Guy - good luck with the mic
BobS: ok Guy, be good and don't get hit by any lighting on friday during the storms
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit GuyB
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
Meeka: ok, I think I am off too
Judy: we really didn't say anything that little ears can't hear
BobS: we are not THAT bad, are we Daniel?????
Meeka: see ya next week
rich-c1: nite, Meeka
Pamela: night Meeka
BobS: nite Meeka
Judy: night Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Meeka
rich-c1: well, not in English, anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: that was fast
BobS: goodnight David.......................goodnight Chet....................
Pamela: jim bob
M La Montagne: Gnite Bob
BobS: him too
Pamela: john boy
M La Montagne: Gnite Meeka
Judy: when she says she is leaving she is gone
Daniel Bienvenu: Who is leaving now?
Dale: goodnight Dave.
Judy: night David
M La Montagne: Yeah should move on, pleasure all!
BobS: peple leaving like the plague now
Pamela: gnite Dave
rich-c1: actually, Daniel, it's about the time most of us pack it in
M La Montagne: Ear hair did it, sorry.
Pamela: LOl
Judy: mary ellen
BobS: guess it is the 11th hour and time to beat my pillow into submission
M La Montagne left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: ok then... Bonne nuit David (ou Dave) ... Je ne sais pas encore lequel prendre
Daniel Bienvenu: (too late)
rich-c1: greagt having you here, J-F - come back soon
Judy: yes, night all see you next week
Pamela: night Bob and Judy
Judy left chat session
Pamela: see you next week, table free
Daniel Bienvenu: welll J-F seems to never log in again after the reset
BobS: SO, gang, be well, stay happy, now worries mon.................till we meet (or is it talk) again !!!!!!!
rich-c1: nite Bob and Judy - till next week
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Bob, and don't worry too much about chest, hair, ears and other things
Dale: Bye Bob.
BobS: say HI to Frances and Russell and Jillian and Jeffery
BobS: AND bye
Pamela: I will
BobS left chat session
rich-c1: and Daniel how are you feeling now?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I will try to go sleep in an hour or two... depends on the pain
Pamela: Daniel, is the tooth causing a lot of pain?
rich-c1: OK - if you want to try a pill, try Tylenol - it seems to be the one that causes the least problems
Daniel Bienvenu: the pain came from the hole just made up this afternoon... (is it tooth or teeth when there is only one?)
Daniel Bienvenu: I did take Advil a few minutes ago
Pamela: tooth singular, teeth plural
rich-c1: if the pain gets severe go to Emergency - they have what you need and it is restricted otherwise
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale seems to think then I had multiple teeth problems
Daniel Bienvenu: My teeth are fine... just one tooth is driving me crazy actually
Daniel Bienvenu: because of the dentist intervention
rich-c1: one is a tooth, more than one a set of teeth
Daniel Bienvenu: it's like foot and feet... boot and... no it doesn't work for that
rich-c1: anyway, Daniel, over the counter pain killers are not for severe pain
Pamela: did the dentist give you any painkillers Daniel?
rich-c1: severe pain requires something based on morphine and only doctors and hospitals can give you that
Daniel Bienvenu: no painkillers... probably not thinking I needed some
Pamela: idiot
Pamela: sorry
Pamela: Dad's right - if it gets too bad, go to Emergency
Daniel Bienvenu: identification number ten t, i know
rich-c1: you've been down that road, \pamela, you know how inconsiderate dentists can be
Pamela: oh my dr. was happy to give me pain killers
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking at Adamcon pictures... one you did take, Pam... I have my hand over my mouth...
rich-c1: yes, when they replaced my hip they gave me my own morphine pump
Daniel Bienvenu: Anyway did you notice that the pictures from GuyB are all from years 2005 and 2008 adamcons?
Pamela: yes, I forget what you were doing Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: not about adamcon 21 in 2009!
Pamela: when Meeka took my pics she took all of them not just my conventions pics so they're unedited
Pamela: I haven't even had a chance to look at them all
Daniel Bienvenu: rather I was going to burp or I wanted to make something different for the camera... I don't know
rich-c1: well never send originals Pam, even though you can always download them after
Pamela: she tiefed the card from my camera!
Daniel Bienvenu: My pictures included some pics from earlier this year too
rich-c1: I just did a DVD of my entire picture file, plus have them on both computers
Daniel Bienvenu: and pictures from Dale included pictures and videos made by Jeffrey... in particular one where he never stop to film myself at less than one meter of my face
rich-c1: maybe I'll send a few - after I edit them
Pamela: I don't have many of this year's convention
rich-c1: I'm playing with a neww photo editor now - Photoshop it isn't but it works very well
Pamela: many of mine are of the duck
Daniel Bienvenu: Frances did take time to change the name of many files... making it easier to know what is the picture beofre opening it.
rich-c1: oh, she bought a new photo filing system - actually paid money for it
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't saw any picture about my presentation this year
Pamela: we were too busy listening, Daniel!
rich-c1: we were there but not using our cameras thatmuch
Pamela: it was an excellent presentation
Daniel Bienvenu: at least I'm here and there in the pictures after that
rich-c1: when we know eveyone else is taking photos there isn't too much point in taking more
Dale: I tried to take at least one from each presentation.
Pamela: Dale, you here?
Pamela: ah that answers that question
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale is there! let's celebrate!
rich-c1: but yes, it was a good presentation - I know nothing a bout it but could still follow much of it
Dale: I'd like to post the slides.
Dale: I'll have to set up an ftp area for you to send me the missing files.
Dale: I think maybe next year I'll attempt to be more organized. I know when Neil is at AdamCon I seem yo have more time
Daniel Bienvenu: I did send my zip file with the pdf and the mp3 file... about an hour or two after you did send your own presentation to the list, right?
rich-c1: you can't take them as normal mail attachments?
Dale: to take care of updating and so on.
Pamela: okay guys, it's time I went to bed
Dale: That's true.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Pam
Dale: I even opened it.
Pamela: good night, Daniel
Pamela: g'nite Dale - hi to Jillian and Jeffrey
Dale: I will
Daniel Bienvenu: I did notice a few typo problems... like European instead of just Europe
rich-c1: OK, night daughter, if you head towardds Strawberry Creek let us know!
Dale: goodnight pam
Pamela: I will Dad
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
rich-c1: nite Pam
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit ŕ tous... I have to try to sleep afterall.
Daniel Bienvenu: The ? is because the chat session here doesn't support the accent...
rich-c1: Daniel, you can stand some but lack of sleep hurts your health - see you get it
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit et on se reparle la semaine prochaine
rich-c1: and Daniel, mouth and gum infections can kill - they are \not just a nuisance
Daniel Bienvenu: I will try one night
rich-c1: bonsoir - a la prochaine!
Dale: well goodnight rich.
rich-c1: remember, Daniel - it is dumb to suffer when you don't need to
rich-c1: night Dale; hope we got through to Daniel
rich-c1: see you next week
Dale: I wonder if I should make a youtube video of the progress on Space Harrier, to go with the slides from my talk.
rich-c1: depends on how close you are to finishing it
rich-c1: anyway, I gotta go, so goodnight
rich-c1: colour me gone
rich-c1 left chat session
Dale: far far away
Dale: I'm not sure if I even intend to finish it.
Dale: And Daniel says he doesn't intend to finish it.
Dale: So I don't know what that means.
Daniel Bienvenu: What I don't like about Space Harrier is the proportion this project may take to just be good enough to be release
Daniel Bienvenu: that's why making the title screen, the music and a few other things is fine for me
Daniel Bienvenu: but not being responsible for making this huge project... I have my own new coleco game to work on
Dale: Well, I just wanted to make the dragon.
Daniel Bienvenu: You sure did a dragon
Daniel Bienvenu: and a lot of tweaking to make the game smooth
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight! talk to you on msn
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Dale: goodnight
Dale left chat session
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