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rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich, Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: brb
Meeka: ok
rich-c: salut, Daniel - de bonne heure, comme d'habitude, hein?
rich-c: if you're curious, Meeka, and can't guess from context anyway, I said hi Dan. right on time as usual
Daniel Bienvenu: in a perfect french syntax
Meeka: lol, i usually just ignore the french stuff
rich-c: I try to draw a line between paying due courtesy to our Francophones' language challenges and not leaving teh anglophone feeling left out
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changed username to melanie
Meeka: its fine with me
Meeka: Hi Mel :_)
melanie: Hi Everyone!
rich-c: hey melanie! hi there!
rich-c: barely got a chance to talk to you at the 'con and feeling sorry ever since
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melanie: I felt withdrawl last week when I wasn't on chat. sister was in er but turns out it wasn't swine flu.
changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Roberto, you awake?
Meeka: thats good (the flu I mean)
BobS: wht the heck are ya'll doin here so early??????
Meeka: hi dad
BobS: HI
melanie: i agree rich. we need to spend more time together next are a popular guy.
BobS: tis only like 2 minutes after the hour
Meeka: we not early, you two minutes late :-P
rich-c: us old folks did our sleeping this afternoon - you had to work
BobS: nolie.....
BobS: have a 5o hour week this week
melanie: wow raking in the ot?
rich-c: you have my sumpathy - thats a lot for an older guy
BobS: Habitat just pushed it my way; I complained LOUDLY, and today got special dispensation for overtime
melanie: not sure if mom will be on chat tonight. got a new computer today and working with someone to get it all set up.
BobS: otherwise, they say no way hosea
BobS: NEW computer
rich-c: well you should, in many ways you're in even worse health than I am
Daniel Bienvenu: I did receive two nice souvenirs by mail
BobS: did ya like them Daniel ??????
melanie: yes NEW. Not sure of specifics but hopefully shell fill us in.
Meeka: that sounds like fun
rich-c: what c an you tell us about it, Melanie?
BobS: will be a wee bonny Ron Mitchell says
melanie: hi daniel! sorry to hear you weren't feelig well last week. what were the souvenirs?
rich-c: desktop or laptop?
Daniel Bienvenu: I like both.
melanie: new desktop. she had a new laptop she was just learning to mom likes to have the latest gadgets!
rich-c: you recall I had a new laptop at the 'con? I am still struggling to set it up
melanie: rich, how's your leg?
Meeka: I hate the change over period when you get new stuff
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back... i will try to convince dale to join us
rich-c: well, my doctor renewed teh antibiotic, so the cellulitis seems under control
melanie: glad to hear it.
rich-c: but I still can't make many gains on the edema, though that's nothing new
melanie: I always have a learning curve with new stuff. Usually get set up and tutorials from my 21 year old son.
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changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi, Everyone
Meeka: lol
Meeka: hi mom
rich-c: hi judy, finished feeding the goldfinches?
melanie: hi Judy!
Judy: was just watching them tonight
Meeka: thats better than me Mel. I get shown once or twice, then nagged "i showed you...Dont you remember" :-P
rich-c: I'm still teh family computer guru, though Frances is picking up a few tricks
Judy: they have to feed themselves
melanie: i hat that don't you!? i can't believe that your wonderful husband would do such a thing!
Meeka: hahahaha, he wonderful to others
Meeka: me, he thinks I should be at his level by now
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changed username to coleconut
rich-c: teach him to cook - that will larn him some humility
melanie: i would think his level is a little out of reach for most of us
Meeka: hello
coleconut: Hello all
Judy: but he is really good with me he just keeps telling me over and over if need be
melanie: good one Rich!
BobS: Hi David
rich-c: greetings, dave - how's Samanthat?
coleconut: Good thanks
melanie: hi david
Meeka: he cooks just fine Rich......It called take-out LOL
coleconut: My big news is that my daughter made me a Grandfather Monday - Baby Abigayle
Meeka: congrats
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir David
BobS: congrats!!!!!!
coleconut: THANKS!
Judy: hi coleconut
rich-c: hey, how about that - congratulations to the family
coleconut: And me such a young G-father
melanie: just a baby yourself.
coleconut: Aww
Judy: Congradulation
coleconut: thankyou thankyou merci
melanie: hey Bob you have a birthday coming up. are you planning on being spoiled rotten?
BobS: sure
Daniel Bienvenu: birthday?
BobS: put it on my time off list
rich-c: oh and Meeka, you can tell Doug that I finally did get my harfd drive partitioned
Meeka: k
Judy: he is working 50 hours this week
rich-c: had to uninstall Kaspersky to do it, but replaced it with Avast when I finished
BobS: after the 50 our fiasco this week, I put down all the days (ALL THE DAYS) I want off and we usually don't work and submitted it tot he powers that be. next time you want me to work extra, ASK first
Judy: but will be getting overtime for the first time ever
melanie: maybe they'll learn.
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rich-c: do I detect a certain impatience there, Bob? ; - )
BobS: hope so, I am happy at my young age to work 4 10hr days only
Judy: with people that don't know how to do their jobs
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: things were a mite tense yesterday am at the office, and they all knew I was on the warpath
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
melanie: i'd like that schedule. 3 day weekends every week!
coleconut: Sorry, Bob what business are you in?
rich-c: that's the length of hospital nursing shifts up here
Judy: he ruffled some feathers yesterday
BobS: construction supervisor for Habitat for Humanity
rich-c: hello Guy
BobS: hi Guy
melanie: hello Guy
Judy: no Saturdays off for Bob
Judy: hi, Guy
Meeka: hi Guy
rich-c: see the president wore your local team hat yesterday
Guy B.: It was the South siders though
rich-c: and they are, of course, a lower form of animal life? ; - )
Judy: yea he was here in MI
melanie: were you thrilled?
rich-c: he was? I thought he was still overseas - can't keep up with the guy
Guy B.: brb
Judy: no,he was trying to make MI feel better after losing all the jobs from the car industry
Judy: he was in Detroit
rich-c: well, GM just placed some Delphi parts work in Grand Rapids, I read
melanie: traffice comes to a standstill for hours when he comes here.
Meeka: brb, need a drink
melanie: me too, alcoholic...just kidding
coleconut: Someone say cocktail break?
BobS: had my booze today, can't have anymore......BOSS says so
rich-c: less, for security reasons presidents run around in motorcades and the preclearances are incredible
Judy: Meeka, was a good thing we didn't try working in your gardens this afternoon, or didn't you get the rain that we did?
BobS: vino wid evening meal
Daniel Bienvenu: a diet coke for me
melanie: send some of your rain this way please
BobS: can't do ti melanie....goes from west to east ya knolw
rich-c: well, I will be announcing my traditional 10 p.m. beer later
rich-c: yes, noticed on the radar tehre was a front coming through Lake Michigan this morning - it will be here any minute
Judy: no, we needed it my grass was turning brown
rich-c: we have actually been light on rain lately but had enough earlier that everything is still green
Judy: we got a little over 1/2 inch
Judy: was already for it cut the grass yesterday worked out well
rich-c: we have our grass cut every Tuesday, our gardener is quite reliable
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
coleconut: Hi Pam
Pamela: hi all
melanie: hi pam.
BobS: hi Pam
Pamela: late as usual
Judy: ..
melanie: better late than never
rich-c: our issue is getting it warm enough - it's still long sleeves and sweaters when we go out
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Guy B.: HI Pam
Guy B.: Brb
changed username to Dale
Pamela: and as usual typinng with one hand while I finish eating
rich-c: hi Dale, see Daniel coaxed you abooard ; - )
Meeka: hi Pam
Dale: Hi all.
Judy: hi, Pam
Meeka: no Mel, not boos, just crystal light :-)
coleconut: Hi Dale
Meeka: ya, we got more this afternoon too
Pamela: what?? Booze??
Pamela: hi Dale
rich-c: noticed on the radar you seemed to be getting it - our provincial map overlaps onto your turf
Dale: Hi Melanie.
melanie: Hi there! how's jeff?
Judy: hi, Dale
Meeka: i said I was getting a drink Pam, and Mel joked I getting something else
Pamela: ahhh
Dale: I really am out of the routine of the week since Jeffrey is off for the summer.
rich-c: yes, that can sort of hit your schedule, can't it?
rich-c: feeling any repercussions of our strike out your way, Dale?
melanie: did mom get your address? she finishhed his hat.
Pamela: I'm stuffed now
melanie: brb
Dale: Jeffrey is doing good.
Dale: The summer makes for more sleep for him
Dale: But he stays up way too late.
rich-c: he can probably make good use of it
rich-c: today was a very sleepy day anyway
rich-c: we did the shopping OK but much of the afternoon all you'd hear from here was a chorus of snores, both of us
Judy: ..
rich-c: and I'm still yawning now ;-(
Pamela: I swear if I didn't know better I'd think I just put a snowball in my glass
rich-c: getting a lot of condensation?
Judy: I spent the whole day shopping
Pamela: naw just lots of frost around a hunk of ice cubes
rich-c: those historic cubes you've had in your fridge since 1988?
Pamela: it was a lazy sort of day wasn't it? I had one of those days where I did a lot but didn't seem to get much accomplished
Pamela: oh no, ice cubes never last that long in this house
Daniel Bienvenu: it's vacation time for many workers here... and because the weather is not hot enough here, there is a lineup to the border
rich-c: well, I actually sold an MIB-2 board so got the cheque to the bank and the box in the mail
BobS: they all going south Daniel?
BobS: yo still got some boards????
Judy: ..
rich-c: well here we have a huge mob waiting to get in- - it's Caribana weeks and they're expecting a million visitors
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, they are looking for a beach and a sun in the south
rich-c: that was the last MIB2 but I have a couple of MIB 3s
BobS: what do they do again ???????
rich-c: what do what do?
BobS: mib 3's and mib 2's
BobS requested to ban Judy
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c: give two serial and one parallel ports3 has a boot prom socket, iirc
BobS: Judy will be back....picked up her computer and popped the battery out
Pamela: oops
Meeka: lol
Meeka: way to go mom
BobS: she can't hear ya
Pamela: hey Dad they had a shooting on Highland Hill
Pamela: hear lots of sirens earlier?
rich-c: oh, thought she'd be looking over your shoulder
BobS: nope
BobS: she is on herr own
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rich-c: that's around here, isn't it - no, saw nothing, but two choppers were circling the area for a while
changed username to Judy2
Pamela: well that would by why
Pamela: better, Judy?
Judy2: what a pain, i just turned computer off
rich-c: oddly enough, nothing in the way of sirens, and nothing on canoe or when I was there
Meeka: not posta do that mom
Pamela: I think it's the street that runs south from Ranee west of Flemington . . . has Lawrence Heights Middle School on it I believe
melanie: back
rich-c: ah, right, right on the edge of the Jungle - they have shootings there all the time
Pamela: yeah
melanie: the Jungle?
Judy2: tell me about it and then it didn't want to come back on
Pamela: hey Melanie, what's new?
Meeka: wb mel
rich-c: the biggest public housing development in Ontario is at the end of our street
melanie: back to work today...nose to the grindstone. but sure had some good time off, especially adamcon.
BobS: just going back to work now, Melanie ?
rich-c: you certainly seemed to be diving right in - got the emulator on your new computer yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: question : did everybody here reply about my survey about who is coming to the adamcon next year?
melanie: yep. just hate that time off.
BobS: don't know
Meeka: we wont know for a bit either
rich-c: yes, but it's very premature, Daniel - few of us can plan that far in advance
BobS: planning on going, but don't know IF I replied or not
rich-c: better to ask if we would like to come if we can
Pamela: I honestly don't know if we responded or not Daniel
melanie: i don't remember answering Daniel. Mom and I are planning on coming depending on the date.
Pamela: I've lost track of some things
Daniel Bienvenu: the survey also ask about your favorite dates
Pamela: we are planning to attend, as long as I can work around my renewal dates
BobS: I have to bring a "date" to next year's convention ?????????
rich-c: but you were right in agt least raising the question early on, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: just to be sure... and as soon as you know... please give your dates
Guy B.: Ok back
melanie: ok
BobS: where's your front Guy ????????????
Meeka: speeking of convention. I got 90% of the pictures posted now. Just need to finish the meijer garden section and all the captioning :-)
coleconut: I replied, we'll be there and June is a good time for us
Guy B.: Ok, got word the Yahoo is closing Geocities on October 26th. So, I'm looking for a new host site
Pamela: i saw your post Meeka - haven't had time to go look yet
rich-c: I took a lot of pictures, about half are dynamite, but the other half are useless
Daniel Bienvenu: I did get the same email about hotmail closing in october, guy
Pamela: end of June worked quite well for us too actually
Daniel Bienvenu: but my new web site is not even started yet, I have to make one
rich-c: I just cannot hold these lightweight cameras steady or get them to focas
melanie: end of June worked well for us too
Meeka: june is ok
Daniel Bienvenu: please, for the dates you prefer for adamcon next year, give them to me by email
rich-c: yes, it's just about the time Montreal gets really gorgeous
Guy B.: June is no problem for me either. It's usually a slow time at work anyway
coleconut: One June, Sam and I went to snowed
rich-c: think late June, Daniel, and you will likely be on the right track
Guy B.: The last two cons in late June were ideal
Daniel Bienvenu: Based on a first talk with my friends here about adamcon in montreal, some of them want to participate, at least be there.
rich-c: yes, but this week Daniel says the Quebecois are flying south seeking sun and warmth
BobS: GREAT Daniel
melanie: that would be great Daniel...are they programmers?
rich-c: reckon we'd all like to have them aboard, Daniel - those we've met seem pretty good types
Guy B.: That;s great Daniel. We need more participants
Daniel Bienvenu: they are coleco fans for sure... but I don't know if there is any programmer.
melanie: coleco fans...that's what we need
rich-c: quite, melanie - if they share our interests, they're welcome
coleconut: Daniel - your club, they meet yearly too?
Daniel Bienvenu: up to 4 times per year
Daniel Bienvenu: it a club of video games collectors
Daniel Bienvenu: they all have different reasons to collect video games
coleconut: What about having a joint meeting....maybe an idea
Meeka: brb, need to figure out why bandit is whining at me
BobS: our interests are new faces AND each other !!!!
rich-c: we already have Jean - Francois wants to come and show off his rarity
BobS: hope he figures it out by then
rich-c: better he shouldn't then have Dr. D. and Dale do the job for him
rich-c: make for much better relations with the collector community
rich-c: time I got my beer
Meeka: back
Judy2: time for snack here
coleconut: JF expressed to me his concern about not being 100% fluent in English but I find his English very good and in the end who cares?
BobS: right!!!!
Pamela: his English is far better than our french, I'm sure
BobS: DAniel was afraid of his english......once also......we convinced him otherwise
Meeka: there are enough other that do so they can translate if needed
melanie: Daniel's english is great!
Guy B.: He's made remarkable progress since we have known him
coleconut: And if we have cocktail hour, by the middle of it we will all be binlingual
rich-c: hey, in Montreal we will be struggling with French, we can identify with their struggles with English
Pamela: yes, we'll all be speaking bling - or Franglais : )
BobS: cna't aspeak french
BobS: heck, can't even type englilsh'
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, some of my friends here do not speak english, except learning some courses in school... which was my path during years
Pamela: and yet, we get the gist Bob : )
Judy2: ..
rich-c: they are in teh position in English that we are in French, Daniel - we can get by with good will on both sides
Daniel Bienvenu: but, you did prove to me that coleco is not about speaking language but about passion and fun
Pamela: Daniel if I could do half as well in French as you do in English, I'd be very happy
rich-c: yes, can't you just see one of us doing a technical presentation in French, for heaven's sake?
rich-c: we'd be hard put to do it in English
Pamela: pas moi!
coleconut: I can do my presentation in French - ahem....Voici un jeu a appele Jardin de Quelque Chose!
Daniel Bienvenu: quelque chose (something) is a very useful word
rich-c: et quel chose est-ce qu'il s'appele?
Pamela: c'est votre choix : )
Daniel Bienvenu: is it Meiyer Garden game?
rich-c: we're going to appoint Pamela to do our simultaneous translations
melanie: please do
Pamela: Ack!
rich-c: Meijer Garden, Daniel - it's a Dutch name
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry, I didn't have my new cap with me to write the name
BobS: why not?????
BobS: you didn't tell the people WHAt your souvenirs were dAniel
rich-c: ah, you found a Meijer Garen cap as a souvenir? Tres bien fait!
Pamela: oh yes, Daniel - I was wondering about that the other day. What did you finally choose?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, but I don't have them with me at this moment... they are in another room
Judy2: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: choose?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I didn't choose anything
Dale: Bob chose then?
Pamela: as your souvenirs? Aside from the hat.
Daniel Bienvenu: Before leaving, I've asked Bob to find a souvenir for me
Daniel Bienvenu: and ship them to my address
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to use "them" because I did get 2 items
rich-c: and now they have arrived?
Daniel Bienvenu: I got them monday
Pamela: so what was the other item?
Daniel Bienvenu: this monday
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a cap with the Meijer Garden logo on it
Judy2: btw the week after you were here for AdamCon there was a person killed walking on 28th street
rich-c: trying to cross it, or a crime?
Pamela: oh my Judy - hit by a car?
Judy2: was just walking on it
Daniel Bienvenu: and a Grand Rapids keychain... that represent a sculpture with a french name about the rapids
Judy2: at 2in the morning or some such crazy time
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry if I type not fast tonight
Pamela: well I'm sorry to hear it Judy
rich-c: ah, La Grande Vitesse, par Calder - the original is in front of City Hall
BobS: maybe Daniel doesn't know about the has a color picture of the Alexander Calder sculpture in downtown Grand rapids
BobS: ya that too Richard
Judy2: he wasn't using good judgement that is for sure
BobS: but the darn thing takes a LOT of paint periodically
rich-c: well yes, it is kind of big, and steel needs periodic painting
Daniel Bienvenu: “La Grande Vitesse” located in the city of Grand Rapids
BobS: question, what do you do with a rusted out sculpture froma famous artist????????
Pamela: should be using Tremclad : )
rich-c: don't let it rust ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: La grande vitesse (the high speed?)
rich-c: apparently the term is also used for a high speed aarea of a river, i.e. rapid (rapide)
rich-c: I didn't know that but ran across it in the Museum, I think
Judy2: didn't you go to see it, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: a rusted sculpture... you restore it and make it an event to attract tourists
rich-c: no, we never had time, Judy, though Frances caught a glimpse as we drove past
BobS: si daniel
BobS: tis BIg and RED
Judy2: it was new when first put downtown
Pamela: how old is the sculpture, Bob? I know it said in the display at Meijer but I've forgotten
BobS: I am thinking about early 1980's
BobS: so that would be like 25-30 years ago
Daniel Bienvenu: The bridge here is rusted and the restoration process did stop... so I don't know when the bridge will be "repaint" totally
rich-c: to me that would make it pretty recent
rich-c: that's the bridge to Quebec City from Levis, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: keychain... in french it's more a "key holder" (porte-clef)
Daniel Bienvenu: Quebec bridge, between Quebec and Levis, yes
rich-c: or more precisely, key carrier?
Judy2: that works, Daniel it does hold keys
Daniel Bienvenu: There is another bridge beside it, suspended with huge cables... but I prefer the charm of the old bridge
Judy2: no, the person is the carrier
rich-c: the French word for carry is "porter"
BobS: In June 1969, Calder attended the dedication of his monumental stabile “La Grande Vitesse” located in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Judy2: June 1969 was when the thing was put in Bob just looked it up
Pamela: so it's 40 years old
Judy2: how time flys
BobS: si, and he died in 1976
Daniel Bienvenu: don't ask me why the two ?... I did get those here many times
rich-c: it sure does, doesn't it?
Judy2: we just thought at the time it was a big red thing
Pamela: LOL
BobS: "This sculpture is notable for being the first public work of art in the United States to be funded with federal monies"
Meeka: there were two more of his statues in the gardens if I remember right
BobS: so we are FAMOUS !!!!! here in Grand Rapids
rich-c: personally, I prefer Calder's mobiles - there is one here in the Victoria College Students Union
Pamela: did you not have a Calder mobile at one time Dad?
rich-c: no, we have little cardboard mobiles, but not by Calder!
Judy2: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: funny... there is only 3 phrases for the french wikipedia page for a keychain
rich-c: but like all very original great art, he inspired a horde of popular imitators
rich-c: we have a bunch of little cardboard mobiles on teh shelf still
Pamela: I have a vague memory of a black and red mobile - red balls and black vaguely wing-like shapes
rich-c: and of course there's the sailboats in the hall
rich-c: there was a Calder-inspired mobile like that that was very popular, but we didn't get that one
Judy2: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: It's almost time here to say goodnight
Judy2: Meeka, the plant did not die
rich-c: still working on that game, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to see the dentist tomorrow, phase 2 - the root canal itself
Meeka: thats good....which plant ? :-P
Pamela: bonne chance, Daniel
Judy2: some of the leaves look a lot better after the rain this morning
rich-c: I can tell you're looking forward to that
Judy2: the big one
Meeka: ahhh
BobS: tha is right Daniel how is the tooth pain going?
Daniel Bienvenu: I was supposed to work on my game during a week already, but I had some problems and finally I will work on it soon
Judy2: good luck, Daniel, tell him not to hurt you
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose the pain will be back as soon as tomoroow night
rich-c: and tell him to give you some painkillers this time
melanie: good luck Daniel. ask for good pain meds.
rich-c: Tylenol 3 isn't bad, or Percocet
Pamela: as Joe pointed out, once the root is gone, the pain should be gone Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: thank you all and please do not hesitate to send me an email about adamcon next year, whatever if it's about a request, a reply of my survey or even an offer to help me.
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight!
Daniel Bienvenu: take care!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
Pamela: we'll be thinking of you Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Pamela: goodnight
BobS: nite Daniel
Meeka: night
Judy2: Meeka, I did talk to Sherri today and Michael is starting to feel better
Meeka: thats good
Judy2: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
melanie: night Daniel
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
Judy2: had a lot of head aches
Meeka: I bet
Judy2: and his arm is really bruised
Meeka: thats what he gets for trying to be michael Jordan
rich-c: Pam, checked the Star and CP24, seems our incident was pretty minor
melanie left chat session
Pamela: minor is good, Dad - if you can call a shooting minor : )
BobS: heck, in some areas of every town, there are shootings all the time
rich-c: guns were fired but seems no one was hit
BobS: why is it that a lot of gunfire sometimes hits noone, and then sometimes it kills lots of people
rich-c: yes, and we are a city the size of Chicago or Phoenix, so some is inevitable
BobS: bad aim? don't intend to huet?
BobS: hurt
rich-c: guns are notoriously inaccurate even in expert hands - pistols, anyway
rich-c: in fact, our crime rate is very low, by American standardds all but nonexistent
Pamela: I know I've seen self-defense information that says even if someone has a gun on you, you should try to run because something like 98% of the time you won't be hit, and the chances are even smaller that you will be hit somewhere vital
BobS: that must be the answer
BobS: then we will RUn
Meeka: well folks, I think I gonna get going
Judy2: sounds good anyway
rich-c: of course if teh assailant has a fast automatic the odds can change...
Meeka: see ya next week
BobS: run FAST and zig zag
BobS: nite meeka
Pamela: good night Meeka
Judy2: night Meeka
rich-c: OK Meeka, good night and take care
BobS: doug playing with his colecovision unit
BobS: ????
Meeka: no, he was playing on-line games with his buddies tonight
Judy2: I see
rich-c: aw
Meeka left chat session
BobS: Doug picked up a cv unit that had to have the memory changed out and then we added composite video & audio to it
Judy2: ..
rich-c: oh, you wanna buy some busted cv units for profitable repair?
BobS: no, not necessarily, he just wanted one to play with and some games
rich-c: all of a sudden I have bugs running across my screen
BobS: oh oh, get the spray can
rich-c: they are so small they can get through the window screens
Pamela: must be no-see-um week Dad
BobS: no see un's
BobS: um's
Pamela: just don't squish them
BobS: that is what our friend calls them
rich-c: no, these ones I can see, they're just very small
BobS: them's the ones
rich-c: no-see-ums are another kind of nuisance
Judy2: they are just little bugs
Judy2: all bugs are nuisances
rich-c: yes, and have to keep our birds fed - they all have growing families now
rich-c: little bugs are good for growing birdies
BobS: kids. we got to go here.....time for bed again, long day tomorrow
Judy2: night all until next week
rich-c: know what you mean, Bob - get those zzzzs, you need them
Pamela: goodnight Bob and Judy
BobS: so we see ya's next week, and then we go on walkabout for 10 days
rich-c: till next week, then
Judy2 left chat session
BobS left chat session
rich-c: and it does seem to be about that time
Pamela: yes, tempus has fugited once again
rich-c: although
rich-c: Dale, Daniel seems fussed about having taken on the Adamcon - do your best to reassure him, he'll do well
rich-c: and as you know the whole Canadian contingent will be happy to help as needed
Pamela: between he and Guy, they'll do fine
Pamela: oh, and Luc
Pamela: well folks it's time I spent some time with my hubby
rich-c: I have eery confidence in them - they'll even give you a run for your money
rich-c: right, say hello to Russell for us
Guy B.: Bye Pam
Pamela: Russell says hi back
rich-c: good night then, to both of you
Pamela: by the way Dad, my backup for the table fell through
Guy B.: Time for me to go too as I have one dog to take out for a quick walk. See you all next week
Pamela: I'll call you to chat about it
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: OK, we'll discuss it at your convenience
coleconut: Good night all
rich-c: night Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: gnite Dave - hi to Samantha
coleconut: U too Pam
rich-c: night, Dave, look for you next week
coleconut: Yep, I am in Boston next week
rich-c: hey, all you need is an internet connection
Pamela: and a laptop
coleconut: Bahston
Pamela: okay folks, I'm outta here
Pamela: gnite Dale
rich-c: so hope to see you
coleconut left chat session
Pamela: good night Daddy
rich-c: night Pam
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: and my turn now - colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Dale left chat session
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