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Meeka: hi guy
Guy B.: HI Meeka
Guy B.: You're here early
Meeka: lol, my puter says 9pm, so I tought I was on time ;-)
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changed username to rich-c
Meeka: hi rich
Guy B.: Ah ha, there's Rich
Guy B.: Hi Rich
rich-c: well Hi, all you early birds!
Guy B.: Meeka was first
rich-c: you don't usually make it so promptly though, Guy
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changed username to BobS
BobS: aargh mateys
Meeka: hi dad
BobS: we be adift
Guy B.: The pres is on right now and I've setup my two shows for recording tonight
BobS: adrift
rich-c: greetings Rpberto
Guy B.: HI Bob
BobS: allo
Meeka: doug says thanks for the program
BobS: ok he trying it out??
Meeka: hasnt yet, he been fussing eith other things
BobS: I kept the copy, he has the original I had
rich-c: and why might you be all at sea, Bob?
Meeka: ok
BobS: because I can't bea landlubber ferever
BobS: gonna get the yacht out Sat and head out to the lake, sea
Meeka: cuz it raining here
rich-c: oh? why not? too many Errol Flynn movies in your beknighted youth?
BobS: ya ;mon
BobS: am Jamaican at heart ya know
rich-c: so you are about to go messing about in boats
BobS: how are things in Toronto?
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BobS: yup, gone from Sat pm until aug 3rd
changed username to Judy
rich-c: oh, we have decided to sell the trailer - went up to see it Sunday
Judy: hi everyone
Meeka: hi mom
rich-c: hi Judy
BobS: probably a good thing.........just stick to hoteling
Judy: how did it look?
rich-c: unless we can find a motorhome that suits and we can cope with
BobS: taht would work too
BobS: a smaller clas A with made up bed and all amenities
rich-c: we had a break-in, Judy - a bunch of drug paraphenalia in the bathroom
BobS: bummer
rich-c: nothing seemed to be missing except, oddly, our drawbar
Judy: ..
BobS: you got to be kidding
Judy: that is the pits
BobS: or you missed it.....or have it at home?
rich-c: I suspect it is on teh ground nearby, but the weed trimming has lacked diligence
BobS: could be also
BobS: break the door in?
rich-c: it is big and heavy and wou8ld be in the way; there would be incentive to toss it
BobS: or picked the lock?
rich-c: must have jimmied the locks, no sign of forced entry
rich-c: typical Fleetwood locks, of course; barely slow down an honest man
BobS: well at least they didn't ruin it
Judy: ..
BobS: is it in a storage lot with other trailers, etc around?
rich-c: yes, though not that many, more trucks and containers
rich-c: going offline very briefly
BobS: ok
rich-c: ok, I'm back
Meeka: that wasnt very long
rich-c: anyway, found significant interest in craigslist and kijiji
Judy: that was short and sweet
BobS: good
rich-c: not sure that many of them understand trailers, though
Judy: you posted it on craigs list?
BobS: not that much to understand......need car to pull, place to go, money to spend
rich-c: if I egt a good buyer I will have to do a lot of coaching I suspect
Judy: they may be first time trailer owners
rich-c: yes judy, tehre is a craigslist in every big city and many small ones - you may even have one for Grand Rapids
BobS: yup we do
Judy: that we do
rich-c: the newcomer is kijiji but it is gaining fast
rich-c: and I have a hunch, judy, some don't understand what it takes to be trailer owners
rich-c: I think they envision just hitching up and going
Judy: ..
Guy B.: Back
Meeka: wb
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: oh, Guy, I just got Fierfox 3.5, have you tried it yet? it's now in full release it seems
Guy B.: Annie had a very close encounter with a rabbit this morning.
rich-c: I hope she wasn't too scared!
Meeka: lol, bandit plays with those too guy
Guy B.: Oh no, she wants to chase it
Judy: ..
Guy B.: And rabbits are way too fast for her
rich-c: unfortunately, you can't let her off leash in Chicago
BobS: MEAT !!!!!!!!!!!
Meeka: that never stops them
Guy B.: Exactly Rich
rich-c: quite, the local dogs all understand that any squirrel that heaves into sight must be barked at
rich-c: we have a rabbit that visits our front or back lawn every so often
Guy B.: We did see about 3 racoons, but they took off once they spotted us. Then the rabbitt came out of nowhere and right in front of her
Judy: if it just doesn't eat the flowers you are okay
Meeka: we get daily visits from both squirels and rabbits
rich-c: when I was doing my exercise walk Monday I did it in the dusk, and saw two rabbits going into a bush at teh end of the park
Meeka: even a cat and a hawk
Guy B.: Tell me about the squirrells. Annie wants to climb up to get them
rich-c: then later on another one crossed the road in front of me into the park
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Meeka: hello daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Guy B.: HI Daniel
rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: on parle des lapins maintenant
Daniel Bienvenu: rabits or bunnies?
Judy: hi, Daniel
rich-c: we have one in our yard and a number more in teh neighbourhood
Judy: catch it and make rabbit stew
rich-c: many of ours are large enough to class as rabbits
Guy B.: Now the deer are another story. Annie wants to chase them too, but she scares them off
rich-c: we don't get deer around here, they stick pretty much to the ravines
Judy: they come around here
Meeka: we had one in our back yard last year
Meeka: litterly eating from one of my bird feeders
rich-c: well, your neighbourhood has a lot of reasonably big treed spaces
Judy: that is better than eating your trees or bushes
Guy B.: I'm near the woods and the deer tend to wander into the yards a lot
rich-c: as long as they don't wander into your apartment building, Guy - that can be trouble
Guy B.: I'm close to selecting a new free host for my website
Judy: they are losing places to be as building continues
Guy B.: They don't wander that much Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: well, here, I did saw en entire familly of birds trying to avoid the rain by staying under the protection of a tree right beside an open window this afternoon. And because of the noise, the cat decided to take a look outside, in a "stand by" position to jump on them. The birds had nothing to fear because of the screen window.
rich-c: right - that one you are on is closing down, isn't it?
Judy: you were having rain today also
rich-c: we had cloudy but no rain here, but tehre was a fair bit west of us
Daniel Bienvenu: if you talk about the screen in the window, it's fixed for the summer period and removed for the winter period
Guy B.: Scattered around here, but not by me
rich-c: quite a storm up from the southeast; that is rare around here
Judy: there was storms north of us but we just got some rain
Daniel Bienvenu: it's very cold these days... the fruits and vegetables here are not cheap at all.
Daniel Bienvenu: rain and cold nights is not good for the summer period
rich-c: yes, we still have yet to see a local strawberry here - normally they'd be over by now
Judy: has been cool here also, only had the hot weather when you all came
Guy B.: Same here
rich-c: I'll bet they're inventing entirely new swear words over on the Ile d'Orleans!
Judy: I heard that the local strawberries are in the markets here
rich-c: Ile d'Orleans just downstream from Quebec city has hundreds of strawberry fields
Judy: but they are not cheep
rich-c: thin crop late, the farmers will have to squeeze for all they can get
Judy: I picked up some California strawberries last week and they were very tasty
rich-c: the ones sold here are usually cosmetically fantastic but traste can be iffy
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, based on my understanding of temperature based on water proximity, I suppose it did help a little bit Il d'Orlean, but not that much.
rich-c: you do have a strawberry crop on sale ow, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: only blueberries are not there yet
rich-c: usually around here the strawberries are finished before the blueberries get swtarted
Judy: Sherri bought blueberries last week amd brought me a piece of pie yesterday, very good
BobS: blueberries here are earlier
rich-c: our strawberries should have started coming in about June 20th
BobS: course, strawberries shoudl have been ready by the 2nd week in June
Daniel Bienvenu: they hope here of a warmer automn for the late strawberries for that period of the year.
rich-c: apparently blueberries are the largest commercial crop in Ontario
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changed username to WestCoaster
Meeka: hello
WestCoaster: am still here
rich-c: way things are going we will need a warm autumn to see any local strawberries here too
Meeka: thats good
Judy: welcome back stranger
rich-c: good evening, Ron
BobS: Ronald!!!!!!
WestCoaster: hey all!
rich-c: time you showed your face here again, sir!
BobS: how's the cool wet weather oyut there????? just discussing our cold damp summer
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Ron, when are you available next year for the Adamcon?
Judy: how is life on the island?
WestCoaster: nice'n'sunny
Daniel Bienvenu: here, it's terribly cold and raining
WestCoaster: hot
Daniel Bienvenu: problem for the berries
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changed username to Pamela
Meeka: hi pam
Pamela: hi
rich-c: we have lots of sunny breaks but the temperature lurks around 20 and teh wind is cold
rich-c: hello daughter
WestCoaster: We've had quite a run of hot and sun. Wouldn't want to be up around Kelowna just now
Pamela: oh oh brb
Daniel Bienvenu: here it's like 2 days of sun and 4 days of grey clouds and/or rain
Guy B.: Hi pam
Judy: that is weird we are having a record cold summer
rich-c: well as of this morning they had things under control - but no word on what has happened since
Daniel Bienvenu: one of the coldest summer here.
WestCoaster: Has the earth's rotation reversed?
Guy B.: That would be two summers in a row for us
Judy: hi, Pam
WestCoaster: Pamela m'dear
Daniel Bienvenu: air conditioning is definately not requierd here
Pamela: there, sorry about that
BobS: could be in reverse.......
WestCoaster: you got some T-shirts for me? huh?
Pamela: just remembered my drink in the deep freeze
Pamela: Ronald m'dear, yes i do
Pamela: all I have to do is mail them : )
WestCoaster: indeed!
rich-c: Frances insists that we have not yet turned on our air conditioning this year, but I though we had one spell in May/June
Judy: Pam does
Meeka: we only had it on for two or three days this whole summer so far
Pamela: sorry Ron, as Dad put it earlier in the week, things are a bit fraught around here
WestCoaster: sounds like our roles have reversed
Judy: we had the air on the week of AdamCon but not since
WestCoaster: we're supposed to get the cloud and rain...... not that I'm complaining, mind
rich-c: I have used it in the van once or twice but it gets very hot sitting in the driveway
Pamela: we put in our A/C on Sunday but haven't turned it past fan
Pamela: can't believe it's the 22nd of July and we haven't used the darn thing once!
WestCoaster: unusual for you guyz
Pamela: seriously unusual
Daniel Bienvenu: is there my icebergs? it may explain why it's colder this year.
rich-c: yes, and we are also a bit heavier in rainfall than usual, last six weeks
Judy: ..
Pamela: Daniel, comment ca va?
BobS: we are having a record cold July, much above rain and a yucky type summer
Pamela: I don't mind the cooler temps as long as we get some sun
WestCoaster: Think the world is coming to an end. Climate changes, earthquakes, fires, floods, just like it said
Pamela: I was sort of hoping for more heat on Monday though - kinda chilly for swimming otherwise
WestCoaster: Wars and rumors of wars
BobS: but next week I want warmth and sun as we go north for vacation
Judy: we want warm and sunny next week
Guy B.: HI Ron, thought by the name that was you
WestCoaster: Yup, Mr. Bona, large as life and twice as ugly
rich-c: well the five-day forecast looks pretty friendly, though maybe weekend showers
Daniel Bienvenu: je vais bien
Guy B.: Oh I wouldn
Guy B.: wouldn't say that
Judy: our forcast is ify
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not fully recovered so it's too soon to do another intervention. but friday, I will know if I will lose another tooth.
Pamela: another tooth? why?
Judy: talking rain thru the week-end
WestCoaster: no fun Daniel
Pamela: oh I hope not, it's trailer weekend for us
Pamela: and Wonderland on Monday
Judy: but then maybe Bob will get out of work early Sat
WestCoaster: you just had a root canal, which in my experience is one of the most painful procedures in the dental arsenal
Pamela: I thought you weren't working Saturdays Bob?
Judy: that would be nice then we could leave earlier
Pamela: no they pulled the tooth, Ron
WestCoaster: oh, sorry, I must have missed that detail
Pamela: 'twas on Facebook, that's why
Judy: yes, he works every Sat, is a busy volunteer day
Pamela: well duh, you'd think I
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I've already lose one and the bone is just starting to recover. meanwhile the tooth beside the hole is somehow interfering with one particular big nerve and if it doesn't stabilize it will be a second extraction.
Pamela: 'd have known that, wouldn't you?
rich-c: they did? I don't recall Daniel telling us that
WestCoaster: Ouch!
Pamela: mega ouch
BobS: ouch ouch ouch !!!!!!
WestCoaster: we share your pain Daniel
Pamela: I'm with you Ron, my experiences with root canals have not been good ones
rich-c: given the joys of a root canal, an extraction can't be that much worse
Judy: bummer, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I prefer to not think about it and hope the bone will somehow "fix" the problem by itself.
Pamela: are you kidding? Give me an extraction over a root canal any day
WestCoaster: indeed Pam. I've had two, and I'm one of those who usually goes to sleep in the dentist's chair. But not for them two I didn't
Pamela: I'm into four now I think Ron
WestCoaster: geez!
Pamela: and the dentist is contemplating a fifth
Judy: I don't want any of it don't even like to have them cleaned
Pamela: to which I flatly said, no
rich-c: maybe it's time you looked for some second opinions, Pam
Meeka: I dont remember how many I have had over the years
Meeka: one these days I have to actually have my 4th and 5th wisdom teeth pulled
Pamela: well the first four were legit Dad
BobS: jerk em out kids
Judy: I have had none and only had wisdom teeth extracted
BobS: then your pain is over
Pamela: 5th? You got a spare?
Meeka: yup, i do
Judy: I have very gooood teeth
Pamela: lucky you!
Meeka: ya right pam
Pamela: and lucky you, Judy
Judy: yea, I am
rich-c: I've had a couple of wisdom teeth out and I am still unconvinced it was a good idea
WestCoaster: I've got crowns and bridges sufficient to cross Georgia strait
Pamela: oh I did enough damage with the four I had
rich-c: I know the feeling, Ron
Meeka: ya, i got four crowns too
Judy: I only have about 1/2 dozen filling
rich-c: now all my old fillings are coming out and I'm needing to get new ones
Daniel Bienvenu: why thay call it wisdom teeth? as soon as they appear, the dentist want to extract them because of the "no real place to develop". I have one curving to the outside, digging slowly a hole in my cheek
rich-c: you young folk have to remember, when we were growing up there was no fluoridation
Pamela: what p***ed me off was after sinking the price of good used car into my first root canal, the tooth abcessed and they discovered a crack in the root - had to pull it after all that.
WestCoaster: welcome to the dental chat
Judy: can't have much better teeth than mine
Meeka: something about the age you are when they generally start to come in Daniel
Pamela: yes, they're not supposed to erupt until you have supposedly gained some wisdom : )
Judy: yea, who started this dentist talk?
Meeka: not me
rich-c: which is why, I guess, I still have two well concealed...
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's me
Pamela: (looks at ceiling, whistling tunelessly)
Judy: me too, Rich
rich-c: I have tended to tell the dentist if it isn't hurting me, let's keep hands off for a while
Judy: does that mean we are smarter than the average bear, Rich
BobS: I got an email from Ed Snow a few days ago.
Pamela: by the way Dad, Cynthia and Gordon are back and Cynthia has her pictures up on Facebook already - you might want to let Mom know
rich-c: good question, Judy ; - )
BobS: he enjoyed Daniel's videos on Utbue a LOT
Meeka: thats good
Meeka: i got about half the captions done on my site now
WestCoaster: Susan says it's a lot better to pull the tooth than do a root canal. She says here most pain was a root canal
rich-c: yes, Pam, your mom was on already today
Judy: did you get your plants planted before the rain, Meeka?
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changed username to Dale
Pamela: I'm with her, Ron
Pamela: Hi Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale
Meeka: hi dale
Judy: Hi, Dale
WestCoaster: dale my son
rich-c: hello, Dale - must be time for my beer. brb
Dale: Hi all.
Meeka: nope :-(
Dale: Good to see you Ron.
Meeka: was busy this afternooon and was gonna do after dinner, but the rain beat me
BobS: hi Dale
Judy: oh, well
WestCoaster: Yes Dale, rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated
Pamela: Ron, when do you go cruising?
WestCoaster: Aug 29 - Sept 6
Meeka: hey dale, doug says I needed to ask you if you got a stable emulator working for adam games on a psp
Meeka: he got a coleco one for me, but that wont play adambomb
Judy: ..
BobS: whassa psp?
Pamela: Playstation personal
Meeka: Play Station Portable
rich-c: yes, Dale, were the SuperGames written with the idea that some day they might be playable on a Colecovision?
Dale: It runs fine, as long as it isn't keyboard based.
BobS: ah....that tells you how far back I am
rich-c: Adam Bomb uses teh keyboard, doesn't it?
Dale: SuperGames were written for Adam hardware. They use overlays, and lots of tape seeking and so on.
Meeka: just directional buttons and fire keys I believe
rich-c: oh, I remember that, and the Colecovisions didn't have what it took to play them
Dale: I don't remember about AdamBomb 2. I think you hit space when it starts, and after that it is joystick maybe.
Meeka: i believe so dale
rich-c: so the CV issue would be memory then?
Dale: If I have an adambomb disk image somewhere I'll give it a try on the PSP.
Daniel Bienvenu: I guess a super game need also extra ram that colecovision game system doesn't have without an expansion module (#3).
Meeka: cool, I would love to play it on mine
Dale: The ones that I've disassembled use all of the extra ram, the EOS rom, the OS7 rom, and of course the tapedrive/diskdrive extensively.
Pamela: will they run on any handheld, Dale?
rich-c: that was also the case with the CP/M games, I believe
Dale: I still need to get Geoff's sound patch and apply it to the PSP so that it has sound too.
Meeka: you can hack a psp so you can run other programs pam
Pamela: what I have is a DS
Dale: Hmm..Pam, it might work on a DS.
Pamela: wondering if we could put Donkey Kong Jr. on it so I could play it there
Pamela: something to think about
WestCoaster: What is a DS?
Dale: Actually a DS has hardware more similar to the ColecoVision/Coleco Adam than you might think.
Dale: Nintendo DS.
WestCoaster: ah
Pamela: Nintendo DS, Ron - don't know what the DS stands for
Meeka: a big brother to the nintendo game boys
BobS: you are as backward as I am Ron !!!! ;-)
Dale: The Dual Screen replacement to the Gameboy handhelds from Nintendo.
Pamela: Ah
WestCoaster: ya got that right Bob. I don't know much about this stuff
rich-c: yes, we're learning something new every day
Pamela: could you get a blank cart for the
Pamela: DS?
Meeka: thats cuz its a young peoples trend
Daniel Bienvenu: There is a homebrew community around nintendo ds... and there is a colecovision emulator for nintendo ds.... but it's not straight foreward to use a nintendo ds with homebrew software.
Dale: I might look into it a bit Pam.
Pamela: (darn enter key)
WestCoaster: Last time I was at Jeff's place I got to try one of these WII thingies, but that's been about it
WestCoaster: Nintendo WII ??
Pamela: I'd be thrilled
Dale: For the DS you need to buy a special reprogramable cartridge to run emulators on it.
WestCoaster: was just about as bad at bowling and golf as I am in real life
Pamela: yes Ron, the Wii is a Nintendo product
Meeka: the wii is fun to play if you have the right types of games
Dale: Here is a colecovision emulator:
Pamela: we've actually been thinking about getting one
Pamela: Russell keeps hinting it might be nice to have a game system
WestCoaster: the kids have quite a few now, but Jeff says he got bored with them. He's got a PlayStation something-or-other now,
Meeka: doug loaded my PSP up with all the games on the AC21 disk
Pamela: is the PSP cart based or memory based?
Meeka: both kinda
rich-c: he keeps you seriously spoiled, doesn't he? ; - )
Meeka: has UMD disk---mini disks) and a sony memory card
Meeka: I have the emulator and games on the memory card
Pamela: whereas AFAIK there's no memory card in the DS
rich-c: I looked at eBay last week - saw someone wanted $100 for a Colecovision with DK cart
Meeka: along with 6 or 8 ps1 games we copied that run of the memory card also
rich-c: mind you, he also wanted $50 for a datapack!
Pamela: oh the joys of having a computer expert for a husband
Meeka: lol, yup
Judy: how big is that, Meeka?
Guy B.: Oh indeed
WestCoaster: Sun is setting in the west, right into my eyes
Meeka: slightly larger than the boys gameboys when they are open
WestCoaster: this house faces the wrong way in the evenings
rich-c: yes, for us it went down three hours ago
Judy: was getting dark at supper time here because of the rain here
WestCoaster: hah! we get to keep easterners in the dark for a little bit each day
Judy: that's not bad
Meeka: not really
Meeka: the buttons are out on the edges too, so feels comfy in your hand too
rich-c: Yes, you're teh one who assemb;es all those rainclouds and ships them at us
Pamela: good to know it's still setting in the west Ron
Meeka: just ask dad, he played on dougs last time they were monkeying with things in the basement
WestCoaster: yeah if that ever changes then we all better start reading Revelation
Judy: our grass still needs a little rain
Pamela: have you tried turning the house around at about 7:00 pm?
WestCoaster: hmm!! Now there's an idea
BobS: put it ona turntable
rich-c: or maybe Venetian blinds on a timer?
WestCoaster: yes
BobS: and voila!!! turn to see sunset
Pamela: sorry, just finished reading HP and the Order of the Phoenix
WestCoaster: No I just go out and throw water at the sun
Pamela: getting used to inanimate objects with minds of their own
Meeka: that would prob be asier than turning the house rich
rich-c: I thought you'd read the Half-Blood Prince?
Pamela: i've read them all Dad - but wanted to re-read before we go to see HBP on the big screen
Pamela: will start HBP book tonite
WestCoaster: Dale, which year did you and I and Neal stand in line to get an HP book?
WestCoaster: memory fades
rich-c: I gather HBP is actually a three-parter
Pamela: no, that's Deathly Hallows
Pamela: they're filming it in two parts
WestCoaster: Anyway, I bought it but I never actually read it. Think my daughter-in-law has it
Daniel Bienvenu: I did watch the movie HP half-blood prince
Pamela: Ronald!
Pamela: You must get it back and read it
WestCoaster: Well I know where it is
Daniel Bienvenu: I've not read the books, so for me it was a pure imagination time.
rich-c: tha's half teh battle, Ron
Pamela: don't tell us anything Daniel, we haven't seen it yet
Meeka: we havent either
rich-c: why when Pamela lends a book to me, she even gets it back (sooner or later)
WestCoaster: well Dr. D said I should really start at the beginning. And the way I read, (200 wpm flat out), it would take several incarnations to catch up
Pamela: speaking of which Dad, do you by any chance have our Prisoner of Azkaban DVD?
rich-c: that's OK, ron, go for it - it's worth it
WestCoaster: I suppose I have several incarnations available, but.....
Dale: I think it was for book 6.
Pamela: is that words per minute Ron?
Dale: So that'd be AdamCon 17 Ron.
WestCoaster: think you're right Dale
WestCoaster: yup
rich-c: not that I can rec all, Pam, but I've been known to lose track
WestCoaster: Shoppers - midnight plus
Daniel Bienvenu: the first minutes of teh movie, even if it's well made and cool to see, are the minutes I did forget right after watching the movie. the movie start with a realistic bridge collapsing effect
WestCoaster: yes Pam words per minute
Pamela: we're missing that DVD for some reason, and you're the only person I can think of that we might have lent it to
Judy: ..
rich-c: I will try to remember to check, but I thought I returned any of your DVDs
Pamela: I thought so too but if you could check I'd appreciate it
Pamela: otherwise we may have to invest in a new one
rich-c: I will take a look though not right now
WestCoaster: Anyway guys, Susan wants to go for a walk on the waterfront. So I shall away. Need a walk. Been too sedentary today
WestCoaster: will catch the rest of the sunset
Guy B.: Bye Ron
Meeka: night ron
Pamela: catch it for those of us who missed it Ron
Pamela: and say hi to Susan for us
rich-c: OK, but give us some keyboard time next week!
WestCoaster: right. g'nite all
BobS: n ite ron
Pamela: nite!
WestCoaster: will sure try Rich. But the way things go around here, I never know
rich-c: nite
WestCoaster: pooooffff!!!
WestCoaster left chat session
Judy: night Ron have a nice walk
Dale: later Ron.
Pamela: we need to get that man to post some pics of the new house and surrounding area
Pamela: it sounds beautiful
Judy: good luck with that one
rich-c: that we do, good thought
Pamela: seems to me we're still waiting on wedding photos too
Pamela: hmmm
rich-c: looks like youwill have to nag him a bit
Pamela: think I could get away with it?
Dale: I'm still working on going to see HBP in theatre. Somehow I didn't make it last week, though I wanted to.
Meeka: well, i better go too. Bandit is whining to go out and I need to go to bed on time tonight. "Trouble" is comming for the day tomorrow :-P
Dale: Jill doesn't like the opening weekend crowds anyway I guess.
Pamela: boy, it must be that time : )
Pamela: night, Meeka!
Judy: ..
Meeka: guess so Pam
rich-c: right, Meeka - dogs get impatient and it's oblige or else
BobS: he will be an angel all by himself Meeka
Judy: night Meeka
Meeka: I hope so
Pamela: the best time to go see it is a Monday night Dale
rich-c: night and see you next week
Meeka: see ya in to weeks as I wont be on next week
Pamela: last time we did that there were six other people in the theatre with us
Meeka: two weeks **
Judy: ..
rich-c: OK meeka, we'll make a mental note
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: no Slopesmas next week!
Pamela: it's gonna be quiet
BobS: yup
BobS: we ARE a noisy bunch
rich-c: depends - sometimes that can be famous last words
Judy: what will you talk about?
BobS: us
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: if some of our rarities turn up, life can get lively
Pamela: speaking of which, we seem to be missing Dave, James, Luc and Guy F tonite
rich-c: maybe I will have some interesting stories about selling the trailer
Pamela: do you have a line Dad?
Dale: We'll talk about AdamCon. Maybe I'll invite Luc and Guy F :-)
rich-c: I have about ten inquiries, though I doubt most of them know what they are doing
Pamela: from where?
rich-c: essentially GTA - one with a 705 number though
Pamela: I need to start researching Montreal
Pamela: no I meant how did they know about it?
rich-c: ads on craigslist and kijiji
Pamela: ah
rich-c: now all I have to do is figure out how to lift the battery
Pamela: I did read Mom's message on FB - just how bad was it?
Pamela: get someone else to do it
rich-c: don't know - what did she say?
Pamela: just that it looked like it had been broken into and used for partying
rich-c: I don't have anyone else to do it, your mother's back is worse than mine
rich-c: well, there was no sign of forcible entry but there was drug paraphenalia in the bathroom
rich-c: and for some reason the drawbar had vanished
Pamela: well then either Russell or I will have to do it
Pamela: oh, ick
rich-c: I guess - I need to get it off the floor and onto the recharge bench
rich-c: then later the big one will be from the basement to the van
Pamela: the floor of the trailer or at the house?
rich-c: trailer doesn't have a basement
Pamela: (rolls eyes)
rich-c: ambiguous questions have a tendency to do that, Pam
Pamela: well that's what you get when you make ambiguous statements!
BobS: yeh
rich-c: I suspect teh drawbar is somewhere in the weeds around the trailer
Pamela: so where is the battery that needs to get onto the recharge bench?
rich-c: we have a promise from the landlord to take a weedwhacker to them
Pamela: at the house or in the trailer?
Pamela: I should certainly hope so from Mom's description
rich-c: we keep it in the basement at home, Pam - might freeze in the trailer
Judy: I am really tired so I am going to sign off, talk to you in a couple of weeks, night all
rich-c: also the stone guard has blown apart, all the panels are gone
Dale: Good night all.
rich-c: night Dale, enjoy HP
Pamela: goodnight Judy
Pamela: have a good trip!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight
Dale: I plan to be on next Wednesday, when it suprises me and then Daniel reminds me. <grin>
Judy left chat session
Dale left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm leaving the chat session too. I have to rest and hope for my tooth
Pamela: well don't spill the beans, just in case we don't get to the movie this weekend
Pamela: gnite Dale and Daniel
BobS: guess I will sign off too gang, time to get java made for the am, then hit the sack
rich-c: OK Daniel, take care and don't let the dentist get too ambitious
Pamela: new coffee maker Bob? : )
rich-c: night, Bob, enjoy the vacaation
BobS: nope, old one
BobS: wth timer
Pamela: oh good
Pamela: night Bob - have a good trip we'll keep our fingers crossed for good weather
BobS: thanks
BobS left chat session
rich-c: whoof! that was quick
Pamela: well, it's about that time when everyone poofs
rich-c: yes, a little on the early side, but not that much
Pamela: Guy, you still awake?
rich-c: you can see the ads btw, Pam. look under RVs and trailers
rich-c: naw, he'as out of gas from chasing Annie, who was chasing a rabbit ; - )
Pamela: where on earth did she find a rabbit?
rich-c: seems Chicago does have them, at least around where Guy lives
rich-c: did I mention we have one too?
Pamela: yes, I seem to remember something about disappearing clover : )
rich-c: we have seen a little one in the back yard lately and quite a big one in the front yard
Pamela: we've been collecting them at the trailer too
rich-c: I also saw three in teh park Monday night
Pamela: last time we were up there I saw three under the feeder in the early a.m.
Pamela: we also have a couple of groundhogs
Pamela: get Mom to show you some of Aunt C's pics, Dad
Guy B.: Well folks, I know been kinda of quiet. My friend Carla and I we're chatting. I'll see you all next week
Pamela: you'll get a kick out of the chippies
rich-c: those we are without - not even a chipmunk though tehre are some other side of the park
Pamela: night Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: OK Guy, catch you then - the Slopsemas will be away so be ready to chat
rich-c: looks like that's about it then, daughter
Pamela: well Papa, shall we bail and continue this conversation tomorrow by phone?
rich-c: yes, nothing more urgent than a routine doctors appointment for your mother then
rich-c: so give us a holler when the time fits
Pamela: okay. I'll try to call tomorrow evening after 8:00
rich-c: fair enough - we'll try to be ready
Pamela: okay. gnite, Daddy
rich-c: night, daughter - sleep tight
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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