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Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Guy
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Guy B: HI Daniel
changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich
Guy B: HI Rich
rich-c: good evening, gentlemen
Guy B: Brb
rich-c: see there's someone else here before me - that' doesn't happen often
rich-c: so how are things with you, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm currently working on my game project... need to accelerate a little bit
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the final sprint
rich-c: what is your target date to finish it?
Daniel Bienvenu: Saturday, the game should be coded... just missing the levels and a reward.
rich-c: OK, is that for a show?
Daniel Bienvenu: This game is supposed to be a 10 years special videogame, to be release the 8th of August 2009, at Montreal.
rich-c: to mark some special anniversary?
Daniel Bienvenu: At the same time, August 5 - 9 is a special period in Quebec... Fetes de la Nouvelle France
rich-c: OK - that's something new, isn't it? you already have St, Jean Baptiste Day
Daniel Bienvenu: June 24
Daniel Bienvenu: it was the day I was at Dale's house
rich-c: quite, just to remind me of Pamela's birthday next day - yours is a bit earlier
rich-c: isn't one of the big international game producers opening a new studio in Montreal soon?
Daniel Bienvenu: no, it's a videogame collectors meeting
Daniel Bienvenu: (if you are talking about the game I'm doing)
rich-c: yes, I'd guessed that - I was moving on to a new topic, but it's OK
rich-c: I looked at some collector prices on eBay the other night, for Adam stuff
rich-c: one of them was asking $50 US for a blank data pack!
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changed username to melanie
rich-c: meanie! how are you!
melanie: hi everyone. sorry I'm late
melanie: doing well, thanks
rich-c: hey, you're here, which is more than the Slopsemas will manage - they are off boating
Guy B: HI Melanie
melanie: is everyone else late too
melanie: hi guy!
rich-c: oh, Guy is here after all - didn't know he had returned
melanie: are things looking good for late june for the next meeting?
rich-c: have to ask Daniel about that, but I think he's pretty confident
melanie: great! how's the leg rich?
rich-c: will depend on who can or can't come any given time
rich-c: infection is gone, very tender, but giving it a good slathering of lotion
melanie: so glad to hear that
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I didn't get many emails telling me when people wish for the dates, so I can't tell now what is the best dates based on your suggestions. And for some people, it's too soon to know.
melanie: did I miss anything good last week?
rich-c: actually got out to remove most of our personal stuff from the trailer last few days
rich-c: it was actually quite active, but primarily idle chit-chat
melanie: i'm sorry daniel. i"m one of those that haven't sent the email. is it still best to go to the survey you mentioned several weeks ago?
rich-c: did you know there is now an Adam group on Facebook (would you care?)
Daniel Bienvenu: If you can find back the email I did send to the adamcon list... yes, you should reply to it.
melanie: I'm a little behind the times and don't use facebook. anyone we know on there?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, maybe
rich-c: Frances adn Pamela use ity, Frances very grudgingly, Pamela very eagerly, me not at all
rich-c: MSN killed the sleep apnea support group Francees was on so she's sort of acting as a rallying point for that
rich-c: looks like the biggies like MSN and Yahoo and such are killing off the interest group websites
melanie: why?
rich-c: I don't know, maybe Guy does since he got booted from Geocities
melanie: daniel, i couldn't find recent chats listed to find your link to the survey. can you give it to me again?
Daniel Bienvenu: Geocities is closing... in October... I've also my web site there
rich-c: so you're out too then, Daniel - any idea where you will go?
Daniel Bienvenu: there is no link... it's just an email... sent to the adamcon mailing list.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Dale's server or another friend server, or both
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be fine with my web site... as soon as I manage to make a new one.
rich-c: is Google providing a home for orphan groups now?
melanie: i must not be on the list.
rich-c: traffic is either very heavy or very light, melanie
rich-c: I have my problems because Frances has taken over our email computer as hers now
Daniel Bienvenu: I will ask Dale if there is a way to make an online formular for the survey... maybe it should be done to allow more than adamcon mailing list users to answer it.
melanie: ok thanks
rich-c: don't fuss it to much right now, Daniel - it won't be an issue till next February
rich-c: that's when you will want to start exploratory talks with possible locations
melanie: i'll quit asking about it. just curious.
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Guy B: HI Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dale!
rich-c: hello Dale
Dale: Just remembered about the chat.
melanie: hi dale. how's jeffery?
rich-c: well, you've beaten Pamela to it!
Dale: It's been a good summer.
Dale: But his best friend is on vacation this week, so that makes it a little harder.
rich-c: yes, you haven't had to worry much about sunburn or heatstroke!
Dale: We went to the "big park" today for a while with some kids across the street. It was good.
rich-c: lots of space for them to run around, then - any organized games or just play?
melanie: sounds like fun.
Dale: They have a splashpad there. Last year we used the splashpad often, but today it wasn't the main attraction.
Dale: Mostly just playing on the slides and 3 jungle gyms.
rich-c: what was today's big deal, then?
Dale: It is quite a comprehensive park really.
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale : And Bill said...
Dale: There's a basketball court there too, so the neighbours played on there a bit while Jeffrey was on the swings.
Dale: Daniel, I see you wrote up about plan E from the comic book we were taking turns telling in the car.
rich-c: yes, even our little park gets quite a bit of trade these days
melanie: daniel was written up?
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B: HI Pm
Guy B: Pam
melanie: hi pam!
Pamela: good evening all
Dale: To pass the time in the car Jeffrey and I take turns making up a comic book about "Bill"
Daniel Bienvenu: And they told me about it
Dale: Since Daniel was with us, he got some turns.
melanie: that sounds creative!
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: Hi Daddy
Pamela: seems like an awfully small crowd without the Slopsemas, doesn't it?
rich-c: just quietly checking cp24 for a second
melanie: indeed
Pamela: How's Jean, Melanie?
rich-c: when we were out shopping lots of sirens, five different fire trucks turning into Hotspur
Daniel Bienvenu: It took me a long time to figure out the story and the characters
melanie: doing well. thanks for asking. working and playing with her new computer. i should have reminded her about chat.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did add own of my own characters to the story
Pamela: they had a shooting on Neptune last night Dad
melanie: i bet jeff loved that
Pamela: Does she live alone?
rich-c: no, this was a fire, around 1.30 p.m. - trucks from two different stations so they thought it was big
Pamela: anything on cp24?
melanie: yes, much to my dismay. refuses to come life with me. loves her own place...i understand that.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, after my turn, it was Jeffrey's turn... which takes long time with a lot of "AND THEN..." and he solves everything I did put in place to justify somehow the hero title of Bill in this story.
rich-c: nope - teh shooting yes, fire no
Pamela: yes, I'm familiar with stubborn parents : )
rich-c: I can sympathize with Jean - Frances swearss that teh only way she wil ever leave this house is feet first
melanie: good job Daniel. i bet you kept his interest all the way home...AND THEN
Pamela: (studies ceiling, whistling tunelessly)
Daniel Bienvenu: So... and Bill said...
rich-c: so you better be prepared to move in and look after her, Pam
Pamela: are you kidding, Dad? We'd kill each other in days
Daniel Bienvenu: Actually, I wrote an email telling that Bill is in a trap with no way out... except if he was an insect because the trap is very well done and mostly in the ground.
melanie: i'll probably be just as stubborn. i just worry about her. she has so many friends that come by it's not like she is all alone.
Daniel Bienvenu: I guess Jeffrey will find out a way to help bill to escape
rich-c: what, talking each otehr to death?
Daniel Bienvenu: or maybe it's Dale's turn now... that's why I'm teasing Dale with "And Bill said..."
rich-c: yes melanie, and the oldr we get the more we get set in our ways
Pamela: well that's one possibility, however . . .
melanie: i'm sure jeffrey will come up with something. sounds like a fun game.
Pamela: that goes for us too these days
Pamela: I find myself in more of a rut than ever before
melanie: in a rut?
rich-c: well, some habits just work, so you tend to emphasize them
melanie: does Bill have any super powers?
Pamela: get up, go to work, come home, watch TV, put off the housework, make dinner, go to bed
rich-c: I still have significant problems with the get up and go to bed parts
melanie: sounds like life huh? go on an exciting vacation.
Pamela: occasionally I break out
Pamela: went to
Pamela: Wonderland on Monday
Dale: Well no melanie, but he is very smart
Dale: and can do things like chemical analysis of poison or mind control drugs.
Dale: The sort of things that can be used to take over a city.
rich-c: how do you slow him down long enough to find out, Dale? ; - )
Pamela: with three under 10's, four teens and four other adults
Pamela: I'm still recovering : )
melanie: that kid will discover the cure for cancer
Dale: So although Bill doesn't have super powers, he is well equiped to help the police beat the super villans of the city.
Pamela: belt him into the car, Dad : )
rich-c: well, unless they beat him to it - our guys ae getting awfully close
melanie: so is he on retainer with the police force...kind of a consultant position?
rich-c: if not, no doubt he soon will be
melanie: they could do like gotham city does for batman except use a huge "J" when they need him. he needs a cape.
Pamela: Dale has Jeff ever told you what he wants to be when he grows up?
Daniel Bienvenu: a superhero maybe
melanie: nickname The Brain
Pamela: oh, we need to get him hooked on the Great Brain books : )
melanie: thats a great idea!
Pamela: do you remember them Dad?
rich-c: it's been so long I've forgotten what kids are reading now - at least in that age group
Pamela: do you know them, Melanie?
rich-c: but no, Pam, I don't - did they come along after your grew up?
Pamela: no, I was reading them during elementary school
melanie: no...but are they something like the encyclopedia brown series?
rich-c: I don't recall any of the TCI kids either talking about them or asking for them
melanie: in the eb series the kid is presented with a crime scene and alway finds the answer . my son loved them.
rich-c: you were? we were usually aware of what you had your nose into, surprised we missed those
Pamela: it's been a long time Melanie - but I loved those too
Pamela: let me refresh myself -
rich-c: yes, far as I know Encyclopedia Brown is still a winner in junior school
Guy B: Back
rich-c: so where have you been, Guy?
melanie: i've got to run. haven't walked the dog and it's getting dark. i'll be quick.
Guy B: Over a dozen e-mails
Pamela: this is what Wiki has to say: "The Great Brain is a series of children's books by American author John Dennis Fitzgerald (1907-1988). Set in the fictitious small town of Adenville, Utah, at the turn of the last century, between 1896 and 1898, the stories are loosely based on Fitzgerald's childhood experiences. From Fitzgerald's description of the town of Adenville as the hub of a cattle and sheep ranching region in Utah, it may be reasonable to infer that it was based on Price, Utah.
Pamela: Chronicled by the first-person voice of John Dennis Fitzgerald, the stories mainly center around the escapades of John's mischievous older brother, Tom Dennis Fitzgerald, whose nickname is "The Great Brain".
Guy B: Plus I registered Annie for PetsPerks rewards at PetsMart website
rich-c: right, melanie - see you
Pamela: night, Melanie
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to work on my stuff... talk to you next week.
Guy B: We'll be hee
Guy B: here
Guy B: Bye Daniel
rich-c: OK Daniel - you'll beat that deadline yet
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Rich, Pam, Guy, Dale and Melanie
rich-c: night now
Pamela: night Daniel
Dale: Night Daniel.
rich-c: guess tht means its time for me to sneak out and get my beer
Dale: Well you know melanie, Bill doesn't have a secret identity, and the police just call him on his cell phone.
Dale: Each issue of the comic book starts with him on a date with his girlfriend Sarah.
Pamela: just how old is Bill?
Dale: I think he must have an advanced degree in Criminology and Biological Chemistry.
Dale: I always figured to have that much education he must be in his early 30s.
Pamela: ah, I was picturing a much younger hero
Dale: He is like Quincy, and gets himself in lots of physical peril regularly.
Dale: And Sarah must really like him because she gets kidnaped, falsely thrown in jail and all kinds of other things.
rich-c: yes, these hero types can be rather hard to live with
Pamela: oh dear
Pamela: must be love : )
rich-c: wonder where Ron and james are tonight? Isn't it about time they showed up?
Dale: Usually.
rich-c: Ron does seem to have picked up a great deal of activity lately, bike and camera club and all
rich-c: BTW. Dale, it appears the Microsoft/Yahoo search engine merger is a go
Pamela: not to mention a wife : )
rich-c: yes, Susan does seem to take up a large part of his time
Dale: Really? Is Microsoft still buying Yahoo, or are they just working together?
rich-c: not sure, just saw the headline on
rich-c: I think it says something about merger, though
rich-c: what would it be? Merger and spinoff, maybe?
rich-c: oh, Pam, any feedback to the trailer ad yet?
Pamela: nothing yet, Dad
Pamela: and on your end?
rich-c: OK, I've messaged a couple of inquiries today
rich-c: our most promising buyer can't take it, he's too tall to fit the bed
Pamela: oh dear
Pamela: how tall?
rich-c: it's a pity because if he fit it would be perfect for his use
rich-c: about 6-2-1/2 - just cleared teh light fixture but not the air conditioner - and a 74" bed just doesn't hack it
Pamela: that's too bad
Pamela: you should ask Guy Foster about it again
rich-c: well, maybe there will be someone else it will suit out there
Pamela: I'm sure we'll find someone
rich-c: one thing I'm finding is most inquirers know nothing about trailers and trailer hauling
Pamela: I'm going to send the description to Cheryl again (Russell's work partner)
Pamela: her spouse works as a heavy equipment hauler
rich-c: right, she's the one with the contacts who often need trailers, right?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: bet ours would be a good fit for someone she knows - unless they're all too big
Pamela: since he and some of his co-workers are often working out of town, a nice cozy home away from home might be just the thing
rich-c: especially one that can be put on every the stock F-150, no sweat
rich-c: it does need significant maintenance but nothing anyone who can handle a trailer won't be used to
Pamela: we'll make sure that anyone interested is made aware of that
rich-c: so Dale, any take on Microsoft's latest adventures and whether they will affect you?
rich-c: in dfact, do you even base your robotics on Windows or are they Sparc or such?
Pamela: sounds like everyone is a little distracted tonite
rich-c: anyone awake out there?
rich-c: well we know melanie is walking the dog and Guy is never around anyway
rich-c: and Daniel somehow didn't sign out - don't know what's with Dale
Pamela: I was off searching Encyclopedia Brown and the
Pamela: Great Brain
Pamela: darn enter key
rich-c: yes, I'm having significant problems with the new computer - the keyboard isn't what I'm used to
Guy B: I'm here. Working on music editing
rich-c: oh, what are you editing now? some vinyl you're transferring?
Guy B: Of course
rich-c: how much have you got done, and how much to go?
rich-c: meanwhile, Pam, no urgency, but could you get me some instant before you come over here next?
Pamela: I'll put it on the list Dad
Dale: I think I'm gonig to go now actually.
rich-c: good show I do find myself running out every once in a while
Pamela: I'm pondering an early night myself
rich-c: OK Dale, trust we'll see you next week
Pamela: I slept terribly last night
Guy B: Bye Dale
Pamela: gnite Dale
rich-c: nite Dale
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changed username to james
Pamela: James, Hi
james: hello
Pamela: we were just taking your name in vain
james: glad i haven't missed everyone
rich-c: well, james, you were about ten seconds from finding an empty screen
Dale: Goodnight james.
Dale: poof.
james: was busy w/ the kids
rich-c: anyway,good morning to you
Dale left chat session
james: how are all?
rich-c: well, the Slopsemas are away boating, so it cuts our crowd
Pamela: tired, thanks : )
james: was glad to see people join the adam facebook group
rich-c: Daniel is fussing about a games deadline, though he expects to meet it
james: brb
Pamela: Dad, I'm going to sign off - I'm exhausted
james: back
james: good night pam
Pamela: night James
rich-c: OK Pam, pleasant dreams
rich-c: Frances is a bit unhappy about the Facebook page
Pamela: thanks. FYI we're home this weekend but don't know what our plans will be
Pamela: I'll let you know by phone
rich-c: she has had a request from someone to be a friend on her own personal page
rich-c: nothing against the person involved, that just isn't what she uses her personal page for
james: from the adam group?
james: ah, so she limits her contacts to real-life contacts?
rich-c: answer to the first, yes
rich-c: answer to second, essentially yes, at least to non-Adam people
james: understandable
rich-c: as you may realise I refuse to have aything to do with Facebook
james: i'm not big on facebook
Pamela: tell her to just let the request hang for a while (like a month or so) then just quietly decline it
james: i use it a bit
james: but not extensively
james: are you stil with us, dan?
rich-c: I reckon I have enough on my plate already
rich-c: after all, I'm retired, it isn't as if I had any spare time on my hands
Pamela: ok guys, I'm outta here - ha ha, Dad
Pamela: gnite, Guy
rich-c: no, we haven'yt yet shown Daniel how to sign out
Pamela: gnite James
Pamela: nite, Dad
rich-c: nite Pam
james: nite pam
Daniel Bienvenu: (I'm watching... but I'm mostly working on my game project)
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: I tell you james, the longer you're retired, the hardeer it is to figure where you ever got time to work
rich-c: you're still around, Daniel? I thought you'd gone long ago
james: i sometimes wonder how i manage
rich-c: a mix of desperation and sheer terror?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not really there... so consider me gone
james: mostly determination i guess
james: i'm working to save up for a downpayment on a house
rich-c: somehow or other I had the impression you had a house - but it was really an aprtment in the school, right?
rich-c: sort of school on the main floor, you in the upstairs?
james: we use the upstairs of my wife's parents' place
james: for the most part
james: my school is beside the houes
rich-c: ah, OK, guess that's what confused me
james: anyway, we've been discussing things and i'm working to save up so i can put my money where my mouth is
james: and we'll see where things stand in a few years
rich-c: so where do you want teh new house to be? (I know - Ottawa)
james: likely not ottawa actually
james: too expensive and too big
james: so i'm looking at outlying areas
rich-c: you are thibnking Canada, though?
james: it's on the table, yeah
james: i'd like the kids to do some of their schooling over there
Guy B: Well, time for me to scoot. See you all next week
rich-c: oh - I was teasing, I'd assumed Japan
rich-c: night Guy
james: canada is very much a possibility
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
rich-c: you've mentioned eventual ambitions, but wehat would you do and where?
james: for starters i just want my own place. not sure i'd call that an ambition
rich-c: why not? it is certainly a worthy one
james: but the goal would be to have it mostly paid for upfront so that any mortgage i take on is minimal so that there's less pressure to find a "good job" to start
rich-c: that is sensible and critical - our housing market remains absurdly expensive
rich-c: I'd also suggest having a good job nailed down before making the move - times are not good here
james: yeah, we'll see what's available i guess
james: could be a bit rough for a bit
rich-c: well we would be OK except the Americans control too much of our industry and our market
rich-c: the country is wealthy enough but it's all controlled by foreigners
rich-c: did you see the latest bit about Nortel?
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Rich
rich-c: whoops, like like james has lost his connection
rich-c: guess we might as well all go - bonsoir, Daniel
rich-c: colour me gone
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