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rich-c: hi meeka, you're early again
Meeka: hello
rich-c: yes finished turning off the laptop and firing up the desktop
Meeka: thats good
rich-c: maybe so, maybe no, but for now it works better
rich-c: the seating position for the desktop is better and the keyboard is easier to handle
Meeka: i typically just use my laptop in my comfy chair :-P
rich-c: for sdome reason I find a laptop in my lap uncomfortable
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rich-c: may have something to do with the size of my lap ; - )
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy, how was teh trip?
Judy: Hi, Rich and Meeka
Meeka: hi mom
rich-c: or should I say camping?
Judy: it was good but the weather was not so good
rich-c: well I believe you had one or two decent days
Judy: we had to chang e plans because we had so much wind and not the warmest
Judy: but it was good to be away
rich-c: though IIRC you did get some nasty wet stuff that missed us
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Judy: Meeka did your mom make it home safe and sound
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Rich, Judy
Meeka: yup, she just called about 30 minutes ago
rich-c: salut, Daniel - bonsoir
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening Meeka
Meeka: hi Daniel
Judy: yea it didn't rain completely on out parade
Judy: hi, Daniel
rich-c: we have had spotty downpours - some parts of the city flooded, others pretty dry
Judy: that's good, did get stuck in Alanta
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be back in a minute... I have to compile my code again
Meeka: nope, she landed on time in FL
Meeka: ok Daniel
Judy: we are dry here, my grass it looking very dry
rich-c: really? our problem aropund here is mould, it's been so wet and cool
Meeka: its dey around here too
Meeka: dry**
Judy: they are predicting 90's again this week-end but it has been a cool summer
rich-c: our flowers love it - we have day lillies trying to get up to noswe height so we can smell them better
Judy: don't think we hardly made 80 the whole month of July
rich-c: yes, we have a hot weekend predicted, but have so far barelly turned on our air conditioning all yet
rich-c: we did, I think on the last day - but just barely
Judy: we have not had our air on since AdamCon
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Meeka: us either
changed username to BobS
Meeka: hi dad
Judy: don't mind that because I really don't like air conditioning
BobS: hi zll
rich-c: our typical daytime high has been about 23C - mid to high 60sF
BobS: all
rich-c: greetings Roberto
Judy: I much prefir having the windows open
BobS: yucky cool temps
Judy: Meeka, did you get your mulch down?
rich-c: well we had a nice sunny day today, comfortasbly warm in the sun
Meeka: ya, we got through the bgs we got so far
rich-c: the breeze was cool though in the shade
Judy: how many did you get?
Meeka: have the front pourch, front circle bed, and the spot under Nikki's tree mulch before we ran out
Judy: we did too, Rich
rich-c: I find that these days I like it a lot warmer than I used to - today is teh first dya I've worn shorts all year
Meeka: 15 (3 cubic feet) bags
Judy: that sounds good, when are you getting more?
Judy: big bags
Meeka: not sure, have to ask Doug, he said something about not getting them all in one week
Meeka: cheeper that way
Judy: let me know if you want some help
Meeka: 2 cubic feet ones were 2.75, the 3 cubic foot ones calculated down to 2.23 for the same size amount
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have something to fix with my game project here... be right back
rich-c: we have had a garbage strike, just settled - our pickup is tomorrow
Daniel Bienvenu: hi bob!
Judy: then you don't have to get so many bags either
Meeka: ok will do. I still have weeding to do yet :-P
rich-c: the street is lined with 39 days worth of toss-out - wow!
Meeka: doug says I prob gonna need 40-50 more yet
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changed username to Guy B
Guy B: Greetings!!
Meeka: hi guy
rich-c: hello Guy
Judy: that is a lot of mulch
Judy: Hi, Guy
BobS: hi Ddaniel
Meeka: ya, a whole yards worth
Judy: cute!!!!
Judy: bet the front looks good, though
Meeka: thanks, i try
Meeka: yes, it does
Daniel Bienvenu: hi guy
Meeka: you will have to come see.
Guy B: brb
Meeka: I got a few new plants too
Judy: I will, next week I need to have my hair cut so will be that way
Meeka: ok, sounds good
Judy: what kind of plants do you want?
Judy: did you get?
Judy: ..
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Meeka: some coral bells, a couple hydrangea, ahhhhh, there are a few more, but the names escape me right now, would have to go get the tags
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Meeka: hi dale
Guy B: Hi Dale
Meeka: a catchfly I believe
rich-c: hi Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Dale
BobS: hi Dale
Judy: ..
Judy: hi, Dale
Judy: that sounds interesting
Judy: what is a catchfly?
Judy: ..
Meeka: not sure, mom picked it up and I liked the way it looked. and it blooms in the spring LOL
Dale: Just getting ready for a Quebec trip.
Dale: I guess we aren't leaving now until tomorrow night, but if everything was ready, we might have been on the road tonight.
Dale: But Jill and I both have a couple of little things to catch up on for work before we can leave it all behind.
Meeka: it has a pretty verigated leaf
rich-c: having trouble getting stuff together, Dale?
rich-c: anyway, we're familiar with the feeling
Dale: Well, it is our typical planed vacation with an unplanned ittinerary.
rich-c: Quebec province or city?
Dale: Montreal, Sherbrook and Gatineau.
Dale: So no Quebec City.
rich-c: just teh colonies, not the real Quebec ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: Montreal?
rich-c: like, Montreal is, well, Montreal, and Gatineau is just east Ottawa
Daniel Bienvenu: Sherbrook?
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Judy: ..
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: Gatineau... well, Neil is there
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: ah, the wanderers have returned
Pamela: Hi everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam
Guy B: Hi Pam
Pamela: hi there
Meeka: hi pam
Pamela: what's doin?
rich-c: Dale is off to Quebec
Pamela: pretty big province - where in Quebec, Dale?
Judy: Hi, Pam
rich-c: yes, he's just peeking at teh fringes ; - )
Pamela: and how are the Slopsemas this evening? How was the trip?
Judy: we are good, was great to be gone
BobS: cool windy and generally relaxing
Meeka: didnt go anywhere, my mom was visiting LOL
Judy: didn't do any swimming
Pamela: oh, you'll be out of practice, Judy : )
Pamela: Meeka, does your Mom not live in GR?
Dale: Well, not actually Sherbrook, really the Eastern Townships.
Judy: this is not the summer for swimming around here
Meeka: nope, in ft meyers flordia
Dale: To visit Jill's Dad.
Pamela: nice Dale
rich-c: her family is from there, or is there?
Pamela: Did they retire there, Meeka?
Meeka: my grandparents are there, but thats not why they moved, dad has always wanted to live there
Meeka: nope, they are still working age :-P
rich-c: this has been a good few days to visit Grand Rapids from Ft. Myers
Dale: For 15 generations, her family has lived there, in an English area.
Pamela: will you stop and see Neil while you're there, Dale?
Judy: didn't they live in Maine?
Dale: I plan to, unless he is away. But he just got back from Florida, so I'm hoping he'll be around.
Pamela: I forget how much younger you are than I am, Meeka - of course your parents would still be working
Meeka: they do that too
Meeka: they have a home in maine near my uncle that they summer at
BobS: ok
Judy: got ya
rich-c: yes, I can see why someone from Maine would like Florida...
Meeka: they are originally from here rich
Pamela: are you not native to Michigan though, Meeka?
Meeka: ya, except for a few summers I have been h=in MI my whole life
Pamela: that's what I thought
Pamela: I think it would be tough to have your parents move away
Pamela: can't imagine not being within 20 minutes of my parents
Meeka: a little bit
Judy: ..
rich-c: I don't think your in much danger now, Pam
Meeka: but I still have another set I can go see any time I want
Pamela: and isn't that awesome? : )
Meeka: yup
Judy: at least you can talk to her whenever you want to
Meeka: true
Judy: and we like to have you around too
rich-c: you have Skype or some other VOIP, Meeka?
Meeka: thank got for few cell time since we are on the same network
Meeka: free cell time ***
Pamela: I got that : )
rich-c: we don't get that around here
rich-c: here, cell time ranges from expensive to exorbitant
Pamela: which reminds me . . . (one of the bennies of having daughter just around the corner)
Pamela: Dad, I'll get our coffee this weekend
rich-c: good show Pam, will appreciate it
Pamela: oh you can get it Dad, you just have to have the right plan and be on the same network
Judy: you don't?
Pamela: I'm still trying to find a cell phone for Russell
rich-c: yeah, and the "right" plan on the "right" network costs an arm, leg and two teeth
Pamela: nah, just a couple of teeth : )
Judy: ..
rich-c: my plan is strictly emergency calling, Judy - dirt cheap for teh connection, very pricey for any talk
Pamela: I'm still on the 200 / 20 plan, works for me
Pamela: no contract
rich-c: yes, but then we have no one we talk to regularly, so we don't need teh minutes
Judy: mine is cheap, don't use it much
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Pamela: at the time, it was the best deal around
changed username to West Mac Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Ron
Guy B: Hi Ron
rich-c: hey, Ron!
Meeka: hi Ron
West Mac Ron: hi all!
BobS: hi ron !!!! and susan
West Mac Ron: she's on the fone
Pamela: I still think it's one of the best - most carriers didn't bill by the second at the time
Pamela: Hi Ron
Judy: was nice to have camping
West Mac Ron: the phone is to Susan what chats are to me
rich-c: yes, mine is an old grandfathered Cantel contract from before teh merger - can't get it now
Judy: hi, Ron
West Mac Ron: Hi Pam, Judy, Bob, Rich, Daniel, Meeka (am I missing anybody?
Pamela: just Guy and Dale
rich-c: yes, Dale
West Mac Ron: oh.... hi Guy, Hi Dale
Pamela: one of the few left, I suspect Dad
Guy B: Back
rich-c: that's OK with me, as long as the price is right
West Mac Ron: at least it's cooled down here a bit
rich-c: I hear you're seeing some strange object in the sky out there, Ron - one rarely seen before
Pamela: I have a couple of old phones floating around - should probably try and fish them out and recycle them
West Mac Ron: we were up to 38C last week
Pamela: ooh, that's too hot
West Mac Ron: ya got that right!
BobS: yes, you are having our heat and we are having wet cool weather
Judy: how is the weather on your island?
rich-c: well, you can hold on to that - I think we had a blazing 24C today
West Mac Ron: very pleasant now Judy. But last week well....
Pamela: oh, wasn't it gorgeous today? I was trying to find a way to take my computer outside to work : )
Pamela: unfortunately, no cords long enough : )
West Mac Ron: We need to be able to think about power, and then have it wherever we are
Judy: was really nice today
BobS: we are going to get into the 33-34C this weekend
rich-c: I actually found it a bit cool in the shade, but sunny spots are easy to find
West Mac Ron: forest around our place is tinder dry
BobS: can berlieve that Ron
West Mac Ron: we don't need no sparks
rich-c: btw Pam, Shane Antflyck passed by as we returned from shopping
Pamela: oh? By himself?
rich-c: yes, heading off bowling somewhere, he said
Pamela: I think we have your rain, Ron
West Mac Ron: Yes, it would seem so
Pamela: really, Dad - interesting. Sure it wasn't Daniel?
rich-c: actually, not all, they drained off a bit in Michigan on the way
West Mac Ron: I think Revelation is coming to pass....... wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, wierd weather
Pamela: not supposed to happen till 2012, Ron
West Mac Ron: Next we will have fire raining from the sky
West Mac Ron: oh
Pamela: that's in Lillooet
rich-c: I'm sure - and the other Daniel is now a bus mechanic for the TTC - just got the job
West Mac Ron: yes.... Lillooet
Pamela: oh, that's great news!
rich-c: you been having earthquakes out there?
West Mac Ron: California, land of the Guvernator
West Mac Ron: to add to his other problems
Pamela: when was this Ron? I hadn't heard anything
rich-c: oh, they are always having earthquakes, but you get fewer and less often
Pamela: so what did Shane have to say for himself Dad?
West Mac Ron: last night apparently, although I think the epicentre was further inland.....
Pamela: ah - I haven't seen the news yet today
rich-c: just his folks and Daniel are OK, doing fine, remembered we lost Rita
Daniel Bienvenu: Daniel is here
Pamela: another Daniel, Daniel : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back from coding something more in my gmae project<
rich-c: two different Daiels in this case, Daniel ; - )
Judy: how is your leg, Rich?
Pamela: or three, depending
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the world will be better with more Daniels... but I prefer to not be cloned.
rich-c: no reappearance of the problem, Judy - actually wore shorts today, first time this year
Pamela: FYI, if anyone is interested, today was Erin and Rich's 3rd anniversary
Dale: Doh! And I thought that Daniel had given me permission. Now I have to dump all of those tanks.
West Mac Ron: well hey!
rich-c: migod, so soon? already?
Pamela: yup
Dale: And those clones were coming along so well too.
rich-c: so where are they, out for an aniversary dinner?
Judy: that is good to hear
Pamela: no they're in Columbus for the state fair
Pamela: I think it's Diana who is playing in the state band for the entire run of the fair
rich-c: ah right, you mentioned they were planning that
Pamela: Erin and Rich went to see them and to bring Diana home I believe
rich-c: good for Diana - the state band, eh? she must be pretty good
West Mac Ron: indeed
West Mac Ron: refresh my memory. Is Diana the youngest?
Pamela: no, second youngest
West Mac Ron: ah
Pamela: Gretchen is youngest
rich-c: hold on, I'll get a beer to lift to them
Pamela: sorry, the State Fair Band
West Mac Ron: suspect they're all growing up way too fast
Pamela: just re-read Rich's e-mail
Pamela: Christina is 21, Elanor 18, Diana 15 and Gretchen 12
Pamela: IIRC
West Mac Ron: right
Pamela: Christina has graduated from university, Elanor is a sophomore
West Mac Ron: how time does move on
rich-c: I bet even so that is a pretty high honour
Judy: ..
Pamela: they're actually just there for today, per his message
rich-c: where does Michigan hold its state fair, Judy?
Pamela: guess it's this year's anniversary trip
BobS: don't know
Pamela: Erin mentioned something about seeing the state capital buildings while they were there - she was pretty excited about that
rich-c: New York is in Syracuse, I know
Pamela: I'm betting she was pretty miserable with her allergies
Judy: don't know we have never been
Pamela: I guess the Ex must open in a couple of weeks Dad
rich-c: we were camping near Syracuse once when the State Fair was on, so went to see it
West Mac Ron: Pam, you're going to mail me some T-shirts, right?
West Mac Ron: You got my address?
Pamela: yes and yes
Meeka: looks like it is outside of Detroit Pam
West Mac Ron: k
Pamela: sorry Ron, the place is a disaster at the moment
West Mac Ron: not too worry
Pamela: we're in the process of trying to straighten up and get organized
rich-c: right, there is a fair ground just outside the city, isn't there - has a campground in non-Fair times
Pamela: lotta stuff in here at the moment due to Erin's move
West Mac Ron: perform not today those tasks which can be put off until tomorrow
Pamela: I'm slowly widening the paths
West Mac Ron: that's a plus
Pamela: well I got some stuff done this past weekend - having an extra day helped
rich-c: I am going to have to reorganize our "office"
West Mac Ron: I'm still sorting the content of boxes packed last Sept
West Mac Ron: so you're not alone
Pamela: and I have some vacation time to use up - I suspect some of it will go toward getting things straightened up
rich-c: added the new laptop and finally got the scanner in and configured
West Mac Ron: what did ya get Rich?
rich-c: don't fuss it Ron, we still have boxes from our move here - in 1954
Meeka: lol, your in good company, Doug STILL has boxws of stuff in the basement that hasnt been unpacked since we moved in 9 YEARS AGO
Pamela: well I don't feel so bad now - our last move was only 12 years ago : )
rich-c: had the scanner a long time, an HP Scanjet
West Mac Ron: I see
Pamela: excuse me Dad, don't give me 10 years I haven't earned! 1964
rich-c: the laptop is an Acer 5515 - 3 gig/160G
West Mac Ron: Ah..... a heavy lifter
rich-c: oops! sory about that, daughter
rich-c: i"m just feeling that old
Judy: they say if you don't unpack a box in sooo many years of moving you should throw it out
Pamela: at the rate we're going Ron, I'll be unpacking them in about 20 years
rich-c: not really Ron, pretty much the standard consumer minimum these days
BobS: UNLESS you KNOW what is in it and don't need it yet
West Mac Ron: exactly Judy, except I know that the ones I now have left contain family photos from 40 years ago, and I just have to go thru them
West Mac Ron: One at a time
Dale: You'd really have to think that if you needed something that you moved here 10 years ago, surely you didn't need it that much.
Meeka: thell that to Doug, he might still "need" that old crap
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm about to say "goodnight". I know I didn't talk much, but unfortunately I have to go back programming, I'm in a final sprint to complete the development of a video game.
Pamela: yeah, Russell plays the same tune
Meeka: ok, night Daniel
Meeka: thanks for stoppin by
Pamela: good luck Daniel - bonsoir
West Mac Ron: It's true, the moment dispose of any article, you then need it and wish you hadn't
West Mac Ron: nite Daniel
rich-c: OK Daniel, good luck on the project - a la prochaine!
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be at Montreal saturday night... more precisely at Blainville. If you want to see me Dale... let me know. bye!
Daniel Bienvenu: and see you all at Montreal in 2010
Judy: night Daniel
Pamela: I wouldn't be so concerned about tossing the stuff but I'm not sure what's in some of them and I don't want to throw out anything that might have valuable information on it - credit card statements etc.
BobS: nite DaNIEL
rich-c: we're planning it, Daniel
Pamela: some of it is knick knacks
West Mac Ron: yeah, you gotta be careful with that stuff Pam
Guy B: Nite daniel
Pamela: careful heck, Ron - I'm paranoid
West Mac Ron: Idiots lurk about fishing for such things in garbage
rich-c: yeah, you toss it then next week see it being sold on eBay for kilobucks
Pamela: I shred anything that has any information on it at all including names and addresses
rich-c: yes, we have a shredder for all our personal papers, and I'm even dubious about that
Pamela: which might explain why I'm way behind on my shredding : )
West Mac Ron: You need a bigger shredder
Pamela: no, I just need to do it more than once or twice a year
West Mac Ron: Have a little one that will only do one sheet at a time, and often chokes on that
rich-c: naw, just time to use the ones we have
Judy: we also shred before throwing out
BobS: di it every day as the need arises
BobS: do
Pamela: sigh - I guess I'm going to have to put it on my to-do list
Pamela: along with about 30,000 other things
Judy: and Ryan is a good shredder
rich-c: just don't shred that - despite the temptation
West Mac Ron: to do lists are for busy and employed people.
Pamela: oh my, the husband arriveth
Pamela: LOL Dad
West Mac Ron: I must have time to first contemplate that which I might do
West Mac Ron: Hi Russel
rich-c: hi Russell
Judy: hi, Russel
West Mac Ron: 2 'l's??
West Mac Ron: Pam, please ask your husband how he spells his name
Pamela: 2 L's
West Mac Ron: so it is written
Pamela: I don't have to ask, I know : )
West Mac Ron: well I would hope so Pam
rich-c: yes, it would be kind of odd if she didn't
Pamela: I've had some practice : )
Pamela: brb, gotta make a phone call
Judy: sorry about that
Pamela: np Judy
West Mac Ron: I did note the other day that Susan has blue eyes. Had not noted that before, and so was given proper Hell
rich-c: oh, Judy, you remember I went over to Russo's while we were in GR?
West Mac Ron: so much to remember, so little brain
rich-c: got some beer and some wine
West Mac Ron: prost Rich
rich-c: was very pleased with the beer so went back and got more
Judy: yea, I remember
rich-c: have tried the wines the last couple of weekends - they keep a well chosen stock
West Mac Ron: In Heaven, there is no beer. And so, we drink it here.
rich-c: if there ain't no beer, I ain't goin'
Judy: glad to hear that you were pleased with your purchases
West Mac Ron: exactly Rich, although I understand that in the 'other place' it's served at room temperature
rich-c: if you have other visitors who ejoy such things, recommend them with confidence
rich-c: I'll just order stout, Ron
West Mac Ron: ah
rich-c: the first beer I got at Russo's was from the West Coast - a very fine Imperial Russian Stout
West Mac Ron: if it's from the West Coast, then it must be good
rich-c: I still have a couple of Michigan microbrewery products to try
rich-c: yes, it's from Portland and is called Old Rasputin
West Mac Ron: must confess, have never heard of it. Sounds intriguing
rich-c: well the microbrewery movement has really taken off in the US now - they have about 1400 and counting
West Mac Ron: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I had knowledge of such things
rich-c: not that all of them are to be recommended, of course...
BobS: was bigger a few years ago I think, a lot of the microbreweries went out of business the last couple years
West Mac Ron: used to have 'em here in BC. Not so many now
rich-c: well it's the nature of the beast to be somewhat ephmeral, Bob
Judy: ..
rich-c: they give it a try, find a market or no, continue or quit
rich-c: many of those that fade away are no great loss
West Mac Ron: Well, folks, as the sun slips quietly into the Pacific beyond the forest......
West Mac Ron: I shall away
Judy: that is probably true
West Mac Ron: wish y'all a good week
Judy: night Ron
West Mac Ron: be well everyone
Meeka: night ron
West Mac Ron: (ceases to exist)
rich-c: OK Ron, watch out for earthquakes - and football teams going down for the third time ; - )
West Mac Ron: tee hee........ I find it a source of mirth Rich. Think they need a new coach
BobS: nite Ron
West Mac Ron: nite all
West Mac Ron left chat session
rich-c: now what we need to do is find a way to get susan on the phone more often on Wednesday nights
BobS: maybe
rich-c: well, Ron always adds an extra dimension to our chats, I think
Judy: yes, he does
rich-c: the more voices we have, the more interesting things are, generally
Judy: chat needs everyone, we all are important
rich-c: oh btw I got my bill from the GR hospital this week
Judy: oh, was it bad?
BobS: thougth yo had insurance for that
rich-c: the total was for $971.00 and I don't think that covers the doctors
Judy: ..
rich-c: but yes, I will send it to my insurer who will split it so to speak with my government insurance
Pamela: sorry about that folks
Pamela: Dad, that call was to Graeme about the Meteor
BobS: well that's good
BobS: hate to pay full price........
rich-c: Ontario pays what they would pay an Ontario doctor and hospital and my insurance covers teh rest
Judy: that sounds good, Rich
rich-c: oh, anything of interest, Pam?
Pamela: yes, he's very interested. I suspect you'll hear from him about it in the next couple of days
rich-c: as you know, I'm willing to discuss it with him. We will see what eventuates
Pamela: and don't be surprised if you hear from him during the day because he's on midnight shift for the next three weeks.
rich-c: well, as long as he doesn't phone before noon, we're cool
Pamela: I'll send him a FB message to warn him : )
rich-c: yes, I usually sound more intelligent when I'm awake - most of the time
Pamela: LOL Dad - no comment
Pamela: I've been telling everyone about our amazing trip to the ER in Grand Rapids
rich-c: well I would have hoped you might have noticed!
Pamela: no believes me when I say the waiting room and half the examination rooms were completely empty
rich-c: I was just telling Bob and Judy about the bill
Dale: I'd better say goodbye for now.
Pamela: gnite Dale
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Dale: If I'm back home on time I'll see you all next Wednesday.
rich-c: OK Dale, have a good trip - drive carefully
Pamela: safe trip
Meeka: night dale
Dale: Thanks.
BobS: good trip Dale
Pamela: and who is our late arrival?
BobS: thought Daniel left??????
BobS: Paul !!!!!!
rich-c: I don't know, at this hour it is usually james
BobS: welcome mon
changed username to pseverini
Pamela: well hello
pseverini: hello everyone
rich-c: ah hi paul, you did get my email?
Dale: I'm out.
Dale: Poof.
BobS: got your latest message, can probably do all for you will check this weekedn
pseverini: i'm not sure if i did
Pamela: bye Dale
Dale left chat session
pseverini: acive is this chat room?
BobS: every week
rich-c: sent it yesterday as a belated reply tro yours - we're sort of reallocating computer use here and I missed your message originally
pseverini: So it looks like the ADAM community is still alive
Pamela: from 9:00 to 11:00 pm Eastern every Wednesday
rich-c: we're here and you can see how many are still present, which gives some evidence
pseverini: good to know
Judy: we don't feel dead
pseverini: just bought my ADAM a few weeks ago...had one when I was a teen
pseverini: looking to get back in
rich-c: Daniel has actually left, he is plotting the next Adaqmcon for nest June in Montreal
Pamela: oh hey Meeka, was looking at the convention pics the other night
Pamela: you got some good pictures
Meeka: ya..
Pamela: I was looking back at some of the older pics too - what a hoot
Meeka: thanks, but they all arnt mine, I did mix and match from everyone
pseverini: so...does anyone know where i can get a floppy drive these days?
Pamela: I still have the set you gave me on my thumb drive, separated out
rich-c: well of course the good shots are mine...
BobS: hey Pam, don't laugh at the old convention pics,,,,we were COOL
Pamela: oh Bob - its fun to look back at them
Pamela: a really young
Pamela: Doug
Pamela: and the two of you as well
Judy: I am going to call it a night so night all until next week
Meeka: lol, yup
Pamela: Judy with long hair
Meeka: night mom
rich-c: if we did, Paul, we'd buy it ourselves and resell it to you or others - they are rare
Pamela: gnite Judy
Pamela: you with your tractor caps, Bob
pseverini: thx...i'll keep searching
rich-c: you likely won't have any use for one soon anyway, especially if we get the IDE interface, or USB
Judy: long hair, me?
Pamela: yup, down past your shoulders and really curly
pseverini: i saw some stuff out there about soon do you think?
rich-c: nite, Judy, sleep tight
Judy: in my younger days
Guy B: Well folks. I'll see you all next week
Judy: well, night again
Pamela: night, Guy
Meeka: night guy
rich-c: night, Guy
Judy left chat session
pseverini: night, Guy
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
rich-c: well, Paul, at the moment that is a guessing game, but a number of people are working hard on it
pseverini: so what's going on in the community these days?
Pamela: it's amazing how peoples mannerisms come through even in the pictures
rich-c: if you look at the Adamcon 20 pictures you're see a number of conversions working already
Meeka: this year was 21 Rich
rich-c: Bob was showing Adams with Syquest drives and I think CF memory cards
pseverini: nice
rich-c: I know Ron Mitchell who just left has a working CF card from Adamcon 20
Meeka: doug runs his from a cf card all the time
pseverini: i know they have them out there for Apples
rich-c: and if you have a CF card and can access 64 meg on an Adam, you do not need a disc drive
pseverini: how come no one has done an ADTPro version for ADAM?
rich-c: maybe we never heard about it?
BobS: keep Paul informed Richard, I gotta go to bed, early am tomorrow
rich-c: we have an emulator and Virtual Adam in the works
pseverini: ADTPro allows serial transfer between PC and Apple serial card
BobS: Dr D's ADAMserve program
rich-c: OK Bob, take it easy and catch you next week
BobS left chat session
Meeka: night dad
Pamela: gnite Bob
Pamela: whoops
Pamela: not paying attention
pseverini: yes..just saw that tonight. not sure if it's working though, ADTPro is much simpler though
Pamela: guess it's time I went to bed too
Pamela: night Meeka
rich-c: probably, and likely fasater - Rich wrote the Adamserve program back in teh dark ages
Meeka: lol, guess it is that time huh
Pamela: yeah : (
rich-c: it was to let an Adam use the floppy drives on a PC as its own. but they were slow as a Commodore
pseverini: yes, i've seen quite a bit of material in his name
Meeka: night eveyone
Meeka left chat session
pseverini: good night
rich-c: night, daughter - talk to you this weekend?
Pamela: gnite Dad, I'll call you in the next couple of days
Pamela: goodnight Paul - nice to meet you
rich-c: OK, you and Russell sleep tight
pseverini: thx same
Pamela: will do Dad - you too. Say gnite to Mom for me
rich-c: btw where do you live, paul? don't recognize the 919 area code
Pamela: kerpoof
pseverini: Cary, NC
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: OK - that coastal plain or inland?
pseverini: great town in the south..originally from jersey though
pseverini: inland
rich-c: I was born in Jersey City
pseverini: exit 105
pseverini: that's my roots
rich-c: up on the Piedmont
pseverini: i landed in Cary 3 yrs ago
rich-c: it isn't a big place - what do you do there?
pseverini: software engineer
rich-c: oh heavens, another one - that's in the research triangle?
pseverini: RTP!
pseverini: i work for a great company called Inspire Pharmaceuticals
rich-c: OK, got a cursor crony down on the coast, but he runs a fabric mill, near Charlotte
pseverini: i worked for HP for several years before heading south
pseverini: that's 3 hours from me
rich-c: OK, I won't tell you about HP - I just finished installing an HP scanner
pseverini: understood
rich-c: I've had it for a few years but installing it caused - problems
pseverini: not the best software from them
pseverini: i agree
rich-c: now it's just gone and upset my Online Armour firewall
rich-c: but I have it on both laptops and the desktop
pseverini: that works
pseverini: so where are you from Rich?
rich-c: I've lived in Toronto since we moved here in 1938
pseverini: do you dabble in anything else besides the ADAM?
rich-c: oddly, my wife was born in Brooklyn, came to Toronto in 1932 - babe in arms
pseverini: good deal
pseverini: are you retired now?
rich-c: no, I'm all over the maps - current kick is a bulletin board called where occasionally we even talk about cars
pseverini: what type of cars? MOPAR?
rich-c: yes, I retired in 1990, just in time to run Adamcon 02
pseverini: I'm a Ford Mustang nut, had a few of them
rich-c: anything, though most of the guys like sporty stuff - the Mini is popular right now
pseverini: i'm a family man now..the sporty stuff doesn't fly with the wife anymore
rich-c: I'm a utility car owner - did you come on when Pam was talking about her cousin Graeme?
pseverini: mised that
rich-c: oh, anyway, he covets my 1973 Mercury Meteor Rideau 500 Trailer Special
pseverini: nice ride
rich-c: I have had to retire it since I can no longer cope with a trailer since my back broke
pseverini: not good
rich-c: anyway, I'd already stuffed a short block 350 in my Safari to let it do haulage duties
pseverini: what kind of horse did that get ya?
rich-c: but we are working on selling teh trailer now and will be doing so too with the car
pseverini: i'm going to cut out..wife is calling, it was great talking to you. i'll pop on next week.
rich-c: haven't any idea - whatever a stock 350 Chev v-8 packs in 1995 configuration
pseverini: need to catch up on all the good stuff in the community
rich-c: remember it is set up for a truck, not a car
pseverini: right
pseverini: have a good night...i'll check in next week
rich-c: see you next week - and look for my email re the CP/M
rich-c: nite for now
pseverini: i would love to get kick started on the CPM. appreciate your help
pseverini: use
rich-c: it will be done - c u
pseverini: night
pseverini left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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