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rich-c: hi paul, nothing like being early
pseverini: hi rich, that's right
pseverini: did you think I would make it?
rich-c: you will find the others fashionably later - three minutes to over an hour
pseverini: got it
rich-c: well, it isn't a big challenge to find, that's for sure
pseverini: how many we have these days in the forum?
rich-c: on the other hand, finding the time is a whole other issue
pseverini: i know about that, i have two little ones, 6 and 9.
pseverini: got some good news...i managed to find a floppy drive from Bob S
pseverini: i may not get it for another week or so
rich-c: the Clees, the Wicks, the Slopsemas, Guy B., Daniel B., james in japan, Ron, GuyF, various others
pseverini: just starting to pull all the names together, was really confusing last week for me
rich-c: just pray it works and stays working - all Bob can guarantee is that he sent it working
pseverini: i touched on quite a few sites before i hit your forum last week, all the names rang a bell
rich-c: what happens in the tender hands of the P.O. or UPS is another matter
pseverini: right
pseverini: who runs ecolceo?
rich-c: yes, it will be nice if Dr. D. manages to show up tonight for a change - he is overdue
pseverini: i purchased a few tape drives from Coleco
rich-c: at the moment I don't know, it's a maverick that has no connection with the Adam community
pseverini: is that right?
rich-c: not a case of being rejected, he just never chose to take part - likely Terry Fowler if it's still in Texas
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pseverini: he mentioned that something was going to happen on their end very shortly...not sure what he meant
changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi, all
pseverini: hi
pseverini: hi, I'm Paul.
rich-c: hi Judy - paul was with us last weekm, just biought a drive from Bob
Judy: that is good, glad to have him and also glad that another thing is out of the basement
pseverini: thanks
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rich-c: you sound just like Frances ; - )
changed username to Go Cubs
pseverini: how about those Yanks?
rich-c: hello Guy, Chicago not out of the pennant race yet?
Judy: Bob is working on a letter for work
Go Cubs: No, but were 3 games back. Still in second place
Judy: it is a woman thing
Judy: hi, Guy
Go Cubs: HI Judy
rich-c: that's an intriguing turn of phrase, judy
Go Cubs: Annie got into a little altercation with another dog, but she's Ok
Judy: what a woman thing?
rich-c: yes
rich-c: glad to hear that, Guy
Judy: to clean out others things is usually a good thing, right?
Go Cubs: Brb
rich-c: usually, up to a point
Judy: how is the other dog?
Judy: so, how is things in Canada?
rich-c: Guy sems to have buzzed off, judy
Judy: that is what he said
rich-c: hey, we actually had a day warm enough to justify turning on the air conditioner
Judy: we got to turn ours off was a really nice day
Judy: had it on over the week-end
rich-c: actually it was more the humidity than the heat
Judy: we had the humidity and the heat
rich-c: yes, ours is off now, has been for some time
rich-c: I doubt we've used it 48 hours total all year
Judy: is very pleasant right now will be a good sleeping night
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich, judy, guy a
Judy: hi, Daniel
rich-c: still a bit warm and humid here, but we have the exhaust fan in the kitchen window and teh breeze is nice
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hehee... I wanted to type guy and pseverini... but I don't know that name
rich-c: paul was with us last week, Daniel
pseverini: hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Paul
pseverini: i should use Paul going forward
rich-c: so how has the programming progressed, Daniel?
Judy: and Guy is off doing something right now
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fixing a bug... be right back
rich-c: Daniel is one of our resident Colecovision game creators, Paul
pseverini: good deal
pseverini: i need to catch up with him
Judy: he should be back soon
pseverini: i'm interested in getting into the same once i get up and running
rich-c: yes, if it's your interest, he even has original cartridges for sale
pseverini: great! has anyone tried that multi-cart USB device yet?
rich-c: then you had betteer plan to join us in Montreal late next June
pseverini: next June may be okay
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Daniel Bienvenu: if you are talking about atarimax coleco usb carts, yes I did try it.
rich-c: with sufficient notice it is usually arrangeable
pseverini: how well did it work for you?
rich-c: Daniel will be teh organizer, helped by Guy Foster and Dale Wick, and a couple of others
changed username to Bozo
Daniel Bienvenu: unfortunately for me, vista blocks the installation of the drivers for this usb cart.
pseverini: Daniel, can you develop your own roms and transfer over?
Daniel Bienvenu: I do this all the time
pseverini: do you have one?
rich-c: who just slipped in all unnoticed?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have one Coleco USB cartridge by Atarimax that I can use to test my creations on the real game system... and I can put my games into cartridges for sale.
pseverini: I'm looking for some ideas on how to do the development, i'll have to do some chat with you offline
Daniel Bienvenu: Actually, I'm still working on a game project I've titled Ghostblaster.
Bozo: gostbnaster?
Daniel Bienvenu: I did find a bug I should fix before making the cartridges
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, the idea is to shoot ghosts and make them explode.
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rich-c: that sounds like we have a certain Montraler in our midst
left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I was supposed to start making the cartridges monday. But I did find bugs and essentially it's because I want to add things to make it better.
pseverini: would love to check it out
Daniel Bienvenu: I've started a Youtube channel under the username newcoleco
rich-c: yes, if you're putting them int the retail market they need to be as perfect as you can make them
Daniel Bienvenu: You can find many videos of my coleco stuff
pseverini: i'll take a look
pseverini: need a beta tester?
pseverini: or you can release with bugs like Microsoft
Daniel Bienvenu: For the project I'm fixing the bugs, no... but maybe later when I will start a new project.
rich-c: now, Paul, no dirty words in our chat! ; - )
pseverini: did you hear about that I4I lawsuit today? i believe the company is in Toronto
Daniel Bienvenu: I did find bugs in some of my games after putting them into cartridges... I try to avoid that.
rich-c: a 141 lawsuit? what was that about?
pseverini: Microsoft lost a legal battle against apatent dispute...really big deal
pseverini: something like 240 million
pseverini: they can't continue selling Microsoft Word according to the judgement against them
rich-c: right, I think I saw something in the business pages, not sure I fully comprehended it
Judy: brb have to work on Bob's lunch for tomorrow
pseverini: we actually work with the company from Toronto
Bozo left chat session
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rich-c: is that the one that is/was Open Text?
pseverini: i believe so...they have some type of patent on how XML is read and stored
changed username to BobS
rich-c: right - for a long while they were negotiating with RIM about a takeover IIRC
rich-c: hello Roberto - your customer beat you on
BobS: yes Richard......was busy
Go Cubs: Saw the e-mail from Gregg Lebel. I gave him a couple of suggestions to try
pseverini: Bob? Check is in the mail.
rich-c: it's OK Bob, judy covered for you
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rich-c: question for you, Bob, about trailers
changed username to glebel
rich-c: hello gregg!
Judy: I am back
Judy: I think my computer is stuck
rich-c: when we chacked out trailer, the winds had lifted teh edge of the stone guardd, ripped out the plastic, and blown it away
rich-c: no, you're still with us, Judy, we're just quiet
rich-c: any source you can think of that might carry a replacement, these days?
glebel: Hi rich! Hello Bob!
rich-c: or even any suggestions on where to start looking?
Judy: so I am going to wack this and start over
glebel: I finally made it on
Judy: maybe not
rich-c: good on you, gregg - you had us worried for a bit ; - )
Judy: Bob came on and I got stuck
rich-c: is there a problem with your intranet, judy?
Judy: no, I think that it is with routor
rich-c: you using a router or internet hub?
Judy: because things were working good until Bob came on and now that he is busy with his letter again it is working again
Judy: router
rich-c: ok
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changed username to meeka
meeka: hello
Judy: hi again, Meeka
meeka: got the first coat on the door tonight :-)
rich-c: hi meeka - I suspect your ma-in-law needs your hubby's advice
meeka: okk......
Judy: good for you, Meeka, you really want that up, do you?
BobS: just WHAT happened to the trailer ????????
rich-c: seems in the shared router, when Bob comes on, Judy's 'puter gives her troubles
meeka: lol, naw, i bought it so it could sit in the garage
rich-c: remember that we haven't seen it since my back broke, Bob
rich-c: we went up to prepare it for sale
rich-c: the wind had used up the stone guard, plastic gone, frame broken
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changed username to Pamela
Go Cubs: HI Pam
meeka: hi
Pamela: hi everyone
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: I'm late again
rich-c: yes, you'll just have to get gregg and paul to forgive you
Pamela: sorry guys : )
rich-c: they aren't used to your strange habits ;-)
BobS: ah, the plastic type awning thingy that goes over the front window !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
glebel: heh
rich-c: right, Bob
BobS: take it off and forget it, leave that for the new owner
rich-c: it's a strategy I am considering
Judy: hi, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back
rich-c: but I'd like to be able to tell teh buyer where to start looking
Daniel Bienvenu: I did fix my bug. yeah!
rich-c: hey, good for you, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Meeka
Pamela: buyer, Dad?
Daniel Bienvenu: ho... hello Gregg
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam
BobS: at the local trailer shop
glebel: Bob, I managed to get my hands on 2 ADAM floppy drives off craigslist. Thank you again for the cd. Now I finally have my full ADAM setup :)
glebel: Hi Daniel
rich-c: if and when we find one, Pam - activity continues, mostly frivolous
Pamela: okay, just wondered
BobS: yes Gregg, but do they work????????
BobS: your email didn't seem to be too sure that theya re entirely operational
rich-c: gregg, don't expect them to work - working ones rarely end up there
meeka: we ha ve gotten lots of working stuff off of craigslist Rich
glebel: Only problem is, It did not include the disk manager software however. yes, they do work, they are in very good shape actually. The one I mentioned to you before was ebay. It's working condition was unknown.
rich-c: disc manager is easy to come by, we all have it, but File Manager is much better
glebel: I think I am in a bit of a bind now with them though, as I cannot format any disks. Would this be a correct statement?
glebel: What is the difference between the 2 rich?
rich-c: well, without the software, you can't format any disc
rich-c: remember even in DOS you need it, it's just built into the OS
rich-c: Disc Manager is the program Coleco supplied with the disc drives.
glebel: That's what I was afraid of. Right. and since the floppy drives came out after the adam, they probably didnt think to build that functionality in.
rich-c: File Manager is Tony"morehen (and Guy Cousineau's) much more advanced and capabl;e program
glebel: Looks like File Manager will need to be my next acquisition then. Just when I thought I was all set :)
rich-c: far as I know, Gregg, it was that way with all the original 8-bit machines, but I could be wrong
Judy: Doug just figured out what is wrong with my computer
Pamela: oh?
glebel: I guess your right, You had to at least have smartbasic, if not cpm to format a data pack, correct?
rich-c: that didn't take long, Judy
Judy: we have been working on this for a while
rich-c: yes, either/or, but the raw data pack still must have the bare format on it
rich-c: the bare datapack already has the blocks on it and provision for the boot and directory
glebel: I have more blank data packs then I will ever know what to do with. I will be much happier to get over to the floppy discs. At least I will have some ability for backup using the pc
rich-c: in short, you can't take an audio tape, put it in the Adam, and tell CP/M to format it
Daniel Bienvenu: we lost paul
Judy: ..
rich-c: so we did - I didn't notice
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changed username to DougS
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Doug
meeka: hi dear
Pamela: hi doug
DougS: hello all
rich-c: hello Doug, welcome aboard
glebel: the datapacks were pre-formatted. Exactly
rich-c: haven't seen you for a while
DougS: Gregg, what have you tried in relation to creating disks using em-160k?
rich-c: Doug, isn't File Manager in the Emulator pack anyway?
Go Cubs: Ok folks. I've found a free webhosting site and I've activated the account. I'll let everyone know the new website address as soon as I move the pages over
meeka: cool guy
rich-c: very good, Guy - you going to mail it around the list?
Go Cubs: Yes, I will
Daniel Bienvenu: That's right Geocities will be down... eventually soon
Go Cubs: Well, Geocities is closing October 26th and that's going to creep up before you know it.
rich-c: yes, better avoid the rush and competition for new sites, anyway
glebel: Hi Doug, you must have seen my email.
rich-c: anyway, time for my beer
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to test my game on a real colecovision now just to be sure I've not created more bugs.
glebel: Yes, i tried using that batch file, but it did not work, Guy Bona brought to my attention that I need to format the disk in file manager or disk manager first on the adam. I dont have file manager or disk manager. So I think I am stuck till I get a copy.
DougS: Gregg, You should copy the entire contents of the "ADAMem Batch Files" folder onto your hard drive. From that folder, make sure to edit the batch files so they reference the correct DOS drive letters for drive type (e.g. A: for 5 1/4" if that is right).
DougS: You do not need to format the disk on the Adam.
Go Cubs: Oh that's right. It can be done on the PC
glebel: I also tried it manually, my 525 drive is drive B I have a 3.5 as drive a. I used the correct switches and it wrote to disk, but the adam just spins the disk with a lovely light blue screen
Go Cubs: Just have to use different parameters on it
rich-c: yes, but you have to modify the parameters on the Format program from the default
glebel: are you reffering to the formadam exe?
glebel: I may have spelled that wrong
DougS: forget the formatting.
DougS: if the disk is an IBM 360k disk, it is already formatted.
Go Cubs: I believe that's the one from Chris Braymen?
DougS: place all the files from the folder i referenced from the cd to a folder on your ibm.
DougS: verify the drive letters match the correct drive sizes.
DougS: copy an adamem disk image into the same folder you placed the batch files
Go Cubs changed username to Guy B
DougS: if the adamem disk image is blank.dsk, type the following:
DougS: em-160.bat blank
DougS: this should copy the contents of the adamem disk image onto the disk drive you have in em-160k.bat
Daniel Bienvenu: You know what? you should make a video tutorial about it, Doug. It may helps some people who never tried that yet.
glebel: I will try now, I will be right back
Guy B: Let us know if it works Gregg
rich-c: right, it's basically a workaround that could prove very useful
DougS: remember that the files in the "ADAMEM Disk Images" folder are .zip files containing multiple adamem disk images.
rich-c: yes, but can you write them to quad density discs? 320K is just two-sided, of course, but there's an issue there too
DougS: i would guess that the drives that Gregg got his hands on are more than likely 160k.
rich-c: weren't you telling us at Adamcon how teh IBwrites to alternate sides of the disc?
Guy B: Maybe 1.2mb?
DougS: 320k disks are a bit strange. That was why i modified the convdisk.exe program that Marcel released and included the updated version on the CD.
glebel: Ok, still the same problem. I do get an "WARNING" Such disk type probably not supported by bios message. But it then writes to disk.
rich-c: I'd expect that the 1.2 MB quad density would be an even worse3 case
glebel: My drives are Coleco brand ADAM drives if that helps
glebel: I am not sure to be totally honest, but I don't know exactly what these floppy discs are size wise. I had 3 left over from work. No labels. They format fine in the pc, and I can read/write to them. That's all I know.
DougS: You do have the Adam drives hooked up correctly right?
rich-c: yes, don't leave them on too long, gregg, they can burn themselves out
BobS: yup original 160k drives IF they have the dreaded pull down door latch
BobS: the upgraded 320 drives had a turn handle door latch
BobS: how's it go...........input on drive to plug in on ADAM???????
glebel: Far as I know I do. I have 2 drives. I only hooked up one to make troubleshooting easier. It is connected in the back to the input, then from there to the adamnet port on the left of memory console.
BobS: and good Gregg
DougS: when it wrote to the disk, you saw it count up to 320 and it wrote the your 5 1/4 drive in your IBM right?
glebel: it is switched in the back to drive 1
BobS: AND is the drive clicked over to the DRICVE ! position????
glebel: yes, it counted to 320
BobS: it is on the back of the drive opposite the plug in wire, and next to the power wire
DougS: 5 1/4" disk identification:
DougS: look at the center hole of the disk. if there is a 1/8" dark ring in the middle, it is most likely a 1.2mb disk.
Daniel Bienvenu: I will leave for tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week.
glebel: yes. I have the 1/8 ring. Looks like a 1.2mb disk. Is that my problem?
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
BobS: nite Daniel
Guy B: Yep, it worked
rich-c: OK Daniel, it's been a good night so you take care - a la prochaine
BobS: whoops gone
Guy B: Bye Daniel
glebel: Hi Guy
Guy B: Did you try out the disk to see if it booted in your Adam?
DougS: sorry, got that backwards. if there is an 1/8" ring in the center, it is a 360k. I have disks here, some with white rings some with black rings.
DougS: if there is not a different color ring in the center, it is most likely a 1.2mb.
glebel: no dice Guy. I tried a few times. No luck yet.
Guy B: Usually 1.2mb disks don't have a ring in the hole
glebel: Doug, It looks like if that's the case these are 360k disks
glebel: I have the ring on all 3 that I have
DougS: that's good. that adam does not like 1.2mb disks.
DougS: when a 1.2mb disk is reformatted as a 360k they get really flaky.
rich-c: can't you put them in the DOS drive and right-click for the properties?
glebel: was that Warning I got normal? About the bios support?
DougS: which disk image did you try to go from emulator to adam?
Guy B: Ok, Doug will help you out here. You have the right disk. Maybe it's not formatting right
glebel: should I reformat it in IBM DOS?
DougS: you can if you like.
DougS: use the following command at the dos prompt
DougS: format a: /f:160 /u
DougS: if your 5 1/4 is drive a:
DougS: that will format it as a 160k disk in the IBM world.
rich-c: yes, but for Adam don't you have to modify the tracks and sectors too?
DougS: no rich. all you need to do is initialize the directory on the adam side.
rich-c: right - and you can also do teh flip side as a second 160K disc if you punch a new index hole?
DougS: you can, but let's not confuse Gregg more than we need to.
rich-c: being a cheapskate, anything that gives me two discs for teh price of one is worth knowing ; - )
Judy: ..
glebel: Doug, I formatted as you specified, that worked, then tried the em-160.bat again, it wrote the disk, put it in the adam drive, and it spun for maybe 5 seconds, then nothing, I tried a few .dsk images. zaxxon being one of them. I know they are ok, as I have loaded them in the emulator.
glebel: I know about the hole punch trick, I used to do that back in the day with my Franklin ACE 500 Apple compatible :)
rich-c: didn't realize your eight-bit roots wer quite so deep, gregg
glebel: Funny though, I kept the ADAM all these years, but not the Franklin :)
rich-c: we'll just say you instinctively went for quality, gregg
glebel: Oh, and I think Bob asked this, my ADAM drives are the "dreaded" pull down latch :)
glebel: thanks Rich.
rich-c: know any one needs a TI99-4A? I may have a spare...
BobS: that means they are the original ADAM 160 drives Gregg
BobS: I never found the latches a problem but some have had fits over pulling them down'
glebel: 85 dollars for 2 drives off Craigslist, I can't complain.
glebel: as long as they work right
rich-c: I had no problem at all, just invented three entirely new swear words...
glebel: it does tend to want to press the disc down I notice
glebel: really have to make sure it is all the way
glebel: in heh
Pamela: so that's where they came from . . . : )
glebel: So Doug have I stumped you yet? :)
rich-c: yep - thought you know
DougS: No, just trying to figure out how to get a simple test disk created. your drives on the IBM are backwards to use Adam2Dos.
rich-c: Stump? Doug? surely you jest???
glebel: yeah, I know, If i have to I will switch the floppy cable around, to change the drive letters. But i dont like to make it easy :)
Judy: if so only for a minute
meeka: he trying to do most of this from memory
meeka: he hasnt hooked up the adam since we brought it home from convention
rich-c: hell, meeka, that was only what, six weeks ago?
meeka: something like that
rich-c: even males don't forget good stuff that fast
Judy: good one Rich
DougS: Gregg, do you have a smartbasic tape?
rich-c: gotta keep the side up, you know, judy
glebel: I do
glebel: I have 3 actually :)
DougS: format the disk in the IBM as a 160k using the format command i referenced earlier
DougS: boot smartbasic on your adam from the tape with 1 disk drive attached, but no disk in the drive
DougS: once smartbasic is booted, type the following
Judy: ..
Judy: gotta use it or loose it
DougS: The INIT should take the 160k IBM formatted disk and write the 1k Adam directory block to it
rich-c: thought you said Doug had it fixed, judy?
meeka: no, we figure out what it prob is
Judy: not yet, but he now knows what has to be changed
meeka: need to disassemble laptop to fix
glebel: I have 2 datapack drives if that matters.
Judy: so soon you may not see anymore of my ..
glebel: I am just finished formatting disc, about to pop into adam, smartbasic has loaded.....
DougS: ok. slight glitch. if you disk drive 1 is d5, disk drive 2 is d6.
DougS: so change the D6 to D5 if you only have one disk drive hooked up.
glebel: thought so, I know disk drive1 showed up as IV in smartwriter, in STORE/GET
BobS: V
rich-c: yes, there is that pair of phantom drives that were never made
DougS: in smartbasic, d1 = tape 1, d2 = tape 2, d5 = disk 1, d6 = disk 2
glebel: got volume firstdir, 253 blocks free
rich-c: that's what it's supposed to say
DougS: did you just init your smartbasic tape?
glebel: this is good then
DougS: a 160k disk is supposed to say 157 blocks free
Judy: guess I need to sign off and go to bed, have Josh and Michael in the morning and all three in the afternoon and Ryan thru the week-end, will be a tiring time for me
Guy B: Bye Judy
glebel: no, i saw it write to the floppy.
meeka: ok mom
rich-c: wait a minute - a disc should be 157 blocks free
meeka: talk to you later
Pamela: wow, grandchild central
Judy: ya, go figure
DougS: did you remember the D5 on the catalog?
Pamela: goodluck!
Judy left chat session
rich-c: night judy, good luck with the kids
BobS: yup, I gotta go take a shower AND then go to bed
Pamela: night Bob
Pamela: night Judy
BobS: and then do the 4 letter word thing tomorrow
glebel: yes i did d5
BobS: stick with it Gregg and Doug
BobS: got to get that sucker working
rich-c: right Bob, take care and pace yourself - that sun will be hot
BobS: ya mon
glebel: reset the adam, smartbasic still loads
BobS: next wekk all
BobS left chat session
rich-c: c u Bob
Guy B: Bye Bob
rich-c: shouldn't, teh disc should have loading priority - or wait, it's blank, right?
DougS: was the disk still in the drive when you reset the adam?
Guy B: Well, guess that goes for me too as I have a dog that will need to go for a short walk. I'll see you all next week
rich-c: the rd light on teh disc does flash when you pull reset, doesn't it?
DougS: later Guy
Pamela: night Guy
glebel: i took the disc out to reboot, otherwise, yes it would boot off disc first.
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
rich-c: OK Guy, give Annie a pat for us and tell her not to pick any more fights
DougS: ok, so if the init worked it should be a blank disk.
DougS: boot smartwriter and see if you can access the disk.
glebel: one moment whil I try
meeka: i think I am gonna bow out also and leave you to the tech talk
rich-c: OK Meeka, see you next week
Pamela: night Meeka
Pamela: I'll be following you out I think
meeka left chat session
glebel: Yes! That worked, I can access the disc in smartwriter. Is this a step in the right direction? :)
rich-c: right - Pam - got an email from Graham, sent him a noncommital but encouraging answer
DougS: that means the drive appears to be working.
Pamela: go ahead and commit Dad, you won't be sorry
Pamela: I'll call to discuss
DougS: go ahead and create a small document and save it to the disk. remove the disk, reset the adam, and try to load it back into smartwriter.
rich-c: did you access it in SmartBAAS or SmartWriter?
Pamela: and I'm outta here
glebel: smartwriter rich. Ok Doug, trying now
DougS: later Pam
Pamela: g'nite Gregg and Doug
Pamela: g'nite Daddy
glebel: gnite pamela
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: this spectator sport is fun, but I think I'll call it a night
rich-c: it's been a fun time, gentlemen - do come back soon
DougS: later rich.
rich-c: meanwhile, goodnight both
glebel: worked Doug. I saved a file, and loaded it in smartwriter.
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
glebel: bye rich thanks
DougS: that means the drive should be good.
glebel: That's good. Not sure what I could be doing wrong. I have followed everthing to the T
DougS: the images you tried to do with em-160k.bat were .dsk images not .rom files right?
glebel: right. they are .dsk images. I have loaded them in adamem, so I know they work. They were all off the A.N.N cd from adamcon, Bob got me a copy
DougS: where on the disk was the zaxxon image you tried?
glebel: hold on let me check. I also tried Super donkey kong, and dragon's lair
glebel: \Maine ADAM Lib cd\Coleco\Suprgame\Sgamedsk
glebel: using the .dsk file not the .cas versions, since those would be datapack images
DougS: that disk image appears to work under virtual adam, so it should work.
glebel: So does it look like i need the disk manager disk for the adam and would need to format the disc first on the adam? I dont know what else to try
DougS: i will try to get part of my setup back together tomorrow night and try that image here, but it should work.
DougS: no you don't need a disk manager disk.
glebel: thanks for all your help with this. I really appreciate it.
DougS: I will email you tomorrow with a few more suggestions after i try it out.
glebel: Thanks, I will let you get going I need to get some shut eye.
glebel: Talk to you tommorow then. Thanks
DougS: Have a good night.
glebel: You to
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