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rich-c: test
rich-c: confirm
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changed username to Paul S
Paul S: Hi Rich
rich-c: hey, Paul - good to see you
Paul S: same
Paul S: what's new?
rich-c: almost needeed you real badly yesterday
Paul S: is that right?
rich-c: new was an update of Firefox on Frances comput4er to 3.5.2
Paul S: what's up?
Paul S: oh, did it cause some problems?
rich-c: only problem was, it not only killed itself, it took Thunderbired with it
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Paul S: that's not good
rich-c: with all our mail gone, we were seriously unhappy campers
changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Bob
BobS: why is your jmail gone??????
Paul S: Hi Bob
rich-c: had a crash installing a new Firefox
rich-c: anyway, got onto the Mozilla website
rich-c: found they had an online chat just coming up
BobS: hi pAUL
BobS: darn keys
Paul S: what version does he have?
rich-c: got a real nice guy who walked me through restoring everything
BobS: cool
Paul S: great!
BobS: you got to quit playing with those unknowns Richard
rich-c: so now I have the lastest Firefo x (3.5.2) and T'bird - -20 is the latest
Paul S: good deal
rich-c: yes, and I expect Thunderbird will ask in due course for any updates needed, too
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: ah, Daniel - comment ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: ca va! merci!
Daniel Bienvenu: and how are you?
BobS: hi Daniel !!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening Bob, and Paul.
Paul S: hey Daniel
rich-c: c'est bon; nous avons une difficulte
Daniel Bienvenu: difficulty&
Daniel Bienvenu: what kind?
rich-c: il y aura le Grand Prix de Canada a Montrea;, en Juin 2010
Daniel Bienvenu: He changed his mind about Montreal or what?
rich-c: that is going to mess up the hotel scene, for sure
rich-c: you mean Ecclestone? apparently, yes
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I don't think it will mess up every days in 2010
rich-c: seems he has agreed to take a great deal less money for his fee
Daniel Bienvenu: is it the only difficulty?
rich-c: oh no, just one weekend in June
rich-c: well, it cuts your options, isn't that bad enough?
Daniel Bienvenu: because one weekend in june is not bad
rich-c: it's bad if it's the one you need for the group
rich-c: Bob, any idea how much flexibility our folks will likely have next year?
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't get all your possibilties and the choosen weekend will be based on that mostly
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changed username to Guy B
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Guy B
rich-c: well, you know Frances and I are wide open, and Pamela too if she knows long enough in advance
rich-c: hello Guy
BobS: no
Guy B: Greetings!! We had some very bad weather come through this afternoon
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changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy
Judy: Hi, everyone
BobS: Paul tracking # is 0308 0730 0000 4338 6140
rich-c: really? what sort, cold front with thunderstorms? and tornados?
BobS: we are pretty wide open on dates also as long as we know well in advacne
rich-c: evening, Judy
Guy B: Severe weather
Judy: we will see how my computer does tonight, Doug fixed it the other day
rich-c: I'll bet he has it right, now
Judy: I sure hope so
Judy: so far so good
Guy B: Brb
rich-c: I was telling Paul earlier how I killed my browser and mail yesterday
Judy: why did you do that?
rich-c: it is so useful to have theree computers around when you need to scream for help
rich-c: ttrust me, Judy, it was not planned or intended
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changed username to Paul S
Judy: that is usually the way it happens
Daniel Bienvenu: twins?
Paul S: just got dropped
rich-c: OK, under edit chang3e your user name to Paul I
rich-c: then we can delete the old one
rich-c: to change, just highlight it in the side panel
Judy: brb have to make Bob a lunch for tomorrow
BobS requested to ban Paul S
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B confirmed ban
rich-c: scrub that; it should come upon its own
BobS: hope we satill have paul
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changed username to Paul I
rich-c: OK, he's back now - so we can delete the old one
BobS: Paul, you there??????
Paul I: i'm back
BobS requested to ban Paul S
Guy B confirmed ban
Paul I confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Paul I: still here
BobS: NOW, do we have Paul??????
BobS: cool
rich-c: and the doppelganger is gone
BobS: who what??????
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm trying to convince Dale to join us
rich-c: oh, does he have his hands full with Jeffy still?
rich-c: Paul, despite all the kerfuffle yesterday, I did get a price on postage - it's 16.40
rich-c: so I'll be sending you the full breakout I hope tomorrow
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah. Dale is here
Dale: Welcome Paul.
rich-c: hi Dale, welcome aboard
BobS: hi Dale
Judy: I am back
rich-c: with a nice, delicious lunch all made?
Judy: Hi, Dale
Judy: hope so
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changed username to Paul I
rich-c: heavens Paul, did you get dropped again?
Paul I: yep, are we too full?
Judy: it is really blowing outside right now
rich-c: there is one of the keys on your keyboard which if brushed will dum you
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I will ask my question... maybe someone may help me. I was thinking of doing a video about an unreleased game for the colecovision but I need a little bit more of information. Because I don't think there is any software or even a mockup except the pictures and details from the silver catalogs that came with the system, what I'm about to ask you is the product line which the game is based on.
Dale: I have a friend in Puerto Rico who is trying to avoid that Hurricane Bill. So far so good.
rich-c: go for it Daniel, if we don't know we know who does
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm collecting information about Coleco Mr.Turtle. I know there is a pool and a sand box in a green turtle shape by Coleco... I just don't have good pictures of them, but I've manage to find two commercials in Youtube about them and save a drawing scan from the ebay auction.
rich-c: I though Bill had decided to take a swipe at Bermuda instead
BobS: Telly Turtle ????????????????????????????
BobS: I think
Daniel Bienvenu: no
rich-c: last projected track we saw it was Nova Scotia had to worry
Dale: Coleco's first toy was those plastic pools I think.
Daniel Bienvenu: Mister Turtle... commonly typed Mr.Turtle.
Dale: They were very popular at the time.
Dale: Neil has some good historical information on the history of those Mr. Turtle pools.
Daniel Bienvenu: There was a pool, a reel child size pool, and a sand box... which is essentially the same size but with a slightly different shape (no slide)
rich-c: seems Bill has grown to be truly enormous
Dale: They were in the Toys R Us and Canadian Tire catalogs at the time.
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changed username to JudyS
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah, they was in catalogs, but I don't find any good pictures
Dale: I don't have any better ideas than the catalog pictures.
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rich-c: not again,Paul!
changed username to Pamela
JudyS: Hi, Pam
rich-c: Dale, what has your server got against Paul,,anyway?
Pamela: oops, did I knock someone off?
Paul I: i would like to know
BobS requested to ban Judy
Pamela: greetings, all
rich-c confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B confirmed ban
JudyS confirmed ban
rich-c: hello daughter, you were Paul reappearing
BobS: OUCH pam hit me !
Daniel Bienvenu: The only pictures and informations I've got is about the video game which is an educational game... but more arcade oriented because of ennemies and a limit of AIR to stay under water to reach letters.
rich-c: you probably deserved it, Bob
Pamela: funny, Bob
JudyS: no, he has been good
Pamela: my apologies if I bumped you, Paul
rich-c: that's a change, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Pam, I've used your name for a character in Dale and Jeffrey comic novel (or whatever it is).
Pamela: cool!
rich-c: Pam, have you figured out which is the "daddy key" yet"
Pamela: nope
Pamela: and hope I never do : ) (with all due respect to my Daddy)
rich-c: I suspect either Windows or Alt but am shy about experimenting
Pamela: gee, wonder why?
Pamela: so what kind of character, Daniel?
Pamela: could be the function key too Dad
rich-c: no, this keyboard doesn't have one - I'm on the desktop machine
Daniel Bienvenu: A science teacher... who had a serious relationship with the previous director at the university where the principal character Bill did study when he was a student. Accidentaly, I've put the new character in a situation of... well... she's at the hospital after being inconscious, knocked down by a poison reaction... but nothing dangerous because Pamela in the story is fine, but woke up at the hospital without knowing how and why she's there.
JudyS: sounds like an interesting story line
Pamela: is the previous relationship significant?
rich-c: yes, although waking up in hospital banged up with amnesia doesn't fit my description of fine!
Daniel Bienvenu: well, Bill's first girlfriend was a student too at the same university
rich-c: aha! the green-eyed monster stalks the plot
Pamela: well, now I want to know where we go from here!
Daniel Bienvenu: and she used the friendship she had with Pamela to be on a trip with Bill for an important mission
Pamela: Dale, this project of yours may have taken on a life of its own!
JudyS: sounds like something for the next Adamcon
rich-c: yeah, bettger keep an eye on it, this could get out of hand
Daniel Bienvenu: I did kinda take the control of the story without really asking him. I first wanted to add a background story to Bill, and finally I did write about 6 pages of text.
Pamela: six pages! Good heavens
rich-c: is this some sort of CP/M story you're doing?
rich-c: lots of options, different tracks?
Pamela: well I'm flattered, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Bill was the best student and it was recommanded to send him to a place in the jungle where a mysterious desease appears to find a cure.
Daniel Bienvenu: So Pamela convince the director to allow Bill's girlfriend to be part of the trip
Pamela: and when the three of you publish, I hope you'll autograph my copy for me : )
Dale: Daniel is posessed I think.
Pamela: ROTFL
BobS: and pam is Bill's girlfriend
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changed username to Paul 2
Daniel Bienvenu: Unfortunately, we lost Bill's girlfriend in the jungle... That was a shock and Pamela kinda feel guilty.
Pamela: lost as in misplaced??
rich-c: just so they don 't find a fat, sleepy anaconda...
Daniel Bienvenu: And I did bring Bill's girlfriend years later, in the present time.
rich-c requested to ban Paul I
Pamela confirmed ban
Paul 2 confirmed ban
Guy B confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I did more than that... but it's a good resume. ho and Bill and his girlfriend was fiancee, and promise to be happy forever during the trip to the jungle.
BobS confirmed ban
JudyS confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: So, I've added a tragedy in Bill's past
Pamela: If I remember what Dale said correctly, there are a lot of tragedies in Bill's past
Pamela: gonna step away for a moment, get some food and my cold drink
Daniel Bienvenu: Based on what Dale did say to me briefly about this comic, every new chapter seems to start the same and the action is commonly comic book action with some clues with Bill's abilities with his great science knowledge
rich-c: OK, this is a graphic novel, is it?
Dale confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not sure the novel will survive the time since 'm pretty sure there is no electronic or paper copy of it.
Dale: Well, it is an orally described graphic novel.
Dale: So I suppose we should write it down, then illustrate it.
rich-c: yes, it's something for which a backup is prudent
Guy B: Back
Daniel Bienvenu: And remembering every "comic issue" is more or less in Dale's mind actually
rich-c: how is your weather now, Guy?
JudyS: welcome back Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm taking a break ... but if anybody manage to find a catalog or a picture of Mr.Turtle the pool and/or the sandbox which was available before (and same time) ColecoVision came out, please let me know.
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back<
rich-c: one thing our group doesn't have is much in the way of non-Adam Coleco history
BobS: nope, I am out as far as pictures
Guy B: Calm for now
rich-c: so what are they threatening you with, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: sandbox :
Daniel Bienvenu: pool :
Daniel Bienvenu: it's all I've found... if I exclude the drawing of Mr.Turtle thing that never came out, illustrations by Coleco, an eBay acution.
Pamela: try Google pictures Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I've tried
Pamela: oh
rich-c: oops - beer time - brb
Pamela: I need a bigger table
Pamela: or maybe i should move the duck
rich-c: nice Michigan beer, brought back from Adamcon
Guy B: Hi Pam
Pamela: hi Guy
BobS: the duck?????
Pamela: yup the duck
JudyS: just talked to Meeka and she said to say hi to all
Pamela: hi Meeks!
rich-c: tell Meeka hi right back for us
BobS: too late, hung up
BobS: they are packing for weekend trip south of Indianapolis, In for work
Pamela: typing one handed takes too long
JudyS: her and Doug will be going on a business trip tomorrow so are busy getting ready
Pamela: nice
BobS: going on 'walkabout'
Pamela: how long?
BobS: just 2 dasy I think'
BobS: days
JudyS: I just called over there to tell doug my computer is fixed
BobS: but then again, I don NOT get paid th think
Pamela: that's good judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Paul is gone
Pamela: LOL my floor fan is travelling
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't notice it
JudyS: where is your fan going?
Pamela: across the floor, one increment of an inch at a time
JudyS: at least it isn't leaving you for good
Pamela: heck no, it's plugged in - it's stuck here : )
Pamela: it can be hot right along with me : )
JudyS: I seeee
rich-c: your a/c on the sulks, Pam?
Pamela: no, off Dad
rich-c: same as ours - not worth it today
JudyS: have you got that hot, humid weather that we had a few days ago?
Pamela: was 27 in here this a.m. before we opened up
rich-c: yes, we got a cut of it, not as bad as you thugh
JudyS: it is beautiful tonight
Pamela: the a/c fought a valiant fight but it just wasn't up to the task
rich-c: well, that's still only 83F
Pamela: this is the first day in a week that we haven't had a humidex through the roof
rich-c: us old folks find it easier to tolerate heat than cold - though Frances would dispute that
Pamela: i say this all the time . . .
Pamela: i can always add another layer
JudyS: heat is one thing humid heat quite another
BobS: no way .....when I am hot, I am hot
Pamela: but when you're taking them off there's only so far you can go
JudyS: very true
rich-c: well, I am down to shorts and T-shirt but find that fairly comfy
Pamela: and then what do you do, when you're still so hot you feel like you're gonna pass out?
rich-c: except for air conditioned stores, where I freeze
BobS: sit at the computer in the altogether
Pamela: oh, that would go over well : )
BobS: with the shades drawn
rich-c: with a good fan blowing right on you, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: wow.. I've found one mr.turtle pool from google images... and it came from a blog, the title is "New England Travel Ideas & Summer Solstice" and there is a picture of two girls in a coleco mr.turtle pool... colors are washed out and it's not the quality I'm looking for.
Pamela: try searching under "Mr. Turtle wading pool" and see if that helps, Daniel
rich-c: hey, that's what Photoshop was made for
JudyS: bummer Daniel
Pamela: the annoying thing about the a/c is we're underpowered
rich-c: even a real simple viewer like FastStone or Irfanview or XNView can do a surprising lot of editing
Pamela: the one in the LR was meant for the bedroom and just isn't powerful enough for this large a room
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I will prefer if there is no one in the pool... just the pool itself.
rich-c: so use Photoshopto take them out - or if you don't have that, get GIMP
Daniel Bienvenu: that's why a catalog scan from the first 80s will be fine
Pamela: 'twas even more annoying that it was 18 outside this morning
Pamela: and the darn building leaks like a sieve
JudyS: we don't really like to have the air on, I prefer to have the house open in the summer
rich-c: I did find the van hot after it had been cooking in the sun all morning
Daniel Bienvenu: why there is no many mr.turtle not by coleco. I've fonud a mr.turtle wax for the car.
Pamela: if I didn't have to cook in it Judy, wouldn't matter so much
Daniel Bienvenu: and here I can see a book called wise mr.turtle
Pamela: but standing over a hot stove when it's already 27 in here is courting heat stroke
JudyS: this house is usually cool, have enough windows
Pamela: and well insulated : )
Pamela: I found it quite pleasant the day we did the sewing
JudyS: have the fans going more than the air
Pamela: and it was darned hot outside that day
rich-c: just have the litchen window fan going
Daniel Bienvenu: on eBay there is a "Toy Dealer Catalog Coleco 1976 Summer Pools", but no indication or clue if Mr.Turtle is there
Pamela: hark, the husband approaches
rich-c: try another search engine as well - Yahoo, or Bing, or something
Pamela: made good time tonite
JudyS: say hi to him for us
rich-c: oh? I thought this was about teh usual?
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Goodnight everyone. I,m leaving too
Pamela: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week.
JudyS: night Daniel
rich-c: OK Daniel, bonsoir, a la prochaine
Pamela: some nights are better than others, Dad
BobS: nite Daniel
Pamela: last night it was after 11:00 when he got home
rich-c: yes, the TTC is not a model of prrecision
Pamela: there's an understatement for you
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: well, sometimes a driver has to go to the bathroom too, you know
Pamela: no comment
Pamela: Russell says hi all
rich-c: and I say hi right back to him
rich-c: I assume he will be with us on Saturday?
JudyS: rainning here now
Pamela: yes
rich-c: guess you're getting what Guy had earlier
JudyS: it is heading our waybut the storms are more south of us
Pamela: sounds like the stuff we're supposed to get tomorrow
rich-c: how is your weather radar looking?
Pamela: as long as it clears out by Friday night
rich-c: or even Saturday morning
JudyS: don't know
Pamela: no no, I want it long gone by then
BobS: going to be gone by Fri here
Pamela: supposed to be gorgeous day on
Pamela: Saturday - not too hot, clear, no humidity
rich-c: we don't have to drive till Saturday; don't be greedy
BobS: go for it Pam
rich-c: just what I want for my birthday
Pamela: we're heading up to Wasaga Beach on
Pamela: Saturday (darn enter key!) to see aunt Cynthia
Pamela: and her husband
JudyS: is it your birthday Sat, Rich?
rich-c: her new husband - they eloped
rich-c: yes, Judy
Pamela: or as Russell says, they pulled a "Pam and Russell"
Dale: Time for me to go.
JudyS: well, Happy Birthday a couple of days early
Dale: See you all later.
Pamela: good memory, Judy : )
rich-c: well, sort of, but not quite, Pam
Pamela: nite Dale
JudyS: night dale
rich-c: night, Dale
JudyS: not really he just said it
Pamela: when?
Pamela: oh, missed that - never mind
JudyS: we got our new car this week and I drove it by myself for the first time today
rich-c: you bought a new car? how come?
Pamela: what did you get Judy?
JudyS: a chevy aveo
JudyS: a little red car
Pamela: to replace yours or
Pamela: Bobs?
JudyS: we replaced Bob but I am driving it
Dale left chat session
rich-c: aren't you two kind of big for that one?
Pamela: quite a change from the Grand Marquis
BobS: transmission was heading south for vacatgion
BobS: nope, has room inside
JudyS: it really has a lot of room in it
JudyS: plenty for us
rich-c: me, I find the van kind of crowded
Pamela: I gather it's a run-about-town car?
Pamela: sheesh Dad, the van is huge
BobS: yes
JudyS: yea, for trips we have the motor home or the marquis
Pamela: is it new new or used new?
rich-c: speaking of which, we havent heard any more from Grame
JudyS: new
JudyS: 2009
BobS: 78 miles
Pamela: that's new
Pamela: they were away over the weekend Dad, didn't get home till MOnday evening
Pamela: and he's working midnites
rich-c: well, must admit that if you need to jump puddles, a puddle-jumper is the ticket
rich-c: it does make sense for the way you two use your vehicles
rich-c: I'm fussed because I have to renew the registration Friday
Pamela: and especially in a town like GR where you go everywhere by car
Pamela: well then don't renew it Dad
JudyS: is the only way to get around
Pamela: its' not like it's gonna be driven
Pamela: if you change your mind you can always renew it later
rich-c: that can cause later complications, like needing a fitness certificate for the next sticker
BobS: true, Richard, renew it and quit worrying about it
rich-c: I am also trying to find out from DMV the rules on historic plates
Pamela: check the MOT website Dad and make your decision accordingly
BobS: should be 25 yrs old
rich-c: the MOT website does not have the necessary information
BobS: here in MI, you can register the cars year plate and then never buy another one
rich-c: and the bureaucrat with it isn't answering her phone and her voicemail is full
Pamela: yes it's plate to owner here too, Bob
rich-c: besides, what about sales tax to transfer it in family?
Pamela: used to be plate to vehicle but they changed it some time ago
BobS: no sales tax here for family
rich-c: what if it's very important to have plate to vehicle in a special case like historic?
Pamela: probably nil Dad if you do an affadavit like we did with the LTD
rich-c: yes but I only have 48 hours to get the answers - I have been nagging Mike Colle's office
rich-c: and I still don't know if Grame can take it
Pamela: I think the answer to that is not if, but when
rich-c: and how, and under what conditions
rich-c: in short, Pam, I need answerss before irrevocable decisions are made
Pamela: just renew the sticker then Dad
Pamela: but don't put it on the plate yet
rich-c: and pay the goddam city tax as well - damn Miller
Pamela: tell me about it - bled me for $60 too
JudyS: next week-end will be the Metro Cruise on 28th street
rich-c: and we can't get rid of the jerk till - when?
Pamela: wow, already Judy? Time flies
Pamela: I remember discussing it last year
Pamela: dunno, Dad
rich-c: yes, I think the Woodwadd Avenue Cruise is this weekend too
JudyS: yes, it is time again
Pamela: where's that Dad?
JudyS: I thougth it was last week
Pamela: (I should know this already)
rich-c: Detroit - first mile of paved road in the USA
Pamela: so are you two gonna cruise 28th?
JudyS: Doug and Sher used to go to that one
JudyS: Bob has to work
Pamela: : (
rich-c: pity it's so far, I could bring my hot rod V-8
JudyS: we may go over at night and watch the cars
rich-c: get pictures, they're a dying breed
Pamela: if it had plates : ) oh, and a working engine
rich-c: has plates, will get renewal, other could be arranged but expensive - but I was talking aboput my truck
Pamela: bet the Meteor would make a splash Dad
Pamela: oh
JudyS: not here it just started here about 4 years ago
rich-c: yes it would but likely cost me aout $3K to get it ready
Pamela: that's not bad all things considered Dad
rich-c: it's more than the market value of the car, at least this side of the Atlantic
JudyS: Bob checked it out and this is the 4th year
Guy B: Well folks, time for me to call it the night. Will see you all next week
rich-c: and what would I do with it afterward?
BobS: time ofr us to go too kids
rich-c: OK Guy, see you then - take caer
JudyS: night Guy
Pamela: night, Guy
JudyS: yes, it is getting late so night all
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
rich-c: OK Bob, night to you and Judy, till next week
BobS: see yas next week
BobS: bye
Pamela: good weekend you two
Pamela: gnite
JudyS left chat session
BobS left chat session
rich-c: so there it goes, the withcing hour has struck
Pamela: anyway Papa we're not going to solve the Meteor tonite
rich-c: have you any idea of the agenda for Saturday?
Pamela: nope - need to talk to Cynthia and to you two
Pamela: our aim is to arrive about 1:00
rich-c: I don't even know if we are invited for the afternoon or for dinner
Pamela: I gather you and Mom will be a couple hours later
rich-c: we will start when my diuretic is done and your mother is awake
Pamela: for dinner, I'm pretty sure, however . . .
Pamela: right, so we'll see you about 5:00 : )
rich-c: I hope so since we didn't get any Saturday dessert
Pamela: (ducks)
rich-c: we will do the best we can but no wild promises
Pamela: I'll call Cynthia when I get home tomorrow then talk to you two
rich-c: going to bring the coffee up there for me to pick up?
Pamela: guess so : )
Pamela: it'll be well travelled
rich-c: OK - do keep me in the picture, remember I don't do Facebook
Pamela: yes - will talk to you tomorrow night
Pamela: okay?
rich-c: OK, chat with you then, then - goodnight for now
Pamela: gnite Daddy
rich-c: ttfn = colour me gone
Pamela: kerpoof
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