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Guy B.: HI Rich
rich-c: hi guy sorry I,m late
Guy B.: I was the first one here
rich-c: have trouble with my desktop machine - cursor froze up
rich-c: otehrwise I likely would have beat you in ; - )
Guy B.: Ah. I'm giving up on Ubuntu, so I will be removing them from the desktops
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rich-c: anyway I have had to switch to my laptop so will fight with the other machine later
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Dale: You there?
Guy B.: HI Dale
rich-c: hello Dale
Dale: Hello?
rich-c: hello Dale
Dale: There.
rich-c: I'm seeing you now
Dale: People have appeared.
Dale: It must be my computer that is lagging.
rich-c: just Guy and I here
Guy B.: I was the first one, then Rich and now you
rich-c: I think the whole net is collapsing under the weight of spam
Guy B.: brb
rich-c: lost that post
rich-c: wow, was that a long delay
rich-c: youyr server, or your ISP the trouble spot?
rich-c: I already had my problem tonight - on my desktop the cursor froze when I booted up
Dale: So maybe my server needs a kick?
Dale: Well I don't know.
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changed username to <undefined>
Dale: I'm willing to reset it if it'd help.
Guy B.: It's speeding up now
rich-c: well now you are coming through like gangbusters
Dale: It is working more normally for me too.
<undefined> left chat session
rich-c: do you know, is anyone messing up the net tonight? any hack attacks or DOS?
Dale: I usually check it the next day.
Dale: But I haven't heard anything.
rich-c: right now I am more fussed about teh bad boot on my desktop
rich-c: it boots fine, but the cursor is frozen in place
Dale: Just a wierd thing or two to brighten your day.
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changed username to <undefined>
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rich-c: brb
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello guys!
Daniel Bienvenu: Where is Pam
Dale: Hi there.
rich-c: now I can't gdet throughagain - you there?
Dale: We're here rich-c.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale? not having a long meeting tonight?
Dale: It was rescheduled until late October.
rich-c: somewhere there is one hell of a buffer problem
Daniel Bienvenu: late october?
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
Dale: Well I can reset the chat server.
Dale: But Daniel doesn't seem to have a problem today.
Dale: Is the chat server showing problems for you Daniel?
rich-c: and mine is unpredictable and intermittent
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changed username to <undefined>
rich-c: Daniel, the tentative date for the Grand Prix of Canada is Jube 6th, yto that weekend is out
<undefined> changed username to Mr.Roboto
rich-c: greetings, Robert the S
Mr.Roboto: i had an adam way back when
Mr.Roboto: ended up throwing it away n the garbage and have felt guilty ever since
rich-c: and right now we have a buffer problem
Daniel Bienvenu: What are the lyrics to this song, Mr. Roboto
Mr.Roboto: thank you very mucho?
Mr.Roboto: tomomarigato?
rich-c: oops - I gather you are a new voice and not our regular Bob
rich-c: anyway new Adams can be had, tehe reeal thing or an emulator, with a virtual Adam in the works
Daniel Bienvenu: Domo arigato, mr. roboto, domo...domo (thanks very much, mr.roboto, thanks thanks)
Daniel Bienvenu: too easy to find anything with internet
Mr.Roboto: thankyou,will look for one for sale to satisfy my guilt
rich-c: oh I don't know - Google has taken to crashing on me when I call the dearch function
Mr.Roboto: i must go now
Mr.Roboto left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: you have news about virtual adam?<
Daniel Bienvenu: oops... he's gone
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changed username to Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale?
Dale: Sorry, I wanted to log out and then log back in again.
rich-c: no more than the fact that it was on the Adamcon disc, Daniel
Dale: But I killied my browser before I said that.
Daniel Bienvenu: just checking if the accents are still not there ééééééé
Daniel Bienvenu: yep, they are not supported
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Daniel Bienvenu: who's there?
changed username to gf
gf: hello
Daniel Bienvenu: G.F.
Dale: You'll have to find us a different chat server if you want accent support.
rich-c: maybe Dale needs to change his fonts on chat?
rich-c: sounds like Papa Guy - the otehr Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: I,m pretty sure it's a conflict between utf-8 and another text format.
Dale: once upon a time I could have bought the source and modified it, but they seem to have moved on.
Daniel Bienvenu: They moved on? Wow
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, at least the chat works
rich-c: or perhaps just went away?
gf: oui, c'est moi
Daniel Bienvenu: oui, c'est lui
Daniel Bienvenu: tamara va bien?
rich-c: just telling Daniel, the Canadian GP is tentatively June 6, 2010
gf: yeah, you don't want to do anything during that week.
Daniel Bienvenu: you know, adamcon next summer... we have to schedule it, reserve a nice place, at an appropriate time.
gf: well, you're the organizer Dan, I'm here to help you out.... give me dates, times, hours, etc... and I'll help you out!!!
rich-c: will the Fete de St.Jean Baptiste interfere?
gf: hmm, probably not, probably be even better, people will have an extra day off of work.
Daniel Bienvenu: so, far I didn't get many messages telling me when people are available for the next Adamcon... but most of them seems to want again late june, except Dale.
Dale: I like July.
rich-c: what's your conflict, Dale?
Dale: Robotics Science and Systems is usually the last weekend in June.
Dale: This year I skipped it because of the conflict. Last year I left for it the day after I returned from AdamCon.
rich-c: that's one of those major unmissable trade shows, I assume?
Dale: An academic conference.
Dale: I presented a poster session there in 2008.
Dale: But you can't be everywhere at once.
rich-c: even more imperative, then - do you have a date for it yet?
Dale: It looks like next year it'll be in Spain, but the date isn't posted quite yet.
rich-c: ouch! if teh date is known, we can try to work around it
Dale: I think it'll probably be June 27-July 2. I'm suprised that they don't have the date posted yet though.
Daniel Bienvenu: And what about you GuyF, and GuyB?
rich-c: how much free leadup time do you need before going?
gf: I'm always free.
Dale: rich-c I'd need about two days, so that I can get there, and adjust to the jet lag.
Dale: Neil says that he can't answer your survey this far ahead of time. It'll either be perfect or no good.
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Daniel Bienvenu: As you can see Guy, the dates for the Adamcon next year is still an issue. and I can't help it
changed username to Thursdayoff girl
rich-c: and of course it assume Adamcon will end on a Sunday, which if your conference is Monday, could complicate things
Daniel Bienvenu: errr... Pam?
Thursdayoff girl: LOL
Thursdayoff girl: good guess,
Thursdayoff girl: Daniel
Dale: My conference started on Sunday this year.
Thursdayoff girl: I'm late again
Dale: So to get to it I would have had to leave AdamCon on Friday night/Saturday morning.
Daniel Bienvenu: If Pam is here, can she gives me an answer about my question last week to a song fictional pamela will
Thursdayoff girl: it's not a popular song Daniel - more of a childhood one
Thursdayoff girl: not many people will know it
rich-c: or the week before, which might be uncomfortable - though I'm assuming you would drive to \montreal
Thursdayoff girl: which is sort of why I picked it
Daniel Bienvenu: not many people? htat's fine
Thursdayoff girl: White Choral Bells
Thursdayoff girl: darn thing's been running around in my head all night
Daniel Bienvenu: which part of this song may be the best to use in the sotry&
Daniel Bienvenu: story?
rich-c: that's a round everyone in my generation knows
Thursdayoff girl: it's only four lines long Daniel
Thursdayoff girl: "White choral bells, upon a slender stalk"
Thursdayoff girl: Lily of the valley decks our garden walk
rich-c: it's a round, Daniel, like Frere Jacques
Guy B.: June date or early July will be Ok with me for next year
Thursdayoff girl: Oh don't you wish, that you could hear them ring
Daniel Bienvenu: when the fairy sing
Thursdayoff girl: That can happen only when the fairies sing
Thursdayoff girl: obviously, you know it Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: It's not in my culture, but I think I did hear it once
rich-c: "oh don't you wish that you could hear them ring? that can happen only when the fairies sing"
Daniel Bienvenu: a round? that's even better
Daniel Bienvenu: great choice
Thursdayoff girl: my mother taught it to me when I was very young
Thursdayoff girl: in a way, it's a tip of the hat to her
Thursdayoff girl: thank you
Thursdayoff girl: and if you ask nicely, perhaps we'll sing it for you the next time we're all together : )
Thursdayoff girl: on a slightly different topic
Thursdayoff girl: have you narrowed dates for the convention at all?
Daniel Bienvenu: in discussion
Thursdayoff girl: we have a slight hitch for the end of June
Daniel Bienvenu: it appears that it will be better in July, to avoid GP and Dale's conflict dates
Thursdayoff girl: my boss bought a new house last week
Thursdayoff girl: and guess when it's closing?
rich-c: is it built yet?
Thursdayoff girl: nope
rich-c: I doubt teh GP will be an issue unless they change the date, it's too early to fuss us
Guy B.: Ok back
rich-c: (I need a beer)
Guy B.: Was chatting with a friend of mind. She had surgery on her ankle today
Thursdayoff girl: judging by the last couple of weeks, late August would be okay for us
Thursdayoff girl: she had surgery today, and she's chatting??? From where?
Guy B.: It was an outpatient procedure, so she's at home
Dale: I'm fine with late August.
Thursdayoff girl: what about Jeffrey, Dale?
Guy B.: August is usually pretty busy month for me
Guy B.: As this past month was
Thursdayoff girl: you put in a lot of OT in July and August don't you Guy?
Dale: Jeffrey doesn't have school until after Labour Day.
gf: me?
Thursdayoff girl: what were the original proposed dates, and Dale, when is your conference?
rich-c: We are clear pretty well anytime
Guy B.: I had to do some overtime, but that's ending. It's all the dang clubs who report their officers late, running duplicate reports and it gets pretty hectic
Thursdayoff girl: well I was thinking of GB but yeah, you too, Guy
Thursdayoff girl: July is unfortunately out for me - I have two big renewals August 1st and I'm hors de combat until they're done with
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Guy B.: Unless, we get a fourth person hired, then that will make things easier. But my manager has to tell our CIO if it's needed
Dale: Unfortunately they haven't officially announced the dates of my conference yet. It usually starts on the last weekend in June though.
changed username to zero
Dale: So that's when I expect it this year too.
zero: hi
Dale: Hi zero.
zero: any lady there?
Guy B.: HI Zero
Thursdayoff girl: around Daniel's birthday would be okay for us
zero: hi guy b
Thursdayoff girl: hi zero
zero: hello
zero: lol
zero: this room r friendly heheheh
Daniel Bienvenu: Well it's fine for me.
Dale: We try to be friendly zero.
Dale: Do you know the Coleco Adam or ColecoVision?
zero: no
zero: what is that?
gf: zero points for you
Guy B.: I guess we have someone who doesn't own an Adam or knows what it is
Dale: A computer and game system made in the early 1980s.
Dale: How did you find this site?
zero: me
zero: ?
Daniel Bienvenu: that's amusing... first I'm seeing someone here not knowing what is a Coleco console or computer.
Dale: Sure, zero. You.
zero: actually i am looking for special chat
Guy B.: Well, it's not here
Daniel Bienvenu: ??? you are not making more sense, zero ???
Guy B.: I think I know Daniel
zero: wut do u mean
Guy B.: And I'm not going into specifics
zero: i fed up from regular chat rooms
gf: What kind of special chat, Zero?
zero: so i have been bored
Dale: He's looking for girls you see.
zero: not regular
Guy B.: Exactly
zero: yes i do
Daniel Bienvenu: oh shit
Dale: Well we try to talk about computers here mostly.
zero: hy u r not looking for girls?
Guy B.: No, this is not the place
zero: ahh u r talking about computers
Dale: Sorry zero. There are lots of great chats like that, but this unfortunately isn't one of them.
zero: thats good
zero: i am good in technology
Dale: And old computers from 1983-1985.
zero: ok
Dale: Though we clearly talk about other things here too.
zero: any one knows about firewall type N-tier
zero: lets see ur level guys
zero: i'm working in the best telemedicen company in the world
Dale: Both gf and I should be able to answer general questions about that.
zero: i still have many question
zero: but cha is cha
Dale: But mostly we used modems back in 1985 and there were no firewalls then.
zero: don't go to wekepidia .com or answers .com hahahahaha
zero: ok i know
zero: ahhh so here r mostly interested about the classic electronic computeres
zero: have u seen the first server of google???
Dale: Exactly.
Dale: I used it in the first month after it launched.
Dale: From the Coleco Adam too.
zero: i see
Dale: I dialed into the university and did it through a text based web browser.
Dale: The future is the internet.
zero: yahoo last moth they used to advertise the history of yahoo and some old computers as head lines
zero: u know we have here a musiem for these stuffs
rich-c: let's see if zero knows what an Altair is
Dale: The thing I'm worried about is that they are moving all of the games for current generation game systems to download only.
zero: n-tier is a type of firewall u can work behined it through permissions
Dale: So when those game systems are discontinued, how will we know about the history of those games.
zero: in the same time u r monetored and all ur data can be deleted remotely
Dale: And it is even worse for MMO games. Those won't be preserved at all, except as strategy guides and youtube videos.
zero: they use this kind of firewalls to void theif or steal data from mobile computers
zero: now we r using such this technology in our dispatch system
Daniel Bienvenu: what are you trying to say? what is going on?
Dale: zero was explaining about his work.
zero: as we r connected through tettra, wifi,gps,gprs,settelite
zero: actually
zero: iam good in technology
zero: and that is not my work
zero: i'm just sinor relation ship manager
rich-c: he seemsto be trying to sell us something - glorified spam
zero: u can't pay that my dear hahaah
zero: so expensive for u
zero: its 36.000 euro excluded installation
zero: hahahahaah
Thursdayoff girl left chat session
zero: where is every body
zero: RUN AWAY !!!
rich-c: what language to you speak, zero? it clearly isn't English
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, that's it... kick
rich-c: that's for me to know and you to worry about
gf: zero has a low self esteem of himself.
rich-c: remember these chats are recorded and the server has your perssonal data
zero: rich don't hide ur ignorant mind
zero: and change topic
zero: low?? hahahahah
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban zero
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
gf confirmed ban
Guy B.: Abut time someone booted him off
gf: he'll be back I'm sure
moved to room Meeting Place
gf: there ya go
changed username to zero
rich-c: meanwhile Pamela has left
Guy B.: Yep, you're right
gf: zero, you're a losr
zero: yes he is
Guy B.: And who can blame her
zero: so wusp room?
zero: i'm bored
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm leaving too. I had enough nonsense for tonight
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
zero: ya please
zero: hahahah
gf: me too
gf: goodnight all
zero: lol
zero: hahahahah
zero: is it mental room??
zero: i feel or are mental patients hahahaha
gf: no, otherwise your mom would be here... ok, goodnight everyone.
zero: hahahahah
Guy B.: Night gf
zero: ok u r low level
rich-c: dale, you want to pull the plug on this nut case, or just turn it off for the night?
gf: why don't you go low level format yourself.
zero: also i have to find some one equal
zero: pretending
zero: u all pretending
zero: i asked u question was so easy
zero: but see
zero: hahahahahaah
zero: talking about format and low
zero: hahahaha
zero: ok mrs.hard desk hahahahahahah
zero: fuck u
gf: I should always be capitalized.
zero: u r mental sickness
zero: hahahah
zero: how do u look like
zero: optic glasses
rich-c requested to ban zero
gf confirmed ban
gf: I think we have a bot
Guy B. confirmed ban
gf: he makes no sense
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Let's all leave. He's just going to come back
rich-c: we can keep bouncing him all night
changed username to zero
zero: yes u r right
rich-c requested to ban zero
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c: he will run out of patientce before I do
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to zezo
rich-c requested to ban zezo
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Guy B.: I've seen nut cases, but he's it
rich-c: can't beat him to the drtaw but can shut him up quick
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to ...
Guy B. requested to ban ...
Dale confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Guy B.: Those dots don't fool me
Daniel Bienvenu: this time it was me
Guy B.: Welcome back Daniel
rich-c: OK, Daiel we do not need to bounce
Guy B.: Ok, good
Guy B.: We are trying to keep that idiot out
gf confirmed ban
Guy B.: I think he gave up
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to <undefined>
Guy B.: Hold on
gf: can we block anyone from entering?
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to Daniel
Dale: with some effort.
<undefined> changed username to PEV
rich-c: that's \pam
Guy B.: That's Pam
PEV: yup
PEV: what a creep
rich-c: we are busy frustrating the jerk
Dale: I was away for most of it I'm afraid.
Daniel: he does act like "I'm a jerk and fuck you"
Guy B.: I've never seen a jerk like him
rich-c: Dale, it takes effort but your logs will show who he is and whre he's from
Dale: But on this chat server, no-one is king.
gf left chat session
Daniel: gf is gone?
Dale: He gave up on the conversation.
PEV: just dropped off
Guy B.: He is. Hopefully he will return
Daniel: So, Dale, Pam was asking earlier if mid-june can be an option then?
rich-c: anyway, if he re-appears some other time I am sure you can ban him
Dale: He has an early morning, so probably he won't be back tonight Guy B.
Daniel: I know that GP can be in mid-june too
Daniel: GP dates are not fixed yet
Guy B.: Mid June will work out perfect for me
Guy B.: Oh that's right Dale
Dale: I would accomodate mid-June.
Guy B.: Let's go for that, if everyone is in agreement
PEV: I know it would be difficult to bring Jeffrey, Dale
Daniel: I prefer june-july than august.
Dale: But Jeffrey is in school until the end of June.
rich-c: the provisional F! schedule shows June 6th, Daniel - they rarely move them
Daniel: ok, so between us, mid-june is an option... except for Jeffrey
rich-c: I would not lock into anything until the official schedule comes out, but use June 6 as a working theory and you will likely be right
Guy B.: That's a good starting point
Daniel: it is
Daniel: maybe a deception for Jeffrey if really he can't be there.
rich-c: I'd use it as a base for first approaches to hotels
Daniel: yes, I will write a message to the mailing list about mid-june as the most probable date... which I'm not sure exactly what it can be.
PEV: Daniel, I have to be tentative until much closer to the date so don't factor us into the equation right now.
rich-c: Daniel, purely personal - when planning an outing remember I cannot use public transit
PEV: question: did we have an outing in GR in 2002?
rich-c: don't remember, Pam - possibly not, it's a newer thing (formally, anyway)
Daniel: Well, the hotel GuyF did find last time we did see him seems to be perfect... more Laval than Montreal, but a nice place.
Dale: It seems to me that Bob said that that was before we started doing planned outings every year.
PEV: that's what I thought too
rich-c: south shore, Daniel? that's much less crowded if I recall
Dale: Wasn't it in North Montreal? Or was I that turned around?
Daniel: oh yes, it's north... and laval is south... silly me.
Daniel: well, no laval is north
Daniel: wait a minute
PEV: clearly Montreal is going to be another one of those cities I get all turned around in
rich-c: sorry, what is on the south shore - I forget
Daniel: yes, there is Montreal-Nord, beside Laval, in Laval portion of the island.
Daniel: that is confusing<
Daniel: well, not in laval portion, but close to the limit in Montreal.
Daniel: issh
Daniel: I'm not good in geography
PEV: like Chicago which runs west from the lake
Daniel: anyway, cosmodome in Laval can be an option for the activity... if we start from GuyF's choice for a possible hotel.
Daniel: but there are more things possible ... to the south
Dale: Well I've been planning to try and visit the Montreal area in October some time to visit the possible hotels.
Daniel: I know that Baie d'Urfé is more an insdustrial place... and not close to a possible hotel anyway
rich-c: yes, especially since we will likely need a suburban hotel for cost reasons
Guy B.: Well folks, despite a nut case interrupting the chat tonight. I'm ready to call it the night. Will see you all next week
PEV: good night Guy
Dale: Bye now Guy F.
rich-c: see you, Guy
Daniel: Bye guy B
Dale: Wait. See you later Guy B.
Daniel: guyf was gone long time ago
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: yes, he has to get up very early in the morning
Daniel: and we was interrupted by a jerk
Daniel: Anyway, I have to leave too.
rich-c: yes, well, took a minute for him to disclose himself
rich-c: but when we kept bouncing him he ot the message pretty quick
Daniel: thanks pam for the song
PEV: NP, Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
Daniel: Rich, take care
PEV: goodnight Daniel
Daniel: Dale, talk to you later
Dale: Good night Daniel.
Daniel: and I will write tonight a message about teh possibles dates with the hope people will reply massively
Daniel: bye!
Daniel left chat session
rich-c: well, they will mostly get around to it eventually ; - )
rich-c: so Dale, think it's worth putting a permanent block on that jerk or is he gone for good anyway?
Dale: I doubt that he bookmarked this site.
PEV: despite my day off tomorrow, I had better go too - I have much to do with my extra hours
Dale: If he returns then I will block his IP.
PEV: are we frozen?
Dale: Not me.
PEV: there we go
Dale: Goodnight Pam.
PEV: goodnight Dale
rich-c: I think you're right - and getting his entry killed before he could get a word out discouraged him
PEV: Gnite Dad
rich-c: looks like the buffer problem is back
Dale: Well I'll try to remember to restart the chat server tomorrow.
rich-c: night Pam
PEV: Dad, I'll call. i'm outta here. Kerpoof!
PEV left chat session
rich-c: OK, let's call it quits tehn, for tonight
Dale: Bye now.
Dale: poof.
Dale left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone!
rich-c left chat session
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left chat session
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changed username to george
george left chat session
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changed username to Lazyeye
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changed username to Daniel antizero
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changed username to rich-c > chat > Thu 2009-09-03
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