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Daniel antizero: bonsoir rich
rich-c: hi Daniel - comment ca va?
Daniel antizero: bien. and how are you Rich?
rich-c: got my email re Adamcon dates yet?
rich-c: I'm doing well, phone my younger brother for his birthday today - three quarters of a century
Daniel antizero: Yes, I've got your email... which gives me the same answer than the last time we talk in the last chat session
rich-c: is that good or bad or does it matter? ; - )
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changed username to Judy
Daniel antizero: basically, Pam seems to like a partical weekend, and no one else seems to disagree, so we will go with these dates I guess
Judy: Hi, Rich and Daniel
rich-c: hi Judy, missed you folks last week
Judy: we were camping at Holland Beach
rich-c: yes, whatever the most people are most comfortable with, should be our guide
Judy: which dates are you thinking of?
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rich-c: fundamentally second or third weekends in June
changed username to BobS
rich-c: hello Roberto
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BobS: hello all
changed username to Guy B.
Daniel antizero: bonsoir Bob, Guy
rich-c: greetings Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!!!
Judy: Hi, Guy
rich-c: how are things going in Chi-town?
BobS: hi ?guy
Guy B.: Cool here
rich-c: Daniel, what is the "antizero" about?
rich-c: really? what re you down to?
Guy B.: Finally start my 2nd vacation next week
Judy: we had rain at supper time and a beautiful rainbow
rich-c: right, I believe we are to get a sprinkle tomorrow too
Daniel antizero: me ? I'm worrying about the return of the jerk zero
rich-c: guess you're looking forward to that!
Judy: haven't seen a double rainbow in a long time
Guy B.: I don't think he will show up
rich-c: I would not fuss it, Daniel - if he does come it we will just toss him out again
rich-c: in fact, Dale might even have looked up his D and blocked it
Judy: did you have a problem last week?
BobS: and who the heck is jerk zero?????????
Daniel antizero: no idea who he is
BobS: what happened with him??????
Guy B.: We had some idiot named Zero looking for chat rooms and he stumbled on us and starting making a jackass of himself to us
rich-c: about as Daniel said, Bob - interloper who made an ass of himself, so we dumped him
BobS: ok..................
Judy: he must have been pretty bad
Guy B.: Awful
rich-c: no, plain obnoxious, nothing fancy - did upset Pam but I'm not sure why
Judy: that's too bad
rich-c: well, the only bad part is thaat we'd forgotten we can dump jerks - but we soon remembered
BobS: that is what the Extras - request ot remove user tab is all about, dump him
Judy: that is how I felt about that George that used to come on
rich-c: and that is just what we did, Bob - but it's the first time we have used it that way
BobS: and she feels taht way about me too...... ;-(
Judy: not so much
rich-c: only on your bad days, Bob. Had any good days lately ; - )
Judy: who needs that
Guy B.: We did boot him off, but it took a while
BobS: SHOW HIM THE DOOR !!!!!!! now
rich-c: no longer than for our reflexes to get the cursor to the action button
Judy: then he shouldn't come back if he knows that you can just dump him
rich-c: exactly - he tested us on that and we whacked him evry time
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changed username to Annie
Annie requested to ban Guy B.
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Annie changed username to Guy B
rich-c: hey Annie, where's your boss man got to?
Guy B: Ok back
Judy: what happened to you, Guy?
Guy B: My wireless went haywire
Guy B: brb
rich-c: that's why I'm such a Luddite - I never believe this new stuff is going to work
Judy: what is a Luddite?
BobS: a person of persuasion that won't accept change
BobS: as much as things change, we sometimes resist it........and sometimes rightly
BobS: so
rich-c: it's worth Googling, Judy - interesting story
Judy: must be what Bob is reading me
Guy B: Ok Back. Not much e-mails
rich-c: for a while there was a website around - - ostensibly selling wooden computers
BobS: THAT I sould like to see
BobS: would
Judy: sometimes that might be good, to throw or some such thing
Guy B: Annie's birthday is coming up. She got a birthday card today
rich-c: I believe it folded many years ago, un less the Wayback site has the pages
BobS: the vet wants to give her another shot??????
Guy B: Not until next year
Judy: not even on her birthday
rich-c: guess we-all will have to be getting shots soon
BobS: bummer, thought Dale was archiving the chats........
BobS: wanted to check out last week
BobS: no newer archive than Oct 13, 2008
rich-c: he is archiving them, but that doesn't make him that quick about it
BobS: like old news, isn't it?????
rich-c: if he comes on, feel free to twit him about it
BobS: ya
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changed username to Meeka
Daniel antizero: hi meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hello Meeka
rich-c: gradually the gang is assembling
BobS: well, we were at the beach last wed and and back this week and next, then gone for another week with Judy's mom & pop
BobS: we are takikng them to Washington DC to see the war memorials and sights
rich-c: half expected Paul Severini on tonight, I just shipped him his MIB3 board
BobS: dad was in WW2 and got a purple heart
rich-c: how long will you have in Washington, Bob?
BobS: you hadan MIB3?????
Guy B: HI Meeka
BobS: Mon thru Thurs
Meeka: hi guy
BobS: didn't he have one and wanted to know about serial cables?
rich-c: which branch, Bob?
Guy B: Annie's birthday is coming up
BobS: army.......grunt on the ground
BobS: got practically blown up in a foxhole
BobS: in the battle of the bulge
rich-c: that happened to too many there - the Allies got really caught with their pants down
rich-c: our guys weren't able to help much, either - they were busy cleaning out Holland
BobS: the other 2 guys with dad did not survive
Judy: and he spent a year in the hospital recovering
rich-c: the big memorial on th Mall is Vietnam, of course - it is hugely impressive
BobS: stillhas scrapnelin his buns and legs
rich-c: yes, my uncle was that way - got a grenade in his lap at Vimy Ridge
Judy: yes, we will have to see that one too
BobS: ouch
rich-c: well, you can spend all your time on the Mall and never waste a minute, in fact you won't have time enough
BobS: gonna take the Trolley tour, get off an on as often as you want at 19 different spots; a two day pass
rich-c: the Air & Space Museum is fantastic, the main Smithsonian is worth a week on its own to just skim it
rich-c: OK, if it includes the Newseum do see that, absolutely fascinating
Judy: neither dad or mom can do a lot of walking so that will limit what we do
rich-c: and check out the Library of Congress if you get a chance
rich-c: do they have walkers or scooters or anything?
BobS: goinna take a wheelchair
BobS: and cane
rich-c: something to sit on and something to lean on, there is little seating space there
rich-c: we were there most recently in Sept. 2001 when my hip was just starting to act up so wasn't a big issue
Judy: that is why we thought that the trolley would work for them
rich-c: well they will want a place to sit within the buildings - benches are at a premium
rich-c: that is why my walker works - it lets me sit down when I'm exhausted
rich-c: went all the way over to the plaza yesterday, so gave the seat a good workout on that trip
Judy: that isn't a bad idea
rich-c: well I have to walk all I can to encourage circulation in my legs
Judy: they need to walk also just to keep moving but lately they haven't been all that active
Judy: and if that
rich-c: for me it's been a case of exploit the gorgeous weather now 'cause it isn't going to last
Judy: hit the return
Judy: and if they get too tired and get sick after the trip my name will be mud with my sister
rich-c: no reports of the flu going around Washington, is there?
Judy: hope not
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changed username to PEV
rich-c: talking to my brother today (his birthday) - apparently he had a touch of flu this weekend
Guy B: Hi Pam
rich-c: hello daughter
PEV: m hr
PEV: gulp
Judy: hi, Pam
PEV: sorry, mouthful
Meeka: hello
rich-c: plazys hell with her finger tips... ;-)
PEV: lol
BobS: no sticky fingers onthe keyboard
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PEV: i was doing well till i got distracted
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Guy B: Hi Dale
rich-c: what I need is new key caps or something - I have no E and my O is going fast
Judy: hi, Dale
PEV: hi dale
rich-c: hey Dale, when are you going to update the chat archive?
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changed username to Ron
Meeka: hi ron
Ron: evening
Dale: Hmm...I should do it soon. It is pretty far behind.
Guy B: Hi Ron, long time no see
PEV: Hey, Ron
PEV: that's better
Ron: ya- been cruisin'
rich-c: and now the Left Coast chimes in - welcome!
Ron: North to Alaska
Dale: I might work again on the automated update.
PEV: got distracted earlier and forgot to put the meat in the oven
Judy: hello, Ron
PEV: hence, dinner delayed by 45 minutes
Ron: Hi Judy
Meeka: brb, potty break
Ron: Hi Meeka
rich-c: Alaska, eh? how were teh salmon and whales?
PEV: cold enough for ya? ; )
Ron: No shortage of salmon swimming upstream at Ketchikan. Saw 5 humpbacks on route thanks to the Captain's eagle eya
Ron: eye
Judy: brb have to make Bob's lunch
Ron: was actually quite pleasant. We lucked out on the weather
rich-c: they are really short of salmon at the Fraser though
PEV: I've heard its a good time of year to go Ron
Daniel antizero: not zero? ... cool!
rich-c: hey, you've been keeping the heat out there all summer
Ron: well, they go up there every week thru the summer from Vancouver. Apparently the cruise the week before us they got nothin but cold and rain
Daniel antizero: Hello Dale, Pam
Meeka: back
Daniel antizero: We can start the meeting
rich-c: we've barely had the air conditioner on all season, car or house
PEV: how did you end up with 15 characters Daniel? I thought you were only allowed twelve
PEV: was just thinking that we could probably take ours out
Ron: antizero=<not>zero ??
PEV: long story Ron
Daniel antizero: Okay, it appears that the dates for AdamCon next year will be in June, and the favorite weekend for Pam includes my birthday, june 18.
PEV: don't base it only on me Daniel
Guy B: Sounds like a good date
Ron: Yeah, meant to reply to that Daniel
PEV: there's no guarantee we can come yet
rich-c: well, if we're going to try, that's a good time to try for
Ron: Sue's surgery date is October 28 for left hip replacement. I really cannot comit until we know how that's gone. Think you guys better go ahead with the plan.
Ron: I really have no idea at this point what will happen next year, or what my role in it will be
PEV: this year?
Ron: ya
PEV: she'll be rockin and rollin by Christmas : )
rich-c: if she has it done Oct. 28th, if all goes well she will be nearly back to mormal by Christmas
PEV: that's only five days before Dad's surgery date anniversary
Ron: Not really Pam. She 's not a normal case, there's danger of infection that she's very susceptible to, and the doc has warned us there's a chance it might not go well
rich-c: it will take a fw more months of exercise and care before she can play tennis, though
BobS: bummer dude
Ron: We pray a lot that it will go well, and in that case, yes...she'll be out in about 6 days
Daniel antizero: If it's all the reactions I have about these dates for the Adamcon next year, I guess it's fine then.
rich-c: yes, infection is a hugely serious risk in hip surgery
Daniel antizero: Ok, so let's pretend the dates are fixed. Houray!
Ron: she's got 2 specialists - an orthopod and an internest, the latter specializing in this kind of high risk infection
Dale: yes, those two dates are not better or worse for me.
Daniel antizero: I know you did prefer July Dale
Ron: you guys do your thing, and if I can join you I will
PEV: start hunting for hotels Daniel
PEV: we're rooting for her Ron
Ron: tks Pam
rich-c: if all goes as it should, Sue should be well up and about long before June
PEV: Dad's went well
Ron: right
Daniel antizero: I would like to start hunting the hotels... but it's a bit too far for me. I will do what I can.
rich-c: yes, but I had one of the world's top hip surgeons - friend and protege of the doctor who invented the process
Ron: now that's the kind of doc to have eh?
PEV: and we appreciated it - but the healing and strengthening was up to you and you did well
rich-c: that's what the internet and telephones are for, Daniel - and 1-800 numbers
Dale: Well Daniel, I'm planning to come in to Montreal in October some time, and hopefully I can visit a couple of them then.
rich-c: they will be very happy to talk to you, at their expense
PEV: in either official language : )
Ron: So that was what, June???
rich-c: yes, and you'll have Guy Foster and Luc on site to assist, too
PEV: June 17 through 21st Ron
Ron: ok. got it
rich-c: yes, likely third week in June, after the Grand Prix, before the 24th
Ron: Can at least put it on the Calendar
Daniel antizero: Guy F is busy, but did promise to talk to the people at the hotel he did find near where he lives.
Ron: If you can get a date and a place Daniel, the rest will follow easier
rich-c: well, you have a week or two to work on things yet, Daniel :-)
Ron: yes, a few seconds
Meeka: lol, that wil be over dougs b-day too
Daniel antizero: I guess I will be late soon
Ron: better bake a cake
Ron: a big ADAM shaped cake
PEV: remember Rich's Adam cake at 13?
BobS: right !!!!!
Ron: oh yeah
Guy B: Oh yeah.
PEV: he baked and decorated that himself
rich-c: oops! almost forgot my beer
PEV: not to mention the one we had this year
Ron: a man of many talents
Ron: now tell me Rich, how can one forget beer
PEV: just give me chocolate and a corner piece, and no one gets hurt : )
PEV: he said almost, Ron : )
Ron: speaking of which, one of the highlights on the cruise was an "all you can eat" chocolate buffet
PEV: oh lord
PEV: really?
Ron: sinful
PEV: (wipes drool off chin)
Ron: but I was really rather good. Loaded up my plate, and couldn't finish it
Judy: what cruise line were you on?
BobS: for both selecting chocolate AND for leaving some
PEV: chocolate fountain too?
Ron: Norwegian Sun - Norwegian Cruise Lines, 7 days from Vancouver, stop at Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway
Judy: sounds good
Ron: not a chocolate fountain, but they actually had ice sculptures all over the place
Ron: Highly recommended. We'll be going back
Ron: not to Alaska, but they run trips all over the world
PEV: my MIL did an Alaska cruise many years ago - she loved it
BobS: aren't the ice sculptures really NEAT, COOL and great??????
Judy: I agree we love to cruise
Ron: you bet Bob
Meeka: ya, we do too
PEV: I'd love to try it but I don't know if I'll ever convince Russell
Ron: even got up on the bridge for a look see
PEV: were you able to make sense of what you saw?
rich-c: Ron, re Susan's hip - Frances knows where all the internet support groups are and many of the members
BobS: tell Russell that it is really just a trip to a foreign Chicago
rich-c: if you need any "consumer" information, she's a very useful contact
PEV: R's problem is heights, Bob
Ron: oh yes. Actually the bridge looked like it had been home to much more larger equipment at one time. Nothing there but space and a Captain's chair (ala Captain Kirk)
PEV: and that's not something you can get around on a cruise
rich-c: no, in fact ships use height to give an impression of spaciousness and luxury
BobS: stay low and just get off on shore
Ron: was talking radio procedures with the young 1st Officer, who told me he'd had to learn Morse code but had never used it
Ron: 13 decks
BobS: as long as you don't go high and outside, you can live inside and not even know you are on anything like a hip
rich-c: did you offer a practice session?
PEV: I think it's one of those things that you will probably never use, but when you need it, you REALLY need it
Ron: na..... was going to, but he didn't seem to have the time
rich-c: pity
Ron: still stuck in my head after all these years
rich-c: and in your fist, IIRC
Ron: well I tell ya, there's nothing like it to get ride of a thick Greek accent yelling Mayday!!
Ron: his dots and dashes are international
Judy: you just don't have to look over board and you never know that you are up high
Ron: that's right Judy.
Judy: and don't get on the glass elevator
PEV: problem is, things like the pool are often on the topmost deck and open to the air
Ron: On the bridge they had two glass panels about 3 ft by 7 ft so they could look down and see exactly where the ship was relative to the dock
rich-c: had another query about our trailer today
Judy: I had a problem with them at one time but had to get over it bob loves to ride on them
PEV: did you get my e-mail about that Dad?
BobS: the poll is one of the top and open air places where you can see out and down, yes
Ron: Yeah Pam, average pool temp was about 80 F, but the surrounding air temp was in the 60's
PEV: I'd have to blindfold him
rich-c: no, whendid you send it?
PEV: about 3:30 or so Dad
PEV: I didn't realize how bad it was until we rode the Alpine way at the Ex one year
Ron: Are we gonna do the ADAM Xmas card this year Bob?
rich-c: thought I cleared our mailbox after that
BobS: YES< we ARE
PEV: we're only on the 5th floor here but he won't go out on the balcony
BobS: ou gonna volunteer this year again????????
BobS: you
Ron: ok. I'll see what I can start putting together
Ron: At least get some screens made. Will start early for a change
BobS: tis an annual event which lots of silent but sometimes vocal users out in cyberspace expect to happen
Ron: I'm likely to be chief cook and bottle washer around here thru Nov
Meeka: well folks, i gotta run do a few things tonight
Guy B: Bye Meeka
PEV: : ( Meeka
Ron: nite Meeka. Great to talk to ya
PEV: if you must
rich-c: you actually sent the email at 4.29 Pam, it's one of 35 waiting in the inbox
PEV: wow, it took me that long? okay
PEV: read it please
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: night Meeka
rich-c: did and I will add it to the whitelist, for what that's worth
PEV: ok
rich-c: btw we found the battery - now all we need is someone to lift it
PEV: where was it? : )
rich-c: down where we looked but hidden under something
PEV: (rolls eyes)
rich-c: your mother was very acid and highly unspecific
PEV: no comment
PEV: do you still simply want to put it into the van?
rich-c: and Bob, my beer tonight is from one of your Michigan microbreweries
BobS: and THEN into the trailer
BobS: COOL, hope it took the customs trip well
rich-c: no, just get it up onto the shelf to charge it
BobS: wourse, you did NOT tell them you had it did you?????
Ron: cross border transport of alcoholic goods
BobS: si, makes it taste better Ron
Ron: of course
rich-c: of course I did - we're allowed three bottles of wine and a couple of two-fours of beer
Ron: all legal then
rich-c: but nice beer - coffee porter from dark horse brewery
Ron: boy, do they ever soak ya for booze on board ship
PEV: I believe it Ron
Ron: about $9. a shot for a mixed drink, and 5 buck for a beer
PEV: ouch
rich-c: and no byob, I assume
Ron: No!
Ron: none of that
PEV: is that US or CDN, Ron?
rich-c: enough to make me a TT - for the trip, anyway
Ron: imagine some people got one heck of a bar bill at the end of the week
Ron: US
PEV: double ouch
PEV: um Ron, when's your anniversary?
Ron: Nov 8 2009
rich-c: oh, our dollar is up to about 92 cents, Pam
Judy: that is higher than any ship we have been on
PEV: guess you're not going dancing then
PEV: at least it's not right on the day
BobS: course, we don't drink too much..........cept when we get it for free on Royal Caribbean
Ron: this beastie was rather huge. Have forgotten the length, but she carries 900 crew, and about 2500 passengers
Ron: No actually I think most people we saw were partying, but rather moderate
rich-c: and they run her up the Inside Passage?
Ron: You can dance or you can drink, but you can't do both at the same time
PEV: just think about the logistics involved in that
Ron: Yes Rich, mostly, but coming back they were on the outside of the Queen Charlottes for almost a full 24 hrs
Ron: rocking back and forth, but gently
PEV: running a ship that size I mean
Ron: that was when our bridge tour occurred. Couldn't see land in any direction
rich-c: the open ocean wouldn't faze me, but all those rapids and rocks Inside - wow!
Ron: yeah. Pam..... like 9000 lbs of coffee weekly
PEV: all the food, all the dishes (!), all the laundry
rich-c: gee, if I ever go I'll warn them to double that
Ron: we actually got into the galley for part of the tour. Talk about everything in great quantity. Even the soup containers held 80 gallons apiece
BobS: the draft is very small for aship that size, and with the modern sonar, etc, they can thread a needle with those ships
PEV: holy sh**!
PEV: sorry
Ron: amazing how manoeuverable she was Bob. Sided up to the dock so smooth
rich-c: uh - the Inside Passage is sort of special, Bob
BobS: gina economy sizes
Judy: ya, they go thru a ton of food
BobS: nothing is beyond their capabilities Richard
Ron: yeah, like at one point the channel is so narrow you can practically touch the trees both sides
PEV: takes a special mind to be able to think in those quantities
Ron: indeed it does
rich-c: and those rocks have some very sharp teeth - ask BC Ferries
Ron: right. When we passed by Gill Island, I thought about that
BobS: and lots of experience on the eating capability of passengers
Ron: that's where the Queen of the North died
PEV: just think
PEV: Bob, it's like running a luxury hotel
Ron: Asked the chef about whether or not different passenger nationality mixes made any difference in Quantity
PEV: a very large luxury hotel
BobS: si senorita
Ron: he said..... (don't take this personally anybody) that Americans eat the most
BobS: darn right !!!!!!!
Ron: well hey, ya gotta get your money's worth
PEV: but having to have EVERYTHING, every contingency, accounted for before you leave quayside
Daniel antizero: I don't want to be rude, but I have to leave in a few minutes. I just want to know if you are still receiving emails from the maillist to stay in contact.
BobS: we don't eat taht much, get too full, but we see lots of eating machines
Daniel antizero: goodnight all!
Judy: night Daniel
PEV: goodnight Daniel
BobS: yes Daniel I si
BobS: is
Guy B: Night Daniel
Ron: Night Daniel. Good luck with the hotel
rich-c: yes, Daniel, the list is operating fine - we are slow but it is not
rich-c: the problem areea is the hcat log (hint, Dale, hint)
rich-c: have a good night, Daniel - a la prochaine
PEV: oh heck I was gonna call Erin tonite
PEV: forgot
Ron: Are they all moved in and settled Pam?
PEV: to my knowledge, yes
Ron: good.
PEV: but I haven't talked to Erin since her birthday
PEV: and that was August 1
Ron: ah
PEV: so I don't what if anything has cropped up since
rich-c: great heavens - or is she on Facebook?
PEV: she is on FB Dad but I can't have an in-depth conversation with her that way
rich-c: true but you will find out if anything interesting has happened
PEV: its just the day to day stuff that I miss
PEV: I really miss her
rich-c: I hear what you're saying - your mother thinks she is a bit homesick, too
PEV: oh without a doubt
Ron: understandable
Ron: let me get this straight Pam. You two are cousins right?
Judy: what is she doing
rich-c: yes, Cleveland is a very foreign country to her; she has not travelled much, I believe
PEV: correct Ron
PEV: first cousins on mom's side
Ron: ok
PEV: her sister is my aunt
Ron: right
PEV: not much yet Judy
PEV: she's having little luck finding a job
Judy: what is she trying to do?
Judy: that doesn't supprise me
PEV: communications / issues management I believe
rich-c: no one in Michiogan/Ohio is having much luck finding a job
BobS: as the large number of people inthe US are having trouble finding a joba also
Ron: no small task
Judy: that for sure
rich-c: basically she was a political flack here - and a very adept one
PEV: i know she has some good connections through the University and Rich
rich-c: the Deemocrats should grab her to help sell health care
Ron: And you serve at the pleasure of your boss, for as long as he/she is in office
PEV: and there are some pretty big names on this side of the border pulling for her too
rich-c: and it was her bosses pleasure to keep her as long as she would or could stay
Ron: good to have connections
PEV: ideally she'll get something political or in government
Ron: so I understand Rich
rich-c: Ohio is a red state, isn't it?
PEV: meaning Democratic?
rich-c: no, the Am,ericans have the colours reversed
PEV: then no - I believe it's Democratic
rich-c: she should find some sympathetic ears, then
PEV: think that's how they swung in the election
Ron: Anyway good people, I have something like 708 cruise trip pics to sort thru, think I better go and get at it
Ron: hopefully see ya's next week
PEV: is that all Ron? : )
Judy: night Ron
Ron: and a couple of hours of camcorder footage
Ron: g'nite all
PEV: oh, well then . . .
rich-c: OK Ron, Frances can recommend a good album program
PEV: g'nite
PEV: say Hi to Susan for us
Ron: might just ask her about that Rich
Ron: but I do have iPhoto
rich-c: nite to you and good luck to Susan from another hippy
Ron: and Photoshop
Ron: tks Rich... will do.... g'nite
Ron left chat session
PEV: wow, look at the time
rich-c: yes, it sure flies, doesn't it?
PEV: how did it get to be 10:55??
rich-c: withoput even trying
Judy: happens every night at this time, Pam
rich-c: yes, we've had a lot of it lately, almost every day
Judy: like to help
PEV: and every night it sneaks up on me
Dale: Yes, with the new school schedule, I really should go to bed earlier.
rich-c: yes, Dale, take care and don't forget the log
PEV: what time does Jeffrey have to be at school Dale?
Guy B: Well folks. Annie will need a walk soon. So, I'll see you all next week
Judy: night Dale
PEV: gnite Guy
Judy: night Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, see you then
Dale: Not until 9 am, which is better than last year.
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
PEV: what was it last year?
Dale: But still it takes a while to get organized, and we are still getting used to it.
rich-c: might as well, Dale, there's lots of school years ahead
Dale: School started at 8:15 last year. And it was across town.
PEV: OMG that's horrible
BobS: this year is easier for sure
Dale: Yes, his bus was at 7:40.
Dale: Far to early.
PEV: what masochist thought that up???
Judy: the trouble is morning comes to soon so have to go, night all
PEV: gnite Judy
Dale: Now it is at 8:40. Much more civilized.
BobS: our grandkids get onthe bus at 6:30am
rich-c: night Judy
PEV: oh ick Bob
BobS: ya sure
PEV: I'm not even out of bed then
BobS: long days for the little guys
PEV: I'll say
Dale: Well they time shift the schools so that they can share busses.
PEV: that's way too early
BobS: heck I am getting ready to leave for work then
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BobS: and to work by 7am
PEV: just one more reason why I think it's a good thing we don't have kids
rich-c: (deafening silence from the eldrs" corner)
PEV: it's hard enough to get myself up and out
BobS: Richard, got some input on wake up time???? ;-)
PEV: and as for Russell, forget it
PEV: you don't want to know Bob
rich-c: these days, I just ignore it until it goes away
rich-c: a hint: our phone hours are noon to midnight - amd I'm grouchy at noon
BobS: well with that, I need to go to bed also see you all next week
BobS: ;-)
PEV: goodnight Bob
Dale: bye everyone.
BobS: nite
rich-c: night Bob and night Dale
PEV: nite Dale
BobS left chat session
rich-c: see y'all next week
Dale left chat session
PEV: sigh - guess I'd better go too, Papa
rich-c: right - I'll try and get thaqt email set up
rich-c: night now, then
PEV: gnite Daddy
rich-c: nite Pam
PEV: I'll call in the next couple days
rich-c: OK
PEV: kerpoof
rich-c: colour me gone
PEV left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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moved to room Meeting Place
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