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Daniel Bienvenu: Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: Which one?
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy B?
Vac-Guy: HI Daniel, yeah it's me. Vac is short for vacation for me this week
Daniel Bienvenu: It's mid-september already... Geocities closing in october
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm worrying because I have no done yet a new web site
Daniel Bienvenu: what about your web site?
Daniel Bienvenu: any transfer to or another server?
Vac-Guy: I've saved my pages and I'm going to transfer them by the end of the week\
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changed username to rich-c
Vac-Guy: I signed up for a free site at
rich-c: bonsoir, mes amis
Vac-Guy: HI Rich
rich-c: littler slow coming in the evening
rich-c: what's the new site for?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir rich
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Vac-Guy: That's where my website will be going. I'm planning to do the transfer over by the weekend
rich-c: you're on vacation now?
Vac-Guy: Yep
rich-c: thought you had a big workload or transfer or something coming on?
Vac-Guy: Oh no. Needed a break from work. Been working too hard. I do have two more weeks after this one to take, plus a personal day off
Vac-Guy: Annie's been happy I'm home this week. She's been getting more walks from me
rich-c: ah, I don't have those issues any more - and I am not sorry
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: allo, Roberto
Vac-Guy: HI Bob\
BobS: a vacuum cleaner salesman??????
Vac-Guy: Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob
BobS: hi gang
rich-c: gather this is not the week the Slopsemas are going camping
BobS: Fri am until Sep 28th Richard
Vac-Guy: Where are you heading to?
rich-c: ah - close but no cigar - OK
rich-c: Pamela is up at their trailer, went up today, home Sunday
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rich-c: she's trying to work with John to get a connection up there, even dialup if necessary
changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir judy
Vac-Guy: HI Judy
BobS: Washington Dc via Lancaster Pennsylvania
rich-c: so far no joy but if she gets lucky she will jopin us - don't hold your breath
Judy: Hi, Rich, Daniel and Vac-Guy
rich-c: hi Judy
Vac-Guy: Vac is short for vacation for me this week
BobS: for caht she could use plain ol dial up
rich-c: well, the line has to go through the ISP, that's the bottleneck
rich-c: but yes, the line speed wouldn't matter on chat
rich-c: why are you off to Lancaster? Not enough Dutchmen in Michigan? ; -)
BobS: going to the Sight & Sound about creation "In the Beginning"....folks were there a few years ago and loved it, so....
BobS: trip is for them, not us
rich-c: right - taking the Crown Vic or the RV?
BobS: rv
BobS: got one Marquis and a tiny Chevy
rich-c: good - lots of good campground around Lancaster
BobS: Walmart baby
rich-c: for Washington we have liked the Cherry Hill CG out on the
rich-c: beltway
rich-c: or the Dept. of the Interior campground down south
BobS: we are looking at the Greenbelt campground....close in and CHEAP
BobS: $16 per night.....not hookups, but we don't need any, and it has a dump station
rich-c: don't know that one - where is it?
BobS: just northeast of Washington inside the 495 beltway
rich-c: in one of the parks up that way?
BobS: thinkthat is thename of the park
BobS: tis in Greenbelt Maryland
rich-c: OK, the Interior park is down off 95 around Manassas - easy drive to the end of the Mettro
rich-c: I do hope you do not plan to drive into Washington
Judy: going to take the trolley around town
BobS: yup, gonna do it mon
BobS: park at Union Station or the old conventio center and take the trolley around
rich-c: even I would not drive in Washington - even in Sept. 2001 when teh traffic was thin
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't know that Patrick Swayze was dead.
Judy: yes, think he died yesterday
rich-c: some sort of cancer, I believe
rich-c: you got a fixed itinery set up, or planning to make it up as you go along?
BobS: people tend to get the heck out the way for a motorhome 10' high
rich-c: you haven't been to Washington lately, have you?
rich-c: and don't take it anywhere they will suspect you of harbouring a truck bomb
BobS: I don't care where I take it, that is a fact
rich-c: I hear you, Bob, but Washington is just too much of a hassle - can't drive it, can't park it
Judy: we don't have a fixed itinery, have to be flexable with Mom and Dad
BobS: in early park and out late
rich-c: our plan when there tends to be to take the Metro to the Mall (all the lines join there, like the Loop in Chicago)
BobS: we are lazy
rich-c: park where?
Judy: we like to have the motor home somewhere not to far away in case we need something
BobS: Union Station has about 2000 spots for all kinds of transportation and the Old convention Center has parking for about 600 with a lik ti the mall area
rich-c: I assume both are on one of the Metro lines?
Judy: yes, and the trolley line
rich-c: OK, I can't recall ever seeing a trolley in Washington - are those the buses that imitate a San Francisco cable car?
Daniel Bienvenu: where are the others? Pam? Ron? Dr.D? Erin? Dale? Neil?
Judy: yes
rich-c: Pam is up at her trailer, Daniel, and hasn't got a connection so far
rich-c: have no idea what's with the Drushels- they should be settled now in Cleveland
rich-c: maybe you can find a clue of their Facebook pages
rich-c: and maybe the Wicks and Ron will turn up later, or maybe not
Daniel Bienvenu: I feel like there are some people missing tonight in teh chat room
Daniel Bienvenu: And I feel useless in the current conversation
rich-c: we are also missig Meeka, Guy Foster, Luc, and a few less regular ones
rich-c: sorry, I am fairly familiar with a tourist's Washington, so was offering Bob some tips
Daniel Bienvenu: I've never went in DC
rich-c: pay attention, you'll be doing the same thing for most of us for Montreal
rich-c: it's early days, you ae young yet, but you should plan on a few days investigating DC when the time is ripe
Daniel Bienvenu: Montreal is not my domain... I have no real clues about Montreal, I'm more a guy from Quebec
rich-c: well m hoping as you get further on in the planning you'll become more familiar
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm unable to tell you where are this or this important road in Montreal
BobS: yes Daniel
BobS: the ocmputer is an unlimited source of bu!!shit, but also information on various places
BobS: computer
rich-c: well, Montreal is another place where sane people don't drive anyway
rich-c: I suggest you look up the Newseum and see that you get there, Bob
BobS: limited time and dependent on what dad wants to see and how they hold up physically to the time alloted
rich-c: right, do they have any assistive devices? even a cane makes a great difference in some cases
Judy: have a cane and wheelchair
Judy: maybe two wheelchairs
rich-c: OK, wheelchairs are very awkward but if necessary you use them
rich-c: do they have any walkers like mine, with the basket and seat?
BobS: nope couldn't find any
BobS: debatging whether to take along the eztra wheelcahir or not
BobS: got canes and 1 chair for sure
rich-c: couldn't find any? heavens, here every big drugstore has them
rich-c: and in my neighbourhood, half the population use them ; - )
BobS: cheapo type here......
rich-c: mine was not very expensive, and our shops are very greedy
rich-c: it depends on what their problems are - I can't stand up fully without killing my back
rich-c: but when I can push my little cart along and sit when I'm tired, I can go a good time and distance
rich-c: you may have seen it at Meijer Gardens
Judy: no back trouble just bad legs and feet
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm wearing the meijer garden hat you gave me... it's cold here, and I did feel the need to use it.
rich-c: you might get them to test one - the fact that you can lean on them seems to help the lega and feet too
Judy: was cool here today also but is supposed to warm up some again tomorrow
rich-c: yes, we're getting our first chill - we haven't had any rain for over two weeks now
Judy: 15 dry days in a row here
rich-c: we were about 12C when got up this morning, Daniel - what about you?
Daniel Bienvenu: this morning? I don't know, but we expect this week a 9C
Daniel Bienvenu: one morning
rich-c: single digits overnight - the cool is sneaking up on us
BobS: about wht we had here also Richard
BobS: tonight colder though
Daniel Bienvenu: tonight... it's about 4C only here
rich-c: our tomatoes don't like it and have cut their production way back
Daniel Bienvenu: 4C is about 39F
rich-c: that's only about 40F, seriously chilly
BobS: THAT is too cold this early
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm happy to wear a hat.
rich-c: but no ice in the St.Laurent for a few weeks yet! ; - )
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Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know if I can keep it when going in the bed
BobS: think you need to take off the hat to sleep Daniel
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: woohoo!
Vac-Guy: Hi Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I remember seeing ice in the street october during the last years
BobS: welcoem to America !!!!!!
Judy: hi, Pam
rich-c: hey daughter, you made it - on dialup or dsl?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Pamela!
Pamela: dialup
Pamela: computer is really slow too
rich-c: well, it will work for chat, which is very slow anyway
Pamela: anyway I made it
Pamela: so what did I miss?
BobS: us
rich-c: and that is what counts
BobS: dialup is the old standby and works just right for chat
rich-c: yes, they are off to Washington Friday with the folks - back the 28th
Judy: we were talking about our trip to Washington DC
Daniel Bienvenu: I did write a page with Pamela the science teacher... I've decided to give this character a low resistence to stress situations.
rich-c: and I ws recommending they suggest walkers like mine to the folks
Pamela: who is they?
Daniel Bienvenu: *replace with by about
rich-c: who you asking?
Pamela: you DAd
Daniel Bienvenu: So, I did use the song you suggested to me last time.
rich-c: then, Bob and Judy - they saw mine at Meijer Gardens
Pamela: good
Daniel Bienvenu: So, Pauline did talk with Pamela and Russell in the story.
Daniel Bienvenu: But the situation turned as a chaos when the big ennemy in the story enter the house.
Pamela: @Daniel - shocking (not)
Pamela: okay I'm a little less confused now - missed Judy's line about the trip
Pamela: so Bob and Judy, you're going to DC with your folks?
Daniel Bienvenu: The bad guy did appears as someone they know, Bill the hero of the story.
Pamela: which set?
Daniel Bienvenu: So, he was able to enter and from there he planned to capture them
Daniel Bienvenu: Pauline saved the day, but the bad guy costume did electroshock her somehow.
BobS: Judy's parents
Daniel Bienvenu: Too much stress for Pamela... Russell was the last one on his feet.
BobS: he was the one injured in WW2 and wants to see the memorils
Daniel Bienvenu: So, it was quite an adventure... and I did write it in rhymes
rich-c: will he be wanting to visit teh National Cemetery at Arlington, too? I believe you can drive there
rich-c: tho' come to think of it, I believe it has a Metro stop too
Judy: yes he wants to go their also
Judy: it is on the trolley route also
Daniel Bienvenu: I've stoped the story at the point where the bad guy escape, and Pauline decided to leave Pamela and Russell to the policemen who answered the emergency call.
rich-c: research it first, it may take a lot of internal travelling
Judy: the trolley has 18 different stops with 30 minutes between trolleys
Judy: and we can ride it 2 days in a row
Judy: already bought tickets
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to admit that it was quite difficult to write 2 pages in rhymes and keep going with the story at the same time, and all in english.
rich-c: that's OK, you may have sightseeing tickets but point to point fast movess the Metro works well
rich-c: but on the periphery - Beltway and beyond - it's use the car
rich-c: if you go to the Manassas battlefield, look for the battery compartment cap from my camera
BobS: can yo identify it??????? specifically?????
BobS: but prolly won't go there anyways
rich-c: oh yes, the one that fits a Fujica ST-705 is very distinctive 8 - )
BobS: oh THAT ONE !!!!! ok, will see if we can trace itdown
rich-c: just in case you take along a metal detector - it was in the tall grass not far from a couple of cannons
Judy: we are going to be watching Bob on TV right now
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam : I don't know if you want to read the story I've written, I did somehow preserve a copy of the text.
rich-c: what is Bob doing on tv right now?
Judy: they had a piece on Habitat
rich-c: ah, one of the news channels, then?
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Judy: was on at 5:30 but I recorded it because we were at church for supper at that time
changed username to PEV
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam again?
BobS: yes 2 channels picked it up
rich-c: how come you're twins?
PEV: allright, trying this again
Judy: are you having troubles Pam?
Daniel Bienvenu: So... Did you miss many minutes?
BobS: are you peeved???????
Daniel Bienvenu: zero is not there
rich-c: no, it's Pam Eileen Villnef
BobS: and a GOOD thing
Judy: he really ticked you off, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I've never used the word jerk that much before zero
Judy: I seeee
Daniel Bienvenu: was so happy to see him kicked again and again
rich-c: don't let the jerks get to you, Daniel - that's what they want to do - just blow them off
rich-c: exactly, when they can't annoy you, they go away - so kick them off
BobS: IF you get upset, that is what those types want and they win....IF you blow them off, YOU WIN
rich-c: any chance John can get you DSL up there, Pam?
rich-c: test
rich-c: I am here, is anybody else?
Judy: I am still here
rich-c: I was wondering - everyone has gone silent
Judy: did you think you were kicked out, Rich?
Judy: was watching the news for a moment
rich-c: I considered the possibility, but a test post said I was still on
Judy: Bob is checking the weather in Washington
rich-c: I guess Pam and Daniel must be chatting privately
rich-c: and well he should - has the heat broken there yet?
Judy: or Pam got dumped again
rich-c: possibly, though her connection should be fairly firm
Judy: sounds like we may get some rain on Mon and Tue but will have to just go with it
BobS: oh yes, the warm is AgGONE
rich-c: usually the hot and muggy backs off in Washington just before mid-September
BobS: going to be int he 70's but rain possible Tues thru Thurs
rich-c: that's OK, trekking around Washington you want it warm but not too hot
Judy: 70's it about the right temp for me
Judy: not too hot but not cold
rich-c: yes, in my old age I prefer it nearer 75, but old folks are like that
rich-c: temperture thast matches your age is pretty good
BobS: then dad needs 85* F
BobS: too hot
Judy: don't think they would like it that hot
Daniel Bienvenu: here it's almost time to sleep.
rich-c: and don't be surprised if he wears a sweater or even coat if it's 70
Daniel Bienvenu: I was checking my mails... and I've published a video at teh same time
rich-c: ah, we are wondering where Pamela got to
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight all!
Judy: multi tasking, Daniel?
rich-c: I was wearing a cardigan today, and it was 70+
Daniel Bienvenu: somehow multitasking... but I can only type in one window at a time
Judy: good night Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel. A la prochaine!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich, Bob, Judy, GuyB, Pam
BobS: nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir = good night (or goodnight? or goodnite?)
BobS: ya
Vac-Guy: Nite Daniel
rich-c: any of those, Daniel - isn't English confusing?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: * poof *
rich-c: that's OK, les Anglais have problems with it too!
rich-c: I see Pamela just vanished
rich-c: wonder if she will try to restablish the connection?
rich-c: Bob, depending on your route, you might go by the Gettysburg battlefiels, too - will you stop?
BobS: nope, not planning on it
BobS: we wnet there years ago and had a good tome because we hired an onboard interpreter
rich-c: if you have any slack and it fits, considerit - it is worth seeing
BobS: colonial williamsburg is more attractive
rich-c: yep, been there a couple of times, go again in a heartbeat
rich-c: with a run across to Monticello, too
rich-c: or perhaps even better to the Maritime Museum at Virginia Beah
BobS: want to see Monticello also
BobS: been to Mount Vernon.......
BobS: got to spread the presidents aroudn
rich-c: oddly enough, we have an even more fascinating house in Nova Scotia - but the two form a fascinating contrast
rich-c: yeah, since you have one in your own back yard, so to speak...
rich-c: have to admit Grand Rapids proved a lot more interesting than I expected when we came
Judy: i think anywhere is like that, Rich, are always places to see
rich-c: up to a point, Judy, but your town is particularly well endowed
rich-c: and remember I live in a city of 2.5 million with "lots of everything" so I get spoiled
BobS: Toronto is just bigger and harder to navigate
rich-c: yes, even for us locals and we know the tricks
rich-c: when a car guy like me won't drive downtown, it's really rough down there
Judy: think i will call it a night, talk to you in a couple of weeks, rich
BobS: well, I am almost fallilng asleep here in the chair
BobS: so will see ya's in 2 weeks OK ??????
rich-c: yes, my beer is beginning to be felt, too
rich-c: right, Robert, have a good and safe trip, see the sights and enjoy
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
rich-c: nite to you and judy
Judy left chat session
Vac-Guy: Bye Judy
rich-c: and Guy, I'll close now too - goodnight to you and Annie
Vac-Guy: Well, I think it's time for me to go too. Will see you next week
Vac-Guy: Nite Rich
rich-c: colour me gone
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Vac-Guy: Poof
Vac-Guy left chat session
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comehollo: hola vusco chico gay pacibo
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