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rich-c: test
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Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: hello Guy
rich-c: how is Annie doing these hot days?
Guy B.: She just turned 4 this past Sunday
rich-c: I assume you provided appropriate treats?
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Guy B.: Of course. Her favorite are gravy coated biscuits from Milk Bone and peanut butter pig ear substitutes
Guy B.: Now who's brb?
rich-c: well, when he or she comes back, we'll find out
rich-c: Paul Severini suggested he could turn up, as did another newbie
Guy B.: I'll be back in a few
[brb]: c'est moi... je reviens dans quelques minutes. -db
rich-c: bien, Daniel
rich-c: anyway, Guy, it's Daniel and he will return shortly
[brb] changed username to DanielB
DanielB: hello
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
DanielB: I'm back
rich-c: OK
DanielB: I've decided to prepare a cup of ramens... it's cold and it's raining... it's the period of the year to be sick.
rich-c: how are things in Quebec City today? are you warm too?
DanielB: caught a cold or even a flu
Guy B.: My website is at it's new home. it's
DanielB: right now, I'm somehow fine... I think I have a little cold, but nothing serious
DanielB: I did saw your email about your new site. congrats Guy. My web site is still on geocities.
Guy B.: That's always good to have when you have a cold
rich-c: yes, it is the season for colds - fortunately I can avoid them pretty well
rich-c: and I bookmarked your site as soon as I got the email, Guy
Guy B.: Fantastic
rich-c: we had a very warm humid day today, 26C with a fairly torrential afternoon downpour
Guy B.: I have some big changes coming. So, I hope to have some of them in by the end of the year
Guy B.: We finally got rain on Sunday evening and we really needed it
rich-c: you''re talking about your website, Guy?
Guy B.: Yep
rich-c: yes, we got some Monday, our first this month
rich-c: September has been unusually warm for us - I'll take it!
rich-c: so how is your fall colour, Guy?
rich-c: you guys awake? Daniel? Guy?
DanielB: Sorry, I was checking my mails
rich-c: oh. I thought you had both packed it in for the night
DanielB: I have an argument about something
DanielB: and I'm trying to add an evidence to my point
rich-c: a computer something or other something?
DanielB: it's about computers, consoles and games
rich-c: what sort of evidence do you need? what do you want to prove?
rich-c: oh. interrurption before I forget
rich-c: if there is a Grand Prix in Montreal it will be June 13th
DanielB: the date changed?
rich-c: so the weeks up to the 20th and 27th should be clear for Adamcon
DanielB: soon you will tell me it will be june 20, which will be at the same time as the convention
rich-c: not sure, but the tentative schedule is now set
rich-c: no, the date is fixed because they need time to ship cars and crews from one place to another
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rich-c: you should be safe, barring calamity, to settle on June 20th
DanielB: so, about the argument, it's about the frame rate of games. why some people are getting sick when playing games at a low frame rate? And my answer is that the problem is not the framerate itself, but the lack of fluidity of this framerate.
changed username to PEV
Guy B.: HI Pam
rich-c: hello daughter
DanielB: bonsoir Pam
PEV: i'm coming . . . I'm coming!
PEV: hi
DanielB: that's too much details!
rich-c: I think you will find it is the frame rate, Daniel - look up material on things that trigger epilepsy
PEV: there's an argument?
DanielB: so I did try to find an example of somthing at a low rate like a movie on dvd.
rich-c: Daniel is discussing something by email with someone offline
PEV: ah
DanielB: gamers complains about low frame rate of some games, and they weirdest coment I've got was "I can see the frames" which is bullshit
PEV: Daniel!
PEV: We taught you to swear!
DanielB: Pamela!
DanielB: I'm sorry but I'm angry
PEV: remember you can't please all of the people all of the time Daniel
rich-c: well, it is not very nice to be trold you don't know your subject
DanielB: my games for colecovision are at 20,30 frames per second. dvd movies are at 24,25 or 30 frames per seoncd, and in both cases nobody complains or say they can't support them and feel sick
DanielB: so I try to show them that the problem is not the low frame rate but the lack of fluidity, the frames the modern games calculates do not match the Hz of their monitor or tv.
rich-c: there are some people who can't stand the flickering of a television screen, Daniel - it triggers an epileptic attack
DanielB: but these people will not complains about one game in particular
rich-c: I'm not that familiar with it, Daniel - I know it happens, sometimes unpredictably
Guy B.: Ok back
rich-c: but anything else I have to defer to the doctors
DanielB: these people will complains about their tv or monitor Hz, and raise it up to 87Hz and more if they can to solve their problem
DanielB: but in the case of the emails I'm having now, it's about one game in particular and how a low frame rate make him sick
rich-c: a VGA monitor will suppport that frequency easily, from what I have heardd
rich-c: how does he describe sick in this case? loss of consciousness or failure of balance?
DanielB: I know this guy can handle watching dvd movies, no problem. but for some reaons refuses to admit that these movies are encoded as up to 30 frames per second. I've got reply teling me that
DanielB: I think I will reply "go check wikipedia"
rich-c: and give him a link to the proper page
DanielB: good idea
DanielB: I find it in a second
Guy B.: Sometimes it's good to rest your eyes for a while
DanielB: I like closing my eyes, but this discussion by emails keep me awake for the reason that it makes me angry.
DanielB: I did rest a little bit today... it was quite relaxing
rich-c: yes and do realize flashing light can cause a fit - I have seen a healthy young person have a siezure just from a flash of sun on a windshield
DanielB: it's raining outside, it's depressing
Guy B.: I have to do that at work.
rich-c: why, have you had much rain recently?
Guy B.: You should bring that to me Daniel
DanielB: I'm not an expert but I think it's related to a weather system from the west, growing near the great lakes and add water here in Quebec
PEV: so did any of my posts last week about sending but not receiving come through?
DanielB: you need rain?
DanielB: the weather seems to give me the rain.
rich-c: we had quite a downpour today, Daiel, but the last 72 hours have had all the rain we have seen this month
rich-c: it has been gorgeously warm, though
PEV: my only objection is to the humidity
rich-c: and Pam, I believe I recall seeing you complaining
PEV: about what?
DanielB: well, surprizingly, it's warmer when it's rain... same thing happen during winter.
rich-c: about seeing your posts appear but not anyone else's - or swere you talking about the mailing list?
DanielB: indication of the end of summer and start of winter here
PEV: no I was talking about my aborted appearance last week
DanielB: you still look great... (joking)
rich-c: right, anyway we were seeing your postings, I believe
DanielB: trying to make a word joke here... forget it
PEV: from the info I was getting my postings were getting through but I wasn't getting anything back
rich-c: you mean you couldnt see the rest of us posting?
DanielB: because for me the word "apearance" is related to another meaning which is based on the look.
PEV: I got it Daniel : ) and thanks
DanielB: ... forget it
Guy B.: And halloween is in full swing in the stores
PEV: not only could I not see the rest of you posting, I couldn't see my own stuff posting
PEV: sheesh Guy, already?
rich-c: that means you have been dropped, I think
PEV: brb gotta go to the kitchen
DanielB: I don't want to be rude or something but why some people buy orange t-shirt with a typical triangular black shapes that makes them look like halloween pumpkins?
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
DanielB: Dale?
DanielB: I tough you was busy
Dale: Me, in person, so to speak.
Guy B.: Hi Dale
DanielB: it's taugh?
rich-c: hello Dale
Dale: Never too busy for you.
rich-c: Pam was just talking about being dropped somehow last week
Dale: Though last week I fell asleep just before the chat I guess.
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, they think it's funny - you need not agree
PEV: hi Dale
rich-c: Dale, any progress on getting up the chat transcripts?
PEV: darn dialup wasn't working properly - nothing to do with the chat I don't think
DanielB: I know these orange t-shirts are cheap and it may be fun to wear them but seriously some people do actually look like pumpkins with that. I just can't see something else than apumpkin when I see these t-shirts.
PEV: many people don't look in the mirror before they walk out the door Daniel
rich-c: that's OK, it's a joke to them
PEV: I never cease to be amazed at what some people consider to be suitable business attire
PEV: and sitting on the steps outside the office peoplewatching is a fine way to entertain yourself
rich-c: from my generation, if it wasn't shirt, tie and jacket, it wasn't suitable (and female equivalent)
DanielB: and the eyes and mouth draw on these t-shirts... it looks scary and silly, depending on the person I guess.
rich-c: well, jack o'lanterns are supposed to be scary - symbolically, anyway
rich-c: Pam, did you get my forward on that table?
PEV: until a few weeks ago, our office expected suit and tie for the men and equivalent attire for the women
PEV: we're in an experimental business casual period right now
rich-c: yes, financial firms are especially struffy that way
PEV: I did, and replied - haven't you read your e-mail?
rich-c: yes, but I didn't see a reply - where did you send it?
DanielB: another thing I did remark is the new truck to pick up our stuff to recycle... well, each time the driver stop holding the break and go ahead, the hydrolic (or whatever) break system do a noise that sounds exactly like a person yelling, not like a truck sound.
PEV: well when your clients are expecting to drop tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on your recommendation, it helps to look like you know what you're talking about
PEV: back to you at yahoo
DanielB: it's a new truck the town bought for that
rich-c: I am not on yahoo - I sent that from
PEV: anyway Dad I fired off a message to Kris right away but haven't heard a peep from him
PEV: okay, well that's where I sent it back
rich-c: oh well, maybe it will turn up - I got an email Monday dated Aug. 27th
DanielB: @ Dale : Did Bill do something after all the events I've written in my text?
DanielB: *does
Dale: Jeffrey is scheming to publish an illustrated version of it on the web.
rich-c: Daniel, if the new truck gives a hissy sigh, that means it has air brakes
Dale: But sadly I don't have an update for you yet.
DanielB: yes, more probably air break system... thanks Rich
DanielB: So, Jeffrey and you did continue the story?
PEV: that's a great idea, Dale
rich-c: air brakes used to be very populaer, then they went away - now there seems to be a comeback
DanielB: but air break do "shhh" sounds not "AAAAahh" sounds
DanielB: *breaks
DanielB: that's what I did find weird
rich-c: freins pneumatiques?
DanielB: right
DanielB: So, to illustrate the story, you need to remember everything , make a script and then draw it
DanielB: there is part of the story I don't even remember
rich-c: air brakes work backwards - they are released by applying air pressure and applied by letting the air out
DanielB: so that explains why I've heard the noise when they move again the truck
rich-c: could very well be, Daniel
DanielB: because there is many recycle bins , I did notice the "AAAH" sound many many times, so it's not someone, it's really the break system
rich-c: it is a fail safe system - if pressure is lost, the truck stops
DanielB: If Dale is still here, clap you hands!
Dale: I'll try and set aside some time Friday morning to do an update. It is definately long overdue.
rich-c: yes, tomorrow is recycling day here, I think
(Dale sneezes.)
DanielB: sneezes? caugh a cold?
Dale: It was the closest to clapping.
DanielB: lol
DanielB: I imagine the vilain saying "clap your handsand I let her go" and Bill decided to sneeze and reply that in the condition it's the closest to clapping he can do.
Dale: lol
Dale: Well so, I think I'd probably start from issue 1 to draw and post it.
DanielB: did you read my text or you did start fro the resume I did write to you?
Dale: It would probably take many months to get to the part of the story with Daniel's new characters.
DanielB: do you have a database of pictures you can use for backgrounds and other stuff?
PEV: and when y'all are famous we can say we knew them when and . . .
PEV: this is my character
Dale: :-D
rich-c: I'm not sure I even want to think about that
PEV: why? afraid you'll end up a villain? : )
DanielB: Maybe for some parts we can develop videogames. and if it's for the web, then we can use flash media for that, not always making games for coleco and psp
Dale: Sure Daniel.
PEV: first ,get it written : )
DanielB: well, the story is all in Dale's head
rich-c: does it have a UFO in it?
DanielB: I have only a few parts written, my parts actually
DanielB: UFO?
rich-c: flying saucer - why not?
DanielB: you want a UFO in the story? or you want to pilot a UFO in the story?
Dale: No, so far there is no UFO in the story.
rich-c: no, I'm too old to pilot UFOs, but you can put one in the story if you like
Dale: Although there was a RC submarine in issue 2.
PEV: the whole point of fiction is it's fiction Dad
DanielB: too old to pilot a UFO? it's very sofisticated inside, all you need is think and the ufo pilots itself.
PEV: you can be anything you want
rich-c: oh yes but I don't make a good bubblehead
PEV: personally I plan to be blonde and stacked : )
DanielB: well, rich like cars... and I think most for red cars ... rich can be a rich man driving a sport red car.
PEV: a Jag!
DanielB: go for a red Jaguar sport car
rich-c: I like Jaguars, Daniel - especially bright yeloow E-type convertibles
DanielB: oh.. yellow
PEV: not British racing green?
rich-c: but only on Jaguars. The Ferraris are red. All real Ferraris are red.
DanielB: it looks very good, it's a racing car?
rich-c: the XK Jaguards are green. E-type convertibles are yellow. Especially the V-12s
PEV: of course, what was i thinking?
DanielB: what about this picture?
rich-c: no, look at Steve Hanley's stories at, about teh XK and the Lincoln
rich-c: those are real cars worth having
PEV: saw a beautiful '79
PEV: Continental the other day Dad
PEV: it was so perfect I suspect it's been refurbished
rich-c: they are cratehr pretty - but read the story about barry's car
DanielB: I can't find a picture then... the only ones I've found are not yellow
rich-c: just use google images, it should have one
DanielB: maybe this one ?
PEV: that one's really pretty - but rather pale, isn't it?
DanielB: maybe, but it's better than this color :
rich-c: anyway yes, that's the one I'm talking about, though the earlier one with enclosed headlights was neater
PEV: ick! what a horrible thing to do to a Jag!
rich-c: I won't look - I consider the E-type the most beautiful design ever put on a car
PEV: don't look Dad, you'll have nightmares
rich-c: OK, I won't
DanielB: @ Dale : Keep a note about a possible new character named Rich who drives a yellow jaguar e-type car.
rich-c: immaculately maintained, and "the greatest crumpet collector known to man" ; - )
PEV: who wears green tweed (inside joke)
DanielB: lol
PEV: what Dad, no comment? : )
Dale: Yellow Jaguar E-Type car.
Dale: Got it.
rich-c: oh, it started a train of thought - those were the days
rich-c: now I expect I'll need to buy a new suit
rich-c: I haven't worn a suit since Carolyn Pgan's funeral
PEV: I beg to differ
rich-c: sorry - your wedding (how could I forget)?
PEV: I have the pictorial proof : )
rich-c: or was that after - I tend to find dates slippery these days
PEV: oh no, we were 35 when Carolyn died
rich-c: heavens, that long ago? teh trauma remains
PEV: yes it doesn't seem like 9 years
rich-c: anyway, the fact remains that I've changed - grown at the equator and shrunk at the poles, as it were
DanielB: well, I remember that tweed was popular at one point in history here... but I can't rememeber when it did stops really
PEV: it was standard attire for librarians in the '70's and '80's, Daniel
rich-c: that's a sort of side joke, Daniel, too complicated to explain
DanielB: the word tweed, I'm sure I did hear it when I was young.
rich-c: anyway, the 100th Anniversary dinner for UTS (my school) is late October
DanielB: tweed is part of my memories somehow
rich-c: it's also 60th anniversary for my graduating class
Dale: I hear that tweed shorts are coming back in the spring.
PEV: now there's a picture!
rich-c: so I figure I am going to have to go
PEV: guess so
rich-c: and I doubt my suit will fit any more, or can even be altered
PEV: well try it first, you haven't changed that much
rich-c: oh I will but I am not optimistic - wonder if I have a short that will do?
PEV: short?
rich-c: effectively, I haven't got dressed up since I retired - and that was before Adamcon 2
rich-c: sorry, shirt - typewriter can't spell
PEV: I thought that was the point?
PEV: oh, okay
DanielB: based on what I'm seeing here, green tweed refers most of the time as green irish tweed, and there are pictures of men waering kilts... so I guess it's the origin
PEV: don't know why i didn't catch that
Guy B.: Well folks, going to take out Annie soon. Will see you all next week
Dale: Tweed is a city or county in the UK
PEV: g'nite Guy
rich-c: Daniel, tweed is a generic cloth used in mens' sports jackets (in my time anyway)
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: So originally all of the cloth was made there.
rich-c: I once had one in a shade of green which for some rason greatly amused one of my students
rich-c: never did figure out why, but that's his problem
rich-c: anyway when occasion warrants, I still wear tweed jackets, though npne in the current group are green
DanielB: I understand, but it seems to be also a kind of tissu... there is a picture of a women wearing "green tweed" and the only green part is the skirt
PEV: must find that yearbook . . .
rich-c: yes, tweeds are a blend - they are made by weavers on the Scottish island of Harris
rich-c: one of the Hebrides, I believe
rich-c: real tweeds have a label "Genuine Harris Tweed" inside
rich-c: anyway, the kid was bright and well enough behaved, just vaguely strange
rich-c: oh, Pam - the battery on the cordles phone has died
rich-c: they want $25 for another
PEV: well, toss it then Dad
rich-c: I don't get the use out of it to justify that.- could we find it another home?
Dale: In the 80's I had two tweed jackets.
Dale: But I switched to regular suits in the 90s/
Dale: But lately I only wear a suit a couple of times per year.
rich-c: oh yes, but in your business you need the Establishment look, Dale
PEV: do you have the latent librarian gene, Dale?
rich-c: anyway, I can certainly understand your preference
Dale: the tweed jackets with dress pants were a good look in the 80s.
rich-c: yes, loose with lots of pockets, so handy, too
DanielB: and the 3 feet heigh hairs that can't be moved by wind
rich-c: well, they weere warm, but I think that may be a slight exaggeration ; - )
PEV: guess it's time I poofed - russell has decided he wants to talk to me
rich-c: OK, say goodn ight to Russel for us too
DanielB: bye Pam!
DanielB: bye rich
rich-c: take care, talk to you anon
DanielB: bye Dale
DanielB: I'm leaving too
PEV: in the next couple days Dad
PEV: night Dale and Daniel
DanielB: but hey! that was quite fun to discuss of the past like this.
rich-c: OK - goodnight Pamela, and Daniel
PEV: g'nite Daddy
PEV: kerpoof
DanielB: jaguar cars and tweed
PEV left chat session
rich-c: I have lots of past, Daniel
rich-c: anyway time I went too - goodnight Dale and Daniel
rich-c: colour me gone
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DanielB: Well, Dale, you can leave the chat now... nobody is there anymore
Dale: Bye then
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