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ExSlyder: Hello!
Meeka: hello
ExSlyder: How are you?
Meeka: good, and you?
ExSlyder: Not too bad. I just found out about AdamCon over the weekend, as well as the chats, I think it's awesome. Old-tech ROCKS. :)
Meeka: lol, yes it does!
ExSlyder: I was actually trying to get my Mac SE back up and running earlier this evening.
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changed username to Corbean
Meeka: course, i am just in it for the gamming. My hubby is the high tecc geek of the family
ExSlyder: But I need to track down a SCSI-1 (or SCSI-2 with backwards compatability)
ExSlyder: Hiya Corbean
Corbean: got an old card (SCSI-1) lying around somewhere
Meeka: Dad (Bob Slopsema) or richard Clee might be able to point you in the right direction for one of those
Meeka: hello Corbean
Corbean: hi y'all
ExSlyder: It's not the card I need, but a drive for my SE. The 20 Meg drive in it is shot, I tried a 4.3GB drive I had, but it is Fast SCSI-2 and doesn't failback to SCSI-1
Corbean: Mac SE?
ExSlyder: Yes, I will ramble about all kinds of old tech, I'm not just an Adam geek.. LOL
ExSlyder: Yes, a Mac SE (Not SE/30)
Corbean: Believe it or not, it was code named the SEx.
Corbean: But they figured it wouldn't sound right. :)
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ExSlyder: Yah, that sounds about right. :)
changed username to rich-c
Meeka: good evening rich
ExSlyder: Hiya Rich
rich-c: greetings, all!
rich-c: trying to figue out who the two "strange" names are
ExSlyder: I did pick up another nice piece, it's an Atari 800, all the original documentation that came with it, the woman would have given me the original reciept, but it had her Dad's signature from when he bought it in 83, and he had died like 2 years ago, so she kept the original reciept as a momento
Meeka: lol, they exslyder is new to chat, he found us over the weekend
Corbean: An Atari 800? Those were nice computers, with dual front-loading cartridges.
ExSlyder: I'm Joe Oprysko, I did post a couple things to the mailing list also
rich-c: OK ExSlyder, do tell us a bit about yourself - where are you from?
rich-c: OK Joe, recognize you from our email correspondence
ExSlyder: I'm Joe, I'm 40 years old, and have been playing/working with computers since the early 80's
rich-c: folks, I am going to leave and get on my other computer - be right back
ExSlyder: Okay
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Meeka: ok, now i got the link in my head, you were the one who found dr. d's tech manual
Corbean: Did you get an Atari 810 drive with it as well?
Corbean: Those were the best, bullet proof and awesome. Much better than the 1050s.
ExSlyder: No, she said they never had the floppy drive for it. But I have one or 2 of the 1040? drives
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changed username to Guy B
Meeka: hi guy
Guy B: Greetings!
ExSlyder: From another lot of equipment I had bought about 6 months ago. But the 800 that was in that lot was shot, missing keys, no power supply, and it was missing a couple screws from the bottom
ExSlyder: Hiya Guy
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changed username to Judy
Meeka: hi mom
Corbean: Gotcha. I was a big Atari fan/hacker back in the days. Started on an 800XL, then onto a 130XE.
Judy: Hi, Meeka
ExSlyder: Heck, the 800 I picked up tonight still has the registration card with it. The only thing I didn't get was the original box
Corbean: Awesome find!
ExSlyder: My first computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000
Judy: and Corbean, ExSlyder and Guy
Corbean: My first was a Vic-20, and then a Timex Sinclair. :)
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changed username to BobS
Meeka: hi dad
ExSlyder: Plus I got a about a dozen early Mac software packages, over half of them still sealed
changed username to rich=c
Meeka: wb rich
BobS: hi Meeka
Corbean: off I go, like the whirlywind. g'night y'all
Corbean left chat session
ExSlyder: Goodnight
Meeka: night
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changed username to Guy F.
Meeka: hi guy
Guy F.: Hello everyone.
BobS: AND the rest of the gang,some o fwhom I don't recognize because they have funny names
rich=c: hi, I forgot to switch to my desktop computer
ExSlyder: I should be getting an Adam this week, it's already on it's way to me. :)
rich=c: I find the keyboard and crt easier to use on chat
ExSlyder: I think it will be here on Friday
BobS: and how are Sandraandthe little foster childrenGuy ?????
Judy: night Corbean
Judy: hi, Guy F
Guy F.: Hey Bob, the whole family is absolutely great, keeping me busy though, but it's only temporary, when they grow up I'll have more time to myself. :)
Judy: Hi, Rich
Meeka: thats cool joe
rich=c: OK, hope it works
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changed username to Ron
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Ron: evaning
Judy: hi, Ron
BobS changed username to JudyS
Ron: howz all?
Guy F.: haven't been on chat for a while.... started a welding class on Wednesdays (didn't end up going tonight due to not feeling all that great).
Judy changed username to BobS
rich=c: hello Ron, too - sorry I didn't see
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JudyS: we just changed computers
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Guy F.: Hi Dan
BobS: hows the west coastgf sir?
Daniel Bienvenu: many many people here tonight! :)
JudyS: Hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Guy!
Meeka: hi ron
Guy F.: ben oui 'sti, tire toi une buche, c'est l'party!
Ron: Only have a few minutes tonight. Have joined my local church choir, and practice is Wed nights at 7pm.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Ron, Meeka, Bob, Rich
rich=c: bonsoir, Daniel
Guy F.: you means, it's not even 7:00 PM there yet? :D
Ron: nope, just 6:15
JudyS: don't have the swine flu do you GuyF
BobS: and Ron, are you the bass or what????
Ron: tenor......... ten or twelve miles away so you can't hear me
rich=c: those folks out on the left coast are kinda slow ; - )
Ron: haven't sung in a choir since my mis spent youth
BobS: oh ok, and I am SURE you do a FINE JOB too
Guy F.: Perhaps Judy, but I don't seem to be having any of the associated symptoms, so it might not be that.
JudyS: that is why you sing in a choir you don't hear just one person
Ron: Well, they're short of men, so I thought I'd go see if I can pick it back up again
BobS: better check don't want to turn into a swine !!!!!!!
JudyS: you aren't the right age for it either
Ron: choirs always tend to be short of men
rich=c: besides, teh critical standards for rural church choirsw are not that strict
Ron: yeah Rich, no auditions or anything like that.
Ron: find myself wondering if I can still read music
Daniel Bienvenu: why turning into a swine?
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rich=c: we have a visitor, Joe who was posting aquestions on the mailing list this week
Guy F.: Dan: Swine flu - catching the flu - turning into a swine. It's humour Dan, directed at me. :)
changed username to Guy B
Ron: Hi Joe
Meeka: he is being silly daniel...swine flu turning people into swine ;-)
Ron: from Vancouver Island
rich=c: he's been good enough to accept our invitation to join us
Guy B: Ok Back, had some trouble with Firefox. All fixed
rich=c: and Daniel, he's a gamer with some interest in programming
ExSlyder: Hiya
Meeka: bw guy
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changed username to Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dale
BobS: hi Dle
Dale: Hi Daniel.
BobS: Dale
ExSlyder: I have recently re-started collecting old hardware. :)
Dale: Hi All.
JudyS: hi, Dale
Guy B: Hi Dale
Guy B: Brb
Meeka: hi dale
rich=c: hello Dale, got teh transcripts updated yet?
Ron: any luck with finding an Adam, Joe?
Guy F.: I was surprised to read an article today stating that the majority of home owners in Ontario, rent their water heaters, instead of buying them... Whereas, in Quebec, we buy them, instead of renting them.
Dale: I wasn't able to make the time last Thursday, which is the day I'm usually free to do website maintenance.
rich=c: yes, we bought ours long, long ago, but we are still rarities that way
Dale: But tomorrow is looking promising.
Guy F.: Rich: I was looking into those things, because I just realized that mine is due to be changed. It will be nearing 15 years soon.
ExSlyder: I picked up one off e-bay, $19.99+$32 shipping, but I know the keyboard is missing a key, and the seller says the Platen is peeling..
JudyS: we buy them here never heard of renting a water heating
rich=c: OK, we have a new man here who might want to update himself
Guy F.: Judy: Yeah, only in Ontario. :)
Dale: It's kind of a scam.
Ron: well Joe that might be a start.
ExSlyder: Plus I guess he didn't have a TV/Game switch to actually TEST the unit, so I guess it's up in the air if it is really going to work or not
Dale: The phone company used to rent phones to people too.
Guy F.: That's what I was reading as well, that new homeowners are FORCED to rent their water heaters.
Dale: And amortize it over 5 years
rich=c: ours isn't the original, Guy, and we do keep it maintained
Dale: But leave it there for 10 or 15 years.
Guy F.: Rich: Yours is most likely made out of copper.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, during years here we did rent phones. Then phones at a lower cost everywhere did change everything
Ron: Do you have a laptop Joe?
ExSlyder: Someone from the list did e-mail me saying they had gotten an extra from a friend and asked if I was interested, I responded, but didn't hear back
Guy F.: Joe, which city do you live in?
rich=c: Joe, let me put it gently - it isn't likely to work - it is an over 20 year old machine, after all
Meeka: where do you live Joe?
ExSlyder: Yes, several actually, 2 laptops, 3 netbooks
ExSlyder: I live in Philadelphia, PA
Ron: Are you aware Joe there is also an ADAM emulator that will run under Windows?
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changed username to Bob
Ron: you'd need a windows box of some sort - XP
Meeka: come now rich, just may need a little TLC
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know if I can be a singer in a chord. I have talents to be a tenor or alto... I can't reach really the bass lower notes, but I can do some parts of a soprano as well.
BobS: .....
rich=c: hello, Otehr Guy
Guy F.: Dan: Is there a church choir close by you can join?
Daniel Bienvenu: no
ExSlyder: I am tired of emulators, they aren't the real thing.. I enjoy spending mintues biting my nails and listening to the Adam tapes spin and load
BobS left chat session
Guy F.: Joe: You're like me, emulators just don't cut it! Need the real deal.
Ron: Ah, my man you sound like a true Adamite to me. Good for you!
Dale: The real thing really is better.
Dale: I agree.
ExSlyder: I have just about every emulator out for just about every system..both video game and computers
Ron: you're gonna fit right in here Joe!
Dale: But I stopped using tapes in about 1998
Meeka: the real deal is fine, but it is nice to have for the portablilty factor
rich=c: OK, Joe, just realize that I have sold so many Adams to people who bought ADams on eBay first that I am a bit cynical
ExSlyder: Hell, I even have one that emulates an IBM System 36
Guy F.: emulators are great for software development, really cuts down the programming time, but otherwise, give me the real thing please.
Daniel Bienvenu: my adam is stored somewhere, only my colecovision is plugged and ready to use, because of my reccent project.
Dale: I used to work on a System 36 I think.
Dale: Back when I had a high school job as a system operator.
Ron: Same here Daniel, but one of these days I'm gonna resurect the venerable old beast
Dale: Then they replaced it with an AS/400.
rich=c: So GuyF and Daniel - the Canadian GP is June 13th if it runs; the rest of the month is yours
ExSlyder: I have a nice colecovision setup, atari adapter, both in original boxes. They were from a friend of mine who recently went into a rest home
Meeka: Doug just built a new stand unit on wheels for his real ADAM. Now it can roll in and out of the living room and it is self contaned LOL
Ron: What is it about an original box that increases the value of an old computer?
Ron: I know it does
ExSlyder: I have an AS/400 in the basement of my office
Daniel Bienvenu: based on a recommandation by Pam, the Adamcon summer 2010 will include my birthday, june 18.
Meeka: anything with the box goes up Ron
ExSlyder: Well, the packaging is like looking through a window back in time. :)
JudyS: he got it done, Meeka and does it work good?
Ron: indeed it does
Ron: yep
Dale: When they decomissioned the System 36, I looked into getting it.
Ron: By the way folks........
Meeka: yes, he got it assembled, and it looks good. Fully loaded it up and it rolls around good
Ron: my e-mail address is about to change
rich=c: as you know, assuming I can ome at all, anytime is June is fine with me
Dale: But it had wierd power requirements and out of this world A/C requirements
Ron: We've switched from Uniserve to Telus, effective tomorrow
Dale: I was going to try and run an open source OS on it.
Meeka: now the job for the weekend is to gut the one side of the puter room to make a "home' for it
Ron: So I'll let ya know what we end up with.... but meantime <> is now dead
JudyS: and it is freeing up floor space?
Dale: This was 2 years before Linux came out on the PC.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale can't be at the adamcon if it's the last weekend of june. Jeffrey will still be at school friday. So, it's not a perfect situation, but a good compromise
rich=c: so it will be bytehacker at
Ron: could be Rich, but we might be using something else, so I'll have to let you know
Ron: Any folks, must run. time to get looking presentable and go
Daniel Bienvenu: Bye Ron!
Meeka: so far it seems to help, but still out here in the living room as it has no home yet
Ron: Night all!
JudyS: night Ron happy singing
Ron: :)
ExSlyder: g'nite
rich=c: OK Ron, hold your notes then bang 'em out!
Ron left chat session
Bob: nite Ron
Meeka: brb, nned a drink
Guy F.: brb, grabbing a coors light from the fridge
ExSlyder: Well Rich, I guess on friday I will find out if the Adam actually works, or ends up being a paperweight (A rather heavy one at that)
rich=c: I gatehr you can't cope with a real beer then, GuyF?
ExSlyder: Although I know they said it does power up, the printer starts up and the lights come on.. so it gives me some hope
rich=c: the killer is that what you paid for the Adam is pennies, it's the shipping cost that kills you
Bob: with a li'l luck, the ADAM will work, or at least the cpu will work good. The tape drive will havea 50/50 chance of working good (with either a bad timing wheel or a bad U6 chip as a bad scenario)
Meeka: back
JudyS: welcome back
Guy F.: Unfortunately, I haven't been able to, but you can give them a call, let them know our requirements. They speak french:|cd13c6dc86
Guy F.: A real beer? Coors Light is a great beer, love it! :)
ExSlyder: I am going to have to try to get some tapes though.. I don't have any, and I don't think it will be coming with any.
rich=c: well, corrosion on the board is a problem too, I think that's what messes up the memory when you use Smartwriter
ExSlyder: So my system even if it works great, won't do much as I don't have any software.
ExSlyder: Short of the Colecovision carts
ExSlyder: And the built in word processor
rich=c: you, a guy with Boreal at the depanneur and Unibroue just up the street? Coors is just mildly alcoholic soda pop
Dale: Getting stuff into the Adam is tricky.
ExSlyder: Well, I have cleaned corrosion off boards before, and years ago, used to to board level repairs of systems (not Adam's, but PC's and Apples)
Dale: There is stuff on my web site and the ANN website for example.
Dale: But how do you get it onto a tape from the web.
rich=c: well, I still have lots of brand new, original box tapes for sale, and lots of software
Dale: But there is definately some software that you could order from Rich.
rich=c: I should sell him SmartLogo so Frances has someone to trade experiences with
rich=c: you are good at it but just don't use it enough, Dale
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changed username to PEV
rich=c: hi daughter
Meeka: hi pam
JudyS: hi, Pam
PEV: greetings, all
Daniel Bienvenu: I did use only a logo for dos and one for commodore 64... I've tried telly turtle for colecovision... that's all.
ExSlyder: Rich, I think somewhere on your site I read that you had bought like 46,000 lbs of Adam Equipment? Was that right? I looked for it a second time, but then I couldn't find where it was.
Bob: welcome aboard Pamela
PEV: tx Bob
rich=c: Frances has used Logo on Windows and on the Amiga and still likes SmartrLogo best
rich=c: no, that definitely was not me, I would not have the money or place
Daniel Bienvenu: Pamela, my new character is still unconscious actually ... I didn't write the rest of the story.
ExSlyder: Oh, then I must be thinking of someone else.. my bad..
Daniel Bienvenu: writing rhymes is not easy for me
rich=c: I think that is someone in Texas and I am in Ontario - don't know if he is still in business
Bob: think you are referring to ADAM's House (Terry Fowler) in texas
Bob: and that was yearas ago
Bob: he is still in business, beating the buck out of anyone who dares come near
Daniel Bienvenu: he's mad at people?
Bob: his business practices are; to say the least; slightly unorthodox
rich=c: yes, is Terry still around? he never had any use for the Adam community so we've never really known
ExSlyder: Yes, he is, he had advertised on his site, a refurbished steering wheel for the colecovision for $39.99, I had inquired to see if it included the game cartridge, he replied to me yes, it does, and he updated the prices.. it was now showing on his site for $59.99
Bob: beware what you buy becasue you might get only the bare bones item and it might not even work; BUt he will take it back for a 20% restocking fee - fair isn't it????????
Bob: he thinks so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich=c: I find it easier to offer no guarantee, but check it out thoroughly before I ship
Bob: and Paypal doesn't there you have it
rich=c: I don't think in fifteen years of dealing I have ever had a complaint
PEV: you're also interested in helping and not gouging your customers, DAd
JudyS: but you sell working items, Rich
ExSlyder: So I guess he smelled the idea of money with someone asking about a product, so he raises the price??? Pissed me off. I sent an email saying that pretty much that what he did was BULLS*!$@# But in nicer terms.. He was like, "We reserve the right to change prices at any time"
rich=c: well it is basically a hobby, done because no one else would
JudyS: maybe he did you a favor by not buying it
ExSlyder: Hmm.. what CPU does the Adam actually use
ExSlyder: Is it a 6502?
rich=c: they are hard to find - I am not sure I have one that works or not
Daniel Bienvenu: I've notice something... no more "..." Judy?
rich=c: no, it's a Zilog Z80
Dale: It has a z80 main cpu
rich=c: sorry Z80A, just under 4 mhz, 8 bit
Daniel Bienvenu: 6502 is inside Atari systems, and Commodore computers... well, some of them. 6510 exists too.
JudyS: there is a JudyS
Dale: and then there are slave 6501 family embedded processors in the printer, keyboard, table drive and so on, on the AdamNET
JudyS: that would be me
rich=c: and of course the TI9918A graphics chip
Dale: that's not a cpu.
Daniel Bienvenu: I mean, you don't type "..." anymore?
Meeka: lol, doug "cured" her puter
PEV: I think Doug fixed that problem, didn't he?
rich=c: yes Judy, did you get that problem fixed?
JudyS: yes, don't need to do that anymore, Daniel
JudyS: Doug fixed it
Daniel Bienvenu: hurray!
PEV: Doug is our hero : )
rich=c: have you any idea what the problem was?
JudyS: yes, it is much better
Meeka: he does.... ;-P
ExSlyder: Hmm.. has anyone tried writing a TCP stack for the Adam? (Or does one already exist?)
Daniel Bienvenu: dr.d?
Meeka: I believe that it was related to the network card in her laptop
JudyS: if you miss it I could just type in dots every now and then
Meeka: he swapped it out with a different one and now it works good
rich=c: I think if you are programming in CP/M or TDOS you can create one, Joe
JudyS: yes that was the problem
Daniel Bienvenu: any birthday in october?
Meeka: yup, mine is
rich=c: no, Doug is Bob and Judy's son - the big guy at Adamcon
Dale: I've looked into it ExSlyer.
Dale: There is a CP/M one that has been made.
Meeka: mine is oct 14th
Dale: But I've never worked on porting it to the Adam.
Daniel Bienvenu: just before mid-october then
Dale: I've thought about SLIP or PPP over the third party serial card.
Dale: That could be connected through a PC serial port and the Adam would be on the Internet.
Dale: But then you'd have to make user space applications like telnet, ftp, web browser, etc.
Daniel Bienvenu: Based on my data here, it will be also Dale's birthday, just before.
rich=c: if a wedding anniversary will do, Daniel, our 54th will be on the 8th
Meeka: dr. d is Rich drushells nickname Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: oh... and Sandra's birthday too
rich=c: it's because otehrwise we wluld have too many Rihs on chat
rich=c: Richs
ExSlyder: Could probably do a port of something like Netscape 2 ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: a very busy month
Dale: My birthday is oct 13.
ExSlyder: Or even Lynx
PEV: and I don't help the situation by calling Dr D "Rich" because you're Dad
ExSlyder: My birthday is Dec 20th
Daniel Bienvenu: and Sandra it's 24
JudyS: have any ideas for you birthday, Meeka?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't have Meeka's birthday in my data... I'll add it
PEV: you're becoming our record keeper, Daniel
ExSlyder: I guess I thought the Adam had the 6502 because of how TDOS (I think at least it's TDOS) looks like Apple DOS 3.3ish
Daniel Bienvenu: no, I did check my calendar in facebook.
Meeka: not really mom, i guess i should make one
ExSlyder: Unless I am just utterly confused.. which is very possible
JudyS: that would be helpful
rich=c: remember the whole point of CP/M was to have a common operating system for all microcomputers
Dale: SmartBASIC is designed to look like Apple BASIC.
Dale: But in the fine details it is different because of the different CPU.
JudyS: can't get used to the weather this week, last week was sooo hot and this week is soo cold
Meeka: ya, they warned of frost tonight
rich=c: so a C/m program could with minor configuration theoretically work on any 8-bit computer
PEV: yeah, it's a tad chilly here too Judy - and us with no heat
Dale: So TDOS looks like CP/M, and AppleDOS is similar functionality, but not exactly that similar.
JudyS: we had the 80's last week
JudyS: why no heat?
Dale: yup, I'm planning to turn on the furnace before bed.
Dale: It's been off all summer.
PEV: our heat doesn't go on until October 15th
JudyS: we have the furnace on
rich=c: yes, TDOS is Tony Morehen's idea (assist Guy Cousineau) of what CP/M should have been
Meeka: we turned it on today
JudyS: that is the pits, Pam
JudyS: we turned it on yesterday
JudyS: was it hot here last week, Meeka
rich=c: we have been using a fan heater last few mornings but turned on the furnace last night
Dale: TDOS is CP/M compliant, but written mostly be Tony Morehen with some help from Guy Cousineau.
PEV: I'm not that worried yet Judy - it's still 22 in here which is fine as long as the wind isn't howling
Meeka: it was commfortable
Meeka: mid 70's and 50's at night
PEV: and I've been doing a lot of oven cooking
rich=c: us old folks do not take the chill well - especially me
JudyS: I packed long pants and only wore shorts
JudyS: only got down in the low 70;s there
PEV: nice
JudyS: was very warm
rich=c: but the fan heter kept teh living room cozy enough - I can get by with 70F
PEV: you know me, I'm not a huge fan of heat and humidity
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, based on the current weather, I will see frozen grass during October.
PEV: temps in the low 70's are perfect
Meeka: we folks, Doug has to get up early, so we gonna start heading for bed
JudyS: bummer, Daniel
rich=c: you are a long way north of us, Daniel, even north of Montreal
JudyS: night Meeka talk to you soon
ExSlyder: ARGH.. I hate that, I remember I had been trying to remember a computer brand from when I was young, for years, I couldn't remember it, a few months ago, I had finally found what I was looking for, I wanted to look something up, and I never bookmarked the info..
rich=c: OK meeka, take care adn sleep tight, see you next week
PEV: night Meeka
Meeka left chat session
PEV: brb - kitchen run
Daniel Bienvenu: I wonder if we had a summer here. the only sunny period long enough to be fun was during the adamcon this year.
Daniel Bienvenu: clouds, rain, more clouds, low temperature, it wasn't a great summer here
JudyS: it wasn
rich=c: we had lots of sunshine, almost no rain this month till the last few days
JudyS: it wasn't here either, Daniel
rich=c: but we had many days with strong icy winds
JudyS: Washington has summer last week
JudyS: we had 5x's more 60 degree days than 90 degree days
Daniel Bienvenu: sunny and cold one day last week. I did take pictures of boats and almost get back home as fast as possible
rich=c: yes, our summer was cool but sunny - all teh crops were late
Daniel Bienvenu: I say almost because I had to stop buying something
rich=c: I had the heat on in the van today
ExSlyder: I am kind of annoyed, a couple weeks ago was the Vintage Computer Festival East, and I missed it. :(
rich=c: where did Guy Foster go? didn't see him sign out
JudyS: no, I didn't either
Daniel Bienvenu: october 9, vgxpo
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich=c: Vintage Computers seem to be an increasingly big deal in the US at the moment
rich=c: see, Pam? you'll inherit a fortune in the basement when I kick off
JudyS: only if you can sell them, Rich
rich=c: well, if they become a big deal down your way...
PEV: didn't I tell you? I plan to give them away : )
PEV: (ducks)
rich=c: hey, maybe Bob will end up wanting to make an offer for my stock ;-)
JudyS: you better, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: there is also South Jersey Classic - Saturday, Oct 3rd
JudyS: he doesn't have room, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: no idea if any of those events have vintage computers interrest
rich=c: well, neither do I, but they're there
Dale: Wow, the vgxpo is just 8 days away.
rich=c: anyway if they become a fad they will sell fast
Dale: Maybe I can go to it next year.
Dale: I don't think I can swing it this time.
PEV: the whole place now smells of almond cherry streusel
Daniel Bienvenu: PORTLAND Retro gaming Expo was September 20.
rich=c: you've been cooking, have you?
PEV: made it Sunday
PEV: nibbling thru it since
rich=c: Maine or Oregon? it matters!
rich=c: anyway, b and Judy, how was Washington and what did you see?
Daniel Bienvenu: Oregon
ExSlyder: Yes, I am volunteering at VGXPO as well as GameX
rich=c: that's a litt;le far for a weekend drive, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: the only event I knew so far was CGE and Phillyclassic
Daniel Bienvenu: my games was released suring these events during years
Daniel Bienvenu: *during
Daniel Bienvenu: *for years
Guy B: Ok back. Lot of e-mails and a long time high school friend e-mailed me
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sleepy
rich=c: tu es fatigue?
Daniel Bienvenu: en effet (indeed)
rich=c: tu as travaille trop aujourd'hui"
Daniel Bienvenu: I've a cold since monday
Daniel Bienvenu: draining my energy
rich=c: I hope it is just a cold and not the flu
Dale: PAX east is in March. It's in Boston Mass.
Daniel Bienvenu: not a flu
Dale: That's one I'd consider attending.
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Bob requested to ban JudyS
Dale confirmed ban
changed username to Judy
Guy B confirmed ban
rich=c confirmed ban
PEV confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Judy left chat session
ExSlyder confirmed ban
Bob: she is coming back after a battery meltdown
PEV: what happened to judy?
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changed username to Judy1
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone did request to remove her I think
ExSlyder: Well, goodnight everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Joe!
Judy1: I am back the battery died
PEV: bye joe
rich=c: yes, she had duplicate entries on the boarde
ExSlyder left chat session
rich=c: night, Joe
Judy1: you wanted to know what we saw in WAshington
Judy1: lots of memorials
PEV: yes!
rich=c: yes, how did it go?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm using a well know product by kleenex more than usual because my nose seems to be too wet... so it's a cold.
Judy1: and traffic lights
Judy1: it would drive me crazy to live there
Judy1: we had a great trip
rich=c: anything you found outstanding? the Canadian Embassy is quite spectacular ;-)
Judy1: and found many easy places to park
PEV: he says, modestly
Judy1: got around quite well
Judy1: we didn't get in many places just mostly road around
rich=c: I'm amazed at teh parking - Washington has a well-earned reputation
Bob: remember, you and Frances are mobile compared to Judy's folks
Judy1: mom and dad have a hard time walking so it was easier to not do too much walking
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight!
PEV: night Daniel!
Daniel Bienvenu: hope to talk to you next week!
rich=c: bonsoir, Daniel
Judy1: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: take care!
rich=c: a la prochaine!
Judy1: was maybe a good time to travel around there
Daniel Bienvenu: why there is suddently people ringing at the door with flashing red and blue lights? ho no.... they find me... I must run away... arghh...
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
rich=c: well, kids back in school, but early for field trips...
Judy1: went to Arlington saw the changing of the guard
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich=c: do your folks have wheelchairs or walkers? Washin ton is pretty accessible
PEV: did you walk around at all at Arlington?
Judy1: dad really liked that, were a whole group of world war 2 vets there at the time
Judy1: some and took a trolley around that worked really well
rich=c: yes, trolley can work well at times - the Meijer Gardens one was fair
PEV: whose parents Judy - yours or Bobs?
Judy1: we found that the handicap hang tag really helped for parking
Judy1: mine
rich=c: ah, you were able to use the handicap spots - that really makes the difference betweeen a trip that works and one that doesn't
Judy1: we also took one around Washington, that told you what you were seeing that was helpful
Judy1: it was a slooooow trip
rich=c: yes, a strange city, especially one laid out like Washington, can be confusing - a preview helps
Judy1: mom and dad are never in a hurry
Judy1: had the hardest time trying to find a grocery store
rich=c: when you haven't that many minutes left, you want to squeeze the best out of them
Bob: they DON'T EAT
PEV: ah, that's the secret
Dale: Time to go
Dale: Good night
Judy1: night Dale
PEV: AFAIK, most of the residential stuff is over the border in Maryland
rich=c: OK Dale, good to have you, do get that transcript updated ;-)
PEV: night Dale
Bob: nite Dale
Judy1: we finally found a store and we have never seen so many groceries in such a small space
Judy1: and you should have seen their add
Judy1: they make use of every inch
rich=c: unfortunately Washington is a place where the ice cream trucks have bars on the windows...
Judy1: our user list is fading fast
Judy1: have a lot of police that is for sure
rich=c: well, we are getting towards that witching hour, you know
PEV: well given that it's the power center, not totally unexpected
rich=c: they are a very high crime area
PEV: sorry, I'm somewhat distracted - trying to read the posts and listen to
PEV: R at the same time
rich=c: yes, I imagine that most you saw were not local cops buy HS, FBI, even CI>A
Judy1: most were local cops
rich=c: it is automatically terrorist target #1
PEV: D.C. is definitely on my "to see" list
Judy1: couldn't get in the FBI building anymore, I could have done that but oh well
rich=c: and take your time to see it properly - over a week is best
Judy1: it is an experience to go there
rich=c: by the time you've dealt with the buildings on the Mall, you're out of time anyway
Judy1: there is a lot to see that is for sure
rich=c: we have been a n umber of times, most recently September 2001
PEV: was it not part of your honeymoon trip Dad?
rich=c: 2001? no, we were married a little before that ;-)
rich=c: oh - the original - as it happens, no
Judy1: really?
PEV: <smirks>
rich=c: smartass kid
PEV: kid??? what about Dad???
rich=c: whom? I?
PEV: <studies ceiling, whistling>
rich=c: anyway, immediately post-9/11 Washington was a fascinating place
Bob: Judy got dumped, so she is calling it a night
PEV: goodnight Judy
Bob: and kids, so shall I methinks
Bob: have a good week all
rich=c: oh dear, again - OK, say night to her for us
PEV: and goodnight to you too Bob
Bob: nite
Bob left chat session
rich=c: OK, night and have a good one, Bob
PEV: any word on the trailer Dad?
Guy B: Well folks, I'm chatting with a friend. So, I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week
PEV: night Guy
Guy B: Poof
rich=c: nope, one nibble a few days ago but didn't understand what it was about
Guy B left chat session
PEV: meaning?
rich=c: night Guy
rich=c: when I said what it would take to pull it, no furtehr interest
PEV: hmmm
rich=c: most people think they can hook it up to a bicycle or something and motor away
rich=c: they do not understadn the law specifies what you may use to pull it
PEV: I repeat, hmmm
PEV: well, we'll see
rich=c: as you may have observed, daughter, in this world ignorance is a very common commodity
PEV: not a surprise
rich=c: stil;;l need help with the battery, and someone to come take the stone guard frame off for me
PEV: we'll get it done Dad, its just a matter of when
rich=c: and oh yes, we have to have it out by April 30th, the plae has been sold
PEV: but no pressure : )
rich=c: of coursde not ;-)
PEV: we'll get it sorted Dad
PEV: hang in there
rich=c: I'm working on it
PEV: anyway Papa, I'm gonna go spend some time talking to my hubby before bed
rich=c: good idea - I shall go rinse my beer glass
PEV: guess we're gonna have to make some decisions about Thanksgiving soon
rich=c: talk to you when you have a chance, right?
PEV: talk to you in the next couple days hopefully
rich=c: OK, meantime traqde those elephants for water buffalo and make mozarella cheese
PEV: water buffalo aren't an option yet - but I'll keep you posted : )
rich=c: nighty night, daughter
PEV: tell Mom I laughed so hard I nearly cried when I read that : )
PEV: night Daddy
PEV: kerpoof
rich=c: now you know who told her
rich=c: bye
PEV: <grin>
PEV: ***
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