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Dale: Hi rich
rich-c: hi Dale
rich-c: you are early tonight - expecting someone?
Dale: Nope, just early.
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rich-c: Usually the only one I find here, if anybody, is Daniel
changed username to Unevnieb Leinad
Dale: Well tonight I'm early too.
rich-c: first thing he wants to know is if you've been on yet 8-]
Unevnieb Leinad: I'm misspelling my name again.
rich-c: speaking of whom - bonsoir, Daniel
Dale: I always thought your name ended with an E.
Unevnieb Leinad changed username to Leinad Unevneib
Leinad Unevneib: That's better
Dale: But clearly I was always wront.
Dale: wrong*
Leinad Unevneib: bonsoir Rich, Dale
rich-c: quite - it's teh women who end it with an e - and an extra l too
Leinad Unevneib: let's put aside he weather question... it's raining and cold... ok, next question!
rich-c: funny you should say
Leinad Unevneib: My last name is Welcom without the e
rich-c: it's just the same here though it ws clear when we went shopping
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Roberto
BobS: AH HA, ich bin here
BobS: who da Lei.....Un......????
rich-c: gang seems to be checking in early tonight
Leinad Unevneib: my grand-father had the 'e', but not my father apparently, like a mistake, but it's registered that way so I keep the same lastname by default
BobS: must be Daniel
Leinad Unevneib: How did you know it's me?
Dale: Hi Bob.
BobS: Daniel, read it backwasrds mon
BobS: hi Dale
rich-c: just like Russel - his last name is a corruption of Villeneuve, if you didn't notice
BobS: do you have Scott Gordon's email around Dale.....OR do yo have the file needed to program the gals for the IDE hard drive cards?
BobS: The guy in South America is willing to burn the gals if we get him the file
Leinad Unevneib: don't tell me that you'll finally solve the ide hard drive gals problem?
BobS: Edwardo
rich-c: I think it's a u not a w in Spanish
BobS: he i wiling IF we get the file he needs with the info in it
Dale: Eduwardo lives in the US now.
BobS: huh??????
Leinad Unevneib: well if it's the guy I'm thinking, yes, he lives in US now
BobS: works, that i seven better
Dale: I'm sure if I dig around I can find scott's old email address.
BobS: he son=metimes drops in but not lately
rich-c: can't you get him at good deal
BobS: Edwardo Mello is the guy, just looked up the emial
Leinad Unevneib: gooddealgames? they contacted me lately about homebrew games
Dale: Did they want to publish some new ones?
rich-c: last I heaerd, that was Scott and a couple of his buddies
Leinad Unevneib: I think his name is written Eduardo, not Edwardo.
rich-c: that sounds right, Daniel
BobS: looks right too Daniel
rich-c: so are you going to be offering IDE interface cards for the Adam soon, Bob?
Leinad Unevneib: Eduardo Mello, yes it's the same guy who did ask a company to get a mold they had to make new ColecoVision cartridges and later Luc Miron got the mold and I did ask him to make transparent cartridges for my new projects.
rich-c: yes, you have mentioned him here before, Daniel
Leinad Unevneib: If you check Youtube, he did demonstrate his reccent progress in porting games and expansion module.
BobS: nope, jsut need one gal for me and another for a nother ADMite, and a couple spares AND IF I can beat Teryy over his dumb head, he has 4 boards but no gals
Leinad Unevneib:
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Leinad Unevneib: Who's there?
Dale: I'll dig around for that email address.
changed username to Judy
Dale: Or try to read my own GAL.
Leinad Unevneib: Guess who?
Dale: I sort of think it is socketed.
rich-c: lots of luck negotiating with Terry - it won 't take him long to figure out how badly you want them
Leinad Unevneib: bonsoir Judy
rich-c: good evening, judy
Judy: Hi, Dale,Rich,and Daniel
Leinad Unevneib: How did she knows it was me?
Judy: asked someone who knows all
rich-c: it isn't hard, Daniel - you have the longest name on the board
BobS: we are skilled ar determining the identity of ALL spys
Leinad Unevneib: I wonder if Pam will be online tonight.
Leinad Unevneib: another very little username.
BobS: yes Dale, the gals were all socketed
rich-c: wouldn't climb too far out on that limb if I were you, bob
Leinad Unevneib changed username to Leinad
Leinad: now it's shorter
rich-c: Pamela usually finishes her housework just before 10 p.m. (2200) and comes on then
BobS: BUT the fool knows that the boards are worthless without the gals, and he doesn't have anyone to burn them......he tried that and failed.......and the so and so knows that I KNOW
rich-c: he doesn't care - the only issue is how badly do you want them
BobS: I don't !!!!!! basically all I want is to make a few to forestall the ones I have going bad, and one has already
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Judy: and how bad he can sock you for them
changed username to Guy B
BobS: heck, I could sell him some ata an exorbitatn price
Guy B: Greetings!!!
BobS: howdy guyu
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, how's life in the Windy City?
BobS: who's THAT guy ?????????
BobS: ;-)
Guy B: It was really windy yesterday
Leinad: to someone who may read this, gals here doesn't mean women or girls, but means Generic Array Logic chips or devices.
BobS: ya mon.lost power here for all nighttimehours
Judy: here too, we were without power for the night last night
BobS: naw, tis chicks daniel
Guy B: Almost with me too, but it didn't
rich-c: I admit I was wondering, Daniel
BobS: just ready to get out the generator and BOOM,lk thow power came back on
Leinad: When BobS said to burn gals, he's talking about programming these chips.
BobS: the "windy" city blew our wasy Richard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy B: That's clever
rich-c: yes, we have a big dose yesterday and more today - from the northwest
Guy B: brb
BobS: the wind blew ol. Guy away again
rich-c: Georgian Bay is still warm enough that the wind picks up the water vapour and dumps it on us as rain
Judy: we have been having a lot rain here, Rich
rich-c: you could see it on the radar - a fast moving thickenin g stream, then dumping in our laps
Leinad: next week, mid-october already, october is a nice time for horror movies and videogames.
rich-c: you would likely be getting yours off Lake Michigan, judy
BobS: tomorrow rain, Fri rain, Sat & Sun partly sunny, then more rain
Judy: probably but it can go away
BobS: and some snow mixed in
rich-c: aw c'mon, Bob, in September we had hardly any at all
Dale: 16 days in a row with no rain.
Dale: My tomatoes were not happy.
rich-c: in the city it was even longer, Dale - but our tomatoes loved it
BobS: Sept was one thing, but this oct business stinks
rich-c: in the later weeks Frances did water them a few times, though
BobS: think we had the last few dasy of Sept with rain also
Leinad: last night, it was so cold... water in the streets was almost ice, and black ice is dangerous.
rich-c: yes, around the equinox the weather patterns shift and from then on we get dumped on
Judy: that is bad, Daniel
Dale: Well my tomatoes really would have perferred a hotter August too, so there's no accounting for taste.
rich-c: you don't drive, do you, Daniel?
Judy: I have more tomatoes coming now than I had all summer
Leinad: I don't drive... but a friend of mine invited me to see a movie last night, and it did ends around 11pm. It was so cold, the car was partially white.
rich-c: we have lots coming but they are taking forever to ripen
Judy: here too
rich-c: the English word for that is hoarfrost, don't know the French equivalent
Judy: and not getting very big
Leinad: Goecities closing october 26... I've got again a message about it today by email
Leinad: *Geocities
BobS: TOTALLY closing down???????
rich-c: Guy has already moved his website, when do you plan to do so?
Leinad: Geocities web hosting stay, but the free service shut down.
Dale: Well I wonder if the old email address still works for Scott?
Leinad: so my web site will be down
Dale: My last email from him is 4 years old I guess.
Leinad: because I'm using a free hosting
Leinad: they offer a non free service, but I have another plan
Dale: Well originally they said totally closed down, but then the paying customers convinced them to leave some of it up still.
rich-c: Guy can likely tell you where there is a free service
rich-c: looks like we will be losing soon
Leinad: I have more offers of web hosting than anybody else I guess.
Leinad: I just didn't make my new web site yet
rich-c: pick one with a nice simple url, Daniel
Leinad: And I can't contact Marcel de Kogel... his web page link to my web site on Geocities.
Leinad: ...
Leinad: for a second, I was thinking my connection was down
rich-c: seems all OK at my end, Daniel
Judy: I thought you had my old problems, Daniel
Leinad: sortof yes
Leinad: did you deduced that with psychic powers?
rich-c: oh shoot judy - you mean you're contaigous? ; - )
Judy: I'm fixed
Judy: and Doug can fix
rich-c: don't say that when the dog's aaround 8 - )
Dale: You can get (cape verde) for $694 for two years.
rich-c: I am expecting some computer trouble next couple of weeks
Dale: that would be pretty simple.
Judy: why?
Leinad: Someone named Nostalgia critic did review a bad movie, and in this movie there is a line he did like because it can makes people stop arguing because it's so unpredictable.
Leinad: So, this guy suggested to try telling this line inside a conversation and watch people faces.
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Leinad: unfortunately, this is not a video chat
rich-c: I am putting a lot of new softwware on the laptop to try it, which usually means problems
changed username to PEV
rich-c: hi Pamela
Leinad: Pam is here
PEV: Hi Dad
Guy B: HI Pam
PEV: Hi Guy
rich-c: did you get my emails?
Judy: hi, Pamela
PEV: feel backward Daniel?
Leinad: how did she know it was me6
PEV: to Tamco? No haven't downloaded them yet tonite
BobS: we know EVERYTHING my man
rich-c: day or two ago - but do so
BobS: Richard, THINK POSITIVE !!!!!! all your installations will go flawlessly !!!!!
Leinad: maybe my encoding algorithm is not good enough to fool you
PEV: 'twas fairly obvious Daniel
rich-c: that only happens in Linux, Bob - just ask Dopug
Leinad: I'll try anything to tell the line, well at least to write it, and wait for a reaction.
Leinad: have to use it in a conversation
Leinad: and pop it out of nowhere
Leinad: like a challenge
Leinad: or a dare
Leinad: ...
rich-c: I have a cursor crony on carnuts who often asks "how did he know that"
rich-c: I do not tell him
Leinad: ??? errr....
Leinad: I'm still online?
PEV: so how is everyone else?
rich-c: sorry - "cursor crony" is my personal; slang for an internet-only friend
Judy: not bad and you
BobS: so Pam, trailer all put up t=for the winter??????
BobS: and Richard, did yo sell your trailer????
rich-c: no joy yet, Bob, and now we have to be out be April 30 because the land has been sold
BobS: bummer Richard
Leinad: I feel pretty good... caugh a cold but not a bad one, I kinda like this one... just a little headache, a little nose problem, but that's it
Judy: we have the motorhome ready for winter and the boat is ready to go to Doug and Meeka's for the winter will be taking it there Friday
PEV: we've done some of the close up - Mom and Lin will do the balance this weekend
rich-c: so far I have escaped most of what is going around, but then I am not going out much
PEV: we lost a weekend - park decided the 15th is it so we have to be done before then
Judy: have you all had your flu shots?
PEV: they're not available here yet Judy
PEV: not till the beginning of November
rich-c: no, even our regular shots aren't in yet, they're saying end of the month
Leinad: no vaccine yet for me... when it will be available, I will get it.
Judy: really?
rich-c: you need two shots, regular and H1N1
Judy: we had ours last Friday
Judy: the H1N1 is not available yet
Judy: in shot form that is
Leinad: there is something I don't understand and it's the cases of h1n1 declared in Canada in pourcent is way higher than US.
Judy: they have the mist but we can't have that one even if we would want it
Judy: don't want the mist because that is the live virus
PEV: why not Judy?
rich-c: haven't seen that, Daniel, so I don't know the explanation
Judy: you have to be 49 or under to get the mist
Dale: i think that we are more organized at reporting such things.
PEV: ah
rich-c: supply is limited, Pam - in effect they are rationing it
Leinad: I hope it doesn't mean that we are not ready enough for pandemic cases like this
rich-c: they also won't use the mist with kids, too dangerous for them it seems
Judy: we wouldn't be the first to get the H1N1 vacine anyway they want the kids to get them first
Dale: Well they are saying in the press that the regular flu shot may increase your susceptability to H1N1 based on an unpublished paper that is being peer reviewed still.
Leinad: I wonder what will happend if h5n1 will be a human virus.
Dale: unless you have the vaccine for H1N1 first.
rich-c: right now with H1N1 it seems the younger group are most at risk
Judy: they are giving the mist to children but some doctors are advising against it
Leinad: I'm glad vaccines exist... so happy to not get smallpox.
BobS: like all vaccines, there are questions
Judy: not what they are saying around here, Dale
rich-c: they may be being overcautious for fear of putting people off the shots long term
Judy: they are really pushing having the shots here
BobS: I used to think I would nolt get the flu...............wrong...........had it, didn't llke it, so started gettign flu shots
Leinad: Celcius droping here... 8 now
BobS: and havent' had it since.......tongue in cheek and fingers crossed
rich-c: with my medical history, the doctor assures me I have no option whatsoever
rich-c: you have COPD you get the shot - or else
BobS: you must or you must NOT ?
BobS: oh YES is the answer
rich-c: absolutely must
BobS: or the doctor will fire you from his office, yes??????
PEV: used to get the flu like clockwork every year last week of November or first week of December, from the time I was 13 until I left the Bay in '91
PEV: then I just stopped getting it for a while
rich-c: no, he'll just make a note of the burial instructions
PEV: started getting flu shots later
BobS: mind over matter/
BobS: ?
Judy: really?
rich-c: flu is a contaigious disease, if you don't go whre it is, you don't get it
Judy: now I am trying to get the girls to have the grandkids vacinanated
PEV: last time I got the flu was three days after I got my flu shot
PEV: so go figure
Leinad: caughing in your hands is no more something to do... otherwise you touch something and can give the flu to someone else.
Judy: but if you go to the grocery store you are asking to get it
PEV: in an office, EVERYONE is exposed
rich-c: that's teh bad part - they have to guess which bug to vaccinate you for, and sometimes they miss
Judy: that is a place that people go sick or well
rich-c: we can do our shopping at relatively uncrowded hour - though it was busy today
Dale: Well they say that H1N1 probably will spread through the air, and not hand contact. So the highest risk is probably being within 1 meter (3 feet) of an infected person.
rich-c: probably should get a bottle of alcohol hand sanitizer to take with us
PEV: good idea Dad
PEV: disinfecting wipe for the cart handle might not be a bad idea either
rich-c: I'll tell your ma, she pushes the cart
rich-c: I use the walker and go chase all the side items
BobS: all the places you never think of that you touch
BobS: and boom, they are germy
BobS: is taht a word?????
PEV: as good as any Bob
PEV: I never think about this stuff when I'm shopping
rich-c: guess it's beer time - brb
PEV: probably should follow my own advice
PEV: add it to the list of notes to self
PEV: I think I need a bigger purse : (
rich-c: again?
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: hi meeka
Meeka: hello
PEV: no, just for shopping, to accomodate wipes and Purell and such
PEV: Hi Meeka
Leinad: hi Meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
BobS: Dale, Scott got back to ma already...........................Hey, Bob. The gal for the IDE, eh? .gedek file? I donít even to know where to begin looking. I probably donít have it, but perhaps itís in the stuff my father gave me. And whereís the stuff that he gave me? In a basement full of boxes in my brother-in-lawís house, some 30 miles away. I might have this and I might not is the honest answer. No guarantees, obviously.
Judy: how did it go tonight?
Leinad: I guess these ? are '
rich-c: I am very curious as to just how serious this H1N1 flu will turn out to be
Meeka: pretty good
Judy: not to bad then?
Dale: You never can tell really.
Judy: that is good, did Doug give you my message?
rich-c: it has been worryingly contaigious in the southern hemisphere but most cases have been mild, it seems
Dale: Well, I'll try reading my GAL and see how it goes.
Meeka: no, just the ling still part that sucks
Meeka: he told me about c-mas partys and the boat...was there more??
Dale: In fact rich, milder than the regular flu, if the truth be known.
Judy: just the shower
Dale: But it could also turn ugly.
Judy: is the 11th all right with you?
Meeka: oh ya, got that today too, i am GOOD with your plan :-)
rich-c: yes, tehre have been hospitalizations and deaths
Meeka: as far as I know it will be fine at this point
Judy: ok and we are sooo bad
Meeka: i know
PEV: but that happens with any flu
Dale: The death rate from the regular flu have been higher than the H1N1 deaths so far.
rich-c: yes, it does, so all you can do is everything you can to avoid it then hope for the best
PEV: and, the majority of those have been complications from other illnesses
Leinad: I've heard that some deaths of flu h1n1 is because of the immune over-reaction that cause the healthy persons about my age to be in danger.
Judy: Meeka, did you have a flu shot?
Guy B: Ok back
Meeka: yes, doug and I got ours a couple weeks ago
Judy: good for you both
Meeka: although my mom just told me today that there is a seperate one for h1n1
rich-c: don't know why, Daniel, but you're right - so far your generation has been hit harder than the older folks
Judy: yes, but they are not available here yet
PEV: which is also unusual, since the flu normally affects the very old and the very young first and worst
PEV: jeepers its cold in here
rich-c: yes, no one quite knows why this is the reverse
Dale: rich they speculate that the flu from roughly 1968 would build you up antibodies against the H1N1.
Judy: no heat yet, Pam?
PEV: not till the 15th
Judy: yea, I knew that, Pam
Leinad: compared to Canada, US citizens are experimental subjects in the case of h1n1 vaccines
rich-c: wonder if flu shots accumulate over the years, in portective value?
Leinad: US got the vaccine first
PEV: I'm relying on cooking dinner in the oven and our trusty little space heater
PEV: and a sweatshirt or two
Meeka: they change the formula every year I believe Rich
rich-c: yes, because the virus keeps mutating
Leinad: I don't like the fact that the vaccine is the living virus
Dale: rich to some extent they do I believe.
Judy: the shots are not, Daniel
rich-c: still, if something from 1983 comes back, will my shot from then still help?
Dale: they definately target 3 of the 4 major varients of the flu each year.
Judy: only the mist is the live virus
Leinad: h1n1 vaccines are liquid they put in the nose... of the virus still alive.
BobS: you will lhave so many antibodies, you will never get sick again Richard
PEV: oh good - he's pickled!
rich-c: would that it were! at least my exposure is minimal
BobS: only mist Daniel.......shosts come out later this year and they are dead virus
BobS: shots
rich-c: I can't take public transit and can't go to crowded places
Judy: that is probably a good thing, Rich
PEV: yes but when was the last time you did those things anyway Dad?
rich-c: well, in terms of contaigion it is
rich-c: well in effect Pam it means I can't go to any event downtown, though a taxi will work
Leinad: maybe I can convince the virus to not make me sick... and die by itself.
BobS: well, now that he can NOT take public transportation and crowds, he WANTS to
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changed username to Scott
PEV: still planning to go to your reunion?
rich-c: but I don't feel I can go to my school's 100th anniversary dinner
Meeka: hello
Leinad: hi Scott
PEV: good luck with that Daniel
Scott: Hey, you guys are still doing these...
rich-c: hello scott, been a long time
Judy: hi, Scott
PEV: Hi Scott
BobS: hi Scott made it!!!!!!!
Leinad: once a week, yes
rich-c: of course we are, even growing the odd new visitor on accasion
BobS: yes joe didn't show up this week, did he................
Scott: I'm on the east coast now - moved back to Virginia
rich-c: no, he seems a bit of a strange one
PEV: when did that happen Scott?
PEV: were'nt you in AZ?
Leinad: Well, I guess I'll write the line before I'm leaving the chat. I'm sleepy so goodnight all!
Scott: July 4, 2008
rich-c: Pam: yes, it's a lunch at the Old Mill, our 60th year
Scott: My dad's in AZ
PEV: ahhh
Judy: night, Daniel
Guy B: Nite Daniel
Leinad: and the line someone dare me to tell during a conversation is :
PEV: seems like you were on more recently than that
PEV: nite Daniel
rich-c: goodnight Daniel, sleep well - bonne nuit
Scott: Night
BobS: nite Daniuel
Dale: Bye Daniel.
PEV: could be an interesting conversational gambit : )
Leinad: And I don't know why, but I should see your stunning faces, I guess
Dale: Hi Scott.
BobS: Daniel was only about 46 * fahrenheit
BobS: not cold at all..... ;-)
Leinad: bonsoir et bonne nuit tout le monde.
Scott: Hi, Dale.
Judy: Meeka, are you having trouble with satilite today?
Leinad: hehehe bu here it's only 8 degrees...
Meeka: not sure, we are not watching live tv
Leinad: celcius, but only 8.
BobS: that is 46*F
Meeka: it seemed fine durring the day
PEV: chilly!
BobS: long way from freezing, just a little chilly
rich-c: that's cheating, Daniel - only Canadians understand that Celsius stuff ; - )
Leinad: I'm not the only canadian here.
Judy: we have had freezing a couple of times today
Leinad: bye!
BobS: bye
Meeka: bye
PEV: Dad did Ian's email have photos attached?
Leinad: *poof*
BobS: Scott you were in Colorado for awhile, were you not?
rich-c: tell them it's about 46F
Leinad: P.S.: I'm sure everyone understand that when it's close to zero, it's very very cold.
BobS: about the time yo got married
Scott: Yes, but I escaped
Judy: probably is the weather
BobS: that sounds appropriate
Leinad left chat session
rich-c: yes it did Pam, that's why I sent it - embedded actually
Scott: 1999-2008
PEV: they didn't show up in the forward
Dale: So Scott, did you move East for work?
BobS: problably a litel wrmer in Virginai
BobS: farn dingers
rich-c: OK, I'll send them soon, also some chalk art from Kay Larsen
Scott: Don't like dry climates
rich-c: where did you settle, Scott?
Scott: Drove me crazy being in near desert-like conditions
Scott: I'm in Ashburn, VA
BobS: but the heat and humidity don't cook you
BobS: just the heat
Scott: Humidity is no big deal
rich-c: what part of Virginia is that in, Scott? Shenandoah?
Scott: Try altitude
rich-c: were you having breathing difficulties?
Scott: Northern Virginia, about 20 miles from Tyson's Corner, VA
Scott: Never quite got acclimated to the altitude
rich-c: up towardes teh West VA line, then?
Scott: Definitely made a difference when I worked out.
Scott: Yes.
rich-c: as I recall it's pretty nice country up there
Scott: Ashburn is a very nice suburb
rich-c: suburb of?
Scott: DC. Well, it's quite a few miles from DC, so I guess it's technically not a suburb :)
BobS: 37 miloes into Dc
BobS: Judy sasy. "and he has to drive into DC?" YUCK
BobS: we were in DC 2 weeks ago
BobS: one busy town even in the fall
rich-c: that en ough to get you up into the foothills?
Scott: I work in Chantilly, so I don't go anywhere near DC
Meeka: night
Meeka left chat session
BobS: straight north of Manassas about 39 miles
rich-c: what are you doing there?
Scott: Not quite
rich-c: more pointedlty, is it enough to get clear of the Washin gton heat and humidity?
Guy B: My last two vacation weeks have been set for this month and in December before the holidays
Scott: We still get plenty of heat and humidity.
rich-c: just so you reserve those last two weeks next June, Guy
Scott: But no where near as hot / cold as Colorado.
Scott: It's been a very mild year.
rich-c: Washington can be pretty dealy in high summer
Scott: Very little snow, very few hot days.
Scott: Plenty of rain.
rich-c: well, we got lots of snow, but our heat was way down last summer
Scott: I was raised in the Northern Virginia, so the humidity doesn't really bother me too much.
Judy: it was hot when we were in Washington two weeks ago
Scott: Really? The month of September was nice. I'd imagine the city was a little hotter.
rich-c: I guess you'd need to be a bit further over near Front Royal to get it cooler
BobS: were there the week of the 20th Scott.....Onday nice, but by Wed and Thurs 85 and 87 degrees
BobS: so we bugged out for Michigan
rich-c: you gotta remember they're Michiganders, Scott. It the water isn't stiff, it's warm weatehr
BobS: Monday
PEV: this from the couple who hosted one of the hottest conventions in my memory!
Scott: Interesting. Didn't even notice the slightly higher temperatures.
Scott: Today was really nice - a little cold in the morning, but perfect in the afternoon.
Judy: ya, but it had been cold here up until then and cooled off after and was cool most of the summer
rich-c: it's all in what you're acclimatized to
rich-c: age counts too - I'm finding even days when folks are wearing shorts are pretty chilly for my
Scott: I was reading that Denver already had a little snow
Scott: Would never happen here this early.
Scott: Earliest snowfall on record was Oct 22.
Judy: that would be the pits
Scott: I remember that, actually.
rich-c: that was very widespread but just a little dusting - melted as it fell, so to spealk
Scott: Depressing, eh?
Judy: so much for global warming
Scott: Global warming is a hoax.
Scott: Bob told me so.
rich-c: global warming is climate - what we're talking is weather
Judy: that is what we think also
rich-c: I may not like the idea, but the science supports it
BobS: science is lost mon........jsut found another skeleton which threw out the age of our supposed start of walkng upright
BobS: the more they find out, the more they find out they are wrong
BobS: the world is FLAT and you can take taht to the bank
Judy: and the weather people are even worse, they couldn't predict weather if it hit them in the face
Scott left chat session
PEV: so what happens when you sail over the horizon?
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Dale: Well that 4 million year old human was found 14 years ago.
BobS: we call ours "scary" Deboer..........can you guess her first name?
left chat session
Dale: That's a long time to reflect on Artie.
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BobS: you disappear
BobS: not necessarily fall off, but looks like it
left chat session
rich-c: we've lost Scott
BobS: he went over hte edge
BobS: and fell off
BobS: DARN, I KNEW the thign was flat
rich-c: but if the earth is flat, how does the sun go around it?
PEV: shades of Discworld
BobS: doesn't Richard, jsut goes up and down...have yo not seen such??????
Judy: as he laughs
rich-c: no, around here it comes up on one side and gopes over to the other
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changed username to Scott
Scott: Back
BobS: ya mon
BobS: lost ya
Scott: Problems with Spaniel Chat & Opera
PEV: what happened Scott?
rich-c: ah, your back Scott - battery run out of juice?
Scott: Works great in Firefox
PEV: ah
BobS: oops
Scott: Another POV on the global warming debate:
rich-c: might be your edition of Java, too, though it works fine with the lastest several
Scott: The science has been manipulated for funding
Guy B: Well folks, will be taking Annie out soon. So, see you all next week
Scott: Data doesn't show CO2 causes climate change
rich-c: see you then, Guy. Take care
PEV: nite Guy
Scott: The sun drives climate change
Guy B: She's going to the vet tomorrow. Nothing serious, just for a nail trim
PEV: good news
Scott: CO2 largely comes from volcanic eruptions and the warming/cooling of the earth's oceans
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
Scott: We had a really interesting discussion about this in Astronomy class
rich-c: then how did the year Krakatoa exploded become the year without a summer?
Scott: Before I believed in global warming
Scott: Watch the series of videos
Scott: How about the mini ice age we had a couple hundred years ago?
rich-c: 1700s, year the Thames froze over?
Scott: If you truly believe in the science, get your information from people in the appropriate field
BobS: well gang. tis time to head for bed. is early tomorrow, have to work the rest of the week
Scott: Time for bed?
Scott: Bye.
Scott: Good night.
BobS: 2 days off was nice and got a lot of work around here done, but the milestone awaits tomroow
rich-c: well, atmospheric chemists should be a good starting point
BobS: nite, good seeing yo again Scott
Scott: Watch the video
BobS: poof
PEV: yes, couple more days of work on this end too
Judy: that it is night Scott and night everyone else, I am done in
BobS left chat session
PEV: and it's busy
Scott: People will manipulate the data to get funding
rich-c: OK Bob, you and Judy sleep tight, see you next week
PEV: night Bob and Judy
Judy left chat session
Dale: Alright I should head out too.
Scott: Night
Dale: But Scott, do visit us again.
Scott: Thanks.
rich-c: right Dale, catch you next week
Scott: We'll see.
PEV: guess it's my turn
rich-c: look for you, Scott
Scott: Right.
Scott: Night.
Dale: bye al.
PEV: night Scott
rich-c: night
PEV: night Dale
Dale left chat session
Scott: Night.
PEV: well Papa its about that time
rich-c: Pam, likely out for an anniversary dinner tomorrow
PEV: you'll send those pics?
PEV: oh yes - enjoy
PEV: and Happy Anniversary
rich-c: yes, likely not till tomorrow, they're on the other computer
Scott: Happy anniversary.
rich-c: do you get the emails from Kay Larsen?
PEV: no
rich-c: OK, she sent a big, dynamite attachment last time - will send a copy to you
PEV: okay
Scott: Oh yeah, Rich-
PEV: I'm for bed - talk to you soon
PEV: night Daddy
rich-c: you will yes, Scott?
Scott: When I moved, I did not come across the hard drive.
PEV: kerpoof
PEV left chat session
rich-c: it was a floppy, Scott, but a pity - folks do want them
Scott: My dad said he gave it to me, but it was not in my stuff.
Scott: Sorry, yes, the floppy drive
rich-c: well, maybe it will turn up - if it does, Virginia is closer
Scott: He must have it in AZ
Scott: Yes
Scott: I did look for it
rich-c: we shall hope for the best
Scott: I did come across my Coleco ADAM stuff
Scott: But no floppy drive.
rich-c: now all you need to do it get it going again - and finish that game!
Scott: I probably need to do something with my personal floppy and hard drive
Scott: I could finish the game via the emulator
rich-c: work them hard, they seem to keep going well with moderate use
Scott: Hmm, interesting
rich-c: you know the Adamcons are continuing?
Scott: Really?
Scott: Where is the next one?
Scott: And where was the last one?
rich-c: Montreal. third week in June, after the Grand Prix
rich-c: previous was Grand Rapids, Bob and Judy ran it
Scott: Ok
Scott: Good stuff.
rich-c: you know we have some avid cartridge game writers?
Scott: Coders?
Scott: Or the actual hardware that burns the EEPROMs
rich-c: yes, even making and selling their own cartridges
Scott: Oh yeah
rich-c: Daniel is the chief activist, Dale works with him, many other
Scott: Daniel is very prolific
Scott: It's hard to justify the time
Scott: Got a 3-year old son
Scott: And am looking to start a business in web development
rich-c: yes, codes teh games, burns the eproms, gets teh cartridges, teh whole bit
Scott: And finishing up my first novel
Scott: So I've got my hands full
rich-c: taking after your mother in that, are you?
Scott: More my dad
Scott: Doing less writing, more coding
rich-c: me, I'm looking at my 80th Christmas this year
Scott: More tinkering
Scott: Like he used to do
Scott: In the basement
Scott: With the ADAM
rich-c: had an artificial hip, a broken back, and miscellaneous small stuff, so I'm weasring around the edges
Scott: Hey, it was nice talking to you
Scott: Wow
Scott: Don't fall apart on us
Scott: That's quite a list
Scott: Nothing a little duct tape can't fix
Scott: Need to get some sleep
rich-c: I'll try not to - and remember the Adam community will welcome you back any time you care to come
Scott: But I'll stop by next week
Scott: I might need some reminding, though
Scott: Thank
rich-c: look forward to that - sleep tight
Scott: Thanks
Scott: Good night.
Scott left chat session
rich-c: g'night now
rich-c left chat session
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