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Leinad: I'm the first one online tonight?
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changed username to BobS
Leinad: good evening Bob
BobS: Hi Ddanilel
BobS: Daniel
BobS: how's the weather in Quebec??????
Leinad: it's cold
BobS: tis kinda cold here and just above freezing
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Leinad: first days below zero, which is below 32 for you
BobS: like about 10 for highs during the day
changed username to rich-c
BobS: OH YUCK !!!!!!
BobS: guess that means winter is coming, yes????
BobS: hey Richcard
rich-c: greetinmgs, all - especially the visitor
BobS: we are dipping below freezing at night also
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BobS: yes the visitor.........................kinda quiet and shy.......
changed username to Guy B
BobS: hi Guy
Leinad: bonsoir Rich
Guy B: Greetings!!
rich-c: hey. Guy, you're early
BobS: meet Leinad
Leinad: hi Guy
BobS: his is new here
BobS: I think he is french or something
BobS: maybe russian
rich-c: salut, Leinad
Leinad: bonsoir rich-c
BobS: was discussing the weaather...or lack of warm to be precise
rich-c: you anotehr of our Quebec game-writing crowd, Leinad?
BobS: a GAMER !!!!!!!! rediculous
rich-c: nous avons un omber des Quebecois ici, Leinad
rich-c: nombre
Leinad: I've heard of that
rich-c: and is that a warning or an attraction? ;-)
Leinad: I've heard that you guys did talk about Coleco Adam, and do meetings about it. Right?
rich-c: anyway, Bob, what do you think of Joe and his banshee drive?
BobS: normal drive screech problem
rich-c: you have heard correctly, Leinad
rich-c: we talk Coleco, we talk Adam, and we talk generally
rich-c: depends on who is around and what they want to chat about
BobS: can be cured if you really want to do it by changin our the motor or motors
rich-c: I wrote telling him so and suggested he check in tonight for reassurance
BobS: had and have some that scream at you, but work fine
rich-c: and then you'll end up changing in new motors on their last legs - Murphy's law
BobS: true true
rich-c: sorry, Daniel, forgot my spelling - salut encore
Leinad changed username to Daniel
Daniel: no problem
Daniel: it's -2, -4 even -6 for this week. including our first snow
rich-c: so our current cold wave has reached down to you, too
BobS: we are expexcting some snow mix on Fri night
Guy B: brb
rich-c: we haven't had any snow yet, but it's been enough below freezing at ight to kill off all our flowers
BobS: yup onlly about 10c during the day and below freezing at night
rich-c: seems to be teh pattern across Canada and into much of the US
BobS: BUT,next week may get into the 60* f range, above average
rich-c: though our buddy in Lethbridge said they wre forecasting 20C there for the weekend
rich-c: won't bring back Frances' tomatoes or flowers, though
BobS: that woudl be nice
BobS: nope, they are history for 2009
BobS: wait for 2010 crop
Daniel: There are peoplewatching my videos and say that they dont have a ColecoVision... I guess they want to you that thay don't want to pay for a game system they have no interrest in but they like my games anyway.
Daniel: 2010, june 18, AdamCon meeting.
BobS: Judy says HI ........nit feeling too good, so not logging on
Daniel: bonsoir Judy
BobS: got the sinus cruds or something
Daniel: take care!
BobS: hit hard today
Daniel changed username to Nielda
rich-c: OK, our best to Judy
rich-c: Frances and I got our seasonal flu shots today - H1N1 in January
BobS: not till Jan ??
rich-c: now I see we have an anagram
Nielda: I've tried to contact Dale, to see if he's online... doesn't seem available for the moment
rich-c: we asre on a doubly different pattern, Bob
Nielda changed username to Adeiln
Adeiln: ( alphabetic order )
rich-c: seniors first are being given the regular seasonal flu shots - today was the first day, may be doing infants too
Adeiln changed username to Da Line
rich-c: then we wait while the working age bracket gets teh H1N1 shot
BobS: you are a little behind us here, now just getting the dead virus H1N1 shots
rich-c: then in January we get the H1N1 - maybe
Da Line: All I know it's November for voting and vaccine for us
rich-c: well, there is a bunch of research, not published yet, that makes our people feel a revised pattern is better
BobS: andf the BIG question is ...... wil the H1N1 flu really be that bad......
Da Line: My family don't know if they prefer the vaccine or the risk of getting the flu
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Da Line: thinking of smallpax and I decide the vaccine
changed username to rich-c
Da Line: twins
rich-c: yep, somehow dumped myself, but I'm back
Da Line changed username to I'm away
BobS: so who do you want us to throw out????
rich-c changed username to rich
rich requested to ban rich-c
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B confirmed ban
rich: your reflexes are slow tonight, Bob
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rich: anyway back where we were before - there is unpublished research our people have seen
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
BobS: was eating a sinfully delicous chocolate & caramel covered donut thingy Judy got at the grocery deli today
BobS: hi Dale
rich: it has to od with statistical analysis from other places
rich: hello Daqle
rich: Dale
BobS: Daniel is away
BobS: and Guy is reading mail or something
rich: basically it seems there's an adjuvant in the vaccine that has an unanticipated effect
BobS: swell
rich: so they think seniors will be better off with the seasonal shot first
BobS: jsut what you need from a vaccine
BobS: oh yes, same process here in the staes
BobS: states
rich: and teh general population should have the special H1N1 shot first
Dale: So they are making everyone wait for the regular flu shot here.
rich: they don't know if they are right or not but that's the way the evidence is pointing
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changed username to PEV
BobS: Pamela
rich: hello daughter
BobS: welcome back!!!!
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PEV: Hello
Guy B: Hi Pam
changed username to Meeka
BobS: hi MEEKA
BobS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meeka: hello
PEV: Hi Meeka
Meeka: thanks
Dale: Really? My birthday was yesterday. So happy birthday.
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Meeka: u too Dale
changed username to rich-c
BobS: Happy Birthday Dale !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm away changed username to Daniel is here
rich-c: hello meeka
Daniel is here: I knew I did forgot something. Happy birthday Dale and Meeka<
rich-c: and happy birthday, Dale
PEV: your birthday too Meeka? Felicitations
Daniel is here: I forgot and did forget... I know I've a problem with verbs
Meeka: thanks
Dale: Thanks.
Daniel is here: to be ... so scary
rich-c: gee, I have no problem with verbs at all - except in Franch, of course ;-)
BobS: you doing great Daniel
BobS: don't be kidding your own welf
rich-c: cunjugating etre is not my idea of a good time
PEV: Boy, October 14th is a popular date
PEV: I know two other people with birthdays today
rich-c: yes, Russell is getting pretty close, isn't he?
Meeka: prob cuz jan and feb are COLD months ;-P
PEV: Another month Dad
PEV: Nov. 15th
rich-c: didn't realize it was quite that long
PEV: Don't rush it, please
PEV: LOL, Meeka
Meeka: I had a girlfire=iend in jr high that had the same date as me
Daniel is here: Pam, did you read any line of the comic story made by Dale and Jeffrey?
PEV: no - is it written down?
Daniel is here changed username to Daniel is rare
Daniel is rare: Well, I did write emails to Dale, so some parts yes
Daniel is rare changed username to Daniel is moon
Daniel is moon: But it needs to be rewritten, because I'm not good enough to write a good english and I didn't know well how to typ ethe characters' name.
Daniel is moon changed username to Daniel is pool
Dale: But at least Daniel lets me edit his English for his YouTube videos now.
Dale: I think they turn out better when they are edited a little.
Dale: I don't usually just write myself. I write and then edit. Then it is ready.
Daniel is pool: And because of that, Dale has the impression I'm stealing days.
Daniel is pool changed username to Daniel is rock
Dale: You stole Tuesday from me last week. That's all I'm saying.
Dale: lol
rich-c: it is always better to have someone else edit, it brings a fresh point of view
Daniel is rock: and for some other weeks too. ;-)
Daniel is rock changed username to Daniel is week
rich-c requested to ban rich
Dale confirmed ban
Guy B confirmed ban
PEV confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Daniel is week: Last time we talked about "life" and "lives", "leaf" and "leaves", "tree" and "forest"
Daniel is week changed username to Daniel is well
Daniel is well: sometimes, plurial is not easy!
Dale: elf and elves.
PEV: self and selves
PEV: mouse and mice
Daniel is well changed username to Daniel is desk
PEV: house and hice ; )
Dale: Daniel was suprised to hear that there is a rule in English that words ending in f change to a v when pluralized.
PEV: (sorry, inside joke)
Dale: moose and moose
Dale: sheep and sheep
Daniel is desk: See, I was sure it was "house" and "town"
BobS: I am surprised also
rich-c: die and dice
Meeka: me either dad
PEV: it's actually house and houses, Daniel
PEV: like I said, inside joke
Dale: and actually tree and trees.
Daniel is desk: ( I know it's houses, Pam ;-) )
Dale: Clearly you can't find the forest for the trees.
Daniel is desk: "datum" and "data", "erratum" and "errata"
Dale: octopus and octopi
Dale: yes, medium and media. Those are latin I guess.
Daniel is desk: process,processes
rich-c: so what's teh singular of mathematics?
Meeka: math :-P
Daniel is desk: a number ?... I know, algebra
BobS: adds, minus's, guzzinta's and times
rich-c: so then what's the plural of medium?
BobS: multiple mediums
Daniel is desk: it,s easy, rich
PEV: that depends - are you referring to the size or the communicator with the dead?
rich-c: you use a Romance language and have an unfair advantage, Daniel
BobS: mediu's
Daniel is desk: In french, we messed up... we use media all the time, and so when there is more than one we say "multi media".
Daniel is desk: we do use the word medium, but not as it should be
BobS: ah so
Daniel is desk: we say sometimes a medium like if it was an intermediate step or phase.
rich-c: same is true of the anglophones, Daniel
rich-c: a newspaper is a medium; newspapers are media
Daniel is desk: I've found something interesting
rich-c: so tell us!
Daniel is desk: it says here that there are some plurials that uses "s" instead of "a", like Bob said "mediums" and it seems that it's socially accepted... so accepted that some words are mentionned to have two plurial forms
BobS: yup
BobS: you will find that the english language is so full of execptions to ANY rules that the rules are almost useless
Daniel is desk: like here, it says in wikitionary that the plurial of rectum is either recta or rectums
Dale: What about roof and rooves Bob? I would say it like that but I might spell it roofs
rich-c: yes, they are rare - what is amounts to is Americans have a problem with Latin, especially plural forms
BobS: right dale
PEV: oh to have $500K to spend on a new home
BobS: tis not only americans if yo mean US, but any english speaking group
rich-c: you aren't interested in being a homeowner, Pam
PEV: where do a couple of mid-twenties get $500K for a brand new house?
BobS: and then you get into "black english" and it is a worse mess with dropped words, adjectives, etc
PEV: and how do you conclude this, Dad?
rich-c: first, Bob, Commonwealth nations have a tradition of classical education emphasizing Latin
rich-c: Pam, because you have often said so
Daniel is desk: to be is for a state, and to have is for possession. well, in english your age is a status, but in french it's a possession.
Daniel is desk: "maybe an exorcist will get rid of your age, miss pacman."
BobS: don't ;make a difference Richard, we'uns all talk the same, education or no
Daniel is desk changed username to Daniel is king
BobS: and with all the wierd rules, etc
rich-c: I dunno, when I talk to a southerner it takes me three days to figure out what he's saying 8-)
Daniel is king: it sonds like an inside joke... probably related to an adamcon meeting in the south I did miss
rich-c: no, Daniel, it's just an observation from my own travels - it's like you trying to speak joual in Paris
Daniel is king: they'll probably start talking to me in english in Paris
rich-c: yes, even if you use your Quebec City accent, they have a reputation for smartassery there
rich-c: you should have academic Fench from Laval so Frenchmen might recognize that if you use it
Daniel is king: it's only part of them, like a cultural curse. they seems to understand only what they want to hear correctly.
Daniel is king changed username to Daniel is fire
PEV: selective hearing : )
Dale: I found a website talknig about roofs/rooves and listing lots of other words that end with f.
Daniel is fire: and why they are so proud to use more and more english-like words, like if it was the best thing they should do. It's France, they are supposed to speak french.
Daniel is fire: do you know they don't walk outside but do "footing"?
Dale: When you have multiple sides of beef, apparently a foriegn language teacher claims the plural is beeves.
Daniel is fire: they don't take a sun bath, they go "bronzing"
rich-c: technological leadership, Daniel - just as lots of French culinary terms have migrated into English
Dale: But even if I asked our wives to take some loaves of bread and make beef sandwiches, I can't picture putting beeves on them.
Daniel is fire: that's one we forgot... "wife" and "wives"
Daniel is fire: well, I don't need to use that word
rich-c: it's an Old English plural, Daniel, still used in rural areas but not, I believe in the cities
Daniel is fire: so, I pardon myself to forget this plurial
rich-c: and I think you would hear it more out west than in Ontario or Quebec
rich-c: but it probably derives from boeuf or something even closer in old Franch
Daniel is fire: I don't know about you but I'm sick of knowing things.. like those poor guys being beating in the west because they speak french... "speak white", I'm sick of this.
rich-c: it doesn't happen much any more, daniel, likely just American immigrants in Calgary
Daniel is fire: I've published one video in french, it gots comments like "in english"... no please, no nothing. So, I did tell the guy that it's first obvious to understand what is going on and also I've added subtitles.
rich-c: Daniel, regardless of language, the world is full of ignorant people
rich-c: so don't be surprised if you hear from a few
Daniel is fire: And what is the problem of religious people in Nevada who think that instead of proving that something should be learn, they should use politics to force it. Creation is not science, get over it. I'm sick of this false debate, there is no debate about evolution theory, it's a scientific theory that explain that living creatures evolved.
rich-c: Daniel, belief by definition is not rational
Meeka: ok, i outta here
Meeka: see ya next week
PEV: bedtime?
Daniel is fire: bye meeka, sorry
PEV: night Meeka
Meeka: for what Daniel??
rich-c: night meeka
Daniel is fire: I did forget your birthday
BobS: nite meeka
Meeka: dont worry about it :-)
Daniel is fire: I did have a calendar in facebook, but I forget about it
Daniel is fire: I did asked for birthday in october
Daniel is fire: and I forget it
Daniel is fire: take care! bye!
Meeka: its no big deal
Meeka: night
Meeka left chat session
Daniel is fire: I know that it's harmless to teach something that appears to take the flintstone as reality, humans living with dinosaurs, etc.
Daniel is fire: it's like telling that there is a tooth faries
rich-c: well no it isn't Daniel, it is just proof that politics and politiciasns are not rational
Guy B: Ok back
Daniel is fire: Before evolution theory was in school, people did go to school and they didn't seem to be more or less good people than today.
Dale: Hi there Guy.
rich-c: but it is in fact dangerous ultimately to teh survival of a country that depends on rational culture
Daniel is fire: but it's not a reason to teach things in school because you want it to be true
Guy B: I found an iPod Nano and I got an adapter for it. Doesn't work. At least it didn't cost me anything
PEV: where did you find it?
rich-c: maybe that's why you found it - it was a discard
Daniel is fire: there are more and more parents who keep their kids home to teach them what is creation and don't say a word about evolution. it doesn't seem to be a big deal for them.
Guy B: In all places, the men's washroom at work
PEV: nobody has claimed it?
rich-c: it is a big deal Daniel, big enough for them to keep their kids out of school
Guy B: Put a notice up on the board. No one claimed it
PEV: if it doesn't work, that's probably why : )
rich-c: that would be my guess
Guy B: I did have it going, then poof, it went dead
rich-c: probably got the repair estimate and chucked it
BobS: put up a notice to sell the Ipod cheap
Guy B: That's what I was thinking
PEV: wonder if it's just a loose connection
Daniel is fire: I know there are almost perfect copies of ipod... some of them have batteries that can explode.
Guy B: Or it may need a new battery
rich-c: even if it is, good luck in finding and fixing it
Guy B: Oh, it has the ear phones too
rich-c: oh, they are having exploding battery problems with iPods now too?
PEV: he said copies Dad
Daniel is fire: it's an old video, but it talks about fake ipod.
Daniel is fire:
rich-c: since I don't really even know what an iPod is, and have no urge to learn, I'll pass on this one
PEV: mp3 player Dad
Dale: they are the bad guys from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" updated for the Internet.
Dale: Of course.
BobS: no time for such things. life is too busy already
rich-c: sort of a lightweight, solid state Walkman?
Dale: yes
BobS: now walkman I can visualize
rich-c: hear about them, see them, but have no urge to try them
rich-c: watch teh kids with plugs in their ears and wires down their collars, Bob
rich-c: I'm always at the computer anyway so just put on
rich-c: or
PEV: Guy, would it be compatible with your implant?
rich-c: test
Daniel is fire: I'm watching the video I did suggested to watch about fake ipods
Daniel is fire changed username to Daniel is sleepy
Daniel is sleepy: I'm about to say goodnight
rich-c: Pam, I think I sent you something on tampering at Tamco - cleared your box lately?
Daniel is sleepy: ...
Daniel is sleepy: goodnight all!
PEV: yes tonite
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
PEV: gnite Dan
Daniel is sleepy changed username to Daniel is tired
BobS: nitew Daniel
BobS: getting ready for bed myself gang
rich-c: OK - something funny is going on, not sure what, John can't guess either
BobS: getting breakfast out and ready to ut together
Daniel is tired: This weekend my Geocities web site will be gone. I still have to make my new version to be hosted
BobS: si an gong to sing off also
PEV: got two spam
rich-c: right Bob, sleep tight, it's a heavy day tomorrow
BobS: till nest week BE GOOD AND HAVE FUN
Daniel is tired: bye
Daniel is tired changed username to Daniel is gone
BobS left chat session
PEV: night Bob
Dale: I've got to go too.
Dale: Good night Daniel
rich-c: right Dale, see you next week
Dale: Good night everyone else.
Daniel is gone: bye dale
Daniel is gone: * poof *
PEV: bye Dale
Dale: pooves.
Daniel is gone: lol
Daniel is gone left chat session
Dale left chat session
rich-c: anyway Pam I got a message "from Tamco" that wasn't, and mail for Ernie Chorny in my box, and stuff
PEV: yes I got two fake messages
rich-c: I'm swapping messages with John in a desultory way, no big deal, nothing malicious showing yet
PEV: even without the warning I would have been cautious about it
rich-c: OK keep John informed, but no rush about it
rich-c: you know your mom is going to the Needlecraft Show Friday?
PEV: no, I didn't
PEV: but not surprised
PEV: don'
PEV: t be surprised if she comes home with a sewing machine or something : )
rich-c: now I think it's called "Creative Crafts" or something, but the same deal
rich-c: anyway iirc there's an Argo game that night so I will be OK
rich-c: if I can keep my dinner down, that is ; - )
PEV: oh good, I'd hate for you to miss her : )
rich-c: yes, got to give her a night off now and then, you know
PEV: where's your Toronto spirit? That never say die attitude?
rich-c: actually, the Argos impersonated a professional football team last weekend even if not a successful one
PEV: Russell is laughing
PEV: Did you see the WPG-HAM game?
rich-c: if they keep improving at the current rate they should win the Grey Cup in 2083
rich-c: yes, and Winnipeg really surprised me, never guessed they had that in them
rich-c: wouldn't put it past Hamilton to bounce back, though - Bellefeiulle seems to be a good coach
PEV: we were very impressed by the fourth quarter
PEV: that is, Hamilton's fourth quarter
rich-c: there were a bunch of good signs there
rich-c: on the other hand I was disappointed by Calgary's showin g in Montreal
rich-c: they just got toyed with and tossed aside
PEV: I didn't see that game
PEV: I think I slept through it
rich-c: you missed a disappointment - they might as well have mailed in the points
PEV: sounds like you and Russell need to sit down and dissect the NFL
PEV: oops, the CFL, sorry
PEV: typographic error
PEV: : )
rich-c: yes, swatch your language, daughter!
PEV: sorry Daddy
PEV: BTW I think I've found a taker for the table
rich-c: I have teh feeling that the attempt to invade Toronto via Buffalo is not going well for them
PEV: good - we already have a football team
rich-c: I'd forgotten about that - I do hope so
PEV: was telling a co-worker about our table dilemma and she expressed interest
rich-c: anyway I actually bought some new clothes yesterday - jacket and slacks
PEV: really!
PEV: for the UTS dinner?
rich-c: yes, I don't fit the older ones that well anymore - I'm too short and too fat in the midriff
PEV: have you shrunk that much?
rich-c: not the dinner, it's in the school and 100 year old buildings aren't handicap friendly
rich-c: yes, I'm shorter than you now as you know, yet my weight is the same - all around the middle
PEV: have you checked on accessibility? By law they'd have to make it disability friendly
rich-c: I am wondring is when my back broke some of the abs lost their anchorages and now I'm sagging
rich-c: let's just say I'd find it a challenge, Pam - they have no elevators, no main floor washrooms
PEV: have you checked?
rich-c: anyway Sunday 25th my class is having a big luncheoun at the Old Mill and I will be going to that
PEV: is Ian going to that one?
rich-c: haven't heard, have to see
rich-c: we will also be having another in January at the Military Institute on University Avenue
PEV: I was able to open the pics and the chalk drawings by the way
rich-c: great, trust you found them sufficiently rewardsing?
PEV: the pics were interesting - there aren't many around of you that young
PEV: and the chalk drawings were amazing
rich-c: no, that ws the end of grade 8, a real fair few years ago, for sure
rich-c: yes, I've got another st of different ones somewhere, if I could find them
rich-c: by the way there was colour film then but it was so expensive no one could afford it
PEV: you know, when I first met Scott Byers (you may remember him from TCI) he told me he was in the chess club and thats how he had gotten to know you outside of the usual library interactions
PEV: my reaction was "my father plays chess????"
rich-c: I even tried to show you teh game once but you lost interest quickly
PEV: not surprised - I have no facility for strategy
PEV: still don'
rich-c: these days say I know how to play but don't
PEV: t
PEV: so I found the chess picture very interesting
rich-c: yes, teh background details were not without their interesting aspects
PEV: oh?
rich-c: that was the sunroom at 32 Colin where Ian's fatehr had his radio shack - VE3BIF
PEV: ah, ham radio
rich-c: had a big 10-meter antenna in the back yard
PEV: what does a ham radio antenna look like? Not like a TV antenna I'm guessing
rich-c: btw, your ma just went out to take out the garbage adn there was a parcel on the steps
PEV: does it tick?
PEV: sorry, knee jerk reaction
rich-c: from one of the carnuts with teh hubcap for the van in it
PEV: oh, awesome!
PEV: sent by US post?
PEV: Fedex?
rich-c: the ham antenna did look not unlike some of the early big tv masts, but bigger elements
rich-c: USPS - the couriers charge unconscionable brokerage charges
PEV: I have this weird, sci-fi picture in my head which probably has nothing to do with reality : )
PEV: well that was nice of him (her?)
PEV: its good to have connections
rich-c: look around and you'll still see some relics around town - I know there 's on on Melrose east of Ave Rs
rich-c: well Jay announced he was going up to Carlisle for the big show so I asked him to look for me
PEV: Carlisle where?
rich-c: he was delighted- favour for friend and it gave purpose to his wanderings too
Guy B: Well, I'm going to take Annie out. Will see you all next week
PEV: night Guy
rich-c: he scored it for five bucks, though the postage is $12
PEV: woot!
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
rich-c: but I couldn't find it through a dealer or a wrecker on the net so it's really neat
PEV: very sweet
rich-c: that's OK, ordered two new cpap machine seals adn the postage was $17
PEV: now's the time to buy from the US with the dollar climbing again
rich-c: Carlisle, PA, the collector car flea market there is world-famous, now a n umber of weekends a year
rich-c: a lot are single-marque or otherwise specialised but spring and fall are teh big ones
PEV: it's nice to have a good excuse to go shopping, wherever you are
rich-c: we were there many years ago, in gfact that's where we got those rolls a little ziplok bags we use for samll stuff
PEV: and they were so hard to find back then - now, you can get them at Walmart and craft stores everywhere
rich-c: quite possibly because the dealers found out how swell they would sell
PEV: probably : )
PEV: anyway Papa, it's past my bedtime
PEV: and I still have stuff to do
rich-c: anyway - any idea when you will be able to help us with the trailer?
PEV: what do you need?
rich-c: to get the remains of the stone guard off, it's too high and too much reah for our backs
rich-c: getting the battery moved can wait
PEV: oh yes forgot about that
rich-c: well, we won't have much good weather left...
PEV: will probably have to be next week
rich-c: whenever but it must be done and time's running out
PEV: however we'll have to see how this weekend shapes up
PEV: understood
rich-c: right - remember our luncheon is on the 25th
PEV: is Mom going?
rich-c: yes'
PEV: other than to have the combination, do you have to be there?
rich-c: but time is fleeting - goodnight to you and Russsel
rich-c: yes, we have other stuff to do
rich-c: job will take several hands anyway
PEV: we'll talk - and work it out
PEV: goodnight for now Daddy
rich-c: fair en ough - g'nite now
PEV: kerpoof
PEV left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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