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rich-c: goodevening, Slopsemas
Judy: Hi,Rich
Judy: how are you tonight
rich-c: kind of rough, my back has been acting u[ on me last week
BobS: hi kids
BobS: was lost and now am found
BobS: only one on my pter was ME
Judy: what did you do, not fall I hope?
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rich-c: no, just sat the wrong way, then couldn't get up - very painful
Judy: Bob has to change computers
Judy: he will be back
rich-c: got it clear by Monday then had a repeat performance yesterday
Judy: that is not good!!!
Judy: sitting sould be good
rich-c: trust me, I have not enjoyed it!
Judy: I guess not
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changed username to Guy B
Judy: he's back
Guy B: Greetings
Judy: or not
Judy: Hi, Guy
rich-c: no, sleeping seems to do well, but I have that trick memory foam mattress that really helps
rich-c: hello Guy
Judy: at least you have that, Rich
rich-c: yes, my best impulse purchase of teh decade, for sure
Judy: ok
rich-c: stumbled over it on a clearance shelf at WalMart in Plattsburgh, NY a few years back
rich-c: said to myself, bet the Posturepedic patent has expired and this is a clone - seems to be
Judy: and you really like it?
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Guy B: Well, I'm officially retiring another desktop this weekend. My Dell that I won from work a few years back. It's falling apart and I had to reinstall Win98 for a second time. So that's it
changed username to BobS
Guy B: Hi Bob
BobS: heyu guy
rich-c: it has made my life much more comfortable with my srtificial hip and especially after I broke my back
Judy: are you replacing it, Guy or just getting rid of it?
Guy B: Just getting rid of it. My notebook will replace it
rich-c: how does a Dell go about falling apart?
Guy B: Door is falling out
Judy: with a little help from a friend
rich-c: it has a door? where? what for?
Guy B: The front panel door where the on/off button and the reset button and floppy drive
rich-c: hinges busted, or something else?
Guy B: Hinge broke off
Guy B: I was considering about upgrading to WinXp on it. No drivers for WinXp from Dell's website
Judy: brb have to get some water to soak my foot
rich-c: that does not help - what type of processor does it have, and memory?
Guy B: Pentium 3 450mhz
Guy B: 256mb
BobS: heck got some of those in the basement, can't sell em
Guy B: It was a former work computer until 2001
rich-c: I can see why it's time to give up on it -or fix the door, put Ubuntu on it, and give it to a low level user
rich-c: yes, I find three gigs of memory can get crowded
Judy: I am back with my foot soaking
Guy B: I have the door holding with a piece of packaging tape. Besides, it's over 10 years old. Time to reture it
Guy B: retire it
BobS: can't even get that much into a computer here
rich-c: don't recall what processor I have but on the desktop it's an Intel Dual Core
BobS: got to get current eh?
Guy B: It has the slower USB
rich-c: Judy, what have you done to your foot?
Judy: had toenail surgery last week
BobS: hoof anf mouth disease
Guy B: I still have two other desktops. So, that is enough for now
rich-c: what, ingrown toenails?
Guy B: brb
BobS: si
Judy: yes, just one but it has been a real problem
rich-c: I have the desktop and laptop and Frances has teh other laptop
BobS: working on a thousand dollar toe here
Judy: had temporary removal just before we went to Washington and perminent last week
rich-c: well, I have had that very unpleasant problem too, but of course here it does not cost anything like that
rich-c: did you have to have the whole toenail removed?
Judy: no, just the side
rich-c: yes, that's about what I had - and it's no fun at all
Judy: have to go back to the doctor tomorrow and hope that is the end of it
Judy: at least he was a good doctor and knows how to do it with no pain
rich-c: maybe he can find something that will prevent it from becoming ingrown again
rich-c: there are all sorts of folk remedies on teh internet but approach with extreme caution
Judy: that is the plan, he put acid on the root to prevent it from returning
Judy: had it done before by my regular doc but it came back
rich-c: mine didn't come back but it took a lot of cutting and trimming to stop it
Judy: did you go to a foot doctor?
rich-c: ah, my GP would not touch that, just refer you to a specialist
rich-c: yes, I've been to a couple, one the one Pamela has been using but I don't like him
rich-c: most seem to want to push a long series of very expensive pedicures on you
rich-c: for those prices I can cut my own toes - or could until lately, anyway
Judy: it was not cheap but he says there is a 90 percent chance it will not come back
Judy: mine gets infected so I had to do something about it
rich-c: oh, you don't grudge the cost of the surgery, it's to "optional extras" they push that add up
rich-c: if it was really bad you'd soon find yourself having problems walking, too
Judy: I now have a thousand dollar toe
Judy: that is where I was couldn't even wear flip flops
BobS: the woman is EXPENSIVE to maintain
rich-c: here the whole surgery bit would be covered by provincial health insurance
rich-c: our insurance covers anything medically necessary, but teh definition is tight and picky
Judy: but we don't have that
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changed username to Meeka
Guy B: HI Meeka
BobS: hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: no, you-all should have because it is a huge lot cheaper; maybe Obama can push it through
rich-c: hello Meeka
Judy: Hi, Meeka
BobS: would be good dor us because we can't buy insurance an older "sickly" people
Judy: he is trying but the people are not going for it
rich-c: yes, our setup has no limitations, for all practical purposes
rich-c: in fact seniors get a very generous drug benefit too
rich-c: you remember my eight weeks in hospital when my back broke - my biggest expense was a bedside phone in my room
Judy: it would be good for us we think
rich-c: well, all teh world except the U.S. works it some variation of government single payer
Judy: we are hearing a lot of bad press on your health care, saying it would be so bad for our country
rich-c: it is not free, it eats up 43% of our provincial taxes for instance, but it's well worth the money
rich-c: yes, you are paying more than twice what anyone else pays for poorer results
rich-c: there are a lot of people making quite unconsionable profits out of your medical care
Judy: so true
rich-c: they do not want to give up their hugely bloated incomes
BobS: exactly
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changed username to Leinad
Leinad: Bonsoir Judy, Meeka, Rich, Bob, Guy!
rich-c: it's not that we don't see occasional problems - but we don't have ambulances demanding your credit card before they will pick you up
Judy: the trouble is our goverment is so far in debt now that I don't know if they can do it
Meeka: hello Daniel
Judy: hi, Daniel
Leinad: How did you know it was me?
rich-c: Ah, c'est Bonhomme Colecovision! - salut!
BobS: had to be4 you you were here last week
Meeka: lol, its just spelled backwards, not that hard to figure
Leinad: Did the weather subject done already? Here it's very very very very cold
rich-c: the government doesn't do it - they collect taxes for it - you pay, and plenty, just not so much as now
Meeka: was actually warm here today
Leinad: water will be ice on the streets during the night, with snow a little bit, and then... back to slightly hot saturday
rich-c: we were drizzly rain but around 12C today
Judy: was 68 here today, beautiful
BobS: was 20c here today......HEAVENLY
Judy: was rainy this morning but sun came out this afternoon
rich-c: with my back I have not been getting out much this week
Leinad: You know 32F... well, it's about 35F actually
BobS: gonna go down to about your temps tomorrow
BobS: Toronto temps
Leinad: maximum we had here was around 45F
rich-c: I guess we will get the warm spell tomorrow
BobS: Daniel, you can KEEP your cold temp
Judy: unless they are wrong again, which we can hope for this time
BobS: maybe it will be summer again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leinad: not my fault... ice melting give more cold water which give more cold for the north
Meeka: mom....I finally finished my humminmgbirds
Judy: good for you, Meeka
Leinad: is it official? it's the new season?
rich-c: actually, Daniel, ice reflects sunshine much more thaqn water or earth, so it gets warmer
Meeka: now i gotta decide what to do next
BobS: yup kindad winter wanna be
rich-c: officially, autumn started on Sept. 21st
Meeka: and I gotta measure it to find a frame
Leinad: but the ice is not robust enough, so it melts more ... which open the north.
rich-c: yes, soon they will be sending ships along the Great Circle routes, just like aircraft
Leinad: sorry to interrupt you
rich-c: don't fuss it, Daniel, our convesations always wander
Leinad: how the GALs thing is going on?
rich-c: I am for some reason extremely sleepy and have been all day
Leinad: Well, in my case, I knew why I was sleepy... I've caught a cold.
Leinad: again
BobS: Scott Gordon doesn't have the gedek file to burn them and possibly only dale can copy one for us
rich-c: sure it is not the 'flu? it seems that has come into season now
Judy: I had something last week but am feeling better now
BobS: you sick AGAIN Daniel??????
Leinad: When I've a flu, I'm caughing and actually, only have... my nose dripping transparent liquid occasionaly.
rich-c: en anglais, a runny nose - that alone may not even mean a cold, though it comes with a cold
Leinad: I wonder why it's called a flu... we call it "une grippe".
Leinad: and a cold, we call it "un rhume"
Leinad: very very different
rich-c: sort for "influenza" and I think there is a French word "l'influenzie" though I could be wrong
Leinad: anyway... I've a cold... nothing terrible.
Judy: we have the flu running rampant around here, they are closing schools for it
rich-c: yes, is your current bout seasonal or swine flu?
BobS: 15-20 schools daily on a rotating basis
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Judy: not sure, there has been both I think
changed username to PEV
Leinad: Bonsoir Pam!
Meeka: hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
PEV: hi folks
Leinad: Guess who!
PEV: sorry I'm late
Judy: hi, Pamela
PEV: Hi Daniel
Judy: better late than never
PEV: got caught up in my book and time got away from me
BobS: and you SHOULD be girl
Leinad: Impossible to trick you, I guess.
rich-c: what are you reading?
PEV: (stares shamefaced at the floor)
BobS: a book over US????? shame, embarrassement..........................
PEV: new Mercedes Lackey book
PEV: you all should know by now that it's not safe to put a new book in front of me
rich-c: oh dear - how many is that of hers that you have read?
PEV: the whole world disappears
PEV: eighteen gazillion or so Dad
Leinad: is it a curse?
BobS: yup
rich-c: that may be a good guess, Daniel ; - )
PEV: you realize this is all your fault, Daddy
Leinad: rich is a spell caster?
rich-c: oh, Pam, I was up at Yorkdale today and there is a new restaurant on teh north side
PEV: in a manner of speaking
PEV: oh?
rich-c: it is called Milestones - do you know anything about it?
PEV: its not new Dad, been there quite a few years
PEV: and I've heard very poor reviews of late
PEV: ie used to be much better than it is now
rich-c: (blush) guess I haven't been up there much of late
BobS: makes ya feel a little OUT of the loop, don't it richard??????
rich-c: food or ambience problems, Pam?
rich-c: yes, when I know the restaurants better in Corning or Grand Rapids, it's getting a bit out of line
Judy: you have to go out more when you are home, Rich
rich-c: Frances usually doesn't want to, Judy, she finds restaurants too noisy and distracting
PEV: yes, Dad
PEV: of the three restaurants at Yorkdale, your best bet is probably Casey's
rich-c: that means there really isn't anything worth going to in Yorkdale these days, then
PEV: problem is, it's way too noisy for Mom
Guy B: Ok back. Lot of e-mails. CompUSA here in Chicago is having a Windows 7 launch party at midnight
Judy: have to find a nice quite one, Rich
Guy B: Hi Pam
PEV: Hi Guy
rich-c: we tried Casey's a couple of months ago; passable but we weren't impressed
PEV: it's the best of the three
BobS: Comp USA here in GR went out of business
BobS: thought the whole chain did, must be wrong
rich-c: best of the bad lot? damnation with faint praise, that
rich-c: I suppose you and Pam will be on to Windows 7 at work soon, Guy
PEV: I DO NOT recommend Milestones or the other one (the deli type place whose name I can't remember
Guy B: Oh same here a couple of years ago. These were former Tigerdirect Outlet stores
PEV: at the latter the service sucks and the food is pedestrian at best
rich-c: Pickle Barrel?
PEV: yeah that's it
PEV: the make a great Bellini, however
PEV: if you're interested in pond sized drinks
PEV: seems to be chain wide too
rich-c: a deecent wine list is much more important to us
Leinad: Sorry , I was away
rich-c: you on to Win7 at work yet, Guy?
Leinad: well, nobody was talking to me. sad face
Guy B: Nope, sticking with Xp and these two olders ones will not work with it
rich-c: that's OK, you can always talk to us
rich-c: (gotta go fetch my beer)
PEV: Daniel if you don't tell anyone they don't know
Guy B: Daniel I thought you were a new guy. Did you find a new host for your webpages?
Leinad: Well, I have a question... but I don't know how you will react.
Judy: am back with my night time snack
PEV: shoot
Leinad: Yes, Guy I did find 3 places actually.
BobS: ahso, doug said that TigerDirect bought them out
Leinad: just not "copy" the site yet
Guy B: Great and just in time. Let us know your new address
Guy B: I believe that is correct Bob
Leinad: Ok, my question... "I know that Frances did use Coleco Adam, Addictus, Logo, etc. But I don't know if the other women I've meet at the Adamcon did also use it or not.
Leinad: can you guess my question?
rich-c: I have no idea what Jean Stone uses, or if Melissa actually uses an Adam at all
Judy: I have done Logo,AdamCalc, AdamBomb and a few other games
BobS: Melony
rich-c: oops - my bad
BobS: Jean used Log osme and Basic when she was in teaching mode at the school
BobS: Log some
BobS: Logo
Judy: Power paint also
PEV: sowhat are you asking Daniel?
rich-c: that makes sense - Logo was written as a teachi9ng system and the Adam dialect is about the best
BobS: strangely enough, the ADAM did have some extraordinary software when you think of it
rich-c: I was told that the typing tutor was a really good example of such a program
BobS: the best Logo........ADAMCalc puts mor into 5k than Excel puts into 10meg
BobS: yes, used typing toutor, a great learning tool
rich-c: met a lot of people who tried it and had a lot of success
rich-c: SmartFiler had potential but was very poorly programmed
BobS: buliy and clunky
BobS: bulky
Judy: I used that for a while to help with my typing
PEV: what was smartfiler?
rich-c: and tehre are people still using Recipe Filer to this day!
BobS: and her dingers still get mixed down
Leinad: I didn't grow up with the Adam and you did accept me anyway. So I was thinking that maybe it was the same case for some people I did meet at the Adam. But I was afraid to ask my question and I didn't see a woman talking about any Adam subject at the Adamcon so far.
PEV: look who's talking Bob
BobS: whatr Doug says you need is a mid aged Gameboy with emulator on it, put your recipes on it, then have it handy in the kitchen
rich-c: Daniel, women talk about anything and everything wherever they are
rich-c: you don't see Pamela or Meeka or Judy saying much about the Adam here, but they are not quiet
BobS: Judy AND Meeka have given sessions at have Jill Arnott and of course, PJ Herrington
BobS: next year Pam will have a session !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Guy B: I have to agree with you on Smartfiler Rich
rich-c: of course Bob, but they also discuss other things, especially among themselves
Leinad: All I remember is Jillian talking about Facebook
BobS: in a way, Daniel......computers are more boy toys maybe
PEV: that was me
BobS: see, Pam DID give a talk at AdamCon
Guy B: Women just want a computer that works
Leinad: Why I mix them these names...
rich-c: I've met men who feel that way too, Daniel!
Judy: and if they don't we give them to a man
PEV: I hate to admit it but that's true Judy
PEV: Daniel what you have to remember is that the ADAM came along at just the wrong time for me
BobS: and say "FIX the !?X$ thing !"........................................................................please
PEV: I went through school on a typewriter
rich-c: I am having a battle with my laptop at the moment - there is something running at startup and locking up the computer for ten minutes or so
PEV: you've been listening, haven't you Bob? : )
BobS: holy cow, you MUST be old !!!!!!!!
rich-c: and none of my analytical software shows what it it
PEV: the ADAM came along in my last year of high school
PEV: I used it a bit to write essays but found it so frustrating that I gave up
Judy: we didn't have a computer until Doug begged for one
Judy: and look what that started
PEV: then i did more game playing than anything
Leinad: Ok, a last question... but I'm sure the answer will be to ask it on the list... anyway. What is the deadline for the pictures to do for the christmas disk special?
PEV: by the time I started working in an office with a computer we were way past the ADAM stage
rich-c: I was desperate for a typewriter that worked like a typewriter should - I loved my Adam
rich-c: didn't have to retype teh whole damn page every time my fingers tangled!
BobS: ASAP and send to Ron...did you get his latest email address????????
rich-c: no, he hasn't sent it out yet
rich-c: do you have it, Bob?
Leinad: I know it still early, but like I said I did feel sleepy today and I know now it's because of a cold, so I stop discussing fascinating subjects for tonight... talk to you next week. bonne nuit! bye!
BobS: stay Daniel
Meeka: night
BobS: just a minute
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel - a la prochaine
PEV: night
PEV: Daniel
Judy: night Daniel hope you feel better soon
Leinad: use the adamcon mailing list to inform us for the deadline and address. *poof*
Leinad left chat session
BobS: bytehacker
BobS: you know the part that goes in the middle
rich-c: OK - so they have their own website now
BobS: he was going to try to make it tonight but apparently did no
rich-c: or not yet - remember it's only 7.30 where he lives and they may not have finished dinner
BobS: he is awaiting your pictures, I sent him an emulator disk to use on his ibm machine to put it all together
BobS: maybe
rich-c: daniel has left us, bob
BobS: what is what is daniel's address?
BobS: I will send it to him
rich-c: something like colecoadam, at teh French version of yahoo, isn't it?
PEV: newcoleco I think
rich-c: think youre right, at
Judy: night Meeka, see you Saturday
Meeka: ok, night mom
Meeka: i am outta here too
PEV: night Meeka
rich-c: leaving us, Meeka? sleep tight, then
Meeka: night
Meeka left chat session
BobS: sent it to Daniel.............................
rich-c: with any luck I now have a copy too
BobS: and for the rest of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 make your Christmas picture using PowerPaint onthe ADAM; Microsoft Paint onthe ibm; or other long as it is a picture you think Ron can convert to bitmap RLE and send it to him
BobS: no, I only sent the arress to Daniel
BobS: you goot awrite it down or copy it
BobS: farn dingers
rich-c: that is what I did - good old control-c
rich-c: I have a program that monitors the clipboard and records everything you put on it till you delete it
PEV: can it be an actual picture, Bob?
rich-c: no, because it has to work in 16 colours
BobS: as long as you can scan it and make it a bitmpa, I think so
PEV: hmmm
BobS: that is why less colors is better
rich-c: yes, teh Adam can only display 16 colours, that's all the video chip will support
BobS: ADAM and the emulator can not use more than 16 colors........256 color pics lose something in the transitiion
PEV: I may have to piggyback on Mom and Dad
BobS: Ron has taken web pics and brought them down to 16 colors and they don't protray the best
rich-c: yes, Frances has that problem on the Amiga on occasion
PEV: or get Mom to help
BobS: good ideak Pam, get mom to help
BobS: quality parent time you know
PEV: all I have to do is get Mom to sit still long enough : )
rich-c: she is experienced but even she can't carm a quart into a pint pot
Judy: I am getting very sleepy so am going to say good night
PEV: night Judy
Judy: until next week
rich-c: it happens Judy - take care of that toe and see you next week
Judy: will do
Judy left chat session
rich-c: Bob, I am getting some Adam queries on the mailing list - are you seeing them?
BobS: as to?????
BobS: Joe is moaning aabout his SmartBasic tapes
BobS: and another guy has an ADAM to sell maybe??????
rich-c: buy Adam, sell Adam. fix tapes bought on eBay
rich-c: I told Joe that if he wanted Adam stuff any dealer would be happy to help him
rich-c: and I told Eric to offer his Adam to Josh, see if tehre was a deal to be made
BobS: yes, got some and you do.........can't give them away, but they are cheap..........bettter than buying bad off Ebay
BobS: haaven't seen and Eric or Josh
BobS: jsut looked at the emial archives and didn't see those
rich-c: I still have original Adam blanks in teh original Coleco packaging, never opened
BobS: price?????
rich-c: $5 each, $50 box of a dozen - original Coleco outer carton, too on the dozen
BobS: whoa, collector material
rich-c: lot cheaper than Coleco ever sold them for
rich-c: you know a collector wants them, send him by - shipping is extra
BobS: I was fixing data drives over the weekend, learned some new things
BobS: someone on AtariAge found a replacement hose to sue for the rubber timing wheel
rich-c: got a passel of SmartLogos, origan factory cellophane unopened on the box, too
BobS: I got some and they are pretty easy to fix.........provided the black melted goo did NOT get onto and into the timing wheel
rich-c: neat if that works - that "tire" is a real pain
BobS: can't clean the gunk off and make the wheel like new again, then it still crews up the reading of the timing wheel
rich-c: I am far beyond any fixing, I just want to get rid os them
BobS: IF the drives were stored upright as in ther ADAM, the gunk went straight down and didn't get onto the back side of the wheel......then you can put on a new tire
rich-c: then YOU can - as I say, that's beyond me these days
BobS: if the gunk got into the fins on the wheel, tis a bad deal.....storing on the data drive backside made it leak into the wheel fins
rich-c: that is something you and Doug understand, not a situation I would recognize
rich-c: but at least if you can fix and offer working ones, I can pass queries along
BobS: got like 25 working now........and a few that may need the infamous Q4 or Q6 chip bad...............unless I get a real big run on them the bad chip ones are not gonna get ifixed
rich-c: two dozen working? that should cover the market for a few years, then
rich-c: how much are you charging for them?
BobS: $25+ shipping, Terry is selling them for $50
rich-c: fine, then ask $35 and you're still a better deal ; - )
BobS: he just raised his price, I thought recently he had about 20 of them
BobS: may haave to raise it
rich-c: do you have any Adams for sale?
BobS: Not really, I am about out except for a museum one MIB and the ones I have scattered around the hosue
Guy B: Well folks, going to take Annie out soon. Will see you all next week and on vacation too next week
BobS: yes time to go also
rich-c: OK, I do have a number but it takes me forever to assemble and test them
PEV: g'nite Guy
PEV: enjoy
rich-c: and don't ask about packing and m ailing when I can't lift things
rich-c: night Guy
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
BobS: ok gonna see ya's next week
BobS: just announced that over 60o schools going to be closed tomorrow
BobS: a d emergency rooms are bursting with flu vistims
rich-c: OK, get teh alcohol gel and take it to work with you, keep your hands clean
BobS: nite kids
BobS: right
BobS left chat session
PEV: night Bob
PEV: oops
rich-c: he went fast, didn't he?
PEV: time for bed for me too i think
PEV: Dad when's your dinner?
PEV: this sunday, right?
rich-c: I guess - any though on when you're bringing your mother back her keys?
PEV: that's what I'm pondering
rich-c: it's a lunch, Pam, Sunday at the Old Mill
PEV: alright will work around that
rich-c: the dinner is in the school which is not handicap friendly
rich-c: right, don't break your neck, there's my set so it is not a priority
PEV: still I don't want to wait too long or I'll forget
PEV: I'm pooped Papa, heading for bed
rich-c: OK, well, set it up to suit
rich-c: meanwhile, go catch up on your shuteye
PEV: will do
PEV: goodnight Daddy
PEV: hugs and kisses
rich-c: goodnight, then
rich-c: nite nite
PEV: kerpoof
PEV left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone, too
rich-c left chat session
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