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Scott: Hey, Bob
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BobS: hi Scott
changed username to rich-c
BobS: was away (being early) and browsing Ebay
rich-c: well hello all
BobS: hi richard
BobS: trouble gettign on again???
Scott: No. Used Firefox
rich-c: no, just lost track of time
Scott: By chance, do either of you have a copy of the files from my old website
rich-c: you don't always use Firefox?
BobS: not I
Scott: I'm interested in putting the content back up
BobS: did Geoff Oltmans mirror it?
BobS: or perhpas Dale?
rich-c: sorry, I hardly ever download websites
Scott: I don't think so
BobS: bummer man
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changed username to Guy B.
Scott: My father has a backup
Guy B.: Greetings!!
Scott: But I figured I'd ask you first
rich-c: hello Guy, how is Chicago?
BobS: its warm here....going to hit almost 70* tomorrow
Guy B.: Rigjt now. No rain, but a monster storm is coming for Friday. We're expecting a lot of heavy rain
rich-c: OK, we had a not too chill drizzle all day, but nice tomorrow will be welcome
BobS: right we are scheduled for rain Thurs midnight
rich-c: well I want to go to the grog shop and get a years supply of red wine
Guy B.: I've must have gone through 3 towels in the last week to dry off Annie
BobS: A YEAR'S SUPPLY !!!!!!
BobS: holw you gonna carry it all
rich-c: yes - that's basically two dozen bottles, and the same for white
Guy B.: Holy cow, Rich
rich-c: I have a truck, remember? ; - )
rich-c: not really, Guy - we drink one bottle a week, alternating white and red
BobS: lwt's see...... abottle a day......all that will last one month !!!
BobS: only 1 a week?????
Guy B.: Well, then it should last you a long time
rich-c: 52 weeks in a year, we need 26 of each colour
BobS: cut down on coumadin, dirnk more wine
BobS: drink
Guy B.: Be back
rich-c: I've been off the coumadin ever since my back broke - took me off in hospital
rich-c: just use baby aspirin as blood thinner now
BobS: ahso.......and how's the blood thinning??????????
BobS: wine works good too
rich-c: well, it is supposed to be good for you, but we just drink it because we like it
BobS: that works also
rich-c: well, we can't go much of anywhere or do much of anything, so might as well spend it on that
BobS: did you ever get any decent bites on the trailer?
rich-c: number of nibbles but no bites yet, maybe in the spring
BobS: bummer
rich-c: yes, we get e3victed as of April 30th so got to do something by then
BobS: keep the price reasonable and maybe an eager camper will get it inthe spring
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: no problem on that score - in fazct Michael Hurst has been asking
Guy B.: HI Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
Judy: Hi,Rich, Guy and Scott
BobS: whats Michael want it for?
rich-c: my problem now is too many fiddly diversions biting chunks out of my time
rich-c: he apparently has had a big trailer for a while he wants to sell and get a small one
Judy: Rich, you are supposed to be retired and have all the time in the world
rich-c: I do, but it gets nibbled up in little bits instead of big chunks
rich-c: like today, we had to go shopping
Judy: I know what you mean happens here all the time
rich-c: so when we got in the van, Frances caught her coat in the door
rich-c: and when she got it out the door latch was locked over centre
Judy: that is normal life
rich-c: I'd forgotten how to flip it back (knew it was very simple) aqnd didn't have a screwdriver
rich-c: and it was raining and my diuretic was starting to get obstreperous
rich-c: so we drove home with Frances holding the door closed
rich-c: and later we took it over to the shop where John fixed it i about three seconds flat
rich-c: I should have done it myself but I am not good at standing, or in the rain
BobS: and now you remember how to flip the sucker correctly
rich-c: oh yes, I could have worked it out, I've done it before, but I was being stressed
rich-c: I stress easy and do not ract well these days
BobS: well I can believe thaat
BobS: but you MUST take it in stride and chill out mon
rich-c: you have more experience of stress than you need too, Bob
rich-c: and so does Judy
rich-c: but yes, as you may gather that's what I do
Judy: and I don't handle it well either
rich-c: I think I managed to match up a would-be Adam selletr and would-be Adam buyer today
Judy: good for you
rich-c: have actually had a few minor Adam inquiries and sales last several weeks
rich-c: had a couple of kids using a classic computer needed a few packages of 5-1/4 DD floppies
BobS: cool
BobS: get them hooked up together, then sell them some stuff also
Judy: so you filled and need and got some things out your basement
BobS: stuff out is the key
rich-c: yes, it reduced the crowding just a little bit more, and eroded my inventory cost
BobS: not much thoug, eh?
Judy: wonderful
rich-c: no, but every little bit helps - even just having a bit of shelf to sort stuff on to
BobS: true true
BobS: keep sellin
rich-c: all I can, Bob, all I can - know anyone needs a pile of printer ribbons?
BobS: no
BobS: got lots myself
BobS: don't know what shape some are in, but have them
BobS: not so many new but lots of half used etc
rich-c: or I still have a few boxes of original unopened blank Adam tapes
BobS: got some of those also
rich-c: and you aren 't moving them either
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changed username to Adeiln Beeinnuv
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rich-c: salut, Daniel - comment ca va?
Adeiln Beeinnuv: bonsoir! oui!
Adeiln Beeinnuv: How did you know?
Judy: hi, Daniel
rich-c: c'est assez facile
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
rich-c: the anagram was not that challenging
Adeiln Beeinnuv: hi Guy, Judy, Bob... and Scott who was there.
Judy: are you all mixed up, Daniel?
Adeiln Beeinnuv: I'm alphabetic ordered tonight!
BobS: WHO THE HECK IS THAT?????????????????????????
rich-c: you not been watching, Bob?
BobS: ya I haave
Adeiln Beeinnuv: thanks Bob! it's appreciated!
BobS: sold some tapes awhile back
Adeiln Beeinnuv changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: they are just hanging up in the basement from the ceiling
rich-c: oh, mine are in their original unopened Coleco factory boxes, just as Loran packed them
BobS: and all the other stuff is hangin or sitting on shelves
BobS: got none in original box lots
rich-c: I have to find out if I have any original right directory tapes to spare - Buck Rogers, maybe?
BobS: hmmm don't have any of those, just makemy own from blanks
rich-c: Syd Carter's Megagcopy is not all that good at centre to right directory conversion
rich-c: and afaIk File Manager can't do it at all
BobS: use a plain old two tape player
BobS: drill some holes, then copy from ddp to cassette
rich-c: problem is, stuff made that way has a naqsty habit of losing its format early, I am told
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry to be late tonight... I was uploading videos on my Youtube channel, and I'm also thinking of what I can submit for the xmas disk this year
rich-c: talked to a lot of people tried to make tapes that way, they were great for a few months, then bye-bye
BobS: have not had that trouble at all Richard
BobS: user Sony cassettes; they work the best
rich-c: yes, that's what I've heard, but permanence remains an issue
rich-c: one problem seems to be lengths are mismatched - the Sony blank is longer
BobS: have had no trouble
Daniel Bienvenu: Is Adambomb also in tape? or in floppy disk?
rich-c: since I have a workable alternative, I'm not going to fuss it
BobS: Daniel, make it GOOD....the picture that is..........we are looking forward to your genius in pictures.....make a couple !!!!!!
rich-c: I can't be sure but Adam Bomb may be too long to put on an Adam floppy (169K vs tape 256K)
Daniel Bienvenu: what about in a 3"1/2 disk?
BobS: the length of the tape makes no difference Richard.......just leaves the little bit at one end
rich-c: if you can sort out the directories, I assume you could wirte it to an MI 320K disc or a 720K 3.5
BobS: nope Daniel,,,,,I think it fits onto a 5 1/4 disk; which means it can also be ona 3 1/2 disk
Daniel Bienvenu: I've heard of this game everytime I went to the Adamcon... but I've never see it.
rich-c: yes, but will it fit on a single-sided Adam floppy?
BobS: yup, I think so
BobS: WHY ?????
Judy: you should get it Daniel but you need adambomb 2
Daniel Bienvenu: is it an improved version or a sequel? (is it sequel or sequal?)
Judy: improved
rich-c: sequel is teh spelling, Daniel
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Daniel Bienvenu: thanks rich ;-)
changed username to PEV
Judy: in one you couldn't get in some of the doors so you couldn't finish it
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam!
Guy B.: HI Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
PEV: good evening
Daniel Bienvenu: You did miss my anagram... well, it was kinda easy again!
Judy: hi, Pam
PEV: sorry I've had some malfunctions around here and have been working to adjust
rich-c: oh, what's gone wrong at the moment?
Judy: that doesn't sound good, Pam
PEV: the couch has sprung . . . . something
rich-c: or is that not a tactful question to ask?
PEV: so my seat is sagging
rich-c: that sounds expensive
PEV: only my seat, you understand
Judy: that is a problem
PEV: so I had to find a different place to sit that will accomodate the computer
rich-c: still likely time for reupholstery
PEV: definitely reupholstering Dad, but this was a spring or something in the frame
rich-c: I'm doing fine with my computers
PEV: I'm NOT a happy camper right now
rich-c: I just close the laptop and put the desktop keyboard on top of it, both on the same shelf
Daniel Bienvenu: I wonder if Murray did install Windows 7... this new operating system was officailly released this week.
rich-c: Murray?
PEV: also, I have a headcold and I feel icky
PEV: so I'm grumpy
rich-c: cold or teh flu?
PEV: a headcold
PEV: I can tell the difference
Daniel Bienvenu: there are more more flu cases around.
Judy: I have been fighting that for 2 weeks now Pam
rich-c: OK - we have had our seasonal flu shots and they're telling seniors to hold off on the H1N1 till January
PEV: my nose is alternating between running like a faucet and stuffing up so I can't breathe
Judy: we had tons of schools closed last week and a few this week with the flu
PEV: like I said, I'm grumpy
PEV: sorry guys
BobS: DANIEL, copy of ADAMbom2 is comingyour way....for the emulator
PEV: I'll get over it
rich-c: oh, well I'll go get a beer so I can deal with you more easily
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks BOB!
PEV: great, my family is drinking to deal with me
PEV: lovely
Judy: I went to the doctor on Fri and he told me I was getting better but the next 2 days I sounded awful but am improving now
Judy: finally
PEV: my MIL thought she'd called the wrong place on Monday when I answered
Judy: I am with you, Pam
PEV: 'tis kinda funny
BobS: i have gottenthat way in previous years.......WAY back, my wonderful bride did not know it was me calling
PEV: everyone at work is giving me a wide berth
Judy: it didn't even sound like him
PEV: team meeting today with me at the head of the table and everyone else at least two seats away
rich-c: as well they should be - if you are going to go in, keep your distance
PEV: armed with a fistful of kleenex and a tube of hand sanitizer but I didn't sneeze once
PEV: I'm very careful at work
rich-c: and I'm surprised they didn't bodily throw you off the GO train
PEV: wanted to put up a quarantine sign but Mary wouldn't let me
Judy: am going thru cough drops like crazy
PEV: so far it's purely in my nose Judy
PEV: which is a blessing - I hate chest colds
rich-c: which cough drops work, Judy?
Judy: running down my throat
PEV: and have managed to survive without pharmaceuticals so far
BobS: Halls Mentholiptus
Judy: doc wouldn't give me anything either
PEV: no point unless you have an infection
rich-c: well, there is no efficacious medicine for a common cold
PEV: I'm a great believer in cold pills
BobS: true.........and most if not all colds and allergy symptoms are not responsive to medications
PEV: they surpress the symptoms at least
PEV: but one wonders
PEV: with all the advances in medicine, why can't they cure the common cold????
Judy: but the symtoms of H1N1 are very similar to that of a cold
rich-c: overdosing on some vitamin C always worked as well for me as anything
BobS: too common
BobS: tis the season to be, sick
BobS: or sickly
rich-c: but yes, cold-specific mild antihistamines can make life more tolerable, anyway
Judy: most of those cold meds make your head feel like an out of body experience
rich-c: they are too strong, Judy - just the simplest antihistamine will do
Judy: like it is floating in space somewhere
Judy: they all do that to me
PEV: some react more strongly to them than others Judy
PEV: for me they surpress the symptoms so I feel human
PEV: but I have to be pretty awful before I take one
PEV: a head full of snot doesn't count
PEV: that's annoying but I can deal
Judy: most of the time I just have to tough it out
Judy: but the throat is what is bothering me the most this time
PEV: be right back
rich-c: the one Frances uses is chlorphenimin maleate, the local generic is Novo-Pheniram
rich-c: the big commercial version may be Chlor-Tripilon but may have other stuff in it
Judy: never heard of that
BobS: soundskind of familiar
Guy B.: Ok Back
rich-c: it's very simple, only has the limited use, can be had as a generic so it's not very profitable
rich-c: your druggist is unlikely to push it, he'd ratehr sell you a pricey blend
rich-c: and you're likel;y to complain because it doesn't cure teh cold, just damps down the symptoms
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Dale: Just passing through.
rich-c: good evening, Dale
rich-c: got Jeffy to bed now?
Guy B.: Hi Dale
BobS: hey Dale
Dale: He's especially hard to settle tonight.
Judy: hi, Dale
Dale: He tricked me and got two extensions on his normal bedtime.
Dale: Ah well.
rich-c: oh well, we go back to Standard Time this weekend so you pick up an hour
Judy: not good dad, doesn't he have school tomorrow?
rich-c: that's a different issue
rich-c: we don't have any schools closing yet, do we?
PEV: hi dale
Dale: The school board said that closing schools is not proven to help prevent the spread of the flu, since the kids all hang out together anyway.
rich-c: an interesting rationale, and probably with a grain of truth to it
Judy: we are having a lot of school closing here MI
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale
Dale: Well ideally he is asleep at 9:15, but tonight he was still up quite a bit longer than I would prefer.
BobS: very true, but here they areclosing them because so many are sick and then the sick kids get WAY behind
rich-c: but really it's because they are all Tories and teh idea of a teacher having a paid day off drives them mad with rage
Judy: schools have been down over 25%
rich-c: wonder how many are colds and how many are flu?
Dale: Around here they aren't big on extending the school year, to account for closures.
Dale: So generally they prefer to just not close.
Daniel Bienvenu: sleeping is a good way to prevent being sick... well, someone told me that and I tend to agree because when you sleep you're not supposed to get tired, and it's when I'm tired I'm mor vulnerable to viruses.
rich-c: yes, that is also a consideration
PEV: 'tis true of me too
Daniel Bienvenu: So, I'm gonna leave very very soon... I'm thinking of a picture to send to Ron for te xmas disk
rich-c: right, Daniel, it is pretty well established that tired people get sick more easily
Judy: the test to confirm H1N1 is 150 dollars a case
BobS: go for it Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: but actual tests can give you false negative.
Daniel Bienvenu: not all the h1n1 cases are detected.
rich-c: of course here we don't have to pay for them anyway
Dale: There was even a scientific study on that and more than 8 hours sleep was shown to make at least a 30% decrease in the likelyhood of getting sick.
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight to all! bonsoir tous!
PEV: nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: (that's right, this chat doesn't deal with accents
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir a tous!
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel - a la prochaine!
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week!
BobS: nite D
Daniel Bienvenu: take care!
Daniel Bienvenu: Bye!
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks again Bob!
Judy: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
BobS: yup
BobS: and he's gone
rich-c: now I am having a histamine raction
rich-c: sneezing fit
Judy: all that talk of colds gave you one
PEV: I had a backed up sneeze earlier
BobS: well that is not fair
PEV: drove me to distraction
rich-c: you people must be contaigous
PEV: hey I washed my hands
PEV: numerous times!
rich-c: so who's thinking germy thoughts, then?
PEV: actually I'm trying very hard to ignore them : )
BobS: keep them germs OUT of the keyboard
rich-c: that's easier said then done - so duck!
PEV: (quack)
rich-c: that wasn't quite the evasion I had in mind...
BobS: tha wasw yucky
PEV: what was?
BobS: all them germs
rich-c: well, at least I avoided sneezing my beer all over the keyboard
rich-c: so far
PEV: ewwww!
rich-c: I'm finishing the last bottle of teh beer I bought in Grand Rapids
BobS: oops have to come back and get soem more
Judy: need to come back?
rich-c: Russos has a very respectable stock
BobS: they prolly ship to Canada
PEV: i shudder to think what that would cost in duty
rich-c: nope, only the LCBO can import alcohol for sale in Ontario - similarly for other provinces
Judy: may make that wine very costly
BobS: that stinks
rich-c: in fact, the Ontario prices are decently competitive - but then they are the biggest buyer in the world
BobS: is that saying they have the most alchoholics???????
PEV: no that would be the maritimes : )
Judy: or wine o'sss
rich-c: but there is a pizza joint/ restaurant up in the Thumb - Lachine - wanted some of our Kittling Ridge Whiskey
rich-c: but he could only get it through an authorized agent in New Jersey - Killling Ridge could not sell to him direct
rich-c: there is also a very special reserve batch he wants, but it can only be bought at the distillery
Judy: think I will be calling it a night early am very tired can't hardly see straight, so night all
PEV: night Judy
PEV: feel better
rich-c: so he has a friend in London (ON) buy a bottle and smuggle it to him in Port Huron
Judy: thanks you too
rich-c: night Judy
PEV: thanks, I'm trying!
Judy left chat session
BobS: ok, mama says tis time to hit the sack.........I am tired also
PEV: okay goodnight Bob
BobS: so, till we meet online again..............good day mates
rich-c: OK Bob, understand - you go toddle off as you must
BobS: be good
BobS left chat session
rich-c: good night!
Dale: visit will be short too.
Dale: Goodnight all.
PEV: night Dale
rich-c: right Dale - goodnight, then. Take care
Dale left chat session
rich-c: seems we are folding a little early, daughter
PEV: won't hurt me to be in bed early : )
rich-c: I think you're right - likewise here
rich-c: just a note - if you're shopping, I likely have three weeks worth of instant left
PEV: actually wondered about that last night while shopping
PEV: I'll keep it in mind
rich-c: well, just keep the mental note open that the answer is yes, we need it
PEV: also if I'm feeling better will try to get by with the trailer keys this weekend
PEV: but I'll set that up with you by phone
rich-c: OK, you know the feetsball schedule - there is also the last Grand Prix Sunday morning
PEV: okay, will keep that in mind
PEV: goodnight Daddy
rich-c: goodnight Pam, sleep well
PEV: you too
PEV: kerpoof
PEV: gnite Guy
rich-c: time for me too, so goodnite Guy
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rich-c: colour me gone
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