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rich-c: test
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rich-c: test
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BobS: hey Richard
BobS: gonna send you some WARM weather come the weekend
rich-c: hello Robert, where's teh rest of the clan?
BobS: judy is here crocheting......Doug & Meeka - dont' know........
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rich-c: anyway we will take that, won't be much more
changed username to Dale
Dale: HI all
BobS: hi dale
rich-c: hello Dale, you're early
BobS: well the weather is supposed to warm up on Fri thruMon
rich-c: Geoffy fall asleep early?
Dale: Well in theory if he's asleep at 9:15 then he'll concentrate better in school
BobS: i can believe that
Dale: Last night i let him sleep 11 hours, and his teacher sent home a note that he had a great day.
rich-c: actually since Toronto has the enclosed stadium and Hamilton is playing in Winn ipeg, weatehr is less important
rich-c: thaat is highly suggestive, Dale
Dale: Talking football?
BobS: only Richard
rich-c: about to remark this weekend will be the last of the regular season
BobS: me, the Detroit team SUCKS and there is no joy inthat
Dale: Yes last week he stayed up late one night, and just wouldn't unwind no matter what we did, and his teacher sent home a note saying that he couldn't finish any of his work.
rich-c: that's OK, Toronto will finish out 3-15 and miss the playoffs
BobS: I have only a passing ear and eye to major league sports unless a local state team is any good
BobS: at 3-15 they don't deserve playoffs
Dale: So trying the other way also got results, so maybe I can get him more sleep, and it will be betterererer. ;-)
rich-c: well I've never had any interest in basketball, and the Leafs cured me of hockey
rich-c: I would say that is very likely, Dale
BobS: see??? I am not the only one
Dale: Well if the leafs finish at the bottom, then at least they get good draft picks.
BobS: IF they know how to pick
rich-c: yes, but they'll trade them away for instant saviours who promptly flame out
Dale: but traditionally the finish in the top of the bottom third.
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Dale: So they just never seem to get better.
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BobS: ok Daniel, CONFESS !!!!!!
Dale: There was a massive expose on the whole topic in the Toronto Star last season.
rich-c: I suspect Daniel has joined us
guess who changed username to Daniel
Dale: "why the Leafs never get better"
Daniel: How did you know?
rich-c: yes, I read the Star, so I can't avoid the headlines - depressing as they may be
Dale: Basically, the Leafs sell out no matter how they play, so it's the fans that are to blame was the newspaper's conclusion.
BobS: seems like to bad and marginal pro teams alwasy pick the instant winner, then trade away.......instead of the slow and steady buildup of a team
Daniel: did you all send a picture for the xmas disk?
BobS: Daniel........we know EVERYTHING.....we are computer people, you know
rich-c: Toronto teams have lotsd of tricks of that sort in their bag
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
BobS: yup, sent Mitchell 4 pics....although he didn't say he got them...but they did not bounce.........
Judy: good evening to all
Daniel: still working on mine<
BobS: DANIEL !!!!!! thought you had it done already
rich-c: we can never seem to find the time - but then we run slowly these days
BobS: take tomrrow Richard.....gonna be cool anyway, and make a picture or two
rich-c: nope, got a number of other chores
BobS: bummer
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: that's sort of how it goes - the hose coupling pulled off my mask and I have to figure how to get it baqkc on
BobS: lo Guy
Guy B.: Greetings All!
rich-c: hello Guy
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B.: I'm temporalily back on my old Spectra processor. Both of my controllers and the speech processor on my new one went out on Sunday. I should get the a new set tomorrow
Guy B.: So I can
Guy B.: So I cannot hear very good at the moment
rich-c: just when you were getting to hear properly!
Judy: sounds like big problems, Guy
BobS: does not sound good man
BobS: the new one is not of good quality???????
Guy B.: I mentioned this to my audiologist two weeks ago that I was having problems with one, now both are out
BobS: good thing you can read ok
Guy B.: lol
Guy B.: Yeah, you could say that. Even Annie knows
Judy: is that a huge issue at work, Guy?
rich-c: she can tell you aren't hearing?
Guy B.: Oh yes. Fortunately, I have a very understanding manager
Judy: that's good
Guy B.: She knows I'm frustrated, so she cuddles on me
rich-c: the main point is going to be how fast you can get your replacement unit, Guy
rich-c: just so she can still get your attention when she needs walkies, Guy
Guy B.: It should be tomorrow. The new one's were ordered late Monday afternoon. She said 1 to 3 days for them to arrive at Loyola U.
rich-c: they do the final tuning and programming at the University?
Guy B.: That's where my map is. She has it on the computer over there. She has to transfer the map to the speech processor.
rich-c: no backup copies of the map anywhere, in your hands?
Guy B.: By the way. It was one year ago today that I activated the new processor
rich-c: I remember - but it was really that long? how time does fly!
Guy B.: So, this is my 4th speech processor and controllers that have been replaced.
rich-c: ouch!
Judy: sure is something what they can do medically these days
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changed username to Ron
Guy B.: That says it best Rich
BobS: hi Ron
Judy: hi, Ron
Ron: Hi all
rich-c: hey Ron - hi!
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ron: everybody well?
BobS: get my pics for the Dec swimsuit issue????????
rich-c: how is Susan doing?
Ron: Yes sir, got 'em, and they're in the card
BobS: ticked off I assume
Ron: oh yes, ticked off
Guy B.: brb
BobS: can imagine tht
Judy: what a bummer
BobS: that
Ron: Listening to Sue talk about the hospital system is kind like me talking about Air Traffic Control, and getting a sudden urge to take the train
rich-c: I remember that the symptoms of a disintegrating hip got real hard to live with
BobS: oops
rich-c: last time Frances was in hospital was for a TIA - which happened New Years weekend
Ron: ah
BobS: kind of the way I feel about Habitatg for Humanity......after being dismissed last week
rich-c: she was not impressed with the staff or handling
BobS: no job
Ron: exactly
BobS: Obama bucks not forthcoming
Ron: oh well, one day at a time
Ron: you Bob?
BobS: ya, me
Ron: Damn!
rich-c: oh shoot, Bob, what now? any hope of a return soon?
BobS: don't think so
Ron: bummer
BobS: turned in my keys and charge cards
BobS: meeting went thusly......."
rich-c: great, just what you need - any alternatives in sight?
BobS: Bob you are an at will employee; and we no longer need your services"
BobS: not for the time being....worked a job for 2 days last 2 weeks
BobS: will have few more days ther along the way
rich-c: don't lety teh door hit you on your way out...
rich-c: that is super chintzy, Bob
Ron: I think our continent is going somewhere hot in a handbasket
Judy: ya, that is pretty much how they operate
BobS: you got that right ron
Ron: same up here, although I don't think we're in quite as tough shape
BobS: planning on hetting year's worth of unemployment......with todays federal 20 week extension cause Mi has so much unemployment
Ron: but we're getting there
Judy: the management people are the pits!!!!
rich-c: and no pickup in the building sector in general, right?
BobS: dea still richard
BobS: dead
BobS: have to wait for unemployment to start, then rest for a year
Ron: You two don't deserve this at all
Dale: Well I hope you find something better Bob.
Dale: But I guess you'll have to keep your eyes peeled.
rich-c: for no sensible reason, our housing market is hot and climbing - bidding wars are normal
BobS: twoud be nice Dale, but I am looking at it realistically.....or pessimistically???????
Dale: I hear that construction in the US hasn't come back as fast as it seems to have in Canada.
BobS: house sales are slowly rising, but actual construction is far behind
BobS: unemployment is still rising here and especially in Michigan
Judy: maybe there is hope that things will start to pick up around here
Dale: Well for sure some of that you just have to wait out I guess.
Ron: Our area, populated as it is with we greyhairs on pensions, is somewhat insulated for the moment at least
BobS: Welch's graejuice plant here is on the chopping block according to today's news
rich-c: yes, we have rising unemployment here adn will have it through next year, it seems
Ron: and I love Welchs grape juice
Dale: me too
BobS: but housing construction is going nuts?
rich-c: wow, they closed teh Canadian plant a yedar ago, left all the growers high and dry
Ron: Dale got an ADAM question for you
Judy: I think they said on the news tonight that this plant isthe biggest of their plants
Dale: A what?
Ron: Don't know if you've seen the message exchange between Geoff Oltmans and I
Dale: Isn't the off topic?
rich-c: well, housing sales are, even the McMansions in our neighbourhood
Ron: but just lately I've been wishing for a re-write of Chris Braymen's Sequel
Ron: that could be hacked so as not to look for the presence of a Midi Mite interface on startup
Dale: Where is your midi mite?
Ron: Geoff Oltmans says he thinks he can rewrite his ADAMem SDK to do it
Dale: Hmm..I used to have some info for what ports the midimite uses on the Adam.
Ron: Well, the last time I plugged in Old Adam, it blew the breakers here, and I haven't had the guts to try it since
Ron: Sue was not pleased
Dale: That does sound pretty drastic.
Ron: What I'll do Dale is send you the message I sent to Geoff last night. I attached what tech info there was in the manual, plus pictures of the circuit card inners
Ron: innards
Dale: Well we could at least poke around in it a bit if you made a .DSK image of it.
Ron: Yup, I have it. If you wouldn't mind having a look.
Ron: Most interesting though, is that through Geoff, I have managed to have a bit of an exchange with Chris Braymen himself. He's fascinated to know that his software is still
Ron: in use
Dale: I have the original disks, but my PC that I use to convert Adam disks died a while ago.
Ron: I'll fix that Dale
Dale: Is Chris on Facebook somewhere?
Ron: Actually what I wanted to do was use Sequel for midi file editing. It's easier to understand than some of the newer sequencers I have
rich-c: I have two updates that are demanding a restart - excuse me a minute
Dale: It was very good software.
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Ron: sure was
Dale: I used it for a live concert in 1992.
Ron: I'll see if Chris has any objecting to your having his e-mail Dale. Can't see why not, but I guess I better check first.
Dale: I had a singer singing one of Jillian's poems which I set to music.
Ron: cool!
BobS: Chris should be PROUD we are still using his programs
BobS: I need to work with it more..........and learn it
Ron: Proud, yes..... but mostly amazed
Ron: he wanted to know what the emulator was all about
BobS: great, tell him to come visit and don'tleave us altogether
Ron: Well that's the whole thing Bob. As you know, I only use it once a year. Susan wanted to know what the heck I was spending so much time at
BobS: we ARE a very tough bunch to get rid of you know.......and love our old computers
Ron: And why anyone would want to mess with a computer that is more than 20 years old
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Ron: To which I said, "Woman, bite thine tongue!"
BobS: just for FUN and the people involved
BobS: now, nice to her Ronald
Rich-c: aw, what did I just miss?
Ron: Yeah, I told her about the fun part. She didn't get it
Ron: I guess it looked like I wasn't having any fun
BobS: we were talking about YOU richard
Rich-c: figures
Dale: The cursing is just part of the fun!
Dale: lol
Ron: yes, exactly
Judy: ya, she doesn't know us yet
Rich-c: I am suspicious - the Java update seems to have added an automatic update to my browser
Ron: So anyway Dale, Geoff has so far at least got Sequel to load on his version of the emulator. But it won't read files yet or write to files....... it's a work in progress
Rich-c: I do not like programs that update without asking me first
Judy: I agree, Rich
Ron: Actually, just for the record, it would be nice if ADAMem could output through a USB MIDI Interface
Daniel: I've tried AdamBomb 2... i wonder if anybody did finish it... I can't, I'm stuck.
Dale: Java spends a lot of time asking me.
Ron: ya got that right Rich
Dale: Well that doesn't sound impossible Ron.
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Ron: I shall leave that hack for brighter minds than mine
changed username to PEV
Judy: yes, I have Daniel
Rich-c: that's been my state so far, but it seems to have slipped something by me just now
Dale: But I need to get a USB -> MIDI cable I guess for next AdamCon to see if I can get it all working.
Judy: where are you stuck?
Rich-c: hi daughter
PEV: hi everyone
Judy: hi, Pam
Dale: Daniel there was a patch you needed to apply to finish it.
Ron: Actually, Chris said that he still has the Sequel source. Only trouble is it's on a backup disk made with Win32 backup utility, and he can't access it any more
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Dale: But if you have the patched version, it is very possible to finish.
Daniel: I did collect up to 99 bombs, talked to a person about a coin I should find, move around in a maze of arrows and the goal seems unreachable.
changed username to ColecoRox
Ron: well..... I'll send you what I have Dale.. what's your e-mail
Dale: It's
PEV: nice to see you Ron
Judy: you have to get the keys for the doors and see what all the guys need but you can only carry 4things at a time
Ron: right Dale. Got it. I'll get some stuff to ya
ColecoRox: hello,is this the coleco cabbage patch kid user group?
Ron: Hi PEV
Rich-c: we also have a new visitor - anyone notice?
PEV: yes, just wondering who our visitor wa
PEV: s
Judy: we have a pages of notes on that game, Daniel
Ron: Unfortunately I must be off. Sorry to cut and run.
Daniel: already?
PEV: Ron, I need your address again to mail you your
PEV: s
PEV: darn enter key
Dale: I think you hit 0 on the keypad to get out of the maze and back to the start if you get trapped.
Ron: hopefully I'll be able to stay longer next week
Rich-c: we tend to use thingsg a bit more advanced that that, Rox, but you're on the right track
BobS: ok ron be good
PEV: which I found when tidying the bedroom the other day
Dale: But the bug that I talked about was with the babys, and you clearly didn't get anywhere near that far.
Daniel: bonsoir Ron, later!
Rich-c: you using a real Adam or the Emulator?
Ron: nite all
Ron left chat session
ColecoRox: ok,i must be on the wrong site,someone told me that this is a coleco user group and am looking for people who collect and trade coleco cabbage patch kids,the ones from the 1980s.
Rich-c: OK Ron, all my sympathy to Susan - I've been there adn remember
Judy: night Ron
Daniel: I'm using adamem... it's an image disk I have.
Daniel: I've pressed F9 for joystick and play
BobS: we ARE a coleco group ColecoRox, but witht he Coleco ADAM computer not cabbage patch dolls
Rich-c: ahy, the toys not teh computer or game unit
Judy: what you have to do is empty each room and you will find many things hidden in them you need boots and a shield
ColecoRox: i remember the adam,there was a cabbage patch game on it,sorry to have been a bother,i hope you guys find what u are looking for,i hear they are very hard to find these days those adam computers
PEV: we're always happy to have people drop by, ColecoRox
PEV: it's never a bother
BobS: Daniel has the latest version of ADAMBOMB2, cause I gave it to him
Rich-c: no, they are easy to come by
BobS: naw Rox, there are more ADAM computers out there than you can believe
Rich-c: we talk about Colecovision games too
Dale: if 0 doesn't work, try # or * or 5.
BobS: and most other things get talked about also
PEV: yes, we pretty much run the gamut : )
BobS: tell lus more about your collection Rox
ColecoRox: i'm not much of a computer fanatic,more into collectible figurines,dolls,etc,but I understand the interest one may have,g'night and thank you for putting me onthe right track
Daniel: I guess it's 0, yes. it jumps me at the starting, at the cost of a life I guess
Rich-c: well, we really aren't very deep in wading pools...
PEV: best of luck!
Dale: I thought there were unlimited lives.
Dale: But you lose all of your items maybe.
Dale: And have to collect them up again.
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changed username to Guy F.
Guy F.: Hi
PEV: hi Guy!
Rich-c: hey, it's the Foz!
PEV: long time no see
Judy: hi, GuyF
Dale: Yes, I have the Cabbage Patch Kids game.
Dale: It's pretty good.
PEV: what's new Guy?
Guy F.: Yeah, I was away for 2 months, I was taking a class at my community college and would end at 10:30 PM every Wednesday, so made it hard to chat. :)
PEV: aside from Sam : )
Daniel: Who doesn't have the Caabage Patch Kids game... well, I didn't had one in the 80s but I had one in the 90s.
Guy F.: My course finished tonight, and got off early, so I'm back.
Rich-c: that definitely cut down on the opportunities, for sure
Judy: well, glad you are back with us and how did you do on your class?
Rich-c: I think I have the game, not sure - a boxed cart, isn't it?
Judy: we have the game
Guy F.: Hmmm, I think I did alright, we had our final exam tonight and shall get my result in the mail eventually.
Dale: I've seen the box. A CBS one I think. Tan in color.
PEV: what class were you taking?
Dale: I don't think I have the box though.
Judy: good for you
Guy F.: I took a TIG welding class.
Dale: Nice. I only know MIG welding.
Rich-c: that's one of those skills that's real easy - after you learn every little detail
Guy F.: Similar, but more precise and more complex.
PEV: what are MIG and TIG welding and what are the differences?
Rich-c: one of my cursor cronies was talking about it - he is building himself a classin Lincoln limo
Guy F.: TIG is used for aerospace manufacturing, easy to weld many different types of metals, including stainless steel and aluminum.
Guy F.: The welds are very beautiful if you're good at it, so if having nice welds counts, you use TIG.
Guy F.: New high end bicycle frames for example are TIG welded.
Dale: MIG is lower temperature and really only works with steel and a few other things.
Dale: My MIG welding rig I have at work was about 1/5th the cost of a nice TIG system.
Guy F.: Welding aluminum is much easier and nicer with TIG I hear.
Rich-c: that's it - a couple of our guys were having quite a discussion about it
Guy F.: Yes, MIG Is much more affordable, that's true, a TIG basic unit is in the 2K+
Guy F.: Miller Dynasty series.
Rich-c: fortunately, my buddy is not pressed for cash
Guy F.: Well, I've TIGged (welded using TIG) steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
Guy F.: TIG requires lots of skills, while MIG, you can achieve something pretty decent with minimum fuss.
Guy F.: If I buy a welder, it will be a MIG. :)
Guy B.: Ok back. I put the iPod Nano up on ebay. Seems I have a bidding war on it. It's presently at $25 with 13 hours left to go
PEV: I thought it didn't work?
Guy F.: Nano with the camera or the older model?
Guy B.: I also have four other computer items. No bids on those
Dale: For my robots, steel is a pretty heavy material, so I haven't been using it much lately.
Guy B.: Second generation
Guy F.: Yeah, steel IS heavy, aluminum would be a better choice.
Guy F.: Aluminum is tricky to weld. :)
Dale: For sure.
Guy B.: It won't with the USB cable. Might work when it's charged up
Dale: So mostly we use bolts with aluminum.
Guy F.: You need to apply varying current for aluminum, when it gets too hot, the metal just puddles and you need to let go off the pedal that controls the current a little bit.
Guy F.: PEV: I don't recognize yar name?
PEV: sorry Guy forgot you haven't been here for a while - its me, Pam
Guy F.: Indeed, haha, not used to PEV.
Rich-c: she does it to confuse people ; - )
PEV: started using the initials a few weeks ago after we had an obnoxious visitor
Guy F.: But the interaction I had with PEV felt like the interaction I usually have with Pam, so I Could have guessed. :)
Guy F.: ahhhh, well, it confused me, sorta!
PEV: this way those who know me know who I am and those who don't can't guess at gender
Judy: that person sure made an impression on you and Daniel
Rich-c: the pity is that Ron was here earlier but had to leave just before you came
Guy F.: Daniel, hi, how r u?
Judy: and not a good one at that
PEV: I felt targeted Judy
PEV: and I don't like that
Rich-c: well we got rid of him easily, just kept booting him
Judy: what did he do?
PEV: we're so comfortable with one another
Guy F.: You could have chosen an even more obscure name, like Ralph or Edward or some other male name. :)
Rich-c: just came in and starting behaving like a jerk
PEV: well I do want those who know me to know who I am : )
Guy F.: Spamela, that would have confused the jerk, and we could still know its you. :d
PEV: he was misogynistic and threatening Judy
Guy F.: boot him!!!
PEV: yeah, but that takes too long to type!
Guy F.: Spam?
Rich-c: exactly what we did - several times
Rich-c: he kept trying to come back
BobS: whas dat???????
Guy F.: is there no way to block new people from coming in before getting approved?
Rich-c: we have never needed one, Guy
Rich-c: we don't even officially have a moderator
PEV: in all these years, that's the first time we've ever had someone so totally obnoxious
Guy F.: well, if I recall, 3 or 4 months ago thre was some sort of loser here as well, not threating but annoying as hell, had bad english, etc....
Dale: I could make people register.
Judy: that George was upsetting but he quit coming
Dale: But in 4 years I've only had 2 unpleasant visitors.
Rich-c: not worth the effort, Dale, and could discourage the odd shy recruit
PEV: after Dr. D told him off (go Rich!)
Judy: he was the pits
Rich-c: I though Rich was considerably crueller than necessary, imho
Judy: has anyone talked to Dr D?
PEV: well he wasn't taking gentle hints, Dad
Rich-c: not for quite a while,
Judy: thats for sure
PEV: I get one sentence messages from both Drushels from time to time
Judy: how are they doing?
PEV: and I see the stuff Erin posts on Facebook
BobS: THA WAS ME !!!!!well tell them to make it two sentence messages
Rich-c: they are on Facebook, aren't they?
PEV: Erin is
BobS: he did get into the email message a few weeks ago, did he not?
PEV: I believe so
PEV: I've been out of my e-mail for a couple of weeks with a server problem
PEV: which reminds me - must call John and figure out why I'm suddenly not connecting to the e-mail server
Rich-c: our email has been coming through fine - had 95 bloody spams today
BobS: you getting a lot of spam also, eH?
BobS: drives me nuts
Rich-c: remember I have one of the oldest email addresses around
Daniel: *working on picture for xmas disk, sorry to be quiet*
Rich-c: the filters on Tamco and in Mailwasher don't seem to work very well
PEV: until recently, we've not had a lot of trouble with spam on our Tamco account
Rich-c: well as you know we have had our account since the year dot, it's all over the web
PEV: that's why I use my g-mail account for most things
PEV: I don't give out my Tamco address to many
Rich-c: and in the early Netscape days I didn't know enough to be careful as I am now
BobS: use mailwasher religiouslyu
BobS: deletes lots of carap
BobS: crap
Rich-c: my copy is the old edition and identifies spam but that's it
PEV: I never had a lot of luck with Mailwasher
Rich-c: can't seem to get it to delete it or even identify it from the subject line
PEV: half the time it hung on me, and I lost more than one message that way
Rich-c: actually tehre re ways around that but they are tedious
Judy: we use it all the time
Rich-c: which edition?
BobS: sent whole hog and gave the guy 30 bucks for allupdates and working edition
PEV: well that would explain it
PEV: I had the free version
Rich-c: OK, you are using the paid edition - I have not tried that, the shareware isn't impressive
PEV: apparently you have to pay to have the bugs removed : )
BobS: got version 6.0
Rich-c: I will have to get a better spam filter - love to know what Google uses
Rich-c: we never get spam on gmail, and very few errors
Rich-c: haven't had time to download and test teh newer ones yet
BobS: bummer
PEV: how do you test without risk though?
Dale: I'm falling alseep, so maybe I'd better sign off.
Dale: Goodnight.
Rich-c: well, unless you have Sandboxie or something similar, you dont
PEV: nght Dale
Rich-c: OK Dale, take care and good night
BobS: nnite Dale
Rich-c: you just deal with reliable sources and read teh reviews before downloading
Dale left chat session
Daniel: bye Dale
Daniel: oops, too late
Rich-c: gotta be quicker, Daniel
Daniel: GuyF : Je vais bien, quoi que fatigue et mal de tete.
PEV: Dad, while I think of it, I have a doctor's appointment Friday afternoon so will probably come by either before or after to drop the trailer keys to you
Rich-c: OK, good time, if you have the coffee bring that too
PEV: no coffee yet but if you need it I can pick it up Friday morning
Rich-c: ask when teh old folks shots will be ready too - we've had teh regular flu shots
PEV: I can do that : )
Rich-c: no big deal unless you're shopping anyway - got a week or two left yet
BobS: wwe are starting to see the end of the flu here........only 2 schools Mon & Tues.......none tomorrow
Rich-c: oh, and any determinations about Christmas yet?
Rich-c: I don't think e have had any schools close, at least none have made the news
PEV: just tentative
PEV: looks like Lindsay may have it
BobS: Christmas is Dec 25th Richard
Rich-c: if they have it, I'd kind of like to get that pretty bottle Reisling we had last year
Daniel: I didn't phone yet to the hotel. I must admit that each time I did think of it I didn't have the phone number. dale want to talk about the organisation and everything for adamcon next year, but I'm not ready.
PEV: make the call Daniel
Rich-c: you have a fair bit of slack yet, Daniel - put more time into planning the program
PEV: it's never too early
Rich-c: yes, the more slack you have, it's true the easier it stays
BobS: early planning makes for an easier and more relaxing time later on.........
Rich-c: that's why I'm asking Pam about Christmas - so the wine I want doesn't sell out
PEV: not to mention June is wedding season and they book up early
BobS: AND the hotel may be hungry to book a small group into the hotel and give you a good price
BobS: plenty of wine to gao around I amsure richard
Guy B.: Never too early to start looking
Rich-c: yes, we're easy to manage - everywhere we go they want us back
Rich-c: true Bob but not necessarily a particular special one I want
Rich-c: the wine is routinely good, but the bottle is very festive
BobS: don't hurt to get it early
PEV: I saw the royal motorcade this afternoon
BobS: buy TWO and have a party
Rich-c: oh, were they here today?
PEV: Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are in town for at least another few days
Rich-c: I'm not sure, Bob taht these are regular stock, seasonal only then gone is gone
Rich-c: and I am likely to buy more than too - it's a busy season
Rich-c: just finished buying two dozen red wines
PEV: guess I know what you're getting for Christmas, Dad : )
BobS: prince Charles & the duchess??????????
Rich-c: qwell, as long as Gord Stimmell rates it a 90 or above, that's fine
Rich-c: heir to the throne and his wife
Rich-c: you can get suggestions on the Star website
BobS: naw, they will skip over him and go to William
PEV: unless he abdicates, Charles will be the next king
Rich-c: that depends - it is Charles who gets to make the choice
Rich-c: we suspect he will reign for a while then abdicate in favour of his son
BobS: just to get the taste of being king????
Rich-c: no, the royals have a very strong sense of duty - he will feel he has to do it
Rich-c: just like his mother - she could step aside and take it easy as Queen Mother, but won't
Rich-c: actually that wouldn't be her title sincwe she is a queen regnant, so just remains Queen
Rich-c: anyway she is not about to walk away from her job and that is it
PEV: and since the Bowes-Lyon line is verrrry long lived, I suspect it's gonna be a while
Judy: how old is she?
Rich-c: I think 83
Rich-c: her sister qwas born the day before me, but died several years ago
PEV: I didn't know that Dad
Rich-c: yes, Margaret was born Aug. 21st, 1930
Rich-c: if only I had hurried it along just a little...
Rich-c: of course she could have waited a bit, too, but you don't ask royals to do things like that
PEV: if HM had only known . . .
Rich-c: I think we just lost Guy Foster
Daniel: yes
Guy B.: Well folks, Annie will be going out soon. See you all next week
Daniel: bye guyB
PEV: gnite Guy
Judy: night Guy
Rich-c: OK, Guy, get the processor back soon
Daniel: me too, I'm tired so goodnight!
Daniel: bonne nuit!
BobS: yup, we need to go also, have to go see Judy's folks tomorrow and get Christmas stuff out and up
Daniel: thanks for the tips about adambomb 2.
Rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel. A la prochaine
Judy: me too, Daniel think I will also call it a night
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
PEV: are you kidding bob?
PEV: already?
Rich-c: OK
BobS: keep playin AND makeing pictures Daniel
Rich-c: Slopsemas, sleep tight and take care
Daniel: I'll play it again ... after I've made the picture for the xmas disk, if it's not too late.
BobS: yup./they old and slow
Judy: they have a collection of Dept 56 houses and are starting to put them up
BobS: a LARGE collection
Judy: night
BobS: bye bye
BobS left chat session
Rich-c: night both
Judy left chat session
Rich-c: well that sort of thinned the crowd, didn't it?
PEV: just you and me and the spiderwebs
PEV: BTW I am much healthier in case you were concerned
PEV: I would not come by if there were a chance I were still contagious
Rich-c: anyway, I am worried that Reisling may be limited and seasonal if they even bring it in, so let my know our plans
PEV: we'll talk on Friday, okay?
Rich-c: suits me - take care
PEV: you too
PEV: gnite Daddy
Rich-c: have a good sleep, then
Rich-c: nitey-nite
PEV: I'll try : )
PEV: kerpoof
PEV left chat session
Rich-c: and colour me gone too
Rich-c left chat session
Daniel left chat session
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