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rich-c: test
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Robert Miller: Hi Rich
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rich-c: hello Bob, it's been a while
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!
rich-c: hi Guy
rich-c: what brings you in, Bob?
Robert Miller: Yes, that's the problem with me... it always seem to have "been a while" when I show up hehehe.
Guy B.: brb
rich-c: Guy, on the other hand, liogs in and skips out ; - )
Robert Miller: not much, was on facebook & pinged the adam group there... looked up at the clock & did the math ;o)
rich-c: yes, I'd forgotten that - I do not participate in Facebook
Robert Miller: Getting a soda... brb too!
rich-c: my wife and daughter do, but iI don't
Robert Miller: It's a great site. It takes up a lot of your time getting up to speed (and up to date with everyone) ...but well worth it
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changed username to BobS
Guy B.: Hi Bob
BobS: Hey guys
BobS: hows the gang?????
rich-c: hi Robrto
BobS: evening Robert, welcome back
BobS: been a painting fool outside the last few days.....can continue tomorrow and Friday
BobS: make the place look habitable before winter
Robert Miller: Thanks... you don't know how many times I've looke at the clock around 10PM & seen that I missed another one.
rich-c: I wait to get my beer till 10 p.m., Bob ; - )
BobS: but we go till 11pm mRobert
BobS: on almost ALL nights
BobS: sometimes later
Robert Miller: out of beer. (that Sierra-Nevada Celebration Ale just seems to dissapear no matter how slow I think I'm sipping!)
rich-c: we just had a couple of handypersons do a minor job for us - repl;ace, repaint, recaulk a board on our picture window
BobS: do a good job for you????
rich-c: we can't get that one here - tonight I'll have Waterloo Dark but it's pretty pedestrian
BobS: needed some caulking around some windows also
Robert Miller: Problem is that for the last couple of years I've been the early guy & have to be at work at 6:00... cuts down on free night time.
rich-c: oh yes, they do teh job quickly and neatly, no loose ends far as we can see
rich-c: they build railings for us earlier and they are holding up well
BobS: that is a bummer Robert, eaqrly to bed then.......
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changed username to Ron
Robert Miller: keeps me out of trouble. (most nights)
BobS: well taht is good Richard, then you have an honest good bunch to work aroudn the hosue
rich-c: hey Ron, how's it going - and how's Susan?
BobS: Ron!!!!!
Guy B.: HI Ron. Be back in a few
Ron: Hello all!
BobS: hows my weather a week away??????
Robert Miller: hey Ron!
Ron: Robert ! Long time no see
rich-c: well I can no longer do anything for myself so I have to hire even petty stuff done
Ron: Sue's ok, for the moment, but walking is getting more difficult
BobS: and ya still can't see him..........
Ron: Thank y'all for asking
BobS: so to speak
rich-c: as you understand, I know what she is going through
Ron: Cool Bob. There's now snow on the mountains just above us
rich-c: and eventually even if you know all teh gory details of teh operation, it looks the better choice
Ron: yes Rich
BobS: YOUCH.....we are having a warm spell, we don't want any cold
rich-c: but BC needs it for the winter Olympics in a few more weeks
BobS: true Richard, they can have it then
Ron: Whistler ski resort (home of the Olympics, or part thereof) has enough snow to open this weekend
rich-c: see that, Ron? you-all just keep that there white stuff for yourselves, we'll understandf ; - )
Ron: indeed
BobS: I second the motion
Ron: and this morning when we got up, it was -1 (celsius) right in the back yard
Ron: so much for global warming
rich-c: at the moment, we're tropical - only 10 today but 20 yesterday!
Ron: well now!
Robert Miller: 31 deg F sounds so much warmer than -1! lol
BobS: we froze last night and again tonight....hard freeze
Ron: have we reversed?
rich-c: if it gives me a sunny 20 degree day in November, I'll take it - no questions asked
Ron: I know Robert. Why we went to this other fool scale is beyond me
BobS: could be
Robert Miller: I think it's because scientists are lazy, right?
rich-c: actually we have had a couple of nights with hardd frosts - no more tomatoes
Ron: that'll do 'em in
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changed username to PEV
rich-c: at first we actually had a nastertium plant survived by teh fence - Frances liked that
Ron: ****Last call for anyone wishing to express greets on the ADAM card *****
rich-c: hi daughter
PEV: Hi there
Ron: hello PEV
Ron: Pappa Echo Victor
Guy B.: Hi Pam. Back in business. Have my replacement processor
Robert Miller: Oh, one of these:
PEV: Pamela E. Vilneff
Ron: ah
rich-c: well, she's been accused of being a Papa Echo 8-)
Ron: NO!!!!
PEV: that's true!
PEV: good news Guy
BobS: did Daniel ever get you apicture Ron?????
BobS: he has been workign on one
Ron: .__. . ..._
rich-c: I spelled it right? at least enough to recognize?
Ron: yes he did. Think he wants to do another, so I said anytime up to the 15th would be ok
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changed username to Daniel B.
PEV: Ron I should make it to the post office this weekend
Daniel B.: no anagram for tonight
BobS: OK Daniel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ron: good Pam.
Ron: thanks
BobS: good work ongetting a picture to Ron Daniel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ron: Hey Daniel. Did ya get my message?
Daniel B.: Bonsoir Bob, Guy, Robert, Ron, Pam and Rich
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
rich-c: we'll get by without it, Daniel - btw, hello!
PEV: hi Dan
Robert Miller: Hi Dan
Daniel B.: I did get a message from you telling me that you get my picture and I still have time for another one if I want
Daniel B.: is there another message I did miss?
Ron: My dear wife has observed me working on ADAM screens, and all the time it's taking (because I can never remember how to do it). And she asks
Ron: Why are you fooling around with such old graphics on such an old computer?
Ron: "Good question, " I replied
BobS: just folr the love of the OLD users you know Ron
Ron: "There is no answer, just accept it"
Ron: Yes, I told her that too Bob
BobS: becasue it is FUN
Ron: Well, I said that too, but at times, I think I looked l ike I wasn't having much fun
BobS: fun is hard work
rich-c: it's easy, takes very little time comparatively, just do it and save it
Daniel B.: And I hope there will be even more of these special disks.
Ron: however, am now thru the worst of it, and this year I'm going to write it all down
Ron: By the way......
rich-c: your memory is getting shaky too, eh, Ron?
PEV: yes?
Ron: Did any of you guys (gals) get a CD that was produced by Maine Adam Library (name has gone), with all the ADAM ever produced on it?
BobS: yes
rich-c: memory failure, Pam - he'll figure it out
BobS: pretty much all the aDAM stuff
Daniel B.: I don't think I have sush a disk
Ron: Have been looking at that, and there's sure a lot of stuff on there
rich-c: no, didnt know it existed
BobS: tis a bummer to unzip some of it, but.
Ron: I should get that to you Daniel.
BobS: you got it at ADAMCON 21 Daniel
BobS: look at the cd
Ron: With a lot of the directories, he's included the .dsk files
BobS: it is in the MAINE ADAM LIBRARY folder
rich-c: collective oops!
Ron: Forced me to remember how to use
Ron: and also how to get is .iyg files over to the tdos world
Ron: but it can be done
Daniel B.: I was looking for games for the Coleco Adam but may be Colecovision games too, like A.E. (which I've found with the help of "sacnews") and I remember a game I did see, starblazer I guess, but I can't find it anywhere as a disk or tape image.
Ron: Bob Sebelist! Got a good memory, but it's slow at times
BobS: starblazer is not familiar to me Daniel
Daniel B.: I may mistype the name of the game
rich-c: A.E. was one of tehee two on the Supergame tape with Choplifter - Best of Broderbund?
BobS: right Richard
Daniel B.: it's a game where you move on ... I'll say a checker board but it's not right. the color of the squares you move on change or not your speed and your movement.
rich-c: got a customer wants that and Zaxxon - hope to deal with it this week
Daniel B.: A.E. is like watching buterflies moving in formation and can kills you.
Ron: mort a cause d'un papillon
Robert Miller: I think I had 108 unique carts when I stopped. Been a while since I've looked, but A.E. sound mighty familiar.
Robert Miller: Anybody know how many known cart titles there are?
Daniel B.: not star blazer but BALL BLAZER
Ron: good trivia question
BobS: still don't recognize it Daniel
Daniel B.: cartridges for the Coleco Adam or Coelco Vision?
Robert Miller: carts, not incl. tapes.
Daniel B.: well, there is the coleco adam demo cartridge which is for the coleco adam computer.
rich-c: was A.E. ever a cart? Don't think I recall it as such
Daniel B.: as for colecovision cartridges, last time I did count, there was about 144 titles.
Robert Miller: yes, let one of those go by on eBay once... I was going on vacation & put in a bid that I thought was more than anyone else was willing to pay....
Robert Miller: not even close!!! LOL
rich-c: yes, we used to play it at computer shows, drove the folks in the heighbouring booths nuts
Ron: Daniel, where's your website now that Geocities has closed?
Daniel B.: my web site disappear in the cyberspace for the moment
Daniel B.: should I count prototype and rumors mills?
Ron: bouncing amongst the molecules
Robert Miller: who is ?
rich-c: no, but you can count your own production
Ron: Bob S
Ron: and Meeka and Doug
Ron: ground zero for the Adam News Net
rich-c: actually Meeka's site I think but she lets the old man have a page or so
BobS: tis my website on son Doug's server
Daniel B.: Personally, I've almost reached 30 titles, but not all are in cartridge formats.
rich-c: not sure how many I have, close to 100 though
Robert Miller: I googled "maine adam library" & it came up.
Ron: neat!
rich-c: is there anything there when you visit it?
Robert Miller: yup... listing of ANN disks
Daniel B.: as for know prototypes, there are he-man 1 and 2, atarisoft pacman, joust, dig dug and also ms pacman apparently, steamroller, fireman, and a few others I don't remember
Daniel B.: As for homebrew games, I gues there are about 40 titles
Ron: that many! Gee, and I haven't played one of them
rich-c: who did the ports from Atari?
Ron: but then about all I could get my head wrapped around was Donkey Kong
Robert Miller: me either
Robert Miller: lol
Daniel B.: So, maybe there are approx 200 titles for the colecovision, and I didn't conut the variations like the titles on brazil cartridges and european cartridges.
Ron: Was sitting here the other night reading Sol Swift's newsletter where he apologizes for leading everyone astray
Ron: made for interesting reading
rich-c: ask Daniel to give you a deal on his original cartridges
BobS: think Bob Sebalist took down his Maine ADAM Library site about a year ago
rich-c: he had some family problems, didn't he?
BobS: but then he did it again Ron
Ron: something like that
PEV: how did he do that Ron?
Daniel B.: the only cartridge I can sell at the moment is ghostblaster, a transparent cartridge.
Ron: All centered around software promised and paid for by some of us, but never delivered
PEV: ah
rich-c: rest out of stock or committed elsewhere, Daniel?
Ron: and yes, I gather there were family problems, partner problems etc etc
BobS: so? we all got problems
Robert Miller: I remember my first night in compuserve forum it was a big topic that I was totally in the dark about. Made for an interesting intro to the ADAM group.
Daniel B.: Most of my previous games are no more available. They was published by John Donzila who did 3 games for the colecovision and many for the vectrex, but he decided to stop publishing my games to concentrate on his production.
Ron: I'll bet Robert
BobS: sol was going along great then BAM out of site
Daniel B.: There are coleco games available at ... including mines.
rich-c: that's the site Scott is involved in, isn't it?
Ron: Chris Braymen says he's most interested in the fact that someone is trying to run his Sequel software on the emulator
BobS: just as I (for one) jumped in on the subscription train.................seems like I have a tendency to be a day late and a dollar short
Robert Miller: looks like they got a bit of everyting there.
Robert Miller: I figure I have very close to 1000 carts for various systems.
BobS: physical ones??????
Robert Miller: yes
Daniel B.: for various systems?
PEV: good heavens, where do you keep them all?
Robert Miller: GF at the time was collecting Noretake China at garage sales... I found something to do while she was digging through the dishes lol.
Robert Miller: in my attic.
Robert Miller: General rule was to try & never pay more than $.25 ea.
Daniel B.: I didn't live enough to know or have somehting to remember for this special day, memorial day.
Robert Miller: ...unless rare or something exceptional.
Ron: sounds fair Robert
Daniel B.: no, it's something day
Daniel B.: I can't
Daniel B.: find the right word
PEV: Remembrance Day
rich-c: yes, Daniel, originally Armistice Day, now REmembrance Day
Daniel B.: For me it's another normal day
rich-c: World War 1 ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of teh 11th month of 1918
Robert Miller: I heard something 'bout that on the radio on the way home... did Obama make a slip up & say memorial day?
rich-c: every male of military age in my immediately family served - teh earlier Rich Clee was a machine gunner, fought at Vimy
Daniel B.: well, it's news on tv ... I guess I should check it out
rich-c: we take Remembrance Day somewhat seriously around here
Robert Miller: as it should be.
Daniel B.: I'm too young I guess
PEV: and it rubbed off on me
PEV: I make sure I'm outside at 11:00 to take my own moment of silence and to watch the flyover
rich-c: well, depends on teh context - in the U.S. it is Veterans Day and seconday to Memorial Day (May 30th)
rich-c: but we never had a civil war so we do not have Memorial Day to observe
rich-c: most of my cousins were slightly older than me so fought in World War 2
Daniel B.: I can't find any reference of ballblazer for the coleco adam, but I'm sure there is one
Robert Miller: sky blazer shows up, but may not be ADAM
Daniel B.: there are pictures of ballblazer for other systems , just type ballblazer in
rich-c: Pam. will let you into the military section free tomorrow and Friday
Daniel B.: maybe it was under another name for the coleco adam
PEV: hmmm
Robert Miller: that looks like a game that was included with windows 95, or 98 no?
Daniel B.: are we looking at teh same pictures? there is a version for commodore 64
Daniel B.: like a checker board in 3d
Daniel B.: ... well, maybe the coleco adam had another game that looks like this one... one where you move forward and the path change.
Guy B.: Ok back. I sold the iPod Nano last week on Ebay
Guy B.: I have three computer items and a 35mm camera up for bids npw
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changed username to PEV
Daniel B.: Pam 2?
Guy B.: We have twins
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BobS: richard always wanted 2 daughters
changed username to PEV
BobS: oh oh triplets
Guy B.: Now triplets
PEV: well now he has triplets
PEV: and I don't know which one is me : (
Guy B.: You should have come back with a different name, then asked us to purge the others
rich-c: use edit to change user name to Pam1, then delete teh other 2
Guy B.: If she hits the wrong one. She will get knocked out again
Robert Miller changed username to Robert M
Ron: got sidetracked
rich-c: no Guy think it out - which ever she changes is the one to keep, the others are disposable
Guy B.: It happened to me Rich
Ron: Sue wanted to hit my VHS/DVD collection to see of there was something to watch
Daniel B.: ok, I'm playing a slot machine "play against adam"... and when I have 3 different symbols I win.
Daniel B.: why?
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: quads!
Daniel B.: ok, she's the real one
Ron: will the real PEV please stand up?
Guy B.: Ok, now lets get rid of all three
Pamela: lets see if I stick around for more than ten seconds
rich-c: well, now she can delete all the PEVs
Ron: like daughter like father
rich-c requested to ban PEV
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS requested to ban PEV
Ron confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Robert M confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Robert M confirmed ban
Pamela: one more
BobS requested to ban PEV
rich-c requested to ban PEV
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Robert M confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Robert M confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
BobS requested to ban PEV
Guy B.: One more Pam
Daniel B. confirmed ban
Robert M confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Robert M: Well, I gots to hit the hay. Was thinking maybe if the Wed night conf. was noted in the email heading it may jog some people's memory (like mine?
Daniel B.: seems now
rich-c confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Daniel B.: ok
Guy B.: Ok, you're cleared
Pamela: much better
BobS: nice seeing you again Robert, stop by more often
Guy B.: Bye Robert
Robert M: I'll try. Take care all!
Daniel B.: err... are we all here?
Pamela: nice to see you
Ron: Night Robert
Ron: be well eh?
Pamela: come again!
Daniel B.: ah ok
Daniel B.: bye Robert
rich-c: good having you here, Robert - go get that beauty sleep! (don't wnat to be too ugly in the morning)
Robert M: will do.... <poof>
Robert M left chat session
rich-c: it's OK Daniel, we just got rid of the surplus Pamelas
Daniel B.: I've never sleep well, during night... I guess I'm ugly
BobS: you MUST sleep Daniel, becasue you are not ugly
Ron: I am going to switch computers so I can join Sue in the living., BRB
Pamela: nothing says sleep has to be at night Daniel : )
rich-c: well, most folks who don't get enough sleep are pretty ugly in the morning
Pamela: I live and die by the power nap
BobS: heck I don't need a power nap, jsut ANY nap will do
rich-c: I'm getting so I need my night's sleep and a power nap
BobS: and I DO love them
BobS: I assumed a good nights sleep, don't need to include that part
rich-c: got out and dealt with the shopping but otherwise was totally useless today, dozing off
Daniel B.: maybe it's the same for you, when you have something in mind, difficult to get rid of, keep you awake, and at other time there is no real reason why you can't sleep , but the eyes stay open and can't sleep even with lights off and in your bed ready to sleep.
Pamela: when you can't sleep the best thing to do is get up
Pamela: there is nothing productive about lying there staring at the ceiling
rich-c: it's common with old folks, Daniel, but you're far too young for that
rich-c: but when I get up I start reading and promptly doze off over the paper!
Daniel B.: I'm about to be a bald guy... osing my hairs very quickly
Pamela: that's okay Daniel - bald can be sexy : )
rich-c: happens Daniel, it's in your genes - many men have male pattern baldness
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rich-c: my hair is thinning rapidly, but it's lasted 8- years so I can't complain
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi ya.
rich-c: hi Dale, thought it was Ron coming back
Dale: I had a late meeting tonight.
Pamela: hey Dale
Guy B.: HI Dale
Pamela: I got dumped! Twice!
Dale: So I was planning my camp for two weeks from now.
Daniel B.: it appears that neither my father and grand father have this problem. but my grand mother has it.
Daniel B.: welll, had it because I don't have any grand mother now
rich-c: it is likely a recessive in your family then, Daniel
Daniel B.: ok maybe it's because I can't sleep
Daniel B.: and can sleep
Daniel B.: it depends
Pamela: you've got lots of hair left Dad
Daniel B.: I have to tell you that I didn't phone to the hotel yet. I know, I know.
rich-c: Bienvenue is one of the original 400 Quebec families, isn't it?
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changed username to Ron
Ron: back
rich-c: welcome back Ron
Ron: tks sir
Daniel B.: My family branch came from Fontaine, which may be part of this guy who made short stories, fables.
Pamela: there you are!
Ron: Fawlty Towers
Daniel B.: Ron and Sue I presume
Ron: just me
rich-c: yes, but LaFontaine was France French, didn't immigrate to Quebec himself
Daniel B.: I said part of , not ancestor
rich-c: but wasn't there a Bienvenue among the original habitants who settled Quebec?
BobS: close enoujgh DAniel
Daniel B.: Fontaine dit Bienvenue, that's my family.
Ron: interesting Daniel
Daniel B.: So I presume my ancestor which was a soldier had the nickname "welcome" (bienvenue)
rich-c: and how far back do they run in Canada, Daniel?
Daniel B.: well, from the official story of great moments of Canada, my ancestor was described as a poor guy who put himself in trouble and based on his journal the situation was more him who did heard noise and did go see what is going on and did meet the guys and girl who came from the fortress. He did is best to help.
rich-c: what year would that be, Daniel? and was teh forterss Louisburg or Quebec?
Daniel B.: Look for "Madeleine de Vercheres"
Pamela: hey Papa, got your coffee
Daniel B.: "During the siege, Madeleine noticed a canoe approaching the landing site with a family named Fontaine. The soldiers inside the fort refused to leave, so Madeleine ran to the dock and led the family quickly inside, pretending to be reinforcements."
Daniel B.: My family was in this canoe, and the situation was more complex than what it was described here.
Ron: circa 1680
Daniel B.: the poor guy who put his family in danger was my ancestor
rich-c: OK - that should help - would seem to relate to teh Iroquois attack of 1691
Ron: yup
rich-c: so Daniel's roots likely go back deep into the foundation of Quebec - maybe not on Champlain's boat, but soon after!
Daniel B.: the offical story didn't tell why he was in the canoe and why he did land there. His journal specify that he did wanted to help and decided to land there. But from the other point of view, he didn't land at a proper place. Pierre (or Peter) was a great soldier.
rich-c: he was a brave man - today is a good day to remember him
Daniel B.: From there, my ancestor even had an island as a property... but this island was sold generations later.
rich-c: yes, those who served in the armed force were frequently awarded property in those times
Daniel B.: From my mother's side, well, my ancestor was one of these girls sent here for... a wedding with a lot of childs.
Daniel B.: well, it's late so I may type something strange
rich-c: moast of the early Scottish settlers in Quebec, especially the Eastern Townships, were retired British veterans
Pamela: meaning a mail-order bride, Daniel?
rich-c: yes, early New France had far too many men and needed population desprately, so girls were recruited in France
Daniel B.: well, I guess you may call her "King's Daughters"
rich-c: no daughter, these were especially chosen recruits sponsored by the government of France
Daniel B.: "to marry and start families in an attempt to further populate New France"
rich-c: OK, if your maternal ancestry goes that far back, you are as Canadian as one can get, Daniel
Daniel B.: and I know she lives at Orleans Island
Daniel B.: sorry, wrong past tense
Daniel B.: well, you know what I mean
rich-c: tuj dois etre tees fir de vos aieux, Daniel
rich-c: tres fier
Daniel B.: proud, yes. even if I don't know who they are exactly
Daniel B.: my father did some researches, so I know a little bit more about my lasty name
rich-c: but you know what they stood for adn what they did - that is what coun ts
rich-c: except for the aboriginal members, my family came to Canada in the 1880s
rich-c: settled in Manitoba at the end of steel in 1885
Daniel B.: I prefer thinking of the present. because if I go in the past, the confilct between french and english is a lot present
rich-c: weell, all nations have their conflicts lasting centuries - but can live in peace
rich-c: the European countries have mostly m,anaged to do so now since 1945 anyway
Guy B.: Well folks, will be taking Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
rich-c: I can remember when black folks in teh US couln'd drink at teh same water fountain as whites
Ron: Quebec City gave me quite a sense of history when I was there. More than any other place I've been in Canada
BobS: well gang, tis time for me to hit the sack and get somesleep
rich-c: now you have a half-black man as preident of the United States
BobS: hafl black
rich-c: night Guy
BobS: half hawaaian
Pamela: night Guy
Daniel B.: bye Bob
Daniel B.: Dale is not talking?
Dale: Bye Bob.
Ron: nite Bob. be well, both of you
Pamela: gnite Bob
BobS: see ya's next week,
Daniel B.: there you are
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: night Bob
Daniel B.: bye Guy... gone
BobS: hope Susan's pain is less until the time for replacement....tell her HI
Daniel B.: fast
BobS left chat session
Ron: tks Bob, will do
Pamela: new date yet Ron?
rich-c: Obama's mother is white, from Kansas, isn't she?
Ron: Dec 31
Ron: Happy New Year
Pamela: holy cow
Ron: I will not lay money on it happening
Pamela: well I suppose it's one way to start fresh in the New Year
Ron: that's exactly what Sue said
Pamela: Holy cow?
rich-c: if it gets delayed a little my guess is that the overall scenario will be more comfortable
Pamela: I knew I liked her : )
rich-c: who is doing it and where?
Ron: What I fail to understand is, it seems that once you lose your place in the queue, you go to the end of the queue. Doesn't seem right
Ron: Nanaimo Regional General Hospital; one Dr. Birchard - orthopod
rich-c: no, if you are booted it shouldn't, if you move voluntarily, that's another scene
Ron: voluntarily, we did not
Ron: trying to be diplomatic was difficult
rich-c: The guy who did mine is arguably teh best at it in the world
Ron: but I managed to hold my tongue
Pamela: yes I can imagine, Ron
rich-c: he was a close personal fiend and colleague of the doctor who invented the procedure
Ron: well, this fellow from what we've been able to determine - has an excellent reputation. Certainly was a much put out over the turn of events as we were
rich-c: and instruments, and prosthesis, the works - Swiss but my doctor talked him into doing a ew years in Toronto
Pamela: well that's somewhat comforting, at least
Ron: My only real moan is that the assigned Sue the surgery time the day before, and she was in fact admitted to the hospital that morning, without any hint there would be a problem
rich-c: the joy of medicare - I'm in Sunnybrook cathment area. so I get Sunnybrook doctors
rich-c: and since I'm old and frigile I get priority with the best they can muster
rich-c: yes, once your mentally committed, a cancellation is a killer
Ron: I know that sometimes you have to go in with your elbows up, but in this case it seemed more prudent to be quiet
rich-c: you really have to psych yourself up for these things
rich-c: yes, it is easy to put your foot in it - they can have awfully good reason for not telling you awfully good reasons
Ron: exactly
rich-c: I ended up declining to offers to have mine done earlier - as I say, you get psyched up
rich-c: two offers
rich-c: besides, as it was I started convalescing during the semi-finals, not after the Grey Cup
Ron: :)
Pamela: lots of time to sit around and stare at football : )
Ron: and that would be a good thing
rich-c: yes, but for that first little while you need to sleep and make only planned moves, as you know
Pamela: that depends on your perspective ie. whether or not you're a football widow : )
rich-c: relax daughter, only two games next two weekends, one after that, and you're free till next June
Pamela: <sigh> it's been a long season
Ron: If I want to watch football around here, I have to be rather assertive
rich-c: I've heard similar sentiments from your mother
Ron: For Sue, football is soccer, and our football is NOT football
Ron: needless to say, we have agreed to disagree
rich-c: sort of like my views on what the Americans call football
Ron: yes
Pamela: how is it that all the men in my life are CFL football addicts?????
rich-c: it's an entertaining sport
rich-c: hey, we have to have some sort of macho vice
Ron: I don't become an addict until the finals Pam. Can't concentrate on TV for anything longer than about 30 min
Pamela: could be worse, could be NFL
Ron: would much rather be in the stands watching live
rich-c: bite your tongue, daughter!
rich-c: yes, in Regina, Ron
Ron: most of my buddies out here prefer the American Game. Keep telling them they are wrong, but....
Pamela: just from a football season perspective, it's better to be CFL
rich-c: like arguing with a Jehovah's Witness - you will not get through
Dale: I'm going to duck out.
Ron: ya got that right Rich
Dale: I'm dazed today.
Dale: So maybe extra sleep is in order.
Dale: Goodnight all.
rich-c: right Dale, been there, done that - take care
Ron: Dale, it's the work. Not good for you my son.
Ron: but you're too young to give it up
Pamela: night Dale
Ron: g'nite Dale
Pamela: guess I should go too
Pamela: but couple things first
Pamela: Dad, i got your coffee
Ron: yes, it's late in the east
rich-c: could be busy tomorrow - take care, Pam
rich-c: good on ther coffee
Ron: I shall away as well. Hopefully see y'all next week
Pamela: g'nite Ron
Ron: nite all
Dale: Just a bit more work for me, to make the perfect robot
rich-c: right Ron, keep us posted on Sue
Dale: byte
Pamela: hi to Sue and best wishes
Dale left chat session
Ron: Send him this way Dale
Ron: nite
Daniel B.: bonne nuit!
Pamela: Dad, question for you
Pamela: night Daniel
rich-c: go
Daniel B.: pouf
Daniel B.: thaty's poof in french
Pamela: Mom mentioned she found a youtube post of the aria from Carousel recently
rich-c: ; - )
Pamela: LOL Daniel
rich-c: yes, a couple in fact
Pamela: is she more interested in the music or the movie?
Pamela: don't ask her please
rich-c: in this case teh music - not sure if we have the video of the movie, though
Pamela: I'm contemplating one or the other for Christmas
Pamela: would I be better to get the CD of the soundtrack or the DVD?
rich-c: you know that she has never ever watched a DVD and damn few videos
Pamela: so the CD is probably a better choice then
rich-c: I think we saw the movie - still went to movies back then - so movies soundtrack or DVD might be better
rich-c: we do have the vinyl version of the soundtrack which satisfies us
Pamela: yes but her complaint was nothing to play it on
rich-c: don't think that is the most propitious choice
Pamela: what isnt?
rich-c: we have a record player now with a USB output so we can burn it to CD
Pamela: ok once and for all - CD or DVD?
rich-c: and no, I haven't teh slightest idea of what she would like
rich-c: Pusateris were offering a Belgian truffle tree at $279 plus tax - but that's a bit much
Pamela: Dad you're not making any sense!
rich-c: the DVD would have teh whole movie, visuals, maybe otutakes
rich-c: I told you what she coveted, not that it was affordable
rich-c: and if she wanted it that much she would simply buy it - or split it with me
rich-c: she buys what she wants when she wants it, and if she doesn't buy it she doesn't want it
rich-c: yesd, it sure makes life hell for would-be gift buyers
Pamela: okay I give up
Pamela: I'll ask her
rich-c: maybe she can suggest something - just be aware we have never used our DVD player
rich-c: I've used it for tapes and wuld like to run a DVD but haven't yet
rich-c: don't think she'd want the Three Tenors but maybe something of that sort might appeal
Pamela: never mind Dad
Pamela: and don't say anything to her
Pamela: please
rich-c: OK I realize the problem
rich-c: I shall be silent
Pamela: thank you
Pamela: will try to get the coffee to you this weekend
rich-c: meanwhile you go get your beauty sleep
Pamela: I'll keep you posted
Pamela: gnite Daddy
rich-c: OK, good night then
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: nite nite
rich-c left chat session
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