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Guy B: Hi Daniel
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Daniel B.: hello Guy
Daniel B.: Where is everyone?
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changed username to BobS
BobS: hey dudes
Daniel B.: bonsoir Bob
BobS: where's Richard?
Daniel B.: I don't know
BobS: noticbly late, eh/
Guy B: HI Bob
BobS: how's your weather Daniel?
BobS: hi guy
BobS: had some rain here tonight......problable you too Guy
Guy B: Where's Judy?
Daniel B.: cold but sunny for a few days, then probably snow later, this week-end maybe
Guy B: We did earlier today. It's stopped for now
BobS: she is sitting here working on the newspaper puzzle
Guy B: That's her
BobS: we have not nad any snow yet Daniel.......not until maybe December
Daniel B.: snow in october that did stay one day at least
Daniel B.: november, no snow yet, but very cold
BobS: mild temperatures May
BobS: don't want ANY snow or cold
Daniel B.: like mars without snow, here
BobS: good luck, eh?
BobS: good one Dnaiel
Daniel B.: I like snow... I don't like tons of snow... but I like snow
Daniel B.: a snowman
Daniel B.: I did send 1 picture for xmas disk, about 10 days ago, but I still want to make another one
Daniel B.: I'm busy of cleaning up my harddisk of stuff I don't need.
Daniel B.: and making backups
BobS: Ron has sent me this year's Christmas disk (got it done early) BUt we can always use more pictures for next year !!!!!!
Daniel B.: well, at least I've done one picture. :)
Daniel B.: so he did solve the issue about the music
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PEV: woo
Daniel B.: Hello Pam, where is Rich?
PEV: his modem is dead
PEV: i told him to try dialup
PEV: didn't like that idea much
BobS: hi Pam
BobS: OUCH, dead, as in NO WORK eh?
PEV: oh yeah
PEV: toes up
BobS: dialup is plenty good for chat
BobS: IF he had a modem in the computer
BobS: or laptop
PEV: given my recent experience with going back to dialup
PEV: maybe it's not such a good idea
BobS: he has to come back to dsl............
BobS: dialup is just a stop gap measure
PEV: he won't be able to get a new modem from John until Friday
PEV: although why he didn't just head up to the local computer warehouse, I don't know
PEV: so how is everyone?
BobS: good here
BobS: weather holding jsut a smidge of rain tonight
BobS: weather clearing for the weekend
Daniel B.: good. we did fight a cold.
Guy B: Hi Pam
PEV: the real you?
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PEV: hi Guy
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi Guy.
PEV: hi Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Guy B: HI Dale
Daniel B.: heheh well, my sister still arguing about my imaginary state, like a game, just to see what's the future.
Daniel B.: Hi Dale,
PEV: maybe you should put her in the comic book!
BobS: hey Dale
PEV: fudge, i just smudged my glasses
Daniel B.: I'm quite busy these days to convert video captures from tv into dvd-like mpeg2 files and store them away from my harddisks.
Daniel B.: cleaning up hd space and making backups at the same time too
PEV: good idea
Daniel B.: I've about 2 years of stuff, but so far I've done 4 disks double-layers
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PEV: disks as in independent hard disks?
changed username to Judy
PEV: Hi Judy
Judy: Hi, Pam
Daniel B.: dvd-r are disks, just not harddisks
Judy: and Guy and Daniel and Dale
PEV: FYI Dad is missing because his modem died today and he didn't have time to get a new one
Daniel B.: bonsoir Judy
Dale: Too bad Pam.
PEV: well I'm here to hold up the family honour
Judy: you will have to tell him hi and he was missed
PEV: I can do that : )
PEV: I'm watching Iron Chef America
PEV: this is amazing
BobS: cooking show?
PEV: yeah
Judy: are you getting any good ideas?
Judy: my fingers are not working tonigt
Judy: night
PEV: one secret ingredient, one challenger against one Iron Chef, one hour to make five different dishes using the secret ingredient in as many ways as possible
PEV: too much fish in tonights show
PEV: how does the concept of grouper mousse grab you?
Dale: lol
Judy: not good
PEV: no?
PEV: not so much?
Judy: not something I would have to try
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changed username to Meeka
BobS: not so much !!!!!! YES
Dale: I hear that about 15% of all of the dishes are actually discusting to eat if you're the judge.
Daniel B.: hi Meeka
BobS: hi eeka
BobS: Meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
Guy B: Hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
Dale: Hi Meeka.
PEV: Hi Meeka
Judy: are you and Doug staying healthy?
Meeka: so far I think :-P
PEV: I'll bet, Dale
Dale: I also hear that the chefs know that the secret ingredient will be one of 5 possible things, so that they can stock appropriate spices and so on.
Judy: that is good, Sher is still sick
PEV: where do you hear all this stuff?
PEV: are any of the boys sick Judy?
Judy: no, just Sher
Meeka: yuck
PEV: we are all healthy so far
Judy: she got the flu Thursday right after leaving our house
BobS: H1N1...............has to be in order to be so sick so long
PEV: my sister-in-law was not so lucky
PEV: she was sick for two weeks
Judy: that is a long time
Judy: did she have the H1N1?
PEV: yes, she got a really good dose
Judy: not good
PEV: I got my shot on the 6th
PEV: now we have to get himself immunized
PEV: they just opened up the clinics to the general population
PEV: today as a matter of fact
Judy: for the regular flu or the H1N1?
PEV: up till now it's been high risk patients only
Judy: we have very few shots for the h1n1 flu here
BobS: we have some H1N1 around here.... but nly for hig risk patients
Dale: I was going to get the H1N1 shot, but then I read that if you have an egg alergy it might be an issue.
BobS: same with ALL flu shots dale
PEV: yes the vaccine is cultured in eggs Dale
PEV: if you have an allergy, stay away
Judy: and the doctor told me I didn't need that shot only the regular flu shot
Daniel B.: there's something that everybody seems to forget about flu... mutations can make the virus strike back anytime, so h1n1 vaccins will be useless against the next generations of the virus.
Dale: I think they've already distributed the initial 6 million doses in Canada.
Meeka: all I have gotten is the reg one
PEV: I will go back for the seasonal shot end of month
Daniel B.: there is one company who makes vaccins with monkey's kidneys.
Dale: Well if you are old enough to have been around the flu from the late 1954 I think it is, you're probably already H1N1 immune.
Dale: At least that's what I remember from wikipedia from the spring.
BobS: in theory Dale
PEV: I've heard different variations on that theme Dale
PEV: 1954, 1956, 1965 . . .
Judy: also heard 79
Meeka: ooo, i was around by then :-P LOL
PEV: me too : )
PEV: still, I'm high risk
PEV: so I didn't want to take any chances
Judy: I already had something so maybe I won't get anything else
Daniel B.: my HD still in the red alert ... still approx. 90% ful.
BobS: got to dump some junk Daniel
PEV: it never fails to amaze me how much junk we accumulate
Dale: Well, that's why Daniel's been doing backups.
PEV: got my new computer at work yesterday finally
Daniel B.: a card to capture tv signal is very useful to fill up hardrives
BobS: I bet
BobS: music and video simply EAT UP space don't they?
PEV: that would do it Daniel
Daniel B.: I did clear 10 Gig just by telling my computer to flush the automatic restaurations stored in the hd by windows.
BobS: that's a lot
PEV: how big is your hard drive?
BobS: or maybe not depending on your computer sue
BobS: use
Daniel B.: about 300Gig
Judy: how is your crocheting coming,Meeka?
Meeka: pretty good
Daniel B.: I'm about to burn another 8Gig dvd-r
Meeka: found a pattern I really like, but still trying to get it to come out to the desired size :-P
Judy: I have completed 4 so now I think I will see if I can find another different pattern
BobS: and I am working with a mere 30gig drive.......extreme sadness, despair
Meeka: started the third try tonight
PEV: four what, Judy?
Judy: what size are you trying to get?
Meeka: this one is diff one mom
Judy: doilies
Meeka: the first one was to small for where i intended, but foi=und a home for it somewhere else
Judy: different how?
Meeka: the second one was to big, for sec cabinet, but fits great in the curio cabinet
Judy: I have found a home for all but the last one, have to iron and starch it first
Daniel B.: burning... burning... 5-10 minutes
Daniel B.: it took days to cut the ads in these videos
Judy: having a cookie break
Meeka: this one has a straight edge one the back, was original intended for a chair back
Judy: that is cool
PEV: you two continually amaze me
Judy: I have several chair backs
PEV: is there anything you can't master?
Judy: she started me this time
Judy: wanted to see if i could remember how
Judy: probably
Judy: Meeka found a oval doily pattern and I wanted to see if I could do it
Meeka: just like riding a bike, once you know you know
Judy: and had so much fun with it had to make more
Judy: got easier after the first one
PEV: yes, definitely a case of practice makes perfect
Meeka: I pretty much have this one memorized now
Daniel B.: There is a new video on Youtube, just titled "colecovison" and it only shows tv output of a not working colecovision, only strange colored artefacts
BobS: that's exciting Daniel
Judy: that makes it easy to multi task
PEV: like crochet and watch tv?
Judy: exaltly
Meeka: and to pick-up put-down easier too
BobS: assume the person who put it up has a low level of excitement or the picture got goofed up
Judy: went Christmas shopping today, which reminds me Meeka I need a list from you and Doug
PEV: by the way Bob, you'll be pleased to know I finally mailed Ron's t-shirts to him
Meeka: poor Doug making noises of frustration at his isnt playing nice tonight
BobS: about time luv
BobS: he will be excited
PEV: had to find them first
Daniel B.: ok, the dvd-r is done. it's faster to put stuff into many dvd-r than preparing the stuff, classify them, rename, reconvert, recompress, etc.
Meeka: k, we started putting them toghter
PEV: am pretty sure there are still things I haven't unpacked
Judy: need it sooner rather than later, Dad is in a hurry to shop
Meeka: lol
Meeka: least you have help
PEV: are you like me Meeka? Sole household Christmas shopper?
Judy: yes, we are having a good time shopping together
Meeka: pretty much
Dale: But then how do you find the DVDs later Daniel?
Meeka: he doesnt enjoy it on a good day, much less a holiday swarm
Judy: tomorrow have to go to the doctor and will be stopping at a few places on the way or way back
PEV: I'm doing well if I get Russell into a mall once a year
Judy: Bob is a good shopper
Judy: the mall was busy today, Sara Palin was going to be there tonight and people are nuts were there all night to get her book autographed
BobS: wacko's they ARE
Dale: Jill doesn't like crowds, so I'm more the shopper than her.
Daniel B.: Sometimes I don't find them back. I tend to store them into little jewel cases and store them all together. So if I don't identify them well, it's almost impossible for me to find back this stuff. That's why I'm taking time to classify what I want to burn on each dvd-r
BobS: good idea Daniel
PEV: oh if only, Dale
PEV: but of course I'm the only driver
Judy: it is much easier to go with someone for a second opinion
Daniel B.: I did lost an entire external hd because of a bad manipulation, and I did lost stuff when my desktop computer did crash in 2004-2005
Daniel B.: harddrives are not all stable and well made
Daniel B.: I may get a copy "spin rite" one day, but right now backups of my stuff is important
PEV: Russell always says "whatever you think, dear"
PEV: grrrrr
Judy: that is the pits!!!
Daniel B.: at least, you didn't torture Russell by telling him he's imaginary
Judy: sounds like something doug would say
Meeka: lol mom
PEV: I love him dearly but I certainly didn't marry him for his shopping skills : )
Daniel B.: My sister did send me a talking e-card calling me "imaginary friend"
Meeka: just the whatever part
PEV: just remember Daniel "cogito ergo sum"
Judy: we need to work on him
Daniel B.: even if fictional characters think, it's not real thinking, so how "thinking" can be proof of existence?
Meeka: well, i am gonna get off
Meeka: tty all nekt week
PEV: night Meeka
Daniel B.: I should find something that can stop this joke or imaginary friend.
PEV: happy shopping : )
Daniel B.: but I can't think of something at the moment
Daniel B.: bye Meeka
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Judy: night Meeka
Judy: talk to you soon
Judy: why does she call you her imaginary friend, Daniel?
Daniel B.: she said it's to see if she can makes me going nuts before the end of the week.
Guy B: I'm here, but I'm chatting with a very good friend of mine
Daniel B.: like an impossible puzzle, I'm trying to find a rational explaination, but it appears that she just having fun.
Judy: why does she want to drive you nuts by the end of the week?
PEV: I'd say she's doing a good job : )
Guy B: You might say that and I'm doing Christmas music recordings. Some rare albums that I have
Judy: what if you pretend you are not getting the stuff
Judy: that may drive her nuts first
Dale: The banks called last week, and says that we should take the MTAG money and do something with it.
PEV: like what?
Dale: I though it was lost, but the MTAG members agreed 3 years ago to donate it to AdamCon.
PEV: I didn't have such a cheery outcome from my bank call
BobS: they said your bank was bankrupt?
PEV: no, not that bad : )
PEV: but they think my debit card was copied
BobS: uh oh
PEV: so I had to get a new one
PEV: the nice thing is, I now have a debit card with a chip
BobS: did you find any charges that were not yours?
PEV: nope
PEV: I only got the call last night
Daniel B.: I've a question... do you think I'll see any other MTAG members in my life?
Judy: then the bank should have shut it down
PEV: and there's nothing in the account anyway : )
Dale: So I guess we will write a cheque to AdamCon shortly.
Dale: Daniel, you never can tell, there were maybe 180 of them over the life of the club.
Daniel B.: MTAG was founded in year?
PEV: wasn't Dave an MTAG member?
Dale: Dave was.
PEV: so there you go Daniel
PEV: three so far
Dale: It was founded in January 2006
BobS: ricahrd was
BobS: Richard
PEV: Dale, Dave and my Dad
PEV: 2006?
BobS: Ena Greenshields....deceased
Dale: Although the founders knew each other in 2005.
BobS: jack Leamy ......deceased I think
BobS: Neal ????
Dale: Neil and I were at the first official meeting.
PEV: don't you mean 1996?
PEV: or '86?
Dale: But the founders met twice before that I believe.
Dale: January 1986.
Dale: Sorry.
PEV: threw me
PEV: 23 years ago
PEV: wow
Dale: Yes, there was an ad about the first meeting in the December 1985 Toronto Computer Paper, as I recall.
Dale: That's how I learned about it, when I went to a computer store to ask the founder of the Durham Amiga Users Group about it.
PEV: how many showed up?
Dale: There were about 35 people at that first meeting as I recall.
Daniel B.: so when I was starting to be involved with the Adamcon MTAG was celebrating 20 years... "deja vu"... I guess we did talk about this long time ago.
Dale: We sent around a sign up list. And the meeting was in someone's basement.
Dale: I was only 14 and couldn't drive, so my brother Neil came to all of the meetings.
PEV: you know it occurs to me that perhaps we should start putting together an Adam history
PEV: just a passing thought
Daniel B.: I'm too far to be useful in getting information about the Adam, I was not involved into these groups.
PEV: neither was I Daniel
Daniel B.: I guess there is old BBS somewhere too<
Daniel B.: I mean, a disk with old bbs messages
Daniel B.: or something
Daniel B.: copies of various prints about this period
Daniel B.: I have a box filled with papers that came from this guy in Canada who did sell to me a lot of Coleco Adam stuff I don't need. In this box of papers there is a copy of the coleco programming document, and other things like how to hack a mouse, etc.
Daniel B.: If only I've a scanner
Dale: much information, and even more that has been lost or destroyed I bet.
Guy B: Well, I'm back. My friend Carla has a job interview tomorrow
PEV: was she nervous?
Daniel B.: well, it's time for me to say goodnight
Guy B: A little
PEV: okay Daniel
PEV: good luck with your sister : )
PEV: my money is on you
Daniel B.: still have tons of things to do , continuing the backup process tomorow.
Daniel B.: bye
BobS: nite Daniel
Guy B: But she's really looking forward to it
Guy B: Bye Daniel
PEV: I must say the best interview I ever had was with Marsh
Judy: night Daniel
Judy: and stay strong
Guy B: I've been on a roll with Ebay. Four out of my five items I sold in the past two weeks
PEV: including the iPod?
BobS: sodl 2 items myself tonight
Guy B: Yes and that fetched $37
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Guy B: I have some more ready to put up
PEV: woot!
BobS: a data drive and a "tire" for a data drive timing wheel
PEV: nice to know someone's making some cash
Judy: would be nice if you could sell expensive stuff
Guy B: Well, I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week
PEV: gnite Guy
BobS: most of the stuff we have to sell is not selling......this ADAM stuff is just a shot at getting some interest in the ADAM going
Judy: night Guy I think I will too, soo night all
Guy B: Poof
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PEV: goodnight Judy
BobS: believe it or nto, there is a huge community out there who we have no contact with.......they just surface intermitently; just ask Richard about them
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BobS: they get what they want and then fade into the woodwork again
PEV: they're just not social butterflies like us : )
BobS: HOW can we reach them and keep them involved ?????????????????????
BobS: or at leaast in contact with us?
PEV: something to think about
BobS: ya sure
BobS: anyway git to go......have a GOOD week Dale and Pam
BobS: see yas next week
PEV: I'm out of here too
PEV: gnite Bob
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PEV: gnite Dale
PEV: say hi to Jillian for us
PEV: kerpoof
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Robert: Dale?
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LucMiron: Hello... :)
LucMiron: Yeah, I know, I'm more than a little late. For the last two months, I've been meaning to drop by and say hello, but I always had stuff to do on Wednesday evenings.
LucMiron: Gotta go to bed now, so just wanted to mention that I'll try to drop by next week, if I can. :)
LucMiron: Bye!
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