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BobS: HALE one and ALL !!!!!
BobS: welcome to FUNLAND
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changed username to Daniel
Daniel: bonsoir Bob
Daniel: w
Daniel: where is everybody?
BobS: hi Daniel don't k
BobS: now where anybody is......especially Richard
Daniel: or should I say "where's everyone?"
BobS: he got a new modem
BobS: so where is the man??????
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BobS: maybe him now
changed username to rich-c
Daniel: bonsoir Rich
BobS: YO Richard
Daniel: nice to see you again
BobS: thought the new modem was BROKEN !!!!
rich-c: yup, dats me!
rich-c: no, one broken modem a week is sufficient, thank you
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rich-c: just took a bit longer than I expected on board of Free Cell
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!
rich-c: hi Guy
BobS: hi Guy
Daniel: hi Guy
rich-c: you know how I brag about my ISP?
Guy B.: brb
rich-c: I was back up and running with a new modem on Thursday morning
rich-c: hand delivered, installed and configured
BobS: THAT was service, my man
BobS: maybe he just didn't want to incur your wrath ;-)
rich-c: that's why I have one of the longest-running email addresses around
rich-c: I doubt my wrath would worry him - he's built like an NFL tackle
BobS: could be
BobS: ah.....a BIG guy, eh?
rich-c: you might say ; - )
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rich-c: so what's with you folks - any news of interest?
changed username to Meeka
Guy B.: HI Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hi meeka
rich-c: Guy, how is the new processor working out?
BobS: hi Meeka
BobS: get your chores done today?
Daniel: hi Meeka
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Meeka: yup
changed username to Pamela
Daniel: bonsoir Pam
Meeka: hi pam
rich-c: hi daughter, you're ear4ly
Guy B.: HI Pam
Pamela: greetings all
BobS: so did we.....table set, pies made, turkey cleaned out and redy to cook
rich-c: you got tomorrow off?
Pamela: well not really Dad, I'm here but not really
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Meeka: cool
changed username to Judy
BobS: she is here, becasue she is not THERE
Guy B.: HI Judy
rich-c: hi judy
Judy: Hi, everyone
Pamela: okay now everyone's confused : )
Pamela: Hi Judy
Meeka: hi mom
Pamela: no Dad I work in
rich-c: so what's up then, Pam?
Pamela: Canada, remember?
rich-c: oh, a lot of outfits in financial services shut down when Wall Street does
BobS: CANADA !!!!!! Really ?????????????????
Pamela: anyway I thought I'd pop in
Judy: glad you did
BobS: darn yanks are all screwed up anyway
rich-c: as in, you have otehr things going?
Pamela: I'm going to stay on but be away for gobs of time for the next little while
BobS: po in,,,you have to stay !!!
BobS: pop
BobS: oh
rich-c: getting dinner, or other stuff?
Judy: what is more important than us, Pam
Pamela: both
Pamela: much as I hate to say it Judy, food : )
Judy: I seeee
rich-c: remembr you'll be a football widow Sunday evening
Pamela: hopefully I won't be long
Pamela: haven't forgotten Dad
Judy: how about tomorrow?
rich-c: it's just an ordinary working day here
Pamela: working tomorrow but hopefully it and Friday will be really quiet
Judy: or don't you have them tomorrow?
Judy: quess you answered that before I asked
rich-c: we don''t watch American football, we have our own that's very different
Pamela: alright, I'm off to try and find the kitchen counters
rich-c: see you later then
Pamela: if I'm not back by 10:00, send out a search party
Pamela: I'm staying on but won't be at the keyboard
Judy: stores around here want to get a jump on black Friday by staying open on Thanksgiving day
Pamela: brb
rich-c: but at least you can read what's going on
rich-c: ours go into sales mode the day after Remebrance Day
BobS: which is when/
rich-c: we have mountains of flyers to deal with every week now
BobS: ???
rich-c: the 11th day of the 11th month - guess the hour when they plazy the Last Post
Judy: stores used to wait until Thanksgiving day but this year they are trying to get the sales going early
rich-c: they want to get going Labour Day weekend but people resent it
Judy: I understand why
rich-c: Toronto has always held the Santa Claus parade the Sunday after Remebrance Day
BobS: WHOA we usually waited until the 28th or so, but his year it was a week early (or two)????
rich-c: by then teh Christmas displays are in the windows and decorations around the stores
BobS: around here we almsot skipped halloween to get started on christmas'
rich-c: oh yes, the stores want to, but they get a lot of flak if they try
rich-c: remember we never had a Civil War so we do not have a Memorial Day
BobS: this is not a good year, like previous years.................
rich-c: it is Remembrance Day that carries the same significance here
BobS: some predict a better year..... like 1% more sales...and others predict a worse seasaon
BobS: here in GR, I go for a 5% worse christmas sale year
BobS: stores are FULL and lines are not long
rich-c: if they escape with no worse than last year, they will be very lucky - especially in Michigan
BobS: amen to that
BobS: escape with no worse are the key words
rich-c: we are taking a beating too but not on the scale you are, in fact our housing market is going nuts
BobS: then again, chicago will have a GREAT year, what with Guy spending all his money form the good job he has
rich-c: yes, he'd better get it out and circulating - they need it!
BobS: and that is sierd Richard,,,,,,,,economy bad, but house sales great??????
BobS: wierd
rich-c: we are not getting hammered as badly as America is, and Toronto has some extra resources
rich-c: our manufacturing sector has been gutted, but we have a lot of high tech and research
rich-c: and don't ask about immigration and birth rates
rich-c: the Toronto Board of Education is considering building an all kindergarten school
BobS: WHOA...lots of li'l kiddies
rich-c: some 600 in Thorncliff Public School this year
rich-c: not sure if that includes junior kindergarten - likely does
BobS: so what's happening in Quebec Daniel????? lots of snow???
rich-c: they are going to full day kindergarten next year, maximum class size 20
Daniel: no snow yet... raining and cold
BobS: yucky
rich-c: yes, Daniel, you still there with us
BobS: we still have halfway decent temps here.....but going downhill come the weekend
Daniel: I'm sowhow here... I'm watching tv at the same time
rich-c: we had rain but chilly rather than icy cold when we went shopping
BobS: and by middle of next week, maybe some white on the ground.....
BobS: but they don't really know, so hope for warmth
rich-c: oh, I have music running in the background - pop hits from the 1940
BobS: cool and rainy here today also......but made like......45-50* F
Judy: above average temps but probably not for long
rich-c: yes, that's about where we were - high 10C
rich-c: anyway nice to have music I recognize playing - it's on
rich-c: you can pick whatever type of music you want and get it
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changed username to Ron's PPC Linux
rich-c: hey, Ron - how's the Island?
Ron's PPC Linux: Anybody home?
Ron's PPC Linux: WET
Ron's PPC Linux: we are being drowned
rich-c: yes, we've seen some damp down this way too
Ron's PPC Linux: aha
rich-c: we haven't had excessive rain, but enough, been warmer than usual for late November
BobS: yo ron
Ron's PPC Linux: Hey Bob!
rich-c: Daniel is complaining it's rainy and cold
Ron's PPC Linux: did you get my non-answer to your question?
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Ron's PPC Linux: hmm
Ron's PPC Linux: layout on this Linux thing is slightly different.
Ron's PPC Linux: Not seeing who's here
rich-c: does it have an identity crises? needs reinforcement?
Ron's PPC Linux: no doubt
Daniel: hi Ron
Ron's PPC Linux: Hi Daniel
rich-c: doesn't play nice with this version of Java?
Meeka: well folks, gonna go watch tv with Doug and chill out LOL
Ron's PPC Linux: yes Rich, it would seem so. Serviceable, but no extra's
rich-c: take care, meeka, see you next week
Ron's PPC Linux: Hi Meeka, Bye Meeka
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: one of our carnuts just installed the new Chrome OS from Google - boot time 6 seconds
BobS: so you can't see anyone???? RON??
Ron's PPC Linux: I can see the chat box itself Bob, nothing more. So I can see what you say, but everything else is not there
BobS: tried it, didn't notice any difference
BobS: hmmmmm
BobS: and YOU are the computer guru!!!!!!!!
rich-c: then 5 sec. more to online
Ron's PPC Linux: And it's not scrolling, so now I can't see what's below the box
BobS: anyway, richard, me, pam, Danikel, GuyB and Judy all here
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BobS: oops
Ron's PPC Linux: Ok... I'm going back to the Mac side of the house. BRB
Ron's PPC Linux left chat session
changed username to George
Daniel: yes, Danikel est ici
rich-c: hello George
George: hi everyone
BobS: hi George
Daniel: hi George
rich-c: what brings you by tonight?
George: i'm back in Philly
Judy: hi, George and Ron
rich-c: you were away for a while?
George: just wondering if this chat was still going
rich-c: every Wednesday at 9 Eastern
George: i've seen you took breaks in the archives
BobS: the archives are not keepign up
rich-c: me personally or us generally?
George: the group
rich-c: we try to lean on Dale about that but can only get so far
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BobS: you will be glad to hear this Daniel......the ANNUAL CHRISTMAS disk is READY !!!!!! but , like all good things, you have to wait until Dec 1st to get it
George: oh, so the chats been down?
changed username to Ron's Real Mac
BobS: ron's BACK
Ron's Real Mac: That's better
rich-c: welcome back, Ron - can you see us now?
BobS: can ya see now, my man??????????
Judy: welcome back Ron
Ron's Real Mac: no good sending a boy to do a man's job
BobS: :-)
Ron's Real Mac: yup, you're all there
BobS: probabaly just needs agood kick in the backside
Ron's Real Mac: guess I need a Java upgrade on the other side
George: has anyone got windows 7 yet?
Ron's Real Mac: Not I sir.
Ron's Real Mac: and for me that's a Quantum change
Ron's Real Mac: have no interest in getting it
rich-c: not me and I have no intention of getting it
BobS: question Ron...... ho come the music sounds so good on the ADAM and not so good onthe ibm ?????? sounds like it is missing half the melody
George: wouldn't expect it on a mac
Pamela: phew
Pamela: just made it
rich-c: got it done now, Pam?
Daniel: I've checked yhe web site tonight. As soon as the xmas disk is there, I'll try iy
Pamela: no search party for me
BobS: won't be ther till AFTER the weekend Daniel
Ron's Real Mac: Sounded ok on my Mac emulator Bob. Haven't got my IBM hooked up right now, but I should check it out
Pamela: Ronald!
BobS: maybe I don't have all the sounds hooked up right in the emulator, I don't know
Ron's Real Mac: Where I built it, (on a Mac emulating DOS) it was ok, but volume was down
BobS: could ask Doug tomorrow IF i can remember
Pamela: t shits yet?
Pamela: shirts!
Judy: supper done, Pam?
Pamela: shirts!
Ron's Real Mac: Would appreciated hearing about that Bob.
Ron's Real Mac: yes, shirts arrived yesterday Pam
Ron's Real Mac: tks
Pamela: woo hoo
Ron's Real Mac: however Pam, there is a question
Pamela: yes?
rich-c: oh, I gather these were a hair overdue?
George: I bought an HP back in august, so i'm waiting for the 64 bit upgrade disks
BobS: si senor Richard
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Ron's Real Mac: wasn't there supposed to be a 2nd one from Adamcon 20?
changed username to james
Pamela: there will be
BobS: james !!!!!! about time man
james: hello folks
Judy: hi, James
rich-c: good morning, james
Ron's Real Mac: ah
Pamela: haven't forgotten
BobS: how are ya??? and wife & kids?
james: sorry to have gone awol for so long. hope my posting to the mailing list got through
Ron's Real Mac: s'ok Pam. When you get to it
james: but i'm guessing perhaps it did not
Pamela: hi James
Guy B.: Ok Back
james: good to see everyone here
George: is James in Japan?
Guy B.: Hi to all who I came in
james: @george, yes, still here
rich-c: hasn't been much on the mailing list, but I did one that got through
Ron's Real Mac: I am being licked by a rather persistent 90 lb
Ron's Real Mac: German Shepherd
rich-c: all depends on how he lifts his leg, Ron...
George: anyone got snow yet?
Ron's Real Mac: hasn't done that yet Rich....... yet....
Judy: that sounds serious, Ron
james: we got 10cm on nov 2nd
rich-c: no, but it's trying - but it's an el nino year
Ron's Real Mac: This year, I will NOT even mention the word George
james: but it's sunny and 17 now so it's long gone
Judy: no, snow here
Ron's Real Mac: made some inane comment last year about not feeling Festive unless there was snow
Guy B.: No snow here either and none in the forecast
BobS: snow, snow, go away and come again on a Toronto day
Ron's Real Mac: And will not be doing that again
Pamela: no flooding in your area Ron?
Judy: bite your tongue, ron
BobS: way to go Ron.....and THEN you got the snow......LOTS
rich-c: actually, we are usually touch and go as to wehether we will even manage a green Christmas
Ron's Real Mac: Not here Pam, but up in Comox, and south down in Duncan (90 min south) it was real bad
Ron's Real Mac: oh yeah Bob
Judy: we are hoping for a record no snow until after the first of Dec
Ron's Real Mac: So I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut
Guy B.: We know to blame if we get snow now
Ron's Real Mac: yes Guy
Guy B.: But, let's not think that yet
rich-c: we are itchy - our two worst blizars in my lifetime were both on Dec. 12th
rich-c: we tend to end up holding our breath
George: i must be the most hated guy in here now
Ron's Real Mac: So Bob, about the sound on the card..... does it sound like only one track playing?
Judy: oh that is not good, Rich
Pamela: not you just the snow George : )
Ron's Real Mac: George, are you George from Cleveland, or another George?
George: i'm in Philly
Judy: he will check it in a minute, Ron but yes that is what is sounds like
Ron's Real Mac: ok
rich-c: gotta get me my beer - brb
George: George W.
Guy B.: Guess Annie will spend the afternoon and evening alone tomorrow while I'm at my cousin's for Thanksgiving
Judy: he was getting a snack
Pamela: can't you tkae her, Guy?
Ron's Real Mac: Getting used to that Guy. Our two Shepherds don't like much more than about 6 or 7 hours without a P break
Guy B.: Unfortunately, my cousin also has a dog and it doesn't get along with other dogs
Ron's Real Mac: so you kinda have to plan your life a little
Pamela: will she be ok for that long?
George: are there any adams still available?
Ron's Real Mac: that can be a problem Guy
james: ron, did you hear about the nabu presentation in ottawa?
Guy B.: Besides, there will be a lot of us there, with the exception of my sister. She had knee surgery to repair a tear and cannot be on it for a while
Ron's Real Mac: think you sent a message on that James, did you not?
rich-c: yes, I have some, and someone else may
Pamela: you should go make dinner for her : )O
Ron's Real Mac: would love to be there for that
Guy B.: But, she will have a nice Thanksgiving from me
George: how much are they going for?
Judy: Bob has some for sale at ann,
james: yeah, the presentation apparently went well
rich-c: make an offer - I want to get rid of mine but the work is a big hassle
james: and they've apparently recovered a wheel of the software from late '84. i guess the intent is to bring everything back online. the nabu system itself has been reconstructed
Ron's Real Mac: @Bob - back to the card music for a minute - I never tried it with a MIDI keyboard either. Should work, but do you guys have a MIDI mite to test it on?
George: i lost everything when i lost my apartment
Judy: he is checking on it now, Ron will be back soon
Ron's Real Mac: k
Judy: he has the midi mite but has never used it
rich-c: yes, I have one but have never opened the box as it iis a sale item
Ron's Real Mac: right. Do you have a piano keyboard Judy?
Daniel: thanks Frances... she commented a video I've uploaded in my facebook profil.
rich-c: Frances doesn't come on here - she reads teh archives later when Dale gets them up
Judy: no piano keyboard here would not know what to do with it
Ron's Real Mac: Ok then you probably won't be able to check out the MIDI on the card. Hopefully somebody will
Daniel: I know, just wanted to tell you I've uploaded a video. :-)
rich-c: but she is on Facebook a lot and looks at your page rgularly, Daniel
Daniel: goodnight! I'm tired already
Judy: what video, Daniel
George: i will need to wait till i get apermanent address, right now i'm in a homeless shelter in Philly
Judy: night daniel
Ron's Real Mac: I do know that the last IBM I had that played the ADAMEM sound properly was an old 386 that I left in Comox (silly me)
Ron's Real Mac: Windows VISTA won't even do ADAMEM
rich-c: take it easy, Danial - a la prochaine
Ron's Real Mac: night Daniel
Pamela: goodnite Daniel
james: my solution to that would be to get vmware
Ron's Real Mac: should try that James
james: and run a 98 image. haven't tried it with adamem but recently when i had to hook up an old serial cartridge writer for my son's toy, it worked like a charm
Ron's Real Mac: Bob was just saying that on this year's Christmas Card, the music sounds fine on the ADAM, but when played on an IBM with the emulator it sounds like hell
Ron's Real Mac: I put the card together using Q on the Mac, running DOS
Ron's Real Mac: which probably confused the heck out of the equipment
Pamela: I'll bet
rich-c: Ron, if you're curious, when X gets cranky on me I come on here in Ubuntu, and it works fine
Ron's Real Mac: Maybe I should try that Rich. When I came on here tonight I was using SuSE 11.1 booted on the Mac from an external USB
Ron's Real Mac: Java was all wrong
Ron's Real Mac: So for the moment, I'm forced to use the Operating System that actually came with the computer :(
Judy: he is still working on it, works on virtual Adam
rich-c: there have been a bunch of revisions to Java last couple of months - don't know how far Dale has updated though
Pamela: heavens, what hardship
BobS: VIRTUAL ADAM by Steve Pitman works GREAT with the Christmas card
Ron's Real Mac: I know Pam, it is a bummer
Ron's Real Mac: Ok, where do I get this Virtual ADAM???
rich-c: it's on teh Adamcon 21 disc
BobS: for Joe Blenkle site
BobS: just a sec
rich-c: or twist Bob's arm
Judy: bob's basement
Ron's Real Mac: Bob (says ron, twisting arm with vengeance)
(Guy B. hands a diet coke to Pamela.)
Judy: he feals it
BobS: and download IT
Ron's Real Mac: good tks
BobS: it WILL work with Vista
Judy: worked really fast, Ron
rich-c: sure, but does anyone care?
Ron's Real Mac: It will?
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changed username to ron
ron: that's what I get for playing around
rich-c: so what are you using now?
ron: previous tab is somewhere in cybespace
ron: just wanted to open a new tab so I could go to the download site
rich-c: which browser are you using?
ron: Firefox
rich-c: have you moved it up to 3.5.5 yet?
ron: yup, that's what it says it is
Judy: he is getting it he switched from the internal speaker and is trying it again
ron: ok.
rich-c: well teh last two updates seemed to deal with teh glitches in .3 and ..4
Guy B.: That's what I have on mine
Judy: he thinks the internal speaker is the problem on the laptop
ron: could be Judy
ron: it it's working everywhere else
rich-c: hope they leave it alone for a while - upgrades are always tense moments'
Judy: he thinks it worked on the desktop with outside speakers
ron: yeah Rich, there a a couple of reasons why I like Firefox. It has a great Youtube downloader and a way of saving web pages for reading offline both as plugins
BobS: PROBLEM solvedproblem solved Ron
BobS: CRAPPY laptop
ron: Our telus internet and our telus business answering service don't like eachother, so I have to do all my browsing at night
rich-c: yes, the 3.5.5 has the video capabilities really upgraded
ron: exactly
BobS: anyway, I think it DID work ok on the desktop with speakers....IF I put ADAMEM (on laptop) to Soundblaster instead of internal speaker, I get the full sound just sounds like a bad speaker
ron: Good Bob, glad to hear it
BobS: kind of rough and like talking thru water
rich-c: are you using VLC for your audio adn video?
BobS: got me
Judy: he can ask Doug tomorrow he will be here
ron: Hows the job front Bob, or dare I ask?
Judy: he knows all the stuff we don't know
ron: Doug knows his stuff, that's for sure
Judy: what job front?
ron: Ok.... 'nuff said
BobS: I am retired dude
ron: really?
BobS: jobs are nonexistent
ron: no sign of improvement eh?
Judy: no, he just acts like he is retired
ron: <evil grin>
ron: I'm not even allowed to use the word around here
rich-c: yes, the real unemployment rate in Michigan is over 17% - and climbing
Judy: he is enjoying it way to much
ron: Lord!
Judy: getting all kinds of stuff done around here but there is no money in that
ron: not a bit
rich-c: I'm in favour of being retired - been practicing it for 20 years and now I'm getting it right
ron: well said Rich
George: i'm on a shared computer, and my 45 minute time limit is about up
Judy: higher if you count the ones knocked offf and the ones that can't get any
ron: some just gave up I'll bet
rich-c: OK george, see you again when you can
BobS: in reality is more like 30% when you astart counting the ones run out of unemployment and those who can't collect it
ron: Night George. look forward to seeing ya again sir
George: nite all
Pamela: nite
George: bye, poof
ron: Not a good state of things
George left chat session
Judy: if you are self employed you can't collect and there are many businesses that have gone out of business
rich-c: no, Bob my number includes all those out of work and looking for it, whether on benefits or not
BobS: that is the "official" number not the one we who live here know
BobS: now, George..................................he left Philly for somewhere and now came back??????/
rich-c: apparently teh "official" number is only about 10% but of course that is totally un real
ron: We're still ok here on the Island. In our immediate area, there is a lot of grey hair on pension
Pamela: he was rather sick IIRC
Judy: we are still looking to get unemployment but haven't heard from themyet
ron: tends to even things out
BobS: that is months old richard
BobS: the underemployed is about 30% officially
Pamela: to the point where he couldn't take care of himself
Pamela: who brought him up last week?
Judy: what is IIRC?
rich-c: reading a story in the Globe RB magazine and they were very down on BC real estate
Pamela: if I recall correctly
Judy: that would be me
rich-c: if I recall correctly, judy
Pamela: hmm, Judy : )
ron: how so Rich?
Judy: scary isn't it?
rich-c: Pam is a faster typist than I am
Pamela: so, any other psychic nuggets you want to pull out?
Pamela: ; )
BobS: nope, got enough trouble with unstable characters
rich-c: they were looking at developments inland, around Okanagan and such, which are not doing well
Judy: no, sorry about that but he was not his usual self
ron: ok. Yes there have been problems there
Pamela: that's good, I think
Pamela: brb
ron: Here on the island, there are two schools of thought
ron: one says Vancouver Island can accommodate 5 million people, and the sooner they get here the better
rich-c: I hear tehre are even worries about the market in Fort McMurray
ron: the other says that we Islanders should build a fence around ourselves, and anyone who hasn;'t been here for 10 years should be required to leave
rich-c: yeah - mine Georgia Strait and Juan de Fuca too!
ron: McMurray is boom and bust
BobS: kind of a catch 22 problem, yes?
Judy: they are two very different ideas
james: i think if i were on the inside i'd go with the fence option
ron: ya got that right James
Judy: don't think that 5 million on the island would be a good idea
ron: no, we'd sink the place
Judy: hard to get on and off
Pamela: is there a happy medium?
rich-c: what would they do for a living? commute to Alberta?
ron: probably
ron: Westjet is running direct flights between Comox and Calgary
james: lol
Judy: would have to have more ferries
ron: Hell, the ones we got don't work half the time
ron: Usually on long weekends when traffic is up
Judy: flying is a good option
rich-c: well, it does tend to keep down the sightseers
ron: get's 'em real mad Rich
ron: specially when the CEO of BC Ferries is pulling down half a million a year
rich-c: yeah, they swear they'll never come back again ; - )
Judy: but sightseers are the money makers
ron: been a big dustup over that lately
Judy: is a beautiful place to visit
rich-c: (my background right now is Birth of the Blues - like that song)
ron: if the populus gets mad enough, talk of a bridge heats up
ron: awww Rich.... no sympathy eh?
Judy: that would have to be a long bridge
BobS: you can rent all the Victoria rooms to the Olympic sightseers from Whistler come Feb
ron: I gather from an engineering standpoint it's possible
rich-c: no sympathy for despoilers of nature
ron: but it's expensive with a capital E
Judy: may happen some day
rich-c: insist on a tunnel
Judy: would it jump islands
ron: I have my own views on the Olympics, which I shall keep to myself
rich-c: ask me and you will find them very negative
ron: yeah, via Active pass which is about 30 minutes of open water by ferry
ron: indeed Rich
rich-c: I am very displeassed that Toronto is to be lumbered with the Pan-Am games in 2015
james: if i were the mayor of a city i wouldn't even want to make an olympic bid
Pamela: I plan to be elsewhere if at all possible : )
ron: so the idea Judy would be to cross from Vancouver there via tunnel, and then hop the islands to Victoria with a series of bridges
rich-c: actually turns out one of my distant cousins was a torch runner
Judy: if Canada is anything like our goverment they just spend the money don't worry about paying for it
ron: say that around Vancouver just now James, and you're likely to be severely dealt with
ron: yup Judy, you got it
ron: and woe betide anyone who speaks out - immediately labelled a "whiner"
BobS: cool!!!!! kinda like Chesapeake Bay tunnel & Bridge by Norfolk, VA
ron: something like that Bob
james: oh probably
rich-c: you mean there are actually people who think the Olympics are a good thing?
james: but far be it for people to look at facts and historical precedence when making a decision
BobS: I like to watch the olympics
ron: Premier, Mayor - gov't
BobS: but would not want it near here
rich-c: yeah, Montreal did so well out of their Olympics - NOT!!!
james: i see them as little more than a commercial exploit that sack their cities with a huge cleanup, both literally and financially
ron: well that's about as close as I'll get Bob
Judy: we watch them but wouldn't like to be in thecity that it is located at, very busy
Judy: totallly crazy
rich-c: yes james, though I think you're being too kind
james: the money would be better spent elsewise and frankly i can't even be arsed to watch them
ron: Jeff (my son) is going to have a heck of a time getting to work when they're on
ron: They've already released plans to shut down most of the downtown core during the Olympics and Para Olympics
rich-c: oh goody
ron: to vehicles
Judy: great
BobS: they gonna screw up metro Vancouver??????????????????
ron: Jeff basically says he'll take the Skytrain, which he does anyway
rich-c: never mind, we have a war here over two Marathons being run on our major roads
ron: oh Bigtime Bob
Judy: sounds like a plan made by suits
BobS: rent tent space in Stanley Park..................................
james: anyway folks, it was nice to catch up with everyone but unfortunately i need to get out for a bit
ron: yep, let's give it up for the suits
james: will try to make it on again next week
ron: Good to hear from ya James
ron: be well
BobS: great James
Guy B.: Bye James
rich-c: OK james, see you again soon I hope
james: take care everyone
BobS: bee well my man
james: *poof*
Judy: bye James
james left chat session
ron: marathons will do that Rich
rich-c: yes, they're charity runs, close down Yonge St. or teh DVP and Lakeshore
ron: there's a thought Bob. Rental of tent space..... probably make a killing
Pamela: sorry folks I'm somewhat distracted - guess I'd better go
BobS: anyway Ron you are a GOOD man.....................the sound is iimproving on my laptop as I mess with the settings, twas NOT your end, but usual
ron: And of course now we have renters in Vancouver being evicted in favour of higher payers - visitors for the Olympics
rich-c: see you Pam - don't forget my coffee ; - )
Pamela: I won't - will talk to you soon Dad - goodnight all
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Judy: night Pam
ron: good Bob. Ya had me worried there for a minute. 0h, and by the way, would you send me the clean copy of your bit on the card? that snoman?
BobS: sure man
ron: thank ya sir
BobS: wil try and remember soon........
ron: when you get to it
rich-c: hey Ron, who are you betting on nday?
BobS: and the cleaned up card will be on the website nextr week
ron: nday?
rich-c: Sunday
ron: Ohh yeah.... well, I'm for the Big Green
Judy: think I will call it a night also, have a group coming for dinner tomorrow so need some rest
Guy B.: Well, will be taking out soon and have some baking to do tomorrow. Will see you all next week. Happy Thanksgiving to all USA folks
rich-c: night Judy, till next week
ron: Night Judy
BobS: nite Guy
ron: Night Guy
rich-c: night Guy
Judy: happy Thanksgiving to you also, Guy
Judy: and good night
BobS:'re quiet
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel: zzzzzz
Judy left chat session
ron: I will have to insist in watching it Rich, like I did last year. In this house the word "football" means soccer, and our native game means nothing. So I have to stand up for myself
rich-c: well, I'll be cheering for everyone's second favourite team, but I'd want a big spread to bet them!
Daniel: I'm not here
Daniel: I did leave the chat long time ago. I was too tired
ron: no, of course you're not Daniel
ron: we knew that
Daniel: I like to keep the chat running so I can read what I miss right away
rich-c: yes, my family females are both unenthusiastic about being foortball widows
rich-c: but Frances has sort of given up on the running battle
Daniel: but that's true that I'm tired and that I didn't check the chat application during the last hour
ron: I will watch it Rich. (spoken with resolve)
BobS: and THAT fact surprises you Richard?
rich-c: good man! I have seen every game this season and will not miss the big one
ron: definately not
ron: Anyway all, I shall sign off. Hopefully next week see ya then
BobS: I shall away also.......
rich-c: no, and besides I have to move her computer aside to watch teh tv which is behind it
BobS: I WANT you all to have GREAT week and be good and SAFE
ron: G'nite all may the wind from Chicago be always at your back
BobS: carefully Richard
ron: likewise sir
rich-c: OK Ron, cheer green and see you in a week
ron: Go GREEN!!!
ron: night
BobS: nite ron, Daniel Rich
rich-c: and Bob, hang in there, see you next week
BobS: see ya next week
BobS: yup
BobS left chat session
rich-c: so Daniel, I know you must go too - so bonsoir, a la prochaine
rich-c: mais il me faut partir - donc bonne nuit
rich-c: colour me gone
Daniel: talk to you next week
rich-c left chat session
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