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(The lights sudddenly go out)
(goes to fetch his beer)
(A dog howls in the distance)
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
(A German Shepherd barks in the distance)
(D.B. sneezes.)
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changed username to rich-c
(Everyone welcomes rich-c)
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changed username to Bob
(Everyone welcomes Bob)
rich-c: hello - which D.B. have we here?hello Roberto
Bob: bob bows......
Bob: hi kids !!!!!!!
D.B. changed username to Daniel B.
Bob: we won't tell Daniel who it is
Bob: OH he surfaces !!!! ;-)
Bob: HI Daniel
rich-c: man, I am sleepy tonight!
Daniel B.: you always guess it right.
Bob: weather going to start going downhill pretty quick here with winter comign on strong for the weekend
Bob: supposed to have snow onthe ground and staying by Fri
rich-c: really? I noticed teh forecast wasn't as nice as we've got spoiled by
rich-c: we did not have a flake of snow in October or November - first time it has ever happened here
rich-c: but now I have my Christmas lights up I want to see what they look like in the snow
Bob: we missed the record, had 2nights with some snow on the roof
Daniel B.: here, the snow is there to stay... sort of... it depends where in the city you are. if you are in the center with all the cars and shopping malls, there is no snow, otherwise, there is snow.
Bob: so we missed our record
rich-c: well, global warming continues, Bob - maybe next year
Bob: naw, next year will prolly be really cold
rich-c: true, weather and climate are very different things - but teh trend is favourable
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changed username to Judy
(Everyone welcomes Judy)
Bob: and with all our global warming, we have had some record and near record snofall in recent years...........................
Judy: hi, Daniel and Rich
rich-c: hi Judy, welcome aboard
Judy: how are you two?
rich-c: I am incredibly sleepy these days for some reason
rich-c: but I still got out and got some periodontal work done
Daniel B.: I've caught a cold... it was pretty bad at first, but then it was better was a good sleep and two kleenex boxes.
rich-c: and also got to the doctor for my H1N1 flu shot
Judy: I got a lot of things done today after swimming
rich-c: yes, I've had a runny nose for a couple of weeks now
Judy: we can't get the H1N1 shot around here, they are not available
Bob: well then, you have a right to be tired after all that
rich-c: the real problem is the sneezing fits - come out of nowhere, go away as quickly
rich-c: but totally disabling while they last
Bob: now THAT would be a problem
rich-c: you don't have the H1N1 yet? We've done all the vulnerable willing to take them, and are doing the general now
Judy: keep them in Canada will you both we are staying healthy, knock on wood
rich-c: I got my season shot several weeks ago, and they wre saying seniors didn't seem to vulnerable so we did not get priority
Bob: the H1N1 is almost gone here
Judy: no, only some of the health risk have gotten them but not even all of them let alone the regular people
Bob: been through and is headed to Canada, I think
Daniel B.: question, if the new ann disks are those from 1993, those that means there was no special disks between 1988 and 1993?
Bob: the flu numbers are goind WAY down here
rich-c: no, our second wave is on the downswing here - we have not been hard hit
Daniel B.: (sorry, I'm typing fast)
Judy: slow down no hurry
Bob: oh, a few here and there Daniel...........
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rich-c: right, Daniel, we have all night
Bob: actually, I think it was way into 2000's before I started recopying disks
changed username to Holiday Train
Daniel B.: does that mean there was no disks between 1988 (when adamcon started mostly) and 1993 (disks dates at ann web site at the moment?)
Holiday Train: Greetings!
Bob: ya right
(Everyone welcomes Holiday Train)
Bob: wna who might ya be?
Holiday Train changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: That's Who
(Everyone welcomes Guy B.)
rich-c: bet it's Pam and Rin
Judy: welcome Guy
rich-c: oh, hi Guy - you people have a Holiday Train?
Bob: ANN disks started in 1987 I think and were basically all new material until about 200 or so.......
Guy B.: Hi everyone.
Guy B.: Brb
Bob: then I made combination disks of previous materials and now am rerunnign old ones
Daniel B.: You're better at "guess who" game than me. They always find out it's me whatever the username I decide to pickup.
rich-c: Erin is supposed to be here for a couple of days this week
Daniel B.: any news from Dr.D ?
rich-c: well, we all try to pick fairly evident usernames
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changed username to Meeka
(Everyone welcomes Meeka)
Meeka: hello
Guy B.: HI Meeka
rich-c: that's why I though "Holiday Train" might be Pam - we have one and she likes it, don't think America has
rich-c: hello Meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
rich-c: anyway Dr. D. is busy with end of term so Erin is taking the week off and is here with Pam
Daniel B.: Did any of you tried to contact Marcel de Kogel? I try to do it once per year, but no answer.
rich-c: if they have time we might end up taking them out for dinner, but I don't expect they will
rich-c: no, that's something you and Dale and Rich might do, not not the rest of us
Daniel B.: so, basically, when he did adamem, he did contact Dr.D ? and Dale ?
Judy: Bob went down to put the ANN dish on the website
rich-c: far as I know, he did it all on his own - we never saw it till it was finished
Daniel B.: how? if he didn't own a coleco adam and don't know really about it, how did he build it?
Judy: he
Judy: is back
Bob: THAT is a great question Daniel
rich-c: originally it was a Colecovison for the whole game emulator community, like the Atari and other ones
Bob: somehow Marcel did it from info from his friends who owned either an ADAM or a ColecoVision
Bob: that is maybe why some of the keys work backwards as far as placement
Bob: but he did a good job, yes??????
Daniel B.: I've heard that adam users did help him. I was sure it was the adamcon.
rich-c: keys work backwards? maybe that's while I have problems with it
Bob: it is the smartkeys for PRINT, STORE/GET, etc
rich-c: well once we found him and vice versa he was given all the coopeation he would take
Bob: they don't quite match anyway, depending on if you use a loptop
Bob: laptop
rich-c: well I have it on both laptops and the desktop
Bob: IF you can get Steve Pitman's VirtualADAM to work, it is a lot easier and full featured program thatn ADAMemulator
rich-c: well I'm counting on you guys to have it going for Adamcon
rich-c: actually had an inquiry from a collector for an Adam this week
Daniel B.: and there are people looking for colecovision game systems.
rich-c: however when I explained it didn't include the box he wanted to reconsider
rich-c: I think the estimate of $140 for postage may have had an effect, too
Daniel B.: I wonder why some people want so bad the boxes, some are nice to have, but most of the things I'm using do not have their original boxes anymore.
rich-c: I was at the post office this afternoon following a woman with a largeish box to go to Singapore
rich-c: she paid over $93 for surface parcel
rich-c: collecters are looking for something different than users look for, Daniel
rich-c: cosmetics are everything, doesn't matter if they actually work
Daniel B.: do you think it's possible to find image disks of games that was released for the coleco adam like Zork, diablo, etc. I know I've find some of them, but I'm pretty sure there are still tons of them I can't find yet.
rich-c: Zork and Diablo were I think CP/M programs and are likely still around
Judy: the box adds value
Bob: ALL games can be ported over to disk images Daniel
rich-c: yes, but because of the way Coleco set them up, theree are none around that aren't severly damaged
Bob: and YES, the original box in good shape is worth more than the comoputer
Daniel B.: I tried to find hard hat macks (sorry if I'm misspelling it).
Daniel B.: I had no chance, the copy I've fonud was corrupted
rich-c: Hasrd Hat Mac shares its disc with Pinball Construction
Bob: well. emila me a list of stuff you wnat and I can start workign on disk images for you Daniel
rich-c: I am pretty sure I still have the disc - but do you have a disc drive?
Daniel B.: and nobody here did heard about a game called ball blazer?
Bob: AND, the ADAM NEWS NETWORK annual Christmas disk is ONLINE NOW
Bob: nope, no ball lblzer
Bob: blazer
Daniel B.: I'm about to watch the xmas disk actually.
Bob: cool mon, good pic you snet
rich-c: never heard of that one, Daniel, for Adam or any other machine
Judy: we were just watching it
Daniel B.: I'm pretty sure I've seen a game called ball blazer for the adam computer
rich-c: can't say I have ever heardd of it and I do not have it to my knowledge
Bob: well then my man, FIND IT
rich-c: right now I am listening to music on internet radio - dance bands of the 40s
Daniel B.: I guess the MIDI instead of ADAM is way better, but I only have Coleco Adam sounds with the emulator
rich-c: right now they are playing"Atchison, Topeka & the Santa Fe" from the movie "Harvey Grils"
Bob: AND are you getting a good clear song?????
Bob: my ADAMemulator only played one track of the songs.....sounded yucky.......
Bob: used Virtual ADAM instead and got f=great music sound
rich-c: as hi fi as I can distinguish - equal to a hifi record player, maybe better
Bob: probably redigitized Richard
Bob: that is the new thing
rich-c: give it a listen - open a new tab and go to
rich-c: pick the 40s Gold channel (dance music, not country)
Daniel B.: I kinda prefer the second wave of music, more enjoyable in adam sounds version.
rich-c: I just want music that sounds good, don't care what I play it on
Bob: tis defineately 40's music and very clear at that
rich-c: as you noticed they have all sorts of channels - pick the one you like
rich-c: I also like the 50s stream, and the musicals, and the classical
rich-c: oh yes, they have a special Christmas package if that turns you on
Bob: which reminds me, I have to burn my Christmas songs to a cd.........trying something new
rich-c: oh, what mischief are you plotting now?
Bob: saving some christmas songs off youtube and then make a cd to play inthe new player ya know
Bob: gott try it.......and I am ON TIME>!!!!! found an article on how to do it in 2005
rich-c: can't you get a better source than YouTube - I find them pretty shaky
Bob: and re-found it today.........not too long ago was it???
Bob: don't know of a better source
Bob: writing cd now
rich-c: well, if you want to big and choose what you want, why not Google for each and download?
Bob: could do that
rich-c: if I wanted, say, Adeste Fidelis, I'd search it on Google first and pick among the offerings
Bob: works for me, a good idea
rich-c: of course you have to know what you want, otherwise you can see if you can download the stream from
Daniel B.: thanks for the xmas disk, bob, and if you can send me a valid disk image of hard hat mac (with pinball construction set I guess). do not hesitate!
rich-c: looks like Pam and Erin are so busy with girl talk they've forgotten the time - or don't care
Daniel B.: I've to leasve now... I need to take care of my health since I've caught a cold.
Daniel B.: bye for now!
rich-c: night, Daniel - take care!
Judy: night Daniel
Judy: feel better soon
Daniel B. left chat session
rich-c: time for me to go fetch my beer
Judy: get a good one, Rich
Meeka: brb, gonna go get a warm drink
Judy: ok, meeka
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: oh, my beers are carefully selected, Judy
Pamela: much delayed but finally arrived!
Judy: there she is, Welcome Pam
Judy: hear you have company, say hi to Rin
rich-c: just added a new one to stock - Dieu de ciel, Peche Mortel, from Quebec
Pamela: thanks Judy, she's out this evening but I'll tell her
Pamela: he spends more time picking out beer than shopping for a car!
rich-c: ah hi daughter, you came while I was fetching my beer
Bob: bout time girl......Rin with ya???????
Judy: have to have priorities
Pamela: snuck in the back because I was late : )
Pamela: she's out with friends tonite Bob
Pamela: we've had a bunch of late nights this week
rich-c: she going home tomorrow or Friday?
Pamela: Friday - her bus leaves at 9:30 am I believe
Pamela: which is frustrating
Pamela: because I have Friday afternoon off
rich-c: 9.30 a.m. shouldn't exist - except as a time to get up ; - )
Pamela: it beats 6:15 by a long shot!
rich-c: and now you aren't a football widow any more
Pamela: urrrrr, I was SO frustrated by the outcome of that game
rich-c: I told you Montreal would win, but not by much
Pamela: if it weren't for that extra man on the field, SK would have won
Pamela: grrrr
rich-c: they don't even know who to blame for that
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Bob: my burned cd is working!!!!! a feat of unparalleled delight for little ol me
Pamela: well done
Pamela: Bob
rich-c: this is the CD of the Adam music?
Bob: no. christmas music
Meeka: b
changed username to Miller
Bob: found my mewspaper article from 2005 and finally gota around ot following it and burning some songs
rich-c: greeting, Miller - which Miller are you?
Judy: what have you got, Meeka?
Bob: and you think I am a PROCRASTINATOR
Bob: NO WAY, I am right on schedule
Bob: Bob Miller
Meeka: hot capachino
Bob: ????
Pamela: Bob it took us twelve years to clean out the back room - you're doing fine
Bob: or Robert as the case may be
rich-c: OK, again, greetings, Bob - been a while as I recall
Judy: now he has the time to do the things he never got around to because work got in the way
Bob: andn I STILL don' thave TIME
rich-c: you're learning the dirty little secret of retirement, Bob
Bob: work is such a four letter word
rich-c: anyway, Robert, what brings you by tonight?
Bob: US I hope
Bob: or maybe we can tell ya some ADAM news
rich-c: anyway I am feeling mildly triumphant today
Pamela: so we finally got the back room cleaned out
Judy: good for you Pam
rich-c: so does it have a floor, Pam?
Bob: and I am gaining on things around here too
Pamela: yes, it does!
Bob: slowly the 'worm' turns ............
Bob: get it????????
rich-c: huh?
Pamela: we did a "clean sweep"
Judy: were the goats eating the walls?
Bob: ya mean you threw it all OUT ???????
rich-c: what does the window look like? sort of the way you expected?
Pamela: sorta
Pamela: no Bob
Judy: there was a clean sweep on tv the other day and she had goats eating the walls
Bob: us hoarders just can't part with EVERYTHING
Pamela: meaning we emptied out the whole room of absolutely everything
Bob: ana then returned it??????
Judy: now what is in it
Pamela: cleaned it top to bottom
Pamela: then put back only the things we wanted in there
rich-c: when do we get invited over to see it?
Bob: and the rest?????
Pamela: we still have some stuff to go through
Judy: good call
Bob: thro it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Pamela: most of it will go to Goodwill or in the garbage
Bob: and you know when you will want or NEED it ????????
Bob: YUP< the week after it is gonre
Judy: good will will take it
Pamela: of course our plan was to put the sofa bed in there and make it a bedroom
Bob: and is it in there?
Judy: but?
rich-c: and?
Pamela: well just one small problem
Pamela: we forgot to measure the couch
Judy: and that is?
Bob: Guy, is it raining by you yet??????????
rich-c: he doesn't strike me as small
Pamela: it doesn't fit in any dimension
Judy: oops
Bob: OH for bummer dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: there we were
Pamela: couch on end, blocking the back room the bedroom and the bathroom
Judy: now what happens to the couchz/
Bob: the bedroom is THAT small?
Pamela: no, it just doesn't fit through the door!
Bob: what if you open it up and then go in ??????
Pamela: laughing like loons
rich-c: even if you take the door off the hinges?
Pamela: we already had the door of the hinges because we had to get the desk out to get the couch in
Bob: what if yo get a helicopter and come in from outside ??????
Pamela: that might work!
rich-c: weird - furniture is always made to fit through apartment doors - they can't sell it otherwise
Judy: make the doorway wider
Bob: find out HOW they get the tomato into the ketchip bottle and then do it like that
Pamela: both of us were incredulous that with all the planning we did, neither of us measured it
Pamela: front doors, yes
Pamela: bedroom doors, no
Pamela: I think we actually measured everything else except it
Pamela: can't you just see us?
rich-c: there must be some way to take it apart - like my old office desk
Pamela: nah
Pamela: so we put the couch back in the LR and put the love seat in the bedroom
Pamela: but the finished room is awesome and USABLE!
rich-c: may be more comfy, but could crowd your Christmas tree
Pamela: no, it'll be fine - its back where it's always been
Bob: then the plan WORKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: lotsa room for the tree
rich-c: anyway, maybe the loveseat will leave room for more bookcases
Pamela: except for the bedroom part, yes
Bob: just a minor adjustment is all yo needed
Bob: oh well, just have to sack out on the sofa in the living room and then use the 'bedroom' for changing
Pamela: exactly
Pamela: and that's what she's doing
rich-c: yes, you can always just pull the curtains
Pamela: but the other bonus is we now have a TV and the DVD player back there, a comfy place to sit and the desk takes the computer
Pamela: so Russell has a comfy place to retreat
Pamela: instead of wading through the mess
Bob: COOL GO Russell
rich-c: you kids are getting really spoiled!
Pamela: well he's home so late, he doesn't eat till 11:00 and is up for another two to three hours
Bob: no lie
Pamela: and if you have a guest who wants to sleep, it presents a bit of a problem
rich-c: yes, goes to bed about the time we do
Pamela: the absolute best part of the whole thing?
Bob: how did you and Frances raise such a spoiled child??????
Pamela: didn't cost a penny
Pamela: spoiled????
Pamela: let me tell you how hard we worked this weekend
Bob: just kidding
Pamela: I found muscles I didn't know I owned
Bob: can believe that
Pamela: I think I lost about five pounds in sweat
rich-c: that's always an interesting experience
Bob: need that
Pamela: (to which I have to say, woohoo!)
rich-c: good - go do it again this weekend
Judy: that is what I am trying to do, loose 5 pounds or more
Bob: and every weekend hereafter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
rich-c: if you run out of targets in the aprtment, we can offer some nw ones
Pamela: are you suggesting there are areas in the house that could use that treatment, Dad? : )
Bob: or you could hire out the the neighbors
rich-c: well, one or two little corners....
rich-c: it would be nice if we had a place for visitors to sit
Bob: you could use the cash, and they could use the space; AND yo might find some GOOD stuff to keep
Bob: Meeka, still there???????????????????????????????????????????????
rich-c: likely she and Guy are having a private chat ; - )
Bob: oh affair, like Tiger woods?
Judy: something happened to her
Bob: he is in DEEP do do, I think
Judy: watch your mouth, Bob
Meeka: yes
rich-c: know why he hit both teh hydrant and the tree?
Judy: how is the Christmas shopping coming?
Judy: they were close together
Bob: seems to be that the wife wentr after the man witha golf opinion
rich-c: couldn't make up his mind between the iron and the wood
Meeka: ok, havent done a lot yet
Bob: good one Richard
Judy: that is bad
rich-c: he has a lot of fancy cars, and now he has a hole in one
Bob: maybe the wife couldn't make up her mind
Judy: you are a sick man
rich-c: anyway, I reckon his adventures are his affair, so I'll ignore them best I can
Guy B.: I'm back. I had over 40 e-mails, plus a my friend Marsha chatted with me
Bob: but the news is making it all over creation
Judy: well, welcome back
Bob: YIKES, yo are popular.......or a good spam target
rich-c: all sorts of "news" does that, it doen't mean I have to pay attention
Guy B.: Spam was under the adamemut address and that was purged.
Judy: that is the trouble when you have a lot of money it goes to your head and forget your values
Pamela: groan to all
rich-c: anyway I scored a minor triumph
rich-c: you know that we drink wine every weekend which of course we have to buy from the government store
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rich-c: I pick the wines from a critics list, and usually choose those from their limited-time special selections
Pamela: Darn i got dumped
Judy: well then welcome back
rich-c: like the one I was so happy to score from Russos when we came to Adamcon
rich-c: anyway, last year there was a totally outsdtanding one in the limited supply
rich-c: but of course it was all sold out within a few days last year
rich-c: anyway by accident I spotted a new vintage in theis week
rich-c: and got me two new bottles - actually lovely stuff
rich-c: will have some very special weekends this year!
Bob: good one
Pamela: well done Dad
Bob: make it YOUR mission
rich-c: it's a red so you can't have any, Pam
Bob: wy not?????
Bob: she don't like red?
rich-c: but never mind, we have the nice Reisling in the pretty bottle for Christmas
Bob: or it maeks her blush?
Judy: red is what is good for you that is all we are drinking
Bob: makes
Bob: good for pushing cholesterol down
rich-c: many women have problems with red wine - women metabolize wine differently
Pamela: me don't like :(
Bob: ok
rich-c: if Russos can find you a bottle of Irony Cabernat Sauvignon from California, grab it
rich-c: it's an object lesson in what a really good wine should taste like
Bob: nno budegt Richardgot to drink the wino stuff, tis cherap
Bob: cheap
Bob: cant type either
Bob: too much wino wine
rich-c: (they were just playing a pop song from 1935 - haven't heard it for years)
rich-c: well, it isn't cheap, about $20 here, so likely $14.95 at Russo - I believe they descount
rich-c: our wines have federal and priovincial taxes, exchange, and a heavy markup oon them
Judy: house is all decorated for Christmas and have a lot of my Christmas shopping done but haven't started to wrap yet
Pamela: which reminds me, I need a secret santa gift for $15.00
Meeka: ok, i am off, see ya next week
Bob: nite Meeka
Judy: night Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: nite Meeka
rich-c: the wine went down well last year - hit and get Gord Stimmel's column
rich-c: he has a couple of $14.95 recommendation that should do very well
rich-c: night Meeka
Guy B.: Well folks, sorry I was too tied up. Will see you all next week
Pamela: I want to avoid alcohol if I can
rich-c: see you Guy
Pamela: nite Guy
Bob: nite Guy
rich-c: it's easy and appreciated - other stuff is harder
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: anyway, Judy have our lights up - it's raining now but maybe we will see thenm through snow soon
Bob: I thikn so, what comes here hits you about 2 days tops later
rich-c: well, this one is coming down in a broad front from the northj, so we may see it first
Bob: thought it was coming from Ron country
Pamela: oh heck, does that mean I have to wear my boots?
Bob: but the cold has to come form up north of course
Bob: yup
rich-c: not directly, Bob
Bob: or get frozen feet
rich-c: not likely, daughter, I think it will stay as cold wet rian next 24 hours
Pamela: that wouldn't be good
rich-c: cold feet are not nice
Pamela: no they make me unhappy : (
rich-c: and Russell even unhappier
Pamela: anyway Bob, I'm going to post the pics of the revamped room on Facebook so don't forget to check soon
Bob: bad stuff coming from North Dakota
Judy: North Dakota has snow and it is heading this way
Bob: ok, will try to facebook ya.....but I am old you know and that is newfangled
rich-c: well, far as I know I don't have to go out before next Wednesday
Bob: good call Richard.
Judy: he is not good at Facebook, Mandy wanted him to be her friend and he declined her, can you believe that
Bob: low pressaure over Toronto by tomroow afternoon
Bob: pulling cold behind it
rich-c: that's OK, Frances is declinig almost everyone who comes by, she's using hers only for a very specific purpose
Pamela: we'll get him sorted out Judy
Judy: I am staying in tomorrow cleaning and baking we have friends coming over tomorrow night
Pamela: oh how I wish
Judy: I am not on don't know how to do that stuff
Pamela: it's pretty simple stuff
Pamela: after all I figured it out : )
Judy: have to mop the kitchen after last week-end it is really bad
Bob: we are OFF to bed guys.
rich-c: I'm with you, Judy - I have no use for facebook. Or twitter. Or mylife. Or any of them.
Bob: need the sleelp
Bob: sleep
Pamela: not a bad idea
rich-c: great idea Bob - you and Judy take care, sleep tight
Pamela: an early bedtime for a change
Bob: see ya's next week Wed, same time, same place
Pamela: g'nite Bob and Judy
rich-c: your on, Slopsemas!
Bob: nite
rich-c: and daughter, goodnight to you too
Judy: ya my swimming instructor worked us like you wouldn't believe this morning and I am bushed
Pamela: g'nite
Pamela: Dad
Bob left chat session
Judy: night all until next week, get better Rich
rich-c: and Robert, you've been quiet, but we've known you were there
Pamela: tell Mom what happened okay?
Judy left chat session
rich-c: so have yourself a good holiday and visit us soon again
rich-c: well, I'll tell her to look on facebook
Pamela: okay
rich-c: sleep tight, then
Pamela: talk to you on the weekend most likely
rich-c: 10-4
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: and down to the last - goodnight, Robert
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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