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Daniel Bienvenu: I love the whole world
changed username to Melanie
(Everyone welcomes Melanie)
Melanie: Greetings All!
Melanie: Wow, Daniel. what a great way to start chat!
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changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks!
Daniel Bienvenu: Tonight, I'm doing some tests and things are going great.
(Everyone welcomes rich-c)
rich-c: hello, Daniel and Melanie - an unexpected pleasure
rich-c: so Melanie, how are things with you
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Melanie: Hi Rich. Just working late. Recovering from pneumonia!
changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know if my message about sound technical information did reach you by adamcon mailing list
rich-c: hello GuyB
(Everyone welcomes Guy B.)
Guy B.: Greetings from snowy Chicago
rich-c: pneumonia? I've had that - you don't want some
rich-c: what meds have they got you on?
Melanie: i"m not a very good patient. better nurse than patient.
Melanie: started cipro but got worse. just finished biaxin 10 days
rich-c: with pneumonia no one is a good patient - that's what stopped my smoking
Daniel Bienvenu: pneumonia... that hurts.
Melanie: snowing in chicago?
rich-c: all over the north, Melanie - Toronto and Quebec City too
Melanie: yes and it sounds like a hospital ward around here with all the hacking and coughing up gross stuff
rich-c: I need prednisone to clear my lungs - that was NO fun at all
Melanie: we got a little snow in NM but didn't last long. just cold and windy
Melanie: rich that must be a real pain to go through
rich-c: apparently it's been very cold in Texas, and snow over most of Arizona
Melanie: mom said El Paso got 4 inches...she was shocked.
rich-c: El Paso? I'd be shocked too, that's what we got in Toronto
rich-c: how is she keepign? manage to dodge teh flu and such?
Melanie: she's doing great. thanks for asking. i should call and tell her to get online.
rich-c: yes, she can come and gloat (though not too much) over the northerners
Daniel Bienvenu: I had one, long time ago. After the treatments, I was sure I was fine. During the class, my right lung seems to let go waves of liquids, visible from the side.. I realize that it's gross... I'm sorry. Well, the doctor said that it was normal sometimes after a pneumonia.... if he said so. Since then, I wasn't the same, problem to breath normally while running... I had so much problems in sports, it was a pain moraly more than physically.
Daniel Bienvenu: Here, because of the snow storm we still have... there is about 1 feet of snow everywhere.
rich-c: well, as I mentioned I was sick enough to give up cigarettes and could never tolerate them again
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changed username to BobS
Melanie: i understand! i bet you can really tell the difference when running
rich-c: hello Roberto
Guy B.: Hi Bob. How bad is the snow by you?
BobS: hi kids !!!!
Melanie: thats one way to quit smoking!
BobS: Melanie!!!!!!HI
Daniel Bienvenu: If it wasn't for the wind... I like snow.
Melanie: mom says "hi" to everyone. she's having dinner
Guy B.: Daniel, you probably have the same storm we have here
Daniel Bienvenu: 1 feet and still going
BobS: only about 2 inches by us so far, Guy but theya re predicting 8-12 tonight and tomrrow
rich-c: well, when I started recovering, I found I could get by without them
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not a feet of snow that will stop us in Quebec.
rich-c: Frances and Pamela said oh yeah? claimed I was an intolerable grouch and made me get the patch
Daniel Bienvenu: but 2 feets, probably
BobS: can understand that Richard
Melanie: i heard the patch is great. good for you. hard habit to quit.
BobS: how's your weather Melanie?????
BobS: ANd I hear that El Paso had snow lately?????????????????????
Melanie: around here 2 inches shuts the town down!
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Guy B.: We are missing the heavy snow, but we had mostly rain until later in the day. We have about a couple of inches, but enough to cause problems. Especially with the wind
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Whoa, who say Texas doesn't get snow
rich-c: the level of pneumonia I had, it wasn't an option - my bronchia simply would not tolerate smoke
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: I did watch last week the xmas disk. I wasn't able to upload it yet on my channel. problem with codecs
Melanie: hi bob. cold and windy with just a dusting of snow so far. mom got 4 inches in el paso
rich-c: hi Judy, welcome aboard
BobS: Dec 5ht was our first snow......9 inches of snow\
Judy: Hi, everyone
Melanie: hi judy!
BobS: and I am sure El Paso does not do well with snow
Melanie: shuts the town down, lots of accidents
BobS: 4" all at once???
Melanie: wheres meeka?
rich-c: yes, this was really our first snow of the year - none in October or november - first time ever
Daniel Bienvenu: one in october for me, 2 in november, and now this
BobS: Meeka is coming
Judy: talking to Bob on the phone she will be on shortly
(Everyone welcomes BobS)
rich-c: well, between Dallas and the North Pole, there's only a barb-wire fence for a windbreak
(Everyone welcomes Judy)
Daniel Bienvenu: that's me, I'm having fun with the spnial chat menus
BobS: good one Richard
BobS: you are are you..................
Judy: thank you makes a person feel wanted
BobS: ventured out today just before the storm was issued......and then it didn't happen
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changed username to Meeka
(Everyone welcomes Meeka)
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Meeka: ok, i here !!!!!!! the partyh can begin LOL
Melanie: meeka!!!
Judy: had to get my hair cut, the important things right
rich-c: we got warning last night so did our shopping yesterday instead of today - today, hibernation
Meeka: Melanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Judy: hi, Meeka
Meeka: hi everyone
rich-c: hey, Meeka - hi
Judy: Melanie, how is Jean doing?
BobS: it is a BIG storm Richard.....just depends on whether it hits as billed or not
Meeka: where you been hiding Mel
rich-c: have to see how Pamela got to work - she takes the commuter train so should be OK
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok Bob, I've a question and is if there is a disk image somewhere, not corrupted, of hard hat mac (that came with pinball construction kit). I really can find only a corrupted one where I can't see the level and the pinball construction kit part doesn't work at all.
Melanie: Mom is well. doing lots of crochet and stuff.
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changed username to FosterTheSnowMan
BobS: hmmmmmmm Daniel, was ther one on the ADAMCON disk????????????????
Meeka: lol, sounds like us. Mom and I been crocheting up storms lately
rich-c: snowing in Montreal too, is it, other Guiy?
Melanie: i always wake up thursd morning and remember i missed chat! just working mostly.
Daniel Bienvenu: the adamcon disk you gave to us this summer? Well, it never works for me... was unreadable.
Judy: I have been crocheting also, you will have to tell her HI from us
Meeka: lol, i do that a couple times a month too :-P
FosterTheSnowMan: Yep, it's snowing as we speak, another 10 CM or so more for tonight.
rich-c: Daniel, do you have an Adam and a disc drive?
BobS: WORK ???????????????????????/ such a four letter word
Melanie: i callled her just now but she was having dinner and sounded pooped...said hello
Daniel Bienvenu: I'll guess I did a mistake by typing my previous message then.
Daniel Bienvenu: Salut Guy
BobS: will have to remedy that Daniel
FosterTheSnowMan: Hello Dan.
(Everyone welcomes FosterTheSnowMan)
Judy: hi, GuyF
Meeka: hello
Daniel Bienvenu: pourquoi The SnowMan?
FosterTheSnowMan: Dan: Someone explain it to him... I'm tired. :D
rich-c: a Montreal, il neige aussi
Meeka: hey Mel, I finally finished that big cross stitch project I was working on at AC
Melanie: i want to get the rosetta stone lesson and learn a little french before our next meeting.
Daniel Bienvenu: how much snow did you get where you are actually?
FosterTheSnowMan: I think we got 30 CM approx. Could be 35.
Melanie: send me a pic of the finished product. bet its beautiful
rich-c: en anglais, il y a un chanson - "Frosty the Snowman"
Daniel Bienvenu: that's about 1 feet
Daniel Bienvenu: like here
Meeka: yes, turned out nice, havent found the right frame for it yet though
Judy: good luck with that Melanie, I took a year of it and don't remember much of any of it
FosterTheSnowMan: About 1 foot yeah. Took out my newly acquired tracked Honda snowblower and put it through it's paces. Lots of punch for such a small machine.
FosterTheSnowMan: (merci Rich)
rich-c: anyway they don't speak French in Montreal, they speak joual - French they speak in Paris
Melanie: oops, sorry
Daniel Bienvenu: well, 1 foot - 2 feet... it's still going so , soon I'll say 2 feet anyway.
rich-c: (I'm teasing Guy and Daniel, Melanie)
Melanie: i'm so gullible (sp?)
FosterTheSnowMan: Sorry to contradict RIch, but we speak French in Quebec. Although with a different accent than people from France, it is still considered French. We are French and part of the "Francophonie". Right Dan? ;)
rich-c: the Quebec accent is so strong, the snooty French say it sounds like a horse (cheval) talking - corrupted to joual
Guy B.: HI Guy F
BobS: now THAT is rude Daniel
FosterTheSnowMan: Depends Rich. Go to France in certain regions and you'll have a hard time understanding anything they say.
FosterTheSnowMan: Hey Guy B. How's everything?
Daniel Bienvenu: Yeah, and I've an objection about french in France... it's not french to say "top 10", "best of", and all sort of words that makes no sense like "footing" instead of walking .
Meeka: mom- got two of the three boys done today :-)
BobS: choppin???????
Judy: you went out shopping today?
rich-c: hey, travel from the Outaouais to Gaspe nad they'll almost mutually incomprehensible
Melanie: brave soul
FosterTheSnowMan: Yeah, French (Parisians) are very fond of using english words in their "French".
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Meeka: yup....ok, sorta.......does on-line count?
Judy: probably wasn't busy
changed username to Pamela
FosterTheSnowMan: Rich: Very true...
(Everyone welcomes Pamela)
Judy: that is cheating
Meeka: hi pam.
Meeka: is not
Judy: hi, Pam
Melanie: smart
Pamela: hi everyone
Pamela: Hi, Melanie!
Melanie: hi PAM
BobS: howdy
BobS: Jean doing good healthwise Melanie??????
Pamela: I see we have M. Foste too
rich-c: hello daughter - things go OK today on the GO?
FosterTheSnowMan: Language evolves, warps, changes, etc... I think we're doing fine with the french language, we haven't mutilated it. Sure some accents are inconprehensible (such as my neighbor in front whom I can't even understand).
Pamela: no problem Papa
Judy: we stayed in this afternoon and I made soup and banket
Pamela: what about you with groceries?
FosterTheSnowMan: Hiya Pam, dropped in to say hi...
Melanie: yep Jean is healthy and happy!
Pamela: and yourself, Melanie?
Meeka: i only went out to get doug, roads werent to bad at the time
Pamela: polishing your snowblower, Guy?
FosterTheSnowMan: I saw a few accidents in my area of town.
BobS: Blizzard 2009.....maybe won't even materialize
Judy: that is what Mandy said when she came to pick up Ryan
FosterTheSnowMan: No, I used my snowblower today actually....
Melanie: getting over pneumonia...yuck!
Meeka: yuck
Daniel Bienvenu: talking about accents... is there an example, a video or an audio clip, of the accent in Utah?
Pamela: oh dear, yuck is right
Judy: that is the pits, Melanie
FosterTheSnowMan: What's in Utah Dan for you to be interested in their accents?
BobS: bummer dear
Melanie: typical nurse, put off treatment too long
BobS: and WHY did you get that???? in semi warm climate
Judy: not good
rich-c: oh, the Americans have strong regional accents too, especially in the south
Pamela: darn, brb
FosterTheSnowMan: Texas!
Melanie: lots of airports and sick people!
FosterTheSnowMan: New Yoyk accent, gotta love it.
Daniel Bienvenu: I need to know this accent.... to make something credible instead of just funny.
rich-c: but I remember sitting in a Times Square coffee shop one and realizing I could tell who was from each borough of New York
Judy: on TV today they were telling you what to do if flying
BobS: and New Yourk......where they ahve watta
FosterTheSnowMan: Yeah, if they come from New York or Jeysey.
Meeka: hey mel, you fly southwest a lot, is there a weight limit for bags?
Melanie: yes but it's pretty generous. first 2 bags are free
Judy: one was to cover the seat and tray and wipe down the light and anything else you would touch
FosterTheSnowMan: Love the way they pronounce "coffee". Lived in NYC for 6 months, still get flashbacks sometimes.
Meeka: ok, but is there a WEIGHT limit
Daniel Bienvenu: So, if there is a way to let me hear of the accent in Utah, typical expressions maybe, something I can refer to, let me know.
Melanie: good ideas! i'll do that. thanks
FosterTheSnowMan: Call someone in Utah and talk to them.
rich-c: nope - the New Jersey accent is different from New York - I still have traces of mine
FosterTheSnowMan: I know it's different...
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know anyone from utah
FosterTheSnowMan: Call a Tim Horton's in Utah, ask the girl something and you'll hear her accent.
FosterTheSnowMan: Problem is... there are no T.H. in Utah.
FosterTheSnowMan: But you get the idea.
Pamela: was gonna say, I don't think they've spread that far yet
Daniel Bienvenu: At which point we can say it's more than one foot and start saying feet? Is 1.5 foot is 1.5 feet?
FosterTheSnowMan: On foot... 2 feet, no?
FosterTheSnowMan: 1.5 foot would be a foot and a half.
rich-c: anyway, the Utah accent is pretty close to the midwestern accent - Bob or Guy would not seem out of place
Pamela: once you get beyond one, it's plural
rich-c: but being Mormons they say "bless you" more and swear differently
FosterTheSnowMan: how does a mormon swear?
Pamela: with a Utah accent, of course!
BobS: same way as you Guy
FosterTheSnowMan: "Aye Jebedyah, I feel like swearing, but I don't think I can."
Daniel Bienvenu: momon... these guys who belives in magical underpants?
BobS: say WHAT????? magic undies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: actually Daniel I think Utah is pretty accentless, if the Osmond siblings are anything to go by
rich-c: now, they are a splinter sect of Protestantism - founded by Joseph Smith in upstate New York
FosterTheSnowMan: They handy with wood... make awesome mantles.
rich-c: forced to move cross-country to escape prejudice - believe in the Book of Mormon
Melanie: meeka, weight limit 50lbs
Meeka: ty
Pamela: remember Meeka, never pack more than your husband can lift : )
FosterTheSnowMan: Hmmm, I'm confusing Mormons with Amish... just realized that.
Melanie: i like that motto
Meeka: that sould be fairly easy to stay under
Pamela: I live bye it : )
BobS: HA, I told ya Meeka...........
Meeka: lol, he can lift quite a bit though
BobS: and she thinks us old people dont' know
Meeka: he still yound a muscled
Meeka: young**
FosterTheSnowMan: Dan: Tu connais la toune de F. Perusse... "Y'a donc ben des mongoles"?
Meeka: I didnt say you didnt know
rich-c: the Mormons got their revelation from the Angel Moroney, in a vision
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF : Oui, je connais
Pamela: glad I'm not the only ones whose fingers are not communicating with their brain
BobS: si
Meeka: just making sure, she flys a lot more than you do
FosterTheSnowMan: Dan:
Judy: I have been having a lot of trouble with the fingers tonight
BobS: no lie, I LOVE flying, but now HATE getting TO the plane
BobS: so rather walk
Pamela: I did a lot of typing today and spent half my time correcting myself
Pamela: very frustrating
Judy: going thru security
BobS: well then type better
Daniel Bienvenu: subtitled... cool
Melanie: did you hear about TSA putting their security docs online for all to see?
Pamela: some days are better than others
FosterTheSnowMan: Dan: Ya man!
Judy: yes, bone heads
BobS: a little, what was that all about?????
rich-c: security depends on the airport and airline and destination
Pamela: brb
rich-c: I don't think Daniel hit much when he flew to Hamilton for our Niagara Adamcon
Melanie: info about xray capabilities, who to focus on, examples of ids, etc.
Daniel Bienvenu: Traveling by plane was fun... Actually no trouble, but it was my first time, a little bit nervous and I didn't know what to do and where to go.
Melanie: apparently it had been available online since march09...boneheads
rich-c: I hear my carnuts buddies talking about their security experiences - some just won't fly any more - adn such language!
Judy: and they just found out?
Daniel Bienvenu: so in Utah... they use a midwestern-like accent.
rich-c: oh no, they are business flyers and have no choice but to tough it out - but they hate it with a passion
Melanie: some civilian was blogging about it. but not to worry disciplinary action has been taken and the document was outdated
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF : Ecris-moi un courrier electronique quand tu en auras l'occasion.
FosterTheSnowMan: OK Dan
BobS: TSA is outdated. they are literallyone or two steps behind anyone with a bad it knee jerk reaction
Pamela: language like that gets provoked a lot at airports it seems
Daniel Bienvenu: did any of you get my techincal information about sound, I've tried to send it to the mailing list but I've got only one which was kinda part 2.
rich-c: So Pam, I haven't been out, did the roads dry before they froze?
BobS: oh yes I saw it and got blurry eyed
Pamela: still wet when i came home Papa and R's not home yet so don't know
Pamela: hope so
Melanie: no daniel, didn't get anything
rich-c: yes, I have to go get milk tomorrow or Friday
Pamela: that's a very interesting noise the microwave is making
Pamela: hmm
BobS: B
BobS: OO
BobS: M
rich-c: I hope it's no more offensive than a ding!
Pamela: nope, H
Daniel Bienvenu: Did Bob just explode?
Pamela: I
Pamela: S
Pamela: S
Pamela: S
Pamela: S
Pamela: stopped now
BobS: yup
Pamela: must have something to do with the Zip n Steam bag
rich-c: you nuking a snake?
Pamela: you can bet any snake I nuke won't be hissing any more!
Pamela: although I hear they're better roasted
Melanie: you sound like you're in the wild west
rich-c: anyway, I gather if you want to see security done properly, look at El Al
Pamela: and it doesn't ding, it peeps
Pamela: very annoying sometimes
Pamela: like now
Pamela: brb
Melanie: rich, that's what i've heard
rich-c: Frances reads a blog wehre teh security experts let their hair down - they can't understand why Obama doesn't can the lot
Melanie: let their hair down?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I was juggling with sounds coleco can produce and I did start writing something interresting that can be used for some Coleco games. The first message I did write contains a lot of numbers, calculating only the perception of the volume and how the combination of 3 channels volume can be used to produce "voice" and all sort of sounds not Coleco-like. My second message did have links to pictures showing graphs of the numbers from my previous message.
rich-c: it's called, and they talk shop
Melanie: i"ll check that out
BobS: it isTSA screeners?????? or true securyt analists??
Daniel Bienvenu: I've tested with a real Coleco and the values I'm using are pretty much right.
rich-c: it is people who are competent in security, not government units
Melanie: i bet they don't fly
rich-c: they do fly and know exactly whats wrong in the process - but they also know the real risks
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm testing the second part of my message, and I'm getting some difficulties, some tiny imperfections due to the time the cpu needs to push the new data to the sound chip.
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changed username to MacRonald
BobS: we need to take out the "human moron factor" from the security forces at the airports
MacRonald: May the Force be with y'all
rich-c: ah, Ronald back to Old Faithful, are you?
Meeka: hi ron
MacRonald: ya
Pamela: hi ron
MacRonald: Hi Meeka
Judy: hi, Ron
MacRonald: Pam
BobS: and the FORCE is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
MacRonald: good stuff Bob
(Everyone welcomes MacRonald)
BobS: how the wet coast AND the wife????????
MacRonald: The Island is CCCCold!!!
BobS: whats good stuff??
rich-c: hey, lend me some force for my MI floppy drive - it quit reading this afternoon
BobS: kinda looked that way on the weather
MacRonald: we have that WORD in the forcast that I cannot mention
BobS: bummer, clean the head
MacRonald: begins with S
Pamela: had some today Ron
BobS: we have a B in the in blizzard
rich-c: bite your tongue!!!
MacRonald: ya clean the head, and if that doesn't work the first time, try it again, and again
MacRonald: so I understand Pam
Pamela: whats the definition of insanity?
rich-c: we managed get all teh way through October and Novermber without That Stuff - so don't mention it
MacRonald: doing something over and over again, and expecting a different result
Pamela: exactly
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF and all canadians :
BobS: insanity = trying an dtryin gthe same thing and expecting different results
rich-c: some snuck in overnight but we're hoping if we ignore it it will go away
BobS: goodnoe Rich
BobS: good one
Daniel Bienvenu: I like this Youtube channel, it's about ads and other things from tv in Ontario.
MacRonald: good stragegy Rich
rich-c: time for my beer...
Daniel Bienvenu: Pizza ads ... stupidly funny :
Pamela: here's one for you - I have "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" running around in my head
MacRonald: Sounds like "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"
BobS: stick with Grandma and the reindeer
Judy: that is one song I could do without, Ron
rich-c: isn''t your turn-on "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus?"
BobS: she just doesn't lilke it becasue Ryan thinks it is so funny
Pamela: oh that one will have its day I'm sure
MacRonald: Local TV news carried a story tonight about a deer in the Okanagon who somehow got a string of Christmas lights tangled around his antlers and neck
MacRonald: poor fella
Pamela: I'm not sure that isn't an urban legend, Ron
rich-c: here we had a deer wandering around downtown, not far from where Pam works
MacRonald: He's apparently disappeared into the bush, but not before somebody got a picture of him
BobS: only if they were lit Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: I'll have to leave in a few minutes... I'm tired and I want to finish my sound tests first.
BobS: kinda far into the city, yes?????
Pamela: very far into the city
Daniel Bienvenu: what do you think about the streetview option in google maps?
BobS: well Daniel......good work and carry on my man
MacRonald: well I would say he's been on somebody's doorstep
BobS: not much.......can't see anything
rich-c: about as downtown as you can get, Bob - between Union Station and City Hall
MacRonald: read your messages with interest Daniel.
BobS: ah ha
MacRonald: Didn't understand a word
Pamela: lol
BobS: ono words Ron, jsut numbers
BobS: no
MacRonald: well, numbers then
rich-c: but it would be really fascinating if we did understand it
MacRonald: Oh for sure eh?
Pamela: he will just have to do a session on it
Pamela: is this an extension of what you were showing us this summer Daniel?
rich-c: anyway, GuyF, we can now get Dieu de ciel Peche Mortel in Toronto - I am looking forward to trying it
Daniel Bienvenu: the email about sound I've send to the mailing list refers to only the volume part. a note is composed of a tone and a volume.
Pamela: BTW Dad, Barbara thanks you for the wine recommendations - we ended up getting a bottle of the Moselle for Beverly
Daniel Bienvenu: So, it can be see as a "too technical but complementary information"
rich-c: OK, I am sure they will enjoy it
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: I definitely see a session on this coming up
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Guy B.: And Ron
Guy B.: I didn't see you all come in
(Everyone welcomes Guy B.)
Pamela: where ya been Guy?
MacRonald: Hi Guy. Howz the windy city?
Daniel Bienvenu: I can see my house in streetview
Pamela: isn't that Google earth Daniel?
MacRonald: And is that a good thing Daniel?
Guy B.: Anyway, Annie had her Christmas photo last Saturday. If you would like one, let me know. This is the best one so far
Daniel Bienvenu: the picture was taken during spring... almost no grass, still have snow.
MacRonald: They were running around Nanaimo a couple of months ago, but not up here in the boonies yet
MacRonald: The Google earth shot of our place was taken in 2005.
Pamela: LOL - they have to re-do parts of Toronto
Pamela: the pics they took were during the garbage strike
MacRonald: Still no buildings on the place, but it has been cleared
rich-c: they have been around Toronto lately and are now on line, but I haven't looked
Pamela: Christy Pits rink is full of garbage
Guy B.: Pam, I inserted a USB external drive into my Athlon and it took a little long for WinXP to recognize it. I have a database on there and wanted to update the labels
MacRonald: not exactly the side of the city you want to show, is it Pam.
Pamela: not so much Ron
Pamela: it should recognize right away Guy
BobS: and that is how Toronto will be known forevermore
Pamela: wonder what's happening
MacRonald: yup
Pamela: Google has agreed to re-take the photos Bob
rich-c: I never have any problem getting USB devices recognized, unless I mess up myself
Judy: I wonder why?
Pamela: they agreed it did not show the best sides of the city : )
BobS: tht is a relief, I am sure....for all Torontorians
Guy B.: It did, but since it's on an older USB port, It took longer, but it worked
Pamela: well we're trying not to win the award for best garbage dump : )
BobS: all my ports are old and they work right away
rich-c: oh, a 2.0 device looking at a 1.1 port or something?
MacRonald: Be back in a few minutes guys. Have to phone my sister in Edmonton, she wants info re Christmas plans, etc.
Pamela: a DB in Access, Guy?
BobS: a 2.0 jsut pops up and says.."I could do this faster!"
Judy: that would be an award
BobS: K
Guy B.: OpenOffice Base
BobS: christmas plans........have christmas, THEN BUG OUT for the south!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: basically the same thing though, right?
Guy B.: It is, but it's a little different from MS Access
rich-c: Open Office doesn't have all that clutter - it should jump right up
Daniel Bienvenu: I really have to go now. bye!
Daniel Bienvenu: take care!
Pamela: must have you show me how to create a DB
BobS: nite Daniel
Guy B.: But, what the heck. It's a free office suite, but it does the job
Daniel Bienvenu: say hello to dale for me!
Pamela: bonsoir Daniel
rich-c: night, Daniel - a la prochaine!~
Melanie: hasta la vista daniel
Pamela: Melanie where did you pick up the pneumonia?
Meeka: night daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: pouf (that's poof in french)
Pamela: LOL
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: btw Pam, have you got your flu shots yet?
Pamela: just H1N1
Pamela: haven't been back to see the dr for the second one yet
Melanie: from traveling to tucson and sitting around in airports and the hospital..i think
rich-c: no seasonal? Dr. Santo's had it in for weeks
Pamela: I know I just haven't been able to get back to see him to get it
Pamela: got H1N1 on Nov. 6th
Pamela: no time off since
Pamela: did you get your flu shots Melanie?
rich-c: any of the public clinics giving seasonal shots? Metro Hall is just around the corner for you
Pamela: there's a walk in on the main floor of our building
Melanie: h1n1 not available yet. got seasonal flu shot 2wks before got sick
Pamela: if I can't manage to see the doc, i may go in there and get it
Pamela: not available yet? Heavens, we've had it for weeks
Pamela: and Judy didn't you get yours at least three weeks ago?
rich-c: you still haven't got H1N1 supplies yet? we seem to have the whole city almost done (those who will take it)
Pamela: which reminds me, i must collar Russell and drag him in for one too
Judy: yes, we got the regular flu shot a while ago
Melanie: here they are limiting to high risk only
Judy: but no H1N1 they are not available here
rich-c: yes, I got my seasonal the first day Dr. Santo had a supply, but I had to wait my turn on the H!N1
Pamela: you all need to take a quick trip to Canada
Meeka: i got my reg flu shot in september
Pamela: that's interesting Meeka
rich-c: wow, our supplies weren't in anywhere need that
Pamela: ours wasn't ready yet at the beginning of November
Judy: in October we think
Meeka: guess its getting bad outside
BobS: got it early
BobS: GOOD let it snow, let it snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: tomorrow off and watch it snow
Meeka: Daniel just got home from school and said the roads are EXTREMELY splippery
rich-c: on the H1N1 they told us old folks to go to the end of the line as we were lowest risk
Judy: but the dr told me we didn't need the h1n1 shot
Judy: so will have Ryan again tomorrow?
Meeka: dont know
Meeka: good possiblity
Pamela: seems the doctors differ on their opinion
Pamela: but then I am high risk
Meeka: if you do that more than likely meens I get the other two
rich-c: here they changed their minds later, decided maybe the elders needed it quick after all
Judy: so Sher can go to work?
Meeka: yup
Pamela: what are you two doing, trading off the boys?
rich-c: how come you are high risk, Pam? Age?
Pamela: lung disease Dad
Meeka: babysitting
Judy: Ryan started reading the Boxcar Children book, did pretty well
Pamela: if this is Thursday, I must have
Meeka: so the mothers can work
Pamela: Ryan?
Meeka: thats good
Meeka: mom gets Ryan
rich-c: right - I keep forgetting, your inhalers do seem to work well
Pamela: Advair - the miracle drug
Meeka: and I would get Josh and trouble (i mean michael)
Judy: Mandy's child
Pamela: did you say that out loud? : )
BobS: you cna come over and visit
Pamela: Hey Bob, I have your business magnet on my wall at work
Pamela: I'm just waiting for someone to comment on it : )
rich-c: sort of hoping Dave Hill would drop by tonight - be fascinating to see how his disc drive goes
BobS: it is at $70US right now Rich.....with 4 days to go
Pamela: been awhile since Dave was on
rich-c: is it an Adam or MI disc, Bob?
Pamela: I told Erin next time she comes up to bring Rich
Melanie: Goodnight gang. I need to work for another couple of hours.
Melanie left chat session
rich-c: take caer and best to your mom, Melanie - see you again soon!
Pamela: we can send him out with Dad, Dave and Dale for a guys night out : )
Meeka: night Melanie
Pamela: night, Melanie
BobS: ADAM 5 1/4
Judy: she left in a hurry
Pamela: sure did
BobS: must be a blizzard out there too
rich-c: yes, but he doesn't drink - guys can't go out without beer
rich-c: we know it works but a buyer doesn't - I think it would be overbid at $150
Pamela: Russell says it's snowing
Pamela: lightly
rich-c: but from the sounds of things it will go so much higher it will make your head spin
rich-c: I hope it doesn't give me a dilemma as to whether I should offer mine
rich-c: ev en in an auction I have a conscience as to what I'll take for something
rich-c: Pam, say hi to Russell for us
Judy: doesn't look like we are getting much snow and I think we have been plowed
Pamela: he says hi back to everyone
Judy: yes, do Pam
Pamela: plow -hmmm
Pamela: that would be that mechanical device that pushes snow off streets?
Pamela: the one we haven't seen yet?
rich-c: don't think we have had enough to call for ploughs on the side streets - maybe salters
Pamela: we're a bus route!
Judy: yes, but they don't plow at night, that is what they told us when we said they ran over the curb
BobS: and BROKE it
rich-c: yes, but you need 4 inches (10 cm) to bring them
Judy: funny thing I think it is night now
Meeka: ok, i am outta here too
Pamela: gnite Meeka
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: night, Meeka
Judy: we are school bus route so plowed soon
Pamela: must be nice
BobS: we still don't have spti for snow
BobS: spit
Judy: no one wants to see good bye they don't stick around long enough
rich-c: our ploughs do work 24/7 if teh snow justifies it - we have a big city and can't let teh snow get ahead
Judy: they do here also they just don't admit it
Judy: because then they would have to replace the sidewalk
MacRonald: Gonna hafta bow out good people. Sis wants to chat, so I shall bid you a fond good eve
Pamela: gnite ron
MacRonald: nite all
Pamela: see you next week
Pamela: we hope
Pamela: hi to Susan
rich-c: when it comes to toxic political issues around here, snow ploughing pretty much tops the list
MacRonald: yup, good Lord willin'
BobS: gone again
BobS: watchin too much tv on the side I guess
rich-c: Bob, if you are copying a Super Game to a surplus Buck Rogers tape, which copy program works best?
BobS: super game on tape also?????????
rich-c: yes
BobS: filemanager.......or Digital Express ??? or Quickcopy
BobS: any will be good
rich-c: my natural instinct is File Manager, but I have this vague idea there is something better
Pamela: I think I had better follow the other's lead
Pamela: much to clear out of my head before bedtime
BobS: use block copy.....
BobS: nite then Pam
rich-c: daughter, take care and have a good sleep
Pamela: good night to all
Pamela: Papa, talk to you soon
Judy: night Pam
rich-c: block copy ratehr than than backup?
Guy B.: Well folks, looks like everyone is departing. I'll see if I'm here next week. It's smack on my birthday
rich-c: OK Pam
BobS: be here mon
Pamela: kerpoof
BobS: we can wish ya HB
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: if you don't make it, many happy returns, Guy
Judy: night Guy and an early Happy Birthday
BobS: a block copy, then you will KNOW that you have copied boot block and all blocks up to the end
Judy: I am calling it a night also so night all
Guy B.: Thank you. I might be, but who knows what might be going on.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm gone
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: think with tape you will copy 255, and disk copies 159
Judy left chat session
BobS: that is the limits Guy put into the Filemanager program
rich-c: well, remember Guy, birthdays are good for you - the more you have, teh longer you live
rich-c: the problem is FileManager won't read non-EOS media fully
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changed username to Dale
BobS: yes it will
Dale: Hi ya.
rich-c: hey Dale, you almost found a blank
Dale: My meeting ran late, so you know.
rich-c: everyone has gone home - we even had Melanie on!
BobS: becasue it only reads the block material - as long as it is in ADAM readable format (whatever program) - it will read ona copy it
Dale: Daniel was anxious for me to attend even if I couldn't come until late.
BobS: hik Dale
BobS: he left long time ago Dale
rich-c: Daniel is really excited with his sound programming
Dale: Yes, he's been telling me about it.
BobS: is this something he just figured out how to do?
rich-c: actually telling us all, not that we understand, but it's nice to know it's there
BobS: it went over myhead
Dale: I did some experiments a few months ago, but they were bad quality and not really smaller.
rich-c: it's a new aspect I think, Bob
Dale: So now he's working on better quality, but the same size.
BobS: well good for Daniel....go for it
rich-c: Daniel is a very high-end programmer, basically
Dale: Maybe that's not how he described it, but that's it in a nutshell.
rich-c: anyway, I have a disc drive that needs cleaning...
rich-c: so I think I had better bid you both good night, gentlemen
BobS: try to clean the head with a head cleaning disk
Dale: Good night Richard.
BobS: do it couple of times
rich-c: I have a kit, Bob - I will
BobS: can't hurt
BobS: nite Richard,
rich-c: so good night to you and good night to Dale
Dale: See you next time.
rich-c: colour me gone
BobS: and with that, Dale i am leaving too.....say HI to Jillian and Jeffery
rich-c left chat session
Dale: Will do.
BobS left chat session
Dale left chat session
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