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rich - c: test
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changed username to Meeka
Meeka: hellpo
rich - c: hello meeka
rich - c: sorry I was in another page, took a minute to type
rich - c: you're the firsst of the Slopsemas by tonight
Meeka: i see that
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rich - c: I assume Bob and Judy will be by shortly - how's your weather over there?
changed username to BD-Guy
Meeka: cold
BD-Guy: Greetings
Meeka: but we had some sunshine today so that was nice
rich - c: is it cold in Chicago, Guy?
Meeka: hi guy
BD-Guy: It is still cold, but it will warm up tomorrow
rich - c: we are pretty good, getting some snow showers from streamers off Lake Huron
BD-Guy: Yes, the sun was a great sign today. My car is back at the dealership with the Trac Off light coming back on this afternoon
rich - c: sorry, what does that mean?
rich - c: is that something like the ABS light?
BD-Guy: Something with the tracking system. The dealership did a reprogramming to turn the light off. But, apparently they didn't do it right
rich - c: new cars are so complicated only dealers can service them, and often they get defeated
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changed username to Brian
rich - c: hello Brian, and welcome
BD-Guy: My mechanic said this system would cost him over $15,000 and maybe only 2 or 3 he would need to do. So, it wasn't worth it to him
Meeka: hi rian
Meeka: brian**
Brian: hello to all
BD-Guy: HI Brian
BD-Guy: Be back
rich - c: so which Brian are you?
Meeka: he is the one who is on chat Rich LOL ;-)
rich - c: well, we've had a couple of those over time, too
rich - c: anyway Brian, what brings you by?
rich - c: sees our visitor has left
Meeka: guess so
rich - c: gather it is fairly cold for all of us, then
Meeka: ya, i guess ie is officially winter here now
rich - c: nope, not for five more days - the solstice is teh 21st
rich - c: although sunset has already started to move later, it was one minute later today than yseterday
rich - c: but sunrise will still keep getting later to compensate
rich - c: still, only five more days (four really) till it stops and turns around
Meeka: if you say so
Meeka: i dont keep track :P
rich - c: oh, when I was working I kept close watch on such things
rich - c: how I welcomed when I no longer needed to use my headlights, coming home from work
rich - c: I so look forward to the end of January, when the returning sun becomes really obvious
rich - c: any idea why your folks are late tonight, meeka?
Meeka: not really sure
Meeka: think they had to drop ryan off at cadiets tonight, but that should have been right after dinner
rich - c: they are usually earliy on, first ten minutes
rich - c: wonder if cadets had some sort of Christmas event, or something
Meeka: dont know
rich - c: unusual, but then Daniel isn't here either and he is usually first
rich - c: I guess the duties of Christmas are catching up
Meeka: guess so
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Knock myself off
rich - c: looks like Guy timed out
Guy B.: I'm back
Meeka: wb
rich - c: our group is kind of thin on the ground tonight
rich - c: we're wondering where everybody has got to
rich - c: so Guy, I gather you did not take your car to the dealer
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi ya.
Guy B.: HI Dale
Meeka: hi dale
Dale: Busy night tonight?
rich - c: hi Dale, welcome
Dale: I had too meetings, so I couldn't be on early.
Dale: two*
rich - c: no, hardly anyone has anything to say
Dale: But my second one ended early, which is nice.
rich - c: it's a definite help, that's for sure
Dale: A nice quiet snowy night then.
rich - c: is it snowing out your way?
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changed username to PEV
Guy B.: HI Pam
rich - c: we've been watching the snow streamers off Lake Huron and Georgian Bay on the rarar
PEV: jeepers I'm late again
rich - c: hi daughter
PEV: hi there
Dale: I sure is here. Lots of light fluffy snow too.
Dale: My favorite kind.
PEV: Happy Birthday Guy!
rich - c: easy to shovel?
Dale: To be sure.
rich - c: for good or bad, that's no longer an issue for me
Dale: That first snow fall followed by rain was a real killer to shovel. But this snow should be a breeze.
PEV: ah the joys of being at that end of the lake
rich - c: yes, just sort of wave a broom at it
PEV: no snow here
PEV: but we don' t get weather in Weston : )
rich - c: we've had snow showers, streamers coming down off Lake Huron, a bit during the day
Meeka: aahhhaa, found out where the old peoples are
rich - c: I think in Whitby their streamis is coming off Georgian Bay
Meeka: they are dropping off the old folks then going home, said they will be home in a few min and get on
Meeka: they were out viewing light displays
PEV: a nice way to spend an evening : )
rich - c: good, we shall look forward to seeing them
rich - c: Dale and Pam, watching the radar today was really interesting
PEV: I'm sure
rich - c: watching the streams bulk up then attenuate
Dale: Just watching the clouds out the window was pretty interesting today.
Dale: They were very active.
rich - c: and seeing them come from various lakes
rich - c: do you have your lights out, Meeka?
Meeka: not outside
rich - c: tree up inside?
Meeka: ya
Meeka: and my villlage on the cupboards
rich - c: how do you set your tree time? Advent to Epiphany?
PEV: I'm glad someone is organized
PEV: no tree here yet
rich - c: we don't have one inside, but have a small firbe optic one on the porch - very pretty
Meeka: the tree doesnt have time, just decorations
rich - c: we also have a string of 100 LED lights wandering around the bushes
PEV: we're still looking to replace our old treee
rich - c: sorry, when we gave up trees ours went to the Sally Anns
PEV: that's okay Dad we want one a little larger anyway
rich - c: yes, you've always had a bit more space to exploit
PEV: I think we're gonna put it in the back room this year
PEV: that was R's suggestion
PEV: not a bad idea
PEV: at least I'm done shopping
Meeka: im not
Meeka: sherri and i are going friday to hopefully finish up
rich - c: well, your mother got the turkey today, and his the pudding assembly line going
rich - c: only shopping I have to do is personal and that can wait
PEV: I went out yesterday, started at 8:30 and was done by 1:00
PEV: very happy about that
PEV: things fell into place for me
rich - c: that's a pretty good performance
rich - c: mind you, I could likely match it, without leaving the LCBO
PEV: including, all three stores at Sherway were within the same pod, and two right across from one another
PEV: so no walking all over the mall
rich - c: that is much easier all the way
PEV: I was very afraid that Blacks and Hallmark were going to be on the other side of the mall from one another
rich - c: oh, everyone, tonight go to:
rich - c: look down toward the bottom of the page - theere is a story on an octopus
rich - c: there is also a video that it absolutely totally hilarious
PEV: lessee, I went to the bank then to Tim Hortons for breakfast, then on to Walmart, then the mall, then Home Depot, La Senza, Addition Elle, Canadian Tire, the LCBO and Marks
PEV: and walked back in here by 1:00
PEV: my kind of power shopping
rich - c: I think I got out of bed around 8.30 but I'm not sure - it was early for me
PEV: oh I had a terrible time getting myself moving
PEV: didn't sleep very well Monday night
rich - c: couldn't get your mom out to shop till almost 1 p.m. - lunch was late
rich - c: well as you know when I get up in the morning reflects when I get to bed in the morning
PEV: I'm glad I caught you before you went out
PEV: I was very much afraid you would already have left without getting an answer from me
rich - c: you did, just barely
PEV: did Mom laugh?
rich - c: no, she just looked smug and played mysterious
Meeka: lmao, now i have that song rolling around in my head
PEV: I got off the computer early last night and was late to work this morning so I didn't see her post until just before I called you
Dale: Well, no tree for me until school lets out on Friday, then we'll start real Christmas shopping and so on.
Meeka: doug just played the gummy bear song
PEV: that's okay, the hippopotamus song is still running around in my head
PEV: Telus is using it in an ad campaign
PEV: driving me nuts
rich - c: yes, you family folks run on a different schedule
Meeka: ya, i like that one too
PEV: are you getting a real tree, Dale?
rich - c: we haven't turned on the tv since the Grey Cup, and won't again till the Daytona 500
rich - c: btw, Pam, did you see that the Argos fired their coach at last?
PEV: that's okay Dad I haven't read a newspaper in at least the same amount of time : )
rich - c: thought Russell might have picked up on it and mentioned it
PEV: no, R didn't say anything
rich - c: check when he comes in, maybe you can give him a pleasant surprise
Dale: No, artifical for me.
rich - c: saving trees or saving annual trips, Dale?
Dale: My brother was always alergic to the real trees and I never got into the habit.
PEV: I'd love to have a real tree but here it's not practical
rich - c: Neil, you mean? How does he survive up there in the Laurentians?
Meeka: i like real ones, but they dont mix well with a dog in the house LOL
Dale: Not actually Neil, but one of my other brothers, Brian.
PEV: nor cats, when we had them
Dale: The last time my parents go a real tree, it lasted inside about two days, then spent the rest of Christmas on our porch.
rich - c: ah, ok, I was sort of wondering - how is Neil doing?
PEV: the first christmas we had the cats, they managed to knock over the tree
Dale: It was a nicely decorated porch tree though.
PEV: after that we tethered it to the wall until they got too big to climb it
Dale: Neil actually just got a new car. So he's doing alright.
PEV: that's good news
rich - c: new car, or new to him car?
PEV: is this to replace the one that broke down on the way to Niagara?
Dale: His old car wasn't doing well, but then someone ran into him on Autoroute 5 near where AdamCon was held actually
Dale: And they wrote it off. So he used the cheque to replace it.
Dale: He prefers new-new cars.
rich - c: I hope he wasn't hurt!
Dale: It has a USB port in the dash, and can play the MP3s from my USB key for example.
PEV: what did he get Dale?
Dale: And has built in XM radio, at least while the free trial lasts.
rich - c: these days the clue seems to be to pick them by the length of the warranty
Dale: One that is very similar to his old one actually. A Pontiac G5.
PEV: nice
PEV: you seem to be a GM family
rich - c: I gather he got an extremely attractive price on it then, since it will soon be an orphan
Dale: Yes, the one that broke down on the way to Niagra. It's interesting to buy a car in Ontario, with Quebec plates.
Dale: Not me, I have a Dodge Calbur.
PEV: me I'm a Ford person
PEV: but we all know that
Dale: And Jill claims to hate her Pontiac Vibe, but primarily because it is grey.
rich - c: our locak Pontiac dealer is now selling Kias instead
PEV: colour is easy to fix
PEV: not cheap, but easy
Dale: That's what I said.
Dale: But she'd rather be a grinch I think.
PEV: : )
PEV: mind you I understand where she's coming from
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PEV: when I was shopping for the Taurus I rejected a couple because of the colour
Dale: I still don't exactly understand why the Pontiac brand is being replaced with Buicks.
changed username to Daniel B.
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
PEV: Hi Daniel
Daniel B.: Bonsoir!
Dale: But apparently it pleased the US Treasury department, whatever they know.
rich - c: salut, Daniel - tu es en retard
PEV: I think it's like Ford and Mercury
PEV: same vehicle under the lights and grill
rich - c: or Chrysler killing off Plymouth, just as they did with DeSoto decades earlier
Daniel B.: I was away... not able to use internet tonight until now
rich - c: having a bad case of internet deprivation now? ; - )
PEV: BTW, where does one get a DSL hub?
rich - c: oh, you want the two computers on line? I think you need a router
rich - c: go down to Staples and they'll sell you whatever they have in stock that give the biggest commission
PEV: Erin brought a hub with her when she was up that was marked Lego Lab, so you can imagine how long Rich has had it : )
rich - c: or you can do the same at Future Shop
PEV: ick I don't like Future Shop
PEV: prefer Best Buy
rich - c: well, Best Buy is the same outfit but has different policies
Daniel B.: I did try hard hat mac(k)... and now I'm sure I've played this game before... probably with my old commodore 64 computer.
Dale: Probably Daniel.
PEV: better policies
Dale: Yes, a router is the way to go.
PEV: including not assuming that the man is the purchasing power
rich - c: I am not sure that anyone but Adam had a version of HardHat Mac, but I could easily be wrong
Dale: I like the Linksys ones, but not for any reason that you'd care about Pam.
PEV: grrrr
Dale: So get the one that is on sale maybe.
PEV: basically all I want to do is run two computers off the DSL line at the same time
PEV: is that a router?
Dale: Wikipedia says that Hardhat Mac was available for several platforms.
rich - c: it will do the job and it will offer a built-in firewall of sortsd
Dale: That's what a router does Pam.
rich - c: that's how your mother and I handle ours, Pam
PEV: we'll wait till after Christmas to investigate since we won't have two until then at least
rich - c: someday I'll figure out a way to actually network them
Dale: There's always a router on for boxing day sale it seems. Look for the ads then.
Daniel B.: seeing that both fire buttons are used for hardhat mac... I wonder how I did play this game on Commodore 64.
Dale: Some amazing prices too.
rich - c: I got a used one from George on Dufferin
Dale: Staples or Best Buy seem like the best places to get them on Boxing Day sales.
rich - c: got a Tiger Direct flyer today - maybe they have one on sale, Pam
rich - c: hold on while I look
PEV: not much point in getting one till we have two to use Dad
Daniel B.: I've a linksys I can give to you... of course I'm not near you.
PEV: I appreciate the sentiment Daniel
rich - c: the flyer has four from $33 to $110
PEV: okay
PEV: good to know
rich - c: they are all wireless - you may be better with a hardwired unit
PEV: yes I want a wired unit
rich - c: saved having to encrypt everything and balks intruders from your connectiion
rich - c: but wireless is the fad so be prepared to argue
Daniel B.: but, rich, models like the linksys I don't use can be used as not a wireless by simply not putting the anthena on it.
rich - c: do you have any used computer dealers in your area?
PEV: dunno, why?
rich - c: you may have to find one to get a hardwired unit - at least you'll save money
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Daniel B.: Are you all ready for xmas?
PEV: we'll see
rich - c: well Daniel the signal has to transfer somehow - can they be hardwired?
changed username to BobS"
PEV: not nearly, Daniel
PEV: Hi Bob
BobS": Hi kids!!!!!
Daniel B.: Hello Bob,
rich - c: well, Bob, 'bout time you showed up!
BobS": finally got hoem
Daniel B.: thanks for the dsk files
rich - c: been waiting all night to brag at you
PEV: uh oh
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Daniel B.: on the back of the linksys model I've here, there are 4 places for wires... one of course is for the DSL cable.
changed username to Judy
PEV: it's output I need
rich - c: hi Judy
Judy: Hi, everyone better late than never
BobS": on what Richard?????
Daniel B.: you can consider them as output
PEV: hi Judy
rich - c: just telling Bob, been waiting all night to brag at you
Judy: we just saw the Christmas lights of all Christmas lights
Daniel B.: just saying that there is one reserved for the DSL cable... the others are for your computers
rich - c: really big display? did you take a photo? will you put it on the Adam list?
Daniel B.: It was sell as a wireless router, but I was able to use it as a not wireless router for years... well, before I did change of internet provider.
Judy: no, didn't have a camera but you can look at
rich - c: Daniel, are you saying a wireless Linksys can be used in hard-wired mode?
Dale: For sure.
Daniel B.: the model I did pay for, yes
Dale: It usually has 4 hard wired Ethernet ports.
Daniel B.: I don't know if it's still the case with modern ones
Judy: we had no idea that it would be that big
Judy: yes
BobS": yup, it can do both
BobS": we have done it at conventions
Guy B.: Hi Bob
BobS": hey Guy
Guy B.: How much snow did you get from the lake?
rich - c: ok, I was telling the others, go to and scroll way down the page to the octopus. Run the video.
Daniel B.: we did get snow monday and yesterday... but today it was sunny.
rich - c: guess that is Pam's answer then, Bob
BobS": last week got about 10-11 inches from the storm
Guy B.: Got about 2 inches here. Almost all gone, just the cold now
rich - c: but an ethernet router will do the same job, right? mine has a ice flexible ten ports
Guy B.: Whoa, that's a heck of a lot of snow.
BobS": WHat??????
Guy B.: Ten ports?
PEV: yes it is a lot of snow. Thank you for not sending it all this way.
Guy B.: Gee, mine has 4 and 3 are in use
PEV: Guy, are you paying attention?
rich - c: yes, I think one is phone line input, another is modem, two are computers and a bunch unused
BobS": what aM I looking at onthe
PEV: the octopus, says Dad
PEV: bottom of the page
Meeka: our router has 24 ports
PEV: holy cow
rich - c: the video of the octopus, down bottom left on the page - scroll down
BobS": ok
Daniel B.: this octopus is a great inspiration. I want a robot capable of this intelligence.
rich - c: and Bob, listen close - we have had the squirrels baffled for four solid days!
Daniel B.: Direct link video :
rich - c: for now they have even gone away and stopped trying
PEV: quick, patent the idea Dad
BobS": what did you do to them???
rich - c: fisrt we got an antenna clamp and put it on the feeder pole
BobS": and THEN ???????
rich - c: then we got a split narrow stovepipe, closed it with radiator hose clamps, and hung it from the antenna clamp
rich - c: and the little !@#%^$&*( STILL GOT UP IT FIRST TRY
rich - c: so I went down and got a spray can of Fluid Film, a lubricant they use on North Sea oil rigs
BobS": geta BIGGER fricking hammer mon
BobS": COOL!!!!!!!
rich - c: and a coated the pipe with Fluid Film to a fare-thee-well
BobS": slip sliding away
rich - c: they were taking a running start halfway across the yard, jumping up, and sliding down on their butts
PEV: I sincerely hope you got this on video, Dad
BobS": that would bew a good one to send amazing animal tricks
rich - c: I'm hoping the lubricant will last a while, just respray any time they beat it
PEV: it's not poisonous, is it Dad?
rich - c: like WD40, don't drink it or any petroleum-based product
BobS": wo cares, darn the pesky little varmints
Judy: than it would be just one less
rich - c: but would you tighten a screw you'd lubricated with WD40 first?
BobS": they will just smell oily ontheir li'l hands
Daniel B.: If I'm calculating right, next adamcon chat will be december 23, and then 30... is it right or we should use saturday instead?
BobS": no, use the reg times
BobS": they are 2 days before the holiday(s)
rich - c: the stuff in blended with lanolin which helps make it stick longer
Daniel B.: technically yes... and technically we are in a rush to finish preparing stuff
BobS": we are???????
rich - c: that's OK, long as they are not the actual holidays, no problem, Daniel
Judy: the lanolin will make their fur softer
Daniel B.: yes, we... I'm not alone here.
PEV: i'm never done before midnight on the 24th anyway
BobS": we're DONE
rich - c: we just need to have dinner ready to feed Pam, and we bought the turkey today
PEV: wrapped too?
BobS": turkey is for thanksgiving, ham is for chrustmas
Daniel B.: I'm really tired tonight, I don't know why... probably because it's time for me to leave the chat.
Daniel B.: goodnight!
Meeka: night
BobS" requested to ban Judy
rich - c confirmed ban
Daniel B. confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
PEV confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
PEV: night Daniel
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich - c: I still have the enclosure letter to do some of my Christmas cards, but have mailed others
BobS": play Harthat Mack Daniel
changed username to JudyS
Daniel B.: welcome back Judy
Daniel B.: take care and talk to you next week then. bye!
JudyS: stupid computer dumped me
BobS": nite D
BobS": stupid battery puucked
rich - c: night then, Daniel - a la prochaine
Guy B.: Well folks. Two more vacation days and I'm done for this year. Have some things to do tomorrow. My car back in the shop, so I'll see you all next week
JudyS: night Daniel
Daniel B.: * pouf *
Meeka: night guy
BobS": blimy,mate......auf wiedersehen
PEV: Happy Birthday Guy
JudyS: night Guy
Daniel B. left chat session
rich - c: happy birthday, Guy - see you next week
Guy B.: Thanks Pam
BobS": hb Guy
PEV: gnite
BobS": HB
Guy B.: Thank you all.
JudyS: and Happy birthday
JudyS: night Meeka, talk to you later
BobS": wht did I miss tonight ????????
Guy B.: Poof
rich - c: you're off, Meeka? good night to you, then
Guy B. left chat session
BobS": anything important
BobS": ma is tryin to throw her out
Meeka: no, i not going yet
PEV: I bookmarked your site Judy, will go look later
JudyS: sorry about that thought you were leaving, Meeka instead of saying good night to Guy
rich - c: not really, conversation was limited
BobS": am looking forward to warm weather
JudyS: yes, do that was quite a sight
rich - c: I'm still trying to find out what's going on with Guy's car
Meeka: no need to go to bed yet, doug came home tonight and said he taking his last two days for the year off tomorrow and friday so I dont have to get up early with him tomorrow
BobS": ANd you better have a FAST comptuer and DSL connection to see it
JudyS: and all done with music, had a radio station set up with the music
BobS": ah, I am also off for 2 days.......
Meeka: lol
JudyS: I thought he had to watch what days he takes off?
Meeka: these are "comp" days that have to be used by end of year
PEV: I'm still trying to decide when to use my last day
Meeka: diff than his vacation days
BobS": next Friday
rich - c: what's this warmer bit? you folks off for a cruise soon?
PEV: nah, that's taken
JudyS: or loose them
Dale confirmed ban
BobS": ya mon
JudyS: next week
rich - c: when are you going?
BobS": leave day after Christmas......week of goofing off, then 14 days of cruising
rich - c: so we won't see you till well into the new year?
PEV: nice!
BobS": be home the 18 oif jan
JudyS: tree is saying it is time for bed just clicked off
rich - c: Caribbean?
JudyS: yes, Western
PEV: wise tree : )
BobS": we could "try" to get on chat if we can find a McD's on Wed and on the ship
PEV: we'll be here : )
rich - c: on the ship is likely to be pretty pricey, I've heard
BobS": perks, my man
JudyS: no we get some free time
rich - c: well then you know when to spend it - don't forget the time difference
BobS": hmmmmmm
PEV: I think I had better follow Guy's lead
PEV: I'm pooped
rich - c: we should do that too, but then we'd have to put up with the U.S. border guards
rich - c: OK, night daughter, take care
PEV: night daddy
PEV: goodnight all, see you next week
BobS": nite pam
PEV: kerpoof
rich - c: how paranoid are they when a liner comes in from cruising?
PEV left chat session
BobS": we are gonna take off and fly also gang
BobS": jsut as stupid as at the border
rich - c: OK, hope you can make it next week
BobS": actually, it is much better, just get a wheelchari escort and you breeze right thru
Dale: See you.
BobS": nite all
Dale: I'm going to go now too.
Meeka: ok, night everyone, i might as well go too if everyone else is
BobS" left chat session
rich - c: OK Dale, see you next week - take care
Meeka left chat session
Dale: Next week, there's no school, so I'll probably forget to come on, unless Daniel reminds me.
Dale: Goodnight.
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
rich - c: if so, Merry Hcriostmas to you, Jill and Jeff, may Santa be nice to you
JudyS left chat session
rich - c left chat session
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