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rich-c: test
rich-c: hello, undefined, are you there?
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changed username to BobS
BobS: YO richard
rich-c: hi Bob
rich-c: sorry, I had the cursor delsewhere
BobS: how are you and "
rich-c: man, that makes you feel dumb!
BobS: Frances doing this fine night????
BobS: don't care where the cursor is as long as you are here
rich-c: oh, we're fine, such Christmas things as need doing have been done
BobS: yup, we are ready for Christmas and almost ready for our trip
rich-c: how about ylu two?
rich-c: you're leaving day after New Year's, right?
BobS: day after Christmas
rich-c: you driving or something?
BobS: 'yup
rich-c: your cruise is the 2d to 18th, isn't it?
BobS: takng motorhome for a week long cruise and then take A cruise
rich-c: wait a minute that's 16 days - 2d to 16thy?
rich-c: where do you get teh ship, Ft. Lauderdale? Miami?
BobS: plan is to be in Nashville Tennessee Sat night to visit the Christmas decorations and lights at the Opryland hotel, then haed on down ot Florida and warmth
BobS: shi;p on the 3rd of Jan.....and again on the 10th os Jan
rich-c: we could use a lil' old dab of warmth here this week
BobS: gonna rain on Friday........
rich-c: uh - are you on two cruises back to back?
BobS: then back to light snow chance on Sat
BobS: yes sir
rich-c: one with each set of parents, or something?
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BobS: 6 nights, back a night an then 6 night cruise again
changed username to Judy
BobS: second won eiwth Doug and Meeka
rich-c: nothing like living it up!
Judy: Hi, Rich
BobS: alone first cruise, then w/ Doug & Meeka
rich-c: and if I sdon't believe it, all I need to do is see your waistline Jan. 18th, right?
BobS: nope, gonnna LOSE weight
rich-c: have Doug and Meeka gone with you before?
BobS: ya think???????
Judy: no, I will keep him walking and that keeps the weight downn
rich-c: I have to walk every day and it isn't helping my weight at all
Judy: it is a big ship and the only way around it is to walk it
rich-c: at least it won't have an icy wind blowing straight in your face!
BobS: we'll go out walking.............or die tryin'
BobS: no kidding, we can walk to our hearts content
Judy: and you have to use the stairs as much as you can rather than the elevator
BobS: just check Ft Lauderdale Fl weather..........70's daytime and 50's nights
rich-c: and the more you walk, the more content your heart is, right?
BobS: and we arte goin south
Judy: hopefully
BobS: yup
BobS: walking is GOOD exercise
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changed username to Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas: hello
rich-c: with me, it helps control the edema in my legs
BobS: hows Quebec??????
Judy: hello, Merry
BobS: or is it Chicago
Merry Christmas: neither
BobS: ok, MOntreal
Merry Christmas: nope
BobS: gotta hit is soon
rich-c: Clevweland?
BobS: Japan
Merry Christmas: try agian
rich-c: soggy Vancouver Island
Judy: the island
Merry Christmas: nope
rich-c: Grand Rapids?
Merry Christmas: yup lol
rich-c: hi Meeka, looking forward to the cruise?
Judy: meeka that you?
Merry Christmas changed username to Meeka
Meeka: yes, we are, and the week in fl also
Judy: are you all tired out?
Meeka: not to bad
Judy: Ryan was
rich-c: what have you been doing, Meeka?
Meeka: lol, kept him busy all day, he should have been
Meeka: babysat Ryan today
Judy: and half of yesterday
rich-c: that's a job and a half, I hear 8 - )
Meeka: some days
rich-c: so how are you folks organizing your Christmas?
Judy: Christmas eve at Sherri's and opening presents
BobS: fun time and presents tomorrow eve, then Christmas D&M and Mandy & Ryan come over to work onpacking the motorhome
Judy: Christmas here with Doug and Meeka and Amanda and Ryan
rich-c: and Mom gets all the work ; - )
BobS: then up early on Sat and HEAD OUT
Judy: they don't know it yet but they are helping us finish up the packing
Meeka: nope, not all the work, we bring some of the food and we are old enought to clean up after ourselves
Judy: that is for sure
rich-c: just keep your eye on the weather reports you're mostly on the plains to Nashville, aern't you?
BobS: looks like the weather will be ok, especially once we get south of the lake ind into Indiana
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changed username to LucMiron
BobS: hi Luc
Judy: as long as this storm that is heading our way tomorrow is gone we should be good to go
Meeka: hello
rich-c: salut, Luc, et joyeux noel
Judy: hi, Luc
LucMiron: You better watch out, you better not cry, 'cause LucMiron's in the house! :)
LucMiron: Hi guys!
BobS: cute man, cute
rich-c: so how are you keeping, Luc?
Judy: we are under another storm watch again
BobS: ready ofr Christmas????????
BobS: for
LucMiron: I've been meaning to drop by here for the last two months, but I always ended up missing it.
BobS: 8 days until a new year also
BobS: 'well welcome to the right time then
rich-c: for Christmas, we are supposed to get snow changing to freezing rain changing to rain
BobS: we get that tomorrow
LucMiron: We'll be getting nice weather in Montreal, from what I've heard.
Judy: and then turn to snow
rich-c: well, Pam has four-wheel drive on her Escape, and lives on a bus route so gets cleared early
Judy: lucky you
Judy: what are your plans for Christmas?
LucMiron: Hey, want to see the boxes and cart labels for two of my upcoming ColecoVision homebrew games?
rich-c: Pam and with any luck Russell will join us for dinner
BobS: yes
rich-c: you going to send us scans on the Adam mailing list?
BobS: or give us the pic location?
LucMiron: Xmas plans = me and my mom eating supper at a friend's house. We've been doing that every year since my father passed away.
BobS: cool
BobS: a tradition
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: yes, it does not do to be alone at Christmas
Guy B.: Greetings from Icy Chicago
Meeka: hi guy
rich-c: hello Guy
BobS: hey Guy, yougot YUCKY weather in Chicago, no????????
Judy: hi, Guy
LucMiron: Anyway, here's the link to the pics:
rich-c: oh, you the culprit who's been shipping all that freezing wind up here?
Guy B.: Oh yes. Snow, sleet and ice from the freezing rain. Tomorrow that will change to all rain
Guy B.: My car has a sheet of ice on it
LucMiron: Sound like you got a sheety deal... ;)
Judy: bummer
rich-c: we have done our shopping so do not expect to mpve the van again till next Wednesday
LucMiron: Okay, bad pun.
Guy B.: At least I'm off both tomorrow and Friday
Judy: sounds like a good plan, Rich
rich-c: we keep having power outages - I'll have to see when the block heater is actually coming on
Judy: that doesn
Judy: t sound good, Rich
rich-c: no, three in teh afternoon isn't when I need it
BobS: looks COOL Luc
LucMiron: Thanks. :)
rich-c: Luc, you should put it out on the list, that way your customers will see it
LucMiron: "the list"?
BobS: even though it is not ready.................FREE ADVERTISING
rich-c: the Adam mailing list - don't you get it?
LucMiron: I do not believe so. :)
rich-c: talk to Dale Wick about it - maybe he wil;l be on later tonight
LucMiron: This reminds me, has anyone here heard from Guy Foster about next year's Adamcon in Montreal?
BobS: noe
rich-c: Daniel can clue you in, he posts constantly, but Dale runs it
rich-c: well Dale and Dakel insist it's the week after the Grand Prix
BobS: OR you can go here...........
BobS: and then sing up for the ADAM list
BobS: sign
rich-c: we get the feeling Dale looks at that about once a quarter, but ask online and it's instant response
LucMiron: The hills are alive, with the sound of muuuuusic...
rich-c: but of course you have to catch him first
LucMiron: Oh, sign, okay. ;P
rich-c: yes, we have cheap keyboards that can't spell worth spit
BobS: methinks it is the fingers
LucMiron: So you have cheap fingers that can't spell worth spit.
BobS: could be.........
rich-c: Bob will have to speak for himself on that
LucMiron: LOL
BobS: maybe we need to work on getting BETTER fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LucMiron: I'll try to find a good surgeon for you.
BobS: now, these games..........are they ColecoVision versions of a Sega gaeem??????
rich-c: you have to remember, Luc, in the US surgeons COST
LucMiron: I bought myself a Christmas present yesterday: A new flatbed scanner.
Guy B.: I must have hit the jackpot with eBay today. I sold some new inkjet cartridges today. And I had a bidding war going for them
rich-c: why would anyone be bidding up inkjet cartridges?
LucMiron: @BobS: Yeah, they are both ports of SG-1000 games.
BobS: meaning whole new programming???? or just adjusted prgoramming?
Guy B.: Don't ask me why. I acquired 8 (2 black and 6 color), brand new from a friend of mine
LucMiron: The original ROMs were dissasembled, studied, and fixed up to work on the ColecoVision.
rich-c: what printer?
Judy: well good for you, Guy
Guy B.: HP 800 and 900 series printers
BobS: cool, do you have to make a deal with Sega to do this and pay a royalty??
rich-c: but those are easy to get refills for dirt cheap
LucMiron: @BobS: I will answer that question only in the presence of my lawyer. ;)
BobS: ok as long as you aren't like a certain Texan we know who just swipes anything that touches his hands
BobS: :-)
rich-c: Prudence rules, and in this scenario she's a tought old bird
Guy B.: brb
LucMiron: A certain Texan?
BobS: ADAM'S House
rich-c: names not mentioned in polite company
BobS: not a technical legally firm nature
LucMiron: Oh, well, I'm only selling copies of these games at cost, I'm not making any profit from sales.
LucMiron: I'm just doing it to get new CV games in the hands of CV fans.
rich-c: doesn't matter, look what just happened to Microsoft when they "borrowed" some cose from Toronto
rich-c: code
BobS: I think if you can do that and put more games into Coleco useage, GREAT
LucMiron: Well, if Sega has a problem with my endeavour, I'll cease and desist, but I'll be surprised if they do.
rich-c: you may be in for a shock - after all Atari are in and out of classic games, and I'll bet pretty protective
rich-c: who has the rights for Colecovision these days?
LucMiron: We're talking about pretty old games here, on a mostly forgotten japanese system, ported to another american system that's over 25 years old.
rich-c: buying and suing over patents is a billion dollar business in teh U.s. - ask Blackberry
LucMiron: Last I heard, the ColecoVision trademark was owned by River West Brands, but they didn't do anything with it.
BobS: ColecoVision games........good question.........Mattel had some, Telegames had some but have let them go it seems
LucMiron: I'd say it's mostly a grey area today...
BobS: if you can get games into CV use without raising problems, go for it
LucMiron: Of course, some arcade-related names are still owned by companies, like Mr Do, and of course Donkey Kong.
rich-c: you just don't want someone coming out of teh blue and demanding every cent you made, plus triple damages
rich-c: yeah, mess with Donkey Kong and you're toast
BobS: that is the biggest problem I would think, that some company owns the name rights
rich-c: you're almost certyainly right, Bob, code is notoriously hard to prove
rich-c: that's apparently why it took 141 so long to collect from Microsoft
BobS: who's 141?
LucMiron: I'll be lucky if I sell 100 copies of any game I make for the CV, and as I said, I'm not making any profit from it. Seems like companies like Sega would pay more to their lawyers than they would get out of suing me.
Meeka: well folks, i am off to go crawl in bed and watch a movie. Have a merry christmas
rich-c: Merry Christmas to you too, Meeka, and to Doug too
BobS: okmeeka see you tomorrow
LucMiron: Merry Xmas Meeka!
Judy: night Meeka see you tomorrow
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: i4i is a small Toronto outfit that developed XL code that Microsoft pirated for Word or Excel or something
LucMiron: Not a smart move on MS's part...
rich-c: they sued and got a judgment for hundreds of millions, upheld by teh Supreme Court yesterday
rich-c: yeah, it seems pretty basic to XML apparently, and they can't do without it
BobS: from what I always heard, Micrsoft was always good at 'borrowing' code, etc
rich-c: they should have simply licenced it in the first place. or just bought i4i
Guy B.: Ok back. Got $43 for the inkjet carts
LucMiron: Oops, I just remembered that I need to wash the dishes before I go to bed, so as it's already pretty late, I shall need to take my leave of you fine people. :)
rich-c: ever since MS-DOS showed such interesting similarities to CP/M
BobS: ok Luc, have a FINE Christmas !!!!!!
Guy B.: Bye Luc. Merry Christmas
rich-c: Luc, joyeuxnoel et hereuc nouvelle annee
rich-c: joyeux noel / hereux
Judy: night Luc and have a Merry Christmas
BobS: yup Richard
rich-c: this time it was farn dingers, just lubricated them
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changed username to PEV
BobS: course, it is hard to prove theft of an idea when it is out for public consumption............and if you change some stuff or improve on other things.....
Guy B.: HI Pam
BobS: hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
Judy: hello, Pam
PEV: Ho, Ho, Ho . . . ly smokes I'm tired
PEV: Hi everyone
rich-c: hard day, Pam?
BobS: that is why Coleco was so fusy about releasing code for the ADAM, and in the end it almost killed ADAM
Judy: what you been doing?
PEV: not really, just seemed like it
Guy B.: Tomorrow, I'll be wrapping gifts and baking before I head for my cousin's house
rich-c: Guy, the $43 was for the full lot of eight?
PEV: running around for the most part
Guy B.: Yes
Judy: you ready for Christmas?
PEV: <snort> not so much
rich-c: OK, no bargain for the buyer, but not outrageous either
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changed username to Daniel
rich-c: what's the word with Russell today? does he get off?
PEV: I still have all the presents to wrap, none of the ornaments are on the tree, the house is still a mess
Daniel: I know... I'm late
Judy: hi, Daniel
PEV: yeah, he's off
Daniel: bonsoir tout le monde!
PEV: Hi Daniel
Guy B.: Well, at least I sold 1 out of the 5 items I listed this month
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
LucMiron: Hi Daniel. Nice of you to drop in just as I'm leaving! :D
PEV: and I seem to have misplaced my ambition
Judy: ooops, not good
Daniel: Well, preparing stuff for tomorrow night...
PEV: oh, and I have to tackle Mt. Laundry at some point
Daniel: so I was unavailable
rich-c: good, can you get over here in time for us to have a really serious beer together?
PEV: Hi Luc, I didn't see you there
Daniel: was unable to be online sooner
LucMiron: Hi Pam. :)
Daniel: Bonsoir Luc, comment avance tes projets?
LucMiron: As-tu vu les boîtes de Girl's Garden et Gulkave sur AtariAge?
PEV: I don't know what our ETA is right now Dad, I'll have a better idea tomorrow
Daniel: Hello Bob, thanks again for the dsk files... I'm having a problem to record footage but I'm working on it
rich-c: OK, teh LCBO just got a very special one in so we made a trip today and got some samples
Daniel: err... I don't think I've seen these boxes yet
Daniel: I was not quite active lately on forums
PEV: how are your preparations going, Judy?
LucMiron: @Daniel: Another piece of interesting news is that I got Bruce Tomlin on board to work on the test program for the 64K bankswitching system and EEPROM I/O for my PCB project! That's a major advancement, I'd say. :)
Daniel: i did notice that the voting pack for the 4k minigames is already available and nobody's mention it
rich-c: speaking of which, time for my chat beer now - brb
Daniel: I need a multicart pcb to release compilations of all my Coleco games
PEV: and are you hosting this year?
Daniel: Micheal Flemming, in Germany, does have a pcb for this, but need money to produce them
LucMiron: @Daniel: I'm not sure if my PCB could help you out, but if it can, it would be great if we could develop a way to make games in C for it.
BobS: Judy is goofing off right now, but we are READY Pam
PEV: oh good, care to pop into Toronto for a day and help out? : )
BobS: daughter Christams eve, us Christams day
rich-c: they are more concerned with packing for the cruises
LucMiron: @Daniel: It's mostly a question of designing a way to compile C code with bankswitching included.
BobS: Judy BACK
Judy: was not was just wrapping up my baking
Daniel: to not confuse me, let's say "mega game" when we talk about a game in cartridge using bankswitching to get more than 32K of ROM. Super games are the games in tapes... and the 32K or less are regular Coleco games.
PEV: I left the baking to Mom : )
rich-c: note to Luc and Daniel: Dieu de ciel! P'eche' Mortel is a very nice beer
PEV: someday I really need to get organized
LucMiron: I never touch alcohol. :)
rich-c: she has teh puddings made, Pam
PEV: oh good
Daniel: You should say that to GuyF... I don't know this beer
rich-c: the real issue is whetehr the turkey will thaw in time
Judy: i was working in the kitchen all afternoon so I am almost done just have to bake a pie tomorrow but the crust is made already
Daniel: I'm not a fan of beer in fact
BobS: POWER thaw it
PEV: you have another 36 hours Dad, should be fine
Judy: I decided today I want a pecan pie for Christmas day
PEV: ours is coming along nicely now that we've turned down the fridge
rich-c: I used not to like beer, but with teh specialty stouts I found something that appealed to me
LucMiron: @Daniel: Anyhow, if you want, I can keep you informed of the developments with my PCB project. At a certain point, Bruce Tomlin will code some routines that will validate Batari's PCB design, and these routines will be reuseable for real CV games.
rich-c: Dieu de ciel is a quite new craft brewer in teh Montreal area
PEV: how much work is that Judy?
Judy: not much is easy pie to make
rich-c: Frances is threatening to put our turkey out on the front porch to thaw
PEV: Russell likes pecan pie but I'm not a big fan
BobS: me neither Pam
Judy: that sure wouldn't work here, Rich
Daniel: If I understand well, the new pcb you guys are planning to do is using a ram space to execute a code to switch the entire 32K bank and then continue the program like if nothing happend ... and by doing that you "access" to mirrored ram space simply as indicator for bankswitching... I a way, it's how a multicart works, except that the bank newly swicthed is executed by a soft reset (call $0000).
PEV: interestingly Bob, I often find them too sweet
BobS: sink of cold water and let the turkey float in it
Judy: so he will have mincemeat
rich-c: you're porch is below freezing? ours is JUST above
PEV: now THAT I'm a fan of
PEV: the difference between an open and enclosed porch Dad
BobS: yea lady
Judy: that is why you can't have a big piece or eat it tooo often
BobS: Doug likes it too
Daniel: So I guess I can use your pcb for multicart purpose, not only for bigger games.
rich-c: our fridge is about a quarter degree above freezing - it is very cold
LucMiron: @Daniel: I'm not really sure I understand all of Batari's technobabble, but yeah, that's about it. Actually, it will work a lot like Opcode Game's MegaCart, in the sense that the first 16K of ROM will be fixed, anf the other 16K ROM will be assignable to one of three banks.
Judy: that I don't like and Ryan has tried it because grandpa likes it but just can't eat it
PEV: I've got mince tarts - single serving size : )
PEV: interestingly Dad, the thermometer in the bottom of our fridge insists it's minus 5
PEV: but the turkey is thawing
Daniel: err... but I've read that the full 32K bank will be switched instead of only 16K... it's not true?
Judy: but to buy the filling cost more than buying the whole pie, go figure
LucMiron: @Daniel: But from what Batari told me the other day, it will also be possible to have all 32K bankswitched.
LucMiron: @Daniel: Both options will be available, apparently.
PEV: really? How much is a jar of mincemeat?
rich-c: depends on quality, doesn't it? good stu8ff being very pricey?
LucMiron: I think I'll ask Batari for clarifications about that. Perhaps the PDL programming is slightly different in one case compared to the other.
LucMiron: PDL = PLD
Daniel: swicthing the entire 32K will be easier then for C programmer in a way... because we can make different ROM files as usual, using maybe a VRAM space to store player's data between the switching phase.
PEV: well you have to figure that the bakery is using the same stuff, so why is the filling more expensive?
Judy: last time we checked which was about 2 summers ago was 9 dollars
PEV: (argh, darn chair)
LucMiron: @Daniel: The way Batari designed his PCB solution, it will be quite flexible.
Judy: don't have a clue
PEV: that's a lot!
rich-c: I believe tehre are a number of makers of varying levels of conscience and greed
Judy: that is what we thought
Daniel: having a fixed 16K will be more for making a single rom file and then a bunch of data banks to use
PEV: I haven't a clue what a jar costs here, haven't looked recently
LucMiron: @Daniel: Yeah, that's the configuration I would like to use for my planned CV version of Boxxle.
rich-c: if they make it with a rum base and exotic fruits, it might be less than you'd pay for the ingredients alone
Daniel: a rom file at 16K max, and data in the upper banks
PEV: I don't even know who produces it, although my guess would be EB Smith
Judy: don't know
rich-c: yes, they are likely to have the Canadian licence, likely from Crosse and Blackwell
Daniel: How big the EEPROM will be supported? 512KB?
PEV: guess I'll appreciate my tarts more this year : )
Judy: yes, you should
LucMiron: @Daniel: From what I've been told, supported EEPROM sizes will range from 128 bytes to 8K.
Daniel: ???
PEV: why would they licence C & B when they can make their own?
rich-c: that sounds very small, Luc
LucMiron: Actually, an 8K EEPROM is very large, Rich.
PEV: after all they do other pie fillings along with their jams
rich-c: why do they make Lea & Perrins under licence - and sell it as L&P?
Daniel: Luc, 8K is the size of Q*Bert
Daniel: GhsotBlaster is 32K
LucMiron: EEPROMs are used for savegames.
Judy: good question, Rich
LucMiron: Can you imagine the amount of data I could save in 8K?
Daniel: no... EEPROM is an EPROM that can be erased only by UV
LucMiron: Nope. It's an EPROM with input/utput capabilities.
LucMiron: utput=output
rich-c: I think you two have a misunderstanding, Luc - and Daniel sounds closer to the little I know
PEV: on a totally different train of thought, having the desk in the LR and the computer on the desk is nice
Daniel: "stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory and is a type of non-volatile memory used in computers and other electronic devices to store small amounts of data that must be saved when power is removed"
LucMiron: EPROMs are the erasable-by-UV kind, from what I know.
PEV: I'm making fewer typing mistakes
PEV: but we've discovered the floors are far from level
PEV: mostly by spending all our time rolling away from the desk!
rich-c: no, EPROMs once written cannot be changed (re-written)
Judy: what does that have to do with making less mistakes?
BobS: the new locatin is great, the floors can be shimmed with a folded up piece of paper here and there
LucMiron: PROMs cannot be rewritten, EPROMs can.
PEV: I can't shim the chair Bob, it's on wheels : )
BobS: ahso. take off the wheels
PEV: I'm in proper typing position over the keyboard Judy
BobS: maybe if you don't lean back.....................
Judy: he always has an answer though
Judy: got ya
PEV: I don't have to reach awkwardly for some things the way I do when I'm on my little folding table
rich-c: get bungee cords and tether it in place
BobS: oh I have LOTS of answers, some for questions yo haven' even thunk up yet
PEV: can type faster too
BobS: great idea!!!!!! and gives you a slightly bouncy feeling also
PEV: I guess we'll have to get one of those mats for rolling chairs on carpets
Daniel: Ok, so I'll ask my question in another way... what is the ROM size possible in the PCB
rich-c: just don't forget they're there when you get up
LucMiron: Okay, now I really gotta go do the dishes. Hopefully I'll drop by next week (and we'll have some news from Guy Foster about Adamcon 2010!)
rich-c: look for you, Luc - Merry Christmas
PEV: Merry Christmas Luc!
LucMiron: ROM size can be 8K, 16K, 32K, or 64K.
Judy: bye again and have a Merry Christma
Daniel: C'est trop petit pour du multicart. Joyeuses fetes!
LucMiron: Merry Christmas to you all!
LucMiron left chat session
PEV: wonder if I could convince Russell to get out the card table for me . . .
Daniel: Yes, the EE is for being erasable with electricity... but why using this instead of a flash memory ?
rich-c: as a place to pput your laptopo?
Daniel: anyway
PEV: no, to sort out our ornaments
PEV: just for the day
PEV: holy smokes Dad, I didn't realized just how much stuff we had for goodwill till we got there on Sunday
Daniel: I still have things to do before going to sleep. I'll have to leave soon.
rich-c: ah, I keep the laptop on the computer desk
rich-c: it can be quite a shock, can't it?
PEV: well the little folding table is great if I'm sitting on the couch, but I have to be just the right position on the couch to reach the computer properly
rich-c: yes, you surely keep active, Daniel
PEV: Doesn't make as much difference if I'm surfing or on FB, but a lot of typing is much easier at the desk
rich-c: yes, I put the desktop keyboard on top of the laptop
BobS: slides around doesn't it?
rich-c: oddly enough, no
Judy: I just put the laptop on the foot stool and it works great
BobS: hmmmm
rich-c: and lets me use one desk for both computers
BobS: i just put it on my lap
rich-c: with my back, footstolls are out, and lap is dicey
BobS: get positioned jsut right so my elbows don't hit the arms of the chair
PEV: one of the things that we discovered in the process of moving the couch is what went sproing on me a few weeks ago
rich-c: tell us teh worst
Daniel: well, I knew last week that I'll be busy the day of the chat today
PEV: unfortunately, it's the support bar for the seating
PEV: doesn't affect the bed portion at all
PEV: but my side is slowly sinking
rich-c: now that's a discovery you really need
PEV: well the couch is 15 years old and has been used daily so I suppose it's entitled
rich-c: I have a jackstand I'm not using at teh moment, just don't try to moe the couch when using it
rich-c: a good upholsterer can fix it, but may not be economic
PEV: guess it's something peculiar to sofa beds
PEV: unless they have a good blowtorch, it ain't getting fixed
rich-c: needs re-welding?
Daniel: How does the "zoo keeper" game on Facebook works? it looks like I was subscribed to this game? and 3 persons did gave me animals for that. I'm pretty sure I've never subscribed to this game in the first place.
PEV: it's a piece of tubular steel, bent at 90 degrees at the corners, running from the frame on the left to the frame on the right
PEV: it broke at the bend
rich-c: Pamela is your expert on that
BobS: facebook...........sounds familiar
Judy: sounds serious
PEV: Daniel if you don't want the app, go into your settings, scroll down to applications, and click the X beside Zoo Keeper - it should remove the app from your page
rich-c: possibly it could be sleeved and scewed/rivetted in place, but that bend makes for problems
PEV: I'm pretty sure it's terminal Judy
PEV: yes, we tried splinting it
Judy: sounds like it
PEV: worked for about 4 hours, then SPROING again
rich-c: that doesn't make for an optimistic prognosis, does it?
PEV: well we were leaning towards needing a new one soon anyway - I've worn out the upholstery in a couple of areas
rich-c: btw, for those interested, I may have a website next year
BobS: cool
PEV: what prompted that Dad?
BobS: just for ????? or to well your ADAM sutff?????
BobS: stuff
rich-c: to sort-of replace my favourite forum, which is being trolled to oblivion
PEV: Carnuts?
rich-c: the URL will be
rich-c: whether there will be an Adam page eve, I do not know
rich-c: yes, Pam, there are major problems and many users have left
PEV: that's too bad Dad
Daniel: Well, I'll keep it now... nice to get gifts from others.
rich-c: unfortunately the owner made some bad decisions and now the whole thing has blown up in our faces
rich-c: I am hoping to save enough pieces - and people - to be worthwhile
BobS: better get on it then Ricahrd. the sooner the better
rich-c: I have ordered the url, the location, and all - John at Tamco will be the host
rich-c: I just have to learn how to run teh thing, then get the trade
PEV: I suspect if you put the word out to your buddies, they'll help pass it on to the right people
PEV: enuf bandwidth?
rich-c: oh I plan to, I will tell the guys of course, [plus as many of those who have left as I can find
rich-c: Jphn says no limits on bandwidth, storage or transfers
rich-c: I won't use much anyway - it isn't a porn site, after all!
PEV: good
PEV: as long as it isn't too graphics intensive, you'll be okay
rich-c: he will also do fairly regular backups and help me with making it go
PEV: Ireferred someone to him recently
PEV: hope she goes over to him
rich-c: hopw he can take her - not sure how close he is to capacity
rich-c: still, I'm sure if he gets squeszed, he'll increase it
PEV: I can't see him turning down business
BobS: would not think so
BobS: that is how a business grows
rich-c: our snow crea
rich-c: our snow clearance crew just did - twice
PEV: which reminds me, still need to get my mailbox fixed
rich-c: at Tamco?
PEV: what, clear or grow?
BobS: or at the building
PEV: yes
BobS: yes what
BobS: be specific girl !!!!!
PEV: at Tamco
PEV: happy?
BobS: yes ma'am
rich-c: have you really investigated that program (horde?) it will filter, allow replies, do all sorts of neat things
PEV: yes but I find it somewhat awkward to use
rich-c: your mother is upset because I use it in preference to Mailwasher now
PEV: maybe if I had a different PW it would be better
rich-c: it does take a bit of learning but it's worth it
PEV: still using the original
rich-c: you have the lasst free edition of Mailwasher I think
PEV: and I can't for the life of me memorize it, which means I have to look it up every time I want to go into it
rich-c: I'm not enchanted with the Horde filter, but Mailwasher makes it look good
rich-c: sorry, PW? what's that?
Guy B.: Well folks. Have a lot to do tomorrow. Merry Christmas to all and see you all next week
PEV: password
rich-c: merry charistmas to you Guy, see you next week
PEV: good night Guy, Merry Christmas!
BobS: MC Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: bye Guy have a MERRY CHRISTMAS
rich-c: you can set your own much simpler password with teh mail progam, Pam - ask me Friday
Daniel: me too ... I must go now! merry xmas to you all!
PEV: good night Daniel - Joyeux Noel!
rich-c: joyeuses fetes a toi, Daniel - a la prochaine!
Daniel: and an happy new year (in case I miss the next chat session)
Daniel: bye
PEV: you won't : )
BobS: nite Daniel
Daniel left chat session
Judy: I am signing off now so have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
PEV: Merry Christmas Judy, to you and all the family
rich-c: the same to you, Judy, and do enjoy your cruises!
Judy: will do
PEV: Happy New Year, and have a wonderful vacation
Judy: thanks night all
Judy left chat session
PEV: give Doug and Meeka a hug for us
PEV: you too Bob
PEV: Bob when are you back?
rich-c: anyway, Pam, the password you got with your Tamco subscritpion is only necessary for certain purposes
BobS: nite
rich-c: and using Horde on your mailbos is not among them
BobS: will try to hit a Mickey D next week and sign on for awhile onthe road to Florida
rich-c: nite Bob, good holiday and good trip, see you mid-January
PEV: safe trip Bob
BobS: MC & HNY
BobS left chat session
PEV: can't wait to hear from you
PEV: oops
rich-c: unless of course you can remember Wednesday nights on shipboard!
PEV: and if they have wireless on ship
rich-c: looks like he's gone.
PEV: yup
PEV: I think that's one of the first things I'd check
PEV: whether there's wireless internet aboard
rich-c: he did say something last week about their having a fair amount on net access on shipboard at reasonable rates
PEV: guess I'm a little too connected for my own good
rich-c: well, Bob isn't quite as addicted to the 'net as you and I
PEV: it's that darn FB I tell you
PEV: I have a fish hook in my mouth where it's concerned
rich-c: I gatehr you are not the only one
PEV: not by a long shot : )
rich-c: anyway, why don't you give Daniel one of your elephants?
PEV: interestingly I'm the tech addict around here
PEV: the app doesn't work that way
rich-c: taking after your mother
PEV: or should I say, apps
PEV: Russell could care less as long as he can play his computer games
rich-c: well, Adam convinced me the only way I can make a computer work is learn to do it myself
PEV: I think what I like is the social aspect
PEV: allows me to stay connected with everyone
rich-c: I would rather not re-install Windows or build web pages, but these things can become necessities
PEV: sorry Daddy, but I really think you offended some major computer god
rich-c: wish it were that funny - but at least it lets me feel vaguely useful
PEV: you know I've used XP for years now and never once have I had a problem with it
PEV: so I'm afraid it's back to the computer god theory
rich-c: well, you never had Microsoft send you a piece of malware, either
PEV: yes, but I'm talking Speedy, Somerville, Marsh and home
rich-c: although I suppose that fits your theiry too...
PEV: : )
PEV: anyway Papa think I'd better poof
rich-c: yes, but in an office setting, with networks and IT departments, you can't USE the computers anyway
PEV: only half a day of work tomorrow but I still have to be there at the same time
rich-c: but youre right - time for teh zzzz's
PEV: and I have a lot of work when I get home
rich-c: OK, keep us posted on your Friday schedule
PEV: well, couldn't use them at Somerville, anyway . . .
PEV: I'll let you know once I've spoken to Lindsay and Barbara
PEV: hark, the husband returns
rich-c: OK, see what works out. Goodnight, then.
PEV: night Daddy
PEV: TTY tomorrow
rich-c: night duaghter
PEV: kerpoof
PEV left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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