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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: test
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changed username to Guy B
Guy B: Greetings Rich
rich-c: good to see you early, Guy
rich-c: how are tings going for you - and Annie?
rich-c: you there?
Guy B: Annie is doing fine. My car, having an ongoing problem with it. The Trac Off light keeps coming on. My mechanic had me go to a Chevy dealer to reprogram it. Been to a second dealer and they didn't fix it. Taking it back there tomorrow
rich-c: aren't they getting an error code to explain it?
rich-c: by teh way, what is "Trac Off" - does the car have traction control?
Guy B: Something with the fuel line. They haven't fixed it at all. Now I read online that 2003 Chevy Cavalier had the fuel pump go out. My mechanic thinks that's not the problem
rich-c: the error code says there's a problem with the fuel line?
Guy B: That's what were going to find out, again
rich-c: well, you have a warning light that says you have one problem, but the OBD says another?
Guy B: In the meantime, we have light snow and Artic Cold is coming in for the New Years Weekend
rich-c: OBD - On Board Diagnostics, the thing the mechanic plugs his reader into
rich-c: we had very cold yesterday but above freezing for a bit today, a dusting of snow overnight
rich-c: seems the thermometer will be playing yo-yoover and under freeezing next few days
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir
Daniel Bienvenu: Good evening!
Guy B: Hi Daniel
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Guy B: That he uses for the Check Engine light
rich-c: not sure on the 2003s, but the current ones apparently the OBD covers all the idiot lights
rich-c: but then, what does "Trac Off" mean?
Daniel Bienvenu: It was cold today... and tonight it's even more cold... incredible
rich-c: Daniel, did you see the post on the mailing list today?
rich-c: you're getting what we had yesterday, Daniel and incroyable fits!
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, Bryan did contact me at my Youtube channel, about a week ago now.
rich-c: I sent him a direct response inviting him to join us here tonight - neat if he did
Daniel Bienvenu: He's looking for a way to program a Coleco game, and he knows Z80 very well.
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rich-c: anyway, Guy, what does "Trac Off" mean, anyway?
changed username to Judy
(Everyone welcomes Judy)
Guy B: Traction system being disabled
rich-c: hey Judy, you made it! how's teh cruise?
Judy: Hello, All from Florida
Daniel Bienvenu: here, in quebec, it's about -30C... which is not far away of -30F.
Judy: not on the cruise until next week just traveling around Florida
rich-c: I wondr if there is any linkage between that and teh fuel
Judy: right now we are in the Mc Donalds parking lot
Judy: it was 75 or so here today
rich-c: OK, taking advantage of the free WiFi - campground not have it?
Daniel Bienvenu: wireless internet at mcdonald?
Judy: not in a campground we are cheep you know
Judy: yes, Daniel
rich-c: wonder if teh traction control can send commands to the fuel pump?
rich-c: so whre in Florida are you - it's a big state
Daniel Bienvenu: the biggest mcdonalds in quebec city does offer free internet
Judy: Brendon
rich-c: yes, a great many of them do, especially in the US, Daniel
Judy: which is outside of Tampa
rich-c: OK, over on the west coast then , need teh Tamiami Trail to get to your ship
Daniel Bienvenu: in fact, there are wireless (free) internet available almost everywhere in Quebec city... which I like using sometimes.
rich-c: we were supposed to get that in Toronto downtown but it never seemed to get on line
Judy: no, we are going across the state 60 we think
rich-c: don't like Alligator Alley? ; - )
Judy: not going down that far
rich-c: actually iirc 60 is more direct to Lauderdale
rich-c: I gather the drive down was not too fraught - you went via Nashville, didn't you?
Judy: we are visiting my mom's cousin tomorror and then heading across the state
Judy: that is where we get on the ship in Lauderdale
rich-c: and I assume they have safe parking there for your motorhome?
Judy: yes, saw the Christmas lights in the Opreland hotel
rich-c: they put on a big show?
Judy: was really something how they have enlarged the place since the last time we were there
rich-c: we have driven through Nashville but never stopped
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changed username to BobS
BobS: AH HA!!!!
rich-c: hey, we got the old man too
BobS: ya mon
Judy: the drive wasn't bad at all, got out of the snow just a couple hours from home and smooth sailing all the way
BobS: we are in Brandon Fl at a Mickey D's
rich-c: you going to be able to do an encore on the cruise ships?
BobS: next week for sure we can be on
Guy B: brb
BobS: we get free internet time,
BobS: the following week with doug & meeka is up for grabs yet
BobS: have to see how much it costs
rich-c: yess, when they charge they can be pretty outrageous
BobS: we do get free wifi at McD's becasue we have ATT internet, but we made them feel good by buying some french fries and McFlurries anyway
BobS: dont' knonw what Carnival charges
rich-c: they likely rent it out to some reseller who charges like the hospital TV guy
BobS: could be
BobS: if they are SMARt, they keep it inhouse
rich-c: sorry, I've hit a few of those and I am not impressed
rich-c: yes, it is a good test of their smarts, for sure
BobS: gwanna check ti out right now
Judy: don't think they will tell him now
rich-c: OK, Judy, let us know if he turns pale and faints ; - )
Judy: yes, I will
Judy: giving him all strange stuff, it is a not something they want you to know
rich-c: how's tyhe orange crop there? are the Valencias coming in yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: I forgot to say that I did get the BASF not-floppy disk yesterday
BobS: it says..."$6 for the first child and then $4 for the second, but ONLY IF you have I.E. 6
Judy: don't know but they have had lots of stands with tons of oranges for sale
rich-c: the Valencias are the good juice oranges, stop and taste and one stand and you'll know!
rich-c: what if you use Firefox, Bob?
Judy: bob had to buy grapefruit before we came and I told him he should have waited until we got down here
BobS: for what?
BobS: carnival's website is DUMB
rich-c: oh yes, at the stands it is really good - just don't shop at Walmart for produce
Judy: they are sending him imformation on everything but the cost of internet on the ship
rich-c: I adore grapefruit but can't eat it, it conflicts with a couple of my heart meds
Judy: no, that is just shipped in from anywere
Judy: I like it too but it doesn't like my mouth, gives me sores
rich-c: when we were last in Orlando we stayed at that Airstream park on the way out of town to Cape Canaveral
rich-c: so the nearest shopping was at the town joining the Orlando cutoff and A1A
Judy: we have not stayed in a campground since we left have stayed in Walmarts every night
rich-c: and they had a new Walmarts -cured us of Walmart groceries forever
rich-c: well, you have a motorhome, and an unobjectionably small one, so you should be tolerated
BobS: $4 hookup charge, then 75 cents/minute
BobS: kinda pricy
Judy: don't think we will be on that week
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks again for the cd-rom disk.
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rich-c: 75 cents a minute? they should be honest and use a gun and mask
changed username to PEV
BobS: holy crap, man........we are the tiniest thing in the parking lot
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam
Judy: does it work, Daniel
BobS: most are 40 ft class A's
Guy B: Hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
Judy: Hi, Pam
PEV: <screech> whoops, forgot!
BobS: did it work Daniel????? > chat > Wed 2009-12-30
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