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Judy: what
PEV: Hi Bob, where are you?
Daniel Bienvenu: didn't test it yet, Bob
BobS: good hon and you???????
Judy: in Florida
BobS: well test it mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Judy: sunny Florida
PEV: how was the trip?
BobS: cold
PEV: Hi Dad, Daniel and Guy too : )
Judy: first warm day we had was today and it was beautiful today
PEV: I gather you took the RV
rich-c: ah, you are here - what did you forget?
PEV: chat <blush>
Judy: yes, we are now sitting in the motorhome now
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BobS: nope, we walked
rich-c: tch - tch - tch
changed username to Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi meeka
BobS: hi Meeka
PEV: Hi Meeka
rich-c: hey Meeka, hi
Meeka: hello
Judy: there she is, hi again
BobS: we had to call here to tell about chat
Meeka: lol, its a buit ov a zoo here ya know
Guy B: HI Meeka
PEV: Oh, and why is that Meeka? : )
BobS: you gonna go somewheres??????????????????????????
Judy: are you packed and ready to go?
Meeka: getting ready to head to warmer weather
rich-c: oh, swell, I have my own new website-to-be up and on line now
Judy: good luck, it has been cold
BobS: cool, and the url is what?
PEV: that was quick Dad
PEV: Meeka, are you joining Bob and Judy on the cruise?
BobS: 75* and 55* at anight
PEV: oh that sounds perfect Bob
Judy: today I talked to my moms cousin and we are visiting with them tomorrow
Meeka: almost, have those last minute bathroom things to fit in and do any adjustments to get bags the right weight
PEV: by the way, where in Florida?
Meeka: for the second one pam
PEV: nice : )
PEV: colour me jealous
Meeka: we are staying on dry land with my parents while they are on the first one
Judy: who are you asking?
BobS: but DUDE, you are the only post it note there!!!!!!!!!!!
PEV: you Judy
Meeka: we will be in ft. meyers
Judy: we are near Tampa right now
rich-c: yes, flying a US internal route you should get no more security hassles than usual
Meeka: we are the first flight out in the morning so it shouldnt be too backed up yet
BobS: heading towards West Palm Beach area on New Years Eve and then to Lauderdale on New Years Day
Judy: good luck with that
PEV: Lord, I've heard stories of arriving at 3:00 am
BobS: like BEFORE you leave the airport??????????
Judy: that is what we are hearing also, Pam
PEV: yes Bob
BobS: some people are NUTS and just screw up the system by coming TOO early
BobS: news said some coming 6-8hours preflight
BobS: all they do is MUCK up the system
rich-c: that wasn't what happened here; the rules for flights from outside the US were screwed up beyond belief
Judy: there are crazies born every minute
rich-c: we had people in line for eight hours and then told their flight had been cancelled
Judy: due to what?
BobS: bet that p*ssed them off
rich-c: what America does with foreigners is not what they do to Americans
Judy: not true sometimes they treat us worse
rich-c: they came up with all sorts of crazy rules - on the busiest flying day of the year, effective on announcement
Judy: they need to provile
rich-c: believe me on this you got off so easy you wouldn't believe it
Judy: file
PEV: trouble is there's no consistency from airport to airport
PEV: we found that when flying to Chicago
BobS: pilot said Simon says "you can stand up"
BobS: simon says, "everybody back to your seat"
Judy: I have not been treated well let me tell you and Bob wasnt either that is why we prefer not to fly
rich-c: if you're flying internally in Canada, or not to the US, no problem - just do not fly to the US
rich-c: because you aren't going to get there anyway
BobS: we don't even want to fly within the US anyjore
PEV: note to self: go only where we can drive for the next little while
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne annee! happy new year! ... in advance
rich-c: drive to Buffalo or Detroit and fly from there
BobS: TSDA is a bunch of unruly jerks.....I have to be nice and taht is as nice as I can be
PEV: well as long as you're comfortable driving in snow, you're probably okay
BobS: no prob Pam
Judy: we only had that in Michigan
BobS: snow is just heavy rain
PEV: which is what scares me Bob
rich-c: et joyeuse fete a toi, Daniel
PEV: people don't adjust for the conditions
Meeka: flying is not as fun as it used to be, but sometimes u just gotta do it
PEV: Merci, Daniel : ) et a vous
Judy: we had snow for about 2 hours and then we went out of it
BobS: flying gets you there fast. but other than that is a PAIN in the backside
PEV: well given how hard it is to convince R to fly anyway, I doubt it'll be an issue by the time we do it again
Judy: just be patient and smile alot
rich-c: yes, these days with NOAA online and nationwide weather forecasts, dodging snow is fairly easy
PEV: for short hop flights, sometimes it might be better to take the train or drive
Judy: and then we won't give you any hassles on the way home
Meeka: lol, ty :-)
BobS: and just about as fast
rich-c: well, Obama sounded a little put off with TSA, maybe he'll "ecourage" them to clean up their act
BobS: they NEED to start profiling
Judy: meeka, had our flurry tonight
Meeka: cool
BobS: get the Israelies to show them how......they have non of this crap
Meeka: we had fritters tonight
Judy: felt we needed to buy something to use their internet
BobS: went o Mickey D's, got some food and free wifi
rich-c: oh, the El Al system wasn't invented in America - they'll never accept it
BobS: although we have the free wifi coming becasue it si ATT and so are we
Judy: that sounds good too
BobS: probalby not Richard, but that is what we need
Judy: we had dinner tonight sitting between the gulf and the bay
Judy: what a view
PEV: oh, you poor things, such hardship : )
rich-c: never mind, our guys are slow learners too, just not quite so bad
rich-c: I gotta go get my beer - brb
PEV: Meeka when do you fly out?
Judy: was a little noisy with traffic driving past
Judy: we had to shut the window was too noisy
Meeka: 8 am on the first, but we spending the night in a hotel in detroit, so we realy leave around noon tomorrow
PEV: probably a good call
Judy: how is the weather, Meeka?
PEV: and Judy, when do you leave Ft. Lauderdale?
Judy: sunday we get on the ship
Meeka: ok, right now, but they are saying an inch or two overnight
Judy: I talked to mom this afternoon and she thought you would be having snow for the next few days
rich-c: need to let my beer warm up just a tad - but it will do that quickly
Judy: so they had to go out to dinner tonight
Meeka: ya, thats what we heard too, but hoping they are a day off agian so we can get outta here first
rich-c: I think in the Great Lakes area the weathermen are having a problem staying on top of things right now
BobS: but an inch ir two is nothing by the time you hit Portland onthe way to Lansing
rich-c: the weather is in a strange pattern that is apparently not really predictable - they are offering best guesses
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changed username to LucMiron
Judy: yes, they couldn't get it right if their life depended on it
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Luc
PEV: considering how d**n cold it was yesterday . . .
BobS: HI
PEV: Hi Luc
Judy: Hi, Luc
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne annee a l'avance!
LucMiron: Hi people!
Meeka: hello
BobS: it was COLD, freezing the am and then only about 50 F and windy in the afternoon
rich-c: salut, Luc
LucMiron: You may be interested to know that Eduardo delivered the final release candidate of Gulkave today.
Daniel Bienvenu: someone did asked me where to buy transparent cases... i did answer to find teampixelboyu
PEV: we had a deep freeze yesterday Bob
LucMiron: I have no casings to sell. I do have transparent casings in reserve, but they are for my own future use.
PEV: it was minus 15 with windhill of minus 25
Daniel Bienvenu: honnestly, what I want to know is what did block in the porting process in the first place.
Judy: we did have cold weather until today even down here
Judy: was only in the 50's the last couple of days
Daniel Bienvenu: what Eduardo did see that GuyF didn't see in the first place.
PEV: I'd take that : )
LucMiron: what blocked the porting of Gulkave? Well, in the last month, it was mostly the port of Track & Field. :)
rich-c: well, cold is relative, but I know what you mean
BobS: it sucks to be you
Judy: that is true
Daniel Bienvenu: minus 30 here...
PEV: don't worry, it warmed up considerably today - all the way up to freezing
PEV: you've got our weather from yesterday Daniel
LucMiron: Eduardo simply fixed (and also optimized) the problem of the SG-1000's HALT opcode.
rich-c: yiou got ours from yesterday, Daniel - sympathy!
LucMiron: Gulkave runs like a dream now. Almost no slowdown (except when the screen is filled with enemy bullets), and very little flicker.
rich-c: Daniel, how is the planning for Adamcon doing?
LucMiron: Yeah, what rich said. :)
BobS: there is a Hooters right next to Mickey D's and the parking lot is loaded with those patrons
rich-c: we are getting some of the Quebec craft beers here now, and my tongue is already hanging out!
BobS: roll it back in Richard
rich-c: you're not tasting what I am at the moment, Bob
BobS: oh
rich-c: otherwise you'd be headed north out of the parking lot to get a taste yourself - 1500 miles north!
Judy: Meeka, when you get down go to Beall's on Fri at the outlet for shorts for Doug
Judy: you get 15% for non seniors on Fri
Meeka: ok?
Meeka: ahhh
PEV: are stores open on Friday?
Daniel Bienvenu: The planning for the Adamcon... not worked much on this yet. I know it's not good from my part, but this will change in 2010.
Judy: we went on Mon and I found 2 pairs of shorts and a bathing suit and dad found jeans long enough
rich-c: well, we need firm dates now, and you need to be talking to a hotel
Daniel Bienvenu: dates are decided... based on our disponibilities
Judy: some are
rich-c: have to stir up Guy a little since I gather it will be in his area
Meeka: we will have to wait till just before we leave, we dont get in till 12:30 and then we have a three hour drive to moms, by then we will prob be done for the day
Daniel Bienvenu: so I know when... just don't reserve a place yet
PEV: remember
PEV: Daniel, June is wedding month
PEV: don't wait too long
PEV: things book up fast
Judy: next week will work
rich-c: not reserve, but know who is willing to offer what
BobS: Bealls Outlets are EVERYWHERE
rich-c: remember freeway acess and reasonable distance to teh airport matters
BobS: well kids......tis the bewitching hour here in Florida methinks
PEV: also accessability for some of the older members of the group is very important
BobS: we have to gas up and then bed down t=for the night
rich-c: Montreal has lots of great restaurants, just make sure some are handy for us
Judy: yes, we have to find a place to stay yet tonight so goodnight all until next week
Meeka: night
PEV: glad you made it tonite, Bob and Judy
BobS: so, the next time we communicate it will be from the middle of the Caribbean Sea
PEV: Happy New Year!
Judy: safe flying and all that
BobS: ta ta
rich-c: yes, gota get to Walmart before the 40-footers
BobS: nop;e, Travel america Plaza I think
Daniel Bienvenu: I know that GuyF wants a particular hotel, because it's near his home, and so he'll not pay for a room. I don't think it's near the airport, but it's near to something for sure
Judy: yes, happy new year to all and to all a good night
BobS left chat session
PEV: Meeka, safe trip and have a marvelous time
rich-c: OK, Happy New Year, and Bon Voyage!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Judy
Judy left chat session
LucMiron: Bye Bob! Happy New Year1
Meeka: ua, i gonna go too
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Meeka
LucMiron: bye Meeka! HNY!
PEV: get some rest Meeka, the next 24 are gonna be busy
rich-c: Meeka, you and Doug too, Happy New Year and a safe trip!
Meeka: I have things to do yet before tomorrow
PEV: Happy New Year to you and Doug
Meeka: happy new year to all
LucMiron: So has GuyF dropped by this chatroom lately?
Guy B: Ok back
Meeka left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't see GuyF today
Guy B: Must be working hard
rich-c: no, Guy has only been by once in the last few months - we need to talk to him
rich-c: we lifers can cope, but the newer members are already getting very antsy
Daniel Bienvenu: I know that he checks his facebook sometimes
rich-c: well, I'm not on Facebook, but Frances and Pam are - maybe they can "remind" him
PEV: we'll have to flag him and see what happens
LucMiron: Good idea.
rich-c: yes, just a friendly nudge, but a firm one
PEV: I think Guy's biggest problem is time right now
Daniel Bienvenu: I'll have to go now.
LucMiron: He's got the kind of job that can keep him locked in long rush periods...
rich-c: that would certainly make sense, but it's running out on planning, too
Guy B: Bye Daniel, Happy New Year
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Luc for the update, Guyf will be happy to hear that
LucMiron: Bye D.! HNY!
Daniel Bienvenu: ... about gulkave
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel, bonne anee
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne annee a toi aussi
PEV: goodnight Daniel, and Happy New Year!
Daniel Bienvenu: best wishes! bye!
Daniel Bienvenu: *pouf*
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: wow, that sort of fell apart quickly - still, at year-end, folks get pushed for time
LucMiron: Gonna watch all 24 episodes of 24 (season 7) on DVD next week-end. Should be fun. :)
rich-c: no idea what 24 might be, but do enjoy it
PEV: TV program, Dad
LucMiron: 24, with Kiefer Sutherland. :)
rich-c: Luc, our tv has been off since the Grey Cup, and won't go on again till the Daytona 500 (maybe)
rich-c: Frances hasn't looked at it since - well, too long to remember
PEV: Sept 11, 2001?
rich-c: we sort of aren'
rich-c: t tv people
LucMiron: I don't watch a lot of TV either. I mostly watch a few programs on Sunday nights, but that's about it.
PEV: whereas we are video addicts
rich-c: I watch F1 racing and the CFL
LucMiron: What about hockey?
rich-c: I just find the internetso much more fascinating
rich-c: Harold Ballard permanenly destroyed my interest in hockey
rich-c: I used to be an avid fan, dropped everything for HNIC, every show
PEV: used to go to games too
rich-c: when I could but tickets were rare and expensive
rich-c: of course they still are
PEV: I wouldn't pay what they're asking for tickets these days
rich-c: at least now they are paying my pension
rich-c: Ontario Teachers Pension Plan own a major chunck of the Leafs, Luc
LucMiron: I see. :)
LucMiron: Well, I shall be taking my leave of you fine ladies and gentlemen. Happy New Year to everyone!
rich-c: you have some similar pension funds in Quebec
rich-c: bonne annee a toi, luc!
LucMiron: Merci!
PEV: Happy New Year Luc
rich-c: a la prochaince annee
LucMiron left chat session
Guy B: Bye Luc, Happy New Year
rich-c: trying to remember the Quebec plan - Caisse de Depot et Placement, I think
rich-c: so Pam, any news?
PEV: about what?
PEV: we're very boring around here : )
rich-c: nothing I can think of - it's the same here
rich-c: nothing really to talk about
PEV: although I'm reminded we have an anniversary tomorrow
PEV: can you believe, it almost slipped my mind?
rich-c: right, congratulations to both of you
PEV: our thanks : )
rich-c: me, I have to learn how to be a webmaster - overnight
PEV: no problem ( as long as you don't plan to sleep)
PEV: you go live when?
rich-c: yes, there is that unfortunate little obstacle
rich-c: John is going to have to do some heavy-duty coaching
PEV: well he lives for heavy duty
PEV: I'll try not to pester him tomorrow then
rich-c: don't know about that, but he is built for it
rich-c: oh I don't expect to be after him for a ew days yet
PEV: oh good, maybe I'll catch him in time to fix my e-mail download
rich-c: have to make a very severe reduction in my fund of ignorance
rich-c: it isn't working?
PEV: well you have a rich pool to fish in Papa
PEV: no hasn't been for a while which is why I've been using Horde
rich-c: you are so right, daughter - but don't tell anyone else
PEV: not a big fan of Horde
rich-c: oh, I have found the shortcuts and find Horde works very conveniently
PEV: to quote Erin, "meh"
rich-c: well, I don't know what you are doing, and if there is a way to make it easier
PEV: speaking of whom, they're heading to Windsor tomorrow
PEV: I am jealous - I want more time with my Rin
rich-c: like when the first 20 come up, I just use the master box to check them all - then uncheck the non-spams
rich-c: down to see her brothers? will Cynthia and Gord be there too?
PEV: oh I know, but when you have 180 messages it takes a while to go through them all
PEV: and it's such a pain to get in, I don't do it often enough
PEV: no, Cynthia and Gordon were supposed to go but apparently Cynthia hurt her back yesterday
rich-c: oh, when you can do a mass check, mass purge and mass delete, it isn't that bad
rich-c: that's why you have 180 - it would take me five days to get that many
PEV: oh that's at least a couple of weeks worth
rich-c: mind you, I do it a few times every day so there is no buildup - all very fast
PEV: but like I said it's such a pain to get in I don't do it often enough
rich-c: so how did Cynthis hurt her back?
PEV: fell apparently
PEV: I asked for more info but didn't get it
rich-c: anyway, what's the pain to get in? you should have automatic fillin of name and password
PEV: it's the PW
rich-c: I'll get your mother to coax her - falls leading to hurt backs can be big issues, I've noticed
PEV: I'll get more info if I call
Guy B: Well folks. Have to get an early start as I take my car in again. Have a Happy New Year
rich-c: yes, your mom says she knows, she just didn't tell me
rich-c: good luck with the car, Guy, and Happy New Year
PEV: Happy New Year, Guy!
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
PEV: well Papa, it's just you and I left
rich-c: does that mean it's our time to poof too?
PEV: time to pack it in, I think
PEV: I'll probably call you tomorrow anyway
rich-c: OK, take care, happy anniversary, happy new year
PEV: thanks Dad
PEV: Happy New Year to you in case I don't talk to you
rich-c: OK, hear from you then
PEV: night!
rich-c: night now
PEV: kerpoof
PEV left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
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