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rich-c: test
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changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: bonsoir Rich
Daniel B: be right back...
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rich-c: salut, Daniel - c'est assez froid, n'est-ce pas?
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changed username to Frozen in FL
rich-c: test - undefined, you can type and be seen
rich-c: aha - that Roberto or Judy - or both?
Frozen in FL: hello
Frozen in FL: neither
rich-c: neitehr? then who os freezing in the Sunshine State?
Frozen in FL: Me :-P
rich-c: Meeka?
Frozen in FL: Doug and I are here visiting my parents before we join mom and dad next week for the next cruise
rich-c: right - took a minute for the penny to drop
Frozen in FL: np
rich-c: of course I was expecting to ehar from them, but they're on the boat
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Frozen in FL: they said they might drop in, but who knows
rich-c: so it's cold in Florida? how cold is that?
rich-c: welcome back, Daniel
Daniel B: I guess it's about as cold as sept-iles here.
Frozen in FL: hant been above 65 durring the day and has been in 30's at night
rich-c: that is substantially warmer than Sept-Iles!
Daniel B: yes rich, but not based on today's weather
rich-c: long as the orange groves are not getting frozen
Frozen in FL: there have been frost/freeze advisories the last several nights
rich-c: why, you got a warm front in Quebec, Daniel?
Frozen in FL: the strawberriy farmers been really stressing about it
rich-c: yes, the strawberries are a shy and tender fruit (fraises comme a l'Ile d'Orleans, Daniel)
rich-c: Dsniel won't be seeing any until early July
Frozen in FL: they picked the ones they could, but they worried about the flower buds freezing for the next picking
rich-c: yes, a shame now they are getting some varieties that ac tually have a strawberry taste
Daniel B: I've checked twice... tonight it's 1C at Sept-Iles
Daniel B: which is very very close to 30F
Daniel B: in fact it's over 30F
rich-c: wow, that is pretty close to Florida's low tonight
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changed username to Guy B
Frozen in FL: hi guy
Guy B: Greetings!!1
Daniel B: hello Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, Meeka says it's cold in Florida - do you sympathize?
Daniel B: See, Sept-Iles weather... here :
Guy B: Anyway, we have a Winter Storm Warning up here. We are expecting anywhere between 4 to 8 inches of snow
Frozen in FL: yuck
Frozen in FL: at least we dont have the snow even if it is colder than normal
rich-c: four inches barely brings out the ploughs - eight is a bit more srious
Frozen in FL: we ordered warm weather for when we were here, but somebody screwed up
Guy B: This is our second major snowstorm
rich-c: I know, my brother in Orlando will be complaining mightily
rich-c: I will email him to turn up the thermostat
Guy B: Then another cold snap
rich-c: it wasn't bad here today, no snow, sun showed up once or twice, wind died down
Guy B: brb
rich-c: on the sheltered part of teh back where it faces the sun, we even had a little melting
Frozen in FL: the sun was out here all day
rich-c: well, we are moving into the coldest weeks of the year, now to the end of the month
Daniel B: next week, starting this weekend, it will be very cold again here. They predict a week around -25C with snow and storm... and then, they can't know.
Frozen in FL: brb, gonna go grab a drink
rich-c: I haven't checked the weather office for our area last day or two - usually leave that to Frances, anyway
Daniel B: Things are going in place for the Adamcon... but nothing fixed yet. I'll need the advice of those who have to deal with previous Adamcon meetings.
rich-c: well, Pamela isn't on yet, but she will likely be here in half an hour
rich-c: and Bob and Judy should be here later - they planned to
rich-c: you should rely on them most, they have done it most recently
Frozen in FL: back
Daniel B: and you GuyB? do you have any tips for me? I want to negociate the price for the meeting room because I think you guys did a pretty good job to get it for free sometimes and it looks like I may have to suggest something similar if we want a good price. So, is there a trick or a way to negociate?
rich-c: hope the drink isn't too stiff - don't need Michigan-level antifreeze there!
Frozen in FL: we got it free with a min of 10 rooms before in GR
Frozen in FL: dad would be the negociator to ask
Daniel B: And Dale told me he got it free for 15 rooms, ended with 12 rooms only but got it free anyway.
rich-c: bargaining is a skill Pamela has in spades and Bob is very good at too, the rest of us less so
rich-c: I think in your group Guy Foster is likely the best at it
Frozen in FL: a lot of it depends on the hotel and/or the person you are dealing with
Daniel B: Did you keep the formulars from the previous years? this way I can compare price and various other things.
rich-c: and timing - since they will be emptying out after the Grand Prix and little in sight to St. Jean Baptiste Day they might like a chance to fill the slack
Frozen in FL: dad has all the numbers for last year
Daniel B: I'll wait then... They may appears later tonight.
rich-c: and Pamela almost certainly has her numbers - you know she is on Facebook?
Daniel B: She's not connected at the moment on Facebook... apparently.
rich-c: remember times are different and conditions in Canada are different than in the U.S. - our cosats will be significantly higher
Daniel B: And I don't use twitter or anyother social web things
rich-c: if necessary our ISP has a chat module where you could likely meet by prearraqngement
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Daniel B: err... who was there and not there?
rich-c: hmmm - someone tried but didn't make it on
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Daniel B: or someone curious and click the link for the first time?
changed username to Caribbean
Daniel B: ???
Caribbean: HI KIDS
Daniel B: kids?
rich-c: it's Bob and Judy, from the look
Caribbean: si senor
Caribbean: and we are WARM
Frozen in FL: hi mom and dad
Caribbean: until tomorrow......then only about 73*
Caribbean: hi Meeka, freezing, aren't ya???????
Daniel B: only 73? too bad
rich-c: my nose bleeds for you
Caribbean: we been watching the weather and it is NOT good
Daniel B: here it's really bellow that so it's cold already
Frozen in FL: a little
rich-c: hurricanes/ earthquakes? early morning volcanoes? you're on the Rim of Fire, you know
Frozen in FL: hasnt been over 65 yet
Frozen in FL: and in the 30's at night
Daniel B: How to negociate to get a conference room for free for the adamcon?
Caribbean: oh well, we have been having windy weather; today and yesterday nice and tomorrow hopefuuly warm and partly sunny
Caribbean: THEN we go intot he deep freeze onthe way back to Miami
rich-c: never mind, you'll be out in the ocean breezes again next week
Frozen in FL: next week is posta be ion the 70's
Caribbean: DANIEL, basically, we got a free one IF we had a minimum number of rroms booked for the Fri & Sat nights
Caribbean: last year we paid for the room
Frozen in FL: so should be good weather for the c`fruise
Caribbean: I hope SO!!!!!!
Frozen in FL: Dad....doug says we can now order the jamaca excursion on the carnival site
Caribbean: you got a hotel in the works already Daniel ??????????????
Caribbean: well BOOK IT for 4 bodies
rich-c: Daniel lacks faith in his negotiating skills - you and Pam are naturals
Caribbean: today we went exploring with a golf cart along the coast of Costa Maya
Daniel B: rich suggests me to send Guy F negociate.
Frozen in FL: can only do ours under iour llogin. would need yours to do the other two
Caribbean: we are going now, and will be back in few minutes
Caribbean left chat session
rich-c: how many in your group are working on it, Daniel? You? Dale? Guy? Luc?
rich-c: and is teh hotel you're looking at French or English owned?
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changed username to Caribbean BOB
Frozen in FL: wb
Caribbean BOB: back again
Daniel B: Well, in Montreal usually, sellers are bilinguals... so I presume it's the case.
rich-c: ah, you're back
Caribbean BOB: have free minutes onthe net from each ship card
Caribbean BOB: so had to switch over to Judy's
Daniel B: ok, so quick question
Daniel B: did you keep any formular from past adamcons?
rich-c: true, Daniel, but most are more at ease with one language or the other
Caribbean BOB: got 115 minutes bud
Caribbean BOB: 15 minutes
Frozen in FL: doug can do ours dad, but would need to do yours under your own login
Daniel B: lost 100 minutes in a second? wow!
Caribbean BOB: oh yea
Frozen in FL: we will have internet this weekend, we can still try to do it beofre we get on
Daniel B: I need previous inscriptions formulars to make the one for this year and also to compare price and other things. More than a single adamcon formulars will be appreciate. I've checked my old emails and it looks like I've lost them all by mistake.
Caribbean BOB: try it now and then we can have it booked'
Caribbean BOB: MEEKA
rich-c: in short, Bob, do you have any budgets or balance sheets from previous Adamcons?
Caribbean BOB: ok Daniel, but you have to wait until I get back home on the 20th of January
Frozen in FL: ok, will tell doug to try
Caribbean BOB: got them Richard, but no there
Caribbean BOB: here
Daniel B: do you remember your online page from the ANN web site? Maybe there still one formular only I can look at.
rich-c: well, as long as Daniel can see them, that's what counts
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rich-c: anyway he needs structure, not actual numbers
changed username to Nurse Ron
Daniel B: Ron? How are you!
Nurse Ron: Hi all......happy new year!
Frozen in FL: hi ron
rich-c: costs in Quebec are wildly different, everything costs more
Caribbean BOB: HEY nburse Ron
rich-c: hey Ron? how's Suysan?
Nurse Ron: sleeping like a baby just at the moment
Daniel B: Ron, you did also an ADAMCon meeting, right? You had to negociate the hotel, etc. right?
Nurse Ron: but she's ok. A little stiff and sore, but ok
rich-c: good - when she wakes up pass my greetings from one hippie to another
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Daniel B: ADAMCon 18, no?
changed username to Pamela
Nurse Ron: That's right Daniel, adamcon 15
rich-c: hi daughter
Caribbean BOB: PAM
Daniel B: 15... right
Pamela: greetings everyone
Nurse Ron: you in Caribbean Bob?
Daniel B: Did you manage to get a good price? did you get a free conference room?
Caribbean BOB: yes sir
Pamela: I gateher it's a little chilly in FL, Meeka?
Caribbean BOB: and Susan is well ?????although still coming along????
Frozen in FL: yews pam
Pamela: brb
Caribbean BOB: Pam, got sunburned today
Nurse Ron: Yes Daniel, the conference room was included. Rather small, but adequate. Think we had 15 there, 10 rooms as I recall
rich-c: Susan up and walking now? Down to regulaer painkillers?
Nurse Ron: Yeah, Sue is doing Ok Bob. She even survived my cooking tonight
rich-c: one tough woman you got there, Ron
Nurse Ron: She
Daniel B: I feel a suddent pressure that if I can't get a free meeting room I'll be considered as the worst Adamcon organizer.
Nurse Ron: She's able to walk Rich, but needs a walker
Nurse Ron: She won't be running races any time soon
Caribbean BOB: take a deep breath Daniel
rich-c: oh don't be silly, Daniel - you do the best you or your group can
Caribbean BOB: Daniel, ususally .....not alwasy......IF you can get 10 rooms booked, they will throw in a free meeting room
rich-c: you are not responsible for economic conditions, Quebec taxes or labour laws or minimum wages
rich-c: you live with the costs where you work
Nurse Ron: Daniel, strike the best deal you can. There is no such thing as the "worst" Adamcon organizer. Problem is that the group is getting smaller, and free meeting rooms are usually
Nurse Ron: contingent on booking a minimum number of rooms.
Daniel B: I've already mentionned that we may need 10 rooms... before the guy send my the price he can ... I don't know how to negociate from that.
Caribbean BOB: sorry Meeka, they privates HAVE to come thru to me or I would nlot know what youare saying......DUH
Nurse Ron: you pretty much take what he offers Daniel. You might try asking two or three different places for quotes
Caribbean BOB: nicely said Ron
rich-c: yes, getting up and getting going is hugely important - does she have a Rollator or fixed-leg walker?
Caribbean BOB: all yo can do is get different hotels to give pricing and maybe get them to compete with each other
Nurse Ron: fixed leg walker Rich. It seems to be doing the job
rich-c: yes, she should graduate to just a cane fairly soon
Daniel B: Well, your testimony (is this the right word?) helps me at least. So, it's possible... need to find other places and check around the possibilities. Well, so far this place looks adequat, even for you rich-c. (I didn't forget what you told me about the bathroom)
Nurse Ron: yeah, I gather about 6 weeks Rich
Nurse Ron: No harm in asking Daniel. Tell him what you want, and see what he says
Caribbean BOB: kids, we are going to leave ya'll now........time running out and the hot tub awasits
Caribbean BOB: awaits
Nurse Ron: Oh ain't life tough Bob <evil grin>
Caribbean BOB: so will talk to you in 2 weeks again
Daniel B: already? ok... bye Bob! take care!
rich-c: enjoy, Bob and Judy, see you in two weeks
Caribbean BOB: bye Evil gron
Pamela: gnite Bob and Judy
Caribbean BOB left chat session
Nurse Ron: bon voyage
Pamela: sorry folks I have much to say but am spreading myself thin for a few more minutes
Pamela: bear with me
Nurse Ron: Multi-tasking Pam?
Pamela: yeah
Daniel B: Pam? I didn't see you enter the chat room
rich-c: Daniel, who besides you is working on this
Frozen in FL: ok, am i still here?
Daniel B: I guess you're still there
rich-c: yes,Meeka
Frozen in FL: ok, ty
rich-c: Daniel, are Dale and Luc and Guy working with you?
Frozen in FL: my laptop decided to hibernate till i plugged in
rich-c: they have that nasty habit, Meeka
Nurse Ron: Daniel, just to answer your e-mail, I'm not sure at this point whether I'll be coming. If Sue recovers as planned, we might be re-opening the kennels around June, and in that case I wouldn't be able to come
Frozen in FL: wasnt sure if I would have to bomb out and come back
Daniel B: Actually, I'm alone... I've talked to the hotel GuyF did find earlier, and Dale is calculating based on the prices I've got from the hotel.
rich-c: Ron, Susans operation was a normal full joint replacement with prosthesis, right?
Frozen in FL: well its win 7, so I havent hardley played with it yet, this is not my personal laptop
Nurse Ron: yes Rich
Daniel B: So, I'm not alone for making the Adamcon possible, but I'm alone at teh moment for the first contact.
Nurse Ron: Getting the hotel pinned down is the biggest part of it Daniel
Daniel B: I wish I can send GuyF talk directly at the hotel later.
rich-c: OK, I know he's busy but do ask Guy to help you find hotels adn bargain
Daniel B: From now, the prices are good except for the meeting room.
Daniel B: Without this extra fees for the meeting room, this place will be perfect and already decided.
rich-c: that's encouraging, Daniel, now you need to get the hotels bidding against each other - gives you some leverage
Daniel B: I know that GuyF want to participate at the ADAMCon, but not stay at the hotel... and this hotel is close to his house actually.
rich-c: that's nice and we want him, and having him nearby can be very useful
Daniel B: If I find out another hotel with an even better price... but far from his house, what should I do?
rich-c: take it, the conference comes first and he can commute
rich-c: remember price is not everything - a clean and decent and obliging place is very important
Pamela: Daniel, we did not have the meeting room for free in St. Catherines
Daniel B: Not even a rebate?
rich-c: parking counts, access to main roads count, restaurants nearby count, handicap access counts
Pamela: we did get discount for having a meal supplied in the room
Pamela: brb
Frozen in FL: we had meals catiered in from the outside (not hotel provided)
Daniel B: restaurants, handicap and main roads are fine... parking, it depends where you want to go, because at the hotel it seems to have a big enough parking.
Frozen in FL: and a free continental breakfast
rich-c: yes, that is teh sort of choice Daniel will have to compare and negotiate
rich-c: it is the total pacage cost that is important
Frozen in FL: yup
Daniel B: continental breakfast? I don't remember the difference between breakfast but the breakfast is included in the price for this hotel.
Pamela: Daniel if you want, I'll try to put together an outline of the things I did when planning
rich-c: OK, that is important, because everyone needs to eat breakfast - but remember we do not all need a lot
Nurse Ron: Continental usually consists of rolls or croissantes, "help-yourself" cereal and toast and fruit
Frozen in FL: contin ental usually means cold cereals and rolls and such, no sausage or bacon and the likes
Daniel B: Dates are June 17-20, 2010. We can't change that. It took too much time last year to figure out these dates.
Nurse Ron: Whereas a full breakfast gets you bacon and eggs, or a full meal
rich-c: for use, that's more than adewuate - I can't commit for crispy bacon fanatics
Daniel B: be right back, I'll check something.
Pamela: me, I need protein to get me through the morning
Frozen in FL: lol, over dougs b-day agian
Nurse Ron: ditto Pam
Nurse Ron: but hey! for 4 days, I will not starve to death
Nurse Ron: continental would be ok, especially if it's included
rich-c: also, they have good street food in Montreal and evirons
rich-c: and Daniel, ask the hotel if they will give convention rates to people who come early and/or stay late
Daniel B: like you did at GrandRapids?
rich-c: they care about nights and with a hint there might be more it helps your megtiations
rich-c: yes Daniel, I think that made a difference in the hotel's response
Nurse Ron: good point Rich
rich-c: need my beer - brb
Daniel B: Everything is good to negociate... but also, knowing how many people think they will be at this adamcon could help to figure out how many rooms we need.
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changed username to Ron-2
Daniel B: Ron?
Daniel B: twins?
Ron-2: marvels of modern technology
Daniel B: clones?
Ron-2: double trouble
Ron-2: eliminate the nurse
Frozen in FL requested to ban Nurse Ron
Nurse Ron confirmed ban
Ron-2 confirmed ban
Daniel B: sounds like a murder
Ron-2: good
Frozen in FL: done :_)
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Ron-2: sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind
rich-c: btw Ron, if you ever need a Rollator, Canadian Tire has them at half the therapy stoere prices, or less
Pamela: LOL
Ron-2: Tks Rich. When my mom passed on, I actually gave away two of them.
Pamela: just read the nurse bit
Ron-2: to friends of course
rich-c: if my experience is any guide though, Susan will be using a cane by the end of next week, or likely sooner
Ron-2: but I hear what you're saying
Ron-2: Knowing Sue, that's probably true. She's not one to sit around
Pamela: i gather there were no`complications Ron?
rich-c: well, the big issue will be the dogs - she can't afford to have some big heavy dog knock her down
rich-c: and that will be permanent - there are certain moves hippies can't make, and others we mustn't
Ron-2: no, Pam, all went well. It's the possibility of infection we were concerned about. They had her on antibiotics throughout the surgery and for the day afterwards
Guy B confirmed ban
Pamela: yes thats always a concern
Ron-2: 90 degree rule, and no crossing of legs
rich-c: the big danger is blood clots - that's why they want you up and walking
Daniel B: Free outdoor parking, Complimentary hot breakfast, Indoor swimming pool, exercise room & laundry facilities, free local calls, free highspeed internet, meeting rooms and business center, suites with microwaves and mini-fridges, 1 king or 2 queen beds, 20 minutes from the airport.
Pamela: what chain is that Dan?
Daniel B:
Frozen in FL: sounds good
rich-c: that sounds like a very attractive package, Daniel, certainly France3s and I would like it
Pamela: what is their price per nite?
Guy B: Hi Ron and Pam. Still here. Be back in a few
Pamela: hi Guy
rich-c: be very sensitive to blood clots, Ron - slightest sign is a major emergency
Daniel B: For the prices, I've to check the email the hotel sent me.
Daniel B: Let see...
Frozen in FL: ok folks, I am gonna call it a night. see ya later
Pamela: stay warm Meeka
Pamela: gnite
Frozen in FL: am tryin
rich-c: night Meekas, enjoy the trip, see you on the 20th
Frozen in FL left chat session
Ron-2: Sue has a track record of picking up infection. Her dentist won't go near her without a 2 week course of antibiotice
Ron-2: nite frozen
Ron-2: Rich, she's got an injection for the clotting. Took one this afternoon
rich-c: don't know what your hospital standards are on that, Ron
Pamela: well, now that I have two hands . . .
Pamela: can type more efficiently
Daniel B: Quote : "For june 17-20, the best price I can offer to you is $124cnd plus taxes (include breakfasts) per night. The meeting room is $285 per day. Do not hesitate to communicate with me again if you have questions."
rich-c: even so it is treacherous - I lost a classmate to it last fall, and he had teh best attention around
Pamela: okay, don't forget that's double occupancy so it breaks down to $62 per person per nite
Daniel B: I guess it's 4 nights for the rooms, 3 days for the meeting room.
rich-c: well, most of us come in couples, though not all
Daniel B: so it's near $250 per person just for the room, plus part of the meeting room, plus banquete, etc.
rich-c: I'd ask some hard questions about what the meeting room charge includes, Daniel
rich-c: including early access, when we must leave, electrical services, internet connections in the room
Ron-2: what's our normal per person charge to attend as a full delegate?
Pamela: and watch out for extra charges, such as for the display screen
Pamela: about $350 US, $400
Pamela: Cdn
rich-c: well, US costs we try for $300 but Canada you need at least $350 and Quebec likely more
Ron-2: right. that's what I thought
Ron-2: So what you charge, Daniel to each person attending should be enough to cover your costs
Daniel B: That's a lot of questions... hopefully you're here to tell me that
rich-c: Quebec minimuim wage is high and labour conditions expensive, it shows in the price
Daniel B: ... but I've no answer for you yet... that's pretty much all I have for the moment.
Daniel B: So, I'm writing right now an email to ask these questions.
Pamela: Daniel, one thing to watch out for is you MUST remember to include taxes and/or gratuities in all your costs
rich-c: you can talk to any of us by email any time, Daniel, and if you arrange it in advance by chat with most
Pamela: or if you prefer you can call me
rich-c: Dale leaves this chat board up most of the time, and our ISP also has a chat facility
Pamela: I think you have my number?
Ron-2: Perhaps we need to set out a projected cost/revenue in writing - has that ever been done by anyone?
Pamela: I don't think so Ron
Ron-2: I did it for 15, and might be able to recreate it
rich-c: btw Ron, had a phone call from David Cobley day before yesterday - did yoou8 know he moved?
Pamela: just used the previous costs per person as a guideline
rich-c: well, if you have a hotel quote you can work from that
Ron-2: I know that he was going to Rich. Midge is apparently in a local senior's centre, and he was hoping to get in there too. Really must give him a call
Pamela: Daniel, avez-vous mon numero de telephone?
Daniel B: I'm afraid I've lost your number
Pamela: okay . . .
Daniel B: why not contacting by facebook or something?
rich-c: yes, they have sepatrate rooms but of course eat and socialize together - he likes hotel-style living!
Daniel B: even by email
Pamela: in writing is okay but sometimes its easier to cover a lot of ground by phone
Ron-2: The place he's in is fairly new, and I know he was looking forward to it
rich-c: from his comments, it lived up to his expectations and more
Ron-2: good
rich-c: how old is he now? I know he did WW2 service
Ron-2: Oh Lord! He must be 80 something
Ron-2: I'm guessing
Pamela: if you e-mail me, send it to pevpersonal at gmail com
rich-c: hell, I'm 80 this summer, and he's way ahead of me
Ron-2: He used to be a chopper pilot for the Canadian Coast Guard
Pamela: don't rush it Dad : )
Ron-2: you may well be right Rich....maybe closer to 90
rich-c: yes, and he was also chief of air safety for Transport Canada, iirc
Ron-2: Even though we live within minutes of eachother, I've not been in touch with him for about a year. That's criminal of me
rich-c: he was teh ultimate check pilot for every commercial line in Canada, evidently
Ron-2: yep
rich-c: and handled the accident investigations too
Ron-2: again, yep
Pamela: anyway Daniel I will write an outline for you if you want
rich-c: in fact, my cousin's daughter is married to the guy who does the job now
Ron-2: Well people, my patient stirs. Will have to bid you a fond goodnite
Ron-2: be well all
Pamela: give Sue our best Ron
Daniel B: I will appreciate anything you can give me to help.
Ron-2: I will - thanks
rich-c: Vic Gerdin - you see him on tv when they talk about the Swissair crash in Nova Scotia
Pamela: g'nite Ron
Ron-2: will see what I can do Daniel. I may have my records from 2003 around here
Ron-2: g'nite all
Ron-2 left chat session
rich-c: nite Ron - if you want a voice of experience, give me a holler
Guy B: Bye Rin
Guy B: ron
Guy B: Well, all of you keeping warm?
Daniel B: bye Ron
Daniel B: (too late)
Daniel B: almost 11h?
rich-c: that is a relative term, Guy - our furnace is working ; - )
Daniel B: Almost time for me to leave too
Pamela: Daniel, whenever you think of a question, send an e-mail or a message on FB
Pamela: yes warm is relative
rich-c: you need to go by 2300 do you, Daniel?
Pamela: it's warm in here right now because I've had the oven on and the heater running
Guy B: I know it's been cold, let's say frigid
Daniel B: Well, it appears that my typing on the keyboard makes too much noise
Pamela: much better tonite actually, it's only minus 4
Daniel B: so I should leave early, even when I'm not asleep.
Guy B: At least Bob missed all the lake effect snow
Daniel B: 11h is the limit
rich-c: heavens, you can't even hear our keyboards - and I'm using the destop
Pamela: although I gather Florida is not as warm as Meeka and Doug might have wanted : )
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, if you need to taqlk to Pam, send her a message saying when to call you
rich-c: you have that long distance discount plan still, don't you, Pam?
Pamela: yes
Pamela: we use Yak : )
rich-c: so you can talk to Daniel for an hour and it will cost you almost nothing?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: yes, I get my Yak bills and they are so small I am embarrassed
Pamela: you need to call Cynthia more : )
rich-c: so if Daniel asks you to call. you just call back and it's all but free
Pamela: yes
Pamela: Daniel, question:
Pamela: do you find it easier to understand English in writing or verbally?
Daniel B: Personnaly, at the phone, I prefer in french... but as an email I've not problem reading and writing (I suppose) in both languages.
Pamela: since my French is all but non existent, maybe we should stick to writing
rich-c: yes, we find it easier to undrstand written French than spoken French
Pamela: even though I need the French practice
Daniel B: I had a hard time one day trying to figure out what a person was saying at the other end of the phone years ago. I did ask "slowly please"... but I was still unable to understand.
Pamela: yes I find that's often the biggest problem too
rich-c: Pam, are you aware that you can use the chat module on Tamco - and ask a guest to join you?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: yes, we had a StatsCan survey call tonight - Frances could not understand him
rich-c: the combination of the phone, her hearing, and his slight accent defeated her
rich-c: I actuaslly answered and had no trouble, but had other things to do
Pamela: I don't understand why people persist in speaking quickly when told that I can't understand them and to please slow down
rich-c: you aren't old enough to pull it off - you need a creaky old voice like mine
rich-c: a certain stubborness and hint of short temper showing through help too
Pamela: I've tried all those things to no avail in some cases
rich-c: you aren't 80 years old - sometimes you need that to pull it off
Guy B: Well folks, time for me to go and Annie will be taken for a short walk. See you all next week
Pamela: stay warm Guy
Guy B: Oh I will
rich-c: trust me, it shpws in your voice - besides, you're too well trained in telephone etiquette
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
Pamela: wow that was quick
rich-c: didn't even wait to say bye all round
Daniel B: I'm trying to type questions as clear as possible... and it's almost 11h already
Pamela: you're doing just fine Daniel
rich-c: remember Pam and I are not on a deadline, Daniel - we could be here for hours
rich-c: likely will leave when you do, but we don't have to
Pamela: well I do, I have to get up in the morning!
rich-c: yes, the GO train doesn't wait for you to come, does it?
Pamela: well not most of the time, although it did this morning : )
rich-c: frozen switches?
Pamela: no, long story
rich-c: do I really want to know, or will your mother find it on Facebook anyway?
Pamela: yes
Pamela: : )
Pamela: anyway Daniel I'll try to work on the outline in the next couple of days
rich-c: anyway, any plans of interest next little while?
Pamela: what is your e-mail address now Daniel?
Pamela: no, just haircuts and dinner on Saturday with Em and Chris
rich-c: we have your mother's birthday and an old farts lunch next week, but that's it
Pamela: yes we'll have to talk about Mom's birthday
Daniel B: try the one... the same I'm using to write at the adamcon mailing list
Pamela: newcoleco at . . . ?
rich-c: OK Daniel, that is a handy idea
Daniel B: yes
Pamela: okay
Daniel B: my Mom's birthday was a few days before christmas
Pamela: also, do you have MS Office?
Daniel B: kinda difficult to give a gift and then another gift in a short period of time to the same person.
Pamela: yes, my mother had the bad timing to be born 3weeks after Christmas : )
Daniel B: difficult to think of different gifts
rich-c: my uncle was born on Christmas Day - he was a real problem
Pamela: I feel sorry for those born on or around Christmas Day - I always felt they got shortchanged
Daniel B: I've never meet someone with the birthday as the last day of february that occurs only 1 time per 4 years.
rich-c: they get to be philosophical about it - as they get older
Pamela: : )
rich-c: but the stay young for so long, Daniel 8 -)
Daniel B: the poor guy, now 20 years old but did have only 5 birthday presents
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: but I'll bet they were big ones ; - )
Pamela: anyway gents, I think it's time I went to bed
Daniel B: it's time for me too
Daniel B: no choice
Daniel B: bye
rich-c: makes sense - say hello to Em and Chris
Pamela: bonsoir Daniel
Pamela: see you next week
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel - a la prochaine
Pamela: Dad, I will pass your greetings on to Em and Chris
rich-c: my time to go too
Pamela: and talk to you on the weekend hopefully
rich-c: OK
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
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Daniel B: hey! undefined! who are you?
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