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Meeka: hello
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Meeka: hi dad
BobS: hi Meeka
Meeka: ah ha what?
BobS: how is it going being hoem?
BobS: someone is undefined
BobS: mom is on a to get all the wash done and ironed
Meeka: ya, they have been that way since I got here
Meeka: good lord, I am no where that far
BobS: was going to get the xmas tree down, but no time.....glad she got off taht kick
BobS: she is like possessed
Meeka: I lol
BobS: ya right
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BobS: Doug settling into work ok?
changed username to Judy
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Judy: hi, everyone
DJ-Guy B.: Greetings!
BobS: oh oh mom's here
BobS: her Guy
BobS: hey
Meeka: ya, he said they did ok while he was gone, no big disasters when he got back
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Meeka: hi mom and Guy
DJ-Guy B.: HI Meeka
changed username to rich-c
Meeka: hi rich
rich-c: Heavens, a mob! welcome back, Slopsemas, hi Guy
Judy: hi, Rich
rich-c: so how were the cruises?
Judy: yes, we made it back
Meeka: I got the camera developed todxay, there are a couple good pics there
BobS: hi richard
BobS: , so who is still "not here"?
DJ-Guy B.: brb
rich-c: you still use film, Meeka?
Judy: they were good but the weather was a bit cold at times
Meeka: had a great time, but could have been a bit warmer
Meeka: not really
Judy: just a couple???
Meeka: I took a disposable underwater camera with me
Judy: needed to in the water
rich-c: we have been having a January thaw since just after you left - seeing over freezing most days
Judy: was really cold in Key West
BobS: tht awas good
BobS: cold is not the word for it
Meeka: most of them were good mom :-)
BobS: DARN freezing, is the words
Judy: that is good, looking forward to seeing them
Meeka: not the greatest hair days, but you could tell we were having fun
BobS: BUT, we all had a GREAT time on the islands......even if Key West was cool
Judy: what do you expect we were in the water
Meeka: i know
rich-c: that's terrific - fortunately you didn't stop by Haiti
Judy: we just sailed by Haiti
Meeka: I havent put the cd in the puter yet, kjust looked at the midget proof page they printed me
BobS: do NOT cruise or get on/off ships on Sundays, Mondays and Saturdays
rich-c: and there were no tsunamis of significance from the quake
BobS: didn't feel a thing Richard
Meeka: why dad
BobS: to undefined............................if you are there...... wave, shout, hit return, or something
BobS: those 3 days were our crappy days for both weeks
Meeka: ahhhhh
rich-c: some lurkers just want to lurk - they're welcome, if hard on our curiosity
Meeka: the day we got off was warm
BobS: just wondering if it was one of us that doubled up on names somehow
BobS: was hot and humid .......@ 7am
Meeka: no they ben sitting there since I logged in
Meeka: better that cold and rainy
rich-c: sometimes Daniel comes by and establishes himself early, then comes back later
Judy: how is the wash coming?
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Meeka: not as well as what I here yours is LOL
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
DJ-Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Judy: I am making a dent
Daniel Bienvenu: Did I miss anything?
Meeka: hi daniel
rich-c: speaking of whom - salut, Daniel
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changed username to Roberto
Judy: Hi, Daniel
Meeka: I have a good start, but will prob be at it till the weekend
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich, Frances, Bob, Judy, Meeka, GuyB, and Roberto
BobS: ok, gonna leave and scan this laptop for virus am already on as Roberto...BYE
rich-c: I think we have two Bobs
BobS left chat session
Meeka: yup
Judy: I think mine will take me to sometime next week than maybe I will get thru it
Daniel Bienvenu: Don't all go away!
Judy: I only have one
Meeka: I did get my shopping done for sherri today though
rich-c: don't worry Daniel, Bob has a computer problem but will be back
Meeka: now just gotta wrap it
Judy: I lost my gift for her, can you believe that
Meeka: lol, thats not like you
Judy: was looking for it this afternoon and can't find it
rich-c: how did you manage that, especiallly living in such restricted quarters?
Meeka: there house isnt really restricted quarters rich
rich-c: by the way, when did you folks get home and how was the drive?
Judy: ya, always put presents in the same place don't know what happened will have to look again tomorrow
Meeka: got home monday night
Judy: went thru rain but that was all
rich-c: wow, that was quick - maybe you left teh package in the RV?
Judy: no, bought it before we left
Meeka: was a bit rainy at times and got progressivly colder on the way, but was an ok drive until we were about a hour from home
rich-c: and then?
Daniel Bienvenu: In french, there is no expression about polishing or shinning poop... so, when I've heard that a tvshow called Mythbusters did busted a myth about making poop shinning I don't even know what they are talking about.
Judy: the motorhome died
Roberto: bought it for Christmas, but overspent, so saved it for birthday
Meeka: the motor home died for about half an hour
rich-c: any idea what caused it?
Judy: I don't either, Daniel
Roberto: yup. darn EGR valve......again
Judy: yes, Bob does and didn't want to fix it before we left
Roberto: same problem we had going to Washington in Sept
rich-c: new one to me, Daniel - seems a bit vulgar for a show like that, too
Roberto: this spring that sucker is coming OUT and not going back in
rich-c: yes, those mechanical quirks are why they do it all be computer now
rich-c: adds a ton to the car weight and $10K to teh price, but hardly ever breaks
Daniel Bienvenu: I can hear a fan inside my laptop making a constant noise ... I suspect the fan need to be replaced... but if I change it by myself I may my warranty still under warranty, but I don't know if they will fix it or do nothing about it.
Roberto: tis a piece of useless equipment still put int o todday's cards
Daniel Bienvenu: *sorry, I did type so fast and tried to fix part of it... now it's unreadable
Roberto: take it inot the warranty people and see if they fix it Daniel
Judy: but it is understandable, Daniel
Meeka: lol, it isnt that bad daniel
rich-c: a constant fan suggests teh computer is overheating - better have it looked to, Daniel
rich-c: Bob, I think it is all of today's cars but computer controlled so - well, see above
Roberto: of our laptops almost constantly runs its fan when plugged in only.........
rich-c: and add to it the when it poops out, it will need a replacement module on the new ones - don't ask what that costs
rich-c: the fans on our laptops only run when I'm accessing the hard disc fairly heavily
Roberto: the mercury has that problem......2 different computer controls control the EGr valve, and I don't know which one is malfunctioning, so I just disconnected the vacuum line and taped over the idiot light
rich-c: Frances' comes on more frequently than mine
rich-c: likely teh most economic solution short term, but it can send other expensive stuff out of whack
Roberto: seems to be runningok for the last year
Roberto: keep fingers crossed.........................
rich-c: long as you don't end yup with your catalyst overheating or engine internals sludging up, should be OK
rich-c: do you have annual emission tests in Michigan? if so that will never pass
Meeka: niope
rich-c: and no problems with the engine overheating?
Daniel Bienvenu: Question : Do you sometimes look at a magazine and try the personality test ? and what is the funniest one you did answer to?
Judy: no, it doesn't do that
Judy: nope don't do them, Daniel
Roberto: noannual testing here; engine actually seems to running cooler with it unhooked
rich-c: the magazines we read don't have that feature, Daniel
Roberto: my personality SUCKS anywah Daniel
rich-c: there are a bunch online too, funny but useless
rich-c: last one I did was "If you were a car you'd be..." - can you see me as a Lamborghinin type?
Judy: no,not so much
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't think there is any value of taking these personality tests seriously, it's for amusement purpose only, but sometimes the subject is funny.
rich-c: me neither - just silly, so much so not even fun
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I've no more random questions
Roberto: maybe a Porche Boxer, Richard
rich-c: naw, Ford Taurus maybe
Roberto: how can a questionaire simply put you into a catagory that is correct???????? NOT !!!!
rich-c: possibly even an Escort but I'm not that small or agile
rich-c: it can't - this programme was so simple you could write in in SmartBASIC on an Adam
Daniel Bienvenu: and you can use any subject like "what kind of computer you're?" Do you fear viruses? Do you run at dial up speed or faster?
Roberto: true
rich-c: so are you DOS or Apple or 'nix?
Meeka: I am my own quirky brand :-P
Judy: me too, can't put me in a box
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, the box for the Coleco Adam computer is huge enough for someone I'm sure.
rich-c: btw, have you seen Craig Lindholm's flooding of the Adamnet of late?
rich-c: he wants to know everything all at once
Roberto: I prefer to think of myself as a Corvette
Roberto: eager beaver isn't he?
rich-c: well, he is serious and knows fundamentally what he's talking about
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, 3 emails is not flooding... and the good part is making Neil posting a message in the mailing list.
rich-c: you are missing an awful lot of emails then, Daniel - I've seen about a dozen from him already this week
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I didn't count them all... they went into the spam box by mistake somehow.
Daniel Bienvenu: ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it makes the mailing list alive
rich-c: you need to upgrade your filter, Daniel - just whitelist Coladam
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changed username to ron
ron: alloQ
rich-c: yes, when teh questions are intelligent and answers relevant, that's what it's for
Daniel Bienvenu: it's Yahoo mail filter system, I can't change it... it's internal of their system
Roberto: hey Ron !!!!!! how's the west coast?
ron: I mean Hello!
DJ-Guy B.: Hi Ron
Judy: hi, Ron
ron: good... good.... no rain today
Meeka: hi ron
Roberto: how's Susan????
ron: hi all
rich-c: good evening, Ron - hows teh patient?
ron: recuperating thank you for asking. She had her stitches out yesterday, and Doc said things were looking good
Meeka: thats good
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ron: She's up and around with a walker, but gets tired easily
changed username to PEV
Daniel Bienvenu: For once... today it was warm outside. Snow melting on the roof.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam
rich-c: good to hear - it's a pretty straightforward operation, but there are risks
Judy: sounds good
DJ-Guy B.: Hi Pam
ron: So far as chief cook and bottle washer, I've managed to keep us both alive
PEV: Hi everyone
rich-c: hi daughter
ron: Hi Pam
Meeka: hi pam
Judy: hi, Pam
PEV: welcome home, wandering Slopsemas : )
Daniel Bienvenu: Sunday, we would get a lot of snow apparently... enough to make the roads a real pain monday.
Judy: we had no doubt that you could do that, Ron
ron: how was the trip Bob and Judy?
Roberto: I Pam
PEV: Ron, sounds like good news on Susan's front
ron: I feel a little awkward in the kitchen, but I'll get over it
Judy: thanks but it sucks to be home
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam, quick question... personality tests, did you try some of them?
rich-c: well, the healing will be gradual but in time will be pretty good
ron: yes Pam. all is well
PEV: no Daniel
Judy: it is really cold here
Roberto: GOOD JOB Ron
rich-c: she'll need to forget about the Olympic running medals, though - high jump too
Daniel Bienvenu: Not even one who try to figure out what kind of car you may be?
ron: lol
Roberto: Ron, had a GREAT time, even with the cold weather on the weekends
Roberto: the islands were SUPER
ron: Doctor said yesterday that she won't be doing her 5 km walk any time soon
PEV: oh I did that one years ago Daniel - I'm a Jaguar : )
PEV: but as for the FB tests, no
ron: sounds great Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: So you do try personality tests sometimes
PEV: like I said, not for years
Roberto: rode a dolphin........went bobsledding, golfcarted all around the mexican coast
PEV: oh, I am pea green, Bob
ron: sounds like a hoot
Daniel Bienvenu: do you remember then any of the funniest one?
PEV: no, why? What did you find?
rich-c: well, ron, it will depend on how fast she walks, and how you define soon
Judy: and climbed a falls
ron: true
Roberto: climbed Dunn's River Falls.......600 ft STRAIGHT UP.......almsot
ron: meanwhile I've discovered that mopping floors is a valid form of exercise
rich-c: but my expereince suggests she should push it, just not too hard, once she graduates to a cane
ron: I think she knows that Rich.
Roberto: with a long handled mop I hope
ron: has a physio session scheduled for early Feb
ron: hell, first mop handle I used, got busted in about 5 min
rich-c: I'd hope so ron and if she needs any hints the internet support groups are good
ron: to which Sue said, "let the mop do the work"
ron: turns out I'm about as hard on mop handles as I am on rake handles
Roberto: ya mon....let themop do da work
Roberto: oops
ron: cost me $20 for a new mop
rich-c: daughter, before I forget - instant coffee next visit?
DJ-Guy B.: Ok back
ron: be right back. Dog's body A wants in
Meeka: wb
DJ-Guy B. changed username to Guy B.
Roberto: and NOW you will BE CAREFUL with the new mop, YES ?????
ron: YES - seein as how I paid for it
rich-c: that always leads to a steep learning curve
ron: well at that rate, I will learn quickly I think
rich-c: especially after your rake handle experience
ron: Our poor male Shepherd (aka Dog's Body A) is stressing and losing his coat. Wants to know why Mom is always in bed and what's that big metal thing she's leaning on?
ron: so the floor needs doing daily
rich-c: still, he can sniff her and tell she is OK
ron: oh yes
rich-c: just in a strange mood and disinclined to play
PEV: sorry, stepped away for a minute
ron: He's a big old teddy bear, but he knows something is different
PEV: Dad, I actually looked for coffee last time and they didn't have any large jars
PEV: I will check again this weekend
rich-c: as long as he isn't in the habit of bumping against her and stuff, should be OK
ron: Actually Rich, that has been a problem, and Sue's had to correct him several times.
rich-c: thanks, Pam, it isn't critical but prudence says at teh earliest convenient time
ron: He tends to want to lick things and make them better
rich-c: licking she can stand - just so she doesn't lose her balance and go down
rich-c: then, you have very big trouble
ron: yeah exactly
ron: anyway..... an Adam quesiton
ron: Don't know if you guys caught my e-mail of the other night -
rich-c: had quite a fight with the neighbour across the way over that, till he had his hip done
ron: Has anyone heard of Australian SmartBasic?
Roberto: myust have missed it Ron
Judy: wasn
Roberto: yes, have heard of it, don't know if I have it
rich-c: yes, I thinbk I have a copy - no big deal, a few minor interface variances - may be able to access a memory expander
Judy: 't the only one he missed
ron: Was telling Craig Lindholm about what software is available in response to a question that you probably all saw
Roberto: had like 400+ messages when we got home
ron: And I seem to recall having a disk called Australian SmartBasic.
ron: unfortunately I can't find it
PEV: sound like a Dr. D question
rich-c: yes, I didn't say anything because then I would have to dig out my copy and I have too much else on my plate right now
ron: ok Rich thanks for that... and it's nice to know that I'm not crazy
PEV: do you know where it is
rich-c: well, I'm setting up a website, as you know, and teh program has lost the address of the database
Roberto: you wanted to give it to him???? or just talkign about it?????
rich-c: and that's a part that's over John's head so I am on my own
ron: Just talking about it
ron: he was asking everyone on here what was their favourite Adam software
rich-c: think I know where it is but my disc drive needs cleaning, won't read
ron: and he listed several categories, like wordprocessor, data base, graphics,
ron: and - of all things - are there any IDE's available
rich-c: and teh place I have to go to get the cleaning kit is inhabited by hydras
PEV: oh, I thought it was just dragons : )
ron: steered him onto "Hollow Dreams" Bob
rich-c: no, they hang out in the basement
PEV: sounds like a job for SuperDaughter
ron: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a duck!!!
PEV: Duck!
ron: able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
rich-c: had ice cream tonight - better have a light beer
PEV: well, tall piles in buildings, anyway
rich-c: brb
ron: :)
PEV: he sends me in to fight the hydras
PEV: I'm steadier on my feet : )
ron: dirty job Pam, but somebody's got to do it
PEV: yup
PEV: Hey, I've got an early lead on the Daughter of the Year Award
Judy: what are we talking about?
ron: and deservedly so
PEV: I found my mama the perfect birthday gift
ron: Super Daughter
ron: which was?
Judy: what did you find?
PEV: a Lego kit of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater
PEV: combining two of mother's favourite things
ron: Ok, you've left me behind
rich-c: Frances is a Lego fanatic
ron: aha
rich-c: and you've heard her on Frank Lloyd Wright
Roberto: AND they love Frank Lloyd Wright's house designs
ron: ok
ron: got it
Judy: would not be something I would want but everyones likes are different
PEV: have you TRIED shopping for my mother????
ron: Haven't bought any Lego since Jeff was about 11
ron: used to buy a LO
PEV: she's impossible to buy for
ron: LOT of it
Judy: we buy lego's but for the boys
ron: now c'mon Judy .... really for the boys??
PEV: after I stopped playing with them Mom started using them
ron: Bob likes it too
rich-c: it's even hard to get ehr to a dinner out
Roberto: not me,,,,Judy does Lego's witht he boys
Judy: have a set bought for Ryan it was his birthday while we were gone
ron: it's got some neat components now. Back in my day (or Jeff's) it was rather crude
Roberto: AND Doug plays with this Lego's and the boys, somtimes together
Judy: he will get it Friday
Meeka: Doug plays the lego video gmes
ron: hey! Why not
PEV: I've gotten good reviews of those Meeka
rich-c: that far Frances hasn't got, yet - but then computer games are not her thing
PEV: except for Jezzball : )
Meeka: they are fun
ron: sigh.... so much I don't know
Meeka: when you die you crumble into pieces
rich-c: yes, and Video Hustler when it occurs to her, and the disc drive is working
PEV: must borrow one from someone who has the game for DS
Judy: Meeka, did Sher tell you Friday we are celebrating birthdays?
Judy: lego pieces
ron: I find that I'm losing my feel for the pulse of the modern world
Meeka: ya, i talked to her about it last night while we walked
Judy: ok
Roberto: ron you got to GET WITH IT
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Roberto: Hi Dale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Meeka: hi dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Dale!
Judy: hi, Dale
PEV: just wait until you have grandkids Ron
Roberto: alone ? or with Jeffery? or Jillian????
rich-c: I think I'm well acquainted with it, I just don't like it
PEV: hi Dale
ron: I know, I know. Somebody asked me over Christmas if I was on Facebook. And today my cousin in PEI asks me if I'm on Skype
rich-c: greetings, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, what kind of car are you?
ron: geez!
PEV: How's Jeffrey tonite?
Dale: Just tried to get Jeffrey to go to sleep.
Dale: He was off school today sick.
ron: Hey Dale!
ron: oh dear!
Dale: So sleep during the day doesn't really seem to help sleep at night all that very much.
Judy: got the flu?
Dale: Well yesterday he burned it off with a fever.
Dale: So now he just has a cough.
ron: not good
rich-c: you're too young for Skype. Maybe when you get to David's age
PEV: yes from what Jillian was saying he sounded like one very sick little boy
Dale: For a while on Tuesday.
ron: Well I'm 65 ya know. That's kinda ancient
Dale: But by this afternoon he seemed bright and cheerful.
Dale: Ready for anything.
rich-c: to me you're still in the kid range
Judy: kids bounce back quick
ron: suppose Rich, it's all relative
PEV: that sounds like good news Dale
rich-c: yes, I have much fun with the others on carnuts-us - I'm the oldest by 20 years
PEV: so Daniel, what kind of car are you?
ron: According to our newspaper this morning Qualicum Beach has older people than anywhere else in Canada
Meeka: well people, I am outta here till next week
PEV: goodnight Meeka
rich-c: he's a Renault 2CV ; - )
PEV: Welcome home
ron: G'nite Meeka. Say Hi to Doug for me
Meeka: ok, will do
Judy: night Meeka see you Friday
rich-c: nite Meeka
Meeka: ok mom
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know, I didn't try this personality test yet
Dale: Goodnight Meeka.
Meeka left chat session
ron: By the way.... another question Craig Lindholm was asking....
ron: are there any web browsers for Adam?
Roberto: no
ron: Does Lynx still work on the net?
rich-c: of course not - the VDP won't support a display at over 1200 baud
ron: thot so, but wasn't sure
Roberto: how did we get on the internet at one conventin????? AC15????
Roberto: text.....and had a friendly isp
rich-c: it was Dale at Adamcon O& and he got onto his b&w text only Freenet account
ron: that was from out here, and David Cobley actually funded a Shaw Cable link for us
ron: just for the 4 days
ron: that's right Rich
rich-c: sorry, 07
Dale: Well I used to use Lynx inside a terminal program
Dale: running on a remote linux machine.
ron: strikes me it's on one of the Linux distros I have here, but I've not tried it
Dale: That's how I used surf the net in my AdamCon 007 days.
rich-c: yes, but basically it was a parlour trick, not really a useful app
ron: Yeah, Dale I seem to recall you doing a session on that
Dale: If you don't like lynx you can use links or w3m is quite good.
Dale: None of them are graphical though.
Daniel Bienvenu: Commodore 64 was the most popular computer and I can't think of any software it can uses except a terminal to connect to another computer which can use lynx.
Dale: The trick used on the palm pilot devices was to have a proxy server refilter the content to fit on the palm's screen and with downsized graphics.
Daniel Bienvenu: In fact, I don't know any vintage computer who can be used for internet purpose.
ron: ah, the good old days on Compuserve
ron: then even they dropped us
Dale: There is the cell phone minimal graphical format now too. WAP or something.
rich-c: actually, the senior Amigas can, and the 3.5 OS has an internet browser built in, I believe
Dale: So you can go to special websites designed for tiny devices.
Dale: It would display quite well on the Adam.
Dale: But I still haven't managed to make an AdamNET ethernet port.
Dale: It's on my list of things to do though of course.
Dale: But I don't really chip away at that list very quickly.
rich-c: a USB port would be much more useful anyway, Dale
ron: Well Dale, you can be forgiven for that - I mean after all, you're working at a real job that pays the bills
Dale: Next Wednesday I'll be in Montreal, getting ready for my Canada Space Agency presentation.
Dale: I'm not sure how that'll go.
Dale: But I'll be there.
ron: sounds like big league stuff
PEV: what are you presenting Dale?
rich-c: maybe you should stir up Guy to look at a fw more hotel possibilities for Adamcon
Dale: It is a get to know my company better type presentation.
PEV: ah
Dale: I'll be suprised if it turns into a useful project.
Dale: But you have to try.
rich-c: exactly
rich-c: anyway, Dale, if you can meddle a bit in advancing AQdamcon, it would be useful
Roberto: AND you never know when or where it might pop back into play and you have that contact
rich-c: seems the only hotel looked at so far is very nice and fuly suitable - if you can stand the price
Dale: It's very true Bob.
rich-c: doesn't make any different to us old folks but your generation has to watch the pennies
Judy: so do we, Rich
Dale: Well, I've been traveling a bit for work.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm about to leave the chat for tonight... hope Jeffrey will be fine soon. good luck with your computer problems anyone! goodnight!
Dale: But now that I have a little more time, I'm going to give Daniel the budget spreadsheet that I've been planning so that he can see what the tradeoffs are for booking something.
Judy: night Daniel
rich-c: yes, but can our gang live with $124 a room? I can, you can, but can the otehrs?
rich-c: night Daniel - a la prochaine
ron: Time to feed Dog's Body A BRB
Judy: we can't
ron: night Daniel
Roberto: nite Daniel
Dale: talk to me on YIM when you get a minute Daniel.
Dale: goodnight Daniel.
PEV: night Daniel
PEV: don't forget you have to look at it from a per-person perspective Dad
ron: done
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
PEV: and $62 per person per night is not so bad
ron: Mr. Bona
Dale: Well at $124/night it does include some breakfast.
Guy B.: Hi Dale. didn't see you come in
Dale: So maybe it isn't as bad as it sounds.
rich-c: understood, Pam, and I know prices are higher in Quebec even in a recession
Dale: Usually I trip over those laptop bags in the corner, but today I was extra quiet Guy B.
rich-c: still for a group I suspect tehre's too much of a premium there for airport location and maybe some goodies we don't need
Dale: Location isn't super important to us, but the meeting space really is. So that's what has to work out for us.
rich-c: oh yes, Frances and I would stay there or something similar by preference - but teh Drushels? I muchly doubt it
rich-c: I think GuyF and Luc and Daniel are much in need of your experienced advice, Dale
PEV: I suspect that Rich is already squirreling away his pennies to pay for it
Roberto: si Dale..........that sounds quite high compared to what we paid in GR
rich-c: he is but tehre are limits, though perhaps not as drastic as he imagines them
rich-c: you can't compare with GR, Bob - in Quebec minimum wages are far higher, and the economy is strin ger
ron: Think the spreadsheet would be a good idea
Dale: Well we are not as big a party, so are not as likely to get big breaks for volume of staying.
rich-c: you have to allow for much higher costs and taxes
Dale: So either way that'll tend to make it more expensive than AdamCons of 10 years ago.
rich-c: hell, simple inflation would justify an almost 50% higher cost than 2000
ron: exactly
Judy: we did not find that we looked, prices were about the same as the last time we had a convention here
rich-c: $450 now should hurt no more than $300 then, but I can 't even convince myself of that
ron: Anyway good people, I'm going to take my leave. The patient requires my attention. Hopefully see ya next week
PEV: I think we've done a good job of holding down costs
PEV: best wishes to Susan, Ron
ron: tks Pam
ron: nite all
PEV: take care of yourself too
Dale: Well for AdamCon 12, I charged $420 Canadian.
rich-c: our best to you and Susan, Ron
ron: tks
Roberto: nite Ron
ron: pooofff
Judy: night Ron and say hi to Susan
rich-c: yes, but our dollar was down and that didn't hurt the American members so much
Dale: It cost $300 US at the time.
Judy: but the dollars are about the same now
rich-c: yes, the U.S. dollar is about $1,03 Canadian and has been less some of the last few days
Dale: The fact that the dollars are very close hasn't really affected Canadian hotel rates all that much, from what I've seen.
rich-c: no, they' have been high and stayed high ; - )
PEV: and Canadian hotel rates tend to run about 10 - 15% higher per night to begin with
rich-c: yes, we have higher wages and higher taxes - we have to pay for our Medicare somehow!
Dale: So having AdamCon 22 cost about the same as AdamCon 12 did in Canadian dollars will mean a much lower quality hotel.
Dale: And that's just how it goes.
Roberto: ouch
Dale: It's easy to reserve 10 rooms.
rich-c: I'd say there is a very legitimate explanation for about $450/ person, but will the others buy it?
Dale: The stuff that is trickey is making a meeting room work inside the budget.
rich-c: and finding a sawoff on food, and what to include, and services like wireless internet
Dale: Well, that's how much AdamCon 19 was $450 canadian for sure.
rich-c: true, but our American were not being pinched as much then
Dale: Wireless Internet is very easy to find in most hotels these days. It is the "Color TV" of the 2000s.
rich-c: agreed - but ask Bob about how it is on cruise ships
rich-c: apparently there is an outfit buying wireless concession rights in hotels, campgrounds, and stuff
rich-c: they are as rapacious as the hospital tv crowd
Guy B.: Well folks, going to wrap up here. See you all next week
Judy: time to turn in so night all
rich-c: night Guy, see you
rich-c: you too, Judy? goodnight, then!
PEV: gnite Judy
PEV: Gnite Guy
Judy left chat session
Roberto: yup, me too.......morning comes early enough
Guy B.: Poof
PEV: night Bob
Guy B. left chat session
PEV: welcome home
rich-c: true enough, Robert - take care. Night!
Dale: Goodnight Bob.
PEV: well Dale good luck with your presentation next week
Roberto: yes, goo dluck Dale !!!!!
Dale: Thanks.
Roberto: see you all next week
Roberto left chat session
Dale: Hopefully they ask questions. I'm good at answering questions.
rich-c: anyway Dale we really do need some knowledgable stirring in Montreal now - please do see what you can do
Dale: I meant to go there in October and set something up, but my plans got changed.
rich-c: shall we saw, such things do happen?
Dale: Unfortunately yet.
Dale: yes*
rich-c: anyway, what we need is answers for June just after the GP circus leaves
rich-c: and do update the chat so folks can see what we're up to ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: please, tell me what is the average per person just for the room that people including the slopsema family will accept. goodnight all!
rich-c: we'll do our best, Daniel. Bonsoir!
Dale: I am working on a spreadsheet now Daniel.
rich-c: and Dale, Daniel needs that spreadsheet bad
Dale: Well I'm trying to make a good version Rich, so he'll have to wait patiently.
rich-c: Pam, your 2 cents worth would help too
PEV: yes, working on that
rich-c: well, for both of you, the clock is our enemy now
PEV: anyway gents, it's time for bed
rich-c: indeed it is - night, daughter
PEV: night Dad, I'll let you know about the coffee
rich-c: good show
PEV: Good night Dale
PEV: Night, Daniel
PEV: kerpoof
PEV left chat session
rich-c: think it is time I followed my daughter's example
rich-c: so Dale and Daniel, goodnight and bonsoir
Dale: good night. Until next time.
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Dale: Daniel, I ran the numbers, and it doesn't seem too bad.
Dale: If we could find a slightly less expensive hotel then it is always fine. But because the hot breakfast is included, this seems to work out okay.
Daniel Bienvenu: if only the meeting room was not that expensive
Dale: I've emailed my calculations.
Dale: Take a look, if you're interested.,
Dale: I assumed that we'd only want the meeting room for 3 days, not 4.
Dale: The reception we can have elsewhere.
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks dale, talk to you later. goodnight
Dale left chat session
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