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rich-c: test
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!1
rich-c: hello GuyB, you're early
changed username to BobS
Guy B.: The president is giving his State of the Union address.
rich-c: farn dingers - took you a while to type that, Bob
BobS: the cold winter winds R blowin'
Guy B.: Snow and cold here too
Guy B.: HI Bob
BobS: was changin the channel OFF of the State of the Union address......yuck!!!!!
BobS: hey Guy, snowing there also??????????????????
Guy B.: That's why I don't watch it and I'm on now
rich-c: we had a dusting of snow overnight, and below freezing all day
BobS: yupk watchign CSI form Monday
Guy B.: My car is back at the dealership again
rich-c: what's the matter ow, Guy?
BobS: oh oh
BobS: tis BUSTED
BobS: or lonesome for company
BobS: SAY you don't have a toyaota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: with a stuck gas pedal
rich-c: well those dealership techs charge a big price for a "massage" ; - )
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BobS: you think his car just wanted a rubd?own
Guy B.: Trac Off and Check Engine lights came on while my car was at the mechanic. I needed to have the belt replaced and got and oil change as well. The lights came on when he started the car. This is now the 8th time for the Trac Off and 4th for the Check Engine
changed username to Judy
BobS: ooops
Judy: Hi, Rich and Guy
BobS: what is Trac off???
rich-c: late model c ars, if they show a warning light, it's time to trade them in (unless warranty covers)hello< Judy
Guy B.: It's with the ABS system
BobS: traction..........................light
rich-c: if it just means the ABS is fibbled, then you can maybe get by with using the brakes like you did when you learned to drive
BobS: abs is nice, but..................lots of trouble some times
rich-c: but with "check engine: you just hope it's an emission part so the warranty still covers
BobS: got ADS & traction control onthe Marquis.......nice
BobS: hmmmmmm.................emission....wonder if Marquis is still covered
rich-c: handling anything that big when it gets slippery makes you really appreciate them
BobS: naw, just slip and SLIDE mon
BobS: using tiny car anyway
BobS: only 3000miles on it
rich-c: you may want to check with NHTSA on that, if you're under five years/100,000K miles
Judy: were out in the little car tonight and it did just fine
Judy: and it was really slippery
BobS: nope 8yrs and 60,000
Guy B.: Well, I'm getting very frustrated as this has been going on for over 2 months
rich-c: yes, the smaller the car the less momentum, less inclination to slide
BobS: LEMON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy B.: Beginning to be like that for a 7 year old car
Judy: be glad that you don't have a toyota
Guy B.: I know
Judy: they really have a problem
rich-c: not sure if the mileage limit will help if you're over teh time, they are very righteous about emissions these days
rich-c: anyway check the NHTSA website because the dealer will dodge if he thinks you don't know
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
rich-c: all the Toyota scene proves is that they make mistakes like everyone else
Judy: hi, Daniel
rich-c: in fact they have been good but have not had topp quality for years now
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Guy B.: brb
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm open to feedback, comments and suggestions
BobS: hi Daniel
rich-c: oh, Frances and I have stayed at Hampton Inns before
rich-c: we like being spoiled and can affod to pay for it - we'd go if it we $1000 per person
rich-c: but very few of teh rst of the crowd have much loose cash to throw around, it's their opinions that matter
rich-c: but I think $400 Canadian is consistent with our past and very good value for the money
BobS: ya mon................need to hold the price down to under $400 per person including 2 meals and banquet..........hope
BobS: cheaper=better
BobS: for us
BobS: and prolly Doug & Meeka and Rich and Erin
BobS: etc, etc
BobS: no new news on the htoel fornt?
BobS: hotel front
BobS: farn dingers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
rich-c: not really these days, Bob - the Wicks and Ron are used to upscale standards, ditto Jean
BobS: Ron couldn't afford last year
BobS: the clees and the wicks are the only flush ones methinks
rich-c: well, I believe there were other extraordinary demands on his resources
rich-c: well, if Rin manages to find a job, the Drushels should be pretty well off too
rich-c: and Pam and Russell are better about budgeting than they let on
Judy: how about Pam?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, Dale and I talked today... I did more phone calls... there is a cheaper place, but not adequat for rich's needs.
Daniel Bienvenu: some other places was way too expensive, like the Radisson
rich-c: anyway, $400 given inflation is very consistent with all previous Adamcons, everything costs more these days
Daniel Bienvenu: it's under $400us for sure
rich-c: I hope Jean's coming and she needs more support than I do
Daniel Bienvenu: taxes, breakfast and banquet included
Daniel Bienvenu: the outside activity is included too
rich-c: can we get extra nights at the same room rate if we choose?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, rich
Daniel Bienvenu: extra nights is possible
rich-c: can you get us a tour of Unibroue? Or McAuslan's? or Dieu de ciel?
rich-c: fyi Bob those are local c raft breweries, beer better than you have ever tasted
Daniel Bienvenu: you want to visit where they make beers?
BobS: might not be tghe most popular tour for the rest Richard
rich-c: only micro-breweries or craft breweries, like Boreal, not Molsons
Daniel Bienvenu: What about gardens or insects or biodome?
rich-c: true Bob, Rich is TT by preference I know, and some otehrs wouldn't care
Judy: gardens don't know about insects
rich-c: my tongue was wandering a bit in the direction of my cheek - but I'd like it ; -
BobS: good one RichaRD
BobS: sorry about caps
BobS: farnb dingers
rich-c: as long as there is parking, Daniel, because Jean and I can't use public transit
Daniel Bienvenu: I know.
BobS: need free parking mon
rich-c: Daniel, in Quebec there is a chain of buffets offering a sampling of many different cuisins
BobS: or will have ot walk
Daniel Bienvenu: free parking at the hotel
Daniel Bienvenu: for the rest, I need to see first what are your suggestions of activities
rich-c: do you know the chain, and is there one around the hotel somewhere?
BobS: want to go to a strip club.................................
Judy: not
BobS: >grin>
BobS: see the river Montreal
BobS: ot whatecer
BobS: wharewver
BobS: ya that too
rich-c: don't remember what it's called
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I'm not from Montreal, but maybe GuyF will tell you what you need to know of special places you want to go.
BobS: heck, we could just have Sat afternoon OFF.....that is what we used to do
rich-c: yes, I found one when we were in Hull - noisy but fun
Daniel Bienvenu: jokes aside, I'll try to find an activity that fit the budget, with a parking as free as possible
BobS: so you could stay at the hotel, or go somewhere or not
Judy: we are not really that hard to please, Daniel
rich-c: yes, Montreal traffic makes Italians want to go back to Rome
Judy: can
BobS: MOntreal, do as the romasn do
Judy: can't be worse than Wasington or Florida
rich-c: Washington is so easy Montrealers use traffic time to talk on their cellphones
BobS: Florida sucks and Washington is even worse, BUT......Robert is an ANIMAL when it comes to bullying
Judy: that is true
BobS: look out world
BobS: go ahead MAKE MY DAY
rich-c: that's the Montreal way - "YOU look out for me"
Judy: he can do that
Judy: so can Meeka
rich-c: oh they will, Bob, they will - they'll line up to do it
rich-c: it makes veterans of thirty years of Toronto rush hours shiver, and Detroiters shake in their boots
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope you'll be able to drive in Montreal... you know about turning at a red light? well, that's not allowed yet in Montreal as far as I know.
Judy: that is a good thing to know, Daniel
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rich-c: anyway if you can take Le Metro, downtown is very well served
BobS: got it Daniel
changed username to Ron
Ron: evening
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Ron,
Ron: Hi Daniel
rich-c: hey Ron, howdy
Ron: howdy
BobS: YO Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: hiwdy?
Judy: hi, Ron
BobS: how's the wife doing????????????????????????????
rich-c: how is my fellow hippie doing?
Ron: Hi Bob and Judy
BobS: and yourself????
BobS: the "diskwasher/cook"
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't understand... ho well,
Ron: ok thank you. She still using the walker, but gaining mobility
BobS: cool
rich-c: good, I think you will see her making solid progress
Ron: yup for sure eh?
Judy: that is good
BobS: hippeee...........Richard AND Susan hav eone
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron, did you visit Montreal at least once in your life? What do you think?
Ron: <grin>
Daniel Bienvenu: Any suggestion of activities in Montreal for the Adamcon?
Daniel Bienvenu: just want to know a suggestion
BobS: the local.......................zoo
Ron: Many times Daniel. From your message today, I'd say you're on the right track. Sounds good to me
rich-c: send them up to teh top of Mount Royal, maybe?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Dale is helping me a lot .
Ron: Oh you mean where to visit
Ron: Yes, I'd agree - Mount Royal for sure
BobS: ya got a mountain in Montreal?????????????????????
rich-c: remember Susan and Jean and I can't take public transit, and you know about driving in Montreal (shudder)
Judy: that sounds like a good place
Ron: yes sir - one of the nicest in the land
Ron: you have a super view of the whole city from there
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I did always think that Montreal was the contraction of Mont and Real, the first word means Mount.
rich-c: right in the middel of teh city with a b ig illuminated cross at teh peak
Daniel Bienvenu: Mountain
Daniel Bienvenu: But it's not
Daniel Bienvenu: I think
BobS: AH HA.......jsut like in El Paso,,,,,,which ya'll missed
Ron: I did and I regret that Bob
BobS: sat up ther with a Dairy
rich-c: goes back to old French, "Royal Mountain" I believe, Dan iel
BobS: Queen Blizzrd every night watching the sunsety
BobS: no regrets Ron.....jsut new expectations
Ron: one of those "moments" of life
BobS: yo had mum to take care of Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: The Mont Royal is in fact the result of a hot spot that creates different mountains in the provinces, including Rougemont.
Ron: wish I could commit to this year, but at the moment I just can't do that
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BobS: we needs you and Susan Ron....keep us in your thoughts
rich-c: we really want you and Susan, if only to compare notes
changed username to PEV
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam
Judy: hi, Pamela
BobS: A PEV...................hmmmmmmm]
Ron: Pamela ! Hi!
PEV: hi folks
BobS: HI Pam
Guy B.: HI Pam
rich-c: and don't worry, we won't tell her TOO much about your colourful past ; - )
rich-c: hi daughter
PEV: tell who what?
Daniel Bienvenu: I did asked otheres if they have an idea or suggestion about what to do for the Adamcon outside activity. any idea, pam?
rich-c: see just afer you came in, Pam
PEV: clueless Dan
BobS: now THAT has to be a first pam..................NO IDEAS?????
PEV: I don't know anything about Montreal
rich-c: the real good stuff is in the Old City but we can't get there
Daniel Bienvenu: animals? gardens? insects? another place like Mont Royal?
PEV: probably, Bob
Ron: Is there anything left of the old "Man and His World" site?
Ron: As in Expo 67?
Daniel Bienvenu: ishh... good question
rich-c: yes, the whole island is still there, the old French pavilion is now a major gambling casion
Ron: was there in 1968, and it was still going strong
Ron: but that was a while ago
rich-c: problem is, the racetrack will be used for the Canadian Grand Prix the Sunday before Adamcon
PEV: Daniel, each side trip we've done has been something very typical or representative of the city we've been in
Ron: brb
rich-c: and they are going to have a major challenge cleaning up after
rich-c: going to have to lean on GuyF and Montreal tourist bureau for this one
rich-c: problem with Montreal is that all the good stuff is either downtown or up the Autoroute toward the Parc des Laurentides
PEV: Whitby had Cullen Gardens, Chicago had the Shedd Aquarium, Ottawa had the museum, Niagara had the butterfly conservatory, GR had Meijer Gardens
PEV: all things those places are famous for
PEV: so, what is Montreal famous for?
BobS: Gu Foster
PEV: think carefully about what you're saying Bob
rich-c: the underground city for its shopping, Ile Notre Dame, the Architectural Centre, lots of nice restaurants and great beer
PEV: he has three kids still in diapers
BobS: ok forgtet that
rich-c: the Old City has all sorts of historical buildings and landmarks
rich-c: the topiary down by the port can be quite fascinating
rich-c: that's just off teh top of my head
PEV: what's left of Terre des Hommes?
PEV: oh, Ron already asked that
rich-c: a good many of the buildings, converted to other uses
rich-c: I think they have even found a use for the remains of the US pavilion after teh fire
rich-c: not sure but there may be an amusement midway too
rich-c: watch the broadcast of the Grand Prix of Canada Sunday before we go - you'll see a good deal in the background
PEV: Daniel, other things to think about regarding the outing include accessability, parking (particularly handicapped) very close, ease of travel to the site and price
rich-c: I've already reminded him Jean, Susan and I can't use public transit
PEV: what I mean by accessability is, can we get into and out of it without going up and down a lot of steps
Daniel Bienvenu: As for the hotel, free parking and right infront the entrance, so that's not a problem. but yeah, it's not close to a possible activity that you may want to go.
PEV: well Susan probably will be able to by that point
PEV: so, think outside the box
rich-c: with an implant there are a lot of things they don't want you to do
rich-c: mind you I also have osteoporosis and a broken back to worry about, si I'm an extreme case
Daniel Bienvenu: Easier for me to think of Quebec city than Montreal... I'm too far to know what is close to what and at what cost.
Ron: back
PEV: Daniel, did I understand correctly that the hotel is in Laval?
PEV: Ron, question
rich-c: but Jean is in denial about being frail elderly, but it'sd catching up to her
Ron: Unfortunately, Susan isn't really into the idea of spending nearly two grand on a 4 day trip, so I will have to tread lightly
Daniel Bienvenu: The hotel is very close to GuyF's house, if you want to visit Sandra and kids
PEV: driving time between Ottawa and Montreal?
rich-c: it is also quite close the the airport, n'est-ce pas?
Ron: about 2 hours Pam
Ron: no more than that
PEV: ok
PEV: thanks
Daniel Bienvenu: less than Quebec-Ottawa I did for Neil's Adamcon.
rich-c: that of course is at Ron's speeds; your results may differ...
Ron: I do the speed limit Rich - ahem...
Guy B.: Ok back
Daniel Bienvenu: the legal or extrapolated speed limit?
rich-c: except you keep forgetting the speedometer is reding klicks now, right? ; - )
Ron: whatever the sign by the side of the road says
Judy: and add a little
Ron: Only problem with that strategy is that behind me there are a thousend Rich Clee's <evil grin>
PEV: Daniel for suggestions, hit the Ville de Montreal website and the Chamber of Commerce website
rich-c: just keep up with traffic - usually that means 17% over the sign
PEV: <snicker>
PEV: I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?
Judy: as our daughter says you can only drive as fast as the person in front of you
Ron: yes you did... girl, now you're in do-do
rich-c: I've timed it, that's how I choose my cruise control setting
Daniel Bienvenu: well, yeah, if you're not too slow compared to the others there will be no problem in theory. they are slightly more flexible about speed limits, but not that much
Ron: My Honda Fit has no cruise control
Ron: I should say OUR Honda Fit
rich-c: that's OK, it's not fast enough to get into trouble anyway
Ron: Foxy the Sebring got sold off last summer
Ron: bight your tongue my man!!!
Ron: <grin>
rich-c: time for my beer
Ron: For 53 miles per gallon, I will believe in her
Ron: Don't even care that the engine sounds like a sewing machine
PEV: Ron, you're causing snickers again!
rich-c: OTOH, kick my 350 V-* and say hello to teh nice officer
rich-c: and you'll know where all the gas stations are 'cause you won't be passing them!
PEV: I'll just wave as I sail on by : )
Daniel Bienvenu: Anyone can speak a few words in french or not?
PEV: my baby gets amazing highway mileage
PEV: oui, monsieur
PEV: un peu
rich-c: j'ai un petit peu de Francais, comme tu sais
Judy: no
Judy: we don't speek French
rich-c: now, maybe a dash of Spanish...
Daniel Bienvenu: you should learn at least a few words, just in case.
rich-c: just wear an American flag pin and they will make some effort for you
PEV: think Spanish with a twist
Judy: I tried in school and it didn't work out so well
BobS: aprley vo francais???????????????????
Judy: or keep someone with us
BobS: that is it
rich-c: anyway, unless you go int ot eat end, Monreal is pretty bilingual, and out around Westmount mainly English
Daniel Bienvenu: well, in Montreal, it's 50% french, 50% english if we ignore all the other languages.
Daniel Bienvenu: you may be served in english without any problem, but just in case, you'll need to know a few words
PEV: most people speak at least some English
rich-c: sorry, into the east end...
BobS: got to McDonalds........put up finger for # 1
Judy: let us know what words to know
rich-c: I have never had any problem there
BobS: no curese words PLEASE
PEV: please = sil vous plait (see voo play)
Ron: Boomer is hungry - brb
rich-c: oh, French cusswords are generally pretty mild, translated you wouldn't recognize many
PEV: thank you = merci
PEV: you're welcome = de rien
PEV: or = il n'ya pas de quoi
rich-c: except they'll shorten it to "pas de quoi"
PEV: bathroom = salle de bain
Ron: ok
rich-c: but it may be marked toilette, which is popular not proper french
Ron: je n'ai rien a dire
PEV: = I have nothing to say
Ron: can't find my accents
rich-c: pas de tout?
Daniel Bienvenu: good point : toilette, toilet... very similar
PEV: they don't work in the chat anyway Ron
Ron: absoluement rien
BobS: not marked :pooper" ??????????????????
BobS: or in french....poopereh
rich-c: nope, hommes and femmes, you guess which is which
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BobS: like hombres and dammes
changed username to Dale
BobS: HI Dale
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Judy: hi, Dale
PEV: Hi Dale
rich-c: hi Dale, just having a French lesson - sort of
PEV: how'd it go today?
Dale: Hi ya.
Dale: Sort of not here.
rich-c: rough one?
Ron: Hi Dale
Dale: My presentation tomorrow, so I'm just doing final edits.
Daniel Bienvenu: Thanks Dale for your help. spreadsheet and advices, very appreciate
PEV: oh you make me feel guilty Daniel
PEV: I still have work to do for you
Daniel Bienvenu: your advices was considered, Pam.
Daniel Bienvenu: Like those by Rich
PEV: I'm sure I can find you more : )
rich-c: yes advice is easy to come by, and mostly worth just wehat you pay for it
Daniel Bienvenu: I need a text with the usual questions... adults, kids, rooms, t-shirt sizes, etc.
rich-c: in short, what we have been talking about here, but organized
rich-c: get Dale to bring teh chat log up to date and it will all be there, Daniel
Ron: Push for exclusive use of ADAM on the Space Station Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: And there still the activity to choose based on parking and your suggestions
rich-c: anyone downloaded and tried Geoff's new Virtual Adam yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich, earlier, you talked about a road of food or something... I'm not sure if it's the same but I think there is one called "route de la gastronomie".
Ron: yes - quite a nice piece of work
Ron: Who Wrote ADAM Bomb?
Ron: same author for Virtual Adam
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't tried Virtual Adam yet. sorry
rich-c: you sure? I though it was someone else. Who? Senior moment
Guy B.: Haven't downloaded it yet
Ron: Steve Pitman
Ron: that's it
Ron: It's up on Joe Blenkle's site
rich-c: non, Daniel, I was speaking of a restaurant chain, not that I WOULD OBJECT TO SOME NICE RESTAURANTS
rich-c: sorry about shouting!
Ron: It's ok Rich. I am 3000 miles away
rich-c: but you have downloaded it and tried it, Ron?
Ron: yes
Ron: last night
Ron: works like a hot damn
BobS: Steve Pitman...............................
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Bob for your email
rich-c: I would do so but am having a battle royal with phpbb at the moment
BobS: look it over
BobS: Daniel
Ron: Tell ya what I want, what I really really want
Ron: A USB connection between ADAM and Mac
BobS: oh
rich-c: virtual Adam to use a USB 3-1/3 drive?
Judy: and not crispy bacon?
BobS: installed the NEW virtual ADAM....NICE
PEV: that too : )
Ron: alas! have discovered that bacon play havoc with me respiratory system (go figure)
Ron: so it appears I'm allergic to crispy bacon
Judy: really???
Ron: Praise be!
Ron: yup
rich-c: too much salt, makes your heart act up?
Ron: could be
Daniel Bienvenu: So far, based strickly on the persons who answered my first messages about the ADAMCon 22, 2010. I did count 6 adults and 2 kids who really think to be there for sure. Don't tell me that only 6 adults will be at the Adamcon this year?
Judy: bummer
BobS: who'd a thunk it Ron
Ron: getting old
PEV: its early days yet Daniel
BobS: I gave ya probable 4
Guy B.: Give it time Daniel. Maybe not everyone has decided if they might be coming
Ron: Build it Daniel; they will come
rich-c: yes, but some people always come - hell, there are four Clee adults alone
PEV: Just by my quick count: Rich, Erin, Pam, Russell, Richard, Frances, Daniel, Guy F., Guy B., Dale, Jillian, Jeffrey, Bob, Judy, Meeka, Doug
PEV: That's fifteen adults and one child
Guy B.: Most will definitely have their minds made up around April or May
Daniel Bienvenu: err... as far as I know, because it's in June, Jeffrey can't be there
rich-c: Rich and Erin are not absolutes, are they?
PEV: add in Sandra and the three kids and you've topped twenty
Ron: there ya go
Daniel Bienvenu: err... Sandra and kids will stay at home apparently
PEV: Rich sent an e-mail saying they are planning to be there
rich-c: and don't forget Murray, he always comes
PEV: oh, forgot about Murray!
PEV: also, Luc Miron
rich-c: yes, he has sounded pretty determined
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know if Luc will stay at the hotel but sure he will participate at teh event
PEV: and Neil possibly
Judy: and maybe Jean
PEV: and Melanie
PEV: if we have Jean, we will have Melanie
rich-c: yes, they will come if Jean can stand it
PEV: don't know about Jeffrey either Daniel
PEV: he was at 20 and that was the same weekend
rich-c: Melanie was on here some weeks ago and sounded pretty determined
PEV: : ) good
Ron: Must love ya's and leave ya's folks. Need to move on to some household chores not usually my responsibility
PEV: how is Susan progressing Ron?
Ron: You'll make it Daniel. Don't worry, be happy
BobS: be good ron
rich-c: I've been on teh bed end of that, Ron, and understand completely. Treat her tenderly.
Ron: Doing ok Pam. She's still doing the walker thing, but I can see daily strength increases
PEV: that's great news Ron
Judy: night Ron don't work tooooo hard
PEV: give her our best please
Ron: indeed Rich. If I don't I get told
Ron: yes, thanks all
Ron: niters
Daniel Bienvenu: It will be probably the only one I'll organize... except if I can make one in quebec city in the future, but it's 2+ hours more to drive
rich-c: nite, Ron
PEV: g'nite
Daniel Bienvenu: he was fast... bonne nuit Ron
Dale: Bye Ron.
PEV: Daniel we've been all the way out to Comox BC (well, some of us have)
PEV: we can make it to Quebec City
PEV: not to mention Seattle and Salt Lake City
rich-c: I even have a cousin in Ste.Foy who might like a visit
PEV: believe me, once you've done it once, the second round will be a cinch
Daniel Bienvenu: looking at adamcon 21 registration form and I want to ask if there was any special case your formular didn't considered?
PEV: especially if you're working in a city that you're more familiar with
PEV: Bob, your ball
Daniel Bienvenu: ?? ball ??
rich-c: english idom, Daniel - "The ball is in your court", from tennis
BobS: when the need arrises me
BobS: didn't llok too close at it, but it covers pretty much everything
rich-c: you got Voip, Bob?
BobS: who?
BobS: nope
rich-c: Skype or similar, internet phone calling
BobS: got sick once
BobS: nope
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have skype but I can't phone anyone because it's not free.
BobS: email works good
BobS: see????? expensive
Judy: Bob checkes email daily
Daniel Bienvenu: but I can use it to speak with someone who also have a skype account, for free.
rich-c: but once you buy the Voip service, calling is free, isn't it?
Daniel Bienvenu: but to phone at a residence phone, I can't. and sometimes it doesn't work (they can't hear you)
rich-c: I have heard that is teh case - though David Cobley got through to me very easily a week ago
PEV: note to self: get out thumb drives
rich-c: make sure you number them, Pam - they are so cheap these days you will soon have more
PEV: they're all different Dad, at least so far
rich-c: yes, one comes on sale, then another, still the quantity builds up
Daniel Bienvenu: many people try voip by installing a linus machine, which I think is called trixbox. My friend installed one, paid for a voip service tobe able to use it to phone anyone he want and he did save money after all... probably because electricity is cheap here.
Judy: need to say night I am tired had a hard day
PEV: and I haven't been using them as much recently because the USB port on my work computer ( the old one) stopped recognizing them
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Judy!
PEV: night Judy
rich-c: undrstand, Judy - get your rest and take care
PEV: and Bob, because I know you'll be right behind
Daniel Bienvenu: And don't worry too much about learning a few french words... no stress.
Judy left chat session
rich-c: in fact you don't need them, though clues on pronunciation in general help
BobS: ok you are correct pam
Daniel Bienvenu: well, if you need water you can say "del' o". ;-)
BobS: got to snuggle in to bed. gonna be cool here tonight and tomorrow night
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit bob
BobS: maybe near 0*f
Guy B.: Bye Bob
BobS: nite gang
PEV: yes us too, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks again for the mail
BobS left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: cold?
rich-c: OK Bob, bonsoir! (your firat French lesson), guess what it mans
rich-c: tres froid, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I know what cold means... just k
Guy B.: Well, guess it's time for me as well. See you all next week
Daniel Bienvenu: just don't know why he said that
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Guy
PEV: gnite Guy
rich-c: yes, I would expect a Quebecois to know what cold means
Daniel Bienvenu: next lesson : numbers
rich-c: nite Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
PEV: pas de probleme Daniel
PEV: it's translating them fast enough back to english that's my issue
PEV: found that when we were in Gatineau
Daniel Bienvenu: well, very few english persons can say the french(also japanese) "U" sound.
rich-c: oh, they are having a cold night around Lake Michigan. too
Daniel Bienvenu: with numbers, the first one is a problem.... UN or UNE
Daniel Bienvenu: always ask for two is easier
rich-c: well, just teh gender is a problem - except I gather francophones don't bother much with that anyway
PEV: anyway gents its time I went kerpoof - stuff to do before bed
rich-c: oh I don't know, for un just grunt and hold up one finger
PEV: but before I do: Dad, I looked for your coffee again this week and nowhere to be found
PEV: will keep trying
rich-c: thanks, Pam, Loblaws still seem to have stock difficulties - but I appreciate your persis tence
PEV: RCSS too, but don't get me started
Daniel Bienvenu: Une chambre, Une reservation, Un restaurant, Un repas, Une nuit, Un jour, Un verre d'eau, Un stationnement, Une epicerie, Un centre d'achats, Un magasin, Une maison, etc.
PEV: on that note, I'm outta here
rich-c: anyway, get your beauty sleep and a good rest
PEV: bonne nuit, Daniel
PEV: good night Dale - good luck tomorrow!
Daniel Bienvenu: "Un" sounds strangely like "a" in enlish if you don't take care of listening too much.
rich-c: exactly, Daniel, there's really no reason for most of them
PEV: Good night Daddy
rich-c: nite daughter
PEV: kerpoof
PEV left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: what is a kerpoof?
Daniel Bienvenu: I guess it's not a fooprek
rich-c: anglais pour "kerpouf" ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, "pouf"
Daniel Bienvenu: It's only you and me, Dale seems away
Daniel Bienvenu: it's time to say goodnight even for me
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, je pense qu'il me faut partir aussi
Daniel Bienvenu: I'll ask my friends in Montreal for some help about what to visit.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
rich-c: eh bien, bonsoir Daniel, 'night Dale - a la prochaine
rich-c: au revoir
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale? talk to you later.
Dale: Okay
Dale: Until then!
Dale left chat session
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