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rich-c: test
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changed username to Meeka
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hi Meeka!
rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: how is the weather doing over your way, Meeka?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir,
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Meeka: ok at the moment
changed username to BobS
Meeka: hi dad
rich-c: allo Roberto
Daniel Bienvenu: I was finishing something... I hope I'm not late tonight
BobS: Hello der all'ya
BobS: nope on time daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: After your advices, I did set the adamcon registration at $400, which is $375us.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's only $25 more than last summer if I look carefully
rich-c: all my cursor cronies on the car site are complaining about winter storms on them or coming, or both
rich-c: you can even make it an option - $375US OR $400 Canadian
BobS: don't know.......maybe early next week or so?????
BobS: going to Mark & Dawns; Fri, maybe Joyce & Rob Sat and G&G Kerkestra SUn..........
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changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi, Meeka, Rich and Daniel
BobS: OR you coul dmake it $400ca and $375us
rich-c: hello Judy, you have almost the whole family here
Meeka: hi mom
Judy: well not exactly
BobS: just kiddin ya Daniel
rich-c: can you folks live with an Adamcon @ $375 each for registration?
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BobS: have too , no???????
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BobS: got to save pennies............kinda real tight right now
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changed username to Guy B.
Meeka: hi guy
BobS: dates are?????????????????????????????
Guy B.: Greetings!!
rich-c: well, it's pretty much in line with previous, and what it takes to have a decent show
Judy: someone is trying to get in
BobS: June 17-20???????
Judy: Hi, Guy
Meeka: june17-20 I think
rich-c: hello Guy
Meeka: I know its over Dougs b-day agian
Daniel Bienvenu: friday, june 18
Judy: is he okay with that?
Daniel Bienvenu: so it's days 18-20 june
Guy B.: I got the dates and I have the vacation dates all set for this year
Meeka: lol, dont think he cares
rich-c: hey, if you're going out for a birthday dinner, Montreal is the place!
Judy: there you go
Daniel Bienvenu: dong's b-day, when?
Daniel Bienvenu: doug... sorry
rich-c: Daniel, which hotel are you thinking of? Hampton Inn or Chateauneuf de Laval?
Judy: the 20th
Daniel Bienvenu: Chateauneuf is $400 with lunchs... Hampton is over $400 and no lunch.
BobS: did you reserve BOTH handicapped rooms right away?????????
Meeka: no biggie daniel, it has happened before
Judy: that is true, and probably good
Guy B.: brb
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I ddin't reserved yet the 2 rooms... I should know first dates Rich will decided to stay at this hotel
rich-c: Chateauneuf also has a bit more of a French atmosphere, I believe
Daniel Bienvenu: so, Doug's b-day will be at the same day as the banquet
Meeka: I got the cruise pics posted mom
Daniel Bienvenu: it will be a long birthdays week-end then... mine is friday, june 18.
rich-c: grab them, Daniel, then warn them we may want an extension backwards or forwards
Meeka: cool
Judy: will have to take a look at them again
Daniel Bienvenu: They said there is no problem to be served in french or english or both... they have the experience to deal with different languages.
Meeka: thats good, cuz I dont know any french
Judy: that is very good my french is not good
rich-c: in that part of Quebec seems almost everyone is as bilingual as Guy Foster anyway
BobS: Iam emailing Jean Stone as we speak.....................she will need the other room
rich-c: just wear an American flag pin
Daniel Bienvenu: easy... water = "o", washroom = "toilette" (sounds nearly like toilet in english). for the rest, it's more complicated, but you'll be fine.
rich-c: she an always get a big laugh out of me trying to pretend I know French
Judy: don't you Rich?
rich-c: not really, I can read most of a French menu or newspaper, but my spoken Fench is terrible
Daniel Bienvenu: tomorrow, I'll phone them again and know how much money they want prepaid for the adamcon at their hotel.
rich-c: since I can control the scripting pretty well I can get my point across to Daniel
Judy: got ya
rich-c: but I suspect he shuddres at my misconstructions and malapropisms
Judy: what you type has me fooled, Rich
rich-c: OK Daniel, soon as you know how much and when it can be dealt with
rich-c: that's because I do know enough to bluff in limited circumstances - I don't fool Daniel or Luc or Guy, though
Daniel Bienvenu: I'll need to convince Guy Foster or even Luc Miron to use their credit cards because I'm too far and I don't have one.
BobS: IF they wnat a reference, yo can give them the hotel in St Catherines as a reference
rich-c: I do like to acknowledge to them that I realise they speak another language
rich-c: that's a problem that can be dealt with, Daniel, don't worry about it
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I'll not worry about it. is it possible to know how many nights you think you'll stay at the hotel, rich?
BobS: si senor
rich-c: no, it will depend on many things, just book my four like the rest and warn them I may take more
rich-c: if Jean come on or Melanie ask them if they will want extra nights too, and also Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: dave answers... stay for 2 days, probably the week, like he did for last summer
Daniel Bienvenu: *probably only the week-end
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry I type too fast and miss some letters
rich-c: that's Dave Hill?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes
Meeka: brb, potty break for bandit
rich-c: OK, it's still two more room-nights total
rich-c: I am more likely than not to need Tuesday and Wednesday in advance, maybe a day or two after
BobS: Jena and Melanie probably jsutheec the 4 nights
Meeka: back
BobS: jsut need
Judy: that was fast
Meeka: happens sometimes
rich-c: that's fine, assuming they come at all that's four more room-nights
rich-c: we need a total of 32 - Frances and I will want 4 to 6+, Pam will want 4, Jean will want 4, the rest of you will add on
Daniel Bienvenu: so, how many nights we have for sure? I'm kinda lost.
Daniel Bienvenu: 32 nights?
rich-c: about 14 handicaps and family, dave 2, Guy I assume four, can you take four, Daniel?
Meeka: I think we are planning on comming unless something happens to prevent it
rich-c: what can we count on for teh Slopsemas?
Judy: just was looking at the pictures of Dunn River Falls they turned out very good for a water camera
rich-c: OK, you and Doug would bring it up to 28, the Drushels intend so that's 32
Daniel Bienvenu: I'll know later if I can stay at the hotel or not... I don't have money at the moment for anything. I hope it will change any time soon, or I will simply sell a few things.
Judy: looks like right now the three nights but depends on Doug and Meeka
Meeka: yes, they did, I did have to touch them up a bit though
rich-c: well we haven't even mentioned the Wicks yet - better make sure the hotel undrestands the 32 is a minimum, more could be added
Judy: you did touch up the pictures of us in the ship didn't you?
Meeka: will see when we get closer, we ate up quite a bit of his vacation time last month
Meeka: no, just cropped them a bit
Judy: that is what I meant
Judy: is quite a picture of me in the falls
Meeka: i know
Meeka: you almost lost your coconuts
Judy: sure did
BobS: shh...........don't say that in mixed company
Judy: the falls sure show up
rich-c: by the way, everyone realizes the hotal is some distance out of Montreal, right?
BobS: huh?????????
Judy: don't really care, Rich
BobS: says......"The Châteauneuf Laval Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the city, minutes away from the Carrefour Laval shopping mall (the largest one in
BobS: so how can it be OUT of the city?????
rich-c: it's on the service road of the Autoroute leading to the Lsaurential Park
BobS: and????????
Daniel Bienvenu: laval is next to montreal, like a twin island beside montreal but smaller and north
BobS: so??????
rich-c: look at the mileages - not that being next door to the largest mall is Quebec will hurt the female feelings
BobS: how manymore miles away is it????
Judy: sounds good to me
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a good place, guy foster and luc miron are living in Laval.
Meeka: works for me too
rich-c: and it's also conveniently placed for the airport - but 3 km to the end of the subway
rich-c: sort of like staying in Virginia when visiting Washington
BobS: not too worried about the subway.........
BobS: airport handiness is good
rich-c: well, if you want to go into the city of Montreal it's the only way - trust me on this
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BobS: take the motorhome and run 'em off the road
changed username to JS
BobS requested to ban Judy
rich-c confirmed ban
rich-c: Montreal is vry proof their quiet, rubber-tired subway
JS: battery died\
Guy B. confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
BobS: they need a little eye opener
rich-c: that doesn't help, does it?
BobS: no
rich-c: believe me, Robert, they are not intimidted by a motorhome
JS: easier to get to
rich-c: they figure it's big and clumsy enough that they can stage a corrida with it
BobS: BUT they will be intimidated by roberto
JS: probably not
BobS: last perosn in Florida learned NOT the hard way
rich-c: they di not intimidate - period, full stop
Daniel Bienvenu: brb
BobS: line em up, MOW 'em down
rich-c: doesn't matter if you're big enough to knock them clear to Gaspe ande obviously trying
rich-c: you're the bull and they are going to fight you
JS: we don't want to fight
rich-c: you swear you won't get a mile before shaking some of them out of your fender skirt
rich-c: but they arre amazingly evasive little critter, and love proving it
JS: will have to be careful than
Daniel Bienvenu: back
Meeka: wb
Daniel Bienvenu: ty
rich-c: yes, but you don't take a vehicle into town anyway, traffic is too heavy
JS: Bob will drive anywhere he doesn't care
rich-c: like Toronto - when I went to our old farts lunch last month, I took a taxi both ways
BobS: toronto is just a WARMUP
rich-c: I know it well enough to drive, but there was no parking reasonably nearby
BobS: maybe we take toy car.......its little and tiny.....can pick it up and put it into a spot
Meeka: lol
rich-c: not sure you'd fit in the car thyough, Bob
BobS: me and doug in the front seats and You and mom inthe back
JS: would be a long ride that way
BobS: we could use the trunk
Meeka: lol, ya right, worse than a plane
BobS: lay the back seat down and 2 can sleep while 2 drive
rich-c: Customs get upset when you do that - they are too young to remember rumble seats
JS: we could make a bed and sleep all the way, Meeka
Meeka: sleeping sounds good
Meeka: but where would we stick the bags
rich-c: yes, it is going to be a very long trip, seven hours from Toronto I calculate
JS: on top
JS: dad says pull the trailer
rich-c: but the hotel is on the western side of Montreal which sortens the trip considerably
JS: that is what we saw on the map
Meeka: will have to wait and see
JS: just kidding
Guy B.: Ok back.
Meeka: wb
JS: well come back
rich-c: you are in for Adamcon, right, Guy?
Guy B.: Yes, I have already got the vacation dates approved
JS: where is Pam tonight?
Meeka: mia
rich-c: just wondering the same thing, she phone earlier and didn't say anything about being late
rich-c: sorry, I bought a new keyboard and am still not quite accustomed to it
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changed username to PEV
Guy B.: There she is. Hi Pam
PEV: hi
JS: there she is, hi Pam
Meeka: speaking of the devil ;-)
PEV: oh oh
PEV: why?
rich-c: ah, here she is now - we were getting worried, daughter
Meeka: everyone was just saying they wondered where u were
PEV: sorry - ongoing issues
PEV: so whats new?
BobS: not much Pam
BobS: snowing
rich-c: justg mentioning I got my new keyboard - know any touch typist would like the old one, PS/2 plug?
PEV: lots?
BobS: little at a time and adding up
PEV: nope Dad
BobS: only about an inch or two per day....till next week, then about 4 inches Tuesday or so
JS: we are supposed to miss the next big storm
rich-c: down on the eastern seaboard they had a fair bit overnight and a winter storm warning for Friday
rich-c: or it is supposed to miss you, judy
PEV: oh for . . . brb
BobS: next big one is going east and then up into Washington and onto Boston, up thru Maine and into QUEBEC
JS: yes, right now is south of us
BobS: gonna stop at Daniel's house
rich-c: in Quebec they say, mon payee, c'est l'hier - my country, it is winter
rich-c: sorry, l'hiver
BobS: maybe you NEED your old keybaord back Ricahrd
Daniel Bienvenu: looks like a long road trp
JS: Bob shoveled this morning and I did this afternoon after the plow came thru again
BobS: right on Daniel, but it will get to you, just be patient
rich-c: no, just need my beer, roberto - I will go fetch it now
JS: I am eatting bugs
BobS: chocolate covered ANTS
Daniel Bienvenu: if one of you really visit me in Quebec, I,ll give you at least 1 box of adam stuff, many documents you may want to scan to save at least a copy.
JS: no, butterflies, catterpullars and lady bugs
BobS: too far to come now
BobS: retired and money..........
JS: may not have any room in little car
rich-c: it's not a Toyota, is it?
Daniel Bienvenu: it was a IF statement
JS: oh, no an Aveo
BobS: nope, a DaeWoo
JS: Chevy Aveo
BobS: General Motors bought the DaeWoo brand when it went bankrupt a few years ago and is making them under the Aveo brand name
rich-c: got it because you're now a stockholder in the company, no doubt
BobS: oh yes.....fer sure
PEV: back
rich-c: we also have a piece of the action, through both the federal and provincial governments
PEV: for now
JS: welcome back
rich-c: I think Ontario now owns about 9% of GM
JS: Toyota has a major problem
rich-c: managing a background crisis, daughter?
PEV: sorta
rich-c: yes, they are getting the same treatment from the media as the American companies
rich-c: and the ambulance chasers are in full cry screaming about class action lawsuits
JS: haven't heard that around here, yet
BobS: BUT !!!!!!! a company in Grand Rapids is supplying al the shims to fix the Toyota gas pedals
Daniel Bienvenu: did you get some actions of this supplier?
rich-c: you have to remember I spend time on car forums - very like chat blogs
JS: they are working day and night to get the parts made
rich-c: well, Daniel, they think they have figured out what the problem is and think they might no how to fix it
Meeka: ok, I am off for the week, see ya next week
PEV: night Meeka
JS: night Meeka see you soon
rich-c: oh yes, they are talking about dealers staying open 24/7 to do the fixes and all that
Meeka: night
Meeka left chat session
BobS: GR Steel & Spring has a reputation for getting the parts out fast and correctly.....Toyota istheir customer and they got the contract to produce the part needed to fix the gas pedal
BobS: nit Meek
JS: yes, and the plant that is making the part to fix it is working night and day to get them made
rich-c: we lost meeka - did she lose us?
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight and thanks for your answers and advices. I'll phone tomorrow morning at the hotel
JS: she said good nigth then left
PEV: she poofed Dad
BobS: nite daniel
PEV: nite Dan
rich-c: OK, didn't see it
JS: nigth Daniel
Guy B.: Jeanene is having knee surgery on both knees. Doing the left first to remove cartilage
PEV: when, Guy?
Guy B.: March 2
PEV: brb
rich-c: OK Daniel, just don't phone before noon
Guy B.: I'm taking the first week of March for a vacation, so Annie will be with me
rich-c: knee surgery is really brutal business - even the best surgeons can run into problems
BobS: cartilage removal in both knees???????
BobS: naw, prolly orthoscopic......3 tiny holes
JS: had it wasn't bad
BobS: clean out the knee of left over broken cartilage................
BobS: that is usually wht they do for the younger set
BobS: like me.........
rich-c: actually far too many of our friends have needed it and the numbers having a hard time are not reassuring
BobS: or Jeanene
BobS: gonna need replacement in about 5 or 6 years meself............
rich-c: well I hope you are right
BobS: me too
BobS: or else I soothed your feelings for NUTHIN
Guy B.: Left knee is worse than the right. My sister had it done a couple of months ago
rich-c: I am so used to a vry high level of care that I forget most others are not so fortunate
JS: I had the right knee done could probably have the left knee done now
rich-c: is she having it done in Chicago or somewhere else?
rich-c: still here?
Guy B.: In Bolingbrook, it's about 15 miles southwest from me.
JS: we are
rich-c: sort of out in the suburbs - is it a university hospital?
PEV: back
PEV: briefly
JS: you having issues tonight, Pam?
PEV: yeah
JS: I seeee
PEV: and because I am, I think I shall bail early
PEV: I hate to talk and run
BobS: bummer
PEV: not that I did much talking : )
JS: night Pam
PEV: did I miss anything important?
rich-c: well, you can do it on the phone later in the week
BobS: nope
JS: a little convention talk
PEV: okay
rich-c: I don't think we have anything much laid on
PEV: Dad can send me an e-mail with bullet points
BobS: what was the hotel in St Catherines for ADAMCON 20?
PEV: It was the Quality Inn Parkway Hotel and Convention Centre
BobS: Daniel can use that as a reference of who and what the group is
BobS: Daniel.....still here????????????????
PEV: I don't think so Bob - he often forgets to close the chat
rich-c: I doubt it will be an issue - Daniel is unfamiliar with the provess so wants belt and suspenders
JS: seems he just left his name on
rich-c: remember the first time you did it, it was quite intimidating - Daniel is doing it in two languages
JS: Bob was very relaxed me not so much
rich-c: Bob does not intimidate easily - even when he should ;-)
PEV: once I had the major points nailed down I relaxed a lot
rich-c: well, you've organized other things, and had backup, so you should have been as good as you were
JS: our first we had a lot more food so that was my job
PEV: thanks Dad : )
PEV: anyway, I'd better motor
rich-c: you earned it, daughter
JS: night again
PEV: Dad, I'll call
rich-c: OK, take it easy, talk to you soon
PEV: and everyone else, I'll see you next week - sorry about this
BobS: nite Pam
rich-c: c'est la vie - take care
Guy B.: Bye Pam
PEV: kerpoof
PEV left chat session
BobS: OUCH, she kicked me as she left............................
BobS: ;-)
rich-c: well, you deserved it, didn't you? ;-)
BobS: don't think so
JS: was a long kick
BobS: I am a nice guy you see.......
rich-c: we won't reveal your secret, bob 8-)
BobS: ok
BobS: that is fair
rich-c: we seem to be missing Dale and Ron tonight - wonder why
BobS: yes was wondering about them both.......
BobS: was it something you said ?? or was mybreath bad tongiht ??
JS: and James hasn't been on in a while
rich-c: every once in a while Dale has problems getting Jeffy to bed
BobS: oh whoa is us
BobS: that is an understatement
BobS: and james, yes, not so much lately
rich-c: just hope there's no problems with Susan - us hippies are tender critters
JS: she was doing well last week
rich-c: yes, but do teh wrong thing and the joint can slip, and you do't want to know the results
rich-c: that's why folks with implants are kind of paranoid about snow
rich-c: we ren't even allowed to walk on bare floors in stocking feet
JS: yea we know a guy that threw his out a couple of times
BobS: hurt like you know what.........but he came thru it
rich-c: it's bad enough to have to get a time revision - having to have one because of an accident is a killer
BobS: ahave visited your carnuts website, but it seems a lot slow
rich-c: it is not a trivial operation - one of my buddies died of it last year
JS: my dad had a hip replacement and is staying in quite a bit this winter
BobS: unless I am not seeing the speed it runs at
JS: doesn't want to take any chances
rich-c: shouldn't be slow, Bob - the US one is but my CA one moves nicely
JS: have an aunt that was out having her hair done and on the way to the car holding her husbands hand he fell and took her down with him she broke a hip
rich-c: and your father needs to be cautious now and for the rest of his life - I think Frances has some postings on her Facebook page
rich-c: she set it up for the Hippies with Humour blog crowd when the original forum host shut down
JS: mom has both knees replaced so they both need to watch it
rich-c: yes, you get older and your joints wear out
rich-c: you think they are fixed but they really aren't, the best that can be done is keep them useful and painfree if you're careful
Guy B.: My mom had both of her knees replaced.
Guy B.: They just wore out
JS: and Bob's dad has had both knees done and his wife has on knee replacement so we are surrounded by replacements
JS: one
rich-c: we know lots of people in the same boat, Guy, including one of Russell's uncles, and one of Frances' friends
JS: our church is filled with hip replacements
JS: I swim with three of them
rich-c: means your congregation is getting on in years
BobS: plenty of all ages to go around
BobS: we just seem to fit in the slightly older groups....wonder why
JS: not really our church is just very big
rich-c: yes, the surgeon who devised the operation and the implant just died recently
rich-c: he spent some time in Toronto because the man who did my hip was his protege
rich-c: in faact my sureon is quoted very extensively in the obit
Guy B.: Well folks. Annie will be going out soon. See you all next week
rich-c: OK Guy - give her a good walk. Till next week then
JS: night, Guy
BobS: timefor us to go too Richard......yawning here
BobS: got some sleepin in to do tomorrow morning and need rest up for it
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
JS: guess I will call it a night also, so night Richard untli next week
rich-c: likewise for me, didn't sleep too well - sleep tight
BobS: see yua next week
JS left chat session
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rich-c: goodnight, Slopsemas
rich-c: and colour me gone
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