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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hello Roberto
BobS: richard. explain the Paypal you use for both US and CA funds
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changed username to <ERROR?>
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: SYNTAX ERROR?
BobS: you the ERROR?????
rich-c: I don't use Paypay because they won't let me have a US dollar account
BobS requested to ban <ERROR?>
rich-c confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not ERROR
BobS: h, thought you did....or is it a bank account you use???
rich-c: salut Daniel!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
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rich-c: I do have a US dollar bank acoount, and a US dollar VISA card
BobS: you get my latest email Daniel?
changed username to LucMiron
rich-c: salut Luc!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Luc
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Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I've got your last email
LucMiron: Hello to the people of this fine chatroom. :)
BobS: Hi Luc
changed username to <ERROR? take 2>
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: glad to have you with us again, Luc
<ERROR? take 2>: People don't like my name tonight or what? :)
Daniel Bienvenu: and no... I've no idea why there is an ERROR
Judy: Hi, Daniel and Rich
LucMiron: Is that a Zelda reference? "I AM ERROR"?
Judy: and Luc
rich-c: hello Judy, that ERROR is you too?
<ERROR? take 2> changed username to Jean-Guy Foster
BobS: who knos
Jean-Guy Foster: Ok, the error was found...
Judy: don't think so
BobS: ah HI GUY
rich-c: no, seems as if it's the other Guy
LucMiron: Hi Guy!
Judy: Hi, Guy
Jean-Guy Foster: Bonjour a tous.
BobS: whats new????
rich-c: bonsoir a toi!
Daniel Bienvenu: If we can be sure of the cost per person because with Dale's calculation I'm getting something like $445 per person based on 12 persons, and your calculations is $315 per person based on 20 persons. There is a big difference.
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: when I try to send a private message, it doesn't work
Jean-Guy Foster: Getting ready for Adamcon, Daniel is doing an awesome job organizing it...
Guy B.: Greetings from Snowy (12.9) Chicago
Judy: hi, GuyB
Jean-Guy Foster: Hey, give us some of that snow back!!! It hasn't snowed this year in Montreal, we're a bit jealous.
LucMiron: It's "Guy day" on the chatroom. :)
rich-c: so you're getting dumped on, Guy?
Guy B.: By the way, If you haven't heard a 3.8 earthquake hit the area this morning
Judy: yea, you had a little more than we did
Jean-Guy Foster: Earthquakes, snow, wow...
LucMiron: Okay, so is the hotel situation resolved now, for AdamCon?
Guy B.: Funny thing. I didn't feel mit
Guy B.: it
Jean-Guy Foster: I think Daniel is finalizing certain issues...
Judy: we did but when we first heard it was a 4.1
LucMiron: I aw the poster today. Pretty cool. :)
Guy B.: I've haven't been to work the last couple of days due to back spasms\
LucMiron: aw=saw
Judy: not cool, Guy
rich-c: I have a cursor crony in Maryland with 30 inches on his roof already and a foot more coming
rich-c: I'm sure he'll let you take all you want
BobS: PRIVATE MESSAGE......highlight the name onthe left and THEN click 'send private mesage' below
Daniel Bienvenu: Organisation of a convention is more difficult than I've expected. I was so sure last summer, and now I'm so bombarded with numbers it's difficult to judge and think. hopefully I'm getting good advices
Jean-Guy Foster: I bought a Honda snowblower at the start of the winter season, and only used it once... ARGH!
Judy: they could use it in Vancouver
Daniel Bienvenu: I've tried to do a private message, but somehow the message never sent so I had no other choice than clicking simply SEND MESSAGE. I'll try again.
Jean-Guy Foster: 2 years ago, we were getting dumped on every 2nd or 3rd day.
rich-c: as you look at teh screen that's the right, Bob
LucMiron: Well, I'm one of those who's glad there hasn't been much snow. I hate shovelling that white s**t. :P
Jean-Guy Foster: Yeah me too, I hate shovelling, that's why I got a snowblower. :) Now, snow is fun!!!
LucMiron: LOL!
Daniel Bienvenu: Luc, I assume you'll be at the adamcon this summer and talk about your web site and projects. I'm right?
Jean-Guy Foster: Oh well, next season hopefully.
LucMiron: Yep.
Judy: we had about 9 inches to clean up this morning
BobS: season is NOT over GuyF
Jean-Guy Foster: Judy: I would have loved to clean it up for you!
Guy B.: We set a one day record for February snowfall. 12.9", the old was 12.6 set back in 1908.
LucMiron: @Daniel: I was thinking of talking about the new programming language I'm currently working on...
Judy: Bob did most of it with the blower
Daniel Bienvenu: excellent
rich-c: we have about enough snow to make the lawns white and little more -roads are slush
Judy: was the 5th snowest for us
Guy B.: brb
rich-c: we have had a barely discernable snowfall since the first of the year
Jean-Guy Foster: Allright guys, I have to go... waking up at 4:30 AM, and it's past my bedtime. Dan, if there's anything you'd like to tell me, now's the time... everyone else, see you guys soon, don't forget to register for the Adamcon! :)
LucMiron: The way I see it, it'll be a language designed to be compiled into assembly language source code. The programmer can then use his favorite ASM compiler+linker to create his ROM file.
Judy: at least that is what they said a 5o'clock this morning
LucMiron: By Guy! Oh, about Gulkave...
Judy: night GuyF
rich-c: OK Guy, thanks for dropping by, take care
BobS: nite GuyF
LucMiron: I just had 160 Gulkave manuals printed earlier this week.
Jean-Guy Foster: Awesome Luc, glad to see you are doing progress!!!!
LucMiron: Boxes and cart stickers will be ready at the end of the month, if all goes well.
LucMiron: I'm not sure when the electronics inside the carts will be ready though...
Jean-Guy Foster: Luc: Wow, let me know, I'll come by for a copy! ;)
Jean-Guy Foster: Night all!
LucMiron: Bye!
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy, Luc, is there anything you want to do about the organization of the adamcon?
Daniel Bienvenu: something concret
LucMiron: Organization? Nah, I'll just try to plan my personal presentation.
LucMiron: Oh, and I just may bring an ADAM to sell...
BobS: got a buyer maybe Luc.............a woman just emailed me today
rich-c: you have an extra?
BobS: richard, you got ANY ADAM's to sell ???????????????????
LucMiron: I have a couple of extras, actually.
rich-c: yes I do Bob, likely several
LucMiron: @BobS: Will this woman be at AdamCon?
Daniel Bienvenu: try to find out if one of the coleco adam computers you have do use an early bios version, that could be fun to know, and precious if it's a version we didn't know yet.
BobS: AH HA Luc, she is also in Canada.........................and NO I assume she will not be at ADAMCON
LucMiron: @Daniel: How do I check for that???
Daniel Bienvenu: THEY will tell you that because I don't know
rich-c: Daniel, the Adams with the early revisions are so buggy they have long since been thrown away
LucMiron: There's no way I'm sending an ADAM through the mail...
BobS: you don't trust th epostal system????????
BobS: I have had great results, even going across the borders
LucMiron: Bob, we're talking about an ADAM computer here...
BobS: ya
BobS: toughest computer known to man
Daniel Bienvenu: is it boxed or not?
LucMiron: No, that would be the Commodore 64.. ;P
rich-c: Luc, to find the revision number, at the opening screen hit Control + r - a new Smartkey will appear
LucMiron: Yeah, I got a box for it. Not sure about the styrofoam inserts though...
rich-c: if the revision is lower than 80 (79 on
rich-c: exp.
rich-c: 3), toss it
BobS: I have a R57 I believe and it works great
LucMiron: toss it?
Daniel Bienvenu: 80 revisions? wow... they did work a lot on this computer.
BobS: OR find a R80 chip to put into it
LucMiron: CTRL+R... Alright, I'll try to remember that...
BobS: think they had R57, R59, R79 and finally R80
BobS: \that sound correct Richard?
Daniel Bienvenu: R for REVISION
Daniel Bienvenu: easy to remembers.... but I've never tried
LucMiron: . o O (GuyF is still here?)
rich-c: likely not, he is very forgetful about signing out
Daniel Bienvenu: no, GuyF is gone
LucMiron: Ohl BTW, Daniel, I was in Quebec last week-end. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: needed to leave early.
Daniel Bienvenu: last week-end, the sun was great, nice time to walk outside
Daniel Bienvenu: carnaval de Quebec going on
LucMiron: I went with my mom and my friend Tommy to "Les Galeries de la Capitale", then we spent some time on the site of the Carnival, then we went to Place Laurier.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did wanted to go at Place Laurier but I did prefer to walk outside and stay home.
rich-c: hey, give a wave at Bonhomme Canaval for us!
LucMiron: We had a great time, and we all bought stuff we didn't expect to find, especially my mother, who found a rare 8-player Toc table.
LucMiron: Speaking of the Bonhomme Carnaval, my mom went from boutique to boutique looking for a Bonhomme Carnaval keychain...
rich-c: Toc, is that crokinole in English?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think if you looks at the official web site you'll find products with bonhomme.
rich-c: check my cousin's shop - Figeau down in the Vieux Carre
LucMiron: The B.C. keychains they all had this year was too big and rubbery, but my mom found a metal one. She was pretty happy with her find.
LucMiron: @rich: crokinole? Looking at the rules via Google, I don't think that's Toc...
rich-c: any clue as to what it might be? I've heard the name by know nothing about it
LucMiron: I believe it's called "Tock" in english.
LucMiron: Just Google "Tock rules" and you'll find it easely.
rich-c: new encountered a game by that name, but then I am not much of a games player
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't find any information about your cousin's shop
LucMiron: Haven't seen Dale Wick in a while around here, BTW. How's he doing?
Judy: he was on for a little while last week
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale? well, I think he's having a headache because of me, asking questions all the time
rich-c: don't be surprised if Dale turns up later, he often does
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't want to make a mistake so I try to get as much help as possible from veterans
LucMiron: help with what?
rich-c: well, just don't confuse yourself, Daniel, with too much thought or worry
Daniel Bienvenu: the organisation, dealing with all these numbers, costs, etc.
LucMiron: Oh, your mean AdamCon. :)
LucMiron: your-you
rich-c: decide you are going to have at least 16 participants and set your price accordingly
LucMiron: Have you considered posting in the "Events" sub-forum on the AtariAge forum, like I suggested?
Guy B.: Daniel, you probably will want to figure what meals are to be included. Most hotels include breakfast.
Daniel Bienvenu: so far, 12 for sure, maybe 14-16, kinda impossible 20.
rich-c: that means 8 rooms each of four nights - 32 room-nights
Daniel Bienvenu: breakfast are included ... lunches is another story.
rich-c: don't worry about it, Daniel - plan and charge for 16 and see what it comes to
Daniel Bienvenu: @Luc: do you know any place to print t-shirts in Laval?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale did tells me that 16 persons is optimistic.
Daniel Bienvenu: my friends in Montreal will not stay at the hotel. they'll use cars or metro.
Guy B.: Also, find out what good restaurants there are within the area of the hotel. You know we always like to try something new
LucMiron: @Daniel: T-shirts? I don't know any places, personally, but a Google search returned a few potential places...
rich-c: if the number is low enough to let you add lunch, do it, if not, leave us fend for ourselves
Daniel Bienvenu: As far as I understand it, by car you have a lot a restaurant possibilities near the hotel... otherwise, the only restaurant without the need for a car is a Subway
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: good evening everyone
LucMiron: Hello Pam. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam
Judy: hi, Pam
Judy: Subway is good for lunch, Daniel
Pamela: and how is everyone?
Guy B.: We are snowed here in Chicago.
Pamela: oh, how much?
Guy B.: 12.9
Guy B.: That broke a record for one day snowfall for this momth
Judy: we are good had a snow day here today also
Guy B.: month
Pamela: wow
Pamela: nice
Pamela: and how is everyone coping?
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry if I mistype words and phrases. I try to type faster than usual
Judy: most of the schools were closed
Guy B.: But ouch for me. Strained my back yesterday and today
Pamela: shoveling?
Guy B.: Yep
Guy B.: and one ndog
Guy B.: dog
Judy: at least you live in an apartment and don't have to shovel snow, Guy
Pamela: ah, of course - she who must be walked : )
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changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: Well, I had to. To get to my car
Daniel Bienvenu: twin rich?
rich-c: hi, got booted, local failure
Daniel Bienvenu: is it RICHS or RICHES ?
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: i wondered why you were so quiet Dad
Pamela: the former is too many Dads, the latter, too much money : )
rich-c: got a funny message about an IP conflict when your mother started up
rich-c changed username to rich
Pamela: we were having IP issues on Sunday morning but it's been fine since
rich requested to ban rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
LucMiron confirmed ban
Pamela: does she like the snow, Guy?
rich: this I think was in-house though I suppose it could have been on John's server
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam, Bob, when you had to deal with t-shirts, how many places did you call and what was the questions you asked usually except the price?
Pamela: you may recall Daniel, that I ended up making my own t-shirts
BobS: not too many questions.....just cost of tshirt & how many colors & setup fee
Pamela: I didn't have much luck with finding a reasonable price on T's
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich: I may end up with a problem again
Daniel Bienvenu: Did any of you did see the poster I'm trying to do to promote the adamcon?
Pamela: size range was one question I asked - because we have some unusually sized people
Daniel Bienvenu: *I know I mistype my phrases...
BobS: could contact my guy and get pricing
BobS: yup, cool mon
Pamela: on the mailing list Daniel?
BobS: 2x is do able..................3x possible.......4x forget it
rich: trouble is, after shipping, duty and taxes a U.S. source is hopelessly expensive
LucMiron: I'm starting to fall asleep at my keyboard, so I'll think I'll be going to bed now... :)
BobS: we take them along in the car Richard
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: probably a wise choice, Luc - have a good night!
Daniel Bienvenu: try to not lost your chat session
Guy B.: Ok Luc. Will see you
BobS: nit eluc
LucMiron: Bye guys!
Judy: we will be coming, Rich
BobS: kite Luc
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Luc
BobS: oh eck, you know what I mean
LucMiron left chat session
Judy: night Luc
rich: enjoy, Luc - bonsoir - a la prochaine
Pamela: speaking of mistyping, Bob : )
Judy: he knows he can't type
BobS: wha ???????????????
Pamela: he does okay Judy
Judy: his mind goes faster than his fingers
Pamela: he just hasn't made the backspace key his best friend like I have : )
Judy: it is mine also
BobS: and den me fingers trip and fall down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Judy: also have a sticky space bar
Judy: better than your body
BobS: somtime body fall down and GO BOOM too
Judy: when you fall you get hurt
Pamela: ain't that the truth!
BobS: Guy F, ya still here ??????????????????????
BobS: or we gonna whack 'im
Daniel Bienvenu: no... he did fall asleep early
BobS requested to ban Jean-Guy Foster
rich confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich: me, I just bought a new keyboard, because I had worn away some of tletters on the old one
Guy B. confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: I guess he wanted to stay up to read the rest of the conversation later
BobS: hate it when people leave their blankies behind and we have to babysit them
rich: and I am a search, discover and land typist
BobS: well you rfingers on't fit the new keyboard any better Richard
Judy: isn't the keyboard the same, Rich
Pamela: what do you need the letters for Dad? they haven't moved
BobS: goog one Pam
BobS: good
Pamela: LOL
rich: well no, the shape is slightly different, actually
BobS: bummer dude
Daniel Bienvenu: What do you think about Valentine's Day?
rich: the enter key is bigger and the backspace is smaller
Judy: what about Valentine's Day?
Pamela: what about it Daniel?
Judy: gals like it probably better than guys
Daniel Bienvenu: it appears to be true... no guys talk
rich: yes, men do their best to ignore it, if they can get away with it
rich: if you have a girlfiend, get her some good chocolates
Pamela: it evokes mixed feelings in most people I think
Daniel Bienvenu: In Japan, guys don't give chocolates... but girls do.
rich: a small quantity of really good ones is usually better than a big box of mediocre
BobS: I don' tneed chocolates and neither does Judy
Judy: or flowers they are always liked
rich: yes, chocolates I mostl;y need to do without
rich: but did you see the story today that beer is good for you?
Judy: I used to give Bob candy but not this year
Pamela: is it a secret Judy?
BobS: nope. NUTHIN
Judy: no, not today but they were talking about that the other day
BobS: no work, no chocolate
Pamela: I actually remembered to get Russell a card last weekend so I'm not fighting the last minute crowd
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob, will you survive?
BobS: probably NOT
Judy: no, we are working on losing weight so would be dumb to give him candy
Pamela: since I'm sitting here still surrounded by the candy that he got for Christmas, I'm pretty sure he doesn't need any more
Judy: good for you, Pam
BobS: got enough vices to fight
Pamela: oh Daniel, the poster - really good!
rich: get beer, Bob - helps you stave off osteoporosis
Pamela: the only thing I would change or add is to list it as Laval, Montreal, Quebec
rich: if I were doing that I'd put the Montreal in parentheses
Daniel Bienvenu: should I reduce the budget for the adamcon snacks? anyway the hotel warned me to not bring any food in the meeting room that doesn't came from the hotel. But I can keep food at my room.
Pamela: they all say that Daniel but we end up with munchies anyway
BobS: can keep it in rooms Daniel.....they can't saymuch about people inthe meeting rooms iwth their "own" food can they????
Daniel Bienvenu: like when you gon see a movie I guess
rich: Daniel, do not try to figure everything to the penny - set the price first then work out the content to fit
Judy: they want to sell their food
Daniel Bienvenu: but now I see that I should not compromise Bob's diet.
BobS: ;-)
Judy: maybe he will be done dieting by then
Judy: hopefully it will not take forever to shed the pounds
rich: well, Frances and I do not eat munchies, so for us you can leave them out
BobS: keep a snickers bar in your pants pocket
Pamela: it wouldn't do any of us harm not to have them
Daniel Bienvenu: it'll melt
rich: no, but it will take longer to reset things to keep them off
Daniel Bienvenu: or I'll look too healty
Daniel Bienvenu: * saying a stupid thing
rich: anyway, Bob, I assume you'll want to overshopot your target loss to allow room for balancing
BobS: nope, we want to figure costs ahead of time with very little room for error
Pamela: I think he was referring to your target weight
rich: I meant with you weight loss, Bob
BobS: just run the numbers with various # of delegates and figure out where we can make it break even
BobS: OH my wieght !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: why wait
Judy: just to get down don't have to set numbers
rich: well delegates are uncertain anyway - set a number, run the price - assume 16, they will be nice about last minute additions
BobS: tha is what I am thinking
rich: more to the point, they want room/night guarantees - so guarantee them 32
Daniel Bienvenu: last summer we was 15... until Dave (or David) arrives.
BobS: Dr D and Erin are heavily planning on it far as you know?
rich: if any of us come early or stay on, that gets credited
Pamela: yes afaik
rich: Pam, you and Russell doing extra time?
Pamela: don't know yet Papa
Pamela: brb, gotta pack lunches
Daniel Bienvenu: 12 minutes left before I leave for tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: so... what should I do about the credit card question?
BobS: got it all figured out eh??????
rich: now stop fussing, work on that number, and if more turn up, well, we're lucky
rich: you don't take credit cards, the hotel can get them individually
rich: how far in advance do they need them?
BobS: we will have to work out the payment method Richard........cna take credit cards with surcharge
Daniel Bienvenu: one month before, we should tell them how many rooms,nights,persons... and 7 days before we should tell them about how many persons to be in the conference room.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'll ask them your questions
BobS: ANd they wan tpayment in full 7 days in advance
BobS: which I balk at........put a 'hold' on the credit card and we will straighten up when ADAMCON is done
rich: if push comes to shove we can put everything on my card and I'll get it back from the others
Daniel Bienvenu: you're proposing to do the banking?
rich: though in fact everyone should have prepaid by then anyway so there should be no problem
BobS: Richard can......or I can.......or.........
BobS: some won't pay until they come....happens every time
rich: Daniel, if that is what it takes yes I will
BobS: might work out better for paying Richard with US funds and some with CA funds............
BobS: you have the ability to convert easily; right ricahrd??????
Pamela: Daniel, the hotel in St. Catherines took a credit card number to create the reservation but as far as I know never actually put a hold on any funds
rich: actually I don't convert, I have enough cushion to leave each in the currency it arrives in
BobS: ya, didn't I give you my credit card pam????
Judy: yes, they usually take a number
rich: I buy enough from the U.
Pamela: believe so Bob
rich: I buy enough from the US to use up any USD I take in
rich: for instance, I have some weatherstripping for the van in the mail right now from Texas
BobS: so you see Daniel....... we have our ways................
rich: and I am looking at some running boards
Daniel Bienvenu: well, if everyone here agree, Rich will do the banking so you'll pay Rich for the registration fees for this year.
Judy: good idea makes it easier to get in
rich: so Daniel, get a firm price for 32 room nights (remembering what I told you about overlap)
rich: add to that the cost of the meeting room divided by 16
rich: then deduct that numb
rich: then add to that number the cost of the banquet
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the contract I've from the hotel is about 8 rooms and so 32 nights
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't sign anything yet
rich: remember to make nights before or nights after part of the package
rich: remember also to get the right to increase the number
Judy: but they are holding the rooms for you aren't they, Daniel
BobS: looked from page 2 that they ahd 28 rooms for us
Daniel Bienvenu: 28 rooms or nights?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm kinda lost
rich: you want 8 rooms X 4 nights == 32 room nights
BobS: says "rooms"
BobS: need to confirm by Feb 23rd
Pamela: that early?
BobS: we'll work the numbers Rich and get it done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: final numbers by May 17th Pam
rich: my sense is that we are going to end up with too many people and too few rooms
BobS: we cann get rooms on an as needed basis as long as they are available
BobS: we can ADD rooms........
rich: that's the weasel - as long as they are available
rich: and why I pushed Daniel to have the extra rooms allowance
Daniel Bienvenu: I see that they want to know the minimum number of persons for sure
BobS: well. we have to IMPRESS on the ADAM and ColecoVision community that we NEED your committments EARLY
rich: I am pretty sure I will need extra days - I have a friend in Montreal having a crisis
BobS: got any idea how many richa?
rich: enough that if we have 32 room nights and not all are used, I'll likely sop up the surplus
Judy: give a realistic max number and you can always drop some
rich: and if as we expect we have over 32, I'm going to need the expansion privilege
rich: if Jean and Melanie can make it, I reckon they will want exstra time too
BobS: we are not getting a FREE conference room with the deal, SO we can hold a few extra rooms until the final moments of May 17th final count
rich: and Pam and Russell have taken extra for some conventions
Judy: Jean and Melanie didn't stay extra last year
Pamela: I don't think we will this time Dad
Judy: we won't have extra
rich: yes, if we end up with 40 or so maybe we can squeeze them for some meeting room goodies or something
BobS: and Melanie doesn't know if she can make it work this year.......she has not gotten back to me yet
Daniel Bienvenu: the manager at the hotel told me that when need to be at least 10 persons and a maximum of about 20 persons (because 20 persons seems to be the maximum around the U shape table) to use the meeting room.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sure we can be at least 10 persons
BobS: we fit the numbers then
rich: but Jeffy doesn't count - eh wouldn't sit still long enough anyway!
BobS: and the conference room costs how much per day?????
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't even know if jeffrey will be at the adamcon
rich: and yes, we can'[t guarantee how many for any given session, but we will fit the 10/20 rules
Judy: no problem with that one
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm kinda tired... juggling with numbers is difficult now.
rich: so stop juggling - work on the numbers you have been given
Daniel Bienvenu: so, Rich, doing the banking... is not a problem to anyone?
Pamela: it will come together Daniel
Judy: the big thing is finding the hotel now things will fall into place
rich: if you want it that way, Daniel, I can do it
rich: I was willing to do it for Pamela but turn ed out she didn't even need it, could be the same for you
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't think so... I don't have a credit card, and being unemployed is a problem to get one.
rich: but sure, I can handle whatever needs handling. Do your pricing in US dollars, though
Pamela: I disagree Dad
BobS: we can figure it in both CA and US dollars to keep everyone happy
rich: that's fine, I've got credit cards that need the rust knocked off them
rich: I'm just not spending enough to keep VISA happy
BobS: oh oh
Pamela: since we're paying the hotel and other costs in Canadian dollars, I would do the pricing in Canadian dollars
Daniel Bienvenu: So, I'll contact the hotel again and see for 32 nights ( 8 rooms x 4 nights per room). Actually, the contract seems to be for 20 persons, 10 rooms, 40 nights.
rich: OK, you want 16 persons, eight rooms, 32 nights
Daniel Bienvenu: well, you just said 32 nights previously so yes.
rich: when you ask for expansion privileges, you can admit to them you think you may end up eith a higher number
rich: hotels are never unhappy as the pospect of more business
rich: for instance, I suspect some of our people will want to pay the premium for single occupancy
Daniel Bienvenu: not me
rich: agreed, Daniel, but others will
Pamela: well folks I'd better go
Pamela: spend some time chatting to my hubby
BobS: GO ?????
BobS: ok then
Daniel Bienvenu: time to sleep
BobS: about that time anywya
BobS: nite Daniel. Pam
Pamela: yes it's getting to be that time
Pamela: Dad, FYI still no large jars of coffee showing up at SS
rich: yes, the time is getting on - goodnight, daughter
Pamela: the only large jars they have now are Maxwell House
rich: keep trying, Pam
BobS: ya keep tryin
Pamela: I'm going to complain to the store manager
rich: good thought
BobS: ya fer sure
Pamela: there are a couple of things that have disappeared off the shelves in the last few weeks
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Pamela: and I'm not happy
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Pamela: bonne nuit Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich: yes, they are in the process of shuffling things around again, Pam
rich: Daniel, just have faith, you have a safety net so don't worry
Pamela: anyway, that's a soap box I don't want to get on right now
Pamela: so I will away
Pamela: goodnight Bob and Judy
Pamela: g'nite Guy
rich: OK, Daniel, bonsoir, Pamela, goodnight
Pamela: g'nite Daddy
BobS: up, up and AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: see y'all next week : )
Pamela: kerpoof
Judy: night pam
Pamela left chat session
rich: well, that thins things out a bit
BobS: and we shall away also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: see ya next week Richard, guy
rich: right Bob, Judy, see you nexst week
Judy: yes, night all
BobS left chat session
Judy left chat session
rich: so Guy, with everyone else gone, time for us to go too
Guy B.: Bye
Guy B.: Poof
rich: night - see you next week
Guy B. left chat session
rich left chat session
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