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rich-c: test
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings Rich
rich-c: hi guy
rich-c: sorry, was on another screen
rich-c: not often you are earliest - what's up?
Guy B.: Just got on. Going to check my e-mail's. Be right back
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello
rich-c: salut, Daniel
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Guy B.: Hi Daniel. Will return in a few
changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Question to Rich : Did you get an email with the hotel contract so you can take a look and give me your ok?
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Judy
Judy: Hi, Rich, Daniel and Guy
rich-c: hey, I finally found your email about the poster - Thunderebird put it in the junk mail
rich-c: hi Judy
rich-c: yes I did but teh spreadsheet is in a format I can't read on my email computer
Daniel Bienvenu: @Judy : I need to quote someone about what is an Adamcon convention. It seems that some of my friends want to be there but are afraid that will be too much about programming and using coleco computer or game system. Can you assure them in a sense by describing in your words what is an Adamcon convention?
rich-c: Daniel, when I went to look at the ccjvg website for the poster, McAfee Site Adviser put up a red warning
Daniel Bienvenu: I know, McAfee doesn't like ccjvq web site. I don't know why
Judy: write this up where?
rich-c: well, I sent them a nasty email about it
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changed username to Roberto
Roberto: Allo der!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: well, Roberto, about time you got here!
Roberto: si senor
Guy B.: Hi Bob
Judy: he is busy you know
Roberto: how's Chicago?????????
rich-c: I haven't been able to look at the spreadsheet yet, we don't have anything to read it with on our email machine
Roberto: busy bys bsy
Roberto: busy
Daniel Bienvenu: typing too fast... I know, I'm trying sometimes to say many things at once and get lost in my words and mistype them.
Guy B.: Oh, while I have you all here. Jeanene is having knee surgery on March 2nd. She's having cartilage removed. The left knee will be first, the right will come later
Guy B.: Too much snow. Got 12.9 inches last week
Daniel Bienvenu: So, Rich, you can't open the file provided by the hotel. So you don't know what is written.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob told me about a date mistake, so I know he was able to open the document
rich-c: oh, I opened the letter from the hotel, that's basically in text and wordpad handled it
rich-c: but I have been busy and read it but did not study it particularly
rich-c: does it red the same in French and English? I only saw the English
Daniel Bienvenu: if I remember correctly, the hotel is aksing us to fill up and sign basically the document very very soon, before next wednesday.
rich-c: you actually got some snow, did you, Guy? not that that is unusual for Chicago in February
rich-c: well there are one or two issues to be dealt with, Daniel
Guy B.: Let's say we broke a record for the most one day snowfall for the month of February. The old one was 11.5 back in 1908.
rich-c: they do not say anything about meeting rooms, for instance
rich-c: or handicap or disabled rooms
Guy B.: Bad enough I had back problems for two days last week. Snow didn't help either as I had to dig out my car
Guy B.: Annie seemed to enjoy the snow
rich-c: or allowing extra room-nights to extend pre-or post-bloc times at the same price
rich-c: and teh time should be 32 room-nights not the 28 they offer
rich-c: oh, all of this came down at once, Guy? you didn't mention that
rich-c: but almost all dogs just love to get out in the snow
rich-c: we actually have visible snow on the lawns today, but not much
Daniel Bienvenu: actually, the document is only about the rooms, it's another person and so another contract for the meeting room.
Daniel Bienvenu: at the phone I've insisted about the special bathrooms for you, and Jean if she's coming too, but yes it's not mentionned in the document.
rich-c: doing separate contracts, are they? anyway, maybe you should explain I'm acting as treasurer for you and give them my name, address, email and phone
rich-c: you realize, Daniel, there are different needs between handicapped and disabled folks?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I did talk about our treasurer (tresorier) by phone and by email, but of course I didn't give any information yet.
rich-c: you have my permission to do so. Do you need my phone and email?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, please.
Guy B.: Oh yes Rich. Last Wednesday
rich-c: what sort of back problems are you having, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: You talked to me about bathrooms... is there another thing that I was supposed to take care of for you?
Daniel Bienvenu: I mean, I did call the hotel, this one seems good enough for our needs... but if I did miss something, please tell me.
rich-c: you have already checked and found they have handicap parking, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: How should we work for the paiement at the hotel? each one giving a credit card or only the treasurer credit card is implied and paid 7 days in advance?
Roberto: you are doing GREAT Daniel..........don't get will all work out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry if I'm explaining badly
rich-c: well, advance payments and such are my problem, not yours, Daniel
rich-c: I have said I will look aftrer the money and I will
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm reading the document at the same time so I'm just asking because they give a choice.
rich-c: since I can handle foreign exchange easier than any of the others, it only makes sense
Roberto: Richard will take care of tall the monies Daniel..........
Roberto: and he is GOOD at it,,,,,,,,,just like you are good at getting the convention planned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: another thing here... I've asked to get rooms close to the meeting room so our noise of the saturday night will not affect the others who are sleeping.
rich-c: not really - Frances is good at it - she's the genie behind the curtain
rich-c: I just make the big noise out front
rich-c: what are the rules on smoking in Quebec hotels, Daniel
Roberto: :-) that's a good one Richard
Judy: everyone has to have their job
Daniel Bienvenu: I knew I've forgot something.
rich-c: if it matters, I believe Pamela is the only smoker in our group now but will want a smoking room if they have them
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, smoking is not allowed inside public buildings like hotel, shoping malls, and so on. I think there are exceptions, but I can't think of any.
Judy: smoking is not allowed in a lot of places now days
Roberto: well then pam will have to puff OUTDOORS
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I can phone back the hotel tomorrow about a smoker room.
rich-c: some places make an exception for hotel bedrooms, others do not. I think Quebec does not.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, fire and beds are not good friends
Roberto: correct Daniel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Daniel Bienvenu: did she tried nicotine patches or gums?
rich-c: Daniel, don't go there. She chooses to smoke and does not welcome comments
rich-c: Guy, sorry, you never had a chance to tell us what's wrong with your back
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not commenting about her decision of smoking... just saying that there are possibilities if she should not smoke but feel the need to.
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: She is well aware of them - there were certain issues when I quit
Roberto: hi Meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
rich-c: hello Meeka
Guy B.: I might have pulled a muscle, although it's been more of a strain
Meeka: hello
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Judy: did you fall, Guy
Roberto: anyway, am looking forward to GOOD news today
rich-c: one of those amorphous things, Guy - keep a very close eye on it, those things can complicate
Roberto: my unemployment has bee re-instated.........they were upset abou the circumstances when I separated from habitat, but that got ironed out I guess
Daniel Bienvenu: Please, I need a description of what is an adamcon convention... in your words. Like I've said earlier tonight, some of my friends are afraid that it's just about coleco programming and geek stuff like modifying hardware.
Meeka: well at this point it is more like a famikly reunion to me
rich-c: Guy, tell them it is a meeting of friends more like a family reunion
rich-c: it is just that our common interest is a computer, not the links of blood
rich-c: sorry, meant that last for Dasniel - having senior moments here
Judy: A convention is a meeting of friends to compare notes on how to do computer things and talk about whatever comes up
Daniel Bienvenu: what do you except while going at the adamcon? having a good time, seeing again everybody, but what else?
rich-c: tell them we talk about what interests us, Daniel - which may or may not have much to do with Adam
Roberto: ADAMCON is a meeting of FRIENDS; discussing and hands on with ADAM, ColecoVision, IBM. Programming, games, fun times, online chats....etc
rich-c: if we get a bunch of game programmers show up, they will get the chance to talk shop if they wish
rich-c: after all, you are in charge of the schedule - ask them what they want
Meeka: it also somehow seems to be a meeting of minds to fix some problem
Daniel Bienvenu: I remember Neil talked about how CSS can change the look of a web page, and Jillian (or Pam?) did a presentation about Facebook
rich-c: yes, someone was willing to talk about those things so they did
rich-c: give him a hint and Dale will talk about almost anything, so will Dr. D. to some extent
Roberto: we can have sessions about almost ANYTHING
Daniel Bienvenu: I want to try somethin. I'll throw a subject of a possible presentation and get your feedback about if you think you'll like to heard about this subject at the adamcon.
rich-c: just so they know we are not fluent in Franch the way you are in English
Roberto: really should be computer related... maybe
Roberto: french???????? whas that ???????
rich-c: a more sophisticated dialect of Spanish, Robert
Roberto: these are your programming ColecoVision buddies, yes???????
Roberto: oh OK richard !!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: There is a phenomena going on about Hama Beads, like making a drawing pixel by pixel as a decoration and gamers seems to love it to make videogame characters
Daniel Bienvenu: but it's physical, not virtual
Daniel Bienvenu: like playing with lego
rich-c: never heard of it but maybe I should hear and see something
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Pam
Guy B.: Hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
Meeka: hi pam
Pamela: <huff, puff>
Pamela: hi
Pamela: rushing around
rich-c: running around getting dinner?
Pamela: among other things
Daniel Bienvenu: Question to Pamela : Do you know what is "hama beads"?
Pamela: no idea Daniel
Pamela: is this a quiz?
Daniel Bienvenu: no
Pamela: I lost an hour to an unplanned snooze : (
rich-c: they seem to be a physical toy something like Lego
Pamela: so what are they Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: if you do a search with "hama beads" you'll find this new thing going on, a phenomena gaining in popularity
Pamela: hmmm
Daniel Bienvenu: particulary for gamers, retrogamers
rich-c: from the name, a Japanese toy
Daniel Bienvenu: the idea is to put side by side colored *things* on a plate and these *things* stick together. and you can use them to decorate.
Pamela: where did you come across them?
Daniel Bienvenu: the plate don't stay there, it's just a grid, a guide
Daniel Bienvenu: well, many friends, all gamers, love playing with those and decorate their "gaming room".
Daniel Bienvenu: you can have a pacman in hama beads, a donkey kong in hama beads. it's like a lego way to do art with pixels but for real, not in a computer.
Daniel Bienvenu: just google it, you'll see
Pamela: sorta like live Logo?
Guy B.: Ok back
Pamela: hi Guy
Pamela: speaking of Lego, how's Fallingwater coming Dad?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well Pam, if I was asking this is because I was doing a kind of survey to see the reaction about subjects my friends my bring at the convention if they want to participate and talk.
Daniel Bienvenu: *may bring
Pamela: sounds interesting Daniel
rich-c: not sure, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Another subject can be I think the presentation of the videogame collectors group I'm part of, and I did a Coleco game last year to celebrate their 10th anniversary.
Judy: Hi, Pam
rich-c: oh, just to resolve an issue, did the hotel in Hull have smoking rooms?
Pamela: Hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hull (Gatineau?)
Pamela: that's also a good idea Daniel
Pamela: yes it did
rich-c: yes, that's what I meant, Daniel, Pam would remember
Pamela: why?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Pam, I didn't asked if there was bedrooms for smokers
rich-c: would you like one this time round if it's available?
Daniel Bienvenu: I was so focused about bathrooms and cost
Daniel Bienvenu: so now we did think of this detail
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sorry to forgot to ask this
Daniel Bienvenu: *to forget
Daniel Bienvenu: laws here tend to make any public area "smoke free"... so I'll call back the hotel and see if they have bedrooms for smokers.
Daniel Bienvenu: 1..2.. test
Roberto: 3....4....test back
Meeka: i here
rich-c: yes, they have an 800 line, don't they? so you can call free any time
Roberto: HA gotcha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Daniel Bienvenu: the silence was not supportable
rich-c: well I had to go get my beer
Daniel Bienvenu: Meeka ? I was sure you was away.
Judy: I have tea
Roberto: watching Limpics!!!!!
Pamela: sorry, stepped away for a minute
Roberto: Canada got at least TWO golds already
Pamela: Daniel, if they have smoking rooms fine, but if not its no big deal
rich-c: Frances likes tea, so we have tea for dinner
Pamela: don't go out of your way to worry about it
Pamela: brb
Judy: is Meeka's favorite, Orange
rich-c: did you hear about our Post Office's Olympic coup?
Roberto: no
Daniel Bienvenu: so, they there is at least one available smoking room, you would like to have it. So, I should ask if there is any
Daniel Bienvenu: *so, if there is...
rich-c: all in secret they designed an Olympic stamp with a gold medal on it
Roberto: take it for Pam
Roberto: COOL
Daniel Bienvenu: See? I keep mixing up words and mistype totally
Roberto: so order some from your mailman
rich-c: they printed them in secret and held them in secure parts of post office branches
Judy: join the crowd, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok, I'll throw another possible subject.
Roberto: I GOT IT !!! I caought it !!!!
rich-c: the instant Canada won the first gold, they announced and released them
Roberto: and the tshirt shops are going overtime to make shirts too prolly
Judy: we are watching the olympics now
Pamela: it's not often I get a chance to praise the Post Office : )
Daniel Bienvenu: There is a person who can draw nicely on about any surface and for the occasion of a videogame meeting she likes to bring items with videogame characters on them.
Roberto: too much cross country skiing and NOT ENOUGH downhill skiing
Pamela: like I said Daniel, it's not a huge deal
rich-c: no, Olympic merchandise is very tightly controlled, everything has to be approved
Roberto: that sounds neat Daniel
Judy: sounds good, Daniel have her come
Daniel Bienvenu: I'll try to convince her then
Daniel Bienvenu: very talented person
(Guy B. hands a diet coke to Pamela.)
Pamela: 10 Q
Judy: yes, do that
rich-c: long as we dont have to buy lunch for a mob, we're delighted to have them
Daniel Bienvenu: err what?
rich-c: 10Q = merci
Daniel Bienvenu: you want to play 10 questions?
Roberto: the mob has to put up some $$$$ too Richard
Pamela: it's starting to smell like cookies in here
rich-c: as in buy their own dinner and chip in on the metting room?
Daniel Bienvenu: that's not me... no cookies here
Pamela: cookies here : )
Pamela: since the oven was on anyway I put them in
Roberto: yes rich
Pamela: brb
Roberto: always was that way unless someone just dropped in for a little while.....
Judy: we made some right after supper, Pam
Roberto: ah Pam, we did the same thing with some cookies....CHOCOLATE CHIP
rich-c: of course, you want to be part of the event you have to buy a ticket, so to speak
Daniel Bienvenu: I have questions for women here. Did any of you did make a presentation at least once during an ADAMCon convention? And what was the subject(s)?
Meeka: I made some this afternoon too
Meeka: yes
rich-c: Frances did a couple of sessions on Logo years ago
Meeka: mom and I did adambomb one year
Roberto: Pam talked about tweeter and Spacebook
Meeka: and I think I did a 10 or 15 min one about archiving pictures when I originally set up my site
rich-c: that's a game, third party supergame, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I know what is LOGO. I think I've a picture of me somewhere from my childhood of me using LOGO on a computer.
Daniel Bienvenu: (missing a coma)
Roberto: LOGO was ...and is.....a greatr kids learning tool, I just never got into it too far
Daniel Bienvenu: (or two)
Pamela: not tweeter Bob, just Facebook
Roberto: oh ok, Jillian did Tweeter ?????
rich-c: Logo on the Adam is very good and well adapted to writing games, too
Pamela: maybe - can't remember
Daniel Bienvenu: are you sure it's not Twitter?
Pamela: I am, so to speak, multitasking
Pamela: be back soon
Roberto: probably, but who has time for those modern things........we need elderly folks
Judy: especially this week
Daniel Bienvenu: Can I presume and everybody here did make a presentation during an ADAMCon?
rich-c: hey, young feller, back off that - that's my schtick!
Roberto: we the the nose and head
Daniel Bienvenu: *presume that everybody...
Daniel Bienvenu: (I keep mixing words and typing too fast)
Judy: I am trying to cough my head off
Roberto: FARN DINGERS, huh ??????
rich-c: oh yes, over 22 years we've all been drafted one time or another
rich-c: you can even still see some of my pep talks on Dr. D's website, I think
Judy: Bob and I took a Adam apart and put it back together again
Daniel Bienvenu: cool
Meeka: ya, that was a slopsema vs slopsema cpontest
Daniel Bienvenu: how long it takes?
Meeka: we had to do it too
Roberto: contest that PAM got us into..........someone took an ADAM apart, and 2 teams competed to put the ADAM's back together with NO extra parts or screws
Meeka: nooooo
Roberto: about 15 minutes or so
rich-c: oh, I think it killed half an hour or so, didn't it?
Meeka: we had to take apart and then put back together
Roberto: did we take them apart also??????
Meeka: yup
rich-c: yes, the taking apart was a bit of a challenge, too
Roberto: Richard, you have to get aprize and a game for the Mighty Mitchell award.......don't forget
rich-c: I think I ended up as an odd man out on that, DQ for lack of tools or something
Daniel Bienvenu: prizes... the lottery... I knew I did forgot something
rich-c: ouch, I had forgotten - keep me reminded, Robert; I am out of ingenuity, too
Roberto: look at your clock and think Richard.......
Roberto: Daniel, we got tickets for the lottery
Roberto: wecan bring them
rich-c: right now I have to get the trailer sold by April 30 or they will run a bulldozer through it
Pamela: i did not!
Daniel Bienvenu: good... that leaves prizes.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a few things
Roberto: the way i remember it Pam, you DID
Pamela: how?
rich-c: I think you were drafted to help your mother, Pam - I was thought to have an unfair advantage
Roberto: who know that was like 7 years ago
rich-c: I wasn't even allowed to do the heavy looking on
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, based on the pictures, Jillian was doing the presentation of Facebook, and Pam was sitting next to her.
Daniel Bienvenu:
Roberto: see????? told ya
Daniel Bienvenu: no, wrong picture
Daniel Bienvenu: it was about monogram
Daniel Bienvenu: nonogram
rich-c: problem is, I can't get at the menu bar to open another tab when we re in chat
Pamela: no, twas me but I was sitting at the side of the table rather than the head of the table in order to get the most stable internet connection
Roberto: si senorita
Pamela: IIRC we had a little trouble with the stability of the wireless in that room
Roberto: think how far we have come with the conventions........I remember running telephone wires from across the hall to use modems, etc on the ADAM
Pamela: don't deprive me of the credit for the ONE presentation I've ever done, Daniel : )
Roberto: did a seesion I did
Daniel Bienvenu: I did that?
rich-c: face it, we will happily listen to anyone who has anything interesting to say
Roberto: no that was s convention about # 8
Roberto: right on Richard
rich-c: your friends are welcome to sign up to talk or sign up to listen
rich-c: only condition - there must be some english translation for the talks
Meeka: well folks, I outta here, see yua later :-)
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
Pamela: nite Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Before I leave, because it's getting late. 32 nights, we can handle that? need 2 rooms with special bathrooms? and changing the wrong date Bob did mention in the email... and that's pretty much it?
rich-c: OK Meeka, good night to you, see you next week
Judy: she is gone aready
Roberto: .......uh
Pamela: that sounds right Daniel
Roberto: sounds about right with Richard in the next couple days and if he can talk to hotel too, that would make sure you all are on the same wavelength.....yes???????
rich-c: yes to 32 nights, yes to two handicap rooms, ask about smoking room, correct date, also extensions of room nights either end
Roberto: becasue he will handle the cash for the convention
Roberto: and they will want to talk to him about that also . .................................................
Pamela: confirm free wireless everywhere in the hotel
Daniel Bienvenu: it's wireless everywhere. I already know it
Roberto: says only wireless inPublic Areas Pam
rich-c: OK and anything to do with money is now my worry, not yours
Roberto: that is better daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: *I do know this already
Daniel Bienvenu: (See I keep mixing words and mistype... I've a problem dyslexy?)
Roberto: ya lklike we all do
Pamela: looked okay to me Daniel
rich-c: I don't know, with me it's called "senior moments"
Roberto: thas casue we are ALL dyslexic
Roberto: W O R K .....such a four letter word
Pamela: and we all think faster than our fingers can keep up
Pamela: with
Daniel Bienvenu: I'll give contact info to the hotel so they can contact you Rich the treasurer (?)
Daniel Bienvenu: is that ok?
rich-c: that is right, Daniel - I will give them all necessary assurances and guarantees
rich-c: just make sure they phone between noon and midnight
Roberto: see??????? ADAMCON 22 is coming together nicely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
rich-c: otherwise even if I am physically awake I may be mentally still asleep
Pamela: LOL
Judy: good work, Daniel
Guy B.: Looks like you're doing fine Daniel
rich-c: also warn them my voice may be strange because of medication
Roberto: SUPERman Daniel !!!!!! rah rah rah
Daniel Bienvenu: I did almost nothing indeed, just phone to hotels and worrying about everything for no good reasons
rich-c: I do not sound like myself on the phone
Roberto: that's it Daniel, just one step at a timeand it works ok good
Judy: worrying causes gray hair, Daniel
Pamela: there's a lot of work yet to come Daniel don't think you'll be doing nothing
Daniel Bienvenu: in my case it's hair lost
Pamela: and take credit for it
rich-c: that's what it's like for all of us, Daniel, first time round
Daniel Bienvenu: keeping pulling them when I'm anxious
Judy: hang on it it
Pamela: the best advice I can give you is make friends with the catering manager : )
rich-c: you get the people to come, and work out the schedule of events
Roberto: are we gonna eat at all at the hotel???????
Roberto: we can just as eassily eat OUT
rich-c: know where to suggest for lunch, and where you want the banquet
Pamela: and make sure those venues are disability-friendly too
Roberto: we will ahve cars
Roberto: taht too.........farn dingers
rich-c: unless they can do better than $17/person for lunch, we're eating down at the mall
Pamela: where did that figure come from?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, that a question for the cost of the meeting room... a rebate of $50 per day if we lunch at the hotel. maybe we can try saturday this way we'll be at the hotel to be ready to go for the outside activity
rich-c: that's what Daniel said they wanted
Pamela: hmmm
rich-c: we want a quick snack, not fine Quebec-French cuisinf for lunch
Pamela: wonder if they're willing to bargain?
rich-c: a croque-monsier and a bit of fruit or salad would do fine
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not a good negociator when it's about money.
Roberto: ADAMCOn 11 we wlked about 3 blocks to the Denny's and had lunch every day. Great lunch.........
Pamela: it's a lot easier when it's not your money : )
Daniel Bienvenu: if you want I can ask for what they may offer for lunch.
Roberto: or let Richard talk to them about that, IF you are willing Richard
rich-c: if necessary tell them to talk to me about it, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, except a Subway... and hotel's restaurant, you'll need a car to go lunch.
Pamela: Dad, FYI having the hotel cater lunch in St. C's bought us a 50% discount on the meeting room price per day
Judy: we can take a car
rich-c: nous veillards have more experience at being tough
Roberto: so if we need cars, we will have them also
Pamela: Subway is okay : )
Roberto: or subway is good too, they have various things on the menu
rich-c: bet the big mall down the way has a pretty hefty food court
Roberto: see, Richard may be able to talk them into such a deal Daniel
rich-c: we might even get to introduce our Yanks to poutine
Roberto: OUCH
Pamela: mall? did someone say mall?
Pamela: the only drawback to that is you might not get the women back after lunch : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I bet that's something we can do, yes. GuyF know a good place for that
rich-c: the biggest mall in Quebec is within walking distance, Pam, just down the srvice road
Roberto: tis a time for FUn as well as computering Pam
Guy B.: Well folks, will be taking Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
Daniel Bienvenu: bye GuyB
Judy: night Guy
Roberto: ues, tis about that time here also
Pamela: night Guy
Roberto: nite Guy
rich-c: OK, give her lots of time to enjoy the snow - she hasn't had much chance thi9s yeaar
Roberto: we have to finish up with Limpics and hit the sack waiting for about 8-8:30am
Guy B.: Oh she has this year
Judy: we will be up a while yet they are showing the half pipe on olympics now
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: OK bob and judy, good night and sleep tight - see you next week
Pamela: night Bob and Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Pamela: enjoy
Judy: we are already over the average on snowfall this year
Roberto: see you all NEXT Wed
Pamela: guess you got ours too : )
Judy: night all
rich-c: yes, we're so far under it's ridiculous
Roberto: we are actually over our "average"
Daniel Bienvenu: Frances did comment the animation I did earlier this week
Pamela: g'nite!
Roberto: nite
Roberto left chat session
rich-c: yes she watches your Facebook page frequently, Daniel
Judy left chat session
Pamela: by the way Daniel
rich-c: she is very impressed with what you are showing there
Pamela: I saw your post for the chat earlier on FB
Pamela: good idea
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks pam
Pamela: I wonder - has anyone asked Dave Sands if he's planning to come to the convention?
Daniel Bienvenu: In the animation, I'm in a spacesuit, floating near Jupiter and screaming because I'm awaking in this situation without any control.
rich-c: no, Dave is in Vancouver and has never shown any interest in attending an Adamcom
Pamela: no he's not, he's in Aurora
Daniel Bienvenu: And then I meet the infamous monolith
Pamela: you're thinking Dave Cobley
rich-c: I'd love to have Geoff Olmans, though, now that he could affod to do it
Pamela: cool Daniel
rich-c: and also Steve Pitman again, with or without boyfriend
Daniel Bienvenu: Frances said that I'm screaming too much... well the situation is a good one to panic
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: that's Dave Hill, he's in Richmond Hill, and I expect him to come (with Amanda)
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: ah, okay
Daniel Bienvenu: David (or Dave) said he will be there, but not necessary the 3 days.
Pamela: I hope he does, I really enjoyed having him there
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe like he did last year
rich-c: and David Cobley is not coming either, he is too old and shaky to make the trip now
rich-c: beside, he was Vic Guerin's predecessor and doesn't trust airplanes
rich-c: sorry, Vic Gerdin
Pamela: well despite my earlier nap I think it's time I took off
rich-c: OK daughter, see you later then
Pamela: I'll get your coffee this weekend Papa
rich-c: have yourself a good sleep
rich-c: OK, look forward to that - sleep tight
Pamela: Daniel if you think of any questions don't hesitate to send me an e-mail
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: g'nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Pam, Rich... thanks to all of you
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: and YOU are the ones who think of the questions, I tend to forget.
rich-c: OK Daniel, don't worry, remember what I told you earlier
rich-c: if everybody finked and I had to cover the cost of the convention - I could
rich-c: so leave the money to me, you are protected - OK?
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, I do understand this. you're the money guy.
rich-c: most important - you are protected, you will not get hurt financially
rich-c: if there is a loss I will see that it is covered
rich-c: just do not do anything dumb or irresponsible
Daniel Bienvenu: they expect to be paid for 32 nights even if we need less than that... it's what the contract said.
rich-c: that is my problem not yours - you forget about it
Daniel Bienvenu: the rest is a bunch of things like, don't bring food in the meeting room, draw on walls, or destroy the vending machine, etc.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think we are ok
rich-c: I will likely just pay for teh 32 nights myself then collect from the others
rich-c: I have both US and Canadian dollar bank and charge card accounts so it is very easy for me to handle money from two countriesd
Daniel Bienvenu: I wonder why Dale wasn't there tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight
rich-c: who knows - maybe away on business, maybe Jeffy needed attention, maybe Jill wanted attention - who knows?
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - dormez confortable
Daniel Bienvenu: vous aussi
rich-c: colour ne gone
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