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Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I'm here
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: salut rich
Daniel Bienvenu: how's the treasurer going?
rich-c: got one email from Melissa, anyway, but no voice calls
Daniel Bienvenu: did you reply?
rich-c: yes, of course - allowed as how tingsd were unclear and we needed to talk
Daniel Bienvenu: did you get answers and clarifications?
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changed username to rich-1
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changed username to rich
Daniel Bienvenu: Without any news, I did guess it was ok from your side since you said to let you deal with teh money issue... and I did send the signed contracts to reserve the hotel meeting room and nights
rich: sorry, Daniel, I crashed out - you have to repeat
Daniel Bienvenu: I've said
Daniel Bienvenu: Without any news, I did guess it was ok from your side
Daniel Bienvenu: you said to let you deal with teh money issue
rich: did you read the contracts and understand what they say?
rich: my French is not good enough to be sure, but you may have agreed to send them a few thousand dollars now
Daniel Bienvenu: 32 nights, 3 days meeting room, with a couple of rules like not destroying anything, and ... few thousand dollars now?
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changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi, Rich and Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Judy
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Judy: are you having trouble, Rich?
changed username to rich1
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Judy: there are two of you
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, rich is constantly kicked out for no reason
rich1: yes, I got bounced again
changed username to Guy B.
rich1: server doesn't like me tonight, I guess
rich1: hello Judy and Guy
Judy: what are you doing wrong?
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban rich-c
Judy: Hi, Guy
rich1 confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban rich
Judy confirmed ban
rich1 confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: still here, rich?
Guy B.: Rich having trouble already
rich1: yes, at least for teh moment - something strange going on
Guy B.: Brb
Judy: yes, when i got here there was 2 of him
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changed username to BobS
Judy: how is it in Canada?
Guy B.: Hi Bob
BobS: Hi kids
BobS: LOTS of medals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 incanada
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Bob, Judy, Guy, Rich and ... maybe the next one will be Pamela
Judy: it is snowing here and has been most of the day
BobS: had about 4" and 1" more overnight
BobS: then flureries till weekend
BobS: Daniel and the hotel nailed down???????????????????????????
Daniel Bienvenu: It's snowing a lot here too... it'll rain again soon because, it looks like it's getting too warm for a february
BobS: oh oh richard is bad??????????????????? and gets throwed out ?????????
Judy: is really icy tonight
BobS: AND slippery
BobS: just slid home a little bit ago
BobS: snowing in chicago???
Daniel Bienvenu: Where's rich, now
Judy: wonder if he was thrown out again
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changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban rich1
Guy B. confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: tell me you're here, rich
Daniel Bienvenu: ...
rich-c: OK, I have moved to my otehr computer - three strikes and out!
rich-c: hello Robert
Judy: welcome back
BobS confirmed ban
BobS: well abvout time my man
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changed username to rich1
BobS: more probvlems
Daniel Bienvenu: :( rich still bonucing
Daniel Bienvenu: *bouncing
BobS: yup, he must be hitting the qrong key
BobS: or somtning
rich1: Daniel, I keep getting crashed out, don't know why
Judy: when someone else comes in?
Daniel Bienvenu: I,ll leave the chat and come back
rich1: no, not wrong key, not on both computers, Bob
BobS: why?????????????
Judy: bye for now
Daniel Bienvenu: I was here first, so maybe the server doesn't like that
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
BobS: and he is GOINE
BobS: yo stillhere Rich?>????
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changed username to Daniel
rich1: that isn't the answr, Daniel, but I don't know what is
Daniel: hello
Daniel: we'll see
rich1: I thought it ws my desktop computer was the problem, but apparently not
Daniel: maybe it's the weather causing troubles? you're using internet with cables?
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Daniel: I apologize for the numerous emails I've sent to the mailing list. It did creates a lot of responses at once.
changed username to rich-2
Daniel requested to ban rich-c
Judy confirmed ban
Daniel requested to ban rich1
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-2 confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
rich-2 confirmed ban
BobS: I rather enjoyed them Daniel
rich-2: test
BobS: yup
BobS: you here
Daniel: hello rich ;-)
rich-2: I think Java may have a problem
BobS: coluld be
Daniel: I did update my java weeks ago... because it wanted to. it seems to not cause me troubles.
rich-2: daniel, you should be told I had long runs of almost every Adam newsletter
Daniel: well, it almost never gets me into troubles
Daniel: so far.
rich-2: I gave them to Dr. D. to be cleaned up and published online
rich-2: I don't think he has done so yet
BobS: haven't seen them
Daniel: including a newsletter called SYNTAX?
Daniel: it seems to be forgotten
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BobS: who did Syntax??????
changed username to rich-c
BobS requested to ban rich-2
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Daniel: FCAUG (First Canadian Adam Users' Group)
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changed username to rich-1
BobS requested to ban rich-c
Judy confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Daniel: published from Montreal
rich-1 confirmed ban
rich-1: maybe we should stop removing my name
BobS: you here rich????
rich-1: it seems to crash the program every time
Daniel: maybe we should...
Daniel: and if you change your name like richard or clee instead of rich-c or rich-1 ?
rich-1: and Syntax started out as an enthusiast group but soon became a software swap shop and pirate vendor
BobS: ah ha, one of thowse
BobS: way back when,,,,,,Ron talked about 'how' to get user to come to meetings.....give them software
rich-1: in their early days they were useful
Daniel: does that mean that the newsletter doesn't worth to be scanned? just because it turned that way?
BobS: IF it has good information, scan it
rich-1: at this point I doubt it matters, Bob
BobS: how long was SynTax published daniel
Daniel: I don't know, they seem to publish at least 2 years
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changed username to RICH
BobS: then there must have been some good info in the newletters
Daniel: I did write a message to the mailing list telling the issues I do have. no one got it?
BobS: ya but don't remember
BobS: we are odl and forget
Daniel: I'm not old and I forget
Daniel: it's a brain capacity... to forget
RICH: now it says I am dumped but I think not
BobS: nope you here
RICH: well I am in and out
Judy: we still got you rich
RICH: that's for now, Judy, but it won't last
RICH: anyway Dr. D. needs to be encouraged to start putting the newslettes on his website
Daniel: at least to start scanning them if not done yet.
Judy: has Dr D got a class on Wed nights?
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changed username to other rich
Daniel: poor Rich :(
Judy: we at least know who is the latest
other rich: now I have both computedrrs going
Judy: what is the deal?
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changed username to rich0
Daniel: again?
rich0: yes again - real nuisance
Daniel: The multiplication of Rich.
BobS: are you in fact, getting thrown OUT Richard, or it just seems so ????
rich0: Frances isn't having trouble in the other room
rich0: some of both, Bob
BobS: bad carma
Daniel: is it possible that you did reach a bandwidth limit in your region and cause you to log off the chat because a packet of information to keep you online with us is lost from time to time.
Daniel: ?
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel: I guess I did ask me question too late
changed username to rich-x
BobS: seems so daniel
Daniel: soon, it will be "rich with anger" or something like that
rich-x: it's crashing on both computers - I need to investigate
rich-x: back later
rich-x left chat session
BobS: good one Daniel
BobS: rich you here???????
BobS: we can wipe him off the face of the earth
Daniel: maybe someone will know... I have a listing here, that seems to be a disassembled code... it's something huge, more than 64K.
BobS: it does not say what it is????? early on in the listing???
BobS requested to ban rich-1
Guy B. confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
BobS requested to ban RICH
Judy confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
BobS requested to ban rich0
Guy B. confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
BobS requested to ban other rich
Judy confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
BobS: usually, it gives ahint of something
BobS: if it is more than 64k; then it must load parts of the program a little at a time
Daniel: well, at the begginning of the listing, the disassembled code is more a dictionnary of words. so I guess it's a smartbasic listing
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: hi there
Pamela: awful quiet in here
BobS: hey Pam
Daniel: bonsoir Pam
BobS: your dad is having fits with his computer
Judy: hi, Pam
Pamela: shocking, Bob
Daniel: Rich was there... and not there... then there again... and...
Judy: with 2 different computers
BobS: had 2 computers going at the same time and kept getting bounced
BobS: is the progrma possibly a spellchecker program???????????????
Pamela: what weird thing has he done with them now, I wonder?
Judy: at one time there was 4 of him and he wasn't there
BobS: who knows Pam
Judy: too much beer
Pamela: now there's a mind boggling thought - four Dads!
BobS: and we thought WE HAD problems
Pamela: oh well, he'll turn up again if he can
Daniel: Is it SmartBASIC : ColecoDISKBASICV1.2(c)1988,LazerMicrosystemsInc
BobS: he is gonna go nuts till he does
Pamela: of course : )
BobS: possibly an upgrade to Coleco's SmartBASIC ?
Pamela: I've come to the conclusion that he has really offended the computer gods
BobS: Coleco had a SmartBASIC v2.0
BobS: and they ARE MAD
Judy: not a good thing to do, Pam
Pamela: no one else I know has as much trouble with their computers as my father
Daniel: but I'm not angry against Rich
Judy: don't tell him that
BobS: it is all the anti spyware stuff he has on them
Pamela: heck no, I know better : )
Pamela: you're probably right Bob
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Daniel: drum roll
Pamela: and how is everyone this week?
BobS: let them have all the jujnk I have on this one, I would prolly be better off
changed username to Rich--1
BobS: RICAHRD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Judy: good one Daniel
Pamela: well Papa
Daniel: that's rich + 1
Pamela: gonna stick around this time?
BobS: well...................................
BobS: maybe not
Judy: we are all holding our beath
BobS: breath people, breath
Daniel: for how long?
Pamela: oh don't Judy, blue is so not your colour
Judy: not too long though
Rich--1: wish I knew, turned off teh power bar, checked all the plugs - who knows?
BobS: its the POWER GODS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Daniel: is it possible that your computer is downloading an update without you know it?
Rich--1: but the logo is still flashing and that is a bad sign
BobS: same reason my ADAM's lock up on one side of the room.....................electric is ok.......
Pamela: which logo Dad?
Rich--1: I will bring the other computer back too
BobS: I never get a log flashing
Judy: Bob's favorite is on the bobsled
BobS: and with cute ladies
Rich--1: I have ne ver had teh program logo flash before
Pamela: the chat logo?
Rich--1: yes, Pam
Pamela: have you checked the modem?
Rich--1: flashes every time I hit enter
Judy: where is it flashing?
BobS: the one that says "Welcome to the Coleco Adam online chat rooms." ????????
BobS: or the SearchSpaniel ???????????????
Pamela: weird
Daniel: I guess he can't answer because he's not there now
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Daniel: bingo
changed username to the other
Daniel: soon it will be "the thing"
Pamela: seriously Dad, have you considered sacrificing one of the old computers to the computer gods?
Judy: Canada 1 just made a track record
the other: now will both drop off at once?
Pamela: WOOT!
Pamela: drumroll please
the other: in what, Pam?
BobS: rrrrrr.r.....r.rrrrr...rrrrrrr.....rrrrrr
Pamela: oh heck, be right back
Daniel: what's going on?
the other: btw Pam, did you realize Ashleigh McIvor is likely a distant cousin of yours?
the other: test
Pamela: that thought had occurred to me, yes
BobS: you are almost famous!!!!!
Pamela: that's okay I can stay that way, thanks
Daniel: I know... ho, you're not talking to me.
the other: so ypu had a torch bearer, a gold medal winner, and a couple of cousins working as volunteers
Pamela: well I know Liz is out there
the other: daniel, you may be there but we aren't always
the other: she's with her sister who lives in Vancouver
Pamela: sorry Daniel, my timer had bad timing
Pamela: Liz (Mom's cousin) has a sister?
BobS: Canada bobsled 2 women retains 1st place, us in 2nd, germany 3rd
Pamela: double WOOT!
Pamela: what round is this Bob?
BobS: canada 2 coming down
BobS: 3rd roujnd of 4
Daniel: what woot means anyway? it's a word that represents a sound? but I've never heard someone said woot
the other: test
Daniel: and the other test
Pamela: it's excitement Daniel
BobS: canada 2 getrs into 3rd position ahead of the germans
the other: OK my laptopo just crashed but this seems OK
Daniel: crashed but seems ok ????
the other: (famous last words, no doubt)
Pamela: the desktop I'm assuming
Pamela: don't say that too loud
Judy: have to go take pills be right back
Pamela: be right back
BobS: SO, ca #1, us #2, ca #3 with rest of 3rd heat and 4th roudn to go
the other: I will go get a beer to celebrate
Daniel: did you all watched the openning of the olympics?
BobS: yes we did
BobS: nice ceremonies
Pamela: yes
Pamela: was interesting
Pamela: I loved some of the special effects, like the platform bouncing while they were drumming on it
Pamela: and the whales swimming by
Pamela: complete with spouts
Pamela: and I know my aunt took one look at the spirit bear and went "want one!"
the other: am I still here?
Pamela: yes
Daniel: I did watched and I've a question. at the end, wayne g. going outside... raining all the way to the other big torch, trying to smile, wave hand, hold the torch, while the truck was going from point A to point B, with all the people around and the various speeds (slower, faster, turns, etc.)
Pamela: did you get any of what I just posted Dad?
the other: since I went for beer, yes
Pamela: ok
Pamela: so what's the question Daniel
Daniel: I did feel sorry for him, with all the rain and everything he needed to check, and the guy in the truck giving him a new torch.
Judy: I'm back
the other: Wayne Gretzky is a pretty capable guy, I wouldn't worry about him
Pamela: yes he went through three torches in that time
Daniel: do you think he knew that he'll have to do that under he rain, with any proctection against the water, making the truck slipery and the flame not stable?
Daniel: *without any
the other: I think he was prepared for that, Daniel
Daniel: and my other question is... did you heard the sond in french, after the minute of silence?
the other: my logo is not flashing any more on this
Pamela: yes
BobS: good
BobS: what logo was flashing???? the SearchSpaniel ??????
the other: I did not watch but Frances did for at least three hours
Judy: that is good, Rich hope that is the end of your trouble
the other: toward the end I saw a bit over her shoulder
the other: yes Bob
Pamela: re: Gretzky, the one thing he probably didn't have to worry about was the torch - they're designed with a double burner system to keep them burning in even the worst weather conditions
Daniel: I did change the channels to notice that here, the english tv channel decided it was time for advertismenets during the french song.
the other: yes, and over the run they saw some worsts too
Judy: only burns so long though, Pam that is why they had to change to different one
Pamela: exactly Judy
Daniel: I wonder if it was planned that way
BobS: that is something I haave never seen.....
Pamela: I don't know if anyone noticed that he switched torches just as he was leaving the stadium
BobS: Richard, you are cutting NEW TERRITORY
Judy: we had the french song
Pamela: what channel were you watching on Daniel?
the other: I think I'd rather stay on familiar ground, Bob
BobS: well, htye had to wait so long for the leg to come up...and itnever did
BobS: probably works better
the other: you would have seen the NBC feed, not sure if they picked up the picture from CTV
Daniel: I think it was NBC... cant' remember
BobS: did yo do anythign different to make it quit blinking????
Pamela: no, NBC had their own feed
Pamela: because their timing was different
Judy: we only have it on one basic station
the other: turned off the power bar (accidentally), thus rebooting the modem
Pamela: I switched back and forth between the two because they were going to commercial at different times
BobS: NBC......USA, CNBC & MSNBC all have it, but the latter 3 only have hockey and curling
the other: you mean TSN and CTV, Pam?
Pamela: no, NBC and CTV
Judy: the other station only has curling and hockey
Pamela: TSN got their feed from CTV
the other: speaking of which, how is Canada doing today?
Pamela: Lord, the number of stations running the Olympics around here is mind boggling
the other: in hockey, that is
Pamela: I'm pretty sure there are at least ten different channels
BobS: looking good in all the pre runs
BobS: haven't heard aboutg hockey
Pamela: we're playing the Russians tonite I believe
Pamela: started at eight, I think
Daniel: I've checked, it was NBC
the other: yes, and we haven't beaten their Olympic teams in over 50 years
Pamela: certainly we have Dad, or we wouldn't have been battling the US for gold last time around
the other: not necessarily, the Russians may have got knocked out early in a different pool
Pamela: there's your problem Daniel, you should have been watching the Canadian channel : )
Pamela: check Wiki
Pamela: it's been awfully quiet around here so i don't know how we're doing in hockey
Pamela: suppose i could check . . .
the other: yes, and you can't exit chat without losing it
Daniel: I did see the singer, after the minute of silence. I've said that I was changing channels and notice this 3 minutes of ads gloing on during the song in french
Daniel: some people said that because of the emotion after the minute of silence, the performence was not so good and therefore NBC did save the singer reputation by doing this while doing 3 minutes ads.
Daniel: so I don't know what to think
Daniel: ok, I mistype again, so I hope you understand
Pamela: looks like we got gold and silver in the bobsleigh 2 woman
the other: Canada 7, Russia 3, game over
Pamela: woohoo!
Pamela: silver in the women's short track speed skating
Pamela: and a bronze in something else
Pamela: we are kicking a** and taking names!
the other: wasn't our bobsled team doing well?
BobS: boblsed not done
Pamela: 7 gold, 6 silver, 2 bronze
the other: about time - but the Yanks are still gloating in hockey
the other: one of those golds is a guy from Russell
BobS: yup, 1st, & 3rd
BobS: us in 2nd
Pamela: silver in short track in 3000m relay
the other: watch out for our womens hockey team - they're showing the men how
the other changed username to rich
Daniel: did we lost rich?
Pamela: nope
rich: no, you lost the other
rich: just decided to come back under my real name
BobS: south korea really MAD about the relya skating
Pamela: they were disqualified
Pamela: watching on CTV now
Pamela: don't know why yet
rich: bad exchange?
BobS: contact by korea against china
BobS: took a LONG time for the judges to come with the decision
rich: gee - you'd never expect that, would you?
Judy: yea, Korean stepped on the foot of China girl
BobS: great britain bobsled oveturned, but all ok
Pamela: ok judging reviewing now
BobS: we are taping, and watching late
rich: to distract everyone from the elbow to that ribs and uppercut? there's little love lost there
BobS: making the 4th bobsled run now........
rich: anyway, now that our hockey team is goiing into the medal rounds. we should be OK
rich: by the way, Bob, did you know that Canada issued a special Olympic stamp? It has a gold medal on it
Pamela: just talking now about why
Pamela: I bought some of those today!
BobS: we tape anything we can't watch or stayup late for and then watch it the next morning
rich: anyway they never told anyone it was coming and released it after Canadaq won its first ever golde on home soil
BobS: you sid that last week, Russsia bobsled crashed also
BobS: AND Canada has some gold to be proud of
BobS: byu some and save them Richard
rich: some would say bloody well about time, but we have done a lot better this Olympiad
Guy B.: Ok back. I had almost 40 e-mails between my three addresses
Pamela: hi Guy
rich: so? I have over 100 emails a day. but almost all are spam
BobS: Germany 2 CRASHES
rich: except the ones from Daniel, of course ; - )
BobS: best driver on tour this year
rich: and yet they eased off the toughest turns - guys were pushing too hard I guess
Daniel: I know, I did write a lot of emails lately. I'm sorry
Pamela: be right back
rich: you and geoff and steve and ron and Dr. D., Daniel - don't fuss it
BobS: makes for interesting conversation Daniel
Daniel: but it looks like we got no reactions from the U.K. guys
rich: they are long gone, Daniel
Guy B.: Less than 1% is Spam. The rest are real
rich: you and Kuc and GuyF and such represent teh next generation
rich: my ISP wants me to allow a spam filter but I won't buy it, I don't trudst them
rich: the email I got from the hotel would be an automatic toss - female name, no subject
rich: they seem to have so very strange ideas as to how a business is run
Guy B.: Anyway, just got an e-mail from Steve Pittman that he's scanning some of the Niad newsletters. I have all of them was planning to do the same thing. Along with a couple of others
BobS: the trouble is, scanning takes som much time
BobS: unless I am doing it wrong
Judy: we caught up so we have to watch the commercials
BobS: commerciasl suck
rich: Dr. D. now has the original largest hoarde, I gave them to him, he needs to get Erin working
Guy B.: I know, but at least with scanning for me. I can do them one issue at a time and scan all the pages and save them with PDFCreator
BobS: could saave them as jpegs I guess
Guy B.: That will take up a lot of space
BobS: trying to catalog all the programs I have right now
BobS: pdf's take losts of spacfe too though
Daniel: What about using OCR, to also get an easier to search into document format?
Guy B.: True, but at least it will be one file
rich: no. OCR stumbles over hgraphics often important to the text
rich: jpeg is best but has loss of clarity issues
rich: tiff is best but produces excessively large file sizes
Pamela: what you need is a high tech scanner
BobS: CANADA sled 1 wins GOLD; CANADA 2 wins SILVER; US wins BRONZE in 2 lady bobsled
rich: I have a fairly high tech scanner - and trust me, it has its issues too
rich: the fact that HP wants to peer over your shoulder at everything you do is no help either
BobS: abolut 2st time Germans shut out
Pamela: no no a doozy like i have at work
Judy: and no metal for the germans
Guy B.: Jeanene is all set for her knee surgery next Tuesday. I'll be taking a vacation week off, so Annie will be with me
rich: my scanner is actually a lot fancier than you think, Pam - like 32 slides at once
BobS: haqven't used my scanner in who knows how long
Judy: tell her we will be thinking of her, Guy
rich: knee surgery is one of those things you don't even eant to talk about - really nasty business
Pamela: ours is built into the copier and scans direct to our e-mails
rich: thinking and wishing her well, Guy - say hello for each of us
Judy: not orthoscopic, Rich not a big deal
rich: orthoscopic is the easy one, jusy - the option, open surgery, is seriously tough
Judy: just an inconvenience
rich: we have friends who have come through beautifully and others - well, you don't want to know
Pamela: we'll be thinking of her Guy
Guy B.: Thank you. I will tell her. Well, I'm going to go here. Will see you all next week as usual
Judy: well it is close to 11 so going to say night until next week night all
rich: ok, be looking for you
rich: night now
Pamela: night Guy
rich: Daniel, rstez ici apreas les autres ont parties, hein?
Judy left chat session
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich: goodnight Judy, sleep tight
Pamela: gnite Judy
Pamela: and Bob
rich: mes doigts ne parle francais, Daniel
BobS: nite kids.........
Daniel: I want to go in my bed... I can't see well the screen with my eyes... I'm tired I guess.
rich: nite Roberto
BobS left chat session
rich: ouais, sans doute tu es fatigue
Pamela: just a question about pasta sauce then I'm out of here too
Pamela: Dad?
rich: sorry Pam, they don't even have a shelf space for that recipe - carry Classico but not that5 one
Pamela: okay thanks for checking
Pamela: I'm heading out
rich: first thing we did ;-)
Pamela: I'll leave you two to chat
Pamela: bonsoir,
Pamela: Daniel
rich: good, phone soon?
Pamela: I will
Pamela: g'nite Daddy
Daniel: bonne nuit tout le monde
rich: nite Pam
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich: Daniel, wait a minute
Daniel: yes Rich
rich: what exactly did you sign today?
Daniel: the group reservation and the 3 days meeting room
Daniel: it doesn't say anything in these pages about thousands of dollars to pay now
rich: two things you need to know - the group reservation will be used and the meeting room for 3 days is fine
rich: but I had big difficulty with the payment terms. I do not agree to paying them anything this far in advance
Daniel: I remember that she asked if the company will pay for the rooms or if each one will give their credit card.
rich: the French as I read it demanded (exigter) a credit card now and authorization to chagte the whole cost of the convention to it
Daniel: I guess the second option is what we're looking for
rich: my rading may have been wrong, Quebecois lawyers are tricky with words
rich: there is no need to consider a second option yet
rich: if they will conform to normal usual business practices we will get along very well
rich: they seem to be trying to pull a fast one, as we say en anglais
rich: that is why I have been so insistant on talking to them, they are way out of line
Daniel: As you may notice, I did reply to Melissa and you at once tonight. asking her to please consider null the contracts for now and talk to you. I don't know if it was clever from my part but now I'm afraid of making the worst move in my entire existence
rich: Daniel, stop worrying. If you made a mistake, tough world.
Daniel: Thinking that this part of the chat will be registered and indexed by google freaks me out
rich: They have a choice - deal with me and get the deal, or sue you for money you don'[t have and lose the deal
rich: which dp you think they are going to choose?
Daniel: I may probably go in prison if the wrong choice is made.
rich: by the time anyone Googles it, Daniel, I'll be de3ad and you'll be close to it ; - )
rich: no you will not, at worst someone will send you a nasty letter
rich: if they send you a nasty letter they lost some very desirable business. so they won't
Daniel: :( I'm doomed, then
rich: Daniel, they will smile at you and say bienvenue, Daniel when you arrive - don't worry
rich: we have what they want - they are not going to throw it away
Daniel: I suppose. Well, my destiny is in your hands, Rich.
rich: not really, Daniel - but be sure I will guard your interests
rich: and be bien sur it is very hard to bluff one who has 80 years
Daniel: my interests? I guess it's more adamcon convention than myself.
Daniel: I really enjoy adamcon
Daniel: I find myself stupid
rich: well, Adamcon will survive quite well, Daniel, we all want it to and will make it so
rich: and Daniel, stupid peopledo not get Masters degrees from Laval
rich: if you make an error from inexperience, c'est la vie
rich: you found a hotel, you negotiated a contract, got the prices, and did it all at a distance
Daniel: words of wisdom
rich: and without the assistance you should have had - you're doing fine
Daniel: Should I now prepare the registration form with the fixed $400CND price tag on it?
rich: you mean for the Adamcon members? Sure, why not? it's fair and rasonable and what it should be
rich: if it turns out WAY higher than we need, no one ever objects to a bonus or a refund
Daniel: Should I mention that t-shirts will be free if we get enough registered people?
rich: define enough
Daniel: I didn't calculated yet, but I guess it's around 17 people.
rich: for now, don't mention it - use it as a dealmaker to get wavering people later
rich: like "if YOU come we can give everyone FREE T-shirts!!!"
Daniel: like a catch phrase, no specification?
rich: as I say, don't even mention it now - wait till we have registrations
rich: you still there?
Daniel: ok, should I mention at least something list "For special reservations cases, contact Rich Clee" ?
rich: thaat is probably best - here is what I want to tell the hotel
rich: we will book and guarantee 32 room nights PROVIDED
rich: the rooms must be suitable including handicap/disabled when notified in booking
rich: the 32 nights MAY include the days immediately before or after the convention period
rich: if additional nights are required they will be at the convention rate
Daniel: I don't remember how many times I did insist about rooms with special bathrooms...
rich: if they aren't in the contract, they aren't guaranteed, but don't worry about that now
rich: where available, they will provide additoinal rooms beyond the conference period at the conference rate
Daniel: it's getting late and all I can say is good luck for tomorrow because I don't feel adequate at all from now to negociate or talk with the hotel.
rich: then DO NOT TALK TO THE HOTEL - tell them to talk to me
Daniel: that's what I did in the last email. I did say to talk with the treasurer
Daniel: and it's the second time I did ask them to talk with you
rich: right - they know who I am and where I am so they can deal with me
rich: well, they can do as you say or they can do without the business - feel free to tell them so
rich: and do not make any agreement yet about the conference room - some details need clearing
rich: it should be easy and should not take long
Daniel: I should leave now, I'm really tired. good night rich and I wish the best.
rich: sleep tight, Daniel - dormir content! - a la prochaine
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